Spirits of Financial Prosperity - Money Magic - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Spirits of Financial Prosperity
Money Magic

Hermes (Greece), Lakshmi (India), Oshun (Yoruba)

Oshun, Orisha of Sweet Waters provides material comforts (and cash!) for her devotees. Like the most powerful spirits, she offers assistance in all departments: romance, health, beauty and prosperity.

Oshun's traditional offering, whenever you wish to invoke, petition or thank her, is a glass of springwater and a dish of honey. You must always taste any honey offered to Oshun, every time. An attempt was once made to poison her with honey. She will not accept any untasted offerings and may, in fact, look upon you with suspicion rather than love. Her colors are yellow and orange. Her metal is brass. Her sacred birds are peacocks, parrots and vultures. Her number is 5.


Oshun Prosperity Incense

Brown sugar

5 dried orange leaves

Orange zest

1. Pound the ingredients in a mortar and pestle until roughly pulverized.

2. Place in a cast-iron pan and set aflame.

3. Let it burn for a minute or so, then smother the flames. It should smoke fairly heavily, allow the aroma to fill the room.

4. Offer some pure springwater and honey to Oshun and tell her what you need.


A Money Dream Pillow

The stuffing encourages creative financial dreams and inspiration.

2 ounces dried basil

4 ounces dried chamomile blossoms

2 ounces dried fenugreek


If you need a refresher, return to the Dreams section, for detailed instructions on making dream pillows.



Prosperity Potpourri

1 cup cedar shavings

1 cup oak moss

1 tablespoon ground nutmeg

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Pinch of ginger

Essential oils of patchouli and vetiver

Combine the potpourri in a box with a tightly fitting lid. Keep it closed except when you need financial inspiration and/or encouragement. Then open the box and inhale. A little of this potpourri carried in a charm bag also serves as a money talisman.


Money Magnet Oil

To attract money, rub two drops of essential oil of bergamot on the palms of your hands, in your wallet, inside your pocket or wherever you carry your cash.


Milk and Honey Prosperity Bath

1 cup coconut milk

1 cup cow's milk

1 cup goat's milk

1 cup sheep's milk

1 cup holy or springwater

1 cup honey

This bath is reputed to draw money towards you. It's guaranteed to make your skin feel wonderful. Add the ingredients to the bath water. You can increase the quantity of the ingredients, if you wish, as long as all proportions remain equal.


Money Salt Scrub

1 cup of sea salt

½ cup oil, preferably safflower or sweet almond

4 drops essential oil of basil

4 drops essential oil of cedarwood

2 drops essential oil of cinnamon leaf

2 drops essential oil of patchouli


If you don't recall how to make a salt scrub, turn back to the Protection Spells section for detailed instructions.


Make your bathroom as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Dim the lights, burn some green candles. Rub the scrub on your body with gentle, circular motions and see yourself financially comfortable, prosperous and secure.


Many merchants frame their first earned dollar bill or some other significant cash bill for good luck. If you'd like to use that money, but still would like to see it grow, there are alternative techniques. To celebrate a first earning or a windfall and encourage more, sprinkle powdered ginger on the bills.


Family Full of Cash

A Hungarian spell invites new money to get comfortable with you and bring the relatives on over, too. Hold the lucky money in your hand and spit on it. Hungarians say: “Ápàd, Ányàd, Idejöjon,” which literally means “Daddy, Mommy, come here quick!” Use their words or make up your own.


Green Ribbon Money Growth Spells

A length of green silk cord

1. Visualize clearly and distinctly what it is that you need (a specific amount, something you need to buy).

2. Say this out loud in the form of a wish, in simple, clear, unambiguous language.

3. Now make 9 knots in the green silk cord. As you form each knot, repeat your wish.

4. Keep your cord in a safe place: a charm box or bag, in a dream pillow amidst money-attracting herbs or simply bury it in Earth.


Money Miracle Mantra

If your fortunes need a drastic upswing, try repeating this mantra for wondrous results:

“A money miracle happens to me today.”

1. Start your day with this phrase and watch the miracles roll in.

2. Remember, miracles come in many shapes and sizes, small or large, accept each one graciously and await the next.

3. Repeat the phrase to suit your needs. Say it once a day or once every hour. I know someone who wrote it 100 times a day, detention-style and someone else who repeated it every time she was stopped at a traffic light.

4. You'll know when you no longer need the mantra because all of a sudden you'll realize that you've forgotten it for days.

· Always state the mantra in the present tense.

· This mantra may be used in combination with any other money spell or ritual for enhancement.

· If you need a different type of miracle, maintain the mantra's form but substitute your desire: “A love miracle happens to me today.”


Should you need an exact amount of money, you owe $231.43 for instance, write the amount on a piece of paper. Drip a little basil oil on the paper, fold it in half twice and bury it in a pot of Earth. Ideally, you should then plant basil, marigolds, thyme or some other botanical associated with cash in that pot but if you fear that you'll kill the plant and really depress yourself, stick in a sturdy cactus.