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Cleansing Spells
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Isn’t the house clean enough? I take a daily shower, isn’t that sufficient?

Magical cleansing spells have little to do with actual cleanliness, as defined by the absence of dirt, dust or disorder, although there are spells that accomplish both sorts of cleaning simultaneously. Even the most slovenly, disorganized witch will maintain a regular schedule of psychic cleansing.

At their most basic, cleansing spells remove psychic and spiritual debris. A certain level of this debris accumulates constantly. As you become more psychically aware, you may become more conscious of this and feel a greater need to remove it on a regular basis.

Cleansings remove low-level spiritual entities that are attracted to ritual, if only to feed parasitically off the generated energy. Knowingly or unknowingly, these entities obstruct and weaken your psychic work, lessening your chances of success. In addition, cleansings welcome and make room for more benevolent, helpful spirits.

How do you know when you need to cleanse?

Although it may not be necessary for every quick-fix spell, formal rituals begin with cleansings

Spells and petitions directed toward spirits are the equivalent of inviting an honored guest to enter your home. Spiritual cleansing beforehand is a measure of respect

Many magic workers perform cleansings on a regular schedule to suit their specific needs, whether daily, weekly or monthly

If a room doesn’t feel right all of a sudden, if your dog suddenly refuses to enter a room, this may indicate the need for cleansing rites

Cleanse any areas that feel oppressive, slightly off or creepy. Let your inner voice guide you. Any area that has been the scene of violence or a violent emotional altercation needs cleansing

Areas that are frequently and/or consistently the scene of violence or altercations need extra-strong cleansing, followed by protective rituals

Cleansings remove any sense of taint, replacing it with purification and sacredness

Areas, people, ritual tools or other objects may be cleansed. Various methods and tools of varying intensity exist for cleansing. This is very personal magic: the results are apparent immediately. You must feel cleansed. Choose the methods that resonate most powerfully for you. Your spells will be most effective and potent if accompanied by visualization, affirmation and/or the chanting of sacred texts.

If at any level you perceive that magic is inherently evil or bad, yet you continue to cast spells, your need for cleansings is even greater than most. At the simplest level, cleansings remove the proverbial bad vibes. On a more serious note, cleansings provide healing and soothing wherever there has been violence, excessive anger, humiliation and defilement.

Area or Space Cleansing

Any area may be cleansed, from a tabletop altar area or the inside of a magic circle to an entire home or office building. When cleansing a large area, certain spots are believed to require extra care and attention. Vulnerable areas include doors, windows and other thresholds. Corners, especially dark ones, and the area behind a door, especially one that’s consistently propped open, are considered favorite resting spots for malevolent spirits, as are dark closets, bathrooms and any area that feels creepy. Do you recall how children often resist sticking fingers and toes out of the covers for fear that something under the bed will nip them? Dark spaces under the bed can accumulate more than dust bunnies. These are all areas requiring extra attention.

Anyone actively involved in the space cleansing process or exposed to the cleansing materials automatically receives personal cleansing as well, although certain personal cleansing methods cast a more direct and intensive spell.

Animal Allies Cleansing Spells

Scavengers, especially vultures, are the ultimate animal allies of cleansing. Other magical scavengers include crows, jackals and coyotes. Incorporate them into your spells or attempt to establish a magical alliance if spiritual cleansing is a major issue for you.

Spirits affiliated with vultures include Mut and Oshun. Non-scavenger animals affiliated with spiritual cleansing include deer and doves.

Animal Altar Cleansing Spell (1)

Set up an altar space with images of the cleansing animals: rubber toy reproductions are excellent, as are Zuni stone fetishes. Choose one or many, depending upon your taste and cleansing needs.

Ring the animals with amethyst, malachite and quartz crystals. This will generate a low-level but constant cleansing action.

Whenever you desire a more potent cleansing, hold a white candle in your hands and charge it with your desire. Place it in the center of your altar and light it.

Gaze into the flame and envision it as a magnet, sucking all negativity into the fire where it is consumed and purified.

Animal Altar Cleansing Spell (2)

The preceding spell may be adapted so as to maintain a constant, consistent cleansing effect:

Place small images of the cleansing animals in all corners of a room.

The power may be enhanced by also maintaining one larger image on a central altar.

Once a week, “feed” the animals: walking around the room sunwise, greet each one with incense smoke or another offering.

Vulture Spell

Modern vultures possess a bad reputation as filthy scavengers, yet once upon a time, very long ago, they were perceived as holy creatures. Vulture images exist in Paleolithic sacred imagery. Ancient Egyptians considered that vultures, with their wingspan wide enough to embrace an adult, represented the positive ideals of motherhood. Oshun, most beautiful of the orishas, counts the vulture alongside peacocks and parrots as her sacred birds. This profound visualization cleansing spell draws upon this positive imagery. Note: it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Use either a realistic image of a vulture or an image of the Egyptian vulture deity, Nekhbet. What is crucial is that the image has outstretched wings and a direct gaze.

Look the image in the eyes. Request that she come and cleanse you of all spiritual debris.

Visualize the vulture enfolding you with her wings.

When she releases you and departs, you’re cleansed.

Asperging Spells

Asperging means sprinkling with liquid in order to effect spiritual and magical cleansing. These are ancient rites: just like burning loose incense these are techniques known to our earliest ancestors. Asperging spells direct the elemental cleansing power of water and other liquids toward a specific area. Depending upon what is used to direct the water, the elemental cleansing power of Earth may also be incorporated, through the use of botanicals.

Use ritual tools or botanicals to asperge

Use your fingers to flick the water where it’s needed

Weave an asperging wand of cleansing plants: vervain, lavender, hyssop, and rosemary are favorites. This technique can also incorporate knot magic

Asperging is the most popular method of liquid-based space cleansing. It is more discreet than smudging or any sort of smoke-based method. Burning botanicals inevitably leaves a lingering fragrance. By definition, it is the aroma of the burning botanicals that provides the cleansing: the inclination of the cleanser is inevitably to strengthen the aroma. This provides the confidence in the effectiveness of the cleansing and its long-term effects. However, aromas tend to evoke highly personal reactions: fragrances favored in cleansings may or may not meet with your neighbors’ or housemates’ approval.

The issue of fire safety always looms too. Because something is done for positive spiritual purposes does not guarantee that accidents and tragedies will not occur. With water-based cleansings, you are able to maintain tighter control over safety and fragrance. However, different methods resonate for different people: for an intensive cleansing ritual, you may wish to combine several methods.

The most basic cleansing liquid is sea salt dissolved into spring or rainwater. Any of the following formulas also will provide space cleansing. Check the Formulary (page 1037) for recipes:

Holy Water

Florida Water

Indigo Water

Marie Laveau Water

Notre Dame Water

Pollution Water

Rose of Jericho Water

Tar Water

War Water

Disperse them through an area. You can intensify the power by combining formulas. Florida Water, in particular, empowers any other formula to which it’s added. For instance, combine Florida Water and Indigo Water. Sprinkle through the home or area daily as maintenance cleansing.

Black Cohosh Cleansing

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over black snake root/black cohosh; asperge with a rosemary wand to erase evil influences.

Ocean Water Asperging Spell (1)

Unless you live by the sea, this spell may involve more work and preparation than sprinkling with salted fresh water, however the potential power is also greater.

Carry ocean water to the area to be cleansed in a glass or metal flask. (For maximum effect, request permission and offer thanks to the Spirits of the Sea.)

Asperge as needed, ideally with a rosemary or sea lavender wand.

Ocean Water Asperging Spell (2)

Blend ocean water with Indigo Water. Sprinkle as needed using fresh rue as the asperging tool.

Peony Root Cleansing

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over peony roots. Asperge as desired.

Peppermint Asperging Spell

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over peppermint. Strain and use a peppermint branch to asperge as needed.

Pine Asperging Spell

Soak pine needles in warm water and asperge as needed.

Ti plant is a sacred and integral component of Hawaiian magical and spiritual traditions. Using a leaf as an asperging tool adds elements of protection to purification rituals. (Ti plant is not the same as either the Australian or New Zealand tea tree but a completely distinct botanical species, despite the similar names.)

Ti Plant Asperging Spell (1)

Dissolve powdered turmeric in spring water.

Use a ti leaf to disperse the cleansing water as needed. (Turmeric is a potent bright yellow permanent dye; be careful where you sprinkle the water.)

Ti Plant Asperging Spell (2)

Alaea is unprocessed, unrefined sea salt, enriched with small amounts of red Hawaiian clay. It’s edible and may be substituted for salt in any formula.

Dissolve alaea in water.

Asperge with a ti leaf.

Ti Plant Asperging Spell (3)

Blend spring water with sandalwood hydrosol.

Dissolve both turmeric and alaea in the liquid.

Asperge as needed using a ti leaf.

Yarrow Juniper Cleanser

Juniper berry hydrosol

Yarrow hydrosol

Dried juniper berries

Yarrow flower remedy

Blend equal parts of the two hydrosols.

Add a small handful of slightly bruised juniper berries and a few drops of the flower remedy.

This formula is especially recommended for altar cleansing. However, in addition to space cleansing it may also be used for aura cleansing and to cleanse crystals.

Broom Cleansings

You thought witches’ brooms were only for flying? Or perhaps they’re for ambience? Think again: a broom is as effective a spiritual cleanser as it is a household cleaning tool. Some maintain special ritual brooms, for magical use only. Some spells call for really special ritual brooms, intended to be used only once then destroyed, while other spells utilize any available broom, including the one you use for regular daily sweeping.

Broom Cleansing Spell (1)

Use any broom to sweep the dust from the west to the east.

Burn this dust and toss the ashes outdoors.

Complete the ritual by mopping the floors with a magical floorwash (formulas follow on page 201), followed by a protective incense fumigation.

Broom Cleansing Spell (2)

This spell incorporates a single-use magical purification broom.

Use one or any combination of the following botanicals: broom, cedar, fennel, hyssop, rosemary, sage, vervain.

Arrange the botanicals and tie them to the bottom of a branch with raffia, visualizing, charging and knotting. (Any branch may be used, however an ash branch is considered particularly powerful.)

Sprinkle with salted water or any preferred purification formula.

Sweep the area.

Disassemble the broom outside, away from the cleansed space.

Bury the components in the ground or toss them into living waters, flowing away from you.

Broom Cleansing Spell (3)

Any broom may be used in this spell, homemade or commercial, however it must be discarded at the conclusion of the spell.

Add an infusion of lemongrass and some white or rice vinegar to a bucket filled with water. (If you have time to make lemongrass vinegar, this is even more effective than the infusion.)

