The Vault - The Final Chapter

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

The Vault
The Final Chapter


When you pass a test, when you use the tools that God has handed you, you destroy me. The same holds true when you allow yourself to be uncomfortable, when you trust God, when you empathize with others, or wake up your yearning for your soul mate, or when you challenge your pain directly. You activate the keys that open up the vault that contains the infinite riches of the Energy of the Creator. The reason the world isn’t swimming in a sea of bliss is because only a few have opened up the vault. But this has got to be a team effort. It takes more than a few brave souls to transform the world.

If you play nice, I’ll reveal the greatest of all mysteries in regard to getting everything you want out of life.


There is a vault (not a bank vault—I am speaking metaphorically here). And this vault is on a timer. A very precise timer. Each time you insert the key into the lock, turn it, and open up the vault door, the timer is set. When the timer runs out, the vault slams shut. Getting the idea here? While that vault is open, you can grab as much as you want for yourself. But the only way to initially open the vault is by getting your hands on the key. The key, as I have told you, is the sharing you do when you pass the tests.

Now, here’s where it gets a bit thorny. This key is magical. It knows what’s inside your head. It knows what’s inside your heart. None of us is perfect. Thus, none of us is able to pass every test.

Remember that my sole purpose is to make you fail—if not all the tests, at least the critical ones, those that set you up for real transformation. In order for me to fulfill my purpose, I remind you of your shame, your feelings of worthlessness, and the fact that you are a miserable failure. It’s no wonder everyone hates tests. It’s me working you from the inside, making you feel uncomfortable and worried that you’re really nothing.

But if you understood this next critical idea, which we’ll call the Ratio, I don’t think you’d be so worried.


What do I mean by the Ratio? Well, the Ratio determines how long the vault stays open. What determines the Ratio?

Your head—specifically your state of consciousness during a test. There is a direct correlation between the amount of growth that results from your actions and how long the vault stays open. Simple. Usually you are 100 percent in the status quo. Thus, the Ratio between where you were and where you have come is 100:1! Not only does that not open the vault, it doesn’t even let you put your hands on the key. All you get is the swag I give away.


What do I mean by swag? Swag includes all the following: Comfort. Cars. Jewelry. Houses. Cash. Honor. Praise. Fame. Celebrity. Applause. Fake friends. Sex. Toys. Condos. Mistresses to put inside the condos. Prescription medications for your fears. Phobias and anxieties...

I think you catch my drift.


The treasures inside the Vault include the following: Growth. Happiness. Family. Love. Marriage. Children. Health. Well-being. Wisdom. Serenity. Peace of mind. Sustenance. A fearless, guiltless, anxiety-free life. True Friendship. Simple joy. Freedom. Appreciation. Bliss.


Each time you accept swag, one of the real treasures in your life gets locked up in the vault. It’s taken away from you. Poof! It’s gone. Look again at the list of treasures. That’s what you give up each time you choose swag. And they stay locked in the vault until you finally give up the swag and choose the treasure. The good news is that you have many lifetimes to figure all this out, if you so choose.

This is why people lose their spouses, children, family, friends, financial security, careers, and their sanity. Because when the test comes, you lose your treasures in direct proportion to the amount of swag you choose at the time of the test. This means that losing a loved one, for instance, can occur in many ways. A divorce. A fight. Estrangement. Or death. The results are precisely calculated based on your decisions on the test.

So, this whole concept of punishment and reward—a nice God and a mean God—is totally bogus. You’re the only one calling the shots here.


God doesn’t really answer your prayers. Big misconception propagated by yours truly. Rather, God is the answer to your prayers. Subtle difference. The word is, is a noun, not a verb.

What that means is that there is an Energy, a Force, a Power, that underlies all reality. This power is God. And it’s infinite. And it’s filled with everything. This Power is hidden inside the vault. If you access it, it is the answer to your prayers.


When you go through a test and 20 percent of your action was genuinely unconditional, that means 80 percent of the act was influenced by a selfish, hidden agenda. Me.

But that’s OK.

Seriously. It was still a positive action.

No need to worry because the treasure in the vault does not feed any selfish agenda. There’s no swag in there, so the ego derives zip. It will only feed the unconditional aspect of your action.

Here’s what happens: The key to the vault turns. The vault unlocks. The door opens wide. The timer on the door starts ticking. Your soul, your subconscious mind, and your conscious, willful desire start accumulating treasures from inside the vault. That door stays open in accordance with the 20 percent true growing that you did. Then the door gently closes.

Your life will now improve, relatively speaking, and become enriched with true fulfillment. This is the kind of fulfillment you tasted before, in the Garden of Eden. Honest. Believe me. It’s transformative. Deeply loving. Eye-opening. You will wonder why you never sought this kind of fulfillment out before.

Actually, it was hidden away on purpose for reasons relating to free will. The fact is, your entire life, you were never whom you were meant to be. Not in the Divine sense, that is. You only took. Even when you performed positive actions, they were motivated by winning the approval of others. Or praise. Honor. A return favor. Your name on a building. A plaque. A tax break. Or just selfish pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with pleasure. It’s just that selfish pleasure doesn’t last.

You are all creatures of comfort. Know why? Because that is your true origin and home—and it’s your final destiny. Comfort and contentment are where you came from and they are where you will wind up, if you play your cards right. But in the short term, they’re a roadblock. They stop you from walking into the vault.

So, the tests must be uncomfortable. They have to take you out of your comfort zone. No growth happens when you’re sucking your thumb and holding on to your blanket. You have to hate the thought of what you are being challenged to do.

After you do it, you’ll feel differently. But not one second before.


