Fertility: Spells for Conception and Contraception - The Spells

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Fertility: Spells for Conception and Contraception
The Spells

Magic spells are cast to obtain many benefits: wealth, luck, true love or a passionate lover, renewed health, enhanced psychic power. However, the subject it is most primordially and intrinsically involved with is human fertility.

Although it’s often suggested that religion and mysticism emerged in response to the mysteries of death, the very opposite may be the case. The earliest religions, characterized by veneration of images of the human genitals, were fascinated by the mysteries of birth and life and generative power. Clues are imbedded in our language: the word “venerate” stems from the same roots as Venus, venerable, and venereal.

This fascination with generation remains crucially integral to magic. After all, what does a magic spell usually attempt to do but create something new, something that previously didn’t exist? The Spirits most involved with magic (Hecate, Artemis, Yemaya, Baba Yaga, Freya, Oshun, Aine, and so many others) invariably are involved with human reproductive capacities as well.

Themes of sexual reproduction echo throughout magic. Magical instruments most frequently double as fertility motifs as well: mortars and pestles, sieves, cauldrons, broomsticks, not to mention phallic wands ands staffs, derive their power from associations with human generative power. Humans can generate babies and humans can generate magic.

To some extent, even the term sex magic is redundant: ultimately the sexual act is a magical act, although like everything else, it can be performed badly, degraded, abused, and unappreciated. Violence and coercion destroy all trace of the sacred.

This isn’t to suggest that magic is all about being fruitful and multiplying. The emphasis is on control over reproductive cycles so that the individual retains health and happiness. Magic provides a vast repertoire of spells for fertility. The earliest magical systems are also intrinsically connected to the earliest medical systems: holistic systems don’t rigidly distinguish between the two. Great emphasis was also placed on botanicals to prevent and sometimes end pregnancy when it wasn’t desired. Many of the most famous and ancient witch-spirits like Hecate, Kybele, Artemis, and Baba Yaga are also master herbalists. Perhaps fertility spells are best understood as reproductive control spells; spells designed to permit conception when and if one desired.

Despite all this talk of sex and procreation, fertility spells aren’t limited to people wishing to have children. They may be used to enhance and stimulate artistic creativity as well as actual conception and birth. Adapt these spells to suit your needs.

Fertility is a capacity that exists so that it may be drawn upon as desired and when desired. In a sense that capacity for fertility is synonymous with one’s capacity for magic. You may not wish to cast magic spells every day but you want the power to do so when you choose. Likewise you may not wish to become pregnant this year or ever, but if you change your mind, you want the capacity to fulfill your desires.

Despite tales of legendary fish with such intense fertility power that even virgins and men who consume them conceive, there is not one spell here for a virgin birth. Fertility magic requires sex: it is a given that any spells are accompanied by the actual act of procreation. No matter how powerful your magic, no matter how splendid and rare your materials, if you’re not accompanying fertility spells with well-timed sex, they can’t work.

Spells for Conception

The boundaries between magic and traditional botanical medicine are often fluid; nowhere is this more true or crucial than in fertility magic. Please consult the section in the Elements of Magic Spells regarding botanical safety. Botanicals, unlike visualizations for instance, always have an actual physical effect on the body. Many botanicals used to promote fertility in the seriously infertile are unsafe during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy. Be very careful and choose your spells wisely. Topical application of an herb, for instance in baths or massage oils, may have effects as strong as or even stronger than internal application. As a general rule, essential oils are not safe during pregnancy, especially early pregnancy.

Animals of Fertility

Animal of Fertility Spell: Fly

I know an old woman who swallowed a fly,

I don’t know why she swallowed a fly…

Well, yes, we do know why. It was once believed that women could conceive by swallowing flies. Fairy-tale heroes are often conceived in this manner.

Flies were understood as souls of the dead looking for a new incarnation. Souls were once believed able to travel between lives in insect form. The original Baal-Zebub, Philistine spirit and psychopomp, later demonized as Beelzebub, was not only Lord of the Flies but also Shepherd of Souls, leading them to new incarnations.

Incorporate this imagery into spell visualization, to help manifest your desires in reality. No, don’t swallow real flies: find more appetizing ones.

Mold marzipan or chocolate into the shape of flies.

Swallow one per visualization and see yourself filled with the soul of the child you desire.

Animal of Fertility Spell: Frog

A more active fertility spell incorporates the use of Zuni carved fetishes. A frog fetish is required; one carved from, shell is especially potent for this purpose.

Bring the frog to bed with you; otherwise keep it in a jar or bag.

Feed it at regularly scheduled intervals to activate and maintain its power. Traditionally corn pollen was offered but bits of food may also be used, or whatever inspiration suggests.

Speak to the frog; tell it your heart’s desires.

Animal of Fertility Spell: Rabbit

Modern Halloween cards invariably depict the witch accompanied by a black cat, but once upon a time witches’ familiars were a varied lot. The most popular familiar during the Burning Times was believed to be a rabbit. This association derives from the rabbit’s perceived affinity with the moon (many cultures see a rabbit in the moon) and as the totem animal belonging to many spirits of women’s primal power. And we all know the habits of the rabbits…

This is an easy, discreet spell: begin to collect rabbit images. Surround yourself with them. Keep silent about your intent, why you’re collecting them. Discussing it weakens the spell. Others collect images of bears, pigs, dwarfs or fairies, so why not rabbits? The rabbits will eventually begin to come to you, multiplying as rabbits are wont to do. During the Full Moon, take your rabbits outside, cast a circle of them, sit inside, exposed to the moonbeams, and see yourself multiplying, too.

Animal of Fertility Spell: Snake Bag

In the tale of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the snake isn’t necessarily the third party. Once upon a time, some say, snakes were believed, metaphorically and magically at least, to possess the power to impregnate women and activate conception. Whether that’s true or not, snakes remain profoundly affiliated with women’s fertility and general reproductive health. A woman’s snake power is her fertility power. This amulet bag attempts magical activation.

Very many botanicals are named in honor of serpents, so many they lead to confusion. Many are used therapeutically to remedy various aspects of women’s reproductive health; however, this is a magic spell. Merely carry the botanicals, do not consume. Many of these botanicals are unsafe if consumed by pregnant women and no medicine should be used without expert supervision.

Gather as many as you can and carry in an iridescent beaded bag. Botanicals include the two black snake roots—black cohosh and Serpentaria—rattlesnake root, rattlesnake master, adders tongue, snake weed (bistort), snake head, and many others. If you find an unnamed root or twig that resembles a serpent, add that too. Snake charms and carved stone fetishes may also be incorporated. A piece of freely shed snakeskin may be added as well. Carry the bag to enhance and boost fertility and psychic power. Sleep with it beneath your pillow.

Animal of Fertility Spell: Snake Bag Extra Strength

Carrying the bag described above is allegedly sufficient. However, a more active spell may also be cast.

Carry the bag during the day and sleep with it at night, as described above.

Once a week, however, preferably on a Friday, take the items out of your bag and play with them. Examine them, handle them, murmur over them, make wishes with them.

Dress with one drop of milk or red wine and then put the objects back for the week.

Animal of Fertility Spell: Snake Bag Spirit Spell

Creation of the bag and handling it may both be extremely effective; however, you can up the ante by incorporating spiritual petition.

As you create your bag, simultaneously create a snake altar.

Use serpentine images as a focal point, whether of the Minoan snake goddess, Mami Waters, a naga, Maitresse Ezili in her water snake form, another of the serpentine Iwas or any other image that resonates with you. A photograph, candle, or statue of an actual snake may also be used.

Burn coiled snake candles on the altar. Offer the snakes dishes of milk and treasure.

Put doll babies on the altar to help manifest your desire. Activate your charms and conjure bag by leaving them on the altar overnight.

If the snakes inspire you to dance, do so.

Astarte Oil

The name “Astarte” is believed to mean “the filled womb.” The name may refer to an independent deity or it may be another name for the Semitic deity, Anat. Either way, the authors of the Bible viewed her with reprobation; she held a notorious reputation for encouraging erotic rites and independent women. The oil named in her honor is believed to promote personal fertility.

Essential oil of coriander

Essential oil of jasmine

Essential oil of myrrh

Essential oil of petitgrain or neroli

Rose attar

Blend all the ingredients above into a bottle filled with sweet almond and jojoba oils. If desired, add cowries or henna twigs and blossoms to the oil.

Because many essential oils are not safe during pregnancy, especially in the first months, reserve this oil for magical uses such as dressing candles and charms.

Astarte Oil Spell (1) Candle Dressing

Obtain a human figure candle that represents you.

Carve it with your name, birthday, identifying information, affirmations, and desires.

Dress the candle with Astarte Oil, particularly the abdominal and genital areas.

An optional step is to roll the candle in henna powder.

Burn the candle.

Astarte Oil Spell (2) Personal Dressing

Many botanicals that influence fertility appear to create a balance: they encourage fertility if you’re not pregnant but can have the opposite effect if you are. If you’re sure you’re not pregnant, rub the oil on your thighs prior to sex to magically enhance possibility of conception.

All Astarte Oil spells may be accompanied by spiritual petition directed towards Astarte.

Basil Spells

Basil is considered a fertility promoter both physically and symbolically. A tea made from its leaves relieves suppressed menstruation. It is also a traditional component of infertility repair magic spells.

Basil Spell (1) Living Plants

Basil’s very presence is believed to enhance fertility. Plant basil around the home or maintain abundant potted plants. Place basil plants in window boxes or beside the door to signal your wish for fertility to Earth’s spirit forces.

Basil Spell (2.) Basil Boughs

Hang fragrant boughs of basil over the bed to enhance successful conception. Keep the basil fresh, green, and aromatic: replace with fresh boughs as needed.

Basil Spell (3) Fertility Diet

Add basil to your diet—a perfect excuse for pesto. Dine on basil and make love by the light of red candles.

Basil Spell (4) Triple Goddess Pesto

An even more potent fertility pesto is concocted from three types of fertility-associated herbs. Each of the herbs is associated with at least one powerful fertility goddess.

Basil (Ezili Freda Dahomey, Lakshmi)

Lemon Balm (Aphrodite)

Parsley (Persephone)

Pine nuts or walnuts


Olive oil

Optional: Parmesan cheese

From the perspective of a traditional spell-caster, to maximize the symbolic value of the spell, the herbs should be ground the old-fashioned way, using a mortar and pestle, whose parts and process mimic the procreative act. However, if you lack the patience, blend and chop the herbs using a food processor.

Add the nuts and as much garlic as you like.

When these dried ingredients have been processed, add olive oil a little bit at a time, mixing and blending until the desired consistency has been achieved. Some prefer a paste-like pesto while others prefer it more liquid and oily.

Traditionally served over pasta, pesto may also be used to dress fish and meat. Cover with plastic and store in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it. Mix Parmesan cheese into the blended sauce, if desired, just prior to serving.

Bed Spells

The bed is the altar on which magical rites occur. Treat it the way you would any sacred altar: spiritually cleansing, ornamenting, and empowering it, demarcating it as enchanted space. Spells incorporate the conjugal bed as a way of promoting fertility.

Bed Spell (1) Fruits and Nuts

A recommendation from the time of the Chinese Han dynasty (206 BCE—220 CE) is to scatter dates and chestnuts on the bed to stimulate conception. The presence of the dates and chestnuts on the bed stimulates the aura of fertility; however, making love on the bed before removing them or changing the sheets can be incorporated into the spell.

