Happy Endings - The Final Chapter

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

Happy Endings
The Final Chapter

The greatest stories are those with happy endings. No one really likes an unhappy or scary ending. God doesn’t. Even I don’t. And I am sure you don’t, either—especially when the story is the story of your own life. Therefore, you’ll be glad to know that the greatest story ever told (the gem of a book you’re reading right now) arrives at a happy, cornball ending, too. Formulaic, yes. But this is God’s formula; I can’t rewrite it.

No doom and gloom, no monsters from outer space, fireballs, or flesh-eating viruses. Sure, that stuff makes for great movies, and I have enjoyed (immensely) perpetuating those apocalyptic tales. But all fun aside, there is a deeper reason behind why I projected those images into your head. It was so that you could reject the doom and gloom, rise above it, and reach for happiness instead. Over the centuries, you suffered, but you were only spiraling toward disaster because you lacked the knowledge that I’ve revealed in this book.

But now you know everything. No more excuses. Forever starts now. The world has blamed Satan for all the evil in the world for centuries. No more. It’s over. Put away the gun. Dismantle the dirty bomb. And get out from underneath the covers.

Your world is waiting for you to create it.

Oh, before I go, there’s one last thing…