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The Celestial Spirit of Marriage
Marriage Spells

Juno is the ancient Roman matron of women. She guards and guides women through all stages of their lives. Marriage is her holy sacrament and women may request her assistance in any aspect of matrimony. If she helps you, schedule your wedding or engagement in the months February or June, the two months named in her honor. (Juno Februata, “Juno of the Fever of Love,” is among her many titles.) She'll also expect a commemorative altar to mark your wedding anniversaries. Her favorite things include roses, orrisroot and peacock feathers. Her sacred bird is the goose and her number is one.


Marriage and the Magical Wedding

Animal Allies: Dog, Dove, Fox, Goose, Swan. These animals epitomize the virtues of loyalty, fidelity and commitment.



A shrine devoted to matchmaking exists in Safed, Israel, ancient capital of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah. Its cemeteries house the graves of wonder-working rabbis. They produced miracles during life. Why would a little thing like death prevent them from continuing their good deeds? Second century rabbi, Jonathan ben Uzziel never married but has spent the afterlife assisting others. Twenty years ago, you had to hike to his small, abandoned grave in the Galilee Mountains. Now, in testament to his success, you'll find parking facilities, restrooms and wheelchair access. (Safed also has a peaceful divorce shrine. The grave of Phinehas ben Jair is located in the Old Safed cemetery. To receive his blessing, walk around the grave counterclockwise seven times.)



Is a desired proposal not as forthcoming as you'd like?

· Add elder flower infusion to beer or wine. If a couple drinks this potion from a shared glass, English folk tradition says they'll be married within a year.

· Tap your intended's wedding ring finger with a sprig of rosemary three times. Think of it as a little rosemary magic wand. A proposal should soon be forthcoming!

· Emeralds ensure love and are considered the finest choice for an engagement ring.

· Chinese wedding rings were once commonly carved from lodestones so that the rings would magically keep a couple united and maintain their initial attraction.

· Magnolia trees encourage fidelity; they're traditionally planted to mark wedding anniversaries.

· A myrtle tree's presence evokes Aphrodite's blessings of continuing romance and a tranquil home.

· Pines symbolize fidelity and commitment. Their presence encourages lengthy marriages.