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The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes 2009

Spell of Domination, Persuasion, and Influence
The Spells

These are among the spells that give magic a bad name: spells that convince others to do your bidding, spells that allow one to exert one’s will despite opposition, spells that enhance one’s influence beyond natural limits, spells that persuade others to bend over and ask what they can do for you.

Domination spells are not hexes: no harm is intended towards your target. Ideally everyone lives happily ever after, just according to your rules. Obedience, cooperation and compliance, perhaps a little flexibility, is the desired goal. In today’s magical climate, these are not politically correct spells. Modern Wicca and Wicca-influenced magic frowns upon the entire topic of domination magic because the goal of these spells is to deprive another of free will. Practitioners of other magical traditions might say that that’s the whole point of spell-casting, so this has evolved into a major philosophical issue within the occult community. Many desist from casting any spell on another in the belief that it is morally wrong to prevent another person from exercising free will. In other words, it’s fine to cast a spell requesting that love come to you but wrong to cast a spell on John Doe because you’re sure he’s the man for you, although he doesn’t know it yet. Understandably then, from this perspective, spells that explicitly set out to dominate are abhorrent.

On the one hand, this is extremely commendable: an example of the genuine goodness and moral high standards to which people aspire. The dawning of the Aquarian Age has sparked discussion of the ethics of magic perhaps never before considered, at least as far as surviving documents demonstrate. Read magical texts from 500 years ago or 1500 years ago or even further back and you will quickly discover that considerations of fairness were not major topics of concern. But, on the other hand, total disdain and contempt for domination spells also demonstrates a misunderstanding of the subject. It’s true: these are not nice spells. However, it’s not always a nice world. The suggestion that spells of domination should never be performed suggests at best naively idealistic, at worst ignorant, protected, Ivory Tower sensibilities. Images of powerful wizards in castles to the contrary, magic spells have always served as weapons of the disempowered.

Societies where every individual is free, has enough to eat, isn’t dependent on others and is able to retain control over one’s own body, sexuality, family, and personal destiny, do not develop domination spells. They don’t need them. Although any spell may be abused, domination spells, as a rule, did not spring from evil, selfish intent. Instead these are protection spells of a very specific kind.

Domination spells were created by women whose quality of life, sometimes whose very life, was dependent upon the whims of husbands, fathers, brothers, or sons, whose life might end, literally or figuratively, if unable to produce a child on schedule, who might lose her home if her husband became sexually infatuated with another. Other domination spells were created by slaves whose very lives belonged to others, whose bodies were subject to the desires of others, whose families remained intact only by the grace of another. Under circumstances like these, influencing another becomes a crucial art indeed.

Dominant people don’t need domination spells. Those with money and power have faster, more efficient methods at their disposal. Why play around with sweet flag, the primary ingredient of domination spells, when you have enough money to buy whatever or whomever you want? Magical domination spells, in general, are the attempts of the dispossessed and disempowered to turn the tables and, as much as possible, level the playing field. For the truly disempowered, magic may be the only recourse. Wherever slavery exists, wherever power imbalances or severe oppression exists, you will find spells to provide safety, protection, and balance.

Socio-political history is revealed in magic spells. There is a good reason why many involve women’s attempts to dominate the men in their lives, but not the reverse—and it’s not because, as the witch hunters suggested, women are evil. Men haven’t needed magic to enforce economic dominance or generally submissive 'margin-top:2.4pt;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:1.2pt; margin-left:0cm;text-align:justify;text-indent:12.0pt;line-height:normal'>Before resorting to these spells, as perhaps with any, personal motivation must be examined. If your goal is to assert control for selfish reasons, than these spells truly should not be cast, both for ethical considerations and because malevolent magic invariably attracts the same back to its sender, with potentially dire results for everyone around you.


Domination spells are in general fueled by the inherent dominating properties of specific botanicals, most notably sweet flag/calamus, licorice root, bergamot, High John the Conqueror, and vetiver

The other crucial component of domination spells is the intensity of the spell-caster’s desire and desperation

Purple is the color of power and dominance. Incorporate that color into candle spells or wherever appropriate

These old spells—and their roots are ancient—should not be forgotten, however. Should you ever find yourself in real trouble, in desperate straits, power reduced, your options for self-preservation and protection severely limited, perhaps your very life and future dependent upon the goodwill of others, then these spells are for you.

