Your Ace in The Hole Against Religion - The End of Religion

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

Your Ace in The Hole Against Religion
The End of Religion


I read Latin. I understand Greek. I comprehend English. I’m conversant in Italian. Fluent in French. Articulate in Arabic. And I speak Hebrew. I totally get those languages. There’s only one language I don’t understand: Aramaic.

Jesus held his most private conversations in Aramaic for that very reason. He dished out hidden wisdom to his closest disciples using Aramaic. He employed the same language when he spun parables to the masses, parables that concealed the secrets of the universe (Prisca Theologia). There was nothing I could do. I couldn’t eavesdrop on the disciples. I was unable to make head or tail out of the parables. Instead, I had to wait until the Aramaic teachings of Jesus were translated into other languages. Then, I set to work creating all the confusion that now surrounds religion.

Aramaic was a metaphysical tool from God to give you the ability to bypass my influence. That was one of the original Universal Rules set up to govern this reality.

I cannot interfere with prayers uttered in Aramaic. I can’t touch them. But your prayers in other languages are no problem. I can interfere with roadblocks, detours, and stumbling blocks. (Remember, my name means to block). It’s hard to sneak a prayer past me. And this is one of the reasons why your prayers often go unanswered. I interfere. I hear the prayers of the world all day and all night and I reroute them to nowhere.

But Aramaic? No dice. It’s off-limits. It’s untouchable. It’s your direct connection to the Divine. It’s broadband. It’s superbroadband.

Aramaic was the predominant language during the time of the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century. In fact, Aramaic was once as common as English is today. Aramaic is the root of Arabic. Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, is an Aramaic word (Maccah) that means “to break through.” Maccah is also the name of one of the windows through which prayers must pass to reach the Divine Light. Put the two definitions together and you understand why Muslims direct their prayers toward Mecca. It is the window a prayer uses in order to reach the Realm of the Divine. Simple.

The ancient Israelites wrote secret books which revealed all the mysteries of the universe. These books were written in Aramaic so that I would not be able to read them. This includes sections of the Book of Daniel, and another secret book that I cannot and will not ever mention. This other book is my kryptonite. So, don’t even bother asking.

So, now that Christians, Muslims, and Israelites had a common thread, I had to do something drastic. I had to cut the thread. I had to create conflict between the three faiths.

You see, Aramaic didn’t belong to the Israelites. Or to the Christians. Or to the Muslims. It belonged to all of them—just like the Light of the sun belongs to all of them, irrespective of their particular beliefs. That was its secret. Aramaic is universal. It is the secret for unifying the three faiths. And prayers in Aramaic reach the Divine. That means that if enough Israelites, Christians, and Muslims put this power behind their prayers, it would undo me. Forever.

So you know what I did? I turned Aramaic into a dead language. I phased it out over the centuries. Then I buried it. I methodically severed Aramaic’s connection to Arabic, and thereby to Muslims. Then, I cut it off from Jesus and Christians.

So, listen up Muslims, Christians, and Israelites—I will only explain this once. Arabic is Divine. Latin, Greek, and English are Divine. Hebrew is Divine. And so is Aramaic. Everything, including all languages spoken on Earth, originated from the one God.

But only Aramaic is off-limits to me. And that is its underlying power. It’s not that Aramaic is holier than Arabic or Hebrew. It’s just that Aramaic is beyond my reach.

Did you ever wonder why it’s taking your prayers in your native language so long to change the world and transform your life? If you’re a Muslim, did your Arabic prayers bring you world peace yet? No. The children of Ishmael are dying every day and your enemies still exist.

If you’re a Christian, did your particular Latin, Greek, or English prayers bring you world peace yet? No. The disciples of Jesus Christ are still hurting, suffering, and dying every day.

If you’re an Israelite, did your Hebrew prayers bring you world peace yet? No. You are still persecuted, complaining, and miserable after all these centuries.

How long before you wise up? It should boggle your mind: 2000 years of unanswered prayers and still you hope and wait!

You’re now at a critical juncture in human history. My stranglehold has put you—all of humanity—into a collective coma. The Big Sleep. You are approaching total destruction. Consequently, for the first time in history, I am lending you a hand. I am interfering just to get you out of this mess. I will give you one advantage over me—but that’s it. Be forewarned. After I give it to you, I will then use all my powers to persuade you not to employ this weapon. I have to. That’s my job. If, however, you rise to the occasion and you take advantage of what I am about to give you, you’ll be able to let me replace you in experiencing the pain that is to come.

You will all wind up living happily ever after.


Here it is: A sequence of Aramaic letters.


In the last few years, a few books that speak about this ancient weapon surreptitiously muscled their way into the marketplace. I did my utmost to stop it from happening. But somehow, they pulled it off. I cannot mess with these letters. In fact, I am having a hard time right now even seeing them on the page.

This sequence of Aramaic is known as the 72 Names of God. They have the power to bypass me and reach the Divine instantly. But let me give you a heads-up: God does not answer prayers. God does not say yes. God does not say no. God just is.

What these letters will do is help you crash the Divine Realm so that you can use a few potent Forces of energy to help wipe me out. Now, before you’re off and running, get this straight: The Divine Realm is not up in the sky. It’s deep within the recesses of your consciousness. These letters reach deep inside you and extract me from your mind as quickly and as easily as a dentist extracts a baby tooth.

But you have to find me first. I am on the surface, but I am also deep within you. Here’s a clue to spotting me: Ask your friends. That’s right, ask your friends to describe your worst traits to you. Those traits are me. Now, use the force evoked by the 72 Names of God to connect to the energy and meditate to wipe me out. For good. But only if you dare. Only if you have the courage. Only if you can face the pain of losing your ego.

Meditate upon this ancient weapons system each day for five minutes. Focus your attention on eradicating my influences. Keep it simple. But keep it sincere. Do it with conviction.