Animal Allies - Dying, Death, and Funerals - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Animal Allies
Dying, Death, and Funerals

Butterfly, Dog, Raven/Crow, Snake and Wolf are ready to serve as guides and partners during your spiritual journey.


A Spice Necklace to Relieve Grief


Juniper berries

Strong red thread and a sewing needle

1. Soak the spices overnight to soften them.

2. Puncture with a strong needle and string the spices onto the thread.

3. You may find the beading motion to be soothing in itself or you may wish to concentrate upon your goals, desires or the expression of your grief as you puncture and string each spice bead.

4. When the necklace is sufficiently long, knot it tightly and hang it to air-dry.

5. In order for this to be effective, you must give the aroma the opportunity to perform its magic. Hang it near your bed at night or wear it in bed at night so that the fragrance can reach you.