Blue Magick - The Psybernomicon

Basic Sigil Magic - Phillip Cooper 2001

Blue Magick
The Psybernomicon

The nature of the blue power is abundance and opportunity It also governs living joyfully, expansion, luck, optimism, legal matters, taxation, affluence, long-distance communication, journeys, and wealth.

Blue power is the source of abundance. It is also associated with Jupiter, the planet of joy, wealth, and opportunity for expansion. The position of this planet in a birth chart will indicate how a person is likely to receive or deny these benefits. As always, choice is the keyword. Everyone has this point of contact with abundance, yet few realize its potential due to wrong choice. If you are not experiencing lasting abundance, do not blame fate or classify yourself as unlucky. This is not true. Abundance exists for everyone. All you have to do is find the key to unlock the door—a door you have inadvertently placed between yourself and the eternal power of outpouring goodness.

Abundance comes according to the way in which you think. Think poverty and lack, and you effectively throw away the key. To contact and gain an abundance of everything that you need, all you have to do is to take the trouble to open the door and let it flow in. You can open this door by removing self-restricting thoughts. Blue power is expansion in every sense of the word, and expansion implies a free and unrestricted flow. Any thoughts of holding on to, or grasping at things, should be avoided, as such thinking implies insecurity. When you are truly attuned to blue power, you can never want for anything. You are secure, for abundant supply will always exceed the apparent lack.

Envy and greed, similarly, point to a complete lack of understanding of reality. Wanting to have what someone else has is the wrong approach. It distracts your thinking. Conversely, using this as a spur to better thinking is always fruitful. If you want to become rich, then do not begrudge the rich their wealth. Use it to inspire your wealth-self to be wealthy—not in exactly the same way, perhaps, but in your own way. Think rich, think wealth, think abundance. Remember, ask and it will be given. Nothing will ever be denied if you ask and believe in the laws of abundance. Depend on these laws and trust your inner powers of plenty. Then, allow this power to flow. Never allow the facts to dictate circumstances. The facts are largely wrong, for they are the product of the restrictive thinking of others. You will notice that abundance always manifests itself. For most of us, this means an "abundance" of lack or a condition of anti-wealth. The law always works: as you think, so shall you be.

To seek the true abundance of the blue power, think abundance and allow it to flow into your life. Remember that you are dealing with the principle of generosity and that this works both ways. A wise person can be truly generous, for they will never fear lack. There is no such thing.

Blue power is often considered lucky or fortunate. This is, perhaps, stretching the point somewhat. Blue magick represents expansion and opportunity. These may, at times, seem lucky, but only because new horizons have opened up and restrictions have been lifted, thereby bringing in optimism. Blue magick gives us scope for expansion and gain.

Use the appropriate correspondences, both physical and imaginary. See bright blue light flood through the four gateways entering your theater of operations. Those who seek personal advancement and financial benefits may find that the moral support of charging a wealth sigil is enough to invoke the "sweet smell of success." It is not a substitute for hard work and common sense, but a potent unconscious symbol of determination to acquire riches. Remember that a ritual performed by an experienced magician will work for the simple reason that the operator has the ability to contact the subconscious mind easily, and has practiced and devised a method of sleight-of-mind, using some form of gnosis, for example dervish-like whirling, and mastered the technique.