Dip a broom into the bucket of floorwash and sweep the area from the center, working your way outwards. This does not need to be a commercial broom. A branch with attached stiff herbs is fine, however a mop may not be substituted.

When complete, dump the wash water outside and discard the broom at a crossroads.

Broom Cleansing Spell (4)

Hyssop and vervain are particularly ancient space cleansers. Hyssop is cited in biblical accounts of Temple cleansings, although there is some doubt as to whether the botanical species now identified as hyssop is actually the same as the one in the Bible. Regardless, what we know today as hyssop has been used as a potent spiritual cleanser for centuries.

Vervain was used to cleanse the temples and altars of ancient Greece and Rome. Effective separately, the two botanicals share an affinity and combine well together.

Make a strong infusion from the botanicals.

Add this to a bucket of salted floorwash water together with white vinegar.

Make a single use broom, particularly from vervain and/or hyssop. Use it to asperge and scrub with the infusion.

When you’ve completed the cleansing spell, dispose of the used water outside your home. Take the broom apart and scatter the parts outside.

Broom Cleansing Spell (5)

When moving into a new home, do not bring your old broom with you. Do not use any brooms the old inhabitants may have left behind. Start with a brand new broom.

Obtain a new broom to use exclusively in your new home.

The first time it’s used, soak it in salted Florida Water and sweep away.

Candle Cleansers

Candles deliver the magical space-purifying effects of fire, without the intensity of smoke or the fragrance associated with fumigation cleansings.

Blessing Oil

Create Blessing Oil by adding frankincense and benzoin to a blend of olive and jojoba oils. Use either the ground resin or essential oils. Dress white and blue candles with the oil and burn to purify the atmosphere.

Coconut Candle Cleanser

Coconuts possess an aroma that many find pleasing, sensuous and evocative. Releasing the scent of coconut into the air provides long-term spiritual purification in a relaxed, fragrant manner. Unfortunately what is commercially available is almost invariably synthetic; thus the fragrance may be pleasing but the power is nonexistent. Make your own coconut candles.

The simplest method is to use pour-and-melt wax from the craft store. White or brown are the preferred colors. If you are a skilled candle maker, however, choose any method or wax you prefer.

Prepare the candle shell prior to melting the wax. You may use any type of container you choose; however, a hollowed out half of a coconut shell is ideal.

Melt the wax until liquid.

Stir in pure coconut extract. The quantity depends upon the desired intensity of fragrance.

Make sure that the wick is attached securely to the container, either by holding it in place until the wax hardens or by attaching it to a pencil or stick laid across the top of the container.

Pour the scented wax into the container.

Allow the wax to harden.

Supplement the fragrance with a few drops of ginger, frankincense or lemon essential oils.

Double Reversible Cleansing Candle Spells

Burn double reversible candles every week to maintain standard house cleansing.

Hold the candle in your hands to charge with your purpose prior to burning.

Cleansing Powders

Powders are sprinkled through an area to radiate a cleansing effect as well as to absorb malignancies in the air. Sprinkle lightly: typically the powders will disperse into the atmosphere quickly. If any powder is still visible after seven days, vacuum it up and replace. If this occurs consistently, you are either applying too much or stronger cleansing methods are needed.

Exorcism Powder

Despite its name, rather than performing actual exorcisms, this powder helps eliminate negative emotions, vibrations and low-level spirit emanations.

Blend the following ingredients together and grind into a fine powder:

Dried basil





Blend this powder into arrowroot powder.

Sprinkle as needed.

Jyoti Powder

Despite the Hindu name, Jyoti Powder is a popular Hoodoo formula, with many uses. Sprinkle as needed: it provides protection in addition to cleansing.

Cleansing Spirits

Sometimes you need someone else to clean for you. Calling in the spirits to perform a cleansing is like hiring a deluxe cleaning service. They perform a better, more thorough job than the average person could; they are capable of removing spiritual dirt and debris that you weren’t aware even existed.

Like a cleaning service, these spirits expect to be paid. Some demand specific gifts or offerings. Others, like the angels, expect a certain atmosphere of respect and reverence: angels feed off the fragrance of precious resins. Fill the room with their aroma—it will enhance the cleansing.

As anyone who’s ever hired a cleaning service knows, you must clean prior to the spirits’ arrival. Do some basic cleansings first to prepare the area for their presence: smudge sticks or asperging cleansing waters are appropriate.

Four Archangels Cleansing Service

Summon the archangels; they may arrive alone or leading hosts of lesser angels. The four archangels may be invoked to initiate all rituals and also for the cleansing and protection of ritual space. Angels, most especially the archangels, are not the cute little cherubs one sees depicted on Valentine’s Day cards. These are beings of power and majesty. Their presence may remain invisible or they may manifest in various forms, however a typical vision of angels involves a being so bright they remain visible even with your eyes closed. Their presence as cleansing agents burns like purifying fire, yet they leave holiness in their wake, rather than devastation.

Cast a circle, with a sword, crystal-tipped wand, flaming torch or other tool.

Pause at each cardinal point and invoke the appropriate archangel:

Raphael to the East

Michael to the South

Gabriel to the West

Uriel to the North

Make the invocation as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Different schools posit which angel has dominion over which direction. If you are familiar with other directions, choose what resonates for you.

Whether the following ritual began in Africa, Haiti, or in New Orleans itself is unknown, however it emerged in New Orleans as an adaptation of Haitian ritual. Extremely popular, it passed into general American magical usage and is now familiar all over Earth. It is difficult to find a botanical, occult or spiritual supply store that will not teach you this spell. However, while many are aware of the mechanics of the ritual, few understand the spiritual context of this spell.

The ritual calls upon extremely powerful and prominent lwa to provide cleansing and protection. Although their names are invoked, their identities are forgotten: for many people, this spell is a modern equivalent of the litanies of ancient, forgotten words of power invoked by medieval magicians. However, these are no forgotten spirits: these lwa remain active and vital, invoked daily in Vodoun ritual. If you call them, they may come. If you take the time to understand who you’re calling, this spell becomes even more powerful.

New Orleans Voodoo Spirit Cleansing Service

This spell may also be used purely as a spirit-banishing spell, however it does a potent job of cleaning up all negative vibrations and debris. It is best performed at midnight during a waxing moon. Be sure proper ventilation is available: the smell of sulfur is pungent and potentially irritating.

Place a square of red paper onto a small metal or stone plate. You will need one plate plus its contents for each corner of any room you wish cleansed. Most rooms require four sets.

Place a pinch of sulfur on top of each paper.

Place each plate in a corner, so that there is one in each.

Light the sulfur.

Simultaneously, address the four lwa invoked in this ritual, turning to face each new corner as each name is uttered.


Baron Carrefour!

Baron Cimitiere!


I invoke you! With the power of your names, I command and compel all evil spirits, spells and vibrations, any negative entities, to leave me and my home and never return!

Withdraw from the room, maintaining a vigilant eye on fire safety.

Oya’s Cleansing Spell

Oya, Yoruba orisha of wild storm winds, is the personified tropical hurricane. She has the power to blow away all impurities, leaving a fresh, cleansed atmosphere in her wake—ideal for those who wish to begin a situation completely anew. Oya also is the only orisha who maintains contact and control over the dead; use this ritual following any sort of unsettling ghost contamination. This is a complex full night’s ritual, with an extensive list of ingredients. It simultaneously provides space and personal cleansing.

The spell requires:

Nine ribbons, each in a different color, long enough to go around your waist while you’re sitting, with an additional nine inches spare (choose any colors but be sure to include maroon, purple and brown)

Nine additional ribbons, each in a different color

Nine small, purple eggplants

One bottle of red wine

A bottle of dark rum

A cigar

Nine coins of any denomination

Wine-colored flowers

White candles

Sea salt

Soak the eggplants in the red wine.

Divide the nine main ribbons into three groups and make a braid from each. You will have three braids.

Braid these three together to form one large fat braided belt.

Tie the additional nine ribbons around the belt so that they will fall around your hips when you wear the belt. Set the belt aside.

Drain and dry the eggplants.

Pierce the top of each eggplant.

Run one ribbon through each and tie each eggplant securely to the braided belt, consciously knotting your desires.

Take a mouthful of rum and spray it onto the belt.

Light the cigar and blow smoke over the belt, all the while petitioning Oya to grant your desire.

Although this part of the spell is most powerful performed in the nude, do whatever is comfortable for you: tie the belt around your waist. Whirl and twirl through your home, visualizing all negativity entering into the eggplants.

When you feel that the cleansing is complete, take off the belt and place it inside a plain brown paper bag, together with nine coins.

Take this package to Oya’s home, the cemetery, and leave it at the gates. This is best done at night. If you can, without attracting undue attention to yourself, rattle and shake the gates. Make your presence known. Tell Oya why you’ve come and what you need.

Return home via a different route.

Light the white candles in the bathroom. Run a tub with warm water and add the sea salt to the water. Bathe and relax.

Put on clean clothes and go to bed in clean, fresh sheets.

Cleansing Through Smoke

Burning botanicals releases their powers into the air, releasing various magical effects. What is actually being released depends upon what is being burned. This is true in areas outside magic too: up until World War I, French hospitals burned juniper and rosemary in order to release the volatile oils to provide antiseptic, antibacterial effects.

Smoke cleansings are considered among the most potent of cleansing spells. Their effect lingers as long as you can smell any vestiges of the botanical aroma. Strong, fragrant, visible smoke that shoots straight up is considered especially powerful and auspicious.

In order to cleanse an area effectively, the aroma of the burning plant material has to permeate the air. In theory, if the quantities of the botanical cleanser are great enough, there’s no need to waft the smoke around. Hence the huge mounds of frankincense and myrrh burned in ancient temples, as well as the traditional Midsummer and Beltane bonfires. If you want to burn such quantities, however, be aware that not only will every corner of your own area be permeated with fragrance, but that aromas spread and are difficult to contain. Your neighbors will be calling to either complain or to thank you, as the case may be.

Few, however, have access to such quantities of botanicals. Therefore, most cleansing smoke needs to be directed towards what needs to be cleansed. Burning releases the magical properties into the atmosphere: actual cleansing comes from direct exposure to the smoke.

Basic Botanic Fumigation Spell

Burning specific botanicals provides magical and spiritual antiseptic effects. These botanicals include: aloes wood, benzoin resin, bloodroot, cajeput, cinnamon, cloves, dragon’s blood resin, eucalyptus, frankincense, garlic, harmel (Syrian rue), juniper, mastic, mugwort, myrrh, onions, rosemary, sage (especially white sage), Saint John’s Wort, sandalwood, thyme, wormwood, and yarrow. Burn them alone or in any combination.

