The Effect of Abortions on The Human Energy Field - Energy Medicine: Exploring the Human Energy Field

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The Effect of Abortions on The Human Energy Field
Energy Medicine: Exploring the Human Energy Field

Abortion continues to be a difficult personal matter as well as a challenging cultural issue. The argument of whether abortion should be permissible is, without a doubt, one of the most highly charged disputes waged across the political, legal, social, and religious arenas. I am not here to judge anyone. As an anarchistic antiauthoritarian individual, I hold the principle that it is a personal decision and that the state should not interfere in personal freedoms. Although I hold the view that a person’s body belongs to that person, the state might disagree and believe that it belongs to the state. Regarding the term abortion, the medical terminology used is termination; this enables a woman to maintain some emotional distance from this demanding act.

In my work with women I can perceive the damage in their energy field when they have had an abortion; it is as if a part of them has died. I have only compassion for the woman because I am aware of the suffering and the powerful self-judgments made when struggling with the dilemma of whether to do this. Also, at times, the energy body of the fetus remains with the woman, and she may grieve for the loss at a deep intimate level. Even though the woman may have rationalized the act or suppressed the feelings, she may be experiencing sorrow, depression, a feeling of disconnection to life, a sense of emotional numbness, or the pervasive feeling that a part of her has died. These are symptoms of soul loss, and soul loss protects the person from being overwhelmed with emotional pain.

A soul retrieval can help the woman to release the pain and grief, which from a spiritual perspective is one of the hardest acts to do. A soul retrieval also provides an opportunity to release the soul of the unborn child for the healing and evolution of both beings. This is a beautiful and moving unbonding ceremony in which the energy body of the unborn child is presented to her. This is generally experienced tangibly as the woman enters into a perceptible communion while holding the essence of the unborn child. The energy body essence is transmuted by a spirit guide,*6 passes into the spirit world, and rejoins the Great Domain of infinite consciousness. I feel very privileged to be present at these moments of beauty and grace.

Perhaps as a society we could look at ways to bridge this massive chasm between opposing views by restoring an element of spiritual awareness. Here is where we can benefit from the wisdom of the shamanic cultures. A first step could be to modify the nonemotive clinical terminology used by the medical profession that reinforces detachment from our intimate feelings. The parties involved could be encouraged and guided to perform a releasing and unbonding ceremony that acknowledges the departure of the unborn child. This ceremony would take place without any judgments, and the parents could forgive and bless both themselves and the unborn child. My personal sentiments are that an approach along these lines would relieve distress and bring comfort and closure.

A last thought on this matter: although I have discussed abortions, an unbonding ceremony is eminently appropriate for the loss caused by an abortion or a miscarriage as well. I can speak personally about the efficacy and value of releasing this grief.


Image An Unbonding Ceremony

This ceremony is performed to release the pain and grief from a personal loss. Grieving for the loss of a loved one or for a deep relationship is probably one of the most raw and intense emotional experiences in our lives. The grief needs to flow through our being so we can release it, reclaim our lives, and move again into the beauty of our existence. It is difficult to release grief because we hold on to the memories and feelings of that time or person, but in doing this our life becomes clouded and we feel weighed down.

In this unbonding ceremony we give our pain to the higher order consciousness for transformation and release. The full moon is a powerful time for this ceremony. The moon in this phase symbolizes endings, transformation, and a new cycle of life. In shamanic traditions the mind and emotions are regarded as being in an open and awakened state at the time of the full moon. Buddha achieved his enlightenment and total freedom as the full moon rose after forty-nine days of meditation under the Bodhi Tree.

To prepare for the ceremony, you need to prepare a giveaway, an object that you craft or paint that provides an evocative symbol of your grief, words on paper that describe your feelings and memories about the loss, or a photo-graph that evokes deep-seated emotions regarding your loss. The important thing as you prepare the craft, note, or photo is to be conscious and aware of your grief and pain. This giveaway should be a profound and eloquent expression of your anguish and sorrow.

This ceremony is best conducted outdoors in nature. You will need your giveaway; a safe place to make a fire; and aromatic natural incense such as copal resin (Protium copal), white sage (Salvia apiana), or a stick of palo santo (Bursera graveolens). Feel free to include any items that embody a spiritual quality for you.

When you are ready, light the fire. While holding the giveaway, watch the flames as they rise and focus on their shapes, the shadows, the many colors and shades—the reds, the violets, and the yellows. In this way you can gently enter into a communion with the primal elemental spirit of fire. At a certain point you will feel the pull or an ineffable impulse to place the giveaway into the fire. As you do this, say the following words (or, of course, choose your own vocabulary):

Everything has its time to end

Everything has its time to begin

Now at the full moon is this time

Where there has been a bonding, let there be an unbonding for the benefit of all

What I have been holding on to, I now release

I now give this object to the elemental force of fire

To transform and release my sorrow

Now is the time for a new beginning

Stay with the fire until the object has burned to ashes. You can collect the ashes and later place them into a body of flowing water, such as a river or the sea, while invoking the elemental force of water. Or scatter the ashes to the wind, invoking the elemental force of air. Conscious awareness while carrying out this ceremony will help you to release the sorrow and grief and start a new creative cycle in your life.