Abraham’s Legacy - The End of Religion

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

Abraham’s Legacy
The End of Religion

Even if you pass all the tests I just prepared you for, I’ll still be around if you haven’t put an end to religion. I touched on this earlier, but please allow me the soapbox again. There are some details we need to discuss.

If you’re really serious about finding paradise, here’s what needs to happen. If the priests, rabbis, imams, and monks admitted their sins and all their followers acknowledged their sins, and you all ganged up on me (not each other)—if you finally figured out you were on the same team—it would be Game Over! If you were to stop pointing the finger at one another, I’d be toast. If you all did that, within five minutes, you’d see God’s Light materializing right before your very eyes.


Obviously, I corrupt the religious establishment. And I corrupt all of you who follow any of the world’s religions. You wind up blaming the establishment. The religious establishment winds up blaming other religions. And everyone runs around blaming each other. Meanwhile, I dine on all the gourmet delights you’re feeding me. I am going to take a few moments to directly address three special people who descend from Abraham, the Patriarch. I think this information is vital to your understanding of the bigger picture here.




Specifically, I will be addressing their offspring:

The Jews.

The Muslims.

The Christians.

The rest of you should not feel left out. You are equally important, and equally loved by the Creator. You are all one family. But these three siblings are the ones who are causing all the trouble in this dysfunctional family unit called humanity. It’s time they cleaned it up.

I begin with the children of Ishmael.


Why do you think you bow five times a day? To thank Allah? To show respect and offer praise to Allah? Nope. Allah is all-powerful, all-loving, and omnipotent. He does not require thanks or praise. He doesn’t want to receive. Allah just wants to share. And give. And love. The reason you bow five times a day is to ground your negativity, to bury your ego (me) in the very bowels of the earth. You need to bury me. That opens you up to receive the love of Allah.

You need to know that I am your only enemy. I am the only infidel. If you bow with the mind-set that your enemy is someone out there, I hijack all your prayers. If you meditate to bury your ego in the ground, your prayers will be magnified greatly.

Here’s a tip. After bowing, as you rise back up, pray to raise your soul—the real you—into the Divine Realm so that you are constantly connected to Allah. Only I, the ego, your Adversary, prevent you from connecting yourself with Allah. No one else. When you bury me into the earth, five times a day, you will have the power to reach the Supernal Heavens with your consciousness.


Jesus died for your sins. No question about it. But you have no idea what that means because I distorted everything about his story. Listen up: His death dealt me a great and powerful blow. But it wasn’t a knockout punch. I am still here, aren’t I? Look around. The world is worse than ever, isn’t it? Do you really think God wanted to see you suffer all these centuries as you wait for the Final Apocalypse or a Second Coming? It was I who convinced you to do nothing but wait.

The generation of Israelites and pagans who lived during the time of Jesus was neck-deep in filth and self-indulgence. God intervened—by way of Moses—to bail out the Israelites 3400 years ago, and God was forced to intervene again 2000 years ago. Enter Jesus. Jesus took upon himself the task of eradicating my influence from this world. No one else had the guts to do so. He was ready to take on the entire religious establishment when he saw that I controlled them. But Jesus didn’t blame them. Jesus knew he had to defeat me. Who am I? I am doubt. Doubt is the reason the whole religious establishment was corrupt in the first place.

Cut to Golgotha, the site of Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus is nailed to the cross. He’s suffering. Then he cries out to God, asking why his Father has forsaken him. Do you know why he did that? He was expressing doubt. I am doubt. Jesus was challenging me. He was picking the fight of all fights. He wasn’t expressing doubt about his Father. He was taunting me. He was summoning me.

The only way we defeat something is by facing it. So, when Jesus wanted to defeat me, he was forced to summon me. That is what took place at Golgotha. That is the secret behind the words of doubt he uttered.

Doubt was inside of him. I was inside of him. We were landing blows on each other. Then, a moment later, crucifixion. Jesus willingly sacrificed himself (his ego—me) while I was present in his consciousness. That was his best punch. And that action cleansed his generation and diminished my influence over the entire world enough to prevent its total annihilation.

