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Spirit Allies
Fertility Spells

Fertility magic isn't limited to wedding symbolism.


Frog Fertility Spell

1. Place two porcelain frogs in a bowl and cover them with water.

2. Put the bowl under your bed.

3. Put two whole, uncooked eggs around the bowl. (Replace the eggs every week or as soon as you can smell them. Bury them in Earth: do not eat.)

4. Keep the frogs wet and pray that a child be sent to you.


Animal Allies: cat, donkey, frog, goat, pig, rabbit, scorpion, snake. All these are animals possessing great fecundity. The scorpion is able to reproduce under even the harshest conditions. Contemplate these creatures, surround yourself with their images, with the hopes that some of their lush reproductive power will rub off on you!


Spirit Allies

Because conception creates something new (someone new) from existing energy, it's very closely tied to enchantment. In general, spirits who promote magic also promote and regulate fertility. These spirits include:

Baba Yaga (Slavic)

Freya (Norse)

Hecate (Eurasia)

Isis (Egypt)

Kali (India, Nepal)

Tlazolteotl (Aztec)

Persephone (Greece) assists with matters concerning contraception

Kapo (Hawaii) is among the deities most involved with contraception and abortion. She may also be appealed to for renewed fertility should you desire a child, although you shouldn't bother her in this instance unless it's established that you really have a problem.


Artemis, the powerful Greek lunar spirit, is associated with all facets of women's reproductive power. She bestows fertility, guards pregnancy and eases labor pains.


Artemis Fertility Altar

Doll(s) from your own childhood

Figures of Her beloved animals: deer, dogs, bear and particularly wolves (Artemis is Queen of All Wild Beasts)

Dried or fresh mugwort and/or Dittany of Crete

Silver charms

A moon-shaped candle

Decorate the altar as a living petition for fertility. Leave it standing, at least until your goal is met. Feel free to light the candle for added intensity and enhancement, whenever needed.


Yemaya is the Yoruba matriarch of the sea, women and fertility. She is particularly sympathetic to those who struggle with infertility.


Yemaya Fertility Ritual #1

Watermelon (it must be the type with seeds)

Small blue or white candle

1. Bring a small watermelon to the beach.

2. Cut a well into the watermelon.

3. Dress the candle, if you wish. Hold it in your hands, charging it with your desire and your intent.

4. Insert the candle into the watermelon's well, light it and send it out to sea, making your petition to Yemaya all the while. (Make sure the candle is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, sending toxins into Yemaya's holy sea won't earn you any points.)


Yemaya Fertility Ritual #2

1 pomegranate


Paper (dioxin free, please!)

1. Go to the beach, bringing your supplies.

2. Slice the pomegranate in half and spread honey over both sides.

3. Write the name of the person who wishes to conceive on a small piece of paper and place between the halves of the fruit.

4. Bring the halves together, sealing the paper within.


Yemaya despises any form of domestic violence and will not send a child into that environment. Should her trust be abused, she may later remove the child. If this in any way resonates for you, the first step of any fertility petition to Yemaya is to divorce yourself completely from the violence. Request her assistance.


5. Bind the pomegranate closed with a string of seaweed, if you can find one. (It's considered auspicious if you can.) If not, just press the halves together tight; the honey should serve as glue.

6. Make your petition to Yemaya and send the pomegranate out to sea.

Fertility Magnet Trees




Date Palm






In Mediterranean regions, armfuls of fragrant basil are hung over the conjugal bed to promote fertility and enhance conception.



Egg Trees

Egg trees are often erected at Easter, but like that bunny delivering eggs, the roots stretch back to Pagan Europe. The traditional egg tree involves wrapping the trunk and branches of the tree with cotton batting and festooning it with eggs. Creation of such a tree is thought to bring fertility to the childless. Birch and cherry trees are the traditional trees utilized but any tree bearing allusions to fertility, especially fruit or nut trees, may be substituted. Do the best you can. If you only have one tree available, use that one but remember, you increase your power through details. Buy a small fertility-related tree. Maintain it after the spell to signal to the powers that be what fine parents and caretakers you would be. Keep the tree in a pot if you have nowhere to plant it.

· Plain eggs may be used but dyeing the eggs red when wishing for fertility is traditional.

· Incorporate fertility motifs into the decorations as an extra boost: triangles, cats, rabbits or fruit-bearing trees.

· A Greek variation incorporates hanging small dolls instead of, or in addition to, the eggs.


Conception Spell Box

Line the bottom of your box with dried corn, chamomile flowers and rosebuds. Add some cowrie shells and one or more crystals associated with conception. Add some animal power now: charms or fetishes representing the appropriate animals. You can add anything that has personal resonance and significance for you. Get a tiny baby doll and make it a soft bed from half a walnut shell. Make it a little cover, so that it will stay warm. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish. A spell box is a work in progress: add to it, play with it, any efforts are part of the spell. When your wish is fulfilled, bury the box and its contents in Earth or pass it on to another person.


Fertility-Drawing Oil

1 lapis lazuli chip or a very tiny lapis crystal

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

3 drops essential oil of basil

2 drops rose attar

2 drops jasmine absolute

2 drops essential oil of myrrh

1 drop essential oil of patchouli or vetiver

1 drop pomegranate flower essence (Desert Alchemy, Flower Essence Project, Pegasus)


Conception Crystals

Carnelian and red coral stimulates both men's and women's reproductive systems. Blood red coral is the most popular material for amulets that protect and stimulate male reproductive capacity. Wear a single piece around the neck, either jagged and uncut in the Berber style or carved into a horned hand in Italian tradition.


Place the crystal in a glass vial or container, followed by the almond oil and then the essential oils and the flower essence, in that order. Use to dress your fertility candle.



Sometimes the border between science and magic is very fine. This is a process that has been successful in reestablishing ovulatory and menstrual cycles to nonmenopausal women whose current cycles are irregular, infrequent or even absent.

1. Determine the first day of your last period. Estimate if you must. If your cycle is so irregular or absent that you can't, use the true new moon (look at the calendar) as day one and count the number of days until the next new moon.

2. Except for days 14 through 17, sleep in an absolutely dark room. Absolutely dark means complete darkness, no artificial light whatsoever. No little teeny glow from your alarm clock, no tiny little red light from the VCR. Shut the shades well to block out streetlights.

3. From the 14th to the 17th day, however, keep a light on all night. Use a 100-watt light bulb placed in a lamp to disperse light onto the ceilings and walls but still minimally disturb your sleep. Placing the lamp on the floor is recommended.

4. Ovulation should occur during the light period. Expect the process to take anywhere up to six months for success. (In a study of almost two thousand women with irregular cycles, more than half the subjects achieved regular twenty-nine day cycles using the process of lunation alone.)


English folk healers recommend hawthorn leaves tucked under the mattress as a contraceptive enhancing device.


5. Those who wish to conceive should make love during the three light nights. Those who do not should be careful.


To enhance chances of conception, English folk healers recommend making love by the light of burning red candles. Once the sexual act is complete, the candles should be extinguished.