Many of these plants also radiate a protective aura: maintaining them as a presence, particularly as living plants but also as dried amulets, can only be beneficial. Whatever else these plants do (and many, such as frankincense, dragon’s blood and wormwood are extremely versatile magically), they always radiate a cleansing, purifying aura. Although certain methods of use intensify their cleansing effects, those effects are constant: the more these botanicals are used, the more consistent their cleansing power.

The simplest of all smoke-cleansing methods is the smudge stick. A smudge stick is a small wand made from dried botanicals. Although today the most famous smudge sticks derive from Native American tradition, this is basically a very simple, universal tool. The old English lavender wand is, in effect, a smudge stick, albeit one that is not frequently burned.

Smudging is the process of using directed smoke to cleanse an area, person or object. Smudge sticks are popular occult tools and easily purchased, but they can be just as easily created:

Dry bunches of herbs.

When they have completely dried, bind them together with thin cotton thread.

When needed, the stick is lit and the smoke directed towards and over whatever needs cleansing.

A feather fan is often used to direct the smoke, although you may also use your bare hands.

Be aware of fire safety: smudge sticks tend to smolder long after the flames appear to have died out.

Although a smudge stick may theoretically be created from any dried botanicals, for cleansing purposes, the following are most potent and practical:

White sage or common garden sage


Desert sage (a different species from the sage above: an Artemisia, not a Salvia)


The smudge stick has certain advantages: it’s neat, compact, easily controlled, discreet and mobile. Loose incense, however, is also extremely effective and offers you the luxury of a wider selection of botanical material.

Many of the most potent cleansing materials are gum resins and wood chips that do not lend themselves to binding into a wand. These are usually burned on charcoal, which is placed on a dish, iron pan or incense censer so that the cleansing smoke may be directed as needed.

Specific cleansing formulas have evolved:

Betony Cleansing Incense

Burning the dried herb betony magically disperses negative energy and lurking entities. This is especially effective if you suspect and fear that the negativity emanates from you.

Birch Cleansing Incense

Burn birch bark and twigs to remove negative energy.

Bloodroot Cleansing Spell

Dragon’s blood resin, originally from Indonesia, has fascinated occultists for millennia because of its red color, unusual for a tree resin, and because, when burned, it truly does resemble blood. Bloodroot is, in some ways, the North American equivalent.

Known as bloodroot because of its blood red sap, it is a favored ingredient in North American magic. Used to erect an intensive protective aura, it also has many uses in folk medicine. However, it is potentially very toxic. Do not take internally without expert professional supervision.

Powder bloodroot with a mortar and pestle.

Burn some of the powder for seven consecutive nights at midnight.

Conclude the ritual by sprinkling the ashes in an unbroken circle around your home to prevent the approach of evil spirits and malevolent magic.

Cast Out Evil Incense

This powerful formula provides cleansing for areas profaned by evil and/or violence:

Blend and grind the following ingredients together into a fine powder:






Sprinkle onto a lit charcoal and burn.

Cast Out Evil Extra Strength Spell

For areas that have been truly profaned and need extra-potent cleansing:

Do an initial moderate cleansing of the area.

Prepare the room by closing all windows and sources of ventilation.

Prepare an incense burner with lit charcoals.

Place a substantial quantity of Cast Out Evil incense onto the burner.

Position the burner in the center of the room.

Let it remain there for a minimum of an hour, and overnight at longest. While the incense burns, the room should be closed to all outside ventilation. If it’s possible for someone to stay in the room, to attend the incense, they will be rewarded with a powerful personal cleansing. If this is not possible and the incense will be temporarily unsupervised, be extremely vigilant as to fire safety.

When sufficient time has passed, open windows, provide ventilation, let the fresh air in.

Cedarwood Cleansing Incense

The cedars of Lebanon were famed in ancient times for their magic powers. Today the cedars of Lebanon are virtually gone. The closest species is the Atlas cedar, native to North Africa. Burn cedarwood chips and needles to purify the atmosphere.

Coconut Cleanser

Coconuts have profound cleansing and absorbing powers. Mainly used in personal cleansings, this variation from the French Antilles is used to fumigate an area.

Fill hollowed coconut shells with frankincense, Mecca balsam and chopped vetiver roots.

Arrange these strategically around the home: they’re typically burned around the outer perimeter but may also be used indoors.

Burn the botanicals within the shell.

Coriander Enhanced Cleansing Incense

Blend coriander seeds, frankincense, and gum sandarac. Burn, and waft the smoke as needed.

Desert Sage Spell

Despite its name, desert sage, a Native American botanical, does not belong to the salvia (sage) family but is actually an artemisia, like mugwort or wormwood. Desert sage shares characteristics of both botanical families: true to its artemisia roots, it is a potent psychic enhancer; like the sages, it has profound cleansing powers.

Desert sage lends itself to use as a smudge stick; it was also traditionally tossed into open fire to create cleansing, purifying, protective smoke that allegedly intensifies psychic perception.

Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Incense

Dragon’s blood is believed to neutralize negative energy. This is a powerful resin, with many magical uses. It is a component of a vast variety of spells for protection, romance, and healing.

Burning dragon’s blood alone provides a potent cleansing. However, add dragon’s blood to other sacred botanicals for extra enhancement.

Although many enjoy the power of rare, exotic materials, some of the most potent spiritual formulas use common household items, even things that might normally be considered garbage. This cleansing, for instance, utilizes garlic peel.

Although incensio technically refers to any incense, the word used in many Latin American spiritual traditions to denote special cleansing incense is sahumerio. This standard Santeria-derived formula is traditionally performed as regular magical, house maintenance, either weekly or monthly, depending upon how long it takes one to accumulate sufficient garlic peel. Without a sufficient quantity of the peel, only a minimal amount of cleansing smoke will be raised. The goal is to flush out and expel any lingering negative entities.

To prepare for the ritual, whenever garlic is used, whether for cooking or spell casting, don’t throw away the peel but retain it until enough has been accumulated.

Garlic Cleansing Spell (1)

Place the reserved garlic peel in a mortar and pestle and add brown sugar.

Pound and grind them together.

Sprinkle the result onto lit charcoal or burn it on a cast iron pan.

Waft the fumes over the areas to be cleansed, allowing the aroma to permeate and settle.

Garlic Cleansing Spell (2)

A variation on the theme introduces sulfur, used to add a protective shield in addition to the cleansing:

Place the reserved garlic peel in a mortar with brown sugar and sulfur powder.

Pound and grind them together.

Sprinkle onto lit charcoal and burn.

Garlic Cleansing Spell (3)

This sahumerio combines the simplicity of reserved garlic peel with rare exotic gum resins.

Place the reserved garlic peel in a mortar together with frankincense, mastic and storax.

Pound and grind them together.

Sprinkle onto lit charcoal or burn in a cast-iron pan, wafting the smoke as needed.

Garlic Cleansing Spell (4)

This Brazilian variation burns garlic cloves as well as peel. As can be imagined, a much stronger aroma is created:

Crush the garlic to release the volatile oils: it may be mashed up with a mortar and pestle, however do not remove the peel.

Place it on an incense burner or on a cast-iron pan.

Blend brown sugar and good strong ground coffee. Do not use decaf.

Sprinkle the blended sugar and coffee over the garlic and set it alight.

Carry this, wafting the aromatic smoke where needed.

High Spirit Incense

Very popular among spiritualists, this formula allegedly removes spiritual debris, invites beneficial spirits and offers protection and blessings.

3 parts frankincense

2 parts benzoin

1 part myrrh

Grind the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle and then burn on charcoal.

Juniper—Rosemary Cleansing Spell

A cleansing to precede outdoor rituals relies on the old French hospital stand-by formula. Or does the old hospital formula rely on even older magical traditions?

This must be performed outside: it cleanses ritual space, releases healing energy into the surrounding area, and will provide personal cleansing for anyone exposed to the smoke.

Burning juniper branches are the foundation for this formula.

Pine branches may also be added as an optional ingredient for additional power.

Lay fresh rosemary and lavender stalks on the burning branches.

Fragrant resins such as frankincense, myrrh and/or mastic may be added to the resulting bonfire.

Liquidambar Cleansing Incense

Liquidambar (storax), like lavender, has the magical property of enhancing the power of other botanicals when it’s combined with them. Blend frankincense, liquidambar, mastic, and sandalwood. Burn and waft the smoke as desired.

North African Cleansing Incense

This cleansing formula derives from North Africa. Mastic, a component of ancient Egyptian embalming formulas, is an excellent pre-ritual cleanser especially because it’s believed to enhance clairvoyance.

Mastic resin tears or powder

Dried myrtle leaves and berries

Dried rose petals

Mash the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle and burn on charcoal.

Old Affair Removal Cleansing Incense

There aren’t only spiritual reasons for cleansing spells; sometimes they’re necessary to set the stage for new love by removing all vestiges of the past. Burn myrtle and dried rose petals.

Pine Cleansing Incense

Grind dried pine needles to powder and sprinkle on lit charcoals to cleanse an area of negative energy and entities.

Sacred Purification Incense

This cleansing formula incorporates the botanicals most frequently used in sacred rites. It removes the negative and the tainted, leaving an aura of holiness behind.


Dragon’s blood




Sea salt

Blend and grind the ingredients into a fine powder.

Sprinkle onto a lit charcoal and burn.

Sacred Resin Cleansing Incense

Blend dragon’s blood powder and frankincense and burn.

Sugar Cane—Bamboo Leaf Cleansing Spell

This Brazilian formula utilizes dried pulverized bamboo leaves, which are common in Brazil but may be purchased from herbal supply stores elsewhere.

Place the bamboo leaves into a mortar together with some sugar cane and grind them together.

Burn the botanicals, wafting the fragrance as needed.

If necessary, substitute granulated brown sugar for the sugar cane, however, it’s not exactly the same. You may wish to add a few drops of dark rum in addition, but be aware that rum is extremely flammable and the flames may shoot up higher than is normally the case with incense.

Tropical Spices Cleansing Incense

Blend cinnamon, cloves, and coriander seeds and burn.

Cleansing Through Sound

Music plays many magical roles. Charms, in the most ancient sense of the word, were meant to be sung. Traditional Finnish magicians were famed for their ability to sing things into existence or to heal via songs. Experienced magicians were expected to possess songs that could halt bleeding.

Like botanicals or crystals, perhaps every musical instrument has its magical uses. Violins and flutes are used to cast love spells, while the sounds and reverberations of drums and percussion instruments provide extremely powerful cleansings.

Cleansed by the Bell

Among the reasons bells are traditionally incorporated into churches is that bells are powerful space cleansers. Although any bell may be used, the most effective for cleansing purposes include silver bells, iron bells, and brass bells.

