The dreamer and the dream - Conclusion

Shamanism Made Easy: Awaken and Develop the Shamanic Force Within - Christa Mackinnon 2018

The dreamer and the dream

This is the right moment to end this book. If you have understood some of the concepts, world-views and practices in shamanism and found your way through the exercises, you will have begun to experience what works for you and what doesn’t, what feels connected to your heart and soul and what is not for you — at this moment in time.

You will also have touched the other worlds and some of the forces within them and connected to spirit and spirits. You will already be feeling more integrated and whole and may find that your life is taking a different path, that you are increasingly following your heart’s desire and your soul’s calling, and that the people who are crossing your path are connected to what you are becoming.

This book has laid the foundation for your shamanic path. If you want to follow it further, you will find teachers — and they will find you — in human form and spirit form. Good human teachers will facilitate your connection to spirit, your awakening and your learning. They will open gateways, hold you if necessary, challenge you when appropriate and assist you in finding your own way, but it is for you to walk it.

On the way, you can access and work with other energetic realities, other worlds, to expand your consciousness, become more connected to the sacred and your soul, and take your place as a co-creator of your own reality and a positive contributor to the manifest reality of the whole that is in a state of Becoming.

We all create reality in the energetic fields. We either do it consciously or we drift through life. I personally don’t subscribe to one way of co-creating. There are many ways, and some are more powerful than others, but all are valid. This book has shown you some of them. You co-create when you perform a ceremony, when you drum, when you work with spirit and the sacred, when you use your altar or change one of the stories you have come to believe define you, when you tune into nature, express your wild soul and develop a sense of protectiveness for our environment. You also co-create when you heal and integrate another facet of yourself, when you expand your consciousness, when you work on the level of soul, express your spirit essence, connect with your ancestors or send out a prayer or blessing for our descendants.

When we move forward in our development and gain more power, we change our perception and also the energetic fields, and these changes are reflected back to us and show up in our daily lives as opportunities, coincidences, events and people offering us ways and means to contribute positively to the development of this world.

We are the centre of our own world, but that world enlarges as our perception changes and our consciousness expands. We are both the ocean and the drop and — in some enlightened moments — we perceive both at the same time and understand our true nature.

The shamanic archetype has been awakened in your psyche for a reason. The reason is that humanity’s dream is at a critical point and the shamanic can provide an antidote to the disturbing developments in our inner and outer world. You arise from the dream — the cosmic dream as well as the dream humankind has collectively dreamed, which has produced the world we live in. But you are also the dreamer, as you have the power of creation in the energetic fields. Now, more than ever, you are asked, as we are all asked, to examine your dream and dream a better one — one that is in alignment with the sacred Becoming.

I wish you magic, connection and love on your journey. I wish for the sacred to enrich your life, for your soul to be nourished and for spirit to support you. Above all, I wish you the joy that arises from finding and walking your very own path with heart and soul on this beautiful planet.