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Happy Home Spells
The Spells

Home sweet home. Sounds nostalgic, but nowhere as exciting as gambling, wild sex, fame and fortune—the usual goals of magic spells. That may be true but when all isn’t peaceful on the home front it can be hard to concentrate on anything else. Sometimes what you need more than anything is a peaceful home and a family that doesn’t argue. Magic offers advice for pouring oil on troubled waters.

Some Happy Home Spells concern themselves with who’s in the home; they allegedly provide peace in the family and create an aura of tranquility. Other spells are concerned with the home—the residence or dwelling—itself. In many cases, in accordance with the belief that it’s easier to prevent trouble than fix it, Happy Home Spells are meant to be performed as soon as or before one moves into a new home.

Alum Spell

Alum magically “eats” negativity. That said, let alum do all the eating. Do not consume it yourself, and make sure it’s kept away from children and animals.

Place alum in dishes.

Discreetly arrange to eliminate negative feelings and behavior.

Replace at least once a week.

Alum Extra Strength

Blend alum and Florida Water and arrange strategically around the room. Replace weekly.

Anger Powder

If Peace Water encourages peace and War Water is a tool of psychic warfare, what does Anger Powder do? Wrong! Anger Powder is used as a banishing agent to dispel angry emotions. Asafetida and sulfur are both components of various exorcism formulas, so one could say that Anger Powder exorcises anger. Of course, another reason it may work is because Anger Powder smells so foul everyone will desert the area, leaving no one left to be angry.


Black pepper

Chili powder

Sulfur powder

Anger Powder Spell (1) Sprinkle

Sprinkle the powder as needed, in areas where tension and anger occurs or where you anticipate it strongly. To make the powder more “powdery” blend it with rice powder or cornstarch.

Anger Powder Spell (2.) Incense

Sprinkle Anger Powder onto lit charcoals and burn as incense. Be sure to provide proper ventilation, as it isn’t advisable to inhale sulfur fumes.

Ashes Spell

For this Russian spell to protect and maintain the stability of the home, gather ashes from seven wood stoves and sprinkle them on to your stove, hearth, or cauldron.

Basil Happiness Spells

Surround your dwelling with fresh basil so as to draw and increase joy within the home, and to stimulate tranquility, harmony, cooperation, and peace.

Grow basil in your garden and around the house

Place pots of fresh basil by your front entrance and around the perimeter of your home

If it’s not possible to grow basil, then place fresh basil in a vase in a prominent spot in your kitchen, replacing it weekly or as soon as it starts to spoil

Cook with it as much as possible, or incorporate it into spellwork. (Since basil also draws love and money towards you, this isn’t a painful, difficult recommendation!)

Blessed Water Spells

Certain magically charged formula waters simultaneously provide house blessings with space cleansing spells.

Blessed Water Spell (1) Notre Dame Water

Notre Dame Water promotes peace, calm, and serenity; summons benevolent spirits to your home and disperses any malevolent ones lingering about.

Place a few spoonfuls into open dishes and distribute through the house. Add more as it evaporates.

Blessed Water Spell (2) Notre Dame Maximum Strength

Sprinkle Notre Dame Water through the home using a white rose as an asperging tool.

Concentrate on corners, closets, thresholds, and any areas that are frequent sites of tension and dissension.

Blessed Water Spell (3) Rose of Jericho Water

Rose of Jericho Water has many uses including healing, cleansing, and protection. Its presence also encourages serenity and tranquility.

Rehydrate a Rose of Jericho flower, by placing it into a dish and covering it with water.

After the rose blossoms, retain the flower but change the water weekly.

Don’t throw out the old water—it’s packed with magic power. Use it to attract blessings of peace, protection, and prosperity to your home.

Pour the old water out onto your front doorstep, in an auspicious shape. Choose a pentacle, hexagram, crescent moon, cross or other. Sprinkle the shape of a sigil or rune, if you prefer.

Blue Bird of Happiness Spell

Rare blue flowers confer peace and protection on a home. Grow cornflowers, delphinium, bluebells, and hydrangeas. Reserve the blossoms; dry, grind, and powder them, and then sprinkle the powder discreetly through the home.

Death in the Family Spell

In the event of the death of the “head of the family,” the main protector or income provider, preserve a lock of her or his hair. Nail it beside the lintel of the main entrance with an iron nail to maintain the household’s prosperity and protection.

Dispel Sadness Spell

When a home is filled with oppressive, contagious sadness, this spell can be very effective.

Hold a white candle in both hands while you think of all your sorrows and the causes for them.

