Better Business and Professional Success Spells - The Spells

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Better Business and Professional Success Spells
The Spells

Although many of these are money spells, they solicit money from a specific source. These aren’t spells for conjuring up money from out of the blue; you’d like the opportunity to earn this money. Magic provides financial inspiration, added opportunity and protective buffering from the inherent instability of the marketplace.

Better Business is Hoodoo terminology for more than just increased business, although the desire to stimulate healthy cash flow inspires a large selection of spells. This category also includes anything specifically affecting business, money earned through work or business, employment, and career issues. It is a particularly ancient and universal category: no matter where people come from, they understand the necessity of earning a living, together with its attendant pitfalls, risks, and dangers.

The concept of the “marketplace” serves as yet another metaphoric, magical spiritual crossroads, especially if one considers ancient town markets. Roads converged in the marketplace; it was an area of swirling energy and great opportunity for success, loss, transformation, and adventure. More than mere buying and selling of goods went on; diviners, traditional healers and entertainers including conjurers and professional story-tellers all plied their wares in the marketplace. It was where you went to hear news. Before copyright laws, books were “published” by being read aloud in the market square. In many traditional African philosophies the marketplace is a crossroads particularly associated with women’s power and opportunity for success.

Better business spells whose goal is increased profits often rely heavily upon the creation and correct placement of special charms

Powders and oils are used to encourage out-going money to return “home”

Allspice Better Business Spells

Allspice berries allegedly enhance the fortunes of business ventures. They are also reputed to magically help turn around regrettable investments.

Carry them in a charm bag

Pierce and string the berries. Wear them as a necklace or more discreet ankle bracelet

Add allspice berries to a bottle of Bay Rum. Massage this enhanced Bay Rum into your hands and body

Almond Tree Better Business Spell

Find an almond tree that you can climb.

Offer the tree a libation and gift.

Murmur your desires to the tree; state your goals and aspirations.

Climb the tree.

Linger as long or as little as you like; when you come down, offer the tree another libation.

Your success will allegedly be achieved; if so, plant another almond tree.

Repeat as needed.

Arabka Soudagar Spell

Is business bad? Is a hex or a block manifesting in a financial manner? The Hoodoo formulation Arabka Soudagar breaks through business blockages to repair and improve finances. Grind bay laurel leaves, cinnamon, frankincense, tonka beans, and vetiver roots together. Burn the resulting powder, allowing the aroma to permeate all areas of the business.

Basil Better Business Spells

Basil is the botanical most associated with attracting wealth and prosperity. Large, fresh, vivid green basil leaves are believed to resemble cash bills. In addition, basil is strongly identified with various spirits of wealth and good fortune. The presence of the botanical beckons these spirits, together with their blessings of prosperity.

Basil belongs to Maitresse Ezili Freda Dahomey, Vodou spirit of luxury, and features in many of her rituals. Tulsi basil, also known as holy basil, belongs to Lakshmi, the popular Hindu goddess of good fortune.

Basil Spell (1) Lakshmi’s Tulsi

In one legend, Lakshmi was transformed into a pot of basil by a rival for her husband’s affections. Although she was able to shape-shift back, tulsi still retains her essence.

To bring Lakshmi’s protection and presence, her essence of luck and wealth, into your home or business, place pots of tulsi basil near the front entrance.

Nurturing the basil in turn nurtures your wealth and success.

Basil Spell (2) New Orleans Better Business Formula

Maitresse Ezili Freda Dahomey emerged in a region of West Africa known either as Dahomey or Benin. Originally a water snake spirit, she traveled with enslaved devotees to the Western hemisphere, taking root in Haiti, where she has achieved great prominence as the pre-eminent female spirit in the Vodoun pantheon. During the journey, Maitresse Ezili shed her snakeskin to emerge as the breathtakingly beautiful lwa of wealth, luxury, dreams and love. New Orleans Voodoo stands firmly on the shoulders of Haitian Vodou, although the more religious aspects may or may not be emphasized. Basil is a major component of New Orleans-styled better business formulas, although the original connection to Maitresse Ezili may be overlooked.

Shred approximately one half cup of fresh basil leaves.

Cover the basil with approximately one pint (560 ml) of boiling water. (Play with proportions to achieve the quantity and intensity you desire.)

Let the basil steep in this water for three days.

On the fourth day, strain out the water, reserving the liquid.

Sprinkle this liquid over the entrances and thresholds of your business, in corners, behind doors and near the cash registers—basically in any spot that might be perceived as vulnerable. It allegedly attracts customers and prevents theft.

Basil Spell (3) New Orleans Quick Fix Better Business Formula

There are two methods of creating this quick-fix version. The most preferred is to add twelve drops of essential oil of basil to one pint (560 ml) of water. This isn’t as potent as regular New Orleans Better Business Formula but it’s fast. It can be whipped up in seconds. An alternative method is to pour boiling water over one tablespoon of dried basil. Allow it to steep until it cools, then strain and use.

The dried herb lacks the potency of either the fresh herb or the highly concentrated essential oil. However, neither the dried herb nor the essential oil possesses fresh basil’s distinctive fragrance. Both Quick Fix solutions lack the visual component of the original spell, too: the soaking basil leaves look a lot like cash. Compensate by adding extra focus and visualization to the spell.

Basil hydrosol may also be substituted. Use it by itself or add it to rinse water. Again, because so little effort is required to use this, compensate by added focus and visualization.

Basil Spell (4) Earth Smoke Enhancement

Fumitory, also known as Earth Smoke (because, according to legend, it was believed to have been born from “Earth’s vapors”), is a plant with ancient magic uses. Known since Neolithic times, and mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales, fumitory is used in longevity, cleansing, protection, and prosperity spells.

Pour boiling water over shredded fresh basil leaves.

Allow this to cool, then strain out the basil and add the liquid to a bucket of floorwash rinse water.

Once the floor has dried, burn Earth Smoke, fumitory incense.

Basil Spell (5)

Fresh basil smells so inviting you may not wish to reserve it for the floor.

Chop fresh basil into fine threads.

Warm honey gently over the stove. (A double boiler or bain-marie is recommended, as honey scorches easily.)

Add the basil to the honey and simmer.

Remove the basil-enhanced honey from the source of heat and murmur over it something like this: Flies flocks to honey

Customers flock to me

Bears flock to honey,

Business flocks to me

Ants flock to honey

Contracts flock to me

(Adapt to your specific situation.)

Run a warm bath for yourself.

Rub the honey over your body, and then enter the bath.

Soak in the water for a while. When you emerge, before you drain the water, reserve some of the used bathwater.

Toss this on the grounds of your business.