Bed Spell (2) Many Blessings Spell

Another legendary tradition is attributed to one of the emperors of the Tang Dynasty: gold and silver coins were thrown onto the marriage bed of his favorite daughter to stimulate fertility, magnetically attract wealth, and provide protection.

Bed Spell (3) Talisman

Making love amidst nuts and coins may not be that comfortable. Incorporate coin cures in a more convenient way.

Tie strings of Chinese replica coins (I-Ching coins) to the bedposts or hang them on the wall beside the bed. Coins are easily purchased already strung together, however the spell will be more potent if you attach the coins to red silk thread, tying your desire and affirmation into each knot. Either way, hold the coins in your hand and focus to charge them.

Bed Spell (4) Cowries

Cowrie shells were once used as currency in Asia and Africa. They were also used as coins in China before metal coins. Substitute cowries for metal coins, and string them onto red silk cord, tying desires into every knot. Hang the string of shells from bedposts or over the bed.

Bed Spell (5) Iron

The bed itself can impact fertility. An iron bed offers spiritual protection against all dangers of the night while generating and radiating fertility energy while you sleep.

For maximum effectiveness fumigate the bed with cleansing incense, hang charms and talismans from the bed, and spend a lot of time lying in it.

Berber Herbal Spell

In traditional Berber herbalism, Spanish lavender and/or germander gathered in the morning prior to sunrise, especially on New Year’s Day, provides many health benefits.

They may also be used to concoct a women’s fertility remedy.

Dry the herbs in the sun, pound them, and mix them with honey.

Eat them in the morning on an empty stomach.

Bloodstone Spells

Bloodstone, despite its name, is neither bright red nor the faded brown of dried blood. It’s a green stone, flecked with red, and earned its name because it was believed beneficial to various blood disorders as well as to halt bleeding. The stone is the talisman of Isis and is among the crystal gem-stones most associated with fertility. It is especially potent as a magical fertility charm when carved into a Tet amulet (the Buckle of Isis); however, even uncut bloodstone emits radiant fertility power.

Bloodstone Spell (1) Passive Method

Keep bloodstone close to the body to absorb its fertility energy.

Wear bloodstone jewelry

Carry it in your pocket

Carry it in a charm bag

Bloodstone Spell (2.) Active Method

Lay pieces of bloodstone directly over the womb and ovaries to heal and stimulate fertility.

Lie quietly and leave the bloodstone in place for at least 30 minutes.

This is most potent if timed to coincide with the exact phases of the moon—New Moon, Full Moon, and quarters.

Botanicals of Fertility

Plants containing extra magical fertility-boosting power often reveal themselves by their resemblance to human genitalia, affiliation with the moon, or by the extravagant quantity of their seeds. These plants include: assorted snake roots, black-eyed peas, corn, figs, jasmine, lilies, lotuses, melons, moonflowers, mugwort, assorted nuts, olives, pomegranates, poppies, pumpkins, roses, and wheat.

Botanical Fertility Bistort Spell

Bistort is also known as dragonwort or snakeweed. Carry the dried root to promote conception.

Botanical Fertility Bottlebrush Spell

Place bottlebrush blossoms in the bedroom to promote fertility.

Botanical Fertility Candle Spell

Hollow out the inside of a vulva-shaped candle. Stuff it full of a selection of basic botanicals of fertility. (Fruits and vegetables are highly represented among these; use leaves, flowers, and dried seeds rather than the fruit or vegetable itself.) Then burn the candle.

Candle Spells

Candle magic may be used to stimulate fertility and pregnancy. Red candles are typically chosen for fertility spells. Any candle may be used, but figure candles may be particularly appropriate: either an individual human figure, to represent the spell-caster, or a joint male-and-female figure candle. Other powerful candle choices include red cats and red witches as well as snake candles and candles in the shape of hearts or genitalia.

Candle Spell (1) Red Candles

British folk healers recommend burning red candles before, during and after sex to enhance chances of conception. (If you’re really serious about getting pregnant, just keep those red candles burning whenever it’s safe and appropriate.) Although you can if you like, it’s not even necessary to carve and dress the candles; just keep them burning brightly.

Although this spell stands alone, it can also be incorporated into any other fertility spell as extra enhancement.

Candle Spell (2) Red Witch

The traditional image of the Halloween witch still proudly displays the emblems of women’s reproductive magic: womb-like iron cauldron and triangular peaked hat. When witches weren’t riding on broomsticks, whose form unites the principles of male and female generative energy, they rode through the sky in mortars and pestles like Baba Yaga, or set sail at sea in sieves, oyster shells and egg-shells, all images of women’s reproductive power, and all components of fertility spells.

Candles in the shape of red witches may represent a literal woman or witch, but they are also used to represent women’s primal magical powers, the metaphysical traditions deriving from the mysteries of birth and menstruation. The red witch possesses long forgotten and suppressed magical secrets that might perhaps assist you in your quest, whatever it is. Burn red witch candles to tap into that power and discover the magical secrets and power hidden within you.

Write your deep needs or desires on a piece of paper.

Carve and dress a red witch candle, using Astarte Oil or another oil of your choice.

Place the paper under the witch and burn the candle.

When the candle has burned down completely, bury all spell remnants in Earth or carry them in a mojo bag tied around your waist.

Cowrie Shell Spells

Because seashells come from the sea, and because the sea is perceived as a font of fertility power, any seashell radiates and transmits that power. However, some shells are more powerful than others, especially those bearing the closest resemblance to the vulva.

No shell has more associations with fertility than the cowrie. Cowrie shell belts worn over the reproductive area are among the most ancient human artifacts. Because they’ve been unearthed still adorning the remains of prehistoric bodies in Northern Europe, as well as in Asia and Africa, we know how they were used, as well as that they were valued objects of trade.

Cowrie Spell (1)

String cowrie shells into a belt long enough to wear over your hips. (They should fall over the ovaries and inner reproductive organs.) Tie your intentions into each knot. Wear the belt whenever and however you like, but for maximum effectiveness wear your belt under the Full Moon.

Cowrie Spell (2)

Stitch cowrie shells onto a strip of scarlet silk long enough to wear across your reproductive region.

Cucumber Spell

There’s a whole genre of jokes regarding why cucumbers are better than men. In this case, however, the cucumber can only enhance fertility, not substitute for a male partner.

Keep a cucumber in the bedroom.

Replace with a fresh cucumber every week or whenever the cucumber stops looking or smelling fresh and healthy.

This spell only works if the cucumber is kept whole.

Date Spells

This is a two-part spell for a couple that wishes to conceive. Either part of the spell may be cast independently, but they work best in conjunction.

Date Spell (1)

This allegedly boosts a woman’s reproductive capacity: a man feeds dates by hand to the woman he hopes will be the mother of his children. Reserve and cleanse the date pits to be used in Date Spell 2.

Date Spell (2)

The man should now carry the cleansed date pits in a red conjure bag for enhanced fertility and sexual power. (Although a similar spell exists for enhanced virility alone, his fertility is allegedly unaffected unless he has actually put the dates into the woman’s mouth.)

Earth Spell

Once upon a time, women engaged in magic ritual to enhance the fertility of the Earth. If you’re in need, Earth can repay the favor. However, not all dirt is believed to possess equal fertility-activating magic power.

Gather a handful of dirt from near the doorway of a bordello.

Gather a handful of dirt that’s been dislodged (dug up) by a bull’s horns.

Gather a handful of dirt that’s been dislodged by a boar’s tusks.

Place them in a red conjure bag and carry with you.

Earth Spell Enhanced

This spell derives from traditional offerings to the Hindu deity, Durga. Durga, warrior spirit of protection, rides upon a tiger, doing battle with demons.

Create the bag as above, but as part of a petition of fertility directed toward Durga. Bring it to one of her shrines or dedicate it to her upon a personal altar.

Egg Spells

Eggs, for obvious reasons, rank among the most ancient and powerful of fertility symbols, and are incorporated into many spells.

Egg Spell (1) Candle

Create your own strong, powerful egg.

First make the candle mold: gently punch a small hole in the large end of a raw egg.

Use a cuticle scissor to cut a small circle of eggshell. (Buy a dozen eggs; you may have to practice a bit.)

Empty the egg into a bowl: use as desired.

Gently wash the inside of the shell with water. The membrane and all contents must be thoroughly removed. Allow it to dry completely.

Prepare the wax. (You may also add tiny fertility charms or herbs.)

Use the egg carton as a holder. Place the eggshell, hole-end up, in the carton.

Pour in liquid wax, reserving a little. (When it’s half full, you may add tiny seed beads, charms or herbs if you choose, although the candle is effective without them.) Let the wax harden overnight.

Next day: gently heat the reserved wax until liquid.

Gently chip away the shell, exposing your candle.

Heat an ice pick or similar sharp thin tool: put it through the center of the candle and quickly thread with a wick.

Fill the hole with the hot wax.

Decorate. Keep as an amulet or to burn in a spell.

Egg Spell (2)

With a pin, carefully pierce each end of a raw egg. (In some variants of this spell, the male partner must pierce the holes.)

The man and woman kiss.

Place the egg between you, holding the egg gently in both mouths, each taking an end. (No hands!)

The man blows egg out of the shell into the woman’s mouth. (How easy or difficult this is, depends upon egg and people.)

She swallows the egg.

Carefully set the shell aside. (Don’t break it.)

Have sex.

Whenever you’re ready—there’s no rush—take the empty eggshell outdoors together and bury it in Earth, at least seven inches deep. (If not possible, bury it in its own flower-pot and enhance with fertility plants.)

Egg Spell (3)

Place a pair of eggs in a bowl and cover them with spring water.

Place these eggs under your bed.

Replace weekly or as soon as they smell bad.

For extra enhancement, add two porcelain frogs to the bowl of water. Keep the water level high enough to keep the frogs immersed.

Egg Spell (4)

Eating an egg with a double yolk, if you can find one, allegedly produces fertility. Likewise, finding a fish within another fish bestows tremendous fertility power. (And if there’s a magic ring inside that fish, you’re the star of your very own fairy tale and should expect miracles to occur!)

Egg Spel1 (5)

The creation of an Egg Tree allegedly brings children to the childless. Birch and cherry trees are the traditional choices; however, work with what you have.

Decorate eggs and hang them from the tree.

For maximum effect, decorate the eggs with images of fertility symbols like triangles, snakes, fruits, and nuts, or dye the eggs red, using conventional paint or food coloring, henna paste or menstrual blood.

Egg Spell (6)

A Greek variant of the Egg Tree makes the goal of the spell very explicit. Instead of hanging eggs from the tree, hang dolls.

Collect small baby dolls or handcraft dolls that express your desires.

Hang them from the tree and leave them there. They’re a gift to the tree, don’t take them back; hopefully the tree will use its power to give you a similar gift.

Egg Spell (7)

Whisper your secret needs and desires into a raw egg.

Talk to the egg or talk into the egg like a tape recorder, however best suits you.

Bury the egg in Earth to transmit your desires to the magical powers that be.

If you prefer, write your wishes onto the eggshell, using either invisible ink or Dove’s Blood ink.

Egg Spell (8)

Write incantations, affirmations, and verses from sacred texts onto hard-boiled eggs before eating them.