Write these sorrows onto a piece of white paper. Ideally Dove’s Blood Ink or myrrh-scented red ink should be used, but don’t give yourself further cause for stress and grief. Just use red ink if that’s easiest or whatever you have.

Anoint the page with honey.

Fold it up.

Light the candle. Use the candle flame to burn the note, while chanting something along the lines of:

I give my sadness to the flames

The Spirit of Fire eats my grief and pain (Substitute goddess, god, lady or lord of firewhatever corresponds to your beliefs. You may also substitute the name of a fire spirit, if you choose.)

Djinn Happy Home Spells

Although some djinn have a reputation for taking over homes, creating a haunted house effect, others help maintain home peace, tranquility, good fortune, and home security. The first spell is beneficial for new homes or those that have recently undergone major construction; follow it with spell two—considered beneficial for every home.

Djinn Spell (1) Lalla Mkouna’s New Home Protection Spell

Because nature abhors a vacuum, a vacant home, especially one just fixed up and improved, is very inviting to spiritual visitation. In much the same way that nosy neighbors can’t wait to get inside and look around, so low-level spirits hover, eager to see what’s new and perhaps make themselves at home. Lalla Mkouna bent Mkoun, daughter of the Sultan of Demons, is an extremely powerful but unusually benevolent djinn. As befitting the daughter of royalty, she serves in a spiritually supervisory capacity: She keeps an eye on other rowdier spirits. Invite her to supervise spiritual proceedings in your new home and keep the riff-raff out.

Invoke Lalla Mkouna with offerings of fragrant incense to serve as the guardian of a new home before the family moves in, to ensure that no malevolent djinn or other spirit moves in with you.

After you’ve called her with incense, appeal to her verbally and tell her what you need.

Djinn Spell (2) The Three Stones of the House

Lalla Mkouna and her two retainers are called the “three stones of the house” because they provide a foundation of stability and tranquility. Invite these three benevolent female djinn to linger in your home, providing blessings of peace and prosperity. “Lalla” literally means “lady” and is the title of respect used to address virtually all female djinnat least the nicer ones.

Use actual stones to represent them in their rightful places at the hearth.

Regularly scheduled, consistent offerings keep them working on your behalf; offer them a little extra when they’ve performed substantial work or favors. The traditional offering is oil drizzled over a plate of flour.

Place the plates in the djinn’s respective spots in the fireplace: Lalla Haniya brings peace. She sits at the right side of the hearth. Lalla Guiya brings wealth. She sits to the left of the hearth. Lalla Mkouna holds the center; she assists with everyday maintenance and well being of the home.

Dragon’s Blood Spells

Dragon’s blood is a resin derived from the fruit of an Indonesian palm tree. Among its myriad other magical uses, dragon’s blood is believed to neutralize negative energy and provide spiritual protection.

Dragon’s Blood (1) Basic Happier Home Incense

Blend dragon’s blood and frankincense together in a mortar and pestle.

Burn it over lit charcoals, wafting it in specific areas as needed.

Dragon’s Blood (2) Discreet Peace Protection

Pulverize dragon’s blood resin.

Blend the resulting powder together with salt and sugar.

Put this powder inside a matchbox.

Place the matchbox in a white envelope and seal it.

You may wish to decorate the envelope with magical seals, sigils and/or runes, if only to help you distinguish this envelope from others.

Hide the envelope so that you alone know where it is. You should be able to maintain control and peace in the home.

Dragon’s Blood (3) Public Peace Protection

Mix sugar, salt, and dragon’s blood powder.

Place it in a small bottle.

Seal the bottle with red wax and keep it in the kitchen to maintain peace in the home and between family members.

Elder Spell

Here’s a cheerful spell: keeping elder (meaning elder twigs, leaves or berries, rather than elderly people) in the home allegedly ensures a happy, peaceful death for all the inhabitants.

Eryngo Spell

Eryngo (sea holly) allegedly stops couples from quarreling. Keep eryngo in rooms where peace is needed.

Fairy Blessing Spell

Leave a bouquet of primroses on your doorstep or threshold overnight to invite the fairies to bless your home with happiness, luck, and prosperity.

Family Unity Spells

The nature of a magic spell, whether positive or malevolent, is determined by intent rather than mechanics. Although many associate hair and nail clippings with malevolent manifestations of magic, vindictive figure spells, for instance, they also have benevolent applications. Although these spells ask for major blessings, they generally use only modest ingredients—typically intimate items, usually collected under a mother’s direction, to provide safety, peace and harmony amongst family members.