Agrimony Sleep Spell

Allegedly the herb agrimony, placed within a dream pillow, induces incredibly deep sleep and so is used magically by those wishing to slip from the house unnoticed.

Stuff a dream pillow or sachet with agrimony, charging it with your desire. According to European folk-magic, one waits until the target of the spell, usually a spouse or a parent, is already asleep and then the agrimony pillow is tucked beneath their head. If all goes according to legend, they will be unable to awaken until you return and remove the pillow.

Calamus Spell

Vetiver is sometimes confused with sweet flag. Both may be called calamus. Sweet flag is usually partnered with licorice; vetiver’s customary “spouse” is patchouli. Once in a while, let them swap. Both calamus herbs are believed to possess profound commanding powers and both are sometimes aphrodisiac. Take this spell bath when you wish to radiate personal power.

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over sweet flag and vetiver. Add this infusion to your bath together with your favorite perfume. Allow yourself to air dry.

Commanding and Compelling Spells

Modern commanding spells most frequently make use of standardized-formula condition oils. Hoodoo and New Orleans Voodoo evolved a complex repertoire of what are called Commanding Oils. These are marketed under various names: Commanding Oil, Compelling Oil, Commanding and Compelling Oil, All High Powerful Conquering Oil, and many others. All are reputed to enable you to exert your will over others.

Despite its massive influence, for a variety of mainly racial but also class-based and gender issues, Hoodoo, Voodoo, and their sub-genres receive little respect from the public, from the media, and even from other metaphysicians. Masters like Marie Laveau, Dr. John Montanet, and Henri Gamache have been denied credit, while the average Hoodoo doctor has been painted as an ignorant, superstitious charlatan with little knowledge of true occult science. This is untrue: many of the founding mothers and fathers of Hoodoo were extremely well-versed in a wide variety of metaphysical schools. Their standardized commanding oils prove their knowledge. Despite all the variations in name, these oils rest securely on foundation materials whose use can be traced back at least as far as ancient Egypt.

The most famous and powerful commanding materials are not a heavy club, a sharp sword, or a magic staff with a hidden blade. Instead all that force is contained within two rather innocuous botanicals: sweet flag (also commonly called calamus) and licorice root. (Licorice is a botanical, not the candy named in its honor. The candy cannot substitute for the root.) Each may be used for commanding purposes independently. Married together their powers are believed to increase ten-fold. These two botanicals are the foundation stone of all the standardized commanding oils; their age-old partnership may also be witnessed among the Magical Papyri found at Alexandria, used for identical goals.

Commanding oils are very easily purchased. Every metaphysical supplier, every occult or spiritual goods vendor, every botanica sells some version. However, because what is marketed rarely contains true herbs, it’s crucial to purchase from reputable manufacturers or to blend your own oils. Formulas are found in the Formulary.

In general, condition oils named with variations of the words Command and/or Compel are of similar strength and potency

All High Conquering Oil or any variant using the term “conquering” suggests the addition of High John the Conqueror, although this may be nothing more than a suggestion

Essence of Bend Over, also marketed as Bend Over Oil, is the most concentrated and potent of the commanding oils. Its inherent promise is to strongly encourage another to bend over and do your bidding

In addition to their ability to influence others, commanding oils also contain an inherent protective quality: they protect against hexes, other people’s bad intentions, and attempts to dominate you.

Commanding Candle Spell (1) Basic Spell

This spell enhances your charismatic powers and makes you a generally more forceful, commanding presence. It does not target any specific person to be submissive toward you. This is perhaps the most politically correct of all domination spells, unlike the next one.

Carve a candle to represent you. Dress it with Command and Compel Oil and burn it.

Commanding Candle Spell (2.) Do My Bidding!

This spell requires two candles, one to represent you, the other to represent the target of your spell. Figure candles in the appropriate genders are most appropriate, though any candle may be used. A white candle is used to represent your target. Use a purple candle to display your power. If purple is unavailable, substitute either red or black. Do not use two white candles.

Carve your target’s name and identifying information into the white candle.

Carve the second candle to represent you. Dress this candle with a Commanding Oil and then decorate it with red, purple, and gold glitter.

