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Courtcase Spells: Legal Spells and Spells for Justice
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Courtcase Spells

“Courtcase” is Hoodoo terminology for any kind of legal or justice-oriented spell, even if there are no plans to actually venture into the courthouse. Court-case spells may also be interpreted as an attempt to maintain autonomy (for good or bad intent) despite those who would assert unwanted authority over you or interfere with your plans. The courthouse itself may be seen as a metaphoric crossroads: the place where fortunes shift, literally and figuratively. Courtcase spells attempt to seize the spinning wheel of fortune and turn it in the spell—caster’s favor.

On the other hand, few things in life are genuinely as stressful as the possibility of landing in jail. As usual, the more dramatic the problem, the greater the number of magic spells. There are spells to get out of jail and to stay out of jail; spells to put someone else in jail; spells to have someone released from prison and spells to keep them locked up. There are spells to invoke the sympathy of judge and jury and spells intended to hinder your opponent’s allies. There are spells to enhance testimony and spells to prevent someone from telling everything they know.

You’ll find a preponderance of courtcase spells from certain areas of the world and certain magical traditions. This is because only magical practitioners from those cultures where the possibility of legal justice exists bother to develop courtcase and legal spells.

Of course, there’s one inherent flaw in courtcase magic. Presumably everyone in the courtroom has some magic tricks up their sleeve. Does all this spell-casting cancel each other out? Theoretically at least, success goes to the strongest magician or the one with the better spell, the more potent materials, the most powerful spiritual protection. If this doesn’t provide enough reassurance, there’s also a subcategory of justice spells—spells that petition the universe and various spirit forces to see that justice prevails; if you’re completely sure that you’re in the right, that isn’t a bad place to begin.

There’s even magical protection against another party’s attempts to magically influence your case: wear a sprig of fresh rue, or a cimaruta, the Italian silver charm which mimics rue.

Many spells specifically target judges, attorneys, expert witnesses and members of the jury. Individuals serving in those roles should perhaps always presume that attempts at magical influence will be made. A sprig of rue automatically worn as part of one’s courtroom uniform might be wise.

Attorney’s Charm

Some babies are born with cauls, a thin membrane covering the newborn’s head, allegedly a sure sign that a child has been blessed (or cursed, depending upon one’s orientation) with second sight, defined as clairvoyance and extensive psychic power, the sixth sense. Not only does the caul confer power, the caul itself is perceived as being magically charged with power and is traditionally preserved as an amulet. Once upon a time ancient Roman midwives sold cauls as spiritual supplies. Allegedly their best market was the Forum where attorneys paid top dollar.

Attorneys are advised to wear cauls over their chests during legal proceedings to enhance chances of victory.

Hoodoo-style courtcase spells are fairly simple to improvise. There’s a basic repertoire of botanicals, candles and condition oils that magically enhance your chances of legal success and vindication. Each may be used individually or they may be combined—however inspiration strikes.

Basic Courtcase Candle Spells

Brown and/or purple candles are burned for legal success and victories: brown represents justice, while purple represents power.

The most basic courtcase spell is as follows:

Obtain an appropriate candle.

Hold it in your hands, charging it with your power and desire.

Carve and dress the candle as desired, and then burn it.

To dress the candle use one of the basic courtcase condition oils listed below, a Commanding Oil or any combination of these oils.

Basic Courtcase Condition Oils

The following condition oils are multifaceted and powerful. Among their many uses are legal success, vindication and justice. Formulas are found in the Formulary (page 1037). Dress charms, candles and mojo hands with these oils. They may be used to supplement and reinforce other oils as well.

Courtcase Oil

Fiery Wall of Protection

San Cipriano Oil

Basic Courtcase Condition Oil Quick-Fix Spell

Dip a cotton ball in any of these condition oils.

Carry it in your pocket or tucked into your bra during legal proceedings.

Basic Courtcase Spell Botanicals

Although, as we will see, many other botanicals have beneficial magical courtcase uses, the following are the “old reliables” of courtcase magic. Incorporate them into any courtcase spell for extra enhancement. At their most basic, carry one or any combination of these botanicals in a charm bag during legal proceedings.

Black poppy seeds: to sow confusion amongst your enemies and adversaries

Calendula blossoms: to promote legal victories and to enhance and stimulate self-respect

Deer’s tongue: there’s no need to mutilate Bambi; this is a botanical that reputedly provides eloquence to its bearer and the bearer’s attorney

Slippery elm: to protect against false testimony and accusations

Basic Courtcase Spell Botanical Candle

Carve a brown and/or purple candle to suit your situation.

Hold it in your hands to charge it with your desired intention.

Dress the candle with Courtcase Oil, Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and/or San Cipriano Oil. If desired, add a Commanding Oil, too.

Roll the carved, oiled candle into any or all of the dried, powdered basic courtcase spell botanicals.

Burn the candle(s).

Basic Courtcase Spell Botanical Mojo Hand

Place a pinch of the basic courtcase botanicals into a red or brown conjure bag.

Add a pinch of dirt from the grounds of your local courthouse. (If this is not possible, substitute crossroads dirt.)

Dress with one drop of one of Courtcase Oil, Fiery Wall of Protection Oil or San Cipriano Oil.

Beef Tongue Spells

Perhaps the most notorious of all legal success spells, today this genre of spells is strongly associated with the southern United States, however its ancient roots stretch back to Great Britain. Transported to the Western hemisphere, these spells were further developed and refined by the Hoodoo and New Orleans Voodoo traditions.

According to this genre (only possible in cultures where meat is not an unusual part of the diet), specific organ meats are magically dressed and embellished to provide the desired goal. Old spells featured sheep or cow’s hearts as frequently as tongues, although only the tongue spells seem to retain their popularity, perhaps for the obvious reason: tongues, unlike hearts, still occasionally remain on the menu.

In no way do these spells require animal sacrifice: they are outcroppings of a meat-based diet. The meat was obtained from professional butchers or from butchering your own livestock: the desired piece of meat could be discreetly purchased or spirited away. Try to purchase a sheep’s heart today without drawing undue attention to yourself! Concocting some sort of story about a biology experiment may be required. Raw beef tongue may still be purchased from a butcher, although it’s become an expensive luxury item in many areas, rather than a plain kitchen staple.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (1) The Basic Version

This spell is intended to provide legal victory.

Write the names of the judge, attorneys, adversaries, anyone who involved in your case who may be perceived as your opponent or an ally of your opponent, on individual slips of paper, about the size of the fortune in a fortune cookie. Each name gets its own piece of paper.

Using a sharp knife, cut slits into a beef tongue, one slit per paper.

Insert one name paper into each slit.

Sprinkle with cayenne pepper and vinegar (Four Thieves is recommended, but not necessary).

Close the slits with pins and needles.

Wrap the tongue up and place it securely in your freezer for at least a year or until you’re sure all danger has passed.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (2) Hold Your Tongue

This spell may be adapted to prevent false testimony, or perhaps to prevent any testimony at all.

Write the names of all hostile witnesses, or anyone who needs to either be silenced or encouraged to only speak the truth, on individual pieces of paper.

Cross over each name with your own before placing the paper into the tongue.

Alternatively, cross over each name with phrases like, “Keep quiet!” or “Shut up!”

Focus on your desire while writing: express it aloud, forcefully telling the individuals in question to shut their mouths.

Pin the slits shut. Dress with cayenne and vinegar and either place the tongue in the freezer or follow the next spell’s directions.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (3) Cooked Tongue

Should a civil suit be threatened, prepare the beef tongue with name papers and pins and needles as above but instead of putting the tongue on ice, cook and eat it.

Write all your opponents’ names on individual slips of paper.

Make slits in the tongue and insert the name papers.

Seal the slits shut with pins and needles.