Maneki Neko is the amuletic Japanese beckoning cat. Usually a free-standing figurine, Maneki Neko bells cleanse personal and spatial auras, in addition to their traditional function of attracting prosperity and protection.

Ring bells whenever you feel cleansing is required. Hang bells in a breezy spot so that their activity can be consistent.

Bells are interesting cleansers because, unlike other methods, they can operate spontaneously. Should a typically silent bell suddenly ring, especially without obvious cause, pay attention. Further cleansing or protective rituals may be needed.

The Raucous House Party Method: Ancient Percussion

This method evokes primal spiritual rites. Historically, this method was utilized in ancient Anatolia, Egypt, Nubia, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. This method enhances space cleansing by adding protective, aura boosting and spirit summoning properties.

Preferred instruments include cymbals, sistra, tambourines and/or frame drums. At least some of these instruments are required for effective cleansing, and at least some of the instruments must have metal parts. Supplement with other drums, flutes, rattles and percussion as desired.

Although musical skill and experience certainly never hurts, it’s not necessary for cleansing purposes. All that is required is that everyone grabs an instrument and allows the spirits to guide them. Reverberations remove negative debris. In addition, there is an element of banishing: The theory behind the spell is that low-level malevolent entities are frightened by the raucous clatter of percussion and will quickly depart. The sounds also extend a party invitation to sacred revelers like Kybele, Dionysus, the Dactyls, Astarte, Hathor, Isis, Bes and Taweret. Their presence, even if fleeting, provides blessings and protection. The goal, therefore, is to make a joyful noise. Make a lot of noise. This is a party cleansing: it’s not solemn and serious. The mood contributes to the ritual. A room that felt uneasy prior to this ritual will feel friendly and inviting once it’s over.

This cleansing is an effective ritual itself. It raises a lot of power and energy and is an excellent precursor to spells dealing with love, sexuality, and the more passionate aspects of protection, finances, justice and healing. It may also be a prelude to a great party. It is not the appropriate cleansing to choose, however, if you wish to follow purification rites with serene, controlled, sedate ritual. Try the following method instead.

The Serene Yet Powerful Method: Singing Bowls

The harmonies created by Himalayan singing bowls are used to wash space. Ideally, the goal is to achieve a perfect balance of yin and yang energies. This method is particularly beneficial before ritual. It has a soothing effect on participants as well: beyond cleansing, it is also used to balance and harmonize energies—excellent for the initiation of group ritual.

The singing bowl is a round metal bowl made in varying sizes. It is portable, so that it may be carried directly to any area needing cleansing. Traditionally, the finest singing bowls are crafted in Nepal from seven metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, lead, and zinc. Each metal corresponds to one of the seven visible planets and thus incorporates its energies and blessings.

A small wooden mallet is used to tap the bowl, typically three times for maximum effect. Different sounds are produced depending upon whether the bowl is tapped, rubbed or hit. Try using your fingernail or the tips of your fingers instead of the mallet. Adding varying amounts of water to the bowl also alters the sound. Experiment. Find the sounds that please you, that literally resonate with you. Harmonize the sound of the bowl with your own ears and intuition to achieve the correct sound for your purpose and space.

Place a small cushion beneath the bowl as it’s carried. A round cushion is traditional. This is not merely a formality: the cushion improves the sound, lengthening the tone.

Walk with the bowl, directing the sound as needed.

For heavy duty cleansing, place the bowl on its cushion on a table in the center of a room. Strike it, letting its sound reverberate and radiate.

Like any other occult tool, given the opportunity, an individual singing bowl can develop a rapport with an individual person. A fine singing bowl is an exceptionally receptive tool.

It will become attuned to anyone in frequent contact with it. Store the bowl in soft, heavy fabric such as velvet when not in use. Singing bowls improve with age, becoming more powerful with frequent use.

Singing bowls are also used for empowering, energizing and replenishing space following any kind of space cleansing.

Sistrum Cleansing

The sistrum may be used individually as a cleansing agent. A handled instrument, formed from metal, it is shaken so that its small metal discs clatter. An ancient spiritual and magical tool, its ancient Egyptian name “shesheshet” evokes its sound. Sistra are still used in Ethiopian spiritual rites. Simple sistra are available, as are reproductions of ancient Egyptian ones, which typically feature the head of the primal goddess of Earth’s delights, Hathor, on its handle.

Among her many functions, Hathor is the Spirit of Music as well as one of the primary guardians of her father, Ra. Ever vigilant, she earned the sobriquet, the Eye of Ra. Hathor is the sistrum. When you wield it, you hold the mighty Eye of Ra in your hands. Shake it in all corners, closets and behind doors to chase away evil and produce a cleansed aura and atmosphere.

Cleansing Vapors

Blessing Incense

Not all incenses are dry. This is a liquid, steam-based incense formula from Yemen.

Gently warm rose water or hydrosol.

Add sugar, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Add some or all of the following: aloes wood, rose petals, sandalwood powder, black tea leaves, attars of jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and henna.

Simmer, until steam rises.

Use the steam to bless and cleanse an area, people and/or objects.

Chinese Vinegar Steam Cleanser

Steam is the result of the merged powers of water and fire; it is an extremely effective spiritual cleanser. This Chinese formula is recommended for a weekly standard cleansing:

Boil rice vinegar in a shallow pan until it’s steaming (a paella pan or similar is ideal).

Very carefully, so as not to burn yourself, carry the steaming pan of vinegar through all the rooms of the home, letting the vapors cleanse corners, closets, all and any areas that don’t feel “right.”

Glittering Coals Vapor Cleanser

There are other ways to merge the powers of water and fire: toss burning coals into a bowl of water. This provides a quick burst of purification for anything (or anyone) in the immediate vicinity. Sizzling, sparking and/or steaming are extra powerful and auspicious signs.

Sacred Resin Liquid Cleanser

Most of the various sacred resins are also available as liquid essential oils, such as frankincense, mastic and sandalwood. Warmed in an aroma burner, they provide space cleansing in this form too, although with not quite as potent an effect as a profound blast of the smoke. It is more discreet, however, and their fragrances are beautiful. Use as general household maintenance.

Follow the directions of your aroma burner. In general, there will be a space to hold water or oil. Fill this partway with the desired liquid and add a few drops of the essential oil. Some method of heating from underneath is required, typically a small candle.


Floorwashes don’t sound as glamorous as incense and asperging, however they are an integral component of the Hoodoo and Conjure magical traditions. They combine actual physical house cleaning with spiritual and magical work, effectively killing two birds with one stone. They are potent yet discreet and perhaps the single most effective use of multi-tasking within magic.

Although the liquid is called floorwash, technically it refers to the final rinse used to clean a floor or other interior surfaces. It should not be removed but allowed to air-dry, so that its power radiates into the surrounding atmosphere. In other words, the floor should be clean before applying the floorwash. The radiant power of the botanicals is what is crucial: floorwashes are a component of many spells for a variety of purposes, including protection and romance, in addition to their obvious value as a space cleansing device.

There are two standard methods of making a floorwash. Choose which suits you:

Fill a bucket with warm water. Add the magical infusion together with some white vinegar

Create the infusion and pour it into an empty bucket. Pour enough boiling salted water over it to fill the bucket. Add some white vinegar

Angelica Floorwash

In addition to its cleansing abilities, angelica possesses a strong protective aspect.

Make a strong infusion from dried angelica.

Strain out the herbs.

Add the infusion, together with some white or rice vinegar, to a bucket of wash water to cleanse floors and surfaces.

Aura Cleansing Floorwash

Agrimony repels and sends back hexes. Peppermint is an aggressive cleanser that beckons the presence of helpful, benevolent spirits. Combined, these botanicals create a particularly potent floorwash.

Make a strong infusion from dried agrimony and peppermint.

Strain out the herbs and add the infusion liquid to a bucket of water, together with white or rice vinegar.

Cleanse floors and surfaces.

Dragon’s Tears Floorwash

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over dragon’s tears. Add this to a bucket of floorwash rinse water with vinegar and scrub away.

Four Thieves Floorwash

Add Four Thieves Vinegar, black salt, and rosemary to a bucket of floorwash.

New Home Floorwash

This is recommended for a preliminary cleansing when moving into a new home. This removes old vibrations and emotions lingering from past residents and allows you to begin with a fresh slate.

Make a strong infusion from basil, hyssop, and pine needles.

Strain and add to a bucket of rinse water, with vinegar.

Cleanse floors and surfaces as needed.

Ocean Water Spell

Fill empty glass bottles with ocean water and bring them home. Use this water to cleanse walls and floors, and whatever requires magical cleansing.

Ocean Water Extra Strength Home Cleansing

Fill empty glass bottles with ocean water. Add Cascarilla Powder, agar-agar and powdered kelp. Use this water for magical space cleansing.

Post-cleansing Spell

After other Cleansing Spells are complete, add Cascarilla Powder to a bucket of salted water. Wash down floors and walls to seal and enhance your previous efforts.

Full House Cleansings

Special techniques may be needed should you wish to magically cleanse an entire building. Although many cleansing spells assume that a home is being ritually cleansed, these spells may also be used for workspaces or any other type of building.

Coconut Cleansing Spell

Bring rum, Cascarilla Powder and a whole coconut to the corner of your home furthest from the main entrance.

Take a mouthful of rum. Don’t swallow it; instead spray it over the whole coconut.

Next sprinkle Cascarilla Powder on the coconut.

Roll the coconut through your home, out the main entrance.

Pick it up and bring it to a four-way crossroads at a distance from where you live, a remote crossroads, not one that you pass frequently.

Circumambulate the four points of the crossroads, dropping offerings of fruit, coins, and candy as you pass each one.

Bring the coconut into the center of the crossroads and throw it to the ground, making sure that it cracks open.

Leave it there. Return home via a circuitous route without looking back.

Intensive Space Cleansing

Take an entire bunch of peppermint and rub it vigorously against walls, furniture, objects, and whatever else needs to be cleansed.

When the cleansing is complete, wrap the peppermint in brown paper and remove it from your home immediately.

Dispose of it far from home, returning via a circuitous route.

Jessamine Flowers House Cleansing Spell

Botanicals don’t have to be burnt to cleanse: spread day Jessamine petals throughout the house for spiritual cleansing and to remove the residue of any malevolent spells cast against you.

Lodestone Cleansing

Hold two matched pairs of lodestones (four lodestones in total) in your hands.

Slowly, consciously move through the area in a sunwise direction, encouraging the lodestones to absorb all negativity and spiritual debris.

When you have finished, do intensive lodestone cleansing or bury the lodestones in Earth.

Midsummer’s Fire Cleansing Spell

Carry burning brands of aromatic herbs from the Midsummer’s bonfires through your home to cleanse, purify, and protect.