Basil Spell (6) Personal Business Magnet Spell

Sometimes you are your business. Traditionally prostitutes have bathed in infusions of fresh basil to lure customers towards them, a custom believed to originate in Spain, although it has since traveled around the world. Sex workers aren’t the only ones whose prosperity is dependent upon selling themselves. This spell is beneficial for anyone whose business depends upon his or her own personal magnetism.

Add strong infusions of fresh basil to your bath, together with fresh basil leaves and some basil hydrosol.

For extra enhancement, after bathing and air-drying, dust the body lightly with either Lodestone Body Powder or Drawing Powder Personal Dusting Powder (see page 166).

Better Business: Artist’s Spell

Artists and steady money: that’s frequently a contradiction in terms. Yet even visionaries must eat. This spell assists artists, innovators, and all those ahead of their time to achieve financial stability without sacrificing artistic principles.

Carve and dress one small purple and one small green candle to suit your personal circumstances. Place the candles on either side of a Fool card drawn from the tarot deck of your choice. Burn and trust to inspiration.

Better Business: Astrologer’s Spell

Tanit, Queen of the Stars, matron of astrologers, may or may not be Astarte under another name. She is invoked to protect astrologers and increase their business prospects.

Dedicate a blue candle to Tanit.

Decorate her altar space with Tanit’s sacred creatures: dolphins, fish, doves, and snakes plus images of crescent moons and stars.

Offer her figs, pomegranates, and stalks of wheat while requesting her blessings.

Better Business: Charm Bag

Select one or more of the Money Drawing or Luck oils.

Use the oil(s) to anoint five cowrie shells, a High John the Conqueror root and a matched pair of lodestones.

Place these into a red flannel draw-string bag. Carry it with you or place it strategically within the business.

Anoint with more oil periodically to reinforce the mojo’s power.

Better Business: Commanding Spell

Command and compel business to improve. This spell encourages you to radiate confidence, and others to wish to please you. Rub a drop of Essence of Bend Over or another Commanding Oil between the palms of your hands just before conferences or when meeting colleagues, bosses, employees, or clients. Shake the target’s hand or find an excuse to touch their bare hand.

Better Business: Drawing Incense

Blend dried basil, benzoin, and ground cinnamon and burn as a business-drawing incense.

Better Business Floorwashes

Floorwashes are a traditional—and discreet—method of casting spells. The botanical infusions are used to radiate magic power, drawing or repelling your desire as the case may be. Floorwashes are used to scrub front steps to provide spiritual protection and attract free-spending customers. Within a building, the term “floorwash” is somewhat deceptive; in general, this is more of a “floor final rinse.” It is assumed that the floor is clean prior to applying the spell floorwash: the floorwash isn’t rinsed off, but should be allowed to dry and radiate its fragrance and power. The physical labor involved in applying the floorwash also enhances the casting of the spell: your effort transmits your intentions and desires.

Applying Better Business Floorwashes

Scrub the walkway and the doorway of your business, beginning at the street and moving toward your front door, just the way customers should

Scrub the front steps

Cleanse the interior floors beginning at the front door and corners and working towards the center of each room

Floorwashes may be created with any of the following or a combination:

Boiled cooled salted water

Pure spring water (bottled water)

Strained, collected rainwater

Plain tap water

Better Business Floorwash (1)

Combine ground cinnamon, brown sugar and red brick dust.

Add this to a bucket of water, together with some white vinegar.

Better Business Floorwash (2)

Combine Florida Water, Indigo Water, Van Van Oil, and ground cinnamon.

Add to a bucket filled with salted water, together with white vinegar.

Better Business Floorwash (3)

Add essential oil of citronella to a bucket of water and white vinegar and use as a floorwash. This allegedly drives away negative spiritual entities while drawing in customers to fill the void.

Better Business Floorwash (4)

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over a quantity of crushed allspice berries.

Strain and add the liquid to a bucket of water, together with white vinegar, and use as a floorwash.

Better Business: Fortune-teller’s Spell

Saint Agabus, the patron saint of fortune-tellers, was a compatriot of Saint Paul who correctly predicted Paul’s capture and imprisonment as well as his own death. Although this spell may be cast anytime, it is most effective on February 13th, the saint’s feast day, the anniversary of his death.

Light a purple or white candle. Place something that represents your mode of divination beside it (dice, cards, runes, etc.) and ask for Agabus’s blessings on your endeavors and for increased business.

Better Business: Nutmeg Spell

Drill a hole through a nutmeg and string it onto green thread.

Add one pierced Grain of Paradise, a Jezebel root and a High John the Conqueror. (It may also be necessary to drill the hole through the High John, a particularly hard root.)

Tie the thread together and hang over the front entrance to the business.

Better Business: Prostitute’s Spell

European prostitutes once favored wearing the scent of lavender. Allegedly it attracts men while simultaneously protecting against violence. Add hydrosol and/or essential oil to a tub filled with water and bathe.

Better Business: Squill Root Spell (1)

Keep squill root in your cash register to drum up and stabilize business.

Better Business: Squill Root Spell (2)

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over squill root. Add the strained infusion to floorwash and use it to cleanse the floors and walls of your business.

Boris and Gleb’s Better Business Challenge Spell

May 2nd is the feast day belonging to the Russian Orthodox saints Boris and Gleb, who may or may not be those mythological twins Castor and Pollux in disguise. Castor and Pollux are the constellation Gemini’s celestial twins; Gemini rules commerce and the marketplace. Coincidentally perhaps Boris and Gleb have some control over the marketplace, too.

Allegedly, if you can manage a successful business transaction on this day, the favorable fortunes of your business are guaranteed for the next twelve months.

Busy as an Ant Better Business Spell

This is a modern adaptation of a Talmudic-era spell. Jewish spells, like ancient Egyptian spells and modern Chinese magic, often rely heavily on the power of the written word. The original spell might have included sacred words of power, acronyms, notarikon and specially chosen biblical phrases. Incorporate these as you will. There is, however, no substitute for anthill dust.

Collect dust from an anthill.

On a piece of parchment paper, write your business goals in the present tense. For instance: “I sell one million units every week.” Use an image or photograph in addition to words, if you wish.

Fold up the paper into a very tight little square, always folding toward you.

Place the paper, the dust, and a lodestone into a small charm bag.

Hang this discreetly in your place of business.

Drawing Powder

Spiritual supply stores sometimes sell really cute little bottles filled with some kind of powdery substance and labeled Drawing Powder. It’s better business for them if you purchase a few vials, however, it may be better business for you to take a trip to the grocery store instead. Although that name may be used to label a complex, sophisticated Money Drawing Powder full of rare ingredients, technically plain old Drawing Powder is powdered confectioner’s sugar. Not sure if it works? Sprinkle some on the floor in a warm climate and watch armies of ants miraculously appear, magically beckoned to draw close to the powder.

