Revolutionary Witchcraft: A Guide to Magical Activism - Sarah Lyons 2019



Who do you thank for helping you write your first book? In many ways I feel like I should be thanking everyone I have met up until this point, good and bad, for forming me into the person who could craft this. If you have touched my life, even briefly, you are to thank for the work you hold in your hands.

There are, however, some people in particular I want to thank, without whom this book could never have come into being.

To the trees on which this book is printed, I pray my work is worthy of your sacrifice.

Ancestors, thank you for being the wave that brought me to the shore I am on.

Shannon Connors Fabricant, you were the best editor I could have asked for on this project. Thank you for reaching out and trusting me with this work, and for being midwife to my first baby. I quite literally could never have done this without you.

To everyone at Running Press, thank you for your support throughout the writing of this book. You made my first true literary project a delightful and easy process every step of the way.

Andy, Cal, and everyone behind the Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation, thank you so much for letting me share your work and magic. Thank you also for working with me to make the version of it printed in this book the best it could be. May you never thirst.

Alex Avalos, thank you for introducing me to the Zapatistas so long ago, and for being a friend to me, especially when I felt like I had none.

To Tim McCarthy, who passed away just before I got this book deal. I hope you’re raising hell in heaven.

Kelly McClure and Blossom Johnson, our trip to Standing Rock forever changed my life, and I couldn’t have asked for better people to go on that journey with than both of you.

Kim Fraczek of the Sane Energy Project, thank you for being the first person to teach me power mapping. I hope the world is as transformed by your wisdom and fire as I continue to be.

Silvia Federici, your writing has been a deep inspiration to me for years now, and meeting you was like meeting a teacher I had studied under for years but never really known.

Monica Hunken, you are the greatest direct action trainer in the world, and the best person I could have shared my first arrest with. You’ve taught me to think deeply about what freedom means, and what we should do with it while we have it.

Callie Beusman, thank you for being a wonderful first editor to me early in my career, and for helping me so much when I was essentially an infant in the terrifying world of digital media.

To all my friends and comrades in the Democratic Socialists of America, New York City Chapter, EcoSocialist Working Group, you bear the burden of the longest activist group name in history with grace. More than that, you all inspire me every day to challenge myself, grow, and constantly expand my horizons of political possibilities. Because of you all, I truly believe a better world is possible.

To Catland, and the New York occult community. I didn’t feel like I really had a home before you.

Ani Simon Kennedy, you were the first person to trust me to tell my story on camera. You and the folks of Teen Vogue launched my career, and I’ll be forever thankful.

And finally, to my friends who stuck by me when things were so, so difficult, thank you for showing me what the word family means.

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* This is also the name of a movie about this very protest. Unless Channing Tatum dressed as a cop being yelled at by a guy dressed as a sea turtle is a very specific kink you have, you can skip it.

* Cool story time: Spare was so popular with occultists during his time that a guy you may have heard of named Adolf Hitler asked him for a portrait. Spare, noted badass and “sexual deviant,” refused, saying “If you are superman, let me be forever animal.”

* Sometimes Y, depending on how it is used.

* But not if you’re pregnant!