Sprinkle the tongue with cayenne and vinegar, but go easy if necessary because you will have to eat the tongue. It’s tempting to smother the tongue in cayenne but don’t add so much that it will be impossible for you to eat.

Boil the tongue with garlic and salt. Season it as you like it. Some versions suggest adding brown beans, too.

Cook everything, including the paper and pins.

Eat the papers but carefully remove all pins and needles, placing them in a brown paper bag.

Do not reuse the pins and needles or throw them out inside your home. Instead dispose of them away from your home, going and returning via different, circuitous routes.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (4) Hung Jury

The beef tongue spell can be adapted to encourage a hung jury—a split jury unable to achieve a verdict. This version typically requires the assistance of another person as it must be performed while you’re present in the courtroom.

Write each opponent’s name on individual slips of paper.

Do not make slits in the beef tongue. Instead cut a hole in the tip of the tongue.

Stuff the papers into the hole. They may stay by themselves, however pin the hole loosely shut, if necessary or preferred.

Suspend the tongue over a hot fire, with the tip close to but not touching the flames.

Maintain this as long as necessary until a verdict is achieved, or not, as the case may be.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (5) The Low-Tech Version

If the use of beef tongues is as old as it’s reputed to be, how was the basic spell accomplished before the advent of refrigeration? Should disaster cause extended power failures, will this genre of spells go the way of the dinosaurs? Luckily an old-fashioned method of preparing this spell exists.

Write out all name papers and place them within slits cut into the tongue as in the spells above.

Close up the slits with pins and needles.

Place the tongue between two large blocks of ice.

Wrap up this tongue sandwich in white silk and bury it in Earth.

Once tucked away, whether in Earth or the ice-box, it’s not customary to make any further adjustments. However if you feel that it may become necessary for you to go back and play with the ingredients, this version must be done immediately prior to the courtcase because, obviously, without refrigeration, the beef tongue cannot stay secret for long.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (6) The Vegetarian Version

A vegetarian version eliminates the need for refrigeration and the beef tongue.

Create a name paper for each individual opponent.

Cross over the names with your own, if you like, saying something like: “I cross you and I cover you, I command you and I compel you to tell the truth [or whatever it is that you wish them to do].”

Place these name papers between two red bricks.

The spell, up to this point, may be assembled at any time. During the actual trial proceedings, set a metal bucket of ice atop the bricks.

This spell is strengthened by sprinkling the name papers with your menstrual blood or urine prior to placing between the bricks. The bricks may also be ringed by appropriate burning candles.

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (7) Justice Candle Spell

The beef tongue spells are frequently accompanied and fortified by simultaneously burning brown justice candles, representing a plea for justice. Carve and dress a brown candle so that it complements the theme of your beef tongue spell.

There are as many variations with the candle as there are with the tongue itself.

Namely, when to burn the candle, and where to burn the candle?

Burn the candle while the tongue is cooking on the stove

Keep dressed brown candles burning from the moment the tongue hits the freezer until the case is resolved

Burn the candle on the stove near the cooking tongue

Burn the candle on an altar dedicated to a deity or set up for the specific situation

Burn the candle atop the toilet tank in the bathroom

Beef Tongue Courtcase Spell (8) Retribution Candle Spell

Another candle ritual also frequently accompanies beef tongue spells, although this one is an angry plea for protection and vindication.

While the beef tongue is cooking or once it’s been placed in the freezer, prepare a black pillar candle.

Slice off the top of the candle, so that it’s flat.

Carve the bottom of the candle, so that the wick is exposed and can be lit. You have now reversed the candle.

Carve and dress this candle as you find appropriate: Commanding Oils should be included.

Place powdered sweet flag and licorice root onto a dish.

Place the upside-down candle on the dish and burn it atop the toilet tank.

Name papers may be placed under the candle on the dish, so that the wax drips on them. If one person alone is the target of this spell, write that name on a square of brown paper and place under the candle.

If you are really furious or really terrified and determined to destroy the other party’s very capacity to testify, place the candle on a bed of Goofer Dust, instead of or in addition to the powdered commanding herbs.

Although many variations of these spells exist, it is imperative that the candles are burned in the bathroom. They are the descendants of out-house spells: older versions specified that reversed candles, black if at all possible, be left burning all night, stuck into a dish of feces.

Bloodstone Courthouse Charm Spell

The crystal gemstone bloodstone reputedly provides success in legal matters.

Soak a bloodstone in rosemary water: either pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of dried rosemary or use rosemary hydrosol.

Wrap the bloodstone inside white cloth while the crystal is still a bit damp.

Tie the packet together with red thread, knotting your desire into the charm.

Carry it in your left pocket while you’re in the courtroom.

Cascarilla Keep Away Powder

This next spell promises to provide safety from law enforcement agencies, bill collectors or any unwanted interference from the authorities. Although authorities may appear and attempt to exert their power, this version of Cascarilla Powder allegedly prevents them from succeeding.

Follow the instructions in the Formulary for making white Cascarilla Powder—dried eggshell powder—with the proviso that the eggs must come from a black hen.

Place this powder under your front doorstep and/or make an unbroken circle with it around your house or property.

Chestnut Talisman

Drill a hole in a chestnut.

Fill the hole with sage and tobacco and seal it up with melted black candle wax.

Keep it with you while in court; place the chestnut in your left pocket so that you may fondle it constantly but discreetly, internally focused on your desired goal.

Crystal Courtcase Magic Charms

Remember to empower all charms by charging and consecrating them prior to initial use and then cleansing as needed.

Chalcedony, pierced and strung on a donkey hair tail, renders the wearer fortunate in legal matters

Hematite protects and assists all legal situations. Wear or carry on the body

A malachite bead necklace protects against litigation, but if that’s too late, malachite is still beneficial: it also brings courtroom success

Too litigious? Wearing moonstones and topaz allegedly relieves one of a fondness for lawsuits. Give one as a gift to relieve someone else of that predilection, too

Courtcase Hands

Rub your hands with Courtcase Oil prior to signing important legal documents.

Courtcase Mirror Box

This spell isolates your adversaries and prevents them from bothering you.

Obtain six small square mirrors, placing them together so that they form a box. The reflective side of the mirrors may be inside or outside the box depending upon your desire. If you merely wish to isolate and vanquish your adversaries, keep them in darkness with the mirrors on the outside of the box. If they’re a mean bunch and you’d like them to turn on each other, instead of on you, place the mirrored surfaces on the inside of the box.

Leave the top open but attach the bottom and sides, using clear tape.

Write your adversaries’ names and an affirmation of your intentions on a piece of parchment paper.

Place it within the box, seal it shut and hide it away.

Courtcase Mojo Bag

Carry hickory nuts in a mojo bag to obtain legal success.

Courtcase Root Spells

The botanical most associated with legal victories has earned the sobriquet Courtcase root. This is only one of Alpinia galangal’s many aliases. Asian cookbooks call it galangal or laos. Keeping company with the botanically distinct High John and Low John, Hoodoo workers also call this root Southern John or Little John to Chew, after its most famous mode of administration. Unlike so many occult roots, this cousin of ginger doesn’t have a bitter, unpleasant taste, hence its use in cooking. Its most famous metaphysical use involves chewing, although very definitely not swallowing.

Famous Hoodoo doctors, like Doctor Buzzard, earned reputations by winning courtroom battles for their clients. Once upon a time, not that long ago, Doctor Buzzard was paid a lot of money to sit in the courtroom and chew. At the moment deemed appropriate, the root and/or its juice was spat out in the appropriate direction. Because Doctor Buzzard, in particular, was such a visible, recognizable presence with a powerful magical reputation, an inherent intimidation factor must also be acknowledged.

