Shamanism Made Easy: Awaken and Develop the Shamanic Force Within - Christa Mackinnon 2018


Like everybody who is interested in shamanism, I am greatly indebted to the indigenous people around the world who have — often against all odds — kept their ancient practices and teachings alive and are sharing them with us.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to all the teachers, students, clients, colleagues, friends and ’fellow dreamers’ who have walked with me on my path. Writing about this subject would have been impossible without their input over many years.

Appreciation is due to the truly amazing Hay House team, particularly to Michelle Pilley, Amy Kiberd, Julie Oughton, Polina Norina and Lucy Buckroyd, and to my editor, Lizzie Henry, whose immense professionalism and skill made the editing process not only a pleasurable one, but also an invaluable learning experience.

Special thanks to Matthew Pallamary, shamanic explorer, writer and friend, for letting me reprint the experiences he describes in his book Spirit Matters, to Joanna Pine for giving me permission to use her first ’trance dance experience’, which set her on the path to shamanism, and to all the clients and students who allowed me to share their stories in this book.

Finally, as always, I thank my husband, David, and my daughter, Kamala, for their support and encouragement, and especially for ’loving me just the way I am’.