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A Money Garden
Money Magic

These plants growing in your garden or within your home invoke and maintain prosperity: alfalfa, basil, camellia, chamomile, cinquefoil, dill, heliotrope, honeysuckle, jasmine, lettuce, marigold, mint, morning glory, nasturtium, onion, Oregon grape.

· Burn alfalfa and scatter the ashes around your property for prosperity. Alternatively, burn alfalfa and carry the herb in a medicine bag to ease financial woes. Buckwheat, cascara sagrada (Rhamnus purshianus)* and nuts, particularly walnuts, added to the bag will enhance the power.

Money Trees



Horse chestnut



A Romany recommendation for cash growth is pots of marigolds placed near your doors and windows. The power is enhanced if you can find a golden pot or something golden in color to place the marigolds upon, a brass tray, perhaps? Use any type of marigold you like, however French marigolds call in the power of the ancestors for assistance.


More Money Spice Necklace

Wear this necklace to attract money and to evoke an inner acceptance of prosperity.

Allspice berries

Cinnamon sticks


Ginseng root


2 sewing needles

36 inches of strong thread, dental floss or monofilament (fishline)

1. Soak the spices and roots overnight to soften them.

2. Once softened, you may trim and cut the roots and cinnamon sticks to suit your taste or recurl the cinnamon, if it's lost its shape.

3. Thread each end of the cord through a needle. Add spices as you will, creating a symmetric pattern by using first one side of the thread, then the other. Reserve some of the smooth, round allspice berries for the ends of the necklace, so that this will be what lies against your neck, minimizing any irritation.

4. When each side measures 14 inches to the center, tie the ends of the thread, knot firmly and hang the necklace to air-dry. Once dry, your necklace should last for years.


Grow Some Money Spell

· Place some fenugreek seeds in a jar and add a bit more daily. When your jar is full, bury it in Earth.

Despite its modest, mundane appearance, fenugreek is believed to be a plant of tremendous, dynamic potency. An herb of abundance, its key word is increase. Fenugreek tea is given to nursing mothers to increase their milk supply. Turkish harem women drank and bathed in infusions hoping to increase their bust size. Fenugreek provides wealth and protects against poverty. In addition to the above spell, there are other methods of harnessing this power.

· Scatter fenugreek seeds discreetly around your house.

· Soak the seeds in the water that you use to clean your house. (Strain before cleansing.)