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Invisibility and Transformation Spells
The Spells

Oh, to have an invisibility cloak!

Invisibility spells are the stuff of magic dreams. Who wouldn’t want an invisibility cloak or a special potion to render you impervious to sight, for as long as one wanted? Are there such spells? Well, yes and no.

Here’s the deal: there are reputedly some excellent, very effective magical invisibility spells; however, in general they will not render you literally invisible. What these spells accomplish is a kind of selective invisibility. These spells obscure the vision of those in your midst. You’re there; technically you’re visible; but somehow people don’t notice you, provided of course that you don’t draw attention to yourself. If you can be still, these spells permit you to be the proverbial “fly on the wall” or to lie extremely low, if that’s what’s needed. If, on the other hand, you talk, fidget, or generally make a noise, these spells won’t work. Stillness, silence, and calm are as intrinsic to these spells as any other ingredient.

Amaranth Invisibility Spell

Weave a wreath of amaranth flowers and wear it to create an aura of invisibility.

Bay Leaf Opal Spell

Albertus Magnus, the thirteenth-century alchemist and magus, recommended wrapping an opal in bay leaves for invisibility. Hold it in your hands for the period you wish to escape detection. Although you will not become invisible, if all goes correctly, on-lookers should be blinded.

Black Box Invisibility Spell

Allegedly this spell enables you to maintain a low profile, especially when there is threat of danger from another.

Make a figure representation of yourself (or the person desiring invisibility) from black clay (available from an art supply store).

Blend intimate items (hair, fingernail clippings, and similar) into the clay for maximum power.

Adorn the figure with black stones—anything other than black tourmaline. Obsidian is an excellent choice.

Cover with black feathers or wrap it in black velvet.

Place the figure within a small black box or a box made from mirrors or lined with mirrors. (If the box is large, place the figure in the center and surround it with black velvet.)

Place the box in a dark, quiet place.

Cat’s Eye Invisibility

Charge a cat’s eye gemstone with your intent and desire, and then carry it inside a mojo hand to promote invisibility.

Christmas Rose Invisibility Spell

Be careful! Christmas rose, which is really hellebore and not a true rose, is poisonous. Dry the flowers and leaves, and crumble them before you to promote invisibility.

Fern Seed Spell (1) The Laying Low Kind of Invisibility

What are known as “fern seeds” are actually spores on the leaves of the common fern. They are easily visible, and to gather them you just scrape them from the leaves. Carry fern seeds in a mojo hand to promote invisibility.

Fern Seed Spell (2) The Real Deal Invisibility Spell

The Fern Seed Spell above has entered the general magical lexicon but actually derives from a more complex magical tradition. The original spell demanded fern seed gathered on Saint John’s Eve, and not just any fern seed either. John the Baptist is unusual, as a saint with two feast days—not only the usual anniversary of his death but also his birthday. Allegedly John was born at midnight at the Summer Solstice. According to legend, on the eve of his birth, at the very moment of his birth, ferns bloom and seed. If you can obtain that seed, this will work as a charm to render you truly invisible.

On the night of Saint John’s Eve, search out growing ferns.

Watch them closely.

At midnight, if seeds appear, gather them and carry as needed.

Russian magic suggests that the most powerful fern seed, for purposes of invisibility or otherwise, is picked on Bald Mountain on Saint John’s Eve. The Synod of Ferrara in 1612 forbade the gathering of fern seeds on Saint John’s Eve.

Fern Seed Spell (3) Witch’s Privacy Spell

Making less dramatic claims but easier to obtain, the fiddlehead fern also offers a kind of invisibility. Most magical practitioners require secrecy and privacy. Fiddlehead fern (bracken) seed spores allegedly prevent others from observing your personal business.

Gather fiddlehead ferns on Saint John’s Eve. Gently, carefully scrape the spores into a thin cotton sachet, and wear this upon your body as needed.

Fumitory-Earth Smoke Spell

Why are there so many “invisibility spells” that aren’t true “invisibility” spells? In essence, these are privacy spells and sometimes their effectiveness can mean life or death.

Huge numbers were killed during the Burning Times, the European witch craze. Estimates range from the hundreds of thousands up to millions (lack of consistently accurate records lends itself to debate). At least one town in Germany reportedly had only one woman left in it. Thus the women (and men, too—however victims were disproportionately female) captured, tortured, and killed during the Burning Times reflected a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, many of course with absolutely no connection with witchcraft.

However, what of those genuinely involved in the broad range of practices that fell under the category of witchcraft? The very actions one believes can save you, perhaps the only actions in one’s arsenal, are the very same actions that, if observed, will condemn you to the stake. To be caught walking widdershins around the churchyard, to be seen gathering nettles and mugwort among the ruins where they grow, immediately brands one a witch. Herein lies the paradox of witches’ invisibility spells: the great danger of being observed yet the real need for magic in a time of great danger.

Allegedly witches could become “invisible” with Fumitory smoke. Throw Fumitory in the fire. Let the smoke envelope you, and then quietly and discreetly go about your business.