Mother Holles Cleansing Spell

In fairy tales, Hulde, prominent Teutonic deity of love, sex, birth, and death devolves into Mother Holle, supernal supervisor of women’s housework. The spiritual message is subliminal: Mother Holle supervises cleansing rites. Traditionally these twelve herbs were gathered during Midsummer’s revels, then preserved, allowed to dry and mature and then used between the winter solstice and January 6th:









Slippery elm




Grind the botanicals into a powder, and burn, wafting the smoke into all corners and crevices of the home.

New Home Major Cleansing Spell

This cleansing ritual may be used for individual rooms or for an entire house and is an excellent cleansing method prior to moving into a new home.

Blend essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood into olive oil.

Use this to dress a blue candle.

Place this candle onto a disposable saucer or plate.

Place this saucer on top of some spread-out sheets of newspaper or a disposal tablecloth.

Cast a large circle with sea salt on the paper around the candle and saucer. The circle must be large enough for you to maneuver comfortably within it.

Enter the circle; you may either stand or kneel on the paper, and light the candle.

Close the doors and let the candle burn out. (Always maintain an eye on fire safety.)

When the candle is finished, fold everything up securely inside the newspaper. Do not spill even one grain of salt.

Take it to a moving body of water. Slide all biodegradable materials into the water. Throw everything else into a trashcan at a distance from your home. Walk away and don’t look back.

Repeat in every room that you would like cleansed.

Rice and Salt Full House Cleansing

This Chinese ritual utilizes two potent cleansing agents: salt and rice. This ritual provides a massive cleansing of an entire home or building. Salt ranks among the most reliable magical cleansing agents, while, in addition to absorbing negative energy, rice is also the traditional Chinese offering made to propitiate wandering Earth spirits, in order to promote harmonious coexistence and basically to avoid trouble.

Take a cleansing bath before proceeding with the ritual. A salt scrub (see page 218) for personal cleansing is recommended.

Blend raw white rice and sea salt in a bowl.

First walk around the outer perimeter of the house or property being cleansed, sunwise, tossing small handfuls of the rice/salt mixture on the ground at the base of the house.

Repeat this ritual inside each room.

The last stop is the front door: toss three handfuls from inside out, then another three handfuls from outside in.

Do not clean up for twenty-four hours. Leave everything alone. (If birds eat the rice outside, that’s fine, no need to shoo them away.)

The rice/salt outside can remain as a protective circle and as a peace offering to wandering spirits. Vacuum up the rice and salt inside. Do not sweep. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag outside the home.


To sain someone or something is a Scottish method of ritually cleansing and blessing. This spell simultaneously spiritually cleanses and blesses an area and all participants alike:

Collect Holy Water, defined in this circumstance as water collected from a local spring or other nearby living source of water, between midnight and dawn, coinciding with a waxing moon.

All participants should gather in a circle.

Pass the water sunwise for each person to sip and sprinkle over themselves. (It may be more practical for each person to sprinkle their neighbor.)

Sprinkle the water in each corner of each room.

Salt Cleansing Spell

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over High John the Conqueror roots.

Sprinkle the infusion on salt. (Only moisten the salt; don’t melt it.)

Allow the salt to dry out.

Sprinkle the salt around your home to absorb negativity.

Reserve the remaining High John liquid and refrigerate. Repeat the spell as desired, daily or weekly.

Stationary Cleansers

Certain objects are perceived as being similar to magical vacuum cleaners. They absorb malevolence and negativity, removing it from the premises. As a general rule, white foods may be used in this manner.

In general, when the object is full, like a vacuum cleaner bag, it needs to be removed from the premises and discarded. Crystals are the exception: they may be cleansed, effectively emptying them of debris, so that they may be used over and over again. Check page 221 for crystal cleansing methods.

Stationary cleansers are typically left unsupervised in an area; if children and/or pets are present, make sure a safe method is used.

Amethyst Crystal Cleanser

Place large amethysts in room corners to serve as spiritual vacuum cleaners. When they look dull, cleanse and recharge them. Other crystal gemstones recommended for space-cleansing include clear quartz crystal and malachite.

Basic Stationary Cleansing

Sprinkling directs the cleansing, however liquids may also be used as stationary cleansers:

Place any of the cleansing formulas recommended in Asperging Spells on page 188 (but especially Florida Water and Notre Dame Water), in shallow uncovered pans.

Situate them strategically through an area, to absorb negative energy and provide a cleansing effect.

Replace weekly. If the liquid starts to look odd or smell strange, however, replace it immediately.

Egg Space Cleansing Spell (1)

Eggs are considered highly absorbent and capable of removing psychic debris. They are also used for personal cleansings and to diagnose and remove the Evil Eye.

Place eggs under the bed inside a bowl of spring water. The number of eggs depends upon the number of people sleeping in the bed, one egg per person.

Replace all eggs weekly. However should the eggs develop a foul aroma before the week is up, replace them immediately. Essentially, the vacuum bag is full.

Do not eat the eggs. Do not break or crack them inside your home. Put them in a brown paper bag and discard them outside your home.

Egg Space Cleansing Spell (2)

Individual eggs may also be placed in the corners of any rooms requiring cleansing. Leave them for seven days or until they begin to smell. This method is recommended for cleansing areas following altercations or minor violence.

Florida Water Stationary Cleanser

Fill a pan with equal parts Florida Water and Marie Laveau or Holy Water.

Add one camphor square to the liquid.

Keep the pan under the bed or in another strategic location.

Change the water once a week or if it should start to smell “off.”

Hoodoo Stationary Cleanser

Crumble a camphor square into a glass bottle or jar.

Cover it with Florida Water.

Leave the bottle open and strategically placed.

When the scent is no longer apparent, dispose of the Florida Water and repeat the process.

Onion Space Cleansing Spell

Chop one onion into quarters and place one piece in each corner of a room. Don’t peel the onion. Don’t use a food processor. Chop it by hand.

Allow the onion pieces to remain in place overnight.

Bury them outside the following day.

Repeat the process for a total of five consecutive nights.

Pomander Cleanser

Make a pomander from a lime fruit.

Pierce it with holes and stick cloves in each hole.

Roll the pierced fruit in powdered orrisroot and cinnamon.

Tie it with red and black ribbons and hang it strategically to absorb negativity and purify the aura.

Replace with a new one when the scent fades.

Rice Cleansing Spell

White foods like eggs and onions frequently possess this absorbent quality. Use white rice for the following spell:

Place an uncovered bowl of raw rice out to absorb negative energy and spiritual debris.

Replace with fresh rice weekly.

Discard the old rice outside the house or feed it to wild birds, whichever is appropriate.

Santeria Stationary Cleanser

Many Santeria space cleansings use water as a defensive mechanism, on the premise that evil and psychic toxins will dissolve in water in the same manner as salt or sugar.

Dissolve a square of camphor in a pan of water.

Keep it under the bed.

Change the water weekly. However, if an unpleasant odor emerges, dispose of the water immediately and replace it.

Disposal of the water is part of the spell: ideally it’s thrown out the back window. If this isn’t possible, flush it down the toilet but smudge the disposal area immediately.

Never dispose of the water in the kitchen sink or elsewhere in the house. You want to eliminate any possibility of lingering toxins.

Vinegar Cleanser

Plain vinegar is cheap, easily obtainable and among the strongest cleansing agents of all.

Place a cup or bowl of vinegar in every room that needs cleansing.

Replace weekly.

For intensified cleansing, add a square of camphor to the vinegar. To improve the fragrance, add a few drops of essential oils of frankincense, rose or sandalwood or blend with Florida Water.

Personal Cleansings

Personal cleansings are done in preparation for rituals and spellwork. They have an empowering effect and will remove accumulated psychic debris that obstructs full expression of personal power. In addition, many who delve into spiritual work perform regularly scheduled cleansings, usually once a week, as general magical maintenance.

Stronger cleansings are needed in special circumstances: they provide psychic healing following violence, violation or humiliation. Personal cleansings can also provide relief after trivial, unpleasant experiences. Should you ever feel somehow tainted or unclean, to any degree, that’s the signal that some sort of personal cleansing ritual is needed. Choose the rituals that resonate most strongly for you.

Personal cleansings have an advantage over many other types of spells: their effects are readily apparent fairly immediately. A successful cleansing spell leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed and clean.

Many personal cleansings, particularly the baths, may be performed for oneself. However, some cleansing techniques require that one person performs the cleansing for another. To some extent, that’s because many are survivals of shamanic rituals. Shamanic healers provide profound cleansing and soul restoration, beyond the scope of the average layperson. Once upon a time, unlike today, shamanic healing was common and accessible (according to many anthropologists and historians, the true oldest profession is that of the shaman). Perhaps it will be so again: cleansing spells do not replace the need for shamans. However, their methods have been adapted to household use: make sure you choose ritual assistants and cleansing assistants wisely.

Barrida Cleansing

The barrida, the Latin American ritual sweeping, uses a handmade broom to sweep the body clean, just like a broom sweeps the floor. One person serves as a cleanser for another—you can’t really sweep yourself. Make a small broom from branches, ideally flowering branches. Rosemary is the most popular choice, but basil and rue are also effective. These botanicals may also be combined. Tie numerous stalks together. Take apart the barrida (the broom) and dispose of it once the cleansing is over.

Basil Cleansing Bath

In addition to standard cleansing effects, this bath is excellent for removing negative emotions caused by extended exposure to very controlling people. Basil also enhances luck and the potential for prosperity.

Pour approximately one cup of boiling water over one heaped teaspoon of dried basil.

Allow this to stand until the water cools, creating a strong infusion.

Add this to your bath.

Citrus Bath

Obtain as many kinds of citrus fruits as possible: lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, and so forth.

Draw a bath, quarter each fruit, squeeze the juice into the bath and toss the fruit in the water.

Add yarrow hydrosol, as much as you like.

Get into the bath and rub the fruit over your body.

Let yourself air-dry. (You may be sticky but let it remain for as long as possible.)

Cleansing and Energy Balancing Bath

The botanicals frankincense and myrrh are perceived as happily married, perfectly balanced and a matching couple, as are vetiver and patchouli. In addition to aura cleansing, these botanicals also balance yin and yang energies.

Add a cup of salt to a dish.

Add two drops each of essential oils of frankincense, myrrh, patchouli and vetiver. (You may add more if you wish, but keep proportions equal. Add additional drops in even numbered combinations.)

With your fingers, blend this into the salt.

Add this to a tub of running water.

When the bath has filled and the temperature is correct, adjust the fragrance, if you like, by adding a few more drops of any of the essential oils directly to the water.

