21 Gratitudes

Shaman: Invoking Power, Presence and Purpose at the Core of Who You Are - Ya'Acov Darling Khan 2020

21 Gratitudes

1. I am grateful to have this opportunity to thank the community of souls who brought this book into existence.

2. The first person I want to thank is my wife, Susannah. You looked after me with such grace, surrender and beauty for the two intense summers of ritual that writing this book was for me. Without your love and support with this and over more than three decades of marriage, your belief in me, the love made visible in your cooking, care and in our work, the touch of your hands, and the bright intelligence of who you are, I would not manage 20 per cent of what I am able to offer this world. Thank you. I bow at the doorway between us.

3. Just in case anyone’s worried about my beloved getting a raw deal, don’t worry, folks, it’s my turn next. I am grateful that next time, it will be my honour to do the same for her so that she can write the book that’s bursting to come through her.

4. To our son, Reuben. To have you at my back is such a support. And it’s my privilege to be at your back too. The way we are father and son together is a revolution. This book is a prayer for you and all your companions.

5. Thanks, Mum. You’re a shining star, a genuinely faithful angel, and you matter more than you know.

6. To my father, thank you. You played your role perfectly in my life. I wish I’d known then what I know now.

7. To my beautiful sisters, Sharon and Lisa, thank you for being you. I’ve been far away much of the time, but you are always in my heart.

8. The same can be said for my whole family. I am so proud of you all.

9. And to my ancestors, who survived so much and who bravely passed life on, your songs and dances are in my heart.

10. Thank you to Michelle Pilley for suggesting I write this. Gratitude number 10 goes to you and all the crew at Hay House for your ongoing support over many years.

11. I only recently discovered what an extraordinary woman Louise Hay was and I am super grateful to her for her life and for the dream she made manifest called Hay House, through which I can send this book into the world.

12. A big thank-you to Nikki Van de Car, whose Hawaiian soul gave the much-needed second writing of this book so much more life, clarity and focus. My thanks to you and your people.

13. Lizzie Henry, what a warrior you are. Your editing is sharp, precise and kind. I love your humour and I am so glad you came back from the edge to offer what’s so natural to you and so helpful to me and so many more. Thank you!

14. Roland Wilkinson, trustworthy friend and business partner over so many years — your service to us and to our community is a legend. Thank you.

15. There are many people all around the world who organize my events and who have done so over the past three decades. Your commitment, your care for the details and the people, and the generosity of your work is overwhelming. Thank you.

16. To the seven generations of Movement Medicine apprentices, all of you, without exception, thank you for demanding the best of me. May all of you come to know who you truly are and receive all you need to continue bringing your dreams to Earth.

17. To all my teachers, most especially Bikko Máhte Penta, Gabrielle Roth and the elders in the forest. Your shaman’s shoulders are mighty to stand on and your teachings live in my heart. It’s my intention always to honour you, develop what you have given me and pass it on far and wide.

18. To the spirit of the dance, no words, just boom shaka boom!

19. To all the spirits, the elementals, the invisibles, the spirits of the land on which I live, thanks for your patience. Another day, another step.

20. My thanks to you, dear reader, for picking this up and diving in. And to the Inner Shaman in you for reminding you that, like it or not, we are all, without exception, in this together. For the love of life.

21. Creator, Great Spirit, holy mama, holy papa, if only we could know who we are. Thank you.