Green Magick - The Psybernomicon

Basic Sigil Magic - Phillip Cooper 2001

Green Magick
The Psybernomicon

The nature of green power is attraction and harmony. It also governs increasing money supply, personal magnetism, true love, personal relationships, marriage, pleasure, relaxation, social matters, and getting what you want in material terms. Both vices and virtues are present here, genuine unselfish love as well as lust and jealousy.

Green power is ruled by Venus and contains those energies attributed to her. In Cabbalistic lore, it is named "victory," a strange name to associate with green magick, the power of peace and love. At first glance, youmay think that this should be attributed to red power. Let's look a little deeper. Green magick rules attraction and desire. Popular misconceptions suggest that you should gain victory over your desires. This is stupid. On the one hand, such a victory would be oppressive, which is hardly in keeping with green power. On the other hand, you can no more turn off desire than you can stop breathing permanently. It is the victory over misdirected desires that is important.

To desire is not wrong; it is what you desire that matters. There is victory in attracting into your life all those beautiful things you wish to have. There is victory in replacing lust with love, and there is victory in achieving or having the unattainable. To stoke up the fires of desire is to want with all your heart and, as you know, the heart, or yellow power, seeks to express all that is to be. The real victory is to desire all the things that you wish to have, purified of all harmful ideas. You can have whatever you desire, but take care not to do this in the wrong emotional or mental state.

To desire money is not wrong. To be greedy or desire someone else's money is. Green power is being misdirected and the laws of abundance have not been realized. Likewise, to desire another person without consideration of the other person's needs and feelings is also wrong. Life is ruled by give-and-take and sharing. You cannot force someone else to love you or to conform to your ideas. True love is binding, because the laws of attraction complement each other. Anything else is just a poor compromise. Rituals for love often fail for this reason. It is not love that is being sought; it is invariably control over someone else. It is far better to seek lasting love in new pastures, than to try to force another being to conform to an ideal.

The laws of green power teach us to give and take, rather like a flower. A flower needs to have its seeds fertilized, so it attracts insects by giving color, scent, and honey. So it is with humans. We attract in proportion to what we give out. If you express disharmony and greed, you attract these into your life. Purify your emotions and feelings and use desire power to bring into your life all those things you really need. This is the lesson of green power. Green magick is the symbolized power of the emotions.

Green power also governs your personal magnetism, or ability to attract. This attraction is not restricted to members of the opposite sex. Green power attracts all, for desire is the province of green magick, and desire is perhaps the most potent force humans have. Cultivate a desire for something and it is bound to be attracted to you. By desire, I do not mean hoping and wishing, or unproductive ideas. I mean desire. In matters of affection and love, desire is obvious and easily aroused. It is not as easy to apply this to an inanimate object, like a car. Yet, if you care to try this branch of magick, you may find it most effective.

Green power rules the emotions. The magical use of the emotions is called Orphic magick, which relates to the excitatory mode. As previously mentioned, music, scent, dancing, whirling, the arts, and self-love (laughing) are all ruled by green power. In truth, none of us are totally Hermetic or totally Orphic—we are a balance of the two. You will have to find out how much mental and emotional content to include in your rituals. Complex formulae, drumming, and accurate planning using the inhibitory mode may be right for one person, while music, scent, and whirling or dancing may appeal to another. Only you know the correct proportion.

It is important to remember that you can perform your rituals at any time. We are not ruled by the stars and the planets. These are just energies working to predictable tides linked with recognizable phenomena here on Earth. A useful paradigm is to organize a routine of lunar observations. Record your emotional impressions and, thereafter, perform magick during those phases in which you feel most powerful.