Family Unity Spell (1) Hair Clippings

Take a small hair clipping from every member of the family.

Roll it up in a leaf, rolling toward you.

Fasten it with the strand of the mother’s hair (or the father, or whoever is the unifying focal point of the family).

Bury it under a tree.

Family Unity Spell (2) Heal Rifts

To heal rifts and maintain the unity of the family, you will need one hair from the head of each person in the family or each person involved in the rift, whatever you deem appropriate.

Braid them and tie together with red silk thread

Wrap the braid in more red silk thread, winding it and making seven knots in it.

Wrap this in a small square of white silk.

Bury this packet at a crossroads.

Family Unity Spell (3) Paper Doll Spell

Make paper dolls, one to represent each member of the family. Tie them together and place them in a basket to signify the unity of the family. Keep them safely as charms or use them in the following ritual, as needed:

One person, usually but not always the mother, is designated leader of this ritual. She takes out the little puppets, one by one, from the basket and begs each to take on any bad luck coming to the individual it represents. When the ritual is complete, in the presence of everyone, the dolls are burned and pass into the spirit realm.

Family Unity Spell (4) A Peaceful Home Charm Bag

The ingredients for this spell are:

A single strand of hair from each member of the family (add animal hairs from pets if you like, too)

Blue thread

A piece of angelica root

Essential oil of German chamomile

Balm of Gilead buds

Flax seeds

Lavender blossoms

Pink and white rose buds

Make a braid with the hair and thread.

Use the braid to tie a bow around the angelica root.

Anoint the root with one drop of chamomile oil for every member of the family.

Place the root together with the other ingredients into a sachet or conjure bag.

Family Unity Spell (5) Sewing Spell

Magic can be created from the humblest articles: this spell derives from a time when sewing, mending, and needlework were constant, everyday practices.

Keep a little jar beside you as you sew.

Every time you finish a thread, toss the bit into the jar, saying something to the effect of “Bless this house. Protect all within from harm and hardship.”

When the jar is full, seal the blessings within by laying one protective leaf or root on top. (Suggestions are bay laurel leaf, angelica root, bethroot or wormwood.)

Close the jar tightly and store it near the top of the house, in the attic, or hang it from the rafters.

Family Unity Spell (6) Toe-nail Clippings

Gather toe-nail clippings from each member of the family.

Wrap them in cloth and bury at the foot of a tree.

Family Unity Spell (7) Umbilical Cord Sibling Unity Spell

Dry and reserve your children’s umbilical cords.

Save them in an amulet bag.

As each new child is born, tie the umbilical cord to that of its siblings to keep the children close, united and harmonious.

Flax Seed Spell

Sprinkle flax seed over the threshold to end dissent and preserve harmony.

Gardenia-Mimosa Spell

Make an infused oil of gardenia and mimosa.

Rub it on woodwork as appropriate.

Soak cotton balls and place strategically in rooms, to promote serenity and family harmony.

Happiness Bath

This one is not for pregnant women!

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over a bunch of parsley.

Strain out the parsley while the liquid remains hot and stir in cinnamon honey.

Add to your bath.

Happy Home

Place dried motherwort in a jar.

Surround it with family picures.

Happy Home Charm Bag

You’ll need one bay laurel leaf and one garlic clove for each member of the family. (Four people means four cloves and four leaves, for instance.)

Place these in a charm bag and add a pinch of salt, a pinch of five-finger grass, and an iron nail.

Dress with Van Van, Protection and/or Saint Martha the Dominator Oil.

Hang in a discreet place within the home; anoint with fresh oil once a week.

Happy Home Floorwash

Holy Water or Marie Laveau Water Florida Water

White vinegar

Crushed sweet basil leaves

Crushed lavender blossoms

Cascarilla Powder

Pour boiling salted water over the lavender and sweet basil.

Let the botanicals steep for an hour, then strain out the solids.

Add the liquid, together with all other ingredients to a bucket filled with floorwash rinse water.

Use this water to cleanse all entrance areas as well as floors and windowsills.

Happy Home Floorwash

Create an infusion of lavender and passionflower. Blend Cascarilla Powder into the strained liquid and add to a bucket of salted floorwash to eliminate disagreements and tension.

Happy Home Fragrance Blends

Commercially prepared room fresheners are typically crafted from synthetic materials. Who knows what type of powers they possess, if any? Happy Home Spells include what might be considered magical room fresheners; their fragrances range from pleasant to beautiful, though their true goal is the encouragement of happiness, harmony, and cooperation.