The white candle is not dressed with oil. Instead, take nine pieces of black thread and knot them around the white candle, about one inch apart.

Concentrate on a vision of the other person’s pliability and cooperative attitude toward you.

Elevate the purple candle. Position the white candle so that it looks up toward the other candle.

Light the candles. As the white candle burns and the strings break, the person’s will submits to your own.

Clues as to whether the spell will work will be given by the candle flames. Observe and analyze.

Commanding Candle Spell (3) Tell the Truth!

Use a commanding oil to compel a liar to confess:

Dress a purple candle with Command and Compel Oil.

Write your target’s name on brown paper, nine times.

Cross over these names nine times with your own name.

Place this paper under the candle and burn it incrementally for seven days, coordinated with a waxing moon.

Each time you light the candle, call the person’s name aloud, demanding

I command you, I compel you

I command you, I compel you

Tell me the truth!

When the candle burns all the way down, wrap any leftover wax in brown paper and dispose of it at a crossroads.

Compelling Bracelet

Before you can get your way, you may have to encourage someone to come closer. This charm both beckons and produces cooperation. There is a sexual aspect to this spell, which is not contained, despite their name, in all domination spells. It may also be adjusted for use as a binding spell.

Obtain a little hair from your target.

Soak the strands in Command and Compel Oil. (You could also make an infusion by pouring boiling water over sweet flag and licorice and soak the hair in this instead.)

Add one drop of essential oil of bergamot and one drop of essential oil of vetiver.

Let the hair dry out.

Braid it together with a strand of your own hair.

Knot them together, ideally creating nine knots. (If this isn’t possible, the hair isn’t long enough, wrap red or black thread around the braid and tie nine knots in this instead.) Murmur your desires into the hair while knotting.

Make this charm into a bracelet, supplementing with red and/or black thread for additional length, if necessary. Wear this bracelet on your right wrist, if you’re right handed, your left one, if that’s the dominant hand. Constantly, consciously will the spell’s target to come to you and fulfill your desires.

Commanding Oil Spell

Anoint a piece of ginger root with a drop of Commanding Oil. Carry it in a conjure bag to maintain a dominant presence.

Commanding Oil: Do As I Say Oil Spells

Sweet flag (calamus) is prized for its aphrodisiac properties as well as its powers of command. Both influences are at play in Do As I Say Oil, also known as As You Please or As I Please Oil. Although it may also be used in business relationships, many spells using Do As I Say Oil possess an erotic component, as it combines the effects of a Commanding Oil with that of a seduction oil. Do As I Say Oil is one of the milder commanding condition oils; its intent is to make others wish to please you.

Do As I Say Oil

Grind sweet flag (calamus), myrrh, cedar chips, and peppermint.

Place them in a bottle and cover with safflower, jojoba, and apricot kernel oil.

Add a few drops of essential oil of bergamot.

Do As I Say Oil Spell

This spell is particularly effective when the candle is burned in the presence of the target. (No need to explain why the candle is being burned; just have it blazing.)

Should someone resist your advances, write their name on a piece of brown paper.

Anoint it with a drop of Do As I Say Oil.

Carve a purple candle or a figure candle that represents the target of the spell, and then dress it with Do As I Say Oil.

Place the candle atop the paper and burn.

Difficult Guest Spell (1) Hurry Up!

To encourage a late guest to finally show up, stick a needle into the top of a broomstick. Allegedly the missing guest will feel this like a sharp pain in the backside and feel compelled to arrive quickly.

Difficult Guest Spell (2) Behave Yourself!

Perhaps you have a guest you wish had stayed home. There are some guests whose arrival you dread. Not all guests are welcome, not all behavior is exemplary. You’d prefer to maintain some control over this guest’s behavior while in your home. Keep a vigilant eye as the person makes his or her initial appearance:

Watch where their right foot first touches your threshold or the inside of your home.

Immediately, as soon as the opportunity arises, before anyone else can step on this same spot, drive an iron nail into the exact place.

Dish of Persuasion Spell

This spell intends to charm and enchant someone, in all senses of the words, so that they desire to please you. A romantic component to this spell potentially exists; make it more or less romantic, as desired, by manipulation of botanical material. (In other words, if you’d like this spell to cast a romantic influence, incorporate basic botanicals of love, as found in Love Spells.)

