Test Number Two Who Knows Best? (Answer: God Does.) - The Tests

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

Test Number Two Who Knows Best? (Answer: God Does.)
The Tests

What would you do if someone in a position of power in your life asked you to walk away from your home, your family, your livelihood, and your community without any guarantee of what would happen next? God sprung this request on Moses, so God might do the same to you. So, what would you do?

I’d bet the farm you’d laugh. I know you would. Why? Because you think you know better. Admit it. I know you do. The very moment you think you need to play know-it-all is precisely the moment you need to just shut up and listen. Do exactly what you are being challenged to do in spite of the fact that you think you know better. Trust me, you don’t!

That’s because only the Creator has the perspective to know your true purpose and to help you achieve it. You see, you came here to do a specific job, and while my task is to keep you off-track from your true purpose, the Creator is doing everything in the Creator’s power to lead you to it. The question is: How long will you let me lead you astray? How long will you deny yourself a life of purpose and fulfillment?


King David and his best friend Jonathan had it figured out. They didn’t give me any way in to ruin their connection with one another, or with the Creator. Maybe you know the story of these two men. If you don’t, I’ll give you the short version. David was best friends with Jonathan, who was the son of King Saul and the rightful heir to the throne. Both David and Jonathan had such trust of the Creator, as well as love for each other, that they were both willing to forgo the throne, if necessary, to maintain their friendship.

Can you imagine having that kind of faith in the Creator? That kind of love for another soul? That certainty that the Creator knows best? Can you imagine having the willingness to say, “I am here and I am willing to do what needs to be done?” David was willing to stay or to go. He was willing to leave his best friend and abandon the kingdom based on what God wanted. Just like that. Try that one on for size!

Have you got what it takes?


If the universe encourages you to act now, it’s in your absolute interest to do so. If the universe makes it clear that you need to stay put, then stay put. For once in your life, don’t listen to me.

That means that if you find yourself stuck in Mexico because of a passport issue or some other snafu, know that there is Light to be revealed exactly where you are located—either for you personally or for those around you, or both. Or if you’re traveling somewhere else and you miss your flight and are delayed in the airport for hours, there’s a reason for that, too. There is work to be done there—maybe in the form of a life-changing conversation or perhaps a more subtle, yet equally important, experience. Take comfort in knowing that whatever eventually happens in your life, or your community, or the world, that is exactly what is supposed to happen.

There is no point in resisting your location or situation. Trying to control it will lead to nothing but frustration. Just open yourself up to seeing what the Creator is showing you! If you can, you’ll send me packing. Just like that.

You know the story about the man who is hanging from a cliff in a snowstorm? He begs God for help. God says, “Just let go, and I’ll catch you.” I’m listening in, so I say to the man, “What are you, nuts? You’ll die.” The man hangs on and the next morning, they find the poor guy frozen to death, still clinging to the cliff, just three feet from the ground.

I win by talking you into bad choices. You win by letting go—letting go of what you think is good for you, that is. That’s because when you do that, you get more than you ever thought was possible. And I sure the heck don’t live in the realm of possibility. That’s God’s domain.