Courtcase root has earned a wide reputation for providing courtcase success. Try the traditional spell, if you like, although what worked for Doctor Buzzard may get you the wrong kind of attention: public spitting is largely considered déclassé nowadays as well as being illegal in many areas. Luckily there are many other ways to find success with Courtcase root.

Courtcase Root Spell (1) Magic Talisman

The simplest method of benefiting from Courtcase root:

Hold Courtcase root between your hands, prior to its initial use, charging it with your desires and needs.

Carry it as a talisman. Tuck the root into your pocket or carry it in a mojo bag.

Courtcase Root Spell (2)

A reasonably discreet spell, this is among the most basic, traditional methods of Courtcase root magic.

Arrive at court early. Chew Courtcase root while envisioning the desired outcome. Discreetly spit out the root onto the floor before the judge enters. Allegedly proceedings will go in your favor.

Courtcase Root Spell (3) Courtcase Oil

Courtcase root is the primary ingredient in Courtcase Oil.

Chop up some Courtcase root.

Blend the chopped roots together with black mustard seeds and grind them together.

Add any other botanicals associated with legal victories, if you like, such as deer’s tongue or slippery elm.

Place the ground up botanicals in a bottle and cover with a blend of jojoba and sunflower oils.

Courtcase Root Spell (4) Courtcase Inspiration Incense

Courtcase root may be burned as incense. Burning and inhaling this incense allegedly stimulates legal inspiration and smart thinking.

Grind Courtcase root together with High John the Conqueror and cascara sagrada.

Sprinkle onto lit charcoal and burn.

Courtcase Root Spell (5) Legal Mojo (1)

Place a Courtcase root within a charm bag together with black poppy seeds, calendula blossoms, deer’s tongue and slippery elm.

Anoint with Courtcase Oil or other dressing oils as desired.

Carry with you, especially when in court.

Courtcase Root Spell (6) Legal Mojo (2)

Burn Courtcase root for fourteen consecutive nights prior to the court date.

Reserve all the ashes, place them in a mojo bag and carry with you to court.

Courtcase Victory Bath

Bathe in an infusion of vervain before appearing in court. Allow yourself to air-dry.

Danda Root Spell

Danda root, popular in Brazilian magical traditions, is also chewed but, unlike Courtcase root, spitting isn’t emphasized. It’s sufficient to keep a little piece of the root concealed in your cheek. Why would you want to do this? Because allegedly chewing danda root enables you to influence another’s words. Concentrate very hard on what should be said, while chewing the root.

El Nino Fidencio is the affectionate nickname given to miracle healer, Jose Fidencio Sintora Constantino (1898—1938). He performed his first miraculous healing when he was a child, on his mother. By his mid-twenties, thousands, including a president of Mexico, were converging on the remote village in Northeastern Mexico, where El Nino performed his cures. He died young, some say poisoned by jealous competing physicians, yet his reputation only continues to grow, fueled by the miracles he continues to produce.

In addition to miracle physical healings, El Nino Fidencio has become a specialist in immigration issues. El Nino speeds the processing and arrival of official papers but may also be petitioned to keep official authorities far away and too busy to pay attention to you.

El Nino Fidencio Immigration Authority Spell

El Nino loved flowers, using their powers in many cures.

Post his image and offer him a bouquet: he accepts modest offerings made with good intent.

Light either a white candle or a commercially manufactured El Nino Fidencio candle.

Speak from your heart: tell him what is needed. The customary vow is to offer, that when possible, you too will provide assistance for someone else sharing your circumstances.

If you’re asking for a large favor, a vow to make a pilgrimage to El Nino’s shrine in Espinazo, Mexico may be in order.

Eloquence Spell (1)

Deer’s tongue allegedly provides eloquence. It’s nicknamed the lawyer’s friend.

Ask your attorney to carry a little, as a special request. If you will be called upon to testify, place deer’s tongue in a conjure bag and carry it in your pocket.

Eloquence Spell (2)

Lapis lazuli performs much of the same function. Should eloquence be required, carry lapis or ideally wear it as a necklace, with the stone lying against the throat chakra.

Fiery Wall of Protection Legal Spells

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil is one of the most powerful and versatile condition oil formulas. Its standard ingredients (including frankincense, myrrh and salt) create a profound protective effect but, in addition, Fiery Wall invokes the presence and power of Michael the Archangel, humanity’s defender. Like Michael, Fiery Wall provides consistent, tireless protection. Although it can be used to dress candles and anoint charms, this formula’s name indicates its most powerful use: allow it to create an aura of magical protection.

Add the oil to your bath and bathe in it prior to court dates or other stressful appearances

Rub the oil onto your body

Anoint crucial documents with Fiery Wall

Follow Me Boy! Legal Spell

Follow Me Boy! Oil is most frequently a component of erotic spells. However, like most commanding oils, it possesses a protective component. The oil was traditionally favored by New Orleans prostitutes, because of the necessity for both these aspects. Should one already be in hot legal water, put a Courtcase root inside a bottle of Follow Me Boy! Oil. Carve candles as suits your situation, then dress with the oil.

Follow, Me Boy! Prevention Spell

Soak cotton balls in Follow Me Boy! Oil and slip into your clothing to attract men and avoid trouble with the law.

Foul-mouthed Powder Spell

Foul-mouthed (Cosearia hirsute) earned its English nickname from its alleged powers to make the foul mouthed shut up. (Its Spanish nickname is similar, raspa lengua.) Those powers make it an integral part of Courtcase magic, although it’s usually directed toward attorneys, prosecutors and legal professionals. Foul-mouthed powder doesn’t promise victory, per se; it simply weakens your opponents.

Pulverize foul-mouthed.

Blend it together with Cascarilla Powder, white sugar and cinnamon, creating a fine powder.

Sprinkle the powder on or around the chair or bench of the prosecutor or your adversary’s attorney. This allegedly makes them quiet and less inclined to speak.

Should the opposing attorney step upon the powder, it allegedly affects his powers of speech: he may lose his voice, or his language may become slurred as if he were drinking. In either case, foul-mouthed encourages the attorney to make verbal mistakes. Foul-mouthed powder also encourages the attorney to become unwilling to represent your adversary.

Gentle Sentence Spell

Carry gravel root and Cascarilla Powder to receive a lenient sentence.

High John the Conqueror Victory Spell (1)

The root charm High John the Conqueror allegedly promotes victory in any endeavor, while conquering your opposition.

Take nine small High John roots or break one large root into nine pieces.

Cover it with half of a pint bottle of whisky. Drink the other half or offer it whomever you appeal to for spiritual protection.

Zora Neale Hurston’s recommendation is to let the roots steep in the liquor for thirty-eight hours although others say overnight is sufficient.

Strain the liquid into a bottle.

Add approximately an ounce of a lucky cologne. Jockey Club is the traditional choice, however others will work, too, like Florida Water or especially Chypre, if you’re involved in financial proceedings. Wear as needed.

High John the Conqueror Victory Spell (2)

Line a small box with bay leaves and stuff it with calendula blossoms.

Add one High John the Conqueror root.

Remove High John from its magic box and carry with you as a courtcase talisman as needed. When not in use, let it sleep on its calendula bed, absorbing calendula’s powers of legal victory.

Legend has it that during the wars between Christians and Moors in Spain, Christians in the town of Atocha were locked in prison and abandoned to their fate. They would have starved but for the daily appearance of a beautiful small boy who brought them food and water to survive. This continued until Christian forces re-took the town, liberating the prisoners. Who was that child? Many thought he was the Christ Child in person. The little boy continues to turn up in Atocha, Spain periodically, performing miracles and emergency rescues. The Holy Child of Atocha has also earned a reputation for responding to magical courtcase appeals.

A votive image has become formalized of a very beautiful, richly dressed child seated on a throne. The popularity of this image spread from Spain to Latin America and then to the various African-derived spiritual traditions that took root in nations that were once Spanish colonies.

