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Pregnancy Protection and Enhancement Spells

Animal Ally: Cat

Crystals: Amber, Coral, Lapis lazuli

Traditional midwives did more than just assist at a birth. They provided for all facets of a woman's reproductive health and were expected to be familiar with protective enchantment for mother and child. General magical wisdom recommends that a couple refrain from advertising the pregnancy much before it visually announces itself, as a protective gesture against jealousy and malice. Magical rituals, however, may begin early in pregnancy.


Psychic safety and enhancement of the birthing chamber is considered magically crucial. The room may be purified and smudged. Special incense can be burned, particularly this one that provides protection and a welcoming aroma that bids the baby come forth.


Water is the element most associated with fertility and childbirth. As soon as a traditional Haitian woman knows she is pregnant, she goes to a healer for a series of magical baths. Aztec women took steam baths, supervised by an herbalist. Water can be beneficial throughout pregnancy: Hawaiian women were encouraged to gently sway swollen bellies in the ocean, to loosen up the baby for a speedier delivery. Underwater births call on beneficial water spirits to serve as spiritual midwives.



Welcome Baby Incense

Lavender blossoms

White, pink or yellow rosebuds or petals

Grind some of the flowers together in the mortar and pestle, leaving at least a few whole. Then burn.


Fertile Crescent Childbirth Incense

This incense formula focuses on easing the mother's discomfort. Galbanum resin, known as the “Mother resin,” was used in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia for pain relief during childbirth.

Anise seeds

Galbanum resin

Pound together in a mortar and pestle and burn.


Crystal Childbirth Charms: Wear bloodstone during delivery or bring some into the delivery room. They may also be used for massage during the birth.


Bedouin Childbirth Spice Necklace

This perfumed necklace may soothe and encourage the laboring woman. If it's not comfortable to wear it, then hang it nearby so that the aroma can provide comfort and protection.


A crystal arrow worn as a pendant is believed to stimulate quick, uncomplicated labor.


Dried cloves

Seeds or dried fruits of the Mahaleb cherry (perfumed cherry tree)*

Ambrette seeds or essential oil of ambrette**

Red thread and a needle

1. Soak cloves and seeds overnight to soften them.

2. If you are using only solid materials (cloves, seeds and/or fruits), pierce them with a needle, and string onto the red thread, leaving enough room at the ends to tie the necklace comfortably. It should be loose and comfortable when worn, not tight and constricting.


Drumming echoes Earth's heartbeat. The drumming of our mother's heartbeat was the first rhythm any of us ever felt. Many traditional childbirth rituals attempt to exploit this welcoming rhythm to enhance the safety of mother and baby and speed the delivery. A female hand drummer may be hired to attend the birth, her rhythm directing and encouraging the baby's journey through the birth canal. An experienced belly dancer may also attend, to transfix and distract the mother, providing encouragement and healing rhythms.



Birch trees symbolize new beginnings in Northern Europe, planted to celebrate a new birth or carved into protective cradles.


3. If using the essential oil, moisten your fingers with the oil and rub the cloves and seeds gently before stringing them onto the thread. You may also add 12 drops of ambrette oil to a spray bottle full of springwater and spray the solid material lightly. (Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes after handling essential oils and cloves.)

* If you do not have your own perfumed cherry tree (and the tree does grow in parts of the United States), the dried seeds may be obtained from Middle Eastern or Indian groceries. Although this particular tree bears little reputation for danger, be aware that it comes from the family of trees from which cyanide derives and, in theory, any seeds or fruit may be toxic, if taken internally. This necklace is meant only to be worn, not eaten. If you cannot obtain Mahaleb, make the necklace with only cloves and ambrette.

** Ambrette, also known as musk seed, is widely used in Asia and is considered by many to be the closest substitute for the famed fragrance derived from endangered musk deer. The seeds may be obtained from a Middle Eastern grocery store.