To attract customers and financial success:

Sprinkle a path of Drawing Powder from the street to the front door of your business

Sprinkle Drawing Powder into your cash register to beckon fresh cash to draw near

Sprinkle Drawing Powder into and over invitations to your place of business as a magical inducement

Drawing Powder Personal Dusting Powder

Drawing Powder may be used to draw business toward you yourself, too.

Blend powdered confectioner’s sugar into cornstarch.

Lightly dust this on your body with a powder puff to magically attract personal attention—and open pockets.

For added enhancement, sprinkle the blended powder with essential oil of basil before applying to the body.

Eye for Business Spell

Collect eyes to increase business and provide protection for your enterprise. Assemble four of the following: an Eye of Horus, a blue-eye bead, a silver-colored eye milagro, a black-eyed pea, a cat’s eye, or a tiger’s eye. Place one in each corner of the room, looking in.

Financial Crisis Better Business Spell

This increased power business bath is considered an emergency spell. It allegedly provides temporary relief in times of crisis. Save it for use during truly hard times and crises. It is most powerful when coordinated with the New Moon. Do not be tempted to perform this spell at every New Moon by rote: it loses its effectiveness when used too frequently.

Make a strong infusion from the following materials by pouring boiling spring water over them:

Dried basil or shredded fresh basil

Dried parsley or fresh parsley

Coriander seeds and/or fresh coriander leaves


Brown sugar

Grated fresh orange zest

Fresh orange leaves (optional)

Allow the liquid to cool.

Fill a bathtub half full.

Strain out the botanical materials and bring the liquid to the bath.

Stand naked in the bathtub and toss the infusion over yourself.

Sit or recline in the water, soaking for seven minutes. Pray and petition for help and prosperity for the entire period. Visualize your prayers fulfilled.

After seven minutes, drain the water and allow yourself to air-dry.

First Dollar Spells

The first dollar earned by a new business venture is perceived as especially charged with magic power.

First Dollar Ashes Spell

Reserve the first dollar earned from a new business.

Grind and pulverize it.

Blend with frankincense and gold copal.

Burn atop a lit charcoal.

Reserve the ashes: carry them in a conjure bag.

First Dollar Candle Spell

Reserve the first dollar earned in a new business.

Sprinkle it with magnetic sand, sugar, and salt.

Place a green candle on top of the dollar and burn it.

Bury most of the remnants on the property; reserve a few pieces in a conjure bag and hang it near the entrance.

First Dollar Ginseng Spell

Reserve the first dollar earned in a new business.

Wrap it around a ginseng root with green and red thread.

Hold it in your hands and charge it with your hopes and desires.

Place it in a conjure bag and keep it in or beneath the cash register to generate further income.

First Dollar San Martin Caballero

San Martin Caballero is invoked in Latin American magic to improve and stabilize business fortunes.

Upon initiation of a new business, reserve the first dollar earned and dedicate it to San Martin.

Place it beneath a statue of the saint or before his chromolithograph.

Sprinkle the dollar with magnetic sand.

Burn seven red candles in front of the image.

Keep the dollar beneath or affixed to the image (attach it behind the chromolithograph) to encourage increased business and profits.

Garlic Better Business Spell (1)

Garlic provides a combination of increased business with space protection.

Make or purchase a wreath formed from heads of garlic.

Fill tiny plastic packets or little red flannel pouches with salt. Fill others with yellow mustard seed. (Staple plastic packets shut; sew flannel pouches securely together.)

Attach these to the wreath. Decorate with other lucky charms as desired: small horseshoes, crystals, lucky roots or tiny image cards. Should you have a dried snakeskin, it’s considered especially fortuitous.

Hang over the entrance to your business.

Garlic Better Business Spell (2)

This Italian spell utilizes only one single head of garlic, but the technique involved in forming the amulet maximizes its protective capacities. This charm not only draws business to you but protects your business as well.

Stick a brass tack into one side of a head of garlic.

Stick an iron or steel nail into the garlic’s other side.

Stick nine pins into the garlic at various angles and intervals.

Attach a corn kernel to the nail with green or red thread.

Wind this thread around each and every pin, finally ending by tying and knotting the thread on to the brass tack.

Soak this charm into one of the Money Drawing oils overnight.

Remove from the oil, let it dry out and hang it over the front door.

Anoint with extra oil once a week or after a particularly good day. Should the charm start to rot, dispose of it immediately and replace it.

Has No Hanna Better Business Spell

Make Has No Hanna incense from dried jasmine and gardenia flowers, peppermint leaves and tangerine zest. Burn on lit charcoal and pass business, corporate or legal documents through the smoke for success.

That “better business” is an ancient concern is aptly demonstrated by this Mesopotamian ritual. This spell is thousands of years old; it requests materials (dirt from Ishtar’s temple) that may once have been easily attainable but are not necessarily so today Consider and improvise as needed. The stated goal of this spell, which ultimately evolves into a request for Ishtar’s assistance, is increased business. However, Ishtar is a particularly powerful deity, with dominion over love, sex, fertility, justice, and healing as well: the spell format may be adapted to request whatever is needed.

Ishtar’s Better Business Spell

Obtain a handful of dirt from each of the following places: a bridge, a quay, a ferry, a four-way crossroads, Ishtar’s temple, a bordello, the city gates, a gardener’s home, a chef’s home, and a successful innkeeper’s home. Blend and reserve the dirt; there should be ten handfuls in all.

Construct a wicker altar for Ishtar.

Make or purchase three loaves of bread in the shape of women’s breasts. Place these on or beneath the altar.

Blend either three or seven distinct sources of spring water together. Place this water in a vessel beside the bread.

Fumigate the area with juniper incense.

Offer Ishtar some top-quality beer.

Consider exactly what sort of assistance you require. Turn your request into an incantation, repeating it exactly the same way, seven times.

Moisten the reserved dirt with some of the water, blending it with your fingers until you achieve a claylike texture.

Repeat your incantation seven more times.

Use some of the water to wash the front entrance to your home or business. Use the moistened dirt to form the figure of a calf. This is not an art project: do the best you can. Paint the calf gold, if you like. Bury it in Earth on your property, together with Ishtar’s beer and loaves of bread.

Luxury Business Drawing Spell

This is an extremely deluxe business drawing formula, appropriate for a luxury business. A lavish variety of essences are included, several of which (e.g., neroli, sandalwood) can be quite expensive. It has a sensual, relaxing fragrance, which will encourage customers and business clients to slow down and linger.

Blend equal parts pure spring water with Holy Water, Notre Dame Water, or Rose of Jericho Water.

Add essential oils of anise, bergamot, cinnamon bark, lavender, neroli or petitgrain, rose geranium, rosemary, sandalwood, and wintergreen.