Place a photograph of your target face-up in a casserole or similar dish. (If you don’t have a photograph, write the target’s name and identifying information on a piece of paper.)

Add a matched pair of lodestones, magnetic sand, honey, sugar syrup, ground licorice root, and carnation petals.

Cover everything with olive oil until the dish is approximately three-quarters filled.

Create a simple cotton wick, insert it in the oil, and burn.

Stir this “magic brew” up at least once daily.

Doll Domination Spell

Gather your target’s complete footprint.

Moisten the dirt with War Water and your own urine but don’t allow it to get too wet.

Create a figure from the footprint. Add intimate items from your target (nail clippings, strands of hair) if possible or add a slip of paper with the person’s name written on it.

Wrap a red thread or ribbon around the figure and pierce it with a nail. The person it represents will allegedly do as you command.

Doll Domination Spell (2)

Hold a small candle in your hands while you concentrate on what you wish the target of your spell to do.

Dress the candle as appropriate and burn.

While the candle burns, make a clay or wax image of your target.

Hollow out a hole in the doll in the abdominal region.

When the candle burns out, stick the candle stub into the hole.

Dress with Commanding Oil if you like or roll the doll in powdered herbs.

Bury it near your target’s home.

Domination Candle Spell

Burn white candles alongside the image of the Strength card drawn from the tarot deck of your choice. (Different decks feature different interpretations of the image; choose one that resonates for you.) Contemplate the image while the candle burns, then place the card under your pillow where it should remain until the spell is no longer needed.

Domination Powder

Grind and powder the following:

Cayenne or habanero pepper powder

Dragon’s blood

Licorice root

Stinging nettles

Sweet flag/calamus root

Sprinkle the resulting powder in your target’s path or on his or her shoes.

Elder Domination Spell

Elder is an extremely powerful, magical tree. Ask permission of the tree before removing any bark and remember to bring gifts and libations.

Write the name of the person whom you wish to dominate on brown paper, ideally with Dragon’s Blood Ink.

Burn the paper; mix the ashes with an equal quantity of elder bark.

Mix this magical blend into seven little fabric bundles.

For the next seven consecutive nights, bury one packet on the path between you and your target.

By the last night, your target will allegedly be under your spell.

Essence of Bend Over Spell (1) Traditional Use

Rub Essence of Bend Over on your doorknobs so that all who enter will be submissive to you.

Essence of Bend Over Spell (2.) That Kind of Domination

Use a commanding oil to achieve sexual dominance:

Carve a red devil candle with information pertinent to the target of your spell.

Dress the candle with Essence of Bend Over and burn the candle.

If you’d prefer that your target show some enthusiasm for this domination, you may wish to add erotic oils as well (see page 714).

Expose the Truth Spell

The aroma of copal allegedly forces liars to expose themselves.

Burn enough copal to permeate a room’s aura.

Allegedly anyone attempting to lie will give themselves away, either verbally or through some action that permits others to recognize the lie.

High John Domination Spell

Soak a High John the Conqueror root in High John Oil and then let it dry.

Write the name of the person as well as their mother’s name on a strip of paper.

Cross over it with your own name twice saying, “I cross you, I cover you, I command you to _______.”

If desired, add a drop of Commanding Oil.

Wrap the paper around the root and tie with purple thread.

Wrap it in a piece of purple cloth and hide this charm in a safe place.

Hollyhock Domination

Hollyhocks are frequently the tallest, most dominating flowers in the garden. Allegedly they help you achieve that dominance, too. Dry and powder hollyhocks, especially black blossoms. Carry the powder in a conjure bag.

Hollyhock Extra Strength Domination Spell

Blend powdered hollyhock, sweet flag, and licorice root. Anoint with a drop of essential oil of bergamot and carry in a conjure bag.

I Radiate Power

This spell allegedly enhances your powers of persuasion.

Place coriander, licorice, and sweet flag (calamus) in laundry bluing* at the New Moon.

Let it remain in the bottle for seven days, then strain out the botanicals.

Use the bluing in your laundry with appropriate clothing; the goal is not to decimate your wardrobe. Wear these clothes in the presence of others when making a request.

In My Hands!

Rub your hands with one of the Commanding Oils. Immediately touch the person you wish to control.