This raises a question: when appeals for legal assistance are made to the Holy Child of Atocha, exactly who is being requested to help? Is it the Christ Child himself or is it Elegba, the West African trickster spirit, wearing a mask? This is particularly confusing in Latin American magic, so influenced by both the African Diaspora and Spanish traditions. Arguments can be made on all sides.

However, in either case, the Holy Child accepts appeals for all sorts of legal issues, but his specialty is the prevention and delay of lawsuits.

The Holy Child of Atocha’s Legal Appeal Spell

Place his image facing your front door, or right behind it, to increase his powers of vigilance.

Offer him a golden candle, lots of candy and some rum (just in case he’s not a child). The most effective day to request his assistance is Monday.

If syncretism and the associations of African spirits with Roman Catholic saints annoys you, then bypass the masks. Spiritual and magical supply stores sell images of Elegba in the form of a concrete head with cowrie shell eyes and ears. Arrange this head as directed above. Offer him rum but instead of the candy give him a fine cigar.

Invocation of Michael the Archangel

If there’s one presence you’d want to have on your side in the courtroom, it’s Michael the Archangel. Michael’s celestial mission is to be humanity’s defender. He epitomizes justice. Request that he come to your assistance.

Post his image, burn fragrant gum resins and use his invocation to call him:

Michael to the right of me,

Michael to the left of me

Michael above me

Michael below me

Michael within me

Michael all around me

Michael with your flaming sword of cobalt blue, protect me today!

Law Keep Away Spells

In the words of the Bobby Fuller Four, “I fought the law and the law won.” Some legal battles are won by not starting the fight at all; maybe your best possible outcome involves keeping the law far away. Law Keep Away spells target legal authorities but also any individuals or organizations that maintain a threat of authority over you: immigration officials, school boards, taxation boards, and the suchlike.

Law Keep Away Oil (1)

Place a High John the Conqueror root, a Courtcase root, a tablespoon of dried hydrangea blossoms and a teaspoon of asafetida powder in a jar.

Cover the ingredients with a blend of two parts olive oil with one part each castor and jojoba oils.

Allow them to soak overnight, preferably exposed to moonbeams, then strain out the solids and bottle the liquid.

Law Keep Away Oil (2)

An alternative method of preparation:

Grind the botanicals as given above into a fine powder (this is difficult if working with a whole High John the Conqueror: it’s a hard, solid root).

Place the powder in a bottle, and cover with olive, castor and jojoba oils in the above proportions.

Use Law Keep Away Oil to dress vigil candles: candles kept burning until all danger has passed. Or rub Law Keep Away Oil on your doorknobs to encourage authority figures who touch them to turn away and leave you alone.

Law Keep Away Powder

Grind High John the Conqueror, Courtcase root, hydrangea blossoms, asafetida and black poppy seeds into powder.

Sprinkle a boundary line across the path to your home or cast an unbroken circle around your property.

Law Keep Away Spell (1) Sacred Texts

Recite Psalms 9, 16 and 53, nine times each, daily, to keep the law away from your door.

Law Keep Away Spell (2) Black Skull Candle Spell

The following spell is considered especially effective for avoiding taxation and immigration authorities:

Dress a black skull candle with Law Keep Away Oil.

Write your goals and aspirations on a piece of paper.

Light the skull candle. Scorch the paper in its flame.

Place the paper beneath an upside-down saucer on which you then place the candle, so that it burns over the paper.

Burn the candle in consistently timed increments (chosen with regard to your personal situation), pinching it out with your fingers when the time is up.

Once the candle has burned fairly low, burn the paper in its flame completely, before allowing the candle to burn out naturally.

Law Keep Away Spell (3) Conjure Bag Spell

Fennel seeds ward off authority: police and other law enforcement officials, immigration authorities, tax collectors, etc.

Place a handful of fennel seeds inside a small bag.

Hang it discreetly inside your home, just over the entrance door.

Law Keep Away Spell (4) Crabgrass

Hang crabgrass in each corner of all rooms to confuse, distract, and disorient the police.

Law Keep Away Spell (5) Sacred Image Spell

A popular New Orleans-style protection spell involves attaching packets of Grains of Paradise to sacred images. This practice may be adapted into a “law keep-away spell.”

Place either fennel seeds or a blend of fennel and Grains of Paradise into two small bags. (Use paper bags or cloth pouches: plastic, in theory, is acceptable but has the disadvantage of exposing contents to view.)

Attach these packets to the back of an image of Michael the Archangel.

Post one image at the front door, the second at the back.

If your fear is very specifically of immigration authorities, an image of El Nino Fidencio may be substituted for the archangel Michael.

Sometimes the problem is not the presence of authority but its absence. Perhaps someone close to you is engaged in activities that are dangerous and should be stopped. Perhaps it would be better for all concerned if someone’s activities were brought to the attention of the authorities. Although the obvious response is call the police or inform the appropriate authorities, if only anonymously, magic spells acknowledge the complexities of human situations. Perhaps it’s not as simple or safe as just making a phone call. This following spell purports to draw legal attention toward your target without, providing your spell casting isn’t witnessed, drawing attention toward you.

Law Please Come Soon Spell

A handful of dirt from the actual area that the police need to investigate is required, whether this is the target of your spell’s residence or place of business or other.

In addition, you’ll need a handful of graveyard dirt and a handful of dirt from each of the following places: a crossroads, a prison, a courthouse and four different police stations. If the Graveyard Dust does not actually contain dirt, obtain a handful of dirt from a cemetery as well.

Blend all the dirt together in a bowl.

Use a black seven-day candle or burn each of seven individual black candles daily.

Carve and dress the candle with a Commanding Oil and San Cipriano Oil.

Stand the candle within the bowl of dirt and burn it.

On the eighth day, when the candle(s) have completely burnt down, sprinkle the remnants of the wax, together with the dirt, onto the targeted individual’s property.

Legal Victory Spell (1)

This spell allegedly assures your victory and your opponent’s defeat.

Blend Four Thieves Vinegar with either sea salt or black salt to form a damp paste.

Use this to sprinkle a line across your adversary’s path.

The person must step on or over this line for your goal to be accomplished.

Legal Victory Spell (2)

In addition to mere success, this spell promises that elusive quality: vindication. Cascara sagrada, the bark of the California buckthorn, translates in English to sacred bark. Once upon a time, it was a frequent component of Native American magic. It’s highly endangered today. If you’re unable to obtain it or aren’t sure whether it’s been ethically collected, substitute Cascarilla Powder.

Pour boiling water over cascara sagrada, making a strong infusion.

Sprinkle this infusion on the front steps of the courthouse and/or around the building’s perimeter at the midnight prior to your court date.

Allegedly, if anyone witnesses your actions, this spell won’t work.

Low John Victory Charm Spell

This charm allegedly guarantees all sorts of victories—romantic and interpersonal as well as legal.

Place a Low John root (bethroot) in a shallow dish and cover it with Notre Dame Water.

Let this sit overnight, ideally charged by moonlight, then carry the root as a charm.

Name Paper Legal Victory Spell (1) Your Enemies

This spell enables you to exert authority over your opponents.

Write the names of all adversaries or even potential adversaries on individual slips of paper. Include the judge, attorneys, opponents and their witnesses and so forth.

Place these papers on a dish.

Cover with honey, strawberry syrup and nine lumps or spoonfuls of white sugar.

Carve a candle and dress it with one of the Commanding Oils, whichever feels most appropriate to you.

Place the candle on the dish and burn it.

When the candle has burned completely, bury all spell remnants outside in Earth.

For maximum magical effectiveness, combine this spell with the next one.

Name Paper Legal Victory Spell (2) Your Allies

Several days prior to the scheduled court proceedings, assemble the names of all parties favorable toward you: your allies, attorney, favorable witnesses and so on.

