Candle Healing - Enchantment to Heal Body and Soul - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Candle Healing
Enchantment to Heal Body and Soul

· Blue candles are burned to provide relief from pain and stress and for healing illnesses of the mind and emotions.

· Green candles are burned to invoke healing on the physical plane. Many have found success even with deeply entrenched illness.

· Burn brown candles if you feel your situation is just not fair!

· Dress and burn human figure candles to represent the individual for whom you seek healing.

Choose a cat figure candle if what you need are a few of those nine lives. If you are stumped for medical information or direction, burn a black or red witch candle and ask the wise woman it represents to journey to the spirit world and reveal the information you need.


Healing Energy Necklace

Angelica root

Carob root

Ginseng root


Allspice berries

Juniper berries


2 sewing needles

36 inches of strong thread, dental floss or monofilament (fishline)

These spices bestow a soothing fragrance. In addition, each of these spices radiates power that encourages healing on the physical plane.

1. Soak the spices overnight to soften them.

2. Trim the angelica root, carob and ginseng root to the desired length and shape.

3. You may need a small power drill to pierce the hard nutmeg, although some claim to be able to puncture the seed with a sharp needle. If this is a problem, omit this ingredient.

4. Thread each needle to one end of your thread.

5. Begin to string the roots and spices onto the thread, creating a symmetrical pattern by adding a spice first to one side of the thread, then the other.

6. Concentrate upon your goal as you pierce and string each root or spice.

7. Reserve some smooth round allspice and juniper berries for the end of the necklace so that they will rest against the back of your neck.

8. When your beads measure 14 inches to the center on each side, tie a strong knot and hang your necklace to air-dry. If cared for gently, your necklace should provide you with strength and comfort for years.