Kick a Stone Spell

Find a small stone. Designate it as the person you need to dominate. If you can find something reminiscent about the person in the stone, whether color or shape, this makes it even more effective. Location also produces an excellent link: locate the stone near the other person’s favorite haunts or, if you’re daring, pick it up in the other person’s presence.

Bring the little rock home. As soon as you enter your home, throw the rock on the floor.

Kick it, reasonably gently (your goal is submission, not injury), through your home until it rolls under your bed.

As you kick the stone, visualize the rock as your spell’s target; actually see the person as if they were the size of the rock, running before you.

Address the rock by the person’s name. Tell it what you need. Visualize the person doing your bidding, extending cooperation, fulfilling whatever is your key need and desire.

Leave the rock under your bed.

Should you ever need to reinforce this spell, bring the rock outside, urinate on it, and start the kicking process all over again.

Lodestone Needle Spell

Dress a lodestone with Command and Compel Oil and then place needles upon it.

Alternately, dip the needles in Command and Compel, before placing them on the lodestone.

Whenever some cooperation is required, remove one needle and discreetly attach it to your target’s clothing. Hems, cuffs, and creases in the backs of clothing are traditional target spots.

Love Domination Spell

Soak long peppers in safflower oil. (Blend safflower oil with a Commanding Oil for added effect.) Rub the oil on your hands and then touch your lover to put him or her under your command.

Mandrake Domination

Legendary mandrake root is associated with such powerful female characters as the biblical Rachel, Circe, Medea, and, not least, Isis.

Obtain or create an image of open-legged Isis riding upon a sow.

Write the name of the person you wish to dominate on paper.

Cover it with your own name, twice.

Place this paper beneath the image.

Charge the mandrake root with your desire; wrap it in dark cloth and place it near or beneath the image, too.

Menstrual Domination Spells

In these Chinese spells, a woman’s menstrual power is turned against her.

Menstrual Domination Spell (1)

Bury a woman’s menstrual rag under her threshold to ensure that she will never run away.

Menstrual Domination Spell (2)

Burn a woman’s menstrual rag on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Sprinkle the ashes over the threshold to keep her tied to the home.

Mummy Candle Spell

The use of mummy figure candles derives more from movie imagery than from any basis in true Egyptian magic, whether ancient or modern. The mummy in this spell is more akin to a Hollywood zombie than to Tutankhamun; an example of the mindless, walking dead so easily dominated by a sorcerer.

Carve a red mummy candle to represent the target of your spell. (Each mummy candle may only be used to dominate one person; if you have the need to command a host, you’ll have to carve a candle for each individual.) Dress it with your choice of Commanding Oils and burn.

My Will Be Done

Rub your entire body with one of the Commanding Oils, so that you radiate influence and power. Allegedly, reading appropriate psalms, for instance Psalms 12,14, and 32, enhances this method.

Open Hands Spell

A Mesopotamian charm necklace serves to pry open clenched hands. Wear it when you need someone to be generous toward you, or when you want something from another that they may not be inclined to give.

Place head and hand shaped beads on a blue cord, knotting your intentions within. Wear this necklace in the presence of the one from whom you need something.

Persuasion Spell

This is a reasonably gentle spell, falling closer to persuasion than domination on the influence spectrum. It requires a personal touch.

Blend red brick dust with powdered deer’s tongue.

Place this in a jar and cover it with olive oil.

Add a lodestone. (You may also add essential oil of patchouli, which will enhance this spell’s power, providing that the spell’s target doesn’t hate its very characteristic aroma.)

Close the jar, shake it up, and let it sit overnight.

Rub a bit on your palms and touch the hand of the one you wish to influence.

For a more intensive spell, cut the euphemisms and substitute a sprinkling of menstrual blood for the red brick dust.

Putty in My Hands Spell

No need for obscure materials deriving from ancient civilizations. Modern materials possess magic too:

Write your target’s name, identifying information, and your desires on Silly Putty or Plasticine.

Play with it: roll it into a ball, stretch it, bounce it. When the spell feels complete, toss the ball into a body of water.

The target should become putty in your hands.

Sealed Up in a Jar

This spell targets a specific person whom you wish to influence:

Write the name of the person whose cooperation is required nine times on a piece of paper.

Cover each name with your own name.

Wrap the paper around twigs of licorice, sweet flag, and vitex agnus-castus, with the written side on the inside.

