Silver Magick - The Psybernomicon

Basic Sigil Magic - Phillip Cooper 2001

Silver Magick
The Psybernomicon

The nature of silver power is response and imagination. It also governs the solving of emotional problems and your responses to life's benefits, a better home, removing bad habits, control over your environment, domestic problems, gastric troubles, insomnia, passion, fertility, and sex.

Much as been said and written about the Moon and its magical lore, probably because the Moon rules our imagination. Silver power rules the treasure-house of images, the realm of illusion and dreams. I will not duplicate the efforts of others here, but rather will concentrate on the more useful magical possibilities of Moon imagery.

There are three ways in which the subconscious mind may be influenced: thinking (orange power), emotional desire (green power), and imagination (silver power, which corresponds to the Moon). The best plan of action is to use all three in proportion to your needs and abilities. Some prefer to use the mind. They are classified as Hermetic or inhibitory. Others prefer to stock up the emotions. They are classified as Orphic or excitatory. By themselves, however, neither of these will get results. You have to use some blend, and you have to use the imagination. You have to see in your mind's eye what you want or nothing can happen.

The language of the subconscious consists of pictures and symbols. Fortunately, this is partially taken care of in our makeup. Try thinking about something without looking directly at it and you will find a picture in your mind. The same applies to feelings. They both create pictures. The role of the imagination is to create the picture, rather than to draw on memory. To do this is quite easy. If you are good at visualizing, simply hold the picture or symbol (sigil) of that which is desired in your mind at the high-point or peak of gnosis during a ritual. Your subconscious will always respond and give power to this.

An apparent inability to create pictures in your mind is largely due to tension. The more you relax, the easier it gets. Forced visualization exercises are not recommended. To imagine something is natural and easy; you do it all the time. Cast your mind over any subject and you will see a picture, albeit briefly. The trick is to keep this subject in mind and allow the picture to form, while avoiding strain or seeing minute details. Relaxation is always the key to successful magick. Always remember that you do not have to keep your eyes closed to imagine. Do whatever comes naturally.

Silver power governs our response to life and our habits, so it naturally follows that progress is made when you discard those habits that are unproductive or bad. This area of life is well worth a study in its own - right, and you will be surprised just how habit-bound you really are. One of the keys to getting results is that, when new thought becomes habit, it works automatically. The lesson is plain to see: change your thinking, encourage new, more desirable habits, and everything will change for the better and stay that way, automatically.

If things are not going well for you and there is discord in your life at the moment, it may be that you are out of tune with the cycles of nature and the elements. Especially a woman who is out of phase with the Moon can reachieve synchronization with it by sleeping in a place where it can shine on her. Synchronization must have first been observed between the lunar phases and the female menstrual cycle many thousands of years ago in societies living close to nature. If a female cycle is coincident with the phases of the Moon, she will be at her most fertile at the Full Moon. It is likely that sexually attracting pheromones may be exuded by her at that time, although these have not as yet been isolated.

Quite evidently, the Moon has a greater effect on the reactions of some individuals than on others. It also appears that the Moon exerts a more obvious influence on those people who are aware of it, its phases, and its position. It is evident that the Moon exerts an influence on the Earth and its people, but that influence is so varied as to defy generalization. It has also been demonstrated that the best way to get back into tune, or to become one with nature and the elements, is to regard the phases of the Moon. Become aware of them; go out and view the Moon at each of its four phases.

This procedure is best started on the night of the first New Moon in March. If this is impossible, start at the nearest convenient New Moon. Look up at the Moon for several minutes, perhaps using a small phrase such as: "I salute and conjure you, oh beautiful Moon." Wait for the New Moon. An aspectarian will show you exactly when this is.1 Six Moons is a commonly accepted period for this type of work, which usually starts near Easter, so that your progress follows the growing period of spring and summer. Focusing on the Moon will help you to attune to the natural tides of energy. As you do, you will grow in strength and stature, because you will respond to life in much better ways. You will start to project yourself as you should be and others will start to respond favorably to this. You will develop better habits and lose those that have for so long caused you problems.

As the Moon waxes and wanes, so you will rise and rest in perfect harmony with the tides of cosmic power. You will respond to the rhythms of life-energies and, so, achieve far more than was previously possible. You and the energies of life will come together in perfect harmony. Do not question; do not ask how or why; simply allow this to happen by opening your mind to this vast potential. Trust the power and it will be so. Relax when you perform this exercise. Let go and allow this power to work for you in the the unseen levels of your subconscious mind. Following this simple ritual for six months calls for selfdiscipline and organization if you are to avoid distractions.

Silver power can also be used to protect you against your enemies or those who wish to harm you. It can protect you from adversity of all kinds and from all quarters. Take your time in planning your rituals. The altar can be placed at magical west for the performance of silver magick. Don't forget to use silver-colored correspondences—altar cloths, candle holders, a silver candle. Use a good-quality lunar incense, using the same recipe every time. A useful variation here is to imagine that the crown has eight jewels set into it (one for each magical color). See the silver jewel begin to glow and get brighter. As you open each gateway, see this energy enter and fill the ritual space before the commencement of the ritual.

Now is the time to pause and consider carefully all that has been presented to you. Consider everything that has been written. Do not adopt one or two ideas that seem to appeal and then reject the rest. This is not the way to learn the truth or take control of your potential. In particular, avoid the temptation to rush ahead in the hope that you can extract the "nitty-gritty" and thereby find a shortcut to success. This is not possible, for the only real way to power is through the twofold process of unlearning the erroneous and discovering the truth. This takes time and there is no easy way, despite the promises made in certain instant magic books.

1 You can use Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book. You can also buy Celestial Influences calendars, by Jim Maynard (Quicksilver Publications). In England, Prediction Magazine contains a lunar aspectarian.