Happy Home Fragrance: Lunar Power Blend

Add essential oils of aloes wood, white camphor, and myrrh to an aroma burner and diffuse through the home to encourage a tranquil, happy atmosphere.

Happy Home Fragrance Blend

Add essential oils of coriander, Roman chamomile, and spearmint to an aroma burner and diffuse the fragrance through the home.

Happy Home Herb Blend

Blend yerba santa, spearmint, and cascara sagrada in an open dish to encourage happiness and cooperative behavior.

Happy Home Kitchen Blend

Fill the home with the aroma of cinnamon and cloves. Brew the dried spices in water or cider to bring an aura of happiness and tranquility to the home.

Happy Home Incense

Blend frankincense, myrrh, and liquidambar (storax) resins. Burn them to clear away negative energy and to encourage happy spirits, in all senses of that word.

Happy Home Oil

Add gardenia petals, myrrh, and a pinch of five-finger grass to blended jojoba and coconut oil, together with a pinch of salt.

Hazel Twig Spell

Gather fallen hazel twigs on May Day. (Even though they’ve fallen, thank the tree; libations are not a bad idea.) Collect a strand of hair from every resident of the home (even pets) and tie the hazel twigs up with them for a year of harmony.

Hearth Spell

That happy feeling of security and contentment so frequently derived from simply sitting beside a burning hearth or roaring fireplace indicates that magically more is going on than just burning some wood. The subliminal conjunction of male and female primal energy is extremely potent, protective, and full of blessings. Examples include nailed horseshoes, hexagrams, mortars and pestles, locks and keys. However, a subtler example was once ever-present: the blazing hearth. The hearth itself, or the fireplace, or its modern replacement the cauldron, represents the female principle; fire represents the male. A roaring hearth fire is thus a magical cauldron of transformation, full of power and blessings. Hence the desperate fear of ever letting the fire go out.

At one time, the hearth was the heart of the home. Various benevolent spiritual household guardians made their homes in or under the hearth. Unfortunately today an ever-present, ever-burning hearth fire is rare.

Light the fire, either in the hearth if you have one, or in a cauldron, and magically evoke feelings of happiness and security. Intensify the blessings by tossing magical botanicals into the fire; include any or all of the following: angelica, anise, pine, rosemary, and wisteria.

Home Construction

Although China’s feng shui is internationally the most famous school of metaphysical home arrangement, it isn’t the only one. India’s Vastu shastra is a similarly complex, cohesive system. Its name translates as “the science of the environment” or “the science of structure” Other traditions may place less emphasis on structural organization; however, most offer at least a few isolated tips and suggestions for maintaining your happy home. According to Jewish metaphysical wisdom, if you’re rebuilding your home or involved in some major construction, if at all possible don’t alter the position of doors and windows. Doing so aggravates angels, demons, and other spirits, making them grouchy and spiteful rather than helpful and benevolent.

Home Protection Oil

Home Protection Oil provides spiritual protection and encourages a serene peaceful atmosphere to prevail in your home.

Home Protection Oil Spell (1)

Anoint areas of the home, especially areas perceived as vulnerable or areas that have suffered tension and arguments.

Reapply the oil once a week or as needed.

Home Protection Oil Spell (2)

Use the oil to dress candles, burning them to preserve peace, tranquility, happiness, and security at home.

Keep these candles burning as needed, whether once weekly or constantly.

Home Protection Spell

Collect rocks and pebbles from your travels, especially places where you felt safe and happy.

Charge them in your hands.

Keep them in open terracotta pot.

Use to cast circles, for ritual or protection, as needed.

House Blessing Incense

The advantage of incense is that its fragrance permeates an area, leaving a lasting, lingering fragrant aura. Burn sufficient quantities to achieve that effect. Concentrate on troublesome areas first or fumigate the whole home. Benzoin is a resin deriving from Sumatra and Thailand. The ancient Egyptians imported it, favoring it for incense blends they considered “joyful.” Benzoin encourages a relaxed, tension-free atmosphere and is frequently the primary component of what are called “house blessing incenses.”

House Blessing Incense (1) Basic Benzoin

Burn benzoin incense to create peace, while simultaneously cleansing the atmosphere and providing protection. Benzoin is also reputed to drive off harmful, malicious spirits.

House Blessing Incense (2.) Extra Strength Formula

This formula combines benzoin and dragon’s blood to ward off malicious spirits, invite benevolent ones, clean out old lingering psychic debris, and encourage a happy, tranquil atmosphere.