Cleansing Oil (1)

Sometimes cleansing means adding something rather than removing it. This Mediterranean formula has a purifying effect. Using either essential oils or fresh herbs add basil, rosemary, and thyme to olive oil and massage this into the body.

Cleansing Oil (2)

Create cleansing oil by blending frankincense, benzoin, sandalwood, myrrh, and/or liquidambar into jojoba oil. Use either essential oils or dried botanicals.

Anoint at least four white candles with this oil so that you may cast a circle with them wide enough so there’s no anxiety about sitting within the circle. (More candles may be used; if only using four, place one in each of the cardinal points.)

Light the candles and sit within the circle until you feel cleansed and purified.

Desert Sage Bath

Make an infusion of desert sage. Add it to the bath to cleanse, purify, and alleviate any sense of being psychically or morally “unclean.”

Destroy All Evil Bath

Add at least one cup of Florida Water and at least one cup of sea salt to a tub filled with water.

Add a generous splash of Four Thieves Vinegar.

Just before you enter the water, when the temperature has already been adjusted, add nine drops of essential oil of rosemary.

Reinforce and enhance the bath’s potency by keeping a large quartz crystal in the water while you bathe.

Dragon’s Blood Bath

Blend dragon’s blood powder, crushed frankincense, and sea salt. Add the powder to your bath.

Earth Smoke Bath

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over Earth Smoke/Fumitory; add it to the bath.

Egg Personal Cleansing Spell (1)

Eggs are believed to be extremely absorbent and are thus able to remove and eliminate all sorts of negative energy and spiritual debris.

Pass a whole egg over the body, moving from the top downwards mentally focusing on eliminating any negative psychic debris.

When you’re finished, take the egg outside, far from your home and smash it on the ground.

Leave it there. Return home via a different, circuitous route.

Coconuts are also considered highly absorbent. Some people prefer them and a coconut may be substituted for the egg. However don’t overlook the obvious: it’s much harder to smash a coconut than an egg.

Egg Personal Cleansing Spell (2)

One person performs this cleansing for another:

Pass an egg entirely over the body.

Let the person who is being cleansed exhale onto the egg.

Break the egg in a dish and examine it. If there is blood or any abnormality present, this indicates that further, stronger action needs to be taken. If the yolk appears normal and is free from blood, the cleansing is considered complete.

In theory, one should use fertilized eggs so that the possibility of blood exists. If blood appears in regular unfertilized supermarket eggs, however, this is an extremely powerful indication that further cleansing is required.

Egg Personal Cleansing Spell (3)

An alternative to the above:

Pass an egg slowly and entirely over the person’s body.

Break the egg into a bowl of water.

In addition to observing the condition of the yolk, the patterns made by the egg whites floating in the water are interpreted as a divination technique, to reveal information about the cleansed person’s condition and situation.

Egg Personal Cleansing Spell (4)

This cleansing is meant to follow an experience or encounter that leaves you feeling shaken, uneasy or tainted:

Strip off all your clothing.

Rub an egg over you, working outwards: from the shoulders out the fingers, from the thighs down to your toes.

Slap yourself all over with a bunch of parsley.

Anoint yourself with rose water. (For an extensive and expensive cleansing, pour a shallow bath of rose water and lie in it, turning over so that both sides of your body are covered with the liquid.)

Put on clean clothes. Place the egg and parsley in a brown paper bag and dispose of them far from your home.

Although you can effectively cleanse yourself with this spell, having someone else perform at least the egg-rubbing and parsley-slapping parts is potentially more effective.

Egg Cleansing Spell (5): Invocation to Saint Claire

An extremely popular Cuban Santeria-derived cleansing spell, this is most effective if performed on a Monday.

Place a whole raw egg in a glass filled with water, being careful not to break it.

Light a seven-day candle dedicated to Saint Claire. (Commercially manufactured candles dedicated to Saint Claire are available. A white seven-day candle may be used or, if these are unavailable, simply burn individual white candles for seven days.)

Wait for the candle to completely finish burning, accompanied by prayer, petition and the visualization of one’s desired goals. If a significant amount of water evaporates during the seven days, replace it.

At the conclusion of seven days, carefully remove the egg. Throw the water out the door onto the street.

Carefully carry the egg to a park—never your backyard! Smash it on the ground. As the egg breaks, your troubles disperse.

Return home via a circuitous route.

This spell was originally meant to be coordinated with petitions to Saint Claire. A commercially manufactured “Saint Claire candle” will very likely have her prayer written on the back of the glass sleeve. However, this very popular spell has passed into the general magical community; for many the only connection it retains with the saint is its name, although even that may not be recalled. Perform the spell as feels most comfortable for you.

Elder Cleansing Spell

Elder trees possess the magical power to purify and cleanse. Write whatever weighs upon your mind on a piece of paper—whatever preoccupies you or taints your existence. Bury this paper under an elder tree so that your worries are absorbed and cleansed.

Florida Water Cleansing Spell (1)

Florida Water cleanses the body as well as it does an area. Add at least one cup to bathwater, together with at least a handful of salt.

Florida Water Cleansing Spell (2)

For a fast, spontaneous cleansing, when there is no time to prepare and take a bath:

Undress completely.

Rub or sprinkle Florida Water all over yourself. (Make sure not to neglect the oft-forgotten soles of the feet and top of the head.)

Allow yourself to air-dry and get dressed.

This is particularly effective and refreshing if the Florida Water is kept chilled in the refrigerator.

Flower Remedy Dream Cleansing (1)

Aura cleansing may be accomplished in your sleep using flower essence remedies.

Add twenty drops of Antiseptic bush flower essence remedy (Living/Australia) to a bath taken just before you sleep.

When you get into bed, rub a few additional drops into the thin skin between your thumb and index finger.

Only repeat the initial large dose in the bath if you haven’t performed this spell in months. Otherwise rubbing a few drops into the hand or on the soles of the feet before bed is sufficient.

Flower Remedy Dream Cleansing (2)

Antiseptic bush actually performs the cleansing. However, Wintergreen flower essence remedy (Green Hope) stimulates dreams that will cause cleansing or give clues as to how to seek it. This is particularly beneficial if, despite all attempts at cleansing, you never feel purified.

Add twenty drops of the flower remedy to your bath before bedtime. This massive dose will only be done once.

Just before bed, rub a few drops of the remedy into the thin skin between thumb and index finger. You may also massage a little into your feet.

On subsequent nights start from Step 2.

Garlic Personal Vacuum Service

Sometimes someone else really needs cleansing. If negativity emanates consistently from a single individual, tainting the mood and atmosphere, take matters into your own hands: perform an indirect cleansing. Use a clove of garlic as a personal vacuum cleaner.

Peel and crush a single clove of garlic.

Place it under the person’s bed, chair or under the carpet where they are sure to stand.

Remove and burn after twenty-four hours.

Replace as needed; an improvement in attitude should be observed shortly.

Herbal Magic Cleansing Bath

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over fresh lavender, mint, marjoram, oregano, and rosemary. Add the strained liquid to your bath.

Holy Water Bath

Add as much Holy Water to your bathwater as possible. Submerge completely three times.

Indigo Cleansing Bath

Place Turkish blue eye beads into a bottle of Indigo Water to provide a power boost.

Strain the Indigo Water into your bathwater.

Alternatively add large quartz or amethyst crystals to the water.

Kitchen Herb Bath

Magically powerful plants masquerade as common kitchen herbs. Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over fennel, dill, and chervil and try adding it to your bathwater.

Lavender Bath

Lavender derives its name from “lavare,” meaning “to wash.” Laundry comes from the same root source. This bath may be dedicated to Hecate, for whom lavender is a sacred plant. Add essential oil of lavender, lavender hydrosol, or an infusion to the bath for spiritual as well as physical cleansing.

Lodestone Cleansing

Lodestones may be used for personal cleansings. Make sure they themselves are cleansed before beginning. This is an intensive cleansing: someone else must perform it for you. That person should wear iron or silver bangles on both wrists during the cleansing.

With one lodestone in each hand, starting at the head, moving down toward the feet, gently rub the lode-stones against skin or aura. Gently shake them periodically. When you have finished, do intensive lodestone cleansing (see Elements of Magic Spells) or bury the lodestones in Earth.

Lovage Bath

This is especially effective for magically cleansing off degrading traces of a failed love affair or an unhappy one-night stand. Grind and powder a dried lovage root. Sprinkle onto your bath water and distribute well.

Mandrake Bath

For emergency, heavy-duty spiritual cleansing, soak a true mandrake root in warm water overnight or for three days. (Don’t make an infusion.) Remove the mandrake and preserve it by carefully letting it dry out. Add the liquid to a tub filled with water.

Maté Cleansing Bath

Maté tea, whether as an infusion of the fresh leaves or the dried tea, is considered a strong cleansing agent in Central and South America. Use maté in the bath to remove minor hexes, the lesser Evil Eye and assorted psychic garbage.

Create a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over the dried herb.

Let the water cool to room temperature and strain, reserving the liquid.

Add this strong infusion to the bath or sponge the infusion over oneself following a bath or shower.

Allow yourself to air dry.

Mexican-style Cleansing Bath

Allow the liquid used to boil stinging nettles to cool and add it to an infusion of rosemary and spearmint. Add the blended liquid to your bath.

Mother Holle’s Cleansing Bath

Mother Holle, Germanic Queen of Witches, leads the Wild Hunt. These herbs are traditionally gathered on Midsummer’s Eve and used for intensive cleansings between the winter solstice and January 6th.

Blend the following botanicals:









Saint John’s Wort




Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over the botanicals. Let it steep, then strain and add to the bath. For maximum spiritual cleansing and happiness, float heartsease (wild pansy) blossoms in the water.

Nine Flowers Bath

Place three white roses, three white carnations, and three white lilies in a dish and pour hot water over them.

Strain out the liquid, reserving the flowers, and bring them to the bathtub or shower.

Scrub from head to foot with one flower at a time until that flower falls apart.

When all nine flowers have been used, get out of the water and air-dry.

Dress in clean clothes; don’t clean the bathtub immediately. Wait several hours or have someone else do the job.

These next formulas are recommended for spiritual cleansings following abuse, violence, sexual violation or any sort of profound humiliation. They may be performed in combination, for extra enhancement.

Maximum Power Spiritual Cleansing (1)

Blend camphor, cinnamon, cloves, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood.

Burn them in an incense burner, cauldron or cast-iron pan.

Fumigate yourself with the cleansing smoke.

Maximum Power Spiritual Cleansing (2)

Add copious quantities of sea salt to your bath water.

Add essential oils of lavender, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh, plus some white rose hydrosol.

Float rose and calendula blossoms in the water, if possible.