Dress this with a drop of Command and Compel.

Tie it with a devil’s shoestring root and place it within a jar. (If devil’s shoestring isn’t available, substitute red thread.)

Add a camphor square or a drop of essential oil of white camphor.

Roll a High John the Conqueror root in over-proof rum, bourbon, or other whiskey and then add the root to the jar.

Cover all the contents with honey.

Seal the jar and keep it in a discreet place.

Slippery Elm Persuasion Spell

Powder slippery elm bark. Place it in a bag around a child’s neck to encourage development of a persuasive tongue.

Sweet Woodruff Domination Spell

Sweet woodruff is most famous in European folk tradition as the key ingredient in May Wine, the May Day potion. Its use as an herb of domination emerges in its nickname “waldmeister” or “Master of the Woods.” Sprinkle the powdered root over a path where someone is sure to walk over it in order to dominate that person.

Thoth’s Tool of Command

Master Scribe, Lord Thoth, ancient Egyptian inventor of writing and magic spells, reputedly writes with a calamus reed pen, the better to enforce his spells. Take a tip from Thoth: use a similar pen for spellwork and important messages. To enhance the commanding power even further, add a drop of essential oil of bergamot to ritual ink.

Underfoot Spell (1) Ancient Method

Some spells require hands, while others require feet. While many domination spells are of necessity secret and discreet, the ancient Egyptians possessed a very defiant, very public one. Your enemy’s image or name was painted on the soles of your shoes, so that you could scrunch him or her into the dirt with every single step, keeping the person underfoot, under control, and under your power.

Underfoot Spell (2) Modern Method

A modern update may not be as evocative or soul-satisfying, but it is far more discreet: place your enemy’s photograph within your shoe.

Underfoot Spell (3) Power of the Name

If you lack a photograph and don’t trust your artistic skill to be effective:

Write the target’s name together with his or her mother’s name on a piece of brown paper.

Ideally Bat’s Blood Ink or Raven’s Feather Ink is used; however, plain red ink can be doctored with a drop of essential oil of bergamot, or a commanding oil.

Place this within your shoe, underfoot.

Women’s Domination Spells

Because women’s lives were once so dependent upon men’s cooperation, and still are in some places, a sub-genre of Domination Spells evolved to serve these needs. The traditional target of these spells was a man, usually a husband as the person who exerted most control over a woman’s life. However the bottom-line goal of these spells is to improve the woman’s life.

There is a metaphysical belief that certain botanicals, like hormones, affect men and women differently. Angelica and rosemary, two primary components of women’s domination spells, may be used for healing and protection by both men and women. They provide personal power, however, only to women. (Comparable plants for men include High John the Conqueror, Master root and Sampson snake root.)

Spells designed for men to dominate women almost invariably target sexuality: the desire to bend a woman toward one’s desires, to make her more sexually agreeable in general, or to persuade her to engage in specific acts. Because their motivation is sexuality not survival, these spells will be found amongst the Love, Sex, and Seduction Spells (pages 628732).

Angelica Spell

Dip an angelica root in Command and Control Oil. Carry it in a charm bag, reinforcing with further oil as needed.

Corpse Cooperation Spell

The desperation required to perform this spell would alone charge it full of magic power. Has anyone actually cast this spell? Requirements include nerves of steel and access to a fresh corpse.

The corpse must be the same gender as the person you wish to dominate. Obviously the freshest possible corpse, with minimal rigor mortis, is desired.

Raise the upper half of the corpse so that it is kind of sitting.

Get behind the corpse so that it now leans and reclines upon your lap. (This is an ancient Egyptian/Middle-Eastern birthing position.)

Because this is a North African spell, it’s suggested that a bowl of couscous now be placed on the corpse’s knees but any similar mild-flavored, absorbent food will do: orzo, a nice risotto …

Place a wooden spoon in the corpse’s hand. Take its hand in your own and together stir the food.

Lay the corpse back down. Its job is over.

Bring the food home, providing you are not already there, and allow it to dry out.

Periodically add small portions to your mate’s food. After he eats it, he should become as docile as a corpse.