Blend benzoin, dragon’s blood resin, and dried lavender blossoms together. Sprinkle the powder on lit charcoal and burn.

House Blessing Incense (3) Lighten up the Home Front

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Depression and low energy are contagious. Sometimes people’s energy suffers because the energy in the house is listless. Sometimes, however, the general energy of the home may be dolorous because it has absorbed and retained elements of depression suffered by one or more of the residents. This fumigation simultaneously lightens up the home atmosphere while helping to relieve an individual’s feelings of depression.

Combine and blend equal parts benzoin, brown sugar, and dried powdered garlic.

Burn it in a cast iron pan.

House Blessing Incense (4) Slavery Era Incense

Although fragrant gum resins were available for burning in the pre-Civil War South, they weren’t available to slaves. Among the enslaved Africans brought to the Western hemisphere were magical practitioners, very familiar with those precious resins. Denied access to these materials, they adapted new formulas to fit their needs. This formula, attributed to African-American slaves, is said to sweeten the atmosphere in the home and draw good fortune toward it.

Blend several drops of honey with approximately one-quarter pound (100 grams) of brown sugar.

Place some of the paste onto lit charcoal or burn it on a cast iron pan and let the fumes circulate through the home.

Joy and Laughter Oil Spell (1)

Add essential oils of sweet orange, lime, and pink grapefruit to a base of jojoba oil. Dress candles with this oil and burn throughout the home to instill joy and laughter.

Joy and Laughter Oil Spell (2)

Spread the joy! Make someone else’s home happy, too. Soak cotton balls in Joy and Laughter Oil and carry them in your pockets, so that joy travels with you.

Joy of the Mountain Happy Home Spell

The Origanum family of botanicals may derive its name from the Greek words oros, “mountain,” and ganymai, “I am joyful.” Blend, grind, and powder oregano, marjoram, and Dittany of Crete; sprinkle on lit charcoal and waft the fragrance through the home to stimulate joy.

Lima Bean Serenity Spell

This spell is called for following or in the midst of domestic arguments: pierce three lima beans and string them onto red silk thread. Carry them for three days, then burn the beans and thread for renewed peace and harmony and to resolve conflicts.

Low John Spell

Low John the Conqueror, also known as bethroot, is an indigenous American plant, now extremely endangered. Traditionally used as an ingredient of love spells in Native American magic, it entered African-American materia magica as a happy home charm, encouraging peace, tranquility, and the well-being of the family.

Dress Low John with Home Protection Oil or Van Van Oil.

Place the root within a bag and hang discreetly in the home.

This can be combined with an angelica root for enhanced blessings.

Low John Happy Home Spell

Low John the Conqueror allegedly stimulates family peace, happiness, and harmony. Hang it within the home to radiate its influence.

Middle Eastern House Blessing Incense

Blend myrrh and galbanum resins. Burn, wafting the fragrance throughout the home.

Motherwort Charm Bag

Place motherwort in a charm bag. Hang over entry doors to guard those in the family.

Negativity Begone!

Cast this spell on a happy day, whose ambience you’d like to preserve forever. Blend cumin with sea salt and scatter a circle sunwise around the perimeter of your property to banish negativity and dissension.

New Home Oracle

Use this Russian oracle to determine whether your new home will be fortunate:

Take a handful of dirt from your new home.

Wrap it in cloth.

Place it under your pillow to dream how happy (or not) life will be in the new home.

New Home Spell

Lu Pan is the Chinese divine patron of carpenters, builders, and inventors. In real life he was a contemporary of Confucius. Following his death and deification, Lu Pan provides peace in the family and builds protection right into a new home. It is particularly auspicious to invoke him after building a new home or if you are the first resident in a new building.

When construction is complete or when you are ready to move in, have a party in Lu Pan’s honor.

Burn Spirit Money and incense in his honor.

Set off fire-crackers to get rid of any malevolent spiritual party-crashers, who might wish to linger in your home. (Loud, percussive music works, too. It’s hard to say which will annoy the neighbors more.)

Peace is notoriously difficult to maintain, while an aura of arguing, divisiveness and general unpleasantness spreads all too easily. The Bible suggests pouring oil on troubled waters. Although the recommendation is usually interpreted as metaphoric, some occultists have traditionally taken the suggestion literally.

Oil on Troubled Water Spell (1) Literal Spell

Pour olive oil on the exact spot where an argument, unhappy confrontation or scene of humiliation occurred.

Let it stay for a little, to absorb the tension and negative energy, before cleaning it up.