Maximum Power Spiritual Cleansing (3)

This ancient cleansing ritual was originally designed for hunters and soldiers returning to the general community, but may also be used for anyone who has killed someone, particularly inadvertently, to help remove spiritual contamination caused by killing a person. It is a simple but extremely magically powerful spell.

Pour the cooled water from a blacksmith’s forge over the person’s face three times a day for seven days.

Mucura Cleansing Bath

Petiveria alliacea is an Amazonian herb popular in South American magic. Known as mucura in Peru and guine or tipi in Brazil, it’s believed to possess purifying and protective powers. It protects against malevolent magic as well as attacks from animals and humans. It is a key ingredient in the limpia or cleansing bath.

Soak approximately two grams of dried mucura overnight in a liter of water.

Add this to your bath to wash off saladera, the “salt” that some believe lingers on the subtle body and causes bad luck unless removed.

Mucura earned renown in Brazil as the botanical used by kitchen slaves to slowly but fatally poison oppressive masters. In other words, do not take mucura internally without expert medical supervision, as it is potentially very toxic.

New Year’s Cleansing Spells: Bain Demarré

This spell derives from the French Caribbean and is most frequently performed on New Year’s Eve. It’s intended to cleanse off the previous year’s spiritual debris so that one enters the New Tear fresh and magically, spiritually cleansed. Traditionally the bath was taken at the mouth of the river, although now it may be done at home. One may cleanse oneself or, for maximum magical effect, a qualified traditional healer may accomplish the cleansing.

Cleanse the body by rubbing with a cod-fish tail. Follow immediately with a Luck Bath. (See Luck and Success Spells, page 733.)

Oak Leaf Bath

Crumble five oak leafs.

Place in a muslin bag and attach it to the tub’s faucet so that the water runs through it.

Float five whole oak leaves in the water.

Enter the bath and rub your body with the leaves.

Ocean Cleansing Bath

This bath may be dedicated to Yemaya, Spirit of the Sea.

Pour copious quantities of sea salt into a tub filled with water. (Optional: add Indigo Water.)

Soak in the water, and then allow yourself to air dry.

Gently rub your body with long stemmed white roses (remove the thorns!) using an outward, downwards movement.

Wrap the roses up in a clean white towel or fresh white tissue paper.

Bring them to the beach and throw each rose, one by one, into the sea.

Parsley Bath

This bath is not suitable for use during pregnancy. Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over an entire bunch of parsley and one sliced parsley root. Add the infusion to bathwater.

Peony Root Bath

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over sliced peony roots. Add the infusion to your bath, together with peony blossoms if possible.

Personal Pine Cleansing

This spell requires a pine branch complete with needles.

Have someone gently sweep you with this branch from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

When the cleansing is complete, burn the branch or toss it into running water, flowing away from you.

Pine-Bay Bath

Bruise pine needles; place them in a bowl together with bay laurel leaves. Pour boiling water over them to create an infusion, and add the liquid to your bath.

Rose Herb Bath

Make an infusion of the following: red roses, white roses, yellow roses, pink roses, peppermint, and parsley and add it to your bath.

Verbena Bath

Vervain, sometimes called verbena, and lemon verbena are often and easily confused. The two can complement each other: lemon verbena provides purification while vervain offers magical protection.

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over the combined botanicals. Add the water to your bath, together with a splash of vinegar and slices of lemon.

Yucca Bath

Before the advent of commercially manufactured soap, Native Americans created cleansing suds from yucca plants. Yucca suds have spiritual and magical cleansing effects as well as physical. This cleansing bath is particularly beneficial before and/or after spell casting.

Pound dry yucca roots.

Whisk them into cold water to create suds.

Use to cleanse yourself, especially head and hair.

Personal Fumigation Spells

Personal fumigation means using directed smoke to spiritually cleanse the body and the personal aura. This is also a very ancient method of applying perfume. Perfume literally means “through smoke.” Although modern perfume is liquid, this is a relatively recent development. For centuries, people stood over burning aromatic materials, wafting it strategically, hoping to permeate skin, hair, crevices and clothing with healing, protective, or seductive fragrances, as the case may be.

Most purifying botanicals also possess a protective aspect. Depending upon which botanicals are used, there may also be a sensual component. For all of their protective and purifying powers, for instance, sandalwood and frankincense are also luxurious, fragrant, even aphrodisiac substances. Cleansings can be sensual rather than medicinal and still be very effective, although this also depends upon personal expectations and preferences.

In ascending order of strength, try these methods:

Have someone else cleanse you with a smudge stick or directed smoke. White sage, desert sage, frankincense and benzoin resin are particularly effective

Place the incense burner on the ground and straddle it, directing the smoke upwards around the body. Kneel down and direct it over your head. You need greater quantities of botanicals for this to be truly effective

You can also burn the incense in a small, closed room such as a bathroom. After the room is permeated with the smoke, get undressed and enter the room so that you can bathe in the smoke

Personal Fumigation Spell (1) High Spirits Fumigation

This removes psychic debris, offers protection and blessings and invites benevolent spirits to pay close attention to you.

Three parts frankincense

Two parts benzoin

One part myrrh

Personal Fumigation Spell (2) Sacred Cleansing Incense


Dragon’s blood


Purification Bath

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over nine bay laurel leaves and two tablespoons of anise seeds.

Let it reach room temperature.

Strain out the botanicals and add the liquid to your tub of water.

Quick Fix Aura Cleanser

Add one cup of salt and one cup of vinegar to a bath. Lemon vinegar is most potent, however apple cider or rice vinegar is also very effective. Homemade Four Thieves Vinegar is also powerful and very effective, however its fragrance is pungent rather than light and relaxing.

Repentance Powder (1)

This Hoodoo formulation powder does more than cleanse off spiritual debris. It’s for use when you feel defiled because of your own actions. For maximum effect, the spell accompanies acts of restitution and good deeds.

Write out Psalm 23 and read it aloud.

Burn the paper and mix the ashes with hyssop, lavender, and sea salt.

Sprinkle the powder on clean white sheets before going to bed.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Repentance Powder (2)

Create Repentance Powder as above.

Sprinkle the mingled ashes, herbs, and salt over burning frankincense.

Cleanse yourself with the aromatic smoke.

Rosemary Anisette Cleansing

This personal cleansing invokes the healing powers of massage. Someone else must perform this cleansing on you. The subject of the cleansing focuses on his or her goals or on prayer and petition, while the other person performs the massage.

Soak rosemary stalks in anisette.

The person to be cleansed lies down comfortably on the floor, bed or on a massage table.

The massage is initially performed only with the hands: this is a gentle, easy massage, not a vigorous one. The goal is aura cleansing, not muscle manipulation.

With the fingers, repeatedly and rhythmically form the sign of the cross, pentacle and/or other sacred, protective symbols on the body. Start with the palm, and then journey up the arms. Go to the soles of the feet and up the leg.

Remove the rosemary wands from the liqueur, shake them out gently and use them to lightly massage the body.

Simultaneously request assistance from your favorite spirits. Order any evil entities to leave. Affirm your safety.

Sage Cleansing Spell (1)

Plain garden sage is a profound spiritual cleanser.

Dry the sage.

Grind it into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle.

Sprinkle the powder onto a charcoal and use it to fumigate the body.

Sage Cleansing Spell (2)

California white sage is one of the most powerful magical spiritual cleansers. Unfortunately it is also an endangered species. Luckily it transplants well and grows easily from seed. Grow your own supply, to preserve the plant’s existence and to preserve, purify and enhance the power of your aura.

Burn white sage as loose incense or use it to create a smudge stick.

Sage Cleansing Spell (3)

Not only does sage taste delicious, but eating it also provides internal cleansing. There’s a reason witches are so frequently depicted stirring cauldrons. Enchanted potions, magical brews and what’s cooking for dinner aren’t mutually exclusive. Many magic spells, particularly love spells, take the form of meals, as does this cleansing spell, masquerading as poultry stuffing.

Make or acquire a cornbread. It must dry out a little before using it in this recipe. Crumble it.

Dice one onion, three large stalks of celery and five large, fresh sage leaves.

Sauté the onions and celery in butter or oil.

Add the crumbled up semi-stale cornbread.

Drizzle chicken broth over everything.

Add the minced sage leaves.

Bake this in a 325°F oven (170°C, Gas mark 3) for twenty minutes, or until done.

Rosemary may be used in similar fashion. Cook with either herb as much as possible to maximize their cleansing potential.

Sage Cleansing Spell (4)

To heal from a friend’s betrayal and help remove feelings of violation and humiliation:

Soak a photograph in salted water. If the spell is right for you, you will know which photograph to use.

Remove the photo from the liquid and let it dry out.

Burn the photo on a bed of sage. Smudge yourself with sage, too.

Salt Cleansing Spells

Salt is the single most powerful and consistent aura cleanser. Sea salt, processed as little as possible, is most powerful, although many magical traditions, not necessarily Jewish, prefer kosher salt, as it bears the aura of being blessed. However, in extremis, any type of salt is effective.

Salt Cleansing Bath (1)

This is a quick-fix cleansing, perfect for spontaneous needs:

Add at least one cup of salt to a bathtub filled with warm water.

Soak thoroughly, allowing yourself to air-dry, when the bath is over.

Salt Cleansing Bath (2)

Dissolve at least one cup of salt into a tub of warm water.

Add at least one cup of vinegar.

Slice one lemon and one lime in half. Squeeze the juice into the bathwater. Toss the rinds in also.

Rub the squeezed-out fruit halves against your body as you soak in the tub.

Salt Cleansing Spell (3)

There are many ways to benefit from salt’s cleansing powers, including bath salts. The basic formula for bath salts consists of two cups of sea salt blended with one-half cup of baking soda. This standard formula, alone, added to the bath provides effective cleansing.

The cleansing may be enhanced and strengthened by adding essential oils. The following increase the potency greatly: frankincense, lavender, manuka, rosemary, thyme linalool, and sandalwood. Dried powdered ingredients may also be added, especially dragon’s blood powder, powdered rosemary, and lavender.

Salt Scrub

A salt scrub provides a more concentrated cleansing. For maximum effect, add bath salts to the water and then apply the salt scrub directly to the body.

The Standard Salt Scrub formula consists of a blend of approximately one cup of salt and one-half cup of oil. The actual quantity depends, however, upon the desired consistency and the sensitivity of your skin: if you’d like a softer, less abrasive scrub, increase the proportion of oil.

Because salt is purifying and protective, every salt scrub inherently provides aura cleansing. However, the purpose and added effects of a salt scrub may be adjusted through the addition of essential oils. Rosemary, clary sage, frankincense, manuka, benzoin, thyme linalool, and sandalwood all intensify the cleansing effect.