Do you know why Golgotha is called Golgotha? It means “the place of the skull.” Where do you think consciousness dwells? Where do you think the war is fought? Jesus fought the war against his own ego—me—inside his head. The death of his body was the death of me. In the place of the skull. In the place of human consciousness.

His actions saved the world. But only for a generation. Now, it’s up to you. Jesus’ teachings—his life, his ways—became the path for future generations to follow. You must walk that same path. You must wipe out Satan, your Adversary, by finding me within yourself. Inside the place of the skull—where that big brain of yours resides!

Don’t listen to me. Listen to Jesus. Follow him. Accepting Jesus means accepting his teachings and his consciousness. If you get past me, if you get me out of that head of yours, you will see there is no contradiction in what you currently believe.

Would you be helping your children if you did all their homework for the rest of their lives? If you took all the punishments on their behalf every time they made a mistake or misbehaved? Would that be true parental love? Would your kids grow up to be responsible, loving adults if you absorbed all their punishments? This desire to help goes against the natural Law of the World. It is the opposite of love. It fails the test of unbalanced relationships. Parents are the full-time givers, remember?

Here’s the truth. I will only say it once: What Jesus did for all Christians was offer a path to salvation. In his name and upon his merit, he cleared the path for you. But you still have to walk it. He suffered to open up the channels so that you could connect to the Hidden Dimensions and make contact with the Father. To do that, you need to defeat me. You were all given a chance to earn unimaginable rewards, but it requires finding and conquering me.

And the reason you never did find me within yourself, the reason you sat back and put it all on Jesus’ shoulders, is because I told you to. Trust me on this. Your Savior is pissed off. He’s angry with me for doing such a good job of deceiving you. But he’s also upset with you for not taking me out of the Game yet.

And now I will offer a confession. It was his idea to write this book. To give you all a chance. Don’t get me wrong. I wanted to write it, as well. I am cheering for you, even though I do my darndest to beat you. But it was his idea to send you this lifeline. Muhammad and Moses were in on it, too.

So, those of you who call yourself Christians, don’t blame the Jews. Or the Church. Or the popes of history. Or devil-worshippers. Or the Church of Satan. Don’t blame anyone, even if blame seems justified. It’s a losing bet. Blame me. Only me. No one but me. Just know that I am your ego and not a horned demon spewing fire from my eyes and fingertips. Then put an end to me. And never forget—the only way to get to me is knowing I am your ego. No other way. Do that and it is Game Over. Don’t do it and the fires keep burning.


You believe that when the Bible refers to Israelites, it’s referring to Jews. But it’s not. Israelites include Christians, Muslims, and Jews who see the good in everyone and see the unity in every tradition. An Israelite recognizes the holiness of Moses, of Jesus, and of Muhammad. An Israelite sees them as souls that came into this world to help you fight me. An Israelite is the opponent of jihad, of the right-wing Jewish extremist, and of any other crusader who only sees what’s wrong with everyone else, or who wants to make everyone else accept his beliefs.

Israelites see no separation. They encompass everyone. They accept all others. Israelites allow people to be just as they are.


Let’s talk about extremists, shall we?

There is only one holy war. One. Not two. It’s the war against me. Your ego. Your enemy is the Great Satan. Not the people who occupy your land. Not the people who don’t believe in your god. It’s me. Only me. Yes, everyone in the world has a portion of me within them. But you cannot kill the force named Satan in another person. That’s an exercise in futility.

You’re hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. I am the one who motivates you to kill Satan in another person because I know it won’t work. It never has, and it never will. Not only does it not work, it fortifies me. I grow stronger each time you try to take me out by taking out one of your fellow human beings. I trick you into believing you are in a war against each other. You’re not. It’s me you want. I am inside each one of you, coercing you into pointing the finger at everyone else.

So, Israelites are not Jews. That misconception, too, was my doing. Nowhere in the Bible does God mention creating a religion called Judaism. There is only the path of defeating me; the one who masters that path merits the designation Israelite.