Warm this formula in an aroma burner. Alternatively, place the formula in a spray bottle and spray throughout the premises, concentrating on threshold areas. Or you can add it to a bucket of water and use it as a final rinse over your floor.

The formula can also be added to your laundry rinse cycle to permeate your clothes with its beautiful aroma and power. (Although in theory you could bathe in the formula, several of the oils can cause severe skin irritation.)

Magic Coin Better Business Spells

An entire school of Chinese magic is devoted to the use of coins. (The use of currency as spell components derives from many traditions, however the Chinese school is most complete and cohesive and also remains extremely vital.) Detailed information may be found among the Money Spells (see pages 81719). In short, coins are used to draw good fortune, protection and increased prosperity toward you or toward an area. Although any metal coin may be used, traditional Chinese coins are best. Beyond the complex metaphysical reasoning, they are simpler to use than most coins: the square hole cut into the center of each coin lends itself to easy stringing, wrapping and hanging. String the coins together yourself for added magical input as this type of spell also relies heavily on knot magic and beautiful, intricate magical knots are incorporated into each spell charm. However, coins may also be purchased already strung and knotted (and if you purchase from a master, blessed) in a variety of numerical combinations from feng shui suppliers and traditional Chinatown vendors.

Magic Coin Better Business Spell (1)

String three coins together or purchase them already linked.

Place these strung-together coins on top of a yellow or golden cloth.

Sprinkle magnetic sand over the coins.

Anoint with essential oil of bergamot.

Roll and fold the cloth toward you, forming a packet.

Tie securely with a red silk ribbon.

Place this packet inside or near your cash register for increased business and wealth.

Magic Coin Better Business Spell (2)

Two Chinese coins strung together with red thread represents Zhao Gong Ming, Lord of Wealth—someone every establishment would like to welcome as an honored, long-staying guest. Hang this charm above a shop window to attract wealth and good fortune to the business.

Should the actual coins be unavailable, an image depicting this amulet possesses similar powers. Post this instead.

Magic Coin Better Business Spell (3)

Place two coins strung together with red thread underneath the telephone to generate business.

Magic Coin Better Business Spell (4)

The concept of ’magic money” isn’t limited to China. Throughout Africa, cowrie shells were traditionally used as amulets for healing, protection and fertility, as well as a form of currency. Individual cowrie shells may be substituted for virtually any business growth or money drawing charm. Like traditional Chinese coins, cowries may be strung on to cord, incorporating knot magic.

Tuck one cowrie shell into your cash register to encourage increased takings

String five cowries onto red thread and hang over the front entrance to your business

Tie one cowrie on to a silk cord and place within your ledger book

Magic Oil Better Business Spell

Anoint invoices, brochures, business cards—basically any stationery with the company-letterhead—with money-drawing oils to generate new and increased business.

Magic Water Spells

Magic Water Spell (1) Angel Water

Sprinkle Angel Water (or substitute an infusion of myrtle) around your business premises to encourage cashflow.

Magic Water Spell (2) Glory Water

Place frankincense tears (small pieces of frankincense) inside a bottle.

Cover them with orange blossom water or hydrosol.

Add a few drops of essential oil of bergamot.

Asperge Glory Water through the premises to increase business, attract blessings and customers, and overcome challenges.

Malachite Merchant Spells

Malachite is the merchant’s stone. It’s green, like money. It’s a stone associated with the astrological sign Libra, the scales. Use malachite to tip the scales in your favor.

Place it strategically in your cash register

Hang it in the corners of your business

Wear it as jewelry while at work

Carry it in a charm bag

Malachite gem essence may also be beneficial:

Add it to your bath

Massage it into the soles of your feet before bedtime

Add it to floorwash

Add it to a spray bottle filled with spring water or magical formula water and spray into the corners of your business and over its threshold

Commercial houses of prostitution descended from and emerged alongside ancient temples dedicated to spirits of love, life, and fertility. With strong ties to spirituality, magic, and financial need, bordellos have traditionally developed their own better business tricks.

Maneki Neko’s Magic Spell

Although it’s doubtful there will ever be definitive surveys, Maneki Neko, the Japanese beckoning cat, appears currently to be the single most popular amulet on Earth. This distinctive feline image emerged relatively recently in magical history: Maneki Neko was unknown until the end of the nineteenth century. According to one legend, Maneki Neko’s career began in the window of its namesake, a struggling cat house. After Maneki Neko arrived, business improved drastically and Maneki Neko’s reputation was set. She now appears in the windows of even the most respectable stores and businesses all over the world. A Maneki Neko with an upturned left hand beckons increased business. (The right hand signals the desire for cash.) Although she’s very cute and you may wish to look at her face, Maneki Neko works by beckoning others to come to you: place her so that she draws business to you.

Place Maneki Neko in the window, facing outside

Place Maneki Neko so that she faces the front door

Although a Maneki Neko in any color will generate income, gold Maneki Neko’s allegedly serve most powerfully for this purpose

Marketplace Spirit Spells

These spirits transcend the mere physical aspects of the marketplace. Although they will help with increased business, they encompass metaphysical aspects as well. The mythical marketplace is a crossroads where women’s power, in particular, expands exponentially, given the opportunity. Fittingly, these presiding spirits also manifest as powerful females.

Marketplace Spirit Spell (1) Feronia’s Wolf at the Door

Feronia is a mysterious and ancient Italian deity whose rites included fire-walking. Her sacred animal is the wolf, Rome’s totem animal. Feronia had various temples including one in the heart of Rome. Slaves who sat on a holy stone within her sanctuary were granted freedom. Among her other roles, Feronia was the spirit of the marketplace and that is the role that remains to her. Post-Christianity, Feronia was transformed from a potent, benevolent spirit of freedom and prosperity into a witch who haunts marketplaces.

Invoke her blessings for a good year. The most effective time coincides with her scheduled festival on November 15th. Set up a brazier and burn basil and rue. Post an image of a wolf at the door.

Marketplace Spirit Spell (2) Oya

Oya is the Yoruba orisha who rules the marketplace. She is most easily contacted on Thursdays.

Create an altar for Oya.

Offer her red wine and nine purple plums. Request her blessings and advice.

If possible, maintain this altar at all times, replacing the plums every Thursday. (The wine may be refilled daily or once a week, as you deem appropriate.) If impossible, keep something purple on the premises as a reminder of her presence.

Mermaid Money Increase Spell

The image of the double-tailed mermaid allegedly inspires financial reward. Recently it’s been fortunate for Starbuck’s coffee houses, however as long ago as medieval times, merchants stamped metal charms with the image and placed these with their wares and cash for protection and prosperity.

Draw the image on a square of parchment paper.