Scythian Cleansing Spell

Once upon a time, the Scythians dominated the European and Central Asian steppes. At the peak of their power, their influence ranged from the borders of China to the borders of Egypt. The Scythians left no written records, only beautiful gold ornaments, much of it in the form of magical animals. What we know of their culture derives from archeological analysis and surviving reports by their literate contemporaries.

According to the Greek observer Herodotus the Scythians didn’t bathe with water, instead favoring vapor baths similar to the Russian bathhouse or Native American sweat lodge. Women however also used this cleansing method:

Pound cedar, cypress, and frankincense into paste.

Apply this to the body and leave on overnight, removing in the morning to impart spiritual cleanliness and beautiful fragrance.

Seven Flowers Miracle Bath

This bath is ideal for when you’re very tired, very jaded, very drained or very bitter. Seven different fresh flowers are required for this bath, the magic number associated with hope and miracles. Choose whatever flowers are available or whatever flowers appeal to you. Float the flowers in the bathtub and soak while focusing on regaining innocence and optimism.

Seven Roses Bath

This spell requires:

Seven red roses

A handful of sea salt

A splash of vinegar

A squeeze of lemon juice

A splash of pure spring water or substitute a splash of either Marie Laveau or Notre Dame Water.

Fill the tub with water.

Throw all the ingredients into the tub.

Spend seven minutes in the bath, rubbing yourself with the roses, submerging yourself periodically and focusing upon your goals.

Dry off with a clean towel, white or unbleached cotton if possible, and put on fresh clothes.

Don’t clean the tub out right away; let it sit for at least an hour while your aura cleansing stabilizes.

Seven Waves Ocean Cleansing

Immerse yourself in ocean waters to achieve aura cleansing. When seven waves have passed over you, the cleansing is complete.

Spirit of the Sea Magic Spiritual Cleansing (1)

If you suffer from a real sense of defilement, petition the spirits of the sea to provide healing and cleansing. Although there are many such spirits, Aphrodite and Yemaya are particularly powerful and benevolent. Petition either spirit or both. They are compatible with each other.

Journey to the beach with a bouquet of roses. (Six yellow roses for Aphrodite and/or seven white roses for Yemaya.)

Stand in the shallow water. Dip each rose in sea water and then massage it, gently, one at a time, over your body, stroking downwards: down your legs, down your arms, as if you are removing something. Use a light touch.

Toss each rose into the sea after you’ve used it to cleanse yourself.

When all the roses have been given to the ocean, enter deeper water and allow significant waves to pass over you, seven for Yemaya, six for Aphrodite. (If you’re afraid of the deep water, sit or recline in the shallows and let the water pass over you.)

Ask these beautiful, benevolent spirits to cleanse you and replenish your aura and energy.

Turn around and walk out of the water and go home.

Spirit of the Sea Magic Spiritual Cleansing (2) Yemaya

Bring seven empty bottles to the beach.

Catch ocean water from a separate wave in each one.

Place seven watermelon seeds inside each bottle, together with sprigs of mugwort and mucura and a small clear quartz crystal.

Seal the bottles and bring them home. Each bottle will be added to a separate bath to be taken over seven consecutive days. Ideally the bath should be initiated at either 7 a.m. or 7 p.m. and repeated daily at the same time.

Add the contents of a bottle to your bath.

Accompany by burning a blue or white candle until the final bath, when seven candles are lit.

Storm Water Cleansing (1)

Sacred springs, especially steaming hot springs, were the initial primal sources for spiritual cleansing. Unfortunately these are not accessible to all, especially on a regular and consistent basis. The most accessible “wild” water tends to be rainwater.

Collect rainwater to provide a similar spiritual effect, especially water from a strong downpour.

Pay attention to the after-effects of the storm: if the air feels especially clean, then you know you’ve collected powerful water.

Add this water to your bathwater.

Use it to cleanse your hair.

Storm Water Cleansing (2)

Collect storm water in an iron cauldron.

Heat it up until it simmers and steam is produced.

Stand naked beside or over the cauldron, whatever is comfortable and safe, wafting the steam over you, directing it with your hands.

Tlazolteotl’s Cleansing Spell

The Spirit of Garbage, Tlazolteotl is the terrible and beautiful Aztec spirit of love and Queen of Witches. A fierce spirit, her domain includes sex, romance, magic and healing. Tlazolteotl cleanses Earth of psychic garbage. She eats it, thus removing it from Earth. Tlazolteotl is capable of absorbing any filth, providing a purified aura instead.

Tlazolteotl invented the temescal bath, the brick Aztec sweat lodge. Outlawed by the conquering Spanish, temescals have recently been revived and are emerging as chic additions to the bed and breakfast inns of Oaxaca and Mexico City, in addition to retaining their traditional healing and spiritual purposes.

Erect an altar dedicated to Tlazolteotl. Decorate it with her attributes: obsidian, smoky quartz, turquoise, spools of cotton thread. Her favorite animals include bats, owls and ravens. Speak to her, describe your experiences in detail and request that she provide cleansing and renewal. This is best done before going to sleep, so that the actual cleansing as well as any messages from the spirit may be received in your dreams. A visit to the temescal may also be in order. If this is not a realistic option, try a steam shower with fragrant herbs, like sage, spearmint, chamomile and rosemary.

Cleansing Objects and Ritual Tools

Any object may be spiritually cleansed using the various cleansing techniques; just make sure that the technique will not harm the object. (Sprinkling Indigo Water on a crystal, for instance, is fine. If you soak fabric in Indigo Water, on the other hand, it will turn blue.)

Pass objects through incense smoke

Fumigate them using a smudge stick

Asperge with cleansing waters: Holy Water, Marie Laveau Water and Rose of Jericho Water are particularly effective, however choose what suits your purposes best. Salt water provides a strong cleansing, providing the object will not be damaged by salt

Singing bowls will cleanse objects as well as areas and individuals

Balancing Cleansing

Myrrh represents the female principle, frankincense the male. Although most frequently they’re blended, this spell suggests alternating between the two.

Burn myrrh and burn frankincense simultaneously but separately. Pass ritual tools through myrrh smoke and then through frankincense, alternating between the two until the spell feels complete, for cleansing, charging, and balancing.

Desert Sage Cleansing

Pass ritual objects, crystals, and mirrors through desert sage smoke to cleanse and empower them.

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals and gemstones absorb and store energy. Depending upon how they’re used, they may need to be cleansed periodically and re-charged.

Various cleansing methods exist:

Bury the stone in the ground overnight or longer. This is most potent if done outside, but if this is not possible, burying in a flowerpot filled with dirt will work, too. (If you would like to retain the stone, be sure to mark the burial spot.)

Expose the crystal to sunlight and/or moonlight

Pass the crystal through incense smoke

Many clear crystals may be cleansed with salt water: collect ocean water or add sea salt to spring water

Many of the Charged Waters in the formulary may be used to cleanse crystals, particularly Florida Water or Notre Dame Water

Salt may leach color from a vivid crystal or damage a fragile one, like moldavite: bathe crystals in spring water with the addition of a few drops of Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy or similar emergency flower remedy formula

Cleansing Crystal Balls

It is crucial that crystal balls and scrying glass are kept cleansed, both physically and spiritually. A dusty crystal ball reveals nothing. A crystal ball covered with negative spiritual debris may reveal distortions.

Cleanse with the following:

A blend of spring water and vinegar

One of the charged waters: Holy Water, Marie Laveau Water and Notre Dame Water are particularly recommended

A water-based herbal infusion made with dried mugwort and/or anise seeds

Mugwort hydrosol

Add flower essence remedies as desired to any of the above formulas. Mugwort flower essence remedy enhances the crystal ball’s powers; Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy or a similar emergency formula will remove and assimilate disturbing or traumatic visions seen within.

Cleansing a Magic Mirror

Mirrors, like crystals, store information. In theory, anything reflected within a mirror, particularly over an extended period of time, is stored within and may be accessed.

Like cleaning out computer files, cleansing removes the mirror’s memory and allows you to start a fresh. This is particularly crucial if would like to use an antique mirror of unknown provenance. You have no idea what is in that mirror and what may, thus, emerge.

In addition, if you would like to dedicate a mirror to a new goal or purpose, a thorough cleansing is recommended. These techniques may also be used to consecrate a mirror for any purpose:

Through Smoke

Pass the mirror through incense smoke, holding it in the smoke for several minutes. Repeat several times. Lillian Too, a world-renowned feng shui authority, recommends no less than a series of three to complete a cleansing or consecration.

Use any of the cleansing incense formulas, or create your own blend from one or more of the following sacred cleansing incenses: dragon’s blood, Syrian rue (harmel), frankincense, benzoin, mastic, wormwood, sandalwood.

The Water Method

Place the mirror within a basin.

Pour bottled spring water or collected rainwater over the mirror.

Remove the mirror and dispose of the water. (It may be given to plants but should not be used for bathing or drinking.)

Wipe the mirror with a soft, clean cloth.

Repeat for a total of three ritual repetitions, gently wiping the mirror in between each.

Living waters are most effective. The ritual may also be performed outside in a stream, waterfall or ocean. However, if necessary, tap water will suffice for the purpose.

Cleansing Magic Ritual Fabrics

If it is safe to cleanse with water, add all or any of the following to the rinse water:

A few drops of Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy or similar formula

A few drops of essential oil of cajeput

A few drops of essential oil of lavender

A few drops of essential oil of manuka (New Zealand tea tree)

Fabrics may also be spiritually cleansed, if not actually cleansed, through smoke.

Prepare any of the incense or fumigation formulas in the Cleansing Spells Section. Carefully pass the fabric through the smoke, making sure that it does not burn.

Cleansing a Magic Sword

The following are suggestions for the care, cleansing and consecration of a magic sword based on instructions from the sixteenth century:

Build a fire from bay laurel and vervain.

Pass the sword through the smoke, actually holding it in the flame if this is safe and appropriate.

When it cools, wrap the sword in vervain leaves.

Swaddle it in white silk and maintain it this way when not in use.

Cleansing Sword Brew: Safe Spell

This spell is used to cleanse and consecrate metal ritual tools, such as magic swords and daggers. Simmer rue, stinging nettles and vervain in an iron cauldron. When it’s steaming, plunge the blades into the water and then remove them.

Cleansing Sword Brew: Unsafe Spell

Dogs, even magical ones, have a tendency to drool. Wolfsbane allegedly grew where Cerberus, the dog of the dead’s saliva hit Earth. Also known as aconite, wolfsbane is used to simultaneously cleanse and empower metal ritual tools. This is an old spell and presumably someone has cast it, however incredible caution is advised: even handling wolfsbane can be dangerous. That said, create an infusion of wolfsbane and cleanse metal blades, wands, and other tools in it.