Write each name on a slip of paper and place them in a dish.

Cover with sweet almond oil, olive oil and/or honey.

Burn a white candle beside the dish for one hour daily, then pinch out the flame with your fingers.

On the actual day of the trial, don’t pinch out the candle but allow it to burn during the proceedings.

Ogun, that prominent and versatile West African spirit, serves as patron of police. Police officers may request his protection. However, depending upon circumstances, Ogun may also be prevailed upon to protect others from the police. The iron-handed spirit of justice and righteousness, Ogun is frequently syncretized with archangel Michael. An image of Michael may be used to represent Ogun providing Michael is depicted holding his lance or sword. The more traditional method of representing Ogun on an altar is with a piece of iron, such as a horseshoe, knife or tool.

Ogun’s Police Magic Force Spell

Place a piece of iron on an altar.

Burn a double-action candle and some dragon’s blood incense.

Offer Papa Ogun over-proof rum and a good cigar and tell him what you need.

Pomba Gira Cigana Spell (1)

Pomba Gira Cigana specializes in legal matters, including lawsuits, estate distribution, immigration matters, separations, divorces, and custody issues. Cigana is Portuguese for Gypsy, and Pomba Gira Cigana personifies the stereotypical Gypsy fortuneteller. She knows many secrets and divines with a pack of ordinary playing cards. If you can read cards, too, a deck of playing cards serves as an oracle or communication device for Pomba Gira Cigana. To request her assistance:

Get a brand new deck of cards. Remove the ace and seven of diamonds and offer them to Pomba Gira Cigana.

Make your offering at a T-shaped crossroads: place a red cloth atop a black cloth.

Give Pomba Gira Cigana the pair of cards as well as seven red roses, fine cigarettes, a box of matches and a small bottle of anisette.

Light a pair of red taper candles.

Tell Pomba Gira why you’ve called her. Tell her explicitly what you need her to do and what you will pay her when the work is accomplished.

Pomba Gira Cigana Spell (2)

Alternatively, if you have little faith and would like proof of her abilities, merely present Pomba Gira Cigana with the two cards as a down payment.

Create a small altar for Pomba Gira Cigana: light two red taper candles and give Pomba Gira a red rose and a glass of either anisette or champagne.

Remove the ace and seven of diamonds from a new deck of playing cards.

Place the cards on the altar, when the candles have burned down, put the cards safely aside for Pomba Gira. (Do not lose them!) Tell her that when she demonstrates her prowess, you will deliver a more extensive, and expensive, offering. Tell her explicitly what and when this will be. She’ll know that it’s payment for services rendered because the reserved playing cards will be presented as a reminder.

This alternative plan has less chances of success because this small indoor offering may be insufficient to attract Pomba Gira’s attention. However, if she’s interested in a relationship with you, it may work.

Red Pepper Name Paper Spell

This spell encourages reconciliation and empathy among parties. Initiate this spell fourteen days before court proceedings begin.

Slice a red bell pepper in half and remove the seeds.

Write the names of all the parties involved in your legal procedure on slips of paper.

Put them inside the pepper and add dillweed and coriander seeds.

Fit the halves of the pepper back together, sealing it shut.

Place it in the freezer and keep it there until after final legal resolution.

Sometimes you might wish to delay and stall proceedings but sometimes you don’t. Delays are not always beneficial. Sometimes expediting matters is in your best interests. If attorneys or others are delaying your case, if you need to cut through bureaucracy and red tape, appeal to the master of speedy deliveries, Saint Expedite.

Saint Expedite Spell (1)

Offer Saint Expedite a glass of rum and a slice of pound cake.

Inform him that you’ll bring him a whole bottle and cake if matters proceed as you’ve requested.

Light a white candle in his honor or a commercially manufactured Saint Expedite candle.

Some like to turn an image of Saint Expedite upside down or even suspend it upside down in the air in the belief that discomfort encourages the saint to work even faster.

Saint Expedite Spell (2)

If a specific opponent is responsible for the delay, bring this to Saint Expedite’s attention:

Write your opponent’s name nine times onto a square of brown paper.

Cross over the names eleven time with your own.

Place this paper under a candle or offerings made to the saint.

Target Judge Spell (1) Just Judge

At best, this spell allegedly stimulates kindly treatment and verdicts from the presiding judge. At the least, it is a plea for fairness, open mindedness and justice. It is also imperative to remember that this spell appeals simultaneously for two judges to be just: the one presiding over the courtroom but also the ultimate judge on high, whoever you perceive that to be.

On a single square of brown paper, write the names of all your adversaries and opponents, plus the names of any decision makers, judge and jury, as the case may be.

Drill a hole in a large block of ice.

Roll the paper up tightly and insert it into the hole.

Fill the hole, covering the paper, with confectioner’s sugar. (It may melt quickly; let your intuition tell you when to stop filling the hole.)

Arrange nine brown candles around the ice and light them.

Rap on the floor with your fist nine times and chant: “Just Judge, Just Judge, Save me!”

Follow with explicit and precise petitions.

Target Judge Spell (2) Just Judge Charm Bag

Anoint a Courtcase root with Just Judge Oil and place it in a charm bag, together with dried carnation, bee balm, rattlesnake root, and yellow dock.

Add a coffin nail and wear or carry the bag during courtroom and legal proceedings for victory and mercy.

Target Judge Spell (3) Friendly Judge Oil (1)

Two parts dried carnation petals

One part anise seed

One part ground cinnamon

Blend the above ingredients together, grinding and powdering.

Place the powder inside a bottle.

Olive oil beseeches justice, castor oil creates a commanding, protective effect and jojoba oil brings victory as well as serving as a natural preservative. Fill the bottle containing the botanical powder with any one or a combination of these carrier oils.

Add a Courtcase root or chip or a hematite or bloodstone to the oil as desired.

Soak a cotton ball in Friendly Judge Oil and then try to maneuver it into the judge’s clothing, box or chambers without, of course, getting caught. (It is not necessary for the judge to be physically present for this to be potentially effective.)

Target Judge Spell (4) Friendly Judge Oil (2)

A safer and possibly more effective spell using Friendly Judge Oil may be cast at home.

Obtain a brown or purple seven-day candle in a clear glass sleeve.

Dress the candle with Friendly Judge Oil.

Make a photocopy of an image of your judge or of his/her signature.

Attach this image to the seven-day candle.

Burn the candle while chanting, visualizing and affirming your desires.

Target Judge Spell (5) Be Friendly, Judge! Candle Spell

Obtain a figure candle that best represents your judge. Appropriate male or female figure candles are most typical, especially if this spell is performed merely as a plea for kind consideration. If the judge has a reputation for being difficult, black or red devil candles may be substituted. (If the casting of this spell is stimulated by the judge’s prior unmentionably negative attitude toward you, substitute a candle in the shape of a penis, even if the judge is a woman.)

Carve the candle with the judge’s identifying information, as much as you have. Obviously the judge’s birthday and his or her mother’s name may not be known to you. Substitute the pertinent information you have: the judge’s chamber or courtroom number for instance or a telephone number.

Dress the candle with Friendly Judge Oil. Add one of the Commanding Oils too, if desired.

Begin burning the candle, incrementally, as soon as possible. Continue during the duration of proceedings, starting with a fresh candle if the first burns completely down.

Target Judge Spell (6) Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise, with their evocative name, are most associated with love and aphrodisiac spells but are actually quite versatile and are used for legal and protection spells as well. They possess a magical commanding property. A key component of East African magic, they entered Western magical use through African-American traditions.

Pray over three Grains of Paradise, murmuring your desires and pleas over them.

Discreetly place these three grains on the judge’s desk so that he or she will render a favorable verdict.