Fairy Fertility Spell

Hawthorn trees are sacred to fairies. Do not remove leaves or wood from the living tree.

Gather fallen hawthorn leaves.

Make an invocation to the fairies: name your desire. Promise that if this spell works, you’ll set up an offering table for them in the birthing room (See Pregnancy and Childbirth Spells.)

Bring the leaves home and place them beneath your mattress.

Fertility Crystal Bath

Fill a bath with as much rainwater as possible. Place moonstones and quartz crystals in the tub (make sure the crystals are large enough so there’s no danger of falling down the drain!) and bathe, ideally in the moonlight.

Fertility Doll Spell (1)

The use of dolls to magically enhance fertility and activate conception was once common around the world, from native North America to China, Italy to India. Vestiges of these traditions survive, not least in the dolls that traditionally ornament the wedding cake. Fertility doll magic remains most vital, however, in traditional Africa. Although the style of doll varies, the spell is virtually identical wherever fertility doll magic is practiced.

Create or obtain a doll baby. The doll does not have to be life-like unless it’s important to you. Dolls are crafted from wood, clay, nuts, bones, corn cobs, fabric, metal: any conceivable material. If working with a mass-produced doll, embellish it with seashells, beads, seeds, and fertility charms to enhance its power.

This doll is your baby. In Africa, dolls accompany their “mothers” everywhere, sometimes discreetly, sometimes not. The doll is fed, bathed, and cared for every day, never left unattended, as if it were a flesh and blood child. This may be understood in various ways:

The doll is the seed from which the actual child grows

The spell magically stimulates conception

Your actions indicate your desire to the spirit powers and also demonstrate what a good mother you’ll be, given the opportunity

Like a real baby, the doll is not abandoned, whether pregnancy occurs or not. The doll may be treated as the resulting child’s sibling, or given to the child as a toy or amulet. A successful doll may be passed on to another infertile woman to work its magic, while a doll that is not successful may be buried with its “mother” when she dies.

Fertility Doll Spell (2)

This doll may be treated like the doll in the spell above or one may consider it to be a doll-shaped conjure bag.

Create a doll from red fabric.

Stuff the doll with basic fertility botanicals.

Sew the doll up; embellish the outside of the doll with beads, seashells, little mirrors and charms. These may also be buried within the doll.

Fertility Dream Incubation Spell (1) Pour Jacks

Sometimes the conventional information available regarding your situation isn’t sufficient. You need a dream to divine exactly what’s going on or to plan your solutions. To incubate a fertility dream remove the four jacks from a brand new deck of playing cards. Place them under your pillow and wish for a dream before going to sleep.

Repeat, using the same cards (you don’t need new decks), until you’ve received the dream required, or until the issue is resolved.

Fertility Dream Incubation Spell (2) Tarot Cards

If you prefer the power and symbolism of the tarot deck, place the following cards under your pillow and follow the directions above:

The Empress

The Sun

The ace of cups

Fertility Incense

Gather a pinch of dirt from a fertility shrine or use graveyard dirt from your ancestor’s grave.

Mix with dried crumbled red rose petals and hibiscus flowers.

Sprinkle on lit charcoal and burn.

Fertility Mojos

Conjure bags designed to enhance and empower fertility are treated slightly differently to the standard bag. The standard mojo hand is a red flannel drawstring bag; however, for fertility enhancing purposes, red silk or beaded bags are most potent. You should wear the bag hanging between your breasts or over the abdominal area, rather than carrying in your pocket, and sleep with the bag beneath your pillow or hang it over the bed in which you make love.

Fertility Mojo (1) Shrine Dirt

Create a fertility mojo hand from items radiant with fertility power.

Collect pinches of dirt from shrines associated with fertility. These may be shrines dedicated to Spirits of Fertility or areas that naturally radiate fertility power (the menhirs, standing stones, Hawaiian phallic rocks).

Place these in a red flannel or silk bag, together with silver charms, seashells, and bits of coral.

For maximum effect, wear this bag around your waist or hips.

Fertility Mojo (2) Dirt Bag

Fill a red silk or flannel bag with dirt: pinches taken from a crossroads, graveyard dust from sympathetic ancestors’ graves, and also from sites associated with babies: birthing centers, a house with a lot of happy, healthy children, or a successful midwife’s home for example.

This is a work in progress; begin to carry your bag as soon as you’ve collected the first pinch of dirt.

Supplement with other fertility charms if you like—bits of coral, shell, or silver charms.

Fertility Mojo (3) Root of Balance Bag

Certain botanicals radiate female generative power while others transmit male power. Sometimes you might want one or the other, but for purposes of fertility, perfect balance is desired. Charge roots with your magical intentions and place them in a conjure bag together and see what transpires.

Add female fertility botanicals to a red silk or flannel bag: angelica root or Queen’s Delight.

Add the male botanicals next: ginseng root or High John the Conqueror.

Add a plain gold ring to symbolize the union of roots. (Use a real wedding band or a dime-store ring: the key is that it is gold colored and not ornamented.)

Carry the bag with you or keep it under your mattress.

Fertility Mojo (4) M is for Mother

Their first initial isn’t what really links these particular botanicals; rather it’s their association with fertility and the moon.

Add the following to a conjure bag:





Wear or carry as desired.

Be cautious with mandrake and mistletoe, both are potentially very toxic.

Fertility Mojo (5) Charm Bag (1)

Fill a mojo bag with fertility charms: acorns, mistletoe twigs, cowrie shells or pearls, or silver charms in the shape of rabbits or moons.

This is a spell-in-progress. Add charms as they appear.

Dress with Astarte Oil for fertility and Van Van to make your dreams come true.

Fertility Mojo (6) Charm Bag (2)

Fill a conjure bag with black-eyed peas, silver fish charms, iron beads, a Low John root, and jasmine flowers.

Fertility Mojo (7) Mugwort Charm Bag

In Uganda, women carry mugwort in a red silk bag for enhanced fertility.

Fertility Potion (1) Couple

A Romany fertility potion is designed to be shared by prospective parents together. Time this spell to coincide with either the New or Full Moon, whichever suits your reproductive cycles best.

Make an infusion with spring water and comfrey.

Combine with equal parts brandy.

Pour into a single glass, which the man and woman drink together.

Drink it in bed; make love immediately afterwards.

Repeat three nights in a row.

If it doesn’t work, wait until next month’s corresponding moon phase before attempting this method again.

Fertility Potion (2) Dad’s Spitting Image

A prospective father may choose one of two ways to prepare this fertility potion for the prospective mother of his child:

Either drop burning hot coals into spring water or spit into it (think of “spitting image of his father”).

While the woman drinks the water, the man chants: I am the flame, you are the coals!

I am rain, you are the water!

Fertility Potion (3) Gourd

Sometimes it’s not merely the ingredients but the means of preparing the potion that generates magic fertility power:

Make a hole in a gourd.

Fill it with milk.

Bring the milk to a boil. (A double boiler may be required to avoid scorching the milk.)

When it cools, drink it or use it to bathe the body, abdomen or vulva.

Fertility Potion (4) India Moss

The woman who drinks this water as a fertility potion will allegedly never be sterile.

Place an India moss crystal gemstone in a glass of water.

Leave it overnight.

In the morning, remove the crystal and drink the water.

Fertility Potion (5) Men

A Moroccan potion to increase male fertility and sexual vigor invokes the fertility-inducing prowess of the egg.

Break a raw egg every morning and swallow it before breakfast for 40 consecutive days.

Immediately after consuming the egg, fill the shell with olive oil and drink.

Results should be apparent at the conclusion of the 40 days.

If the possibility of salmonella gives cause for pause, a different Moroccan recommendation is for men to drink just olive oil alone to enhance the procreative powers.

Fertility Potion (6) Rose Hydrosol

True rose hydrosol is used as a woman’s fertility potion. You can either drink small portions by itself, or blend rose hydrosol with spring water or champagne and drink.

Fertility Potion (7) Ruby

Place a ruby in a glass and cover it with spring water on the night of the Full Moon.

Leave it overnight, exposed to the moonbeams.

In the morning, drink the water.

Fertility Potion (8) New Well Water

The first water of a new well is charged with extra power and baraka. Therefore the first drink is customarily offered to a childless woman as a fertility potion.

Fertility Spell (1) Coconut

Place a coconut on an altar or situated in a focal position in the bedroom to enhance female fertility.

Fertility Spell (2) Fruits

Placed dried longans and lichee fruit under your bed.

Fertility Spell (3) Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Carry the dried root of a Jack-in-the-Pulpit plant as a fertility charm.

Fertility Spell (4) Poppies

Today, poppies are most associated with opium and illicit drugs, however in ancient days poppies’ associations with fertility were equally strong. Poppies demonstrate their affinity for human reproduction via their bulging seedpods.

Dry the seedpods. Pierce and string them onto red cord and wear or hang over the bed as a fertility enhancer.

Fertility power, like magical energy is contagious and may be obtained via enchanted methods of transference.

Fertility Transference (1) Birth Process

If you are childless but would prefer not to be, be present in the delivery room during a birth. Allegedly your presence in the room stimulates your own personal fertility. (Conversely, pregnant women should keep away from delivery rooms as their own birth process may be stimulated too soon.)

Fertility Transference (2) Clothes

If you are childless but would prefer not to be, borrow and wear clothing from fruitful women—those with happy, healthy children.

Fertility Transference (3) Death Soap/Corpse Water

Other transference methods have nothing to do with pregnancy and birth; quite the contrary, in fact.

Bathe with the soap and/or water used to cleanse a corpse. Allegedly this transfers some of the recently departed but still lingering life to you. It’s crucial for the success of this spell that the deceased was youthful, vital, and clung to life, or that death occurred as a shocking, surprising, traumatic incident.

Fertility Transference (4) Dead Men’s Ghosts

Associations between conception and recent death are based on ancient Middle Eastern magical practices. Once upon a time, women wishing to conceive but having trouble doing so would step over freshly executed men, especially hanged men, or walk between rows of murdered men. It’s crucial that the corpse cannot have died a peaceful, natural death. The interrupted lifeforce allegedly swirls around looking for a place to re-enter and re-emerge. The woman desiring to conceive provides safe haven.

Similar rites existed in Anglo-Saxon Britain, although, as far as we know, without the stipulation that the death could not be natural.

Fertility Transference (5) Grass Spell

A Hungarian Romany spell for women desiring children but unable to conceive combines a host of fertility powers.

Eat the grass growing on a grave where another woman, who bore children, is buried. Ideally the woman should have died in childbirth. (The child is alive, only the mother is dead.) Grass transmits the integration of lunar and earthly generative power—the moon shines on grass all night; the grass derives earthly power from the dirt.

Even though the woman is dead, her death from childbirth underscores the fact that she could get pregnant, which is the goal of the spell-caster. (Of course, you’ll be obliged to perform massive protection spells before delivery, but you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it.)

Fertility Transference (6) Bed

According to Ozark Mountain belief, laying babies on a bed is a sure harbinger of new babies to come. If you want a baby, invite family and friends to lay theirs on your bed.

Conversely, if a baby is the last thing you want, do not ever allow anyone to use your bed as a changing table, or permit babies to nap upon it.

Fertility Tree Spells

Trees are particularly associated with fertility. Any tree may have fertility power because of its phallic appearance rising from Earth (or entering her); however, some trees are more associated with generative power than others.