Oil on Troubled Water Spell (2) Peace Water

This New Orleans Voodoo formula oil derives its inspiration from that same biblical reference to pouring oil over water. However, unlike the previous spell, Peace Water will not increase chances of a broken neck, nor is someone ultimately forced to clean oil off the floor, perhaps leading to yet another argument as to who is responsible for cleaning up. Peace Water has another advantage. Purchasing most condition oils from commercial vendors leaves you wondering what’s in the bottle, whether there are any real botanicals in there or whether you’ve been had. Peace Water is a visually distinct oil: one look and you’ll know whether it’s real.

Peace Water exists under the premise that oil and water won’t mix. It should have three (sometimes two) distinct layers of oil and blue liquid. True Peace Water is visually beautiful; when looked upon, it should evoke a sense of serenity and pleasure.

To provide and maintain peace within in the home, keep a bottle of Peace Water prominently displayed in each room of the house, to encourage peaceful, happy coexistence. In the event of tension, violence or altercation shake the bottle of Peace Water, dispersing the layers. Sprinkle as needed, wherever needed.

Peaceful Home Oil Spell (1)

This condition oil allegedly ends familial quarrels and encourages reconciliation. An excellent spell to coincide with a family reunion!

Create Peaceful Home Oil by grinding brown sugar, bee pollen, orrisroot, and peppermint leaves together.

Place this in a bottle together with pink rose petals.

Cover with sweet almond and jojoba oils.

Soak cotton balls in the oil and tuck them strategically through the room.

Peaceful Home Oil Spell (2)

Carve blue candles to suit your personal situation.

Dress with Peaceful Home Oil and burn after arguments and before attempted reconciliations, to encourage happy resolutions.

Use the oil to dress candles, too.

Onion Vacuum

On a Friday night when everyone else in the house is asleep, cut an onion in half.

Hold it up, visualize it as a psychic vacuum cleaner. Let it suck up all negativity.

Let it rest on table.

Hold up one peeled crushed garlic clove.

Leave out for little while.

Put it in a paper bag and dispose of it outside the home.

Pennyroyal Happy Home Spell

Because pennyroyal has for centuries been used as a dangerous abortifacient it’s difficult not to observe sardonic humor hidden within this spell. Place pennyroyal in a bowl to maintain serenity in the home.

Relocation Spell: Comfrey Root

Tuck bits of comfrey root into possessions and furniture before loading them onto the moving van, to ensure their safe arrival at their destination.

Relocation Spell: Horseshoe Easy Relocation Spell

This popular Latin American spell is used for financial stability (see Money Spells) but also to magically ease relocation and bring good fortune to a new home.

Wrap a horseshoe in red thread so that only the tips are left exposed.

Attach the horseshoe, with tips facing downward, to a square of cardboard.

Decorate with sequins, glitter glue, lucky seeds and beans, and votive images of San Martin Caballero (Saint Martin of Tours).

When the physical aspect of the spell is complete, activate its blessings of good fortune by repeating the words “Citron nueve” (“nine fruits”) twenty-one times.

Sometimes tension in the home isn’t caused by people or relationships; the root of the problem may be the home or residence itself. Fear of being forced to leave one’s home as well as the fear of being unable to leave one’s home when desired can be incredibly stressful. Magic spells attempt to solve these dilemmas.

Residential Stress Spell (1) Home Oracle

Perhaps stress derives from not knowing whether one will change residences or not.

This winter solstice ritual strives to forecast whether you’ll still be in the same house come same time next year.

On the eve of the winter solstice, stand inside your home with your back to the front door.

Throw one shoe backwards over your shoulder.

Leave it where it falls without looking at it. Ensure that no one disturbs it.

The next morning, check your shoe. If the shoe is facing away from the door, you’ll move during the next calendar year. However, if the shoe lands with the toe pointing inside, no change of residence is indicated.

Residential Spell (2) Landlord Cooperation

It’s easier to cooperate than fight. This spell invokes a landlord’s cooperation, kindness, patience, and good nature.

Write your landlord’s name nine times on a square of brown paper.

Tuck this paper into an empty bottle together with one shot each of gin, rye, rum, brandy, vodka, and whiskey. (Feel free to add anything else you have at home; it won’t hurt.)

Add two tablespoons of sugar.

The original spell now requests one tablespoon each of river water, well water, and cistern water. If you can replicate this, do so. My suggestion is to substitute spring water for the well water and rainwater or water from a storm drain for the cistern water. If you can obtain the third tablespoon from a source of living water, such as a river, stream or lake, in that order of preference, do so, or substitute spring water from a different source than the other tablespoon.

