Energy Medicine: Exploring the Human Energy Field

The Accidental Shaman: Journeys with Plant Teachers and Other Spirit Allies - Howard G. Charing 2017

Energy Medicine: Exploring the Human Energy Field


Ayahuasca has revealed to me that you need both light and darkness to be illuminated. In order to appreciate the spiritual nature of humanity and the prevalent cosmic forces, you must understand that the negative side is there to show you the positive side.*5


In chapter 3, I discussed how our psyche and senses operate as a single system to receive and interpret energy fields. This biogeometric energy field is a metalibrary of life stories that the person has experienced from the moment of conception.

At the start of a session, I do not ask my clients any questions. I am interested in their stories, but if they relate their life problems, tell me what is not working for them, and so on, it could influence or predispose my visionary interpretation, so I prefer to avoid that situation and start with a clean slate, that is, no prior information. Some of my clients are psychotherapists, and this is a novelty for them because they are predisposed to clients telling them about their circumstances.

In chapter 5, I described how I perceive the soul using the metaphor of a three-dimensional tapestry consisting of threads, fibers, and filaments. In this metaphor, each thread is a discrete element, a story or an experience that stretches back in time. Any traumatic event that took place in a person’s life, no matter how early, will be discernible in that individual’s field, as the following story illustrates.

One female client complained of a tight throat and difficulty in swallowing. She had seen doctors and other healers, and nothing seemed to help. As I attuned to her field, I immediately saw hands locked around her throat as if she was being strangled. I asked her if she in some way felt as if she was being strangled. She nodded yes, hardly able to speak.

I forced open the hands that were gripping her throat, and after this was accomplished, her face changed color and she started to breathe vigorously. I said that she had been strangled by a young man. She said her brother had tried to kill her in this way several years previously, and her sister had intervened to stop it. After the session, she felt relaxed, and her face looked much softer and not strained.

Later in the evening, after I sat down to read a newspaper, I became aware of a presence in the room. I looked closer and found it to be the brother of the client. I remembered that I had neglected to clear his energy body. It was late, and I had wound down, and this was the last thing that I wanted to do, but it needed to be done. As I started to get up from the chair, a glowing circle suddenly appeared up against the ceiling. The circle opened wider, and a large arm came out and seized the brother’s energy body. It withdrew the body up into the glowing circle. I was very curious, so I stood underneath the glowing circle and looked up. Above me, I saw the Tibetan monks waving at me and smiling. The quality of the place behind the circle was different, luminous and shimmering with an iridescent light. As I moved closer to the spirit realm, it felt as if I was in a heavier and denser substance, like water, and it seemed as though I was looking up through the water into air. This was a revelation; I had a direct encounter with the vibrational boundary between the physical world and the spirit dimension.

I learned to be cautious working with the energy body after an experience attuning to a client back in 1993. I saw that he was impaled by a shaft of intense light. It did not appear to be natural, and as I reached out to touch it, I felt as if a bolt of electricity had hit my hand, leaving a circular indent in the palm (which is still there today). The client told me that he had recently had radiotherapy. I realized the shaft of light was the residuum of the radiation remaining in his energy field. He felt a lot better after it had been removed, but I felt terrible. I felt misaligned, unwell, fatigued, and unable to work. I went to see Harry Oldfield, an innovative scientist in England who has developed a fascinating technology that allows subtle energy fields to be imaged, realigned, and much more. He hooked me up to his PIP (polycontrast interference photography) device, and I could see on the screen that the energy field on my right side was barely discernible, while the energy on my left side appeared vibrant. This made total sense because my right hand had been injured. After the diagnosis, Harry used his electrocrystals device to rebalance my energy field. It worked a treat, and I felt well and vibrant again. For those who are interested in this technology, Harry provides detailed information on this science as well as photographs of human energy fields on his website.