Psybermagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magic - Peter J. Carroll 2000

Psybermagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magic - Peter J. Carroll 2000

Psybermagick Introduction

Why Magick? Irrationale

Ourselfs Multimind

Magick I Science & Magick

Magick II Magickal Attack

Magick III Wand or Cup?

Magick IV Sacrifice

Magick IV Magickal Medicine

Magick VI Equation 4, Eidolonics

Magick VII The Fifth Equation

Magick VIII Null Path Enchantments

Magick IX Null Path Divinations

Magick X Retroactive Enchantment

Politics I Chaocracy

Politics II Conspiracy Theory

Politics III Conspiracy Practise

Politics IV Tetragrammaton

Politics V Revolutions

Politics VI The Illuminati

Heresy I Spirituality

Heresy II Predictions

Heresy III Arse Licking

Heresy IV Elitism

Heresy V The Abysses

Heresy VI Dropping the Wand

Heresy VII Off-White Magick

Heresy VIII Magus Chase

Heresy IX Astrology

Heresy X New-Ageism

Heresy XI Dog God

Heresy XII The Antichrist

Heresy XIII Fundamentalism

Heresy XIV Filthy Fun

Heresy XV Immortality

Heresy XVI Reproduction

Heresy XVII Machine Enlightenment

Heresy XVIII Hazards

Heresy XIX Nothing

Heresy XX Haiku

Phenomenization I Time

Phenomenization II Finite and Unbounded

Phenomenization III Thrice Upon a Time

Phenomenization IV Imaginary Time

Anontology I Non-Being

Anontology II The Antispells

Anontology III Antispell 1

Anontology IV Antispell 2

Practicks I Three Conjurations

Practicks II The Chaos Cyberzoo

Practicks III The Jihad of Chaos

Practicks IV The Void of Chaos

Hyperwarp 6D I Prologue

Hyperwarp 6D II Mysterious Fermions

Hyperwarp 6D III Mysterious Bosons

Hyperwarp 6D IV Hyperspin Principles

Hyperwarp 6D V Hyperspin Principle 10

Hyperwarp 6D VI Heretical Predictions

Hyperwarp 6D VII Against Infinity

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