Cap the bottle tightly. Keep it turned upside down in a dark, peaceful corner behind your bed or deep within a closet.

Reinforce the spell by shaking the bottle at least once a day, at noon or midnight, or both.

If this spell seems to work for you, reinforce it further by giving your landlord a gift of a bottle of one of the included liquors, once a year, as appropriate, but usually in the winter holidays.

Residential Spell (3) Landlord’s Retaliation

The rent is never on time; the carpet is ruined; they’ve trashed the place; the police keep visiting; and all the neighbors are complainingbut the lease is air-tight. What to do? This landlord’s spell allegedly stimulates troublesome tenants to move.

Offer to clean the bathtub drain. No doubt you will find at least a few hairs. Reserve them.

Twist or tie the hairs to a black cohosh root (black snake root) and burn everything.

Gather up the ashes and place them inside a jar that can be closed tightly.

Sprinkle the ashes with a few drops of Four Thieves Vinegar.

After dark, preferably at midnight, bury the jar at a crossroads.

Residential Spell (4) Root Yourself Within Your Home

Perhaps the problem is that you really don’t wish to move from your home. This spell is beneficial for anyone concerned about forced eviction. It serves to ground you firmly in your home. In my experience, it is a very reliable spell, but be forewarned: if you only wish to stay long enough to find another dwelling, this spell may ground you so securely that you’ll be unable to discover alternatives. Only cast this spell if you are truly determined to stay.

You will need a rock from the property (if you can dig it out from underground, this is especially potent) plus benzoin (either powdered or what is sold as essential oil) and charcoal.

Grate a little bit of rock and charcoal into a mortar. (An ordinary metal grater works on most rocks.)

Add the benzoin and mash everything together. The consistency depends upon what form of benzoin you use.

Scatter this mixture across all thresholds to the outside: all venues of entry, doors, gates, windows—anything large enough to permit someone to enter.

Reserve the materials and repeat whenever threat appears, using the same rock. Other materials may be replaced but once the rock is gone, you must consider leaving or other alternatives. (Choose your rock wisely: if you fear it will be a long haul, choose a large one.)

Residential Spell (5) Sell a Home

Has stress within the home developed from the need to sell that home? Saint Joseph has earned a potent reputation in folk Catholicism for helping to unload property quickly.

You must signal your need correctly, however.

To sell your home, bury a small statue of Saint Joseph somewhere on your property, upside down and facing away from the home.

Don’t dig him up, even after the sale, but leave him there.

Residential Spell: Empty Space Spell

To successfully rent out a home or apartment, rub Attraction Oil onto the woodwork, always rubbing into the house, from the entrance into the house rather than in the opposite direction.

Saint Martha’s Trouble-free Home Spells

Saint Martha epitomizes the strong, serene matron of the house. Martha feeds messiahs and walks killer dragons on a leash. Invoke her to keep your home serene and peaceful and trouble free. Her annual feast day is July 29th. Her day is Tuesday.

Saint Martha Spell (1) Extra-strength Spell

Blend Martha the Dominator Oil and House Blessing Oil.

Place an angelica root into the bottle and allow it to rest overnight in front of an image of Saint Martha.

Obtain a strand of hair from each member of the family or from anyone on whom you wish Martha to maintain a vigilant eye and firm hand.

Braid or twist the hairs together.

Soak them in the blended oil and place the braid under a statue’s feet or beneath a chromolithograph’s supervising eye.

Saint Martha Spell (2.) Maintenance Spell

To truly bring Saint Martha’s peaceful organizing presence into your home, create an altar for her.

Place images of Martha and her dragon on the altar.

Burn green candles for her every Tuesday to maintain her good influence.

Saint Martha Spell (3) Special Assistance

Carve a green candle with your name, address, and identifying information.

Dress the candle with Martha the Dominator Oil.

If you need special assistance from Martha, write your request on a square of brown paper and place it under the candle.

Burn the candle.

Salt Spell

Toss a handful of salt into your cooking fire (stove, grill or similar) every Monday morning to keep your family happy and good-natured.

Sea Spirit Spell

Place the botanical Sea Spirit (agar-agar) in a jar. Cover it with whiskey, sea salt, and water. Keep the jar in the kitchen to attract blessings to all members of the family.

Seaweed Happiness Spell

Sprinkle powdered dulse around the home to sweeten the atmosphere.

Seven-knob Peace and Happiness Candles

Seven-knob candles draw happiness to you while deleting hardship from your life. Inscribe blessings on each knob of a white seven-knob candle and burn one knob daily.

