The Revelation Revisited - Pitching The Pitchfork

Satan: An Autobiography - Yehuda Berg 2010

The Revelation Revisited
Pitching The Pitchfork


Let’s revisit the site of the most famous event in the history of the Judeo-Christian world—the Revelation on Mount Sinai. Since I am trying to reach the widest possible audience with this, my first public communication with humanity, I will summarize the traditional Sunday-school version of the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments for those not familiar with it. Academics, scholars, and religious fanatics, bear with me.

Here’s how the story goes: 3400 years ago, 600,000 Israelites were slaves in the land of Egypt. God sent a man by the name of Moses to free the Israelites. Moses led them on a journey out of Egypt through the desert all the way to Mount Sinai. Moses climbed the mountain while the Israelites set up camp. God gave Moses two stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. While Moses was away, the Israelites began to party. Their clubbing made the wildest raves of the eighties and nineties look like a Victorian tea party by comparison.

But after a while, the Israelites began to panic. They worried that Moses might not come back. So they swiped some gold jewelry from the other clubbers, melted it down, and fashioned it into a statue of a golden calf, a molten god to replace Moses as the intermediary to the Divine Force. To their surprise, Moses returned with the Tablets. When he saw the golden calf, along with all the hung-over Israelites, he was a little peeved, to say the least. So, he smashed the Tablets. With that, what’s known as the Revelation Event came to an end.

Moses went back up the mountain to retrieve a second set of Tablets, which were then placed in what is known as the Ark of the Covenant. The whole story of Moses was then inscribed into what you now call The Old Testament, or Bible. Included in the Bible are the Ten Commandments—a supposed ethical, moralistic code for living—which comprise “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” and the like.

That’s generally how the story goes, right?

What’s missing is the story behind the story.


First off, the event on Mount Sinai was really a test to give you a chance to make up for what took place in the Garden of Eden, to give you an opportunity to earn your way back to paradise. By the way, if you haven’t figured it out by now, the people of Mount Sinai share the same souls as Adam and Eve, just as you do. And you are all trying to find your way back home.

Here’s what really happened: Moses told you to wait here while he went back up the mountain to seal the deal with God. That’s all you had to do. He told you to demonstrate a little bit of patience. Wait. No matter what! Just wait. But, no. You didn’t listen to Moses. You listened to me instead. I showed up as every negative emotion that welled up inside of you. This time, I stepped in as impatience, fear, and anxiety.

You were duped by me again, and the golden calf was built.

Now, if you read the story as code for the story within, you can see that God was setting you up for victory. The potent combination of Moses eradicating his ego and you battling me down at the bottom of the mountain by resisting impatience and selfish partying would have been enough to bring an end to my reign over humanity. Moses did his part, but you didn’t do yours. You only had to experience the brief pain of resisting your impatience until Moses came back.

That was all you had to do.

But you refused to accept that pain. You chose pleasure instead. Sex. Drugs. Rock ’n’ roll. You turned it into a real orgy. Moses got to the Light by considering the needs of others. You rejected the Light of Mount Sinai by considering your own needs above those of others.

The truth is that I tricked you into believing Moses might not be coming back. I made you anxious and impatient. I encouraged you to act prematurely. I got you worried about losing that high, that connection to the Light. The golden calf was your shortcut to feeling good.

And you’re still doing the same thing today, only today’s golden calves are not statues. They are the drugs that make you feel good, the celebrities you place on pedestals, the marketing that you buy into, the plastic surgery you just can’t live without, the diets, the empty glitter…. Do I need to go on? The golden calf of today is anything that makes you feel good for the moment, anything that you don’t have to work for, anything that, at the end of the day, makes you feel less worthy and more disconnected from God—more like the slave you have become.

Face it, every day you give your power to the golden calf. Every day, you bank on the fact that something other than God will bring you joy. You believe that happiness comes from this money or that thing or this person instead of knowing with certainty that it can only come from the Light.

When you choose the golden calf, you forgo immortality. You take an apple from the Tree of Knowledge, instead of from the Tree of Eternal Life. And that’s what you did on Mount Sinai. You took the easy way out. You chose the quick path to the Light, instead of waiting for the real deal. You chose an external high over eternal bliss. Granted, it was I who offered you that option. And that was the test. The test you failed. You weren’t prepared, just as you weren’t prepared in the Garden of Eden; you weren’t ready.