Target Jury Winning Spell (1)

The following Jury Winning Powder’s goals are self-explanatory:


Courtcase root

High John the Conqueror

Dried hydrangea blossoms

Vetiver root

Grind all ingredients into a fine powder. This is particularly difficult with High John, which is a harder root than most. Place an entire High John between folded wax paper and smash it into chips with a hammer, before attempting to grind and powder.

If you’d like to extend the powder further, blend it into arrowroot powder.

There are two methods of obtaining benefits from Jury Winning Powder: sprinkle it around the jury box so that jurors will have to step on or over it, or cast a ring of powder around brown or purple candles and burn them at home.

Target Jury Winning Spell (2)

Wear celandine to court to inspire sympathy from judge and jury.

Tobacco Courtcase Spell

Use real botanical tobacco leaves for this spell, not the contents of cigarettes and cigars.

Blend tobacco leaves with sea salt. Burn them, accompanied by spiritual petitions and the recitation of psalms or other sacred verses.

Tongue Control Spell (1)

Five-finger grass, alias cinquefoil, is reputed to jog and stimulate memories as well as loosening tongues. This spell encourages a witness to testify, remember and talk.

Write the name of the spell’s target on a piece of paper.

Place the paper on a dish and sprinkle cinquefoil over it.

Murmur over the cinquefoil and paper. Describe your needs and desires. Pray and petition as you deem appropriate; reciting psalms at this juncture may be recommended.

Carve and dress a white candle with information pertinent to your target and situation.

Place the candle over the cinquefoil-covered paper and burn.

Repeat as needed with fresh paper and five-finger grass.

Tongue Control Spell (2)

Sometimes someone’s inclination to talk may be an undesirable aggravation, or indeed the very crux of a problem. The following spell offers protection from negative testimony. It also allegedly confuses witnesses scheduled to testify against you.

Blend and powder five-finger grass and brown mustard seeds.

Mix this powder with Confusion Oil.

Carve a brown candle to suit the target or situation and dress it with this oil.

Write your opponent’s name nine times on a square of brown paper. (Each opponent gets his or her own piece of paper.)

Cover the names with your own, saying: “I cross you, I command you, I compel you to [name your desire].

Tongue Control Spell (3)

The following spell counters gossip, slander and testimony against you. It is most powerful if performed standing at the center of a crossroad, however it may also be accomplished standing at a window. A sudden gust of wind is an extremely auspicious omen.

Blend a pinch of white sugar, a pinch of flour and a pinch of fine ground salt.

Hold the powder in the palm of your hand while visualizing your desired outcome. Direct your petition to the deity of your choice, if necessary. (If you’d like spiritual assistance but are unsure who to beseech, the archangel Michael and orisha Ogun, warriors who despise lies, are recommended, as is Ma’at, Egyptian dispenser of ultimate justice.)


I am innocent of these accusations!

[Deity’s name] Protect me!

Allow the powders to fly out of your hand.

Trembling Aspen Spell

There are all sorts of legends explaining why the aspen tree trembles, ranging from fear of witchcraft to complicity in the crucifixion. Be that as it may, trembling aspen can be used to strengthen your position during courthouse proceedings.

Hold an aspen twig in your hands and charge it with your desire.

Murmur over the twig, saying something like: “As this twig trembles, so trembles my opponent” (name names if possible).

Place the charged twig in a mojo bag, together with other herbs including calendula blossoms, black poppy seeds and slippery elm.

Jesus Christ’s twelve apostles are popular figures in Courtcase magic, apparently because of their metaphoric similarity to a twelve-person jury. The list of Apostles’ names varies depending upon which Gospel is chosen for information. This list derives from Matthew 10:2—4, however use whichever version suits you best: Simon Peter; Andrew; James, the son of Zebedee; John, his brother; Philip; Bartholomew; Thomas; Matthew; James, the son of Alphaeus; Thaddeus; Simon the Canaanite; and Judas Iscariot.

Twelve Apostles Courtcase Spell (1) Pow-Wow

John George Hohman’s Book of Pow-Wows: The Long Lost Friend, first published in 1820, compiles and chronicles the Pow-Wow canon, a combination of High Ritual Magic, German folk traditions, Romany magic, Kabala, and Native American healing.

The Book of Pow-Wows’ recommendation for success in a law suit:

Write the names of the Apostles on large sage leaves.

Wear these in your shoes, especially when in the courtroom, for legal victory and vindication.

Twelve Apostles Courtcase Spell (2) Hung Jury

The spell suggested in The Book of Pow-Wows is devout and sincere, suggesting that you bring the Apostles with you to court as allies and support (you literally walk on their strength)—a sort of stronger jury. Other versions of the spell consider the metaphor with historical detachment: if the Apostles are perceived as a jury of twelve, then ultimately a split decision was rendered, with Judas Iscariot insisting upon an independent course of action.

Use the Twelve Apostles to help produce a divided jury, a jury unable to reach consensus. Perform this spell when called upon to be present in the courtroom.

On a small piece of paper, write the names of eleven apostles, omitting Judas Iscariot, in two columns, one of five names and the other of six.

Fold this paper up and place it in your right shoe.

Write Judas’ name on his own piece of paper. Wear this one inside your left shoe.

Twelve Apostles Courtcase Spell (3) Determine the Decision

If you prefer aromatic sage leaves, redolent of justice to using just plain paper, another spell combines sage and the apostles’ names to provide justice or a split decision, whichever favors your specific situation:

Write the names of eleven apostles, excluding Judas Iscariot, on individual leaves of sage. Place these inside your right shoe.

On another sage leaf write the name of the Biblical figure whom most closely relates to your immediate situation: the Biblical character with whom you most identify. For instance, choose Tamar to represent a disenfranchised former spouse or Judith, if you’ve killed an abusive man. Choose Gideon if you’ve committed what you perceive as justifiable homicide or Jezebel to represent the slandered and defamed. Venture away from the Bible into other fields of literature if you like (Shakespeare or Homer come to mind), however Biblical figures do lend a consistency to the spell. Certainly the Apostles themselves would be familiar with Biblical names. If your mind remains blank or no one suits your situation, keep the last leaf blank but make sure that it’s kept separate from the other eleven.

Place this lone sage leaf in your left shoe.

Justice Spells

Perhaps, for one reason or another, it’s unrealistic to expect justice to come from conventional sources. Some magical spells bypass official authority for individual pleas, petitions and actions to obtain vindication and justice.

Be careful: justice spells request that justice be done. Some of these spells veer very close to a hex. Make sure that there’s no ambiguity about your situation or no other perspective with which to consider the matter, or the spell may just backfire!

Basic All -purpose Justice Spell

This is not a hex, nor a curse, there’s no “edge” to this spell at all; it’s purely and plainly a magical plea for justice.

Hold a brown candle in your hands, close your eyes and focus on your situation and circumstances: how justice has not been served and why it should. It’s not necessary for you to envision the path to proper justice; that’s for the powers of the universe to determine. When the candle feels charged and complete, burn it.

Bring a Rapist to Justice Spell (1)

The following spell enables the victim of a rapist to extract justice and perhaps to obtain a measure of closure. It is not necessary to know the identity of the rapist in order to cast the spell. Although it may be perceived as a vengeance spell, this is actually intended more as a prevention spell—to prevent this person from repeating his crimes.

Create a penis-shaped candle or purchase one.

Carve it as desired (although it must be left intact enough for you to burn it), with as much identifying information as possible.

Hold the candle and charge it with your goals and desires prior to dressing, because it may not be safe to hold the candle afterwards. (If you prefer, use plastic gloves.) Visualize the candle, and by extension the organ it represents, shrinking, melting, flopping over and unable to remain erect once the candle is lit.

Dress the candle with a combination of Essence of Bend Over and Tabasco sauce.

Roll the candle in a dish of powdered alum.