Trees most associated with fertility bear fruit or nuts. The most potent, such as the orange tree, flower and fruit simultaneously. Trees bearing fruits and nuts resembling genitalia or somehow suggesting the sexual act are the most potent of all: figs, peaches, pomegranates, and walnuts for instance. Trees with milky sap also radiate fertility power

Willows have particularly strong fertility associations because of their affinity for water, the element most associated with fertility, and also because they are under the dominion of Hecate, Spirit of magic, fertility, and healing

Certain trees are redolent of fertility because of their associations with specific Spirits of Fertility; the tree is a conduit to the Spirit’s power and blessings. Examples include apple trees (Aphrodite) and pines (Dionysus)

Fertility Tree Spell (1) Basic

To avail yourself of the tree’s fertility power, make love under it by the light of the Full Moon. The ritual may be that simple, or you may embellish as you please.

Fertility Tree Spell (2.) Personal Relationship

Enhance and intensify any spell by developing a relationship with a specific tree.

Choose an existing tree or transplant a grown specimen.

Nurture the tree. Develop a relationship with the tree, or with the resident tree spirit or presiding spirit, however you best understand it.

Embellish and decorate this tree.

Charge fertility amulets, charms, and spell ingredients by hanging them on the tree or placing them at its base overnight, especially in the light of the Full Moon.

Offer libations to the tree.

Sleep under the tree.

If possible, make love under the tree.

Fertility Tree Spell (3) Moon-pot

To inaugurate the partnership between yourself and a tree, bury a terracotta pot filled with menstrual blood at the foot of the tree.

Fertility Tree Spell (4) Transference

This method may also be used to transfer a tree’s fertility to you.

Bury a terracotta pot filled with menstrual blood at the foot of a particularly fertile tree.

Respectfully explain to the tree, in your own words, what you want in return and why you admire this particular tree.

Fertility Tree Spell (5) Lunar Water

Should a pot filled with menstrual blood be unrealistic for you for any reason, a potent alternative exists.

Follow the instructions in the Elements of Magic Spells for creating lunar-charged water.

Bury a terracotta pot filled with this water at the foot of the tree instead.

A lunar-charged magic mirror into which you’ve expressed your deepest desires may also be buried at the foot of the tree, although this should be accompanied by some sort of libation as well.

Fertility Tree Spell (6) Apples

Apple trees are sacred to Aphrodite and figure prominently in all spells that fall under her dominion, especially those for love and fertility. Mix water with apple tree sap and wash your face and hands with it.

Fertility Tree Spell (7) Shrines (1)

Miracles may be accomplished at a fertility shrine by speaking with the presiding Spirit and receiving blessings and favors. Sometimes, however, fertility is promoted merely by being in the shrine and Spirit’s presence. The goal is to absorb the radiant fertility power present at the shrine into one’s own body. Merely being on site may be sufficient; however, other magical means to encourage the transmission and absorption of this power exist.

Make a “cradle” from a towel.

Place a stone within this cradle, to represent the child of your dreams.

Hang the cradle with child on a tree at the shrine, making a personal vow to the saint to be fulfilled if and when your desire is fulfilled.

Fertility Tree Spell (8) Shrines (2)

The Berber spell above makes one’s desires very clear and explicit. Conservative Christianity and Islam might frown on such explicit methods: a similar tradition, popular all over Asia and Europe, may derive from older rituals.

When you journey to a shrine, bring a rag from home.

Carry it in a charm bag around your waist or tucked into your bosom.

Keep it with you while you pray, petition or perform spells and rituals.

Before you leave, tie it to a tree at the shrine.

Fertility Tree Spell (9) May Pole

The May Pole derives from ancient fertility rites. Create your own rituals with living trees. This spell is extra potent if cast during one of Earth’s fertility power days: May Day, Midsummer’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Wrap scarlet ribbons around a tree, visualizing your desire all the while.

Enhance the spell by ornamenting the tree with fertility-inspired charms, small dolls or decorated eggshells.

For maximum effect, make love under the tree.

Fertility Tree Spell (10) Rowan

Making love under a rowan tree is allegedly a cure for infertility.

Fertility Tree Spell (11) Willow

Place a willow branch beneath your bed for enhanced chances of conception.

Fig Hand

The fig, an ancient and powerful symbol of fertility, also lends its name to a gesture and amulet: the “fica” or fig hand. The fig hand is made by closing the fist and inserting the thumb between the first two fingers. This is both a representation of sex and simulates a pregnant woman. The gesture protects against spiritual dangers, and can be used as a protective device against any danger.

Depictions of the fig hand are also a popular amulet. The material it’s carved from determines the purpose of the charm. To serve as a men’s amulet for protection of genitals, sperm, virility, and general procreative capacity, wear a small fig hand carved from red coral.

The Real Fig-hand Spell

This spell is allegedly beneficial for either female or male infertility. However, the carving should be done by a woman. Carve a phallus from fig wood and carry it with you.

Gender Spells

Sometimes conception isn’t enough. For one reason or another, a child of a specific gender is desired. Various magic spells attempt to fulfill your desires:

To conceive a boy, place a dagger in your headboard

To conceive a girl, put a dagger in the headboard with a bay laurel wreath around it

To conceive a boy, place arrows under the bed

To conceive a boy, charge a small gold knife charm with other yang materials. Wear it as a charm around your neck

To conceive a girl, place a spindle under the bed or mattress

Grow-a-Seed Spell

The most basic fertility spell of all may not seem particularly magical to our jaded eyes: grow plants from seed. What has evolved into a child’s kindergarten project was once perceived as an act fraught with mystery and magic. Do not transfer mature plants or cuttings: it is crucial that you sprout the seeds and nurture the plants. This may be done directly on Earth or in pots within your home.

The choice of plants is entirely up to you; however, plants that are metaphysically associated with fertility will increase the power of the spell. Furthermore, time spent in the presence of plants radiant with fertility power can only be beneficial.

Grow plants that can assist you in the quest for conception or plants that will serve as herbal remedies. By doing this, you set up a symbiotic relationship, a true alliance; each of you depends upon the other. Talk to the plant; tell it what you need it to perform for you. Herbal remedies grown in this manner will be more potent than anything you can purchase. Faithfully keep a gardening diary. Eventually within its pages you may discover parallels and clues to your own condition.

Holed Stone Spells

The precious gem most associated with fertility is the ruby. However, precious gems are not the only potent magical fertility tools. The humble holed stone is a powerful fertility booster. Holed stones, also called holey stones or hag stones, are pebbles or small stones containing natural perforations. Only Mother Nature can create them. If you have a holed stone, for fertility purposes:

Wear it around your neck on a red or silver cord

Hang it from your bed on a red or silver cord

Carry it in a medicine bag

Holed Stone Spell (1) Extra Enhancement

Sprinkle rosemary on a holed stone, especially in the hole.

Carry it in a medicine bag or wear it around your neck.

Repeat the ritual to coincide with the New Moon.

Holed Stone Spell (2)

Not all holed stones are small enough to wear around your neck. Europe and the British Isles are dotted with huge standing stone formations, some erected, some natural, some with holes. These holes have traditionally been used for all manner of healing but particularly for providing and enhancing personal fertility. Getting to one of these fertility power spots may be difficult; the ritual is simple.

Journey to a holed standing stone.

Make your wish, prayer and/or petition.

Climb through the hole.

Khonsu’s Spells

In myths, the moon is usually perceived as female and represented by female spirits. The ancient Egyptians saw things differently. To them, the moon was male. Many lunar aligned deities were male, too—for example, Thoth and, especially, Khonsu. This doesn’t mean that the Egyptians didn’t recognize the lunar influence on women’s reproductive cycles and pregnancy. Quite the contrary, the moon’s powerful effects are precisely why they perceived it as male. Who else gets a woman pregnant but a man?

Sleeping exposed to Khonsu’s moonbeams was believed to provide the activation necessary for successful pregnancy. That doesn’t mean you don’t need ordinary sex, too. The moonbeams are the bonus touch that makes pregnancy most likely to occur and be successful. (In medieval Europe, unmarried girls were cautioned against sleeping in moonlight. Now you know why.)

Khonsu’s Spell (1) Basic

Sleep naked exposed to moonlight, as frequently as possible. Having sex in the moonlight won’t hurt either.

Khonsu’s Spell (2) Enhanced

The fertilizing influence of moonlight is enhanced by direct petition to Khonsu, Egyptian Lord of the Moon:

Build an altar for Khonsu, ideally situated so that it’s exposed to moonlight.

Offer him lunar-charged waters, dice and images of the moon, baboons, crocodiles, and falcons.

Lamp Spell

Lamps are a traditional Chinese symbol of fertility. It’s traditional to place a lamp under the nuptial bed to enhance the possibility of conception.

Lunar Spell

This spell must be accomplished at the first sighting of the New Moon.

Look up at the moon and talk to her.

Explain that although she’s but a tiny sliver now, you know that she will quickly fill out and grow, charged with power.

Tell her that you would like to emulate her and become large and filled with life. (Be explicit: tell her you want to be pregnant and bear a healthy child. The moon also rules water and bloating diseases: if you don’t explain precisely how you wish to enlarge, you could be unpleasantly surprised.)

Go home and make love.

Lunar Water

The powers of moon and water are combined and brought into the bedroom.

Coinciding with the New Moon, fill a bowl half-full of water. Natural living water is best: sea, river or rain. Use bottled spring water if these are unavailable.

Take it outside to absorb moonbeams.

Leave it outside for three hours.

Bring the bowl inside and place it under the bed, approximately under where the woman lies.

Make love over this lunar-charged water.

Repeat until the Full Moon.

Begin again with fresh water at the New Moon.

Lunar Water Bath (1)

Charge spring water in full moonlight. Toss it into your bathwater or use the direct method: place it in a basin and bathe the vulva.

Lunar Water Bath (2)

Bring a tub or pool large enough in which to bathe outside underneath the full moonlight.

Fill it with spring water. (If this is unaffordable, at least add substantial quantities of pure spring water to regular tap water.)

Get undressed, get into the pool and bathe in the moonlight.

In an ideal world, you’d have a silver basin, with a large seashell for a ladle.

Magic Cake Spell

In Jewish magical traditions, magical cakes are prepared for brides or other women to ensure fertility.

Decorate a round cake or a triangular slice with the woman’s name, magic spells, names of power, and sacred texts. The woman should then eat the cake all up.

A favored sacred text to counteract sterility is Deuteronomy 7:12, chosen perhaps for its name Akriel, which evokes (or defies?) the Angel of Barrenness. Also the word berit, occurring in this verse, is often understood to refer to genitals.

Magic Circle Spell

Magic circles provide protection as well as enhanced fertility and romance.

Make a circle sunwise around the bed with brandy.

Make another circle with coal dust.

Make a circle with powdered chalk (or white clay or white flour).

Get in the bed and make passionate love.

Repeat for three nights consecutively.

Magic Diagnosis Spell

Testing to determine causes and sources of infertility are far more refined today than ever before; however, a high percentage of infertility is classified as idiopathic, meaning no known reason can be determined. If that’s your situation, magical diagnostic tests may put you on the path toward discovering personal solutions. This magic fertility test derives from North Africa and is reminiscent of fertility tests from ancient Egypt. It attempts to determine which partner is the source of the obstacle.

Make two small piles of sawdust.