More specifically, you weren’t prepared to battle me and the powerful force of impatience I employed. But had you been able to resist the urge to react, you would have earned all the Light and energy that Moses was bringing down from the Mountain. I would have been banished forever from the landscape of human civilization! Instead, you tried to connect to all Ten Dimensions before you eradicated me from your nature. That was your downfall.

When Moses broke the Tablets, it was a symbol. It meant your connection to the Hidden Dimensions was broken. Severed and shattered. And you know what happened next? Death was reborn. And something else was born on that day.

Any guesses?



I’ll come totally clean. There were no Commandments on Mount Sinai. I’m serious. The whole notion of a Commandment? My idea. Honest. If you check the Old Testament in its original Hebrew, you will see it says God spoke Ten Utterances on Mount Sinai; God never gave Ten Commandments.

Here’s one of my best-kept secrets: God does not command, nor does God punish. And the Lord of all Creation most definitely does not reward. Those are my creations as well. I invented those concepts and slipped them into your religious belief systems.

Do you really believe that an all-loving God would punish you for making an honest mistake? Or that God would dump you into a world where you’re punished for yielding to temptation? Especially when the deck has been stacked against you from the moment you were born?

Is that your God? No. It’s me disguised as God. It’s the God I invented to prevent you from knowing the real God. The real God doesn’t punish. He doesn’t reward. God only shares. Period.

And what he shares is never-ending goodness.

Nothing bad can emerge from a Force of such Light. Nothing. Nor does God pay off for good behavior. God is not a slot machine. And God doesn’t penalize you for sin. The universe isn’t the People’s Court, and God is not Judge Judy.

God simply is!

And the “is” is only good. Kind. Loving. Pleasurable. Idyllic. Overwhelmingly delightful.


I admit that even I laughed when George Carlin used to rant about religion and God. I used to catch his act in Vegas whenever I got the chance. I gave George my best shot. Got him hooked on drugs, and on ego. But George busted me on the whole religion/God thing. George figured it out.

Incredibly, instead of igniting an uprising against religion, George’s rant just made people laugh. Here’s a taste of what he said:

“When it comes to bullshit—big-time, major-league bullshit—you have to stand in awe of the all-time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims—religion. No contest! Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of 10 things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these 10 things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, but somehow just can’t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bullshit story. Holy Shit!”

George caught on to my game. A wise old invisible man? With a long, flowing beard? And a shining robe? Sitting on a heavenly throne? It’s an absurdity. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but how can an infinite Divine Force possibly fit inside a finite physical body? I fed you those harebrained anthropomorphic images to prevent you from finding out the truth. And what’s the truth?

God is a brilliant all-pervading Force of limitless energy. Period. And this Force consists of infinite, endless happiness, wisdom, and goodness—beyond human comprehension. There is nothing negative or evil or judgmental within this Force. Nothing.

Too abstract? Can’t wrap your head around it? Look at the force of electricity. It’s everywhere. In the walls. The air. Running through your body. Electricity doesn’t punish, penalize, or reward. If you plug a computer into an outlet and pocket a few thousand dollars selling goods on eBay, you feel pretty good. But stick your finger into the same socket and you’re toast. But who in their right mind would say the electrical current deliberately rewarded or punished you? The electricity never changed. Electricity just is!

The way you connect to this powerful unseen, odorless, invisible force determines whether the result is positive—some money in the bank—or negative—Kentucky Fried Finger.


The infinite Force that you call God operates the very same way. God is not an invisible man in Heaven. The word God refers to an infinite pure Force of Sharing Consciousness. This Force maintains the entire universe. Every molecule, every atom, every subatomic particle is sustained by this unseen Force. This Energy is also the absolute, ultimate source of all wisdom. Happiness. Knowledge. Joy. Healing. Prosperity. And life.


Listen up: God didn’t cause your chaos. You did. Your behavior is the Cause. But you don’t often see the connection between Cause and Effect because I blind you with the illusion of randomness. Chance. Luck.

But I have some news: Luck is a lie. Within the chaos of life lies impeccable order. But you cannot even fathom, for one moment, that your behavior toward your fellow man is the sole Cause of both the blessings and the mayhem that you attract in life. Human behavior is the Cause of all ills. Global and personal. Even when nature strikes back with an earthquake, or a tsunami, the Cause is human behavior.

You don’t see it. You can’t accept it. It sounds too simple. But the truth is that “Love Thy Neighbor” is a magnificent piece of technology. It’s all you need for creating a world of perfect order. Trust me.

Now that you understand the true lesson of punishment and reward, let me reveal the even deeper story behind Moses and the Ten Utterances. I’ve hoodwinked you for 34 centuries, so it’s about time I let you in on the secret.