Burn the candle: in the old days, one would now turn one’s back on the candle and depart, however in the interest of fire safety as well as reinforcing the spell with added visualization, remain with the candle and observe the wax melt and shrink.

Be very, very careful not to touch your eyes, mouth or any sensitive areas before washing your hands extremely well.

Traditionally this spell is performed outside and is considered most potent when done in a cemetery. However, it may also be done in your backyard or if, under the circumstances, you are not comfortable traveling alone outside at night, perform it in the bathroom.

Bring a Rapist to Justice Spell (2)

The spell immediately above may be dedicated to Hecate, Eurasian Mistress of the Crossroads and Queen of Witches. Hecate was the sole spirit to come to Demeter’s aid, after the rape and abduction of her daughter, Persephone. When Persephone was finally located in Hades and was forced to stay there part of the year, Hecate decided to remain with her, serving as her handmaiden.

Hecate is believed to witness every crime and may be appealed to for justice. She particularly despises rape and crimes of violence against women and children. Incorporate a petition to her in the spell above or by-pass that spell for a direct approach. She accepts petitions during the Dark of the Moon and on the last day of each month. October 31st is a particularly potent day to call her.

Peel three cloves of garlic. Place them on a paper plate or a plate you are willing to lose. Everything offered to Hecate becomes part of the sacrifice; you cannot return for the plate.

Cover the garlic with honey and sprinkle with dried lavender.

Leave this offering at a three-way crossroads. Tell Hecate what you need.

Should you observe a dog, particularly a solitary or unexpected one, this is a sign that your petition has been accepted.

Justice Spell

This doll-spell represents a plea to the universe for justice and for protection from one’s adversaries. Obviously, doll-magic may be taken in many directions: it is the plea for justice that prevents this spell from being considered a hex. If indeed, your plea for justice is undeserved, the spell will benefit the adversary instead. Adjust the spell as needed to suit your situation.

On the night prior to the court date, personalize a doll to represent your adversary. (A separate doll is required for each adversary you may have.)

Place the doll atop a clean white cloth.

Dress the doll with a series of condition oils: Command and Compel, Courtcase, Fiery Wall of Protection, and/or San Cipriano Oils. Theoretically at least, the more oils, the more powerful the spell.

Sprinkle crushed vervain over the doll.

Tie a white cotton thread or string around the doll’s waist.

Burn frankincense and myrrh.

Recite Psalm 7 nine times.

Wrap the doll up inside the cloth and hide it in the dark in a discreet and private place.

This is a popular spell. Sometimes reciting the psalm is omitted. Other options for disposing of the doll exist, too: for instance, bury the doll in the ground, far from your home, or bury the doll in the cemetery, or burn the doll and scatter the ashes in the wind.

Soldado Justice Spell

Appeals for justice may be made to Juan Soldado, unofficial saint. According to legend, Juan Soldado’s real name was Juan Castillo Morales, a soldier accused of raping and murdering a young girl. A mob turned him over to the authorities and he was executed by firing squad in February 1938. Too late it was revealed that Juan Soldado was innocent: he was framed by his superior, the true perpetrator of the crime. Juan Soldado is buried in Panteon I, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Appeals to Juan Soldado may be made regarding any issue involving justice, not only false murder charges. He is particularly beneficial when others believe the worst untruths about you. Juan Soldado has also evolved into a patron for those who illegally emigrate to foreign lands in search of safety.

Offer him the customary candles, liquor and cigarettes. Vows to visit his tomb should he perform large favors are also appropriate.

Perhaps the issue isn’t obtaining justice for yourself. Instead, someone else needs to be brought to justice or justice is required in order to resolve a situation.

The following spell encourages the capture and arrest of a perpetrator of a crime. It is most powerful if performed as a simultaneous group or coven ritual. Somewhere the perpetrator(s) lurks, protected by shadows and anonymity. The goal of the spell is to remove those shadows, exposing the perpetrator so that he or she may be identified.

Light of Justice Spell

Intensely visualize a bright light: appeal to Higher Powers to turn this spotlight on the perpetrator, constantly and consistently, from this moment until justice is served.

Do not attempt to visualize the perpetrator. Instead focus on the crime, the location, the victim, and the circumstances. Request that the Higher Powers ensure that all and any perpetrators be exposed, found and brought to justice.

Ma’at Justice Spell

Ma’at is the ancient Egyptian personification of truth, justice, law and order. Eternal life following death was of the utmost importance to the ancient Egyptians. It was obtained by the successful weighing of one’s heart on a scale balanced against the feather of Ma’at. If the heart outweighed the feather, paradise was denied; destruction was assured.

Burn a purple candle for Ma’at.

Request that you receive justice and vindication.

Murder Victim Justice Spell (1) Actual Murder

Sometimes, in order to see a murderer brought to justice, it’s necessary to turn to the victim of the crime.

Place an egg in the corpse’s hand.

Bury him or her like this.

Metaphorically speaking, the victim now holds life in the palm of their hand—very specifically, the murderer’s life.

In addition, this practice is believed to keep the murderer tied to the scene of the crime, thus enabling identification, detection and capture. He or she feels compelled to hover or return to the scene of the crime and will somehow draw attention to him or herself.

Perhaps it wasn’t literally murder. Maybe no one actually shot a gun, stabbed with a knife or clunked the victim over the head with a large frying pan. Yet survivors may believe that their loved one was magicked, hoodooed or bewitched to death. Because this may never be proved, the best-case scenario is to place methods for justice in the victim’s hands. If suspicions are unfounded, nothing will happen. The following methods allow the living to provide the deceased with methods for revenge.

Murder Victim Justice Spell (2) Bewitched to Death Justice Spell (1)

Place a cassava stick in one of the victim’s hands.

Place a knife and fork in the other.

Bury the person like this.

Murder Victim Justice Spell (3) Bewitched to Death Justice Spell (2)

Slip a razor or small, sharp knife into the deceased’s pocket or tuck it within the shroud.

Bury the person this way.

Murder Victim Justice Spell (4) Bewitched to Death Justice Spell (3)

Wrap broomweed or broom straws in white cloth.

Roll the package toward the corpse, saying, “Go! Sweep it clean!”

Place the package in the coffin.

Murder Victim Justice Spell (5) The Antidote

The antidote spell for the murderer to evade ghostly vengeance? The ghost will have no power over you if you obtain the first handful of dirt turned over by the gravedigger. Of course, your efforts to obtain this dirt may single you out for other attention

Tarot Justice Spell

Remove the Justice card from a deck of tarot cards and place it where it may be clearly viewed.

Hold a purple candle in your hands, charging it with your purpose and desires. Carve and dress as appropriate.

Place the candle on a dish beside the card.

Write your petition for justice on brown paper and tuck it under the candle.

Burn the candle, meditate upon the card’s image and pay attention to any moments of spontaneous inspiration.

Vila Justice Spell

Not all issues of justice are legal matters. The vila are fierce, beautiful, Eastern European spirits who seek justice for injured, humiliated, and harmed women and animals. They are old, wild forest spirits and may not be verbally articulate.

Communicate your pain and passion to the vila by dancing.

For utmost power, dance outdoors; however it is your passion and the depths of your psychic wound that calls and activates their power.

Request that they provide justice for you; dance until you drop, then leave your burden with the vila.

Should pain and feelings of injustice become overwhelming, repeat as needed.

Jail House Spells

It may be a little late for Courtcase Spells. Jail House Spells are designed to prevent or postpone incarceration, win release or at least help you survive the stay.

Celandine Stop Incarceration Spell

A spell to prevent imprisonment:

Fill a red flannel drawstring bag with celandine.

Carry it or wear it so that it is in contact with your skin.

Replace the herbs every third day until the matter is completely resolved.