Place it in your cash box to help the money grow.

Fine iron shot, also known as magnetic sand, is used as a drawing powder, to draw good fortune toward you. Although magnetic sand is naturally dull dark gray, spiritual merchants sell it dyed in various colors for customers with a strong visual sense. If you prefer that visual component, green or gold magnetic sand creates a festive, optimistic-looking powder.

Money Drawing Powder (1)

Mix crushed powdered frankincense with dried heliotrope and crushed tonka beans.

Add an equal quantity of magnetic sand.

Sprinkle this powder into your cash register over the money, or over your ledger books.

Money Drawing Powder (2): Extra Strength

To draw customers to your door:

Blend one tablespoon of Money Drawing Powder with one tablespoon of powdered confectioner’s sugar.

Sprinkle this across your threshold and front doorstep every Friday.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle the powder to form a path from the street up to your front door.

Money Powder Cross Spell

People’s understanding and perception of particular spells may have little to do with the original intent. For instance, the shape of the cross used in the following spell has little to do with Christianity; however, if that added association lends power and comfort for you, incorporate it as you will, as many people have. It is a Conjure spell from the American South and actually relies heavily upon Congolese symbolism. Congolese use of the cross pre-dates exposure to Christianity and describes the successful life cycle, with profound metaphysical implications as well.

Nickels are the traditional coin of choice for this spell, perhaps because five is considered a strong number of protection and generation. However, any coin may be substituted, provided all seven are of equal value.

Spread a layer of raw white rice within a baking pan.

Cover the rice with a layer of powdered sugar.

Sprinkle Money Drawing Powder on top or substitute shredded fresh basil leaves.

Lay seven coins on top of the powder in the form of a cross.

Dress two red and two green candles with a Money Drawing oil.

Place one candle at each arm of the cross.

Burn the candles completely while visualizing your desired goals.

Gather up the nickels, some of the powder, sugar and rice, plus any wax remnants that may have formed vaguely lucky shapes, and place them in a mojo bag, to be worn or kept in your place of business.

Musician’s Professional Success Spell

The ancient Egyptian spirit Hathor is the spiritual sponsor of musicians—and dancers, too! Throw a party for Hathor. Play for her (throw a sistrum, her sacred percussion instrument, into the mix to grab her attention), serve wine, beer, and pomegranates and generally have a great time: Hathor is the goddess of joy and pleasure, too. Your happiness honors her. Request her assistance so that happy times may continue indefinitely.

New Orleans Bordello Better Business Spell

While Maneki Neko has shed her risqué reputation, traveled around the world, and has become a great favorite of children, other bordello better business techniques have remained local. The famed houses of the old New Orleans red light district once drummed up business by burning shoes behind their premises. Experiment and see if it works for other businesses, too.

New Orleans Fast Luck Oils

Sometimes you can afford long-term business plans and sometimes you need better business NOW! New Orleans-style “fast luck” oils provide quick fixes of good fortune. These are short-term solutions; if you discover that these oils work well for you, then reapply consistently and constantly.

Red Fast Luck

Essential oil of cinnamon bark

Essential oil of wintergreen

Vanilla absolute or pure vanilla extract

As its name states, this oil must be red. There are three ways to achieve this:

Blend the ingredients into Turkey red oil

Blend the ingredients into sunflower and jojoba oils, then use alkanet, a botanical dye to color it. Alkanet bestows its own blessings of good fortune but achieving the correct color is time consuming and labor intensive

The quick fix method: blend the ingredients into sunflower and jojoba oils, then add red food coloring

Use Red Fast Luck Oil to anoint anything associated with drawing money into your business: tools, machines, stationery, ledger books, etc. Most especially, anoint all money in your cash drawer, so that it returns to you on the double. If you don’t work with cash, then discreetly anoint a corner of all checks paid out.

Red Fast Luck may be used to anoint any other better business charm, to provide enhancement and speed.

Double Fast Luck Oil

Red Fast Luck isn’t fast enough? Turn it into Double Fast Luck Oil! Double Fast Luck Oil is used exactly like Red Fast Oil, however it allegedly produces twice the effects at double speed. Double Fast Luck combines the colors green and red. Traditionally red represents luck and life, while green represents growth and prosperity. However, modern associations factor into this oil’s power as well. Green and red have evolved into Christmas colors: the goal of this oil is to make every day seem like Christmas. It is an excellent device for shopkeepers and manufacturers who’d like to maintain those Christmas Eve level sales throughout the entire year.

Create a green water infusion. This is most powerful if done with cash-drawing botanicals like basil, parsley or mint. However, this will produce a subtle green. If you have visual expectations of bright green, use green food coloring, either alone or as color enhancement.

Gently pour this infusion over Red Fast Luck Oil. When at rest, the oil and water should separate, providing two distinct layers of color. Shake it up, dispersing the layers when you wish to use oil.

Personal Salt Mine Better Business Spell

This Japanese Better Business spell takes a less sweet approach than those from New Orleans: place small mounds of salt outside the premises daily to ensure good fortune.

Rose of Jericho Better Business Spell

Among the Rose of Jericho’s many blessings are increased business and cashflow. Re-hydrate the rose by placing it in a dish of spring water. Although marketers assure that the rose will bloom overnight or within 24 hours, it is very normal for the process to take several days. Once the rose has bloomed, change its water every Friday (the old water becomes Rose of Jericho Water and has many uses), accompanied by the murmuring of psalms or other sacred verses.

Rose of Jericho Water Better Business Spell

This spell and the spell immediately preceding may be incorporated into one ritual or cast separately, depending upon your circumstances and desires.

Sprinkle Rose of Jericho Water over the premises for increased business; toss it onto your doorstep to provide blessings and protection.

Rue Better Business Path

Because rue possesses extremely potent protective powers, this spell guards your business’s well being too. Grind and powder rue. Sprinkle a path to your business, using this powder to attract customers.

Rue Better Business Protection Smoke

Grind and powder rue; sprinkle the powder on lit charcoals. Pass correspondence having to do with troublesome matters (tax disputes, angry or disappointed clientele) through this smoke for magical protection and happy resolution.

Sex Worker’s Better Business Spell

This charm bag, a traditional favorite of those plying the sex trades, allegedly draws free spending, cooperative people directly to you. It may be adapted by anyone whose business depends upon personal contact.

Dress a lodestone with essential oils of basil, bergamot, and lavender. (In theory, the lodestone’s gender may be coordinated with the gender of the clientele you wish to draw.)

Add Come To Me, Follow Me Boy and/or Attraction Oils.

Sprinkle with magnetic sand and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Carry or wear to charm up added business.

