Baron Samedi Altar - Dying, Death, and Funerals - Spells

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Baron Samedi Altar
Dying, Death, and Funerals

Death is perhaps the ultimate threshold and magic exists to ease the transition as well as to relieve the suffering of the dying or bereaved. There are few spells to prevent dying: Most magical cultures perceive death as part of life, not as something to be fought at any cost. The exception is for children: there are various spiritual entities who may be petitioned to preserve a child's life. These include Oya and Baron Samedi. Baron Samedi is leader of the Vodoun spirits of the dead. He prefers to see children live a long, full life. He and his wife, La Grande Brigitte, control the gates of the cemetery and either one may be sympathetic to an appeal.

Baron Samedi Altar

Baron Samedi is a prominent and complex spiritual entity from Haiti. Should you desire to petition his help you may want to become familiar with his legends so as to develop a sense of his personality and stature. His physical manifestation is extremely consistent. He appears as an elderly man dressed entirely in black with a black top hat and black sunglasses. Sardonic humor regarding death may please him: add Halloween or Day of the Dead toys to his altar. (He also enjoys ribald sexual humor.) A pair of the blackest sunglasses you can find welcomes him and makes him feel at home. Baron Samedi likes perishable offerings: he loves black coffee, dry bread and roasted peanuts. Cigars and cigarettes are very appreciated. If he has performed a favor for you, reward him with a glass of fine rum, in which you have steeped twenty-one very hot peppers.