A very long time ago, roughly 3400 years, the collective souls of humanity dug themselves into a deep hole. Very deep. For centuries, they lived only to gratify their primal selfish desires. I owned them. This is the slavery that was taking place in the Bible story of the Israelites in Egypt. The story of the Israelites enslaved in Egypt really refers to the fact that all humanity was enslaved by me. And this life of slavery was all these souls knew.

Consequently, humankind was on the verge of disconnecting completely from the Source. The planet was facing total destruction. So God stepped in and threw you a lifeline again. He revealed a technology and wisdom (not a religion) that would allow the entire planet to plug back into the electrical current called God. At the very least, it would put you back on equal footing with me. At best, it would deliver paradise, immortality, and the demise of yours truly.

What is that technology and secret wisdom? Where is it? Only a few great souls in every generation have known about it. Sir Isaac Newton, Plato, and Pythagoras knew. So did Theophilus Gale, the renowned 17th century philosopher. Add Jonathan Edwards, America’s most fiery theologian, to the list. And the infamous Count of Mirandola, also known as Giovanni Pico, a great Christian mystic and a man of enormous intellectual power. Gottfried Leibniz, inventor of calculus during the Renaissance, also understood this technology.

These men believed that all the world’s wisdom, including religious wisdom, Greek philosophy, and science, had its roots in the secret wisdom given to Moses on Mount Sinai. They called it Prisca Theologia, which means “the most ancient theology,” or “primordial wisdom.” It was a universal knowledge that had the power to transform the world, unite all of humanity, and rid the world of my influence. In Aramaic, it is called the “Wisdom of Truth.”

You can imagine that I had to make sure most people never caught on to this idea. So I twisted it, corrupted it, and made sure you called it religion. But Newton and company understood that organized religion was never part of the deal at Mount Sinai. Never.

I am not saying the Bible is false. I am simply saying that the true meaning of the Bible is hidden, by design, underneath the literal text. To find it, you’ve got to do a little digging, some searching and studying. Throughout history, I convinced you that there was no hidden meaning behind the Bible. I told you to follow it literally. Blindly. And you listened. In fact, many of you right now will have a difficult time believing this. But that’s your problem. I am just doing my job.

But many of the most brilliant thinkers in history, from Newton to Plato, knew there was a Prisca Theologia, a secret wisdom that unlocks the hidden truths of the Bible.


When you grasp the Prisca Theologia, the inner meaning of a biblical text, the Bible does something quite remarkable. It unleashes Divine Forces that can transform your world by transforming you. Specifically, each time you find a secret inside the Bible, that wisdom eradicates a measure of my influence from your life.

That is the only reason to learn the Prisca Theologia. It’s not to become wiser or intellectually superior. It’s about becoming better able to handle the tests, so you can limit my influence on your consciousness. And as I become less powerful, all the peoples of the world will come to recognize their unity; they will come to know that I, alone, was behind all the hatred, conflict, war, and dying that took place across the landscape of human civilization. Through the Prisca Theologia—the hidden wisdom—the Bible becomes a path to immortality and eternal happiness.

If, however, you read the Bible literally, it becomes a force for death. Having a hard time believing that? You think it’s a coincidence that for 2000 years, more killings have taken place in the name of religion than from any other single cause? The Bible is like electricity. Study it literally, and you’ve got your finger in the socket. Probe its hidden meaning, and the electricity lights up your life!

This is why the great minds of history searched the world for the secrets locked in the Bible. Newton. The Knights Templar. Pythagoras. Did they find it? I will not tell you. You’ve got to earn the Light yourself. But I can share a few encoded secrets in the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. That much I can do for you.

I’ll begin with the Ten Utterances.


This world is where I test you. This world is where you are given the opportunity to turn darkness into Light, self-loathing into acceptance, and shame into love. This world is your chance to go back to the Garden. That’s the way it has been set up. But, as I’ve mentioned, there are nine other Dimensions beyond this physical reality. You can’t experience them with your five senses, but they are the source of all goodness. The Light of God fills every corner of these other Dimensions.

Is your Bible still open? If you read Genesis, you will see the phrase, “God says,” mentioned 10 times. These are the Ten Sayings, or the Ten Utterances. Of course, God does not really say things, at least not in the traditional sense. These Utterances are the code for the Ten Dimensions that I just told you about.

Why do we need all these Dimensions? God needed to cover up his Light in order to create the absence of Light, or darkness. So, God erected ten veils, each one further dimming the Light that radiated from God’s being.