Writer’s Better Business Spell

Writers have to eat, too. Wen Ti, Chinese Lord of Literature, is honored by those who earn, would like to earn, or are attempting to earn a living as writers. Wen Ti is usually depicted holding a pen and book displaying our characters that read, “Heaven decides literary success.” Perhaps reflecting the instabilities of the career, unlike many spirits who have one annual sacred day, Wen Ti is honored at various points throughout the year, traditionally during both equinoxes as well as the third and eighth months of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Erect an altar honoring Wen Ti.

Burn letters of appeal alongside healthy bribes of Spirit Money (see Money Spells).

Employment Spells

Many better business spells presume that you own your own business, are an independent contractor or somehow have a share in the business’ fortunes. Maybe all you really need is a job.

Employment Spells are less financially oriented than Better Business Spells—at least less directly so. Employment Spells encompass enchantments needed to find a job, keep a job, and achieve professional success and happiness. There are also spells for finessing a difficult boss or supervisor and getting along with co-workers—or not, as the case may be.

Employment-seeking spells are best coordinated with the New Moon

Coordinate these spells with other more conventional attempts to locate work. No matter how effective the spell, failure to actively seek employment may counteract any chance of success

Many employment spells, particularly those that assist you in finding work, assume that a certain mobility is required: often some sort of magically empowered object or charm bag must be conjured up that can accompany you to interviews and work

Boss Fix

Is going to work a less than satisfying experience? Perhaps it’s not the job that’s the problem; maybe you have a supervisor or boss who persecutes you, picks on you, is never satisfied with you and generally makes going to work the equivalent of going to hell? You don’t want to leave your job; you’d just like your boss to leave you alone.

The Hoodoo solution is Boss Fix Powder.

According to its most extravagant promises, this spell allegedly causes supervisors to consider you with love and favor. At its more realistic, it offers a boundary line so that at least you’ll be left alone to perform your job in peace.

Boss Fix Powder

Empty the tobacco from one cigarette. (In order of preference: a cigarette that actually belonged to your boss, his or her favorite brand, any cigarette.)

Combine it with some shredded newspaper. (In order of preference: your boss’s actual newspaper, a copy of a newspaper he or she favors, any newspaper.)

Add some chili powder and grind all the ingredients together into a fine powder.

Make sure the powder is fine: this is intended to be a very discreet spell. Your boss already doesn’t like you!

When the opportunity arises, sprinkle just a tiny bit of powder on or around your boss’s chair. If that’s too much of a risk, drop a little over the threshold of the office, so that he or she will inevitably step over it.

This is a highly individual spell, tailored toward one target. If more than one person persecutes you, make fresh Boss Fix for each person.

Boss Fix Candle Spell

This spell, cast to receive a raise or promotion, may be a safer, less stressful method of using Boss Fix Powder.

Carve and dress a figure candle to represent your boss or supervisor.

Place it on a tray covered by aluminum foil and surround the candle with a circle of Boss Fix Powder.

Carve and dress another candle to represent you.

Dress this candle with a Commanding oil. (Women should also incorporate Martha the Dominator Oil; men, use High John the Conqueror Oil.)

Place this candle on the tray but elevate it so that it is looking down at the first candle.

Burn both candles.

Sit behind the candle that represents you, facing the other candle. Speak to that candle; tell it what you need.

Move the boss candle so that it’s resting atop the powder. (Ideally, if possible, dispose of the remnants of this spell in your boss’s trashcan.)

Crown of Success Employment Spells

Crown of Success Oil assists you to find a job, land the job and retain the job. It’s also used for professional success and advancements, including obtaining promotions and greater financial benefits. Crown of Success may be used to enhance any other employment charm or spell: it is an entirely benevolent formula.

Crown of Success Spell (1)

Crown of Success may be applied to the body so that by radiating its magic, you serve as a charm. Add Crown of Success to your bath, or massage it on to your body, especially your hands and feet.

Crown of Success Spell (2)

Dress a lodestone with Crown of Success Oil.

Place it in a red drawstring bag and carry it with you, at work or while searching for employment.

Crown of Success Spell (3)

This spell requires a candle to represent the person seeking employment.

Carve the person’s name and identifying information into the wax.

Dress the candle with Crown of Success Oil, holding the candle in both hands to charge it with your desire.

Arrange images and items that represent the search for employment around and under the candle.

Burn the candle.

Devil’s Shoestring Employment Spell

Despite its name, devil’s shoestring, there’s nothing satanic about this root charm—quite the opposite in fact. Devil’s shoestring, the roots of the Viburnum species, earned its name because it allegedly has the power to trip the devil up, proverbially tying his shoelaces together. Devil’s shoestring has an affinity for locating and maintaining employment. Use it to find a job or to improve conditions at the current one.

Carry it in your pocket

Pin it within your clothing

Carry it in a conjure bag

Attach it to a cord and wear it around your neck

Don’t Sabotage My Success Spell

Are you being set up? Perhaps your boss is unhappy with you or you haven’t received your just rewards because you’ve been maligned and slandered by hostile or jealous co-workers. Although you may wish to supplement with additional Protection, Evil Eye and Unblocking Spells, this particular spell targets co-workers who sabotage your road to career success. Allegedly it will foil any malevolence directed towards you. Prepare a separate mojo for each person who appears to sabotage you.

Write the co-worker’s name on a square of brown paper three times.

Write your own name over each of the co-worker’s names, saying: “I cross you and I cover you.”

Anoint the corners of the paper with essential oils of bergamot, clove bud, and lavender.

Fold up the paper, placing it inside a red flannel drawstring bag, together with a devil’s shoestring root and some cumin seed.

Maintain this discreetly in the workplace, feeding daily with a drop of essential oil of lavender for reinforcement.

Dream Job Spell

Write up an advertisement for your dream job.

Anoint this “ad” with Come To Me Oil.

Place it in a conjure bag and carry it with you until your dream is realized (even while employed elsewhere).

Anoint with additional oil weekly.

Elfdock Employment Spell

Carry the botanical elfdock at work to receive favors and kindness from others.

Eliminate Jealousy Spell

Wear black gemstones, particularly black tourmaline, to counteract personal and professional jealousy. However, it is crucial that you don’t explain why you’re wearing them.

Employment Conjure Bag (1)

Fill a charm bag with three garlic cloves, nine distinct crumbs of bread, a lodestone and some magnetic sand.

Dress with a touch of Magnet Oil.

Wear or carry to job interviews, adding a new drop of oil prior to each one, if possible.

Employment Conjure Bag (2)

Fill a charm bag with the following botanical materials:

Five finger grass (cinquefoil): to inspire kindness and generosity from others

Deer’s tongue: to provide you with eloquence

Gravel root: the key ingredient, to provide employment

Rue: to weed out false opportunities

Add a lodestone to draw good fortune towards you.