Eight of Swords Incarceration Spell

Because the card in the following spell will be rendered unsuitable for any other use, you may wish to use a color photocopy of it instead. Although the deck designed by that luminary of the Golden Dawn, Arthur Waite, and executed by Pamela Colman-Smith is specified, other tarot decks may be used, if the image on the card is the-matically compatible with the spell.

Remove the eight of swords card from a Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Meditate on the image, observing the blindfolded, bound former prisoner escaping from her confinement.

Place a drop of either a Commanding Oil or San Cipriano Oil on the card.

Place it facing up on a dish.

Carve and dress either a plain white candle or a white cross candle to express your desires.

Place this atop the card.

Sprinkle several coins around the candle, as well as dried ground celandine and vervain.

Burn the candle.

Friendly Judge Stay Out of Jail Spell

Bathe in Friendly Judge Oil (formulas on page 240) for three consecutive nights prior to your court date to stay out of jail.

Get Out of Jail Oil

Magical formula oils, although most associated with Hoodoo and New Orleans Voodoo, are popular in other traditions, too. This formula derives from Santeria and Palo, Latin American spiritual systems deriving from Yoruba and Congo traditions, respectively.

Blend dragon’s blood powder and fresh ground nutmeg.

Place it in a bottle and cover with sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.

Add a dash of pure coconut extract.

Carve brown candles and then dress them with Get Out of Jail Oil to win release or prevent incarceration. Alternatively, soak a cotton ball in Get Out of Jail Oil and carry it in your pocket.

Holy Child of Atocha Prison Protection Spell

The Holy Child of Atocha is the patron of prisoners and ensures their well-being. If staying out of jail is no longer an issue, appeal to the Holy Child for protection whilst incarcerated.

Post a votive image.

If possible, offer him candy and small, inexpensive toys. (Someone else may make offerings on your behalf if you are not in a position to do so.)

Tell the Holy Child specifically what you need.

Jail Fix Powder Spell (1) Incense

A variant of Boss Fix (see page 176), designed especially for the House of Correction, this powder allegedly assists one to stay out of prison or to win release.

Finely chop one High John the Conqueror root and a Courtcase root.

Powder these using a mortar and pestle, then grind them together with dried cloves, rosemary, and sage.

Add a pinch of salt and the tobacco from one cigarette. Blend all ingredients together well.

Burn Jail Fix as incense, accompanied by visualization, prayer and petition.

Jail Fix Powder Spell (2) Candle

Jail Fix Oil is the southern American equivalent of the Latin American Get Out of Jail Oil. They may substitute for each other in any spell.

Add Jail Fix Powder to a bottle filled with olive, castor, and jojoba oils to make Jail Fix Oil.

Carve a brown candle with your name and other identifying information.

Dress with Jail Fix Oil. Burn dressed brown candles consistently until the matter is resolved.

Jail Fix Powder Spell (3) Triple Strength

Because sometimes it’s best to approach a problem from all angles, this spell utilizes Jail Fix as powder, oil and incense.

Start by having a substantial quantity of Jail Fix Powder on hand.

Add a pinch of the powder to a bottle filled with oil, while reserving the rest.

Carve your name and identifying information into the wax of a brown candle.

Reserve some of the powder to be burned as incense.

Spread the rest of the Jail Fix Powder onto a sheet of wax paper.

Rub Jail Fix Oil over the candle.

Roll the oiled candle into Jail Fix Powder.

Burn the candle.

Simultaneously place the remaining powder on lit charcoals as incense.

Middle Eastern Egg Spell

This Middle Eastern spell is an old one that hearkens back to an era when a prisoner’s family was expected to provide his meals—still the case in some places. It also hearkens back to the days before refrigeration, when fresh eggs, hatched that day, were purchased directly from a farmer. Adapt the spell to your circumstances: allegedly it helps win release from prison and alleviates hardships suffered during incarceration.

The spell requires three eggs, laid on that very same day.

Boil them so that they’re very hard and then let them cool.

Remove the shells.

Write the most potent words of power possible onto the eggs.

Eat them.

Ochossi’s Jail House Spell (1)

Technically speaking, Ochossi is the orisha of hunting, but like Artemis, his Greek counterpart, his powers encompass so much more than that. In addition to his role as hunter and warrior, Ochossi (Oxossi in Brazil) holds dominion over prisons and prisoners, and all sorts of confinement, especially solitary. As patron of prisons, he may be appealed to for release, improved treatment or just plain staying out of jail.

Appeal to Ochossi directly or, if necessary, someone else may make the appeal for you.

Ochossi accepts offerings of game, venison or game birds, for instance, but he is also pleased with a dish of honey or honey-roasted peanuts—simple food for a solitary hunter.

Offer him an arrow or the image of an arrow. Draw one, if necessary.

Tell him explicitly what you need.

Should your desires be realized, create a larger, more lavish offering to Ochossi.

Ochossi’s Jail House Spell (2) Extra Power Petition

The following ritual actions serve as a petition to prevent incarceration.

Leave a bow and arrow by the prison gates. This could be, in descending order of power, a real bow and arrow, toys, or even an image. You must be bold enough to approach the gate however. For a really supercharged spell, linger long enough to light a white candle dedicated to Ochossi, too. Of course, many spells derive from different eras: make sure that this action doesn’t defeat the purpose of the spell by landing you right in jail.

Ochossi Jail House Spell (3) Prison Release Spell

Is it crucial to have someone released from prison? This spell is not cast by the prisoner, but by someone who fervently desires his or her release. Once again, appeal to orisha Ochossi, the Hunter.

Obtain a handful of dirt from a forest and also handfuls of dirt from four prisons, keeping each source of dirt distinct.

Spread a cloth on an altar.

Make a square by placing each handful of prison dirt in a corner of the cloth.

Place the forest dirt in the center.

Place an image of an arrow or a cross-bow on top of the forest dirt, burn a small white candle or white cross candle beside it, praying and petitioning for your desire. Let it rest overnight.

In the morning, blend the dirt together in a bowl, leaving it on the cloth.

Place a photo of the target of your spell on top of a white or terracotta plate.

Sprinkle it with the blended dirt.

Burn either a red seven-day candle on top of the dirt or a single red candle daily for a total of seven days.

Sprinkle the candle with a little dirt daily.

On the eighth day, or when the candle has burned completely, wrap all remnants, including all the dirt, inside a cloth.

Dispose of it as close to the prison where the spell’s target is incarcerated as possible.

Prison Guard Protection Spell

Saint Adrian suffered a reversed form of Stockholm syndrome. Allegedly this fourth-century Roman officer became so impressed with the Christian prisoners under his guard that he converted and was jailed with them. Today he serves as the patron of prison guards.

Offer him a purple candle on his feast day, September 8th, or as needed.

Place a hand-shaped milagro or charm by the candle.

Carry the charm with you afterwards.

Sacred Text Prison Release Spell

Recite Psalm 91 seventy-two times each day to win release from prison.

Jail House Spells aren’t reserved for prisoners, nor for those who wish to win their release. Sometimes, whether in the name of justice or safety, it’s important that someone remain in jail. This spell helps keep that person locked up.

Stay Locked Up Spell

Write the targeted person’s name on brown paper.

Place it inside a clear bowl, glass or Pyrex™ for instance, so that when looking from the outside the bowl’s contents are visible.

Cover the paper with a layer of black pepper.

Cover this layer with another layer of cayenne pepper or similar ground up hot chili pepper; habanero powder is even hotter and thus more desirable.

Add a nail, preferably a rusty one, or a coffin nail, if it’s important that the person fulfill a life sentence.

Cover everything with ammonia.

Place a key in the bowl, standing upright, leaning against the side of the bowl. It will fall down; you must be vigilant and keep it standing.

Every day at noon turn the key a quarter-turn to keep the person locked up.