Sweet Dove Powder

Dove’s blood, dove’s eyes: magic spells are filled with references to doves. Doves are among the creatures most beloved by spirits of primal female powder, from Aphrodite and Asherah to Maria Padilha’s black doves. Grind and powder bay laurel leaves, carnations, cardamom, cloves, marjoram, myrrh, and rose petals. Sprinkle the powder throughout the home to help create joy.

Sweet Dove Powder Intensified Version

Create Sweet Dove Powder as above. Sprinkle on lit charcoals and burn, wafting its fragrance throughout the home, particularly in areas that were previously the site of disputes.

Tormentil Flesh and Blood Spell (1)

Tormentil, also known as “flesh and blood” promotes family happiness and harmony. Hang it over entrance doors as well as over bedroom thresholds.

Tormentil Flesh and Blood Spell (2)

Introduce tormentil to its own flesh-and-blood, its kissing-cousin, five-finger grass (cinquefoil). Place tormentil and five-finger grass in a conjure bag, together with an angelica root, for extra protection and happiness.

Tranquil Times Oil

Add crumbled white rose petals, cumin, and caraway seed to jojoba oil. Dress blue and white candles with this oil and burn daily or as needed.

Triple Happiness Luck Charm

Place three garlic cloves, three yellow rose buds, and three golden coins in a white bag. (The coins must be gold colored; anything ranging from real gold to chocolate coins in gold foil works.)

Tie the bag up with gold ribbon.

Holding the bag, dance around the perimeter of your home three times sunwise.

Dance around the perimeter three times counter-clockwise (moon-wise).

While dancing envision sealing in love and happiness.

Hang the bag over the front entrance using an iron nail.

Vanilla Spell

Stick a vanilla bean into a tightly sealed canister of sugar.

The aroma will infuse the sugar: use it in your cooking and feed it to your family, to instill feelings of peace, contentment, and happiness.

Vervain Happy Home Spell

Vervain is considered the friendliest botanical. Unlike other botanicals, which display ambivalence towards people, vervain is believed to love us, crave our presence, and delight in bestowing its blessings and gifts. Surround the home with it; vervain’s magical protection is desirable plus you’ll always have a fresh supply. Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over vervain. Sprinkle this liquid throughout the home to enhance and maintain happiness and good cheer.

Vervain Happy Person Spell

Add infusions of vervain to your bath as well as those of other family members so that you’ll all radiate happiness within the home and outside it.

Vetiver Mattress Spell

Vetiver, also called khus khus, is one of the more powerful commanding botanicals. Surprisingly perhaps it’s also known in India as the “plant of tranquility.” It has a deep, earthy scent with mild sedative effects for many. Command some serenity, peace and tranquility! Traditionally used as roofing material in India, when it rains the scent is released and intensified. A more accessible method for most comes from the French Antilles:

Place vetiver roots together with citronella leaves under your mattress. Heat and movement will encourage release and intensification of the fragrance. (These ingredients are also primary components of Van Van, which leaves so many blessings in its wake.)

Should the fragrance lose its intensity, it’s time to replace the old botanicals with fresh ones.

Burn or bury the aged leaves and roots.

Wisteria Spell

Place a piece of wisteria root in a bottle of Florida Water or your favorite fragrance. Anoint yourself daily for joy, happiness, and a peaceful heart.

Yarrow Happy Home Spell

Decorate the home with boughs of fresh yarrow to banish sadness and negativity.

Young Boy Home Barometer Spell

There is a Taoist belief that boys under the age of seven embody so much pure yang energy that simply bringing one into the home and observing his behavior and reactions serves as an atmospheric barometer.

Invite a small boy to visit your home to provide you with a home-happiness diagnosis. Obviously you must choose your boy wisely; however, the following are the indicators to watch out for:

A smiling, happy, playful, energetic, vigorous (but not destructive or overly hyperactive) child indicates positive energy. Things are fine

A child who falls asleep or is sluggish indicates that the energy in the home needs revitalizing

A tantrum, crankiness, major hissy fit, destructive impulses or general bad behavior indicate that something is amiss. Instead of, or in addition to, rejuvenating the energy, some good cleansing spells may be in order

How do you revitalize that energy?

Yang energy may be boosted by at least once a day opening blinds and shutters and allowing sunlight to stream in

Temporarily and simultaneously opening all outside doors and windows encourages circulation of air and magical energy

Consider using the raucous Sound House Cleansing spell on page 199 to liven up the atmosphere