Each partner urinates on only one pile. Remember which is which.

Wait seven days then examine the piles.

If a pile exhibits any signs of life—worms, insects or such—don’t be disgusted. This is a positive response, indicating excellent potential for fertility. In contrast, a barren, lifeless pile indicates the need for work to remove and heal obstructions. If both piles are barren, this indicates that both systems need some serious warming up.


Mandrake root has extremely ancient associations with fertility, with its use recorded in ancient Egypt and the Bible. It is under the dominion of powerful spirits: Aphrodite, Hathor, and Hecate. Mandrake also has aphrodisiac properties. However, in all cases it is used as a charm. Mandrake is potentially very toxic: do not take it internally or apply it to the body.

True mandrake is extremely rare: other plants, most typically May Apple, are sold under the name mandrake and substituted for the authentic article. The real root bears a strong resemblance to the human anatomy. There are male and female mandrakes: which one you possess should be immediately, visibly identifiable.

Mandrake Spells (Basic)

Carry mandrake root as a charm

Place a mandrake under the bed, mattress or pillow for enhanced sex and fertility

Mandrake Spell Enhanced

An ancient image of Hathor, spirit of magic, pleasure, fertility, and women’s power, depicts her wearing an enchanted necklace formed from mandrake and poppies (which is also a fertility plant, because of its abundant seeds; both plants also have narcotic properties, in addition to other similarities, although they are botanically distinct).

Reproduce and wear Hathor’s magic fertility power necklace, either with real plants (incorporating knot magic into the necklace’s creation), with a henna design, or you could create a beaded or bejeweled version. For maximum effectiveness, wear the necklace while making love.

May Eve/Beltane/Walpurgis Spells

Earth’s sexual forces are at their peak on May 1st, May Day, and the preceding Eve, also known as Walpurgis Night. Both night and day are associated with witchcraft, spells, and the successful accomplishment of fertility rites. Celts celebrated this day as Beltane, the festival that honors the fertility power inherent in all life. It is an excellent time to attempt conception. Even without immediate success, you are harmonizing your own fertility energy with all Earth’s natural powers.

Beltane Bonfire Spell

Beltane rituals are still held. Traditionally bonfires are lit. To heal infertility, people creep through bonfires, jump over them, and run between them. Once upon a time, they also made love amongst the bonfires, although to avail yourself of this power you may have to build private, personal fires.

May Day Spell

May Day is the holy day belonging to the Roman spirit of flowers and happy sex, Flora. She may also be petitioned for fertility, especially if infertility treatment and sex on demand has dampened the joys of the sexual experience.

Request healing, happiness, and access to life’s pleasures.

Flora is beckoned with fresh flowers: she especially favors lupines. Her sacrament, the gift that you can give her, is blissful sex. (All rites for Flora are traditionally performed nude.)

Melon Spell

A Chinese fertility spell requires the assistance of sympathetic friends. Friends of an infertile couple steal a melon (and apparently it must be a theft), dress it in baby clothes, and give it to the couple. This must be secret, not prearranged, although in exchange the couple is supposed to provide a reasonably lavish dinner for the helpful thieves.

This is most powerful if performed on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the birthday of Lady Chang’o, the resident woman on the moon.

Midsummer’s Spells

Midsummer’s Eve coincides with the Eve of the feast day of Saint John the Baptist. The date also coincides with the Summer Solstice, the height of the sun’s powers, and the ancient Roman festival of Ceres, spirit of Earth’s generosity. The date has powerful associations with fertility rites, as exemplified by the bonfires traditionally lit on Midsummer’s Eve or Saint John’s Day.

These bonfires and accompanying fertility rites were once common throughout Europe. Midsummer’s Eve is also sacred to the Irish solar deity, Aine, a spirit of love and fertility, and the day has strong Celtic associations. The fertility aspect of the holiday, especially the bonfires, was very popular throughout the Mediterranean, especially in Greece, Italy, and Spain but also across the water in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, although there associations are made with Fatima rather than Saint John.

Among the reasons given for the bonfires during the Middle Ages was that they prevented dragons of the air from their annual revelry, which inevitably concluded in wanton copulation in the skies and the subsequent pollution of springs and wells from drops of dragon ejaculate.

Another theory is that the John the Baptist celebrated amidst fertility rites is not the ascetic John the Baptist who wandered the Judean wilderness wearing his mugwort belt, living on locusts and wild honey, and performing baptisms in the Jordan River. Instead the ancient Semitic fertility spirit Adonis may be lurking underneath, wearing the syncretized mask of the respectable saint.

Although the date itself is propitious for any fertility magic, it’s the bonfires, the revelry among them and the attendant herbs that hold particular value.

Midsummer’s Spells (1) Basic

Making love among the bonfires is believed extremely auspicious for fertility. However, as public sex hasn’t been condoned in centuries, build your own private bonfire to celebrate the day and conduct private revels.

Midsummer’s Spells (2)

Customarily at least one pair of large bonfires is built. These bonfires are also beneficial for other forms of healing, but their associations with fertility are strong. Couples or individuals desiring fertility run between the fires.

Jump over the bonfires; childless couples should jump over bonfires together, holding hands, to repair, rejuvenate, and revitalize fertility.

Midsummer’s Spells (3)

Not just any random plants are arbitrarily chosen for the bonfire. Traditionally specific, strongly aromatic plants are used: chamomile, chervil, pennyroyal, rue, Saint John’s Wort, thyme, geranium (the fragrant herb, not the bright red flower), and mugwort. When burned, their smoke radiates fertility power.

Expose yourself to the smoke of the bonfires.

If this isn’t possible, choose a selection of Midsummer’s herbs, grind and powder them and burn them as Midsummer’s Eve incense.

Warning: Make sure that you are not pregnant; several of the herbs may positively influence obstructed fertility but are not safe for use or exposure during pregnancy itself.

Midsummer’s Spells (4) Bonfire Wood

Although bonfires are built from herbs in the Mediterranean region, Celtic regions of Europe may build bonfires of carefully chosen wood. This version, for example, suggests nine sacred Druid woods. Build the fires using the following woods:










Collect the ashes once the fires have burned out.

Midsummer’s Spells (5)

Midsummer’s bonfire ashes retain magic power. Fill charm bags with the ashes and carry them for good fortune, healing, and renewed fertility.

Midsummer’s Spell (6)

Midsummer’s ashes can also be incorporated into more active magic spells. Gather some up and bring them home. Sprinkle them on the sheets and make love. Or use the ashes to cast a circle around the bed and make love.

Midsummer’s Spells (7)

If bonfires are not realistic for you, fertility power is also traditionally gained by walking around naked in your vegetable or flower garden on Saint John’s Eve.

Midsummer’s Spells (8)

Balkan Gypsies suggest that if you gather flowers on Midsummer’s Eve and burn them that night, their ashes will substitute for Midsummer’s bonfires.

Midsummer’s Spells (9)

Many plants are believed at the height of their powers on Midsummer’s Day. Gather them on that day for future use.

Gather mugwort on Midsummer’s Eve.

Wind it into a girdle or crown and wear it during revelries.

At some point, when you’re ready, make a wish and throw the mugwort garland into the bonfires.


Many believe that erected standing stones were placed (obviously with tremendous effort) over specific spots to mark the special powers emanating from that point on Earth. This is also believed true for that other stone formation, the menhirs of France. Rather than passing through stones, however, power is accessed by sitting on the menhirs.

Menhir Spell (1)

Once upon a time, the recommendation was to sit on menhirs while naked, but once upon a time, there was more privacy and fewer legal restrictions. Sitting on the stones in a loose skirt without wearing underwear may provide the best of both worlds.

Menhir Spell (2)

Midsummer’s Eve revels were once held among the menhirs and sometimes still are. Making love amidst the stones on that night is said to bring tremendous fertility power and Earth’s blessings on your union.


“Milagros” means “miracles” in Spanish. It’s the term now most popularly used to refer to the ancient custom of ex-votos. The magical concept of reciprocity figures extremely prominently in the Spiritual petition process:

One requests a favor or blessing, sometimes offering a gift to mark the request but always specifying what will be paid for receipt of the requested “miracle”

Having received the favor or blessing, one then renders payment

It is wisest to maintain control over two areas of this process: inform the Spirit precisely what blessing or favor is desired. Inform them specifically and explicitly in what form payment will be made and precisely when.

Milagros are used for both purposes. Milagros are tiny depictions, usually but not always formed from metal, of the part of the anatomy that needs repair or healing. These are traditionally brought to the shrine at the same time as a petition is made. The concept of the milagro or ex-voto is ancient. They have been found in Greek, Celtic, and Iberian healing shrines. Prehistoric objects that are dead ringers for ex-votos have also been discovered, although without context or explanation it’s impossible to prove what they are. The custom remains most vigorous in Latin America. Shrines typically have an area reserved for you to pin your own ex-voto, either a velvet-covered board or sometimes on the votive image itself, particularly if the image is associated with miracle cures.

Milagros are also offered to offer testimonial of miracles received. This often evolves into payment for the desired miracle. A cheap metal or wax charm is initially offered, with the promise that if the miracle is received, a golden charm, miniature or life-sized, will be then presented.

Specific milagros represent specific ailments. A pair of metal eyes is donated for eye trouble. A leg or an arm is offered in exchange for healing the appropriate appendage.

Shapes representing fertility and the quest for a child are both literal and metaphoric:



Heart (not an anatomically correct heart but the Valentine’s Day shape), because it can be synonymous with vulva and because it represents the love you’d offer a child

A baby

A hedgehog (because of the old European belief that the womb resembles a hedgehog)

If you have no access or belief in shrines, tie rags or milagros to your own tree or well.

Charge the charms with your desire by any or all of the following methods:

Holding them in your hands and concentrating hard on your desire.

Sleeping with them under your pillow.

Weeping onto them until they’re wet from your tears.

Carrying in a mojo bag for seven days and nights, until charged with your personal energy.

Mistletoe Charms

According to Pliny, a piece of mistletoe carried as amulet helps woman conceive. This corresponds with other traditional beliefs regarding this botanical parasite. Mistletoe was perceived as being in a category all its own. Although it lives on trees, it’s not a tree. Although it’s like a plant, it doesn’t grow in either Earth or water. It is potentially very poisonous and should not be taken internally, but it has myriad uses as a fertility charm. Mistletoe berries resemble tiny golden moons enhancing the lunar and fertility symbolism.

Carve fertility charms from mistletoe wood; carry them or attach a pin and wear as a brooch

The most powerful mistletoe jewelry is embellished with pearls

Mistletoe Spell

Mistletoe hung over doorways at Yule is for kissing. Mistletoe hung over the bed anytime is for pregnancy. Be careful: mistletoe’s berries and leaves can be poisonous. This is not an appropriate spell for households with children and pets.

Moon Blood Fertility Spell

Women who hope not to be pregnant feel relief when their monthly period arrives. For women who had hoped to finally be pregnant the first stirrings of menstruation lead only to grief and depression. Modern Western culture perceives menstruation as the antithesis of pregnancy, its opposite. Once upon a time, however, menstrual blood was understood as the force that activated conception. Menstruation was the flower, the necessary precursor to the fruit of the womb.

Create a doll baby from real, not synthetic, clay. If you can dig it out of the Earth yourself, so much the better.

Dab it with your own menstrual blood to magically activate the doll.