If the bag is to be carried by a man, include a High John the Conqueror root; add an angelica root for a woman.

Sprinkle with magnetic sand and Crown of Success Oil.

Employment Protection Spell

Tie red ribbons under your desk to provide magical protection at work.

Essence of Bend Over Professional Happiness and Success Spell

Essence of Bend Over, the most concentrated of the Commanding condition oils, takes commanding and compelling into the realm of domination. Indeed, among its other functions, this oil is used in sexual domination spells. However, one of its primary uses is to turn the tables on an employer, particularly for those in menial or service occupations, where continued employment may depend upon the boss’s whims and personal satisfaction. Essence of Bend Over enables the employee to discreetly switch the balance of power, so that he or she is able to set professional boundaries and dictate terms of service, although the employer may not realize that this is the case. This is not meant as an evil spell but as a method of preserving a much-needed job and curbing potential abuse and humiliation. And the oil’s name? The goal is to have someone else bend over and bow down to you for a change.

Rub the oil onto doorknobs, so that those who open the doors fall under your spell. Or you could rub a drop between your palms and immediately touch the target of your spell.

Find a Job Spell

This is a bit of an arts and crafts spell:

Designate a figure candle to represent you.

Do basic candle carving (name, identifying information) but then keep going: carve and scratch the wax to represent you in work mode. Create a badge on the candle’s chest or scratch the image of a briefcase into the wax.

Meanwhile create a model of your ideal workplace from an open-topped box. It can be as specific as you wish or as general. Decorate and embellish as desired. Make sure to create a door large enough for the candle to enter.

Have the figure face the workplace.

Burn the candle in thirty-minute increments for six consecutive waxing moon days, moving the candle ever closer to the “job.”

On the seventh day, bring the candle within your “workplace” and let the candle burn down completely.

Gravel Root Employment Spell

Gravel root has an affinity for those who must earn their living. Carry it within a conjure bag to find and preserve employment.

Happy Harmony Employment Spell (1) Cookies

To create a harmonious relationship with bosses and coworkers, rather than to achieve domination, bake cookies for everyone. Murmur your intentions over the batter, focusing on your desires during each step of the baking process.

Happy Harmony Employment Spell (2.) Sweetgrass

Burn sweetgrass to encourage co-workers to operate harmoniously, without jealousy and backbiting.

Hot Foot It Out Of My Work Place Spell

If there is still conflict within your office, despite your best efforts to foster harmonious working relationships, encourage unpleasant co-workers to seek other employment, or at least leave you alone, with Hot Foot Powder.

Grind equal quantities of black pepper, cayenne pepper, salt, and sulfur together.

Sprinkle it on or around the target’s chair and desk.

The following spells are used to enhance probabilities of success during employment interviews.

Job Interview Success Spell

Charge sea salt with your desire: hold the salt in your hand and murmur your desires into it.

Place a little salt in your pocket prior to the interview.

If possible, sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on your interviewer’s clothes without being observed. (Have a good explanation handy, just in case you are caught!)

If you’re unable to sprinkle the person, try and sprinkle a little salt over the threshold to the office or even in the office, preferably near the interviewer’s desk or chair.

It is not worth taking undue risks: in theory, merely carrying the salt in your pocket enhances your probability of being hired or promoted, although sprinkling as directed will maximize the effects.

Job Interview Self-Confidence Bath

The following magical bath enhances self-confidence and personal magnetism, and increases chances of success. Take the bath either just prior to the interview or the night before. Remember to allow yourself to air-dry and leave the botanicals in the infusion, for utmost power, if at all possible.

Place allspice berries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, whole nutmegs and pieces of sandalwood in a bowl.

Cover with boiling water and let the botanicals steep for a while—at least an hour.

Meanwhile, draw a bath for yourself.

Stand in the tub and toss the now lukewarm infusion over your body.

Soak and steep yourself in the bath.

Job’s Tears Job Success Spell

Job’s tears are the seeds of an Asian grass, much used in spells for improved fortune. They recall the biblical Job who, though sorely tried and afflicted, never lost his faith. Job’s tears are almost inevitably used in groups of seven.

Place seven Job’s tears under your mattress.

Place another seven Job’s tears within your pillowcase.

Replace these every seven days to bring good fortune when searching for employment or when seeking a raise or promotion.

For a really big raise or major promotion, double or even square the quantity of Job’s tears you use.

Lucky Hand Employment Spell

Lucky Hand root gained its name because it resembles a tiny human hand with too many fingers. Once an extremely popular Hoodoo charm, those extra fingers allegedly enabled you magically to grasp your desires. The more fingers, the more powerful the root is believed to be. As a child, I recall comic books filled with ads for curios like Lucky Hand root, High John and Low John.

The root of a highly endangered orchid species, Lucky Hand root isn’t advertised or used frequently anymore. Virtually the only way to have a Lucky Hand root at all today, let alone guarantee that it’s been harvested ethically, is to grow one oneself. If you do have a Lucky Hand, it’s a treasure. Reputed to help you obtain any desire, it has a powerful reputation as an employment charm, both to find new work and to keep a firm hand on the job you already possess.

Anoint Lucky Hand root with a drop of dressing oil and carry it in a mojo hand.

Magic Mirror Office Harmony Spell

A magic mirror may be used to counteract jealousy, backstabbing and general negative energy: the proverbial evil vibes. This spell requires a bright, sunny day. Although it is a Chinese-derived spell, it may be understood in the context of the Egyptian spirit Sekhmet, who both heals and destroys with laser beam solar rays.

Bring a small round mirror to the scene of the crime or the place of misery. Ideally this is a mirror that can fit into the palm of your hand, for utmost discretion.

Slowly, without drawing undue attention to yourself, circulate throughout the room, with the mirror in your hand, reflecting everything in the room for at least several seconds. Include individuals, too, if you feel this is necessary. This spell removes malevolent energy and intent: it causes no harm. You are essentially vacuuming negative energy out of the room and people.

The mirror will store these reflections. When you’ve completed collecting reflections, face the mirror downwards or wrap it in dark fabric.

When the opportunity presents itself, take the mirror outside.

Hold the mirror up to the sun for no longer than nine seconds. Negativity is burned away and replaced by positive solar energy.

Note: Before performing any solar mirror spells, read the safety tips on page 72.

The Nine Day Employment Spell

Allegedly this spell produces results within nine days; however, it must be accompanied by intensive efforts to locate work.

Tie a High John the Conqueror root and a cinnamon stick together, with green, red or gold thread, knotting your desire and intention into the charm.

Dress the botanicals with Three Kings Oil and place inside a red flannel drawstring bag.

Each morning, before starting that day’s job hunt, anoint the charm with additional Three Kings Oil.