For today, a test might mean that for once you will learn to let go of your anger. It’ll hurt. It’ll be uncomfortable. After all, getting angry feels so satisfying. But when you hold your tongue, you’re transforming yourself from a creature controlled by me to one controlled by your soul.

For today, passing a test might mean you do your job at the office for the sake of growing and becoming better, or for the sake of helping the company, and not out of a sense of obligation or fear. The paycheck you receive will be an automatic Effect of your actions.

Likewise, you pass a test by paying your employees good money because you want them to be the best they can be. You want them to feel good about themselves and all that they do, so that they, as well as your business, can thrive, and so that you can employ others and enrich their lives.

You become like God when you manufacture goods to enrich the lives of others, not to turn a profit. The profit will come, but it must be the Effect, not the Cause, of your work.

Catch the shift in consciousness here?

For 2000 years, you had your eye on the wrong ball. You did it all backwards. And you bled because of it.

I know. No one in their right mind thinks like this. Know why?

Because I have been everyone’s “right mind” for thousands of years!


The entire world has been cast under a spell—one so powerful, it blinded you to the true reality. The spell is called ego. And the nature of ego is to receive. Every action throughout history, every single thought and flow of consciousness, was grounded in self-interest. And this is why you have not experienced a world of peace and unending miracles. I’ve got news for you. Chaos is not normal, and miracles are nature’s true expressions. You just haven’t figured out how to ignite those miracles yet. Well, now you know. The switch in consciousness is the method.

When you switch your consciousness from receiving and self-interest (me) into unconditional sharing and selfless behavior (God), you tap the real fulfillment of life.

Now comes the real mind-bending part.


The very fulfillment you draw from the vault has an additional benefit. It produces a secondary effect. The fulfillment that you feel will actually help further eradicate me. So, not only does it give you deep joy, it weakens me.

Now you’re in the double bonus. The very joy you receive gently and seamlessly transforms your consciousness so that you can receive even more joy.

I am now telling you how to terminate my command with extreme prejudice. In your next test, work a little harder. This time, devote 35 percent on truly giving and growing. This keeps the vault open even longer so that you can grab even more eternal treasure. This Divine flow of fulfillment makes you happier than you ever thought possible, plus it negates even more of my power and influence over you. See what’s happening?

You are growing happier as I grow weaker. Each test takes you closer to the ultimate—100 percent!


Knowing how to maximize your time in the vault requires that you completely grasp the idea of “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” For 2000 years, no one had a clue what this meant. It sounded nice. All warm and fuzzy. But it was just something to aspire to. But not any longer.

Most of the time, you put yourself first, right? When you think of others as you think of yourself, then you are putting others first, too. You are sharing with them as you share with yourself. This is greed, certainly, but it’s greed turned upside down, and inside out. It’s greed turned into ultimate sharing. And how ironic that I would be the one to get you to understand what Moses, Jesus, and the Prophet Muhammad tried to tell you for so many centuries!

“Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself” is the master key to a luminous, Light-filled vault that has been hidden away since the world began! And it contains a never-ending flow of happiness, contentment, serenity, bountiful pleasure, deep peace of mind, and joyous laughter that you could never dream up in a million years!

Now, here comes the payoff—and it includes immortality.

Why? How?

Simple. The treasure inside the vault is made up of an infinite, endless, flow of Divine Energy. That means that when the vault remains eternally open, you nourish and draw Divine sustenance eternally. You keep sharing and God keeps giving...forever.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a funny thing. Physicists say that over time, systems tend toward disorder, which is why things wear out and fall apart. What they do not realize is that this only happens because of the existence of space and time—two concepts created by me.

Here’s how it works: I make you react and receive selfishly, and the energy involved slowly dissipates. However, when someone shares, energy is injected into the system. Instead of bringing about slow decay and death, it brings about life. When you tap the vault continuously, energy will flow continuously. Consequently, the tendency toward chaos described by the Second Law will be forever postponed. And the energy that flows into our world will forever sustain life and increase happiness and pleasure on this sacred planet.


By now, it should be clear: You are not doing the other person any favors when you love them unconditionally. That’s the paradox. You’re doing yourself a favor. The ultimate favor. You’re practicing the most unselfish kind of greed there is—greed for the Light of the Creator by way of banishing the ego. You choose true fulfillment through sharing instead of selecting foolish selfishness in return for a bit of swag from Satan.


Consider this next bit a free gift with purchase of this book.

Here’s your gift: A few priceless suggestions to do with what you will. First off, thank your Uncle Satan for outing himself after a few millennia of ingenious concealment. Next, give a tip of the hat to God for creating you and allowing you to finally seize hold of this knowledge. In fact, do that right now. Take a moment and thank both of us for giving you the opportunity to exist and earn the miracles coming your way.

Now, share my book. Reach into your pocket and buy a copy for someone else. Don’t recommend it. Buy it. With your own coin.

Why? This is the most profound act of sharing you can possibly engage in, because you are sharing nothing less than the secret of immortality with another human being.

There is no greater unconditional act than that. And you’re doing it out of upside-down greed, which, as we’ve learned, gives you everything you want.

No, this is not a shameless ploy to stimulate sales. I don’t get royalties on this book. You’re the one who’ll be earning all the profits, if you take my advice. The return on your investment will transform your life in miraculous ways. And you will witness extraordinary things taking place all around the world. In the news. In the newspapers. Just watch.

Not to mention that an act of sharing removes any previous karmic debts (and doubts) that you might have accumulated over many years and lifetimes of accepting swag. Trust me. The world has an enormous debt that should have led to your total and absolute destruction by now. Sharing my book will ensure your debt is paid back easily. I’m talking about a payment plan that would blow your mind if you knew what was happening cosmically. There’s not another lending institution around that can match God’s terms.