Allow the doll to dry. The doll may be carried as a fertility charm; it may also be incorporated into doll magic spells.

Moon Magic Fertility Spell

The ancient’s noticed that not every sexual act resulted in conception. The moon was considered the magical third party in the conception equation; pregnancy was believed to occur as a result of the moon’s powers of fertility activation. Thirteen is the number of months in one lunar year and is a number sacred to many spirits of primal female power.

Once upon a time priestesses danced widdershins (anticlockwise) around the New and Full Moon, often in groups of thirteen. Dance among friends or dance by yourself to draw down the moon’s fertility power.

Mugwort Spell

Pick mugwort from nine fields.

Bind the plants together and post as an amulet and/or carry in a charm bag.

Mugwort is most powerful picked under a Full Moon or during the Summer Solstice/Midsummer’s Eve festivities.

Nut and Seed Spells

Nuts and seeds represent the property of germination. Eat them if this is healthy and appropriate for you. Carry them in charm bags. Place bowls of nuts in plain sight to radiate fertility power.

Any nuts or seeds may be used in fertility magic, though as usual some are more potent than others:

Oak galls, known as serpent eggs, are transformed into magical charms and amulets

Acorns gathered at night hold the strongest fertility power. The Full Moon enhances the power; look for an oak with particularly abundant acorns

Chinese magic exploits puns and other word games, for instance the derivation of Chinese word for peanut: hua sheng. Hua alludes to “great variety,” sheng to “give birth.” Bowls of peanuts are thus frequently displayed at weddings or in the home to radiate fertility power

Nut Spell (1) Jupiter’s Nuts

The Latin designation for walnuts, “juglans,” refers to Jupiter’s testicles. Walnuts and chestnuts are particularly beneficial for men’s fertility magic.

Place bowls of nuts in plain sight, to radiate and transfer their energy.

Eat them as appropriate.

Replenish with fresh nuts as needed.

Nut Spell (2) Bath

The transfer of fertility energy is also attempted via a bath, for the purpose of boosting either male or female fertility.

Steep five chestnuts in a pot of water for five hours.

Strain, burying the nuts outside, but reserving the liquid.

Add this to your bathwater.

Nut and Seed Charms

Seeds and nuts may also be used for adornment. These simple charms make powerful amulets: the process of making them is as magically charged as wearing them.

Make a necklace from acorns, sunflower, pumpkin and melon seeds, and dried corn kernels in a variety of colors: red, yellow, blue, and black.

Soak the material in warm water until softened. (At least an hour.)

Using a sharp needle, string them on strong thread, ideally red, black, or green (It may be necessary to drill holes in the acorns.)

Pass the charms through the smoke of frankincense and myrrh to further empower, if you wish, although this isn’t necessary.

Wear your charms.

Ocean Immersion Full Moon Spell

The Full Moon shining over the ocean encompasses the most potent fertility forces here on Earth. Be a mermaid: enter the ocean, naked if possible, under the light of the Full Moon. Completely immerse yourself at least once.

Ocean Waves Spell

Infertility derives from many causes. Where physical causes are elusive, spiritual causes may be seen. While some spirits heal infertility, others cause it, sometimes one and the same spirit. Ocean water, as well as that from healing springs, is believed to cure infertility inflicted by djinn and other spirits.

Go to the sea. Let seven waves pass over your body to remove evil influences and obstacles. (The number of waves depends upon which side of the Mediterranean you’re on. Moroccan magic favors seven. Identical spells exist in Spain but nine waves are required to accomplish the same purpose.)

Ocean Waves Spell (2)

This Moroccan spell benefits either male or female fertility.

Go to the sea.

Let seven waves pass over your body. Take a sip from each wave. Gather water from each wave in a bottle.

Take this water home; drink it and add it to your bath for the next seven days, accompanied by affirmation, visualization, and spiritual petition.

Ocean Waves Spell: Wash the Slate Clean

Moving into a new home can be an opportunity for a fresh start. This Moroccan spell takes advantage of the occasion to wipe the slate clean and remove obstructions to fertility.

Forty days after moving into a new home, journey to the ocean, arriving before sunrise. The journey and arrival at the shore must not be witnessed by anyone or the spell won’t work. (My interpretation of this traditional spell is that it’s important that no one recognizes or notices you. Don’t call attention to yourself. A quick, anonymous passer-by should not nullify the effects of the spell.)

Upon reaching the ocean, throw a loaf of bread into the sea.

Allow seven waves to pass over the body.

Address the presiding spirits of the sea. The traditional incantation goes like this:

Oh my uncle, the sea. I’m troubled with spirits.*

Give me children and health.

When you’re ready, turn around and return home, without looking back.

This spell appeals to the legendary King of the Sea, but other marine spirits may be petitioned—whoever is most real and most meaningful to you.

Pinecone Spells

Pinecones look phallic; they’re also associated with Dionysus and Kybele, both powerful providers of fertility. Dionysus’ magic wand, the thyrsus, is topped by a pinecone. Pinecones are beneficial for both male and female fertility. Because pine trees are also magically identified with happy marriages, pinecones are especially beneficial for those relationships strained by the stress and anguish of infertility.

Collect baskets of fallen pinecones; look for strong healthy ones filled with seeds. Place them in bowls and baskets in plain sight, to radiate their power and transfer it to you.

Pinecone Spell (1)

Make a wish on a pinecone. Hold it in your hands and charge it with your desires.

When you’re ready, toss it into a fire to transmit your appeal to the Spiritual powers that be.

This method may also be used to make a petition to either Kybele or Dionysus or both.

Pinecone Spell (2)

Collect pinecones.

Decorate them by dipping them into wax and glitter.

String them onto red cord to make necklaces.

Rainwater Sieve Spell

Although terrestrial water, oceans, springs, lakes, and rivers are perceived as female powers, rain is metaphysically likened to semen. It’s difficult to understand at first why masculine “thunder gods” (Zeus, Baal, Thor, Chango) are associated with fertility. It’s not the thunder and the lightning; it’s the accompanying showers that fertilize the Earth. Thunder gods are invariably promiscuous: strong rain fertilizes a lot of land at the same time.

Spells that emphasize immersion in the ocean seek to draw on female fertility power. Spells involving rainwater draw on the masculine powers, although both types of spells benefit women in particular. Many spells combine yin and yang, charging rainwater in moonlight, for instance.

Sieves have traditional associations with fertility. They are used similarly in personal fertility spells as well as weather spells to end drought.

Collect rainwater.

Keep the container tightly sealed in the refrigerator until you have a bright moonlit night.

Place the water outside, exposed to the moonbeams.

Pour this water through a sieve onto a woman who wishes to conceive. (If she is naked, this is even more potent.)

Water may be poured over the head, over the genitals or directed over the breasts, accompanied by petitions to have a healthy child to nurse.

Saint George Fertility Spell (1)

Saint George’s Eve is an extremely potent night for fertility rites. Crusaders encountered Saint George in Semitic West Asia and brought him home to Europe, where he is most famous for killing the dragon. Or did he? And why is he so helpful to women who wish to conceive? Some believe Saint George to be Baal in disguise. Baal, Semitic weather deity and bane of the biblical prophets, exemplifies male thunder gods who rain down fertility on a parched region. The image of the dragon or great snake is often used to represent menstruation, the monthly heartache of women wishing but failing to conceive.

Women once flocked to a Syrian shrine devoted to Saint George. Its attendant priests developed such a reputation for working miracles of conception that suspicious husbands soon forbade their wives to go, preferring no children at all to these “miracle” children.

There’s no need to discover the ruins of this shrine: Saint George can assist your quest in the privacy of your own home.

Hang a new white nightgown from a fruitful tree on Saint George’s Eve.

Leave it overnight.

Inspect the garment in the morning. If any living creature is found within it, the woman can expect to conceive before next Saint George’s Day.

To activate the spell put the nightgown on immediately. Having sex while wearing it wouldn’t hurt either.

Saint George Fertility Spell (2)

The most common form of life discovered in the chemise is a bug or worm. Should you discover a snake wrapped up in your clothing, this is a powerful blessing and promise. A variation of the spell from Kurdistan actively seeks the snake’s blessings.

Lay your nightgown at the foot of a tree or in its branches in an area known to be infested with snakes, the more venomous the better.

Leave it overnight.

Return to get the clothing the following day. If a snake is sitting on, or is in any way touching your nightgown, you should be pregnant within the year.

Take the clothing (not the snake!) home, put it on and make love without laundering it first.

Secondary Infertility Spells

When one is unable to have more children, having already successfully borne at least one child, this is known as “secondary infertility.” Because the theoretical ability to have children has been proven, different magical methods are used to heal this condition.

Magically speaking, who heals infertility? The list includes angels, orishas, and other fertility spirits, midwives, witches, shaman, traditional herbalists, santeros, marabouts, and miracle rabbis.

Secondary Infertility Spell (1) Judah the Pious Solution

Among the most famous miracle-working rabbis was Judah the Pious (1150—1217), author of the influential Book of Angels. Although many other rabbis are credited with miracle cures, usually their methods aren’t revealed—just vague tales of prayer and ritual. A legend, however, explicitly explains how Judah the Pious effected a cure and why it worked. Adapt to your own situation.

In the story, a woman who had previously borne children, now older (old enough to perform the ritual for their mother), wished to have another child but found herself unable to do so. She petitioned Judah the Pious for help.

His prescription? He had her children dig a grave for her and place her within it and pretend to mourn for her. Unknown to the woman, children, and other participants in the ritual, Judah had hired armed men to make a sudden show of attack. The children were so terrified that, forgetting their mother and the ritual, they immediately scattered and ran off, at least temporarily.

For that moment it was as if the woman didn’t exist, which caused the spirits, blocking her fertility, to mimic the children and scatter also, searching for other hosts.

The woman arose from her grave, fresh and reborn, and according to the legend, very quickly conceived.

Secondary Infertility Spell (2) Romany Home Bread Crumb Spell

A Romany ritual doesn’t wait for secondary infertility to assert itself. It is performed as soon as a new baby enters its home for the first time.

The mother, carrying the baby, lays it on the threshold.

She picks it up, then carries it to the hearth where she lays it down again. (If there’s no hearth, place by or on the stove or the home’s chief source of heat.)

Lay the baby down in every corner of every room in the house.

Each time the baby is placed down, beginning at the threshold, the father sprinkles breadcrumbs around it in a circle.

During the ritual both parents focus on a vision of a house full of love and happy children.

Do not sweep up the crumbs or vacuum for 24 hours or overnight.

Secondary Infertility Spell (3) Romany Home Thorn Apple Spell

An alternative version of this spell requires a little bit more pre-ritual preparation.

Before the baby is brought home, thorn-apple seeds are scattered in all the spots where the baby will be laid.

First the baby is placed on the thresholds and in the four corners of each room.

The baby is then placed on the hearth, which has been smeared with goose fat.

Then the baby is placed on the table where the family customarily eats.

A circle is made around the baby with breadcrumbs and drops of brandy and the ritual is complete.

Beware: thorn apple is toxic; make sure that Baby doesn’t put the seeds into his or her mouth!

Snakeskin Belt

The most famous fertility creature is the snake, whose shape alludes to both male and female genitals. (The male resemblance is obvious; the female reference derives from the snake’s unhinged jaws. It’s able to expand its jaws to swallow prey logic insists is too large for it, just as the vagina expands to disgorge a baby’s head.)