Now I am going to do something I never do. I’m going to expose one of my greatest weaknesses. Why now? Because, as I stated earlier, you are at a critical juncture in human history. It’s time to level the playing field.


Here we go: I cannot access these Hidden Dimensions. They’re off-limits. I have no power over there. Zero. These Dimensions belong to God, which means that they are precisely where your Source of everything good is hiding.


I only roam in this world (and in the Eleventh Dimension), where I feed off of your negative energy. Your job is to bypass me and connect to the Hidden Dimensions; that way you’ll bring energy into this God-forsaken dark Dimension called Earth. If you can access those Hidden Dimensions, I cannot touch you. I cannot pressure you. I only get one place to play with you: Planet Earth. Yep, this physical reality is it. Hollywood and Vine. 42nd and Broadway. Boulevards Saint-Michel and Saint-Germain. Yonge and Bloor. Avenidas de Mayo and 9 de Julio, and the Obelisco. The Shibuya Crossing.

My job is to make it difficult for you to enter into the Hidden Dimensions and access the Light. I throw you curveballs, send you on detours, place obstacles before you—all so that you can overcome me and earn your right to reconnect to those Dimensions of Light, the Garden, paradise.

So, we have two realms: A realm of darkness (look around), and a realm of Light composed of Nine Dimensions (look within). Together, they form the Ten. And, this, my friends, is the spiritual system. If you ever intend to beat me, you must know that this system is the key, the gateway, the connection, the way back home to God.

When you know this, it works every time. Not just sometimes. How do you come to know something? Only through personal experience. You can’t just take somebody’s word for it. You can’t just believe in something. You have to know. Because knowing something means you’re batting 1000. You’re 10 for 10. Believing something, on the other hand, means you’re batting 200. Two for 10. Who in their right mind wants to choose a life where they are only getting 20 percent of what they want to make them happy?


Knowing is at the heart of endless happiness, but you continue to rely on mere belief. Not only that, but you argue over whose belief system is correct.

The Bible, in Genesis 4:1, says:

“Adam knew Eve and she bore Cain.”

When you read the Bible literally, it sounds like every woman that a man knows will soon be carrying his love child. Ludicrous, I am sure you’ll agree.

The Prisca Theologia reveals the truth. Adam and Eve are metaphors in this particular passage. Eve is a metaphor for humanity. You! Adam is a metaphor for the Divine Light, the simplest, deepest happiness you could ever imagine. The only way to connect Earth with the Divine, and you with true happiness, is through knowledge. See what’s really going on here? When the Bible says, “Adam knew Eve and she bore Cain,” the word knew is a stand-in for knowledge.


Knowledge gives you the Universal Rules of the Game of Life. Knowledge allows you to connect yourself to the Divine, to connect yourself to unending contentment. You access the Hidden Dimensions when you pass a test, or grow from a failed test.

Are you starting to get a sense of where this is heading? Darkness and suffering occur when you disconnect yourself from these Hidden Dimensions of Light. It’s no different than unplugging a lamp from the wall. Moses made the connection when he overcame me, when he plugged this physical world into the world of Light. That is not to say, he passed all the tests; he didn’t, but that is a subject for another book. For the purpose of these pages, let me just say, Moses performed well and he got me good.

All the Dimensions were aligned and connected as one. The Light went back on. Darkness gave way to Light. Death disappeared. The Israelites and all of humanity were free from my clutches. As I revealed earlier, there are no commandments. Moses connected all Ten Dimensions and turned the Light on, and he did so by virtue of his selfless behavior. That was it. No magic. Nothing supernatural. No commandments from God. Moses climbing Mount Sinai is a code for Moses connecting this physical world to the Hidden Source. That’s the secret! A secret hidden from the world (by me) for over 34 centuries. Admit it. I did one hell of a job.


So, what happened? We know that the story did not end right then and there with paradise becoming the new reality. You saw the Israelites miss their golden opportunity, thanks to my efforts. If they had won, that would have been too easy. The Game was still in its early stages. You need to win this Game for yourself, remember? You have to earn it all on your own. And, trust me, I give you plenty of different ways to make that happen. In fact, in the next part of this book, I’m going to reveal each and every way that I test you, challenge you, and help you to earn your keep in paradise.

So, do me a favor. Don’t screw this up, OK? God seems to believe that you can pull it off this time around. Needless to say, I am not so sure! But go ahead and prove me wrong. With the cheat sheet I’m about to give you, you’d have to be an idiot to get it wrong this time.