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The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Antifertility Spells

Remember, this is very important: contraceptive spells are intended to reinforce your efforts to remain childless. They are not meant to enable you to challenge nature nor should you rely upon them alone.


Ancient Moroccan Contraceptive Spell

One dried fig*

A few drops of menstrual blood

To be effective, this spell must be performed cooperatively by a man and a woman.

1. Cut the dried fig lengthwise.

2. Sprinkle the blood into the cut.

3. The man then hides the fig in a secure place unknown to the woman. Theoretically, she is supposed to remain sterile for as long as the fig remains unseen.

4. To break the spell, the man removes the fig from its hiding place and displays it to the woman.


Keys and locks are traditional magical ingredients, particularly useful for working with sex, fertility, contraception and all sorts of reproductive issues. In an attempt to preserve and/or time conception, a traditional Serbian woman would arrange a lock and key on the floor, walk in the space between them, turn around and while turning state, “When I open the lock again, I shall successfully conceive.” The magically charged lock and key must be kept in a safe place, away from other hands.

* The fig may be replaced by a bead; however, there is no substitute for the other ingredient.