Shed snakeskins are potent fertility charms. Because you are beseeching assistance from the snake, the skin can’t be taken by force. The snake’s blessing is paramount to activating the magic. People who keep snakes will have a ready supply, although a found snakeskin is believed to be extra magical, as it is a direct gift and blessing from the snake spirits.

Wear a shed snakeskin as a belt or girdle. The most powerful skins come from venomous snakes, although shed snakeskins discovered on Saint George’s Eve are exceptionally blessed and potent too.

Spider Web Spell

A Hungarian Romany fertility cure is puzzling unless one understands the spiritual reasons underlying it: a barren woman gathers spider webs and eats them, together with her male partner. Spider webs are more poetically known as gossamer thread and gossamer is reputed to be spun by the fairies.

Spirits of Fertility

Sometimes you need personal assistance. There is a tremendous variety of Spiritual sponsors, healers, and nurturers of fertility. Themes of infertility are central to many of their myths and holy stories.

Spirit Petition (1) Aphrodite

In addition to her more famous role as Spirit of Carnal Delight, Aphrodite also provides fertility and heals both men’s and women’s reproductive woes, although this bath is more beneficial for women, and its flowery aroma is probably more to their taste. On the other hand, benefits may be shared. Aphrodite has many departments of expertise: this bath is also an aphrodisiac.

Lemon balm


Rose geranium


Use either hydrosols, dried botanicals or essential oils or a combination. (Lemon balm essential oil may be prohibitively expensive and is marketed under the plant’s other name, melissa. Unlike other forms of the botanical, it’s also a profound skin irritant.) Add the botanicals to a tub filled with warm water. Float rose petals on top for added enhancement.

Spirit Petition (2) Armisael

Armisael is the Angel of the Womb. Request that he heal or fill yours. Call him with frankincense and myrrh.

Spirit Petition (3) Bastet

Ancient Egyptian couples commissioned special statues of the cat deity Bastet to fulfill their wishes for children. A specific number of kittens, designed to correspond to the number of children desired, were incorporated into amulets and images of Bastet.

The most powerful image of Bastet for use in this spell depicts her as a cat-headed woman wearing a dress and carrying a basket and sistrum. Place kittens in the basket or by her feet.

Spirit Petition (4) Bossu

The Iwa Bossu is depicted as a three-horned bull. A sacred bull, he represents primal male vigor, similar to the biblical Baal. Like Baal he can be a wild, dangerous, volatile spirit: imagine the effects of way too much testosterone. Be that as it may, he responds to women’s pleas for fertility. Create an altar for him; a horn may be used to substitute for his standard image. His colors are red and black.

What Bossu eats, what he’d like as an offering, is subject to debate. Some, especially those who’d like to keep the wild bull gentle, suggest grain offerings including beer. Others recommend spicy foods and rare beef.

Spirit Petition (5) Demeter

Demeter presided over the Eleusinian mysteries, once the most prominent religious rituals in Greece. Demeter’s mythology is fraught with tales of fertility versus barrenness, sacred sexuality, and the loss of women’s personal and political power.

Build an altar to Demeter. Decorate with poppies and pomegranates and images of snakes and horses.

Dedicate a small gold or silver pig to her as a votive offering.

Wear it for fertility and luck. If and when you bear a healthy child, place a larger, more valuable one permanently on the altar.

Spirit Petition (6) Freya

Friday the 13th has come to be considered an evil, unlucky, dangerous day because it combines the day most associated with deities of primal female power with their number, the number of months in the lunar year. It is a powerful day to request spiritual assistance for healing and enhancing reproductive power. Friday is sacred to many potent female spirits, from Aphrodite to Oshun, but the day’s English name especially summons Freya.

Freya, a powerful, multifaceted spirit, serves as psychopomp in her capacity as leader of the Valkyries. But she also offers magical blessings of reproductive fertility, which is among her many dominions. Carve, dress and burn cat candles for Freya on Friday the 13th and request her assistance.

Spirit Petition (7) Freya Spell (2)

Freya, “She Who Shines Over the Sea,” has associations with cats as powerful as Bastet.

No forgotten goddess, Freya particularly irritated Christian authorities. More details survive regarding Freya than any other Northern European female deity, specifically because the Church focused so much negative attention on her. She became their model for the seductive version of the stereotypical witch. (Hecate was used to represent the crone.) Freya had periodic revivals of popular devotion, including one in fifteenth-century Germany. In an Edict of 1484, Pope Innocent VIII declared all female worshippers of Freya be burned at the stake, together with their cats.

Build Freya a beautiful altar featuring amber, feathers, gold and silver charms, and images of the moon. Light white candles for her on the ninth and thirteenth day of each month and request assistance with fertility.

Spirit Petition (8) Freya Cat Spell

The old Norse tradition of paying tribute to Freya involved feeding milk to cats.

Put out milk for stray cats. If you don’t live in an area with stray cats, bring contributions to a shelter or adopt a gray stray cat.

Feeding isn’t done by rote but as a conscious offering; speak with Freya simultaneously, explain your needs, desires, and broken heart, and request assistance.

Pay attention; the response may come through the cats.

Spirit Petition (9) Frigg

Mistletoe has strong associations with Norse mythology. It’s dedicated to Frigg, Lady of Fertility. At Yule, a boar was sacrificed to Frigg, and it’s head decorated with bay leaves, mistletoe, and rosemary.

Frigg may be petitioned for personal fertility. Her sacred bird and messenger is the stork, subject of many jokes regarding where babies really come from. Her old Yule offering may also be replicated. Create a clay boar’s head and embellish it or, if you eat whole roasted pig, offer her the genuine article.

Spirit Petition (10) Frigg Spell (2)

An Anglo-Saxon fertility charm may be used independently; however, it originally represented an offering to the divine mother and provider of fertility, Frigg.

Use a sheaf of corn or a corn dolly to represent Frigg.

To invoke her power, mark a piece of birch wood with Frigg’s rune, ger, which bears the meaning “fruitful year.”

Hang it over your bed for nine nights. This rune represents love and fertility. The doll is an offering to Frigg. When nine days are over, place it on an altar or wrap it in cloth and bury in Earth.

Spirit Petition (11) Gabriel the Archangel

Gabriel, the Archangel of the Moon, performs miracles of conception. Call him with myrrh and lilies.

Spirit Petition (12) The Keshalyi

Call on the Keshalyi, Romany fairies traditionally invoked to prevent and heal infertility. This phrase calls them: “Keshalyi lisperesn,” which literally means “Fairies spin.”

Write the words with glue on cardboard.

Sprinkle powder or glitter over it so that the phrase is visible.

Let it dry and post it where it’s visible.

Make an offering of milk, fruit brandy, and/or cakes.

Then begin to chant the words aloud, until you have a sense of the Keshalyi’s presence.

Speak with them, bargain for their services.

Spirit Petition (13) Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin, the Buddhist Heart of Mercy and Queen of Compassion, is no forgotten deity but among the most popular on Earth today. Kwan Tin achieved nirvana but refused to leave Earth as long any person still suffers. Kwan Tin vows that if you call her name in times of anguish, she will come and assist you. Her assistance is not limited to fertility; however, themes of infertility resonate through her myth. Kwan Tin and her two sisters were, in fact, born after her parents suffered an extended period of infertility, only relieved by petition to the Taoist deity, the Lord of T’ai Shan. Petition Kwan Tin to relieve your drought.

Erect an altar for Kwan Yin. Although she has many votive images, the most powerful in this instance depicts her holding a baby.

Offer her incense and baby shoe charms.

Tell her what you need.

It’s customary to make a vow in exchange for Spiritual gifts given. Kwan Tin is protector of women, children, and sailors, and also animals. Offerings on their behalf would conceivably be appreciated.

Spirit Petition (14) Kwan Yin Spell (2)

Although there are some advantages to a personal shrine, it doesn’t replace a trip to an official shrine. Kwan Tin has thousands, great and small alike. Those desiring fertility traditionally bring Kwan Tin a gift of baby shoes as part of the petition.

Bring a new pair of baby shoes to the shrine.

Remove a pair already present and take it home as an amulet.

Should you conceive and bear a healthy child, it’s traditional to donate yet another pair of shoes (or bring the borrowed pair back) to the shrine, although this time there’s no need to take another pair home.

Spirit Petition (15) Lailah

Lailah is the Angel of Night and Conception. He blesses and activates nocturnal lovemaking. Call him with night-blooming jasmine.

Spirit Petition (16) Lord and Lady of the Bed

Lord Ch’uang-kung and Lady Ch’uang-mu are the Lord and Lady of the Bed—Chinese presiding spirits. They have power over what occurs in bed and what does not. As may be imagined, they are frequently petitioned for fertility.

Hang prints of the Lord and Lady on the wall over the bed, to receive their blessings and good fortune. Such image-posting spells must, of course, be accompanied by charging the images, consecrating them, and consciously affirming your desires.

Spirit Petition (17) Lord and Lady of the Bed Offering Ritual

For maximum magic power present offerings on the final day of year and/or on the day following the full moon in the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Lantern Feast. Women wishing for enhanced fertility attempt to procure one of the ends of the candles used to light up the dragons carried through the streets. This is the most potent, auspicious candle for this spell; however, if unavailable, light candles as you normally would.

Place offerings directly on the bed, on a tray placed on the bed, or on a table brought beside the bed.

Use the candle stub or other method to light another candle on the edge of the bed.

Ceremoniously present the offerings. Typically, couples make offerings together. Personal offerings include cakes and fruits, with a cup of fine tea for the Lady and a glass of wine for the Lord. Offerings of fertility fruits and eggs dyed red are placed on a table beside the bed.

Petition the Lord and Lady for what you desire, explain it to them explicitly.

Spirit Petition (18) Oshun

Oshun is the youngest, sweetest, and most beautiful of the orisha. She ranks among the most powerful spirits of love, right beside Aphrodite and Inanna-Ishtar, and like them is affiliated with the planet Venus.

For all her youth and sweetness, Oshun is also a spirit of major power and maximum generosity. As spirit of love, romance, and sex, fertility naturally falls under her domain. In addition she rules the abdomen and female reproductive organs, so reproductive disorders are also under her power. She may be petitioned for physical healing, too.

Oshun is the spirit of sweet waters: rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Her number is five. Her colors are the spectrum including yellow, gold, and orange. She may manifest as a mermaid or as a glowingly beautiful woman. Her sacred birds are peacocks and vultures. Although Oshun is the spirit of precious fresh water, she is also the embodiment of honey. Call Oshun with her two emblems: a glass of spring water and a dish of honey. This is her traditional offering. However, it is crucial always, every time, to taste the honey. Once upon a time, someone tried to kill her with a dish of poisoned honey and ever since then she looks upon untasted offerings with suspicion.

Oshun performs many spells using one of her favorite plants, the pumpkin. The seeds are her children. Those who petition her for fertility traditionally refrain from eating pumpkin or any type of yellow squash in any form.

Hollow out a small pumpkin.

Write your name and any message to Oshun on a piece of paper.

Smear it with honey (taste it!) and place it flat inside the pumpkin.

Hold a yellow votive candle between your hands and charge it with your desire.

Place the candle inside the pumpkin, on top of the paper, and light it.

This is most effective if repeated for five consecutive days with fresh materials.

