Test Number Five Are You Willing to Fight For Your Soul Mate...Or Have You Given Up Already? - The Tests

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

Test Number Five Are You Willing to Fight For Your Soul Mate...Or Have You Given Up Already?
The Tests

Let’s cut to the chase here. Everyone has a soul mate, that other half of their soul. Every single one of you does. Even me! Yep, there is a female counterpart to my “evil.” Yes, she is a cunning and tempting little thing. In fact, it was she who kept Adam living outside of the Garden. She held him under her spell for more than a century! One hundred and thirty years, to be exact. You see, it was she who kept him company before Eve, and when Eve showed up, she didn’t like it one bit.

Today, she shows up as the force that encourages women to act selfishly. It is her job to take the lives of little children, particularly in their sleep. Heard of SIDS? Well, it is not so sudden. She works like me: She senses an opening and she moves in. She particularly likes being around men whom she challenges with fantasies and lewd sexual thoughts. It’s her job to make sure you never find your soul mate, and she’ll go to great lengths to make sure you don’t. Who do you think is behind the whole pornography industry? What can I say? She does me proud.


You were separated from your soul mate in the very beginning, which means that a critical part of your spiritual work here on Earth is to rediscover one another. Bad dates, missed opportunities, unhealthy relationships—that’s where I come into play. My goal is to wear you down, so you’ll give up. That’s the test: Will you give up or keep searching? If you want to pass this doozie, you had best keep your eyes on the prize.


Let’s say you’re 29 years old, doing well at work, and focused on moving up the corporate ladder. Sure, you go on dates from time to time, but I’ve convinced you that finding love should not be high on your priority list. Your career is far more important.

But I’m lying to you.

At the level of your soul, you cannot do your real work without your soul mate. No matter how successful you are in your career, it will not last and it will never completely fulfill you. And I’m not talking about the need to have a family. Age is irrelevant in the soul mate search. Even if you are 100 years old and still single, keep working on your desire. Keep searching to find your matching half. No matter what excuses or lies I feed you, you can’t throw in the towel. This test is too important.

Sound challenging? Of course it is—for those who are single, as well as for those who are with someone who’s not the right one.

If you’re stuck in a relationship, are you staying because of fear? If it’s out of fear, or loneliness, then I’ve gotten the best of you. I’ve kept you blissfully unaware that things can be different—and not just different, but truly fulfilling. Your soul mate is probably standing right in front of your eyes, but you can’t see this person; you have remained oblivious until this moment. Now you want to know more. Finally. Good for you.

It’s time for you to feel entitled to a soul mate. It’s time to fight for what belongs to you. The only reason you are in this situation is because you don’t know that you can expect true happiness; finding your soul mate is a part of your destiny! In paradise, no one is alone. This absolute knowing—this consciousness of entitlement—is the Vessel for desire. It’s absolutely essential.

If you fall into my trap, and choose to believe you are one of the few people to whom the Laws of the Universe do not apply, you will give up on your desire. But if you know it is coming to you—that the universe literally owes it to you—then you will not give up until you get what you deserve. You will turn over every stone. Check around every corner. You will do whatever it takes. Even if I am standing in your way—where I am guaranteed to be.


There was a young scholar who would later become a great wise man and adversary of mine. He would get up at three o’clock every morning to study, overcoming his desire to sleep to overcome the control I had over his body (this is one of the tactics the great kabbalists used to elude my grasp). Every night, his wife would prepare a cup of tea for his study. But after several years, his wife needed to leave this world, so his mother stepped in and prepared his tea. One time, his mother was not able to make the tea, so she asked the neighbor to please have her daughter prepare it. They agreed.

The neighbor’s daughter prepared the tea and snacks, delivering it to the scholar, who was so absorbed in his studies that he didn’t even look up. Later that morning, the young scholar asked his mother if she had prepared his tea this time. “No,” she replied, “It was the neighbor’s daughter who prepared your tea. Why do you ask? Was everything OK?”

The scholar replied, “Yes, everything was fine. But in all the time my wife was alive, she prepared only one cup of tea. And all these years, you have prepared only one cup of tea. This woman, however, prepared two cups of tea.”

When he saw that his mother could offer no explanation, the kabbalist went to the neighbor’s daughter and said, “Can I ask you just one question? Why did you prepare two cups of tea?” She responded, “Well, you were studying with someone, so I decided to make two cups.”

The scholar was amazed. He told her, “In all these years, neither my mother nor my first wife knew that I was studying with Elijah, the Prophet. But you did.” At that moment, he knew he had found his soul mate. It was then that he asked for her hand in marriage.

From my point of view, this story demonstrates a clear failure on my part. If I had been on my game, these two would never have met. But this shows how God works if you let the Light in. God places people in your life at the right time, if you are willing to be open to the Light, open to the possibility, open to what God has in store. The young scholar knew almost immediately that it was the Creator who put this young woman in his life. He was plugged in to the Light, and so was she. I didn’t have much hope of stepping into the picture.

And that’s how it can work if you leave a little space every day for your soul mate’s energy to find you. Are you willing to fight for what belongs to you? If you are, it’s time to stake your claim.