Should your situation remain unchanged and unimproved after nine days, this indicates that it’s time to reconsider your plans and assess alternatives.

Ochossi’s Employment Spell

Ochossi, the divine hunter, may be petitioned for assistance with locating and bagging employment. Traditionally an altar is created for him within a forest. An offering laid before a tree in a park is the best alternative.

If neither is possible, recreate Ochossi’s home in your own. Arrange woodland images around an altar. Bring Ochossi offerings:

Fill a small terracotta bowl with honey.

Place seven silver-colored coins around it (they do not have to be real silver).

Ochossi prefers rum or cachaca. Offer him an entire bottle, although it can be a small airline-sized one. Open it for him. (Some take a mouthful of liquor. Without swallowing any, blow it onto the altar.)

Add some honey-roasted peanuts.

Speak with the orisha; tell him what you need.

Orange Candle Job Spell

Write a description of your dream job and/or your employment expectations on the back of a copy of your CV/resumé.

Brush the CV with honey and sprinkle it with magnetic sand.

Fold the CV nine times.

Anoint an orange candle with Van Van Oil while you visualize your employment dreams come true.

Roll the candle in gold sparkles.

Place it atop the folded CV and burn, coinciding with the New Moon.

Pecan Job Retention Spell

You still have your job but you’re afraid that there’s a genuine possibility that it will be lost?

Get a small bag of edible nuts, still in their shells. Pecans are traditional but other nuts may be substituted.

Shell the nuts, by hand if possible, and eat them slowly, savoring every bite. If you can eat them in the workplace it’s most powerful, however it’s crucial that you be able to eat them peacefully, happily and securely. If you must eat them elsewhere in order to accomplish this, then do so.

While you’re eating maintain a visualization of yourself, secure and happy at work. See yourself holding and cashing your paycheck.

When you’ve finished eating, reserve some of the shells.

Hide them at work in a discreet spot where they won’t be observed or removed.

Pow-Wow Career Enhancement Spell

Pow-Wow Power Potion may be used for career enhancement as well as for psychic enhancement. Its vivid golden color and sweet fragrance provide encouragement and self-confidence, as well.

Massage the oil onto your full body or just your hands prior to employment interviews or any stressful meetings.

Not only is your personal power boosted but the oil can also sharpen that sixth sense so that you’ll know the right thing to say at the right moment.

Saint Anthony’s Job Return Spell

You had a job but you’ve lost it. Saint Anthony the miracle-worker may be petitioned to help get it back. Commercially manufactured seven-day candles dedicated to Saint Anthony are easily available. A plain green candle may also be substituted.

On a piece of brown paper, write your name, your workplace (name and address), your position (or former one) and the name of your boss, supervisor or the decision maker who is in the position to rehire you.

Place this under the candle.

Petition Saint Anthony for assistance and light the candle.

Saint Joseph’s Employment Spell

Saint Joseph is the patron of the unemployed, fathers and step-fathers. He is traditionally appealed to for assistance with finding employment. Should you require work in order to feed a family, he may be helpful and sympathetic.

Although there are various depictions of Saint Joseph, for employment spells he must be shown holding the baby Jesus.

Post the appropriate chromolithograph.

Keep a vigil candle burning.

Request his assistance and search for work.

Saint Martha’s Domestic Service Spell

Saint Martha the Dominator is the matron saint of servants, household staff and domestic workers. In her original Vatican-sanctioned role as Saint Martha of Bethany, she features in the New Testament as the epitome of the capable housekeeper. According to legend, Martha accompanied Mary Magdalene to southern France, where Martha proceeded to have her own adventures. Most famously she tamed a dragon, leading it on a leash woven from her own hair. She’s been taming fierce beasts ever since. Request Martha’s assistance in taming your boss, so that you may lead him or her around in the direction that you choose.

Many historians believe that the story of Saint Martha and the dragon conflates Martha of Bethany with another Martha, a Syrian priestess-magician who accompanied the Roman general Marius on his military campaign in Provence. If this is true, it adds credence to Martha’s power over bosses. Almost two thousand years later, Saint Martha the Dominator continues to receive countless prayers and petitions daily, but how many recall Marius, her old employer?

Dress a green candle with Saint Martha the Dominator Oil.

Place it alongside an image of Martha, a dragon and/or your employer.

Burn the candle as you tell Martha what you need.

Seven Knob Employment Search

Green seven-knob candles are beneficial for employment magic.

Charge the candle with your desire.

Scratch a wish or goal on each knob. The name of a prospective employer may also be scratched into the wax.

Burn one knob daily for seven days.

Steady Work Spells

Steady Work is a Hoodoo condition formula whose name announces its promise. Steady Work Formula is used to find and maintain steady employment. It consists of:

Benzoin resinoid

Gravel root

Sea salt

Steady Work Spell (1)

Grind the ingredients together and burn them.

Reserve the ashes, adding them to a mojo hand.

Steady Work Spell (2)

Blend the ingredients, but don’t burn them.

Carry them in a mojo hand while searching for employment.

Steady Work Spell (3)

Sprinkle Steady Work Formula inside your shoes before setting out on a long day’s search for work.

Steady Work Spell (4) Steady Work Oil

Grind the ingredients used in Steady Work Formula together and place them in a small glass bottle or jar.

Cover with sunflower and jojoba oil. Voila! Steady Work Oil.

Rub Steady Work Oil on your palms and soles when going to work or looking for employment. Or use it to dress candles and mojo hands dedicated to the job search.

Ten of Diamonds Professional Success and Happiness Spell

Playing and tarot cards may be used to influence your future as well as foretell it. The key, in both cases, is to choose the right cards.

Remove the ten of diamonds from a new deck of playing cards and lay it on a dish.

Sprinkle it with Crown of Success Oil and Magnet Oil.

Add a handful of coins and/or paper money and/or spirit money.

Carve a green candle with your identifying information.

Dress the candle with Crown of Success Oil and Magnet Oil.

Place the candle atop the card and burn.

Once the candle has completely burned, gather up the ashes, coins, whatever is left of the playing card (it may or may not burn), and any fortuitous-looking wax remnants. Place them in a red mojo hand. Carry with you or keep it in a safe place.

You Need Me Professional Success Spell

Personal success and advancement may be dependent upon the whims of a specific person with power over your career. The following spell encourages that person to think fondly of you. Because the spell is dependent upon your ability to spend at least a little time alone in this person’s office, it is an ideal spell for a personal assistant or secretary.

Discreetly pick up a much needed object from the person’ desk or office.

Hold it in your hands and focus your thoughts and desires.

Murmur over the object (chant silently, if necessary) something to the effect of: “[Supervisor’s name], you need me like you need this [name the object].”

Replace the object exactly as you found it.

Reinforce by repeating as needed.