Corpse Vision Spell

Once upon a time, for millennia, it was customary to bury people with coins over their eyes to pay the passage to the next realm. This Balkan magic formula to blind a lover (husband) to your infidelities or perhaps provide the spell-caster with a measure of freedom depends upon that old tradition. Those coins must be stolen in order to cast this spell or at least borrowed for a little while.

Steep copper coins from a dead man’s eyes (if the spell is to be cast on a man; the gender of the corpse must match the gender of the spell’s target) in wine or water.

Give the liquid to your partner to drink so that he’ll be just as blind and compliant as the corpse.

Dust Under My Feet Spell

With a broom, sweep dust from the street, through your main entrance door and toward your bed.

When it reaches the bed, stamp on the little pile of dust.

Call out your lover’s name and announce, “Come to me as humbly and pliant as what’s beneath my feet.”

According to legend, Martha, the meek, mild housewife from Bethany, traveled to France by boat with Mary Magdalene during the chaos of the Roman conquest of Judea.

In Provence she evolved into Martha the Dominator, tamer of dragons. During the centuries, she has also evolved into one of the most petitioned miracle-working saints, her specialty being, as her title advertises, domination. She is particularly beloved by domestic workers attempting to hold their own with employers, and by wives, suffering under the yoke of authoritative, or worse, husbands.

A cautionary tale regarding domination hides within Martha’s most famous legend. When Martha tamed the dragon, she thought everyone, including the dragon, would live happily ever after. Instead as soon as townspeople realized it was no longer a threat, they killed the pacified dragon, over Martha’s protests and tears. She could command the dragon but not a lynch mob. Successful pacification had rendered the previously fierce dragon unable to protect itself—or willing to die; a spell’s consequences can be unpredictable.

Martha the Dominator Spell (1) Basic Spell

Maintain a shrine to Martha with an image of the saint, a dragon or both. Dress green candles with Martha the Dominator Oil and burn as needed.

Martha the Dominator Spell (2) Extra Strength

A stronger appeal to Martha the Dominator utilizes intimate items.

Obtain hair and/or nail clippings from the target of your spell.

Place them on a small green cloth.

Pull a few strands of hair from your head and soak them in Martha the Dominator Oil.

When the hair dries, braid it.

Use this braid to tie up the cloth.

Hide the packet in a secret place, dressing with oil as needed.

Although some of these spells may seem anachronistic, relics of a past age, many women still find themselves the submissive partner in a marriage or relationship, perhaps because of age, ethnic or cultural background, or simple good nature. What may not start out as a problem can evolve into one. What happens when one’s dearly beloved develops Alzheimer’s—but refuses to hand over the checkbook because he remembers just enough to know that he’s always paid the bills before? What happens when the guy who looked like Mr. Right before you pooled your assets turns out to need a sponsor in Gamblers’ Anonymous? It might be easier if you wanted or were able to leave him. Perhaps all you wish to do is adjust the balance of power.

The promise inherent in the women’s formula below is that it will transform the woman into the ruling mistress of her domain. This oil also possesses a moderate aphrodisiac effect (more than moderate for those strongly affected by orrisroot) so, theoretically at least, imposition of will may be welcomed as a pleasant surprise.

Mistress of the House

Powdered sweet flag

Powdered rosemary

Powdered orrisroot

Devil’s shoestring root

Jojoba oil

Sweet almond oil

Add the powdered botanicals to a glass bottle or jar.

Add the devil’s shoestring root.

Blend two parts sweet almond oil with one part jojoba oil and fill the bottle with this blend.

Let the oil steep for several days to achieve full strength. Empower by exposing to full moonlight if possible.

Administer by various methods: massage Mistress of the House Oil into your loved one’s feet, sprinkle it within his shoes, or sprinkle it on him, while he’s sleeping.

Rosemary’s Empowerment Spell

Allegedly women’s power thrives in the presence of living rosemary. Grow abundant quantities in your garden or in pots in your home.

Scarlet Ribbon Spell

This Mexican spell allegedly pacifies abusive men.

Measure the entire length of his body with one single length of red ribbon.

Slice the top off a candle and carve the bottom so that the wick is exposed.

Dress, carve, and charge this candle.

Tie the ribbon around the center of the candle and burn it upside down.

* This spell can theoretically be done—and will be stronger—with true indigo also, but be aware that indigo is a profound and permanent dye. Make sure you are familiar with its effects before applying to clothing.