Spirit Petition (19) Oshun Spell (2)

Obtain a cantaloupe or honeydew melon specifically for this spell.

Place it on an altar to Oshun, petitioning her for a child.

Write your request onto a slip of brown paper.

With a knife, make a slit in the melon and insert the paper.

Wrap the fruit up in yellow fabric.

For five days leave the melon on the altar surrounded by constantly burning gold, yellow, orange or white candles and accompanied by prayer and petition.

When the five days are over, dispose of the melon in a river.

Spirit Petition (20) Thor

Thor, Lord of Thunder, also has some involvement in the issue, as storm gods are wont to do. His sacred tree is the birch; he avows that those who hang it outside their home are protected from infertility.

If you have done this and still are not conceiving, petition him and hold him to his promise. Do it on a Thursday.

Spirit Petition (21) Yemaya

Yemaya, orisha of the Sea, represents the epitome of motherhood, and manifests all aspects of maternity to the finest and fullest degree. She is associated with the ocean and salt water. Yemaya resides in the sea, she is the spirit of the sea and she is the sea, especially its upper, most accessible surfaces. Yemaya’s association with the ocean also reminds us that all humans have their origins in the sea—not in an abstract sense, but swimming in their mother’s salty amniotic fluids.

Yemaya rules all issues pertaining to women and may be petitioned for fertility and to heal specific physical reproductive disorders. She is most powerfully petitioned at the beach. If this is impossible, call her with a goblet filled with salted water and enhanced with seashells and sea glass. Decorate her shrine with ocean motifs: ships, anchors, fish, shells, and nets. Many spells beseech her assistance with reproductive fertility:

Burn a blue seven-day candle dedicated to Yemaya once a month, coinciding with the start of your period.

Should you become pregnant, maintain a shrine for her during the pregnancy. She may also be petitioned for good health during pregnancy and an easy delivery, too.

Spirit Petition (22) Yemaya Spell (2)

Take a watermelon to the beach as a gift for Yemaya.

Make your petition.

Send the watermelon out to sea.

Spirit Petition (23) Yemaya Spell (3)

Take a watermelon to the sea.

Cut a well into it large enough to fit a candle. (Make sure it’s a biodegradable candle or something environmentally safe. Sending garbage out to sea won’t gain you points with Yemaya.)

Make your petition and light your candle.

Send the watermelon out to sea.

Spirit Petition (24) Yemaya Spell (4)

Fill a dish with water tinted blue. Use Indigo Water in any of its forms, true indigo or blue food coloring.

Hold a floating candle in your hand and charge it with your desires.

Place it on the blue surface of the water and light it.

For maximum effectiveness, repeat for seven days with a total of seven candles.

Spirit Petition (25) Yemaya Spell (5)

Cut a pomegranate in half.

Spread honey over both halves.

Write the name of the person wishing to conceive on a piece of paper together with any messages to Yemaya.

Place the paper between the pomegranate halves and stick them back together.

This message is traditionally delivered to Yemaya at her home the ocean. Her daughter (or sister, depending on legend) Oshun, Spirit of Sweet Water will also pass on messages for Yemaya at rivers, streams or waterfalls. (Yemaya is the elder; she does not return the favor.) If this is the venue of delivery, it’s also customary to bring Oshun a gift.

It’s not necessary to invoke a specific spirit. Fertility spirits in general share specific attributes: roses, lilies, and pomegranates. In essence the following are generic fertility spirit spells; however, the botanicals alone are charged with magic power (that’s why they’re attributes) and if you’re personally unfamiliar with the spirits, generic spells may be more comfortable than calling on a spirit you don’t know. Use pomegranate leaves and blossoms for these spells rather than the fruit.

Spirit of Fertility Generic Spell: Indirect Approach

Surround yourself with fresh bouquets.

Spirit of Fertility Generic Spell: Direct Approach

Add the blossoms and leaves to your bath. (Make sure you’re not pregnant.)

Well Spell

Wells, especially in areas where drinking water is scarce, evoke radiant fertility power. This is particularly true of open wells, fed by rain and constantly charged by moonlight.

Charge a rag with your desire for fertility and attach it to the well.

Yarrow Spell

Basil boughs over the bed are a Middle Eastern recommendation to promote fertility. European magical tradition suggests hanging boughs of fresh yarrow over the bed for enhanced romance, sex, and conception.

Hedge your bets by weaving garlands of both yarrow and basil, and hanging them over the bed. A really supercharged version adds mistletoe and mugwort, too.

Yule Log Spell

The Yule log has associations with fertility, apart from connections with Frigg. These may stem from worship of Diana and Hera in the shape of a log or merely from the fertility power implicit in trees. In France and Switzerland, the burning of the Yule log is accompanied by fervent petitioning for children, should they be desired.

Contraception Spells

The repertoire of contraceptive spells is far smaller than that devoted to successful conception. Until recently, the emphasis was on being fruitful and multiplying as much as possible, rather than the opposite.

Traditional cultures, the source of so much fertility magic, have also had access to herbal methods of birth control, making magic spells unnecessary. Magic is a mysterious process: you ask for one thing, sometimes you get it and sometimes you get something else. Conventional methods of contraception are usually more reliable and definitely more predictable than magical means.

Magical contraception is intended to supplement and enhance more conventional methods of birth control, not replace them. Perhaps they should be considered historic spells or what the old Hoodoo drugstores called “curios.” Those unable to use other forms of contraception for one reason or another may find these methods useful, although they should still be accompanied by close monitoring of reproductive cycles, if you genuinely care about not getting pregnant.

Bead Spell

Mix menstrual blood into clay and form a bead, piercing it with a needle.

When the bead is ready, hold it in your hand, and focus upon remaining childless.

Keep this bead in a safe place. Don’t lose it.

Whenever you’re ready to conceive, toss the bead into a river or spring and let the water dissolve the bead.

For absolute utmost power, use a girl’s first menstrual blood.

Cooperative Contraceptive Spell

A Moroccan contraceptive spell’s success depends upon cooperation between a man and a woman. A few drops of menstrual blood plus either one dried fig or one bead is required.

Cut the dried fig lengthwise.

Sprinkle the blood into the slit or place inside the bead’s hole.

The man then hides the fig in a place unknown to the woman. Ostensibly a period of sterility will remain for as long as the fig is hidden.

To break the spell, the man removes the fig from its hiding place and with a flourish, displays it to the woman.

Death Spell

To avert pregnancy, linger at a burial site after others have left a funeral. Step three times over the grave, always in the same direction, not back and forth. Focus on your intention—similar spells are used to repair and reinvigorate fertility.

Flax Thread Contraceptive Spell

The original spell would have required the woman to spin the thread, in the manner that fates, fairies, and goddesses spin, wield and sever the thread of life. Flax is sacred to such spirits of fertility as Frigg, Hulda, and the Russian spirit who sometimes masquerades as Saint Paraskeva.

Soak flax thread in menstrual blood.

Tie ten knots in the thread.

Wear it non-stop for nine days and nine nights, sleeping with it at night.

When the nine days and nights are complete, bury the thread in a corner saying, “I bury you for [insert the time desired to stay pregnancy-free].”

Hawthorn Spell

Tuck hawthorn leaves under the mattress to magically enhance contraception.

Knot Spell

Make knots in a cord for contraception, knotting in your desires, goals, and intentions.

Reserve the cord in a safe and private place.

Place the cord in a glass of water.

Let it soak overnight, then drink the water.

When you’re ready to conceive, untie the knots.

Lock and Key Spell

Place a lock and key on the floor.

Walk in the space between them. Turn around. While turning state: “When I open this lock again, I will successfully conceive.”

Turn the key and lock the lock.

Keep the lock and key in a safe place. Prior to attempts at conception, you must ritually open the lock.

Mill Contraceptive Spell

Slip out of the house at midnight and go to a grain mill. Turn the wheel of the mill four times backwards as a contraceptive charm.

Placenta Pregnancy Delay Spell (1) Hills and Valleys

Many contraceptive spells are cooperative ones between a man and a woman, with much of the action traditionally performed by the father, as with this Cherokee ritual. If the father is unavailable or unable to do this, someone else may be delegated by the mother to perform the spell. This spell is intended to prevent pregnancy following too quickly upon the heels of a birth. The spell must be cast immediately following that first birth.

Carry the placenta, with respect and reverence, far from home.

Ideally several hills are crossed, with each hill representing another year before a new baby is born. (If there are no hills, designate and articulate other landmarks as substitutes.) Consider how many hills to cross.

When the proper destination has been found, the placenta is buried in Earth.

Placenta Pregnancy Delay Spell (2) Porcupine

Another spell to prevent another pregnancy occurring too quickly after a birth involves the placenta, and again must be performed immediately following birth.

Take the placenta and fill it with porcupine quills (available from traditional henna supply stores; the quills are a traditional applicator tool). Bury it in Earth.

Roasted Nut Pregnancy Delay Spell

This spell is traditionally cast during a wedding. The bride must consider how many years she’d like to remain child-free.

Obtain one roasted walnut to represent each desired child-free year.

Tuck all the roasted walnuts into the bodice of the wedding dress.

Too late? The wedding’s long over? Never say it’s too late. Renew your vows, this time with walnuts.

Umbilical Cord Pregnancy Delay Spell

This spell must be accomplished immediately upon delivery. Traditionally the woman makes prior arrangements with the midwife, who is the one who actually performs the spell: tell her or whoever will cast the spell what you need before the birth.

Make as many knots into the umbilical cord, still attached to placenta, as the number of years you’d like to remain without another pregnancy.

Bury the knotted cord and placenta in Earth.

Witch Bottle Contraceptive Spell

This spell assumes the guise of a witch bottle to enhance contraception.

Wash clothing stained with menstrual blood.

Fill a bottle with the bloody rinse water.

Seal the bottle with red wax.

Bury the bottle in a safe place where it will not be disturbed.

Hexes: Spells to Render Someone Infertile

Because women’s status and well-being was historically so dependent upon their capacity to give birth, some of the meanest hexes target that ability. These spells are not intended for use but for historical knowledge alone, or perhaps information given so as to protect yourself. Whether they may also be used as contraception is anyone’s guess; however, these tend not to be spells one would voluntarily cast on one’s own behalf.

Hex (1) Dead Bee Bread

This hex takes a spell ingredient normally associated with healthy fertility (bees) and twists it so as to provide the opposite.

Make bread with a piece of honeycomb containing dead bees and secretly feed it to a woman to allegedly harm her fertility.

Hex (2) Dressed Egg

Like the hex above, this spell perverts an ingredient normally used to provide enhanced, healthy fertility.

Roll a guinea hen egg in cayenne pepper and Goofer Dust. Place it in a pot filled with rainwater and boil it for a long time.

Hex (3) Mule

Mules are the animals most associated with sterility, for obvious reasons. Their influence is believed to exert a contraceptive force, in the same way that consistent exposure to fertility animals like bees and rabbits enhances a woman’s capacity to conceive.

Make bread with flour blended with the charred hoof parings of a mule. Feed it to a woman so that she will become barren as the mule.

Hex (4) Mule Spell (2)

Mix charred mule hoof parings into honey and feed it to a woman. She will become barren as the mule, allegedly.

* This is an ambiguous but potentially significant line. Does “troubled with spirits” indicate that you suffer emotionally or that literal Spirits are troubling and obstructing your goals and desires? Consider how this applies to you.