Golden Knife Invisibility Spell

Once upon a time the magically correct harvesting of plants meant carefully choosing the right tools. The Druids gathered mistletoe with a golden sickle, vervain with an iron one. Sampson snake root allegedly despises metal; it must be gathered by hand alone or with only the most primitive wood or stone tools. The following specifically directs when and how to gather the needed botanical.

Using a golden knife, gather chicory at either midnight on Midsummer’s Eve or noon on Midsummer’s day. Dry and preserve it; allegedly carrying chicory promotes invisibility.

Hand of Glory

Although the Hand of Glory is most famous for its sleep-inducing powers, some believe that when carried it also promotes invisibility. A detailed description of the Hand of Glory is contained in Spells for Thieves, page 1002.

Heliotrope, as we know it today, is a specific plant indigenous to South America. What the ancient Greeks and Romans knew as heliotrope was any flower that revolved around the sun. Allegedly heliotrope blossoms carry the power of the sun and are thus able to dazzle the eyes of beholders, lending its carrier a certain anonymity.

Heliotrope Spell (1) Bloodstone

Wrap a bloodstone in fresh heliotrope blossoms, and carry it to promote invisibility.

Heliotrope Spell (2) Crystal

To confuse matters further, heliotrope also refers to a type of crystal gemstone, also known as hyacinth, which is of course the name of yet another flower. Heliotrope the gemstone bestows the same powers as heliotrope the flower. So again, carry a heliotrope gemstone to enhance powers of invisibility.

Heliotrope Spell (3) Extra Strength

For double the power, wrap a heliotrope gemstone in a fresh heliotrope leaf and carry it to enhance your powers of invisibility.

Heliotrope Spell (4) Heliotrope Oil

You’ll notice that heliotrope spells for invisibility require access to a living plant. This may be equally true for the next spell. There is no commercial source for heliotrope oil. No essential oil is produced; what is commercially available is almost certainly synthetic.

Create infused oil of heliotrope blossoms following the instructions on page 31. (Remember it may take as long as six weeks to complete the process. Once completed, however, the oil will grant longer access to heliotrope’s magic powers than when you are dependent on fresh blooms.)

Anoint a bloodstone or heliotrope crystal gemstone with heliotrope oil and carry it with you.

Magic Mirror Invisibility Spell

Holding a small magic mirror, cast a circle around you. The circumference of the circle may define your area of invisibility so don’t make the circle too small.

Holding the mirror so that it faces away from you, revolve counter-clockwise.

Visualize that those who look in your direction see only the mirror and hence themselves, not you.

Step out of the circle: go about your business quietly with calm, smooth, minimal movement. Speaking or abrupt movements break the spell.

Mistletoe Invisibility Spell

Wear mistletoe around your neck to promote invisibility.

Poppy Seed Invisibility Spell

Soak poppy seeds in red wine for fifteen days. Strain and then drink the wine over a period of five consecutive days. Allegedly once this is accomplished you will be able to make yourself invisible.

Raven Feather Spell

You must be still, quiet and discreet for this method to work. The first step is to practice stillness: try to increase the intervals of time that you can sit completely motionless and silent.

Find a raven feather. In order for this spell to work, it must be a freely given raven feather. In other words, you can spontaneously find it but you can’t trap the raven or otherwise take it by force. The spell is essentially a blessing from the ravens.

Charge the feather with your desire.

When you wish to be rendered virtually invisible (unnoticeable) hold the feather in your hand. This doesn’t actually make you invisible but promotes the inability of others to see you. This is an extremely effective technique but practice is required.

Real Invisibility Ring

Abbot Trithemius of Spandau (1462—1516) claimed to have manufactured a ring that gave the wearer the power of becoming invisible—really invisible. Reproduce if you can and verify whether his claims were true.

This ring must be crafted from amber-colored electrum, a natural alloy of silver and gold, favored by the ancient Egyptians. To possess the requisite power certain requirements have to be met:

The ring must be cast at the precise time the person wishing to wear it was born

It must be inscribed with the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton, the four letters of the Ineffable Name

Wear the ring on the left thumb to provide invisibility.

Don’t hide this ring away when you don’t wish to be invisible. Worn on any other finger, it allegedly antidotes poisons. It also changes color in the presence of the wearer’s enemies.

Sea Spirit Spell

No, this isn’t a petition to Aphrodite, Yemaya, Thetis, or any of the vast host of sea spirits. Sea spirit is a botanical, a type of seaweed, better known as agar agar, which is the name used to designate the dried product popular in Asian cuisine. In its form as a whole plant, the name Sea Spirit is used instead. Very similar to the raven feather spell, the same ability to maintain silence and stillness is required.

Practice maintaining utter stillness. When you wish to remain unnoticed, hold a bit of sea spirit in your hands and be still.

Snake’s Sight

Perhaps it’s not that you wish to be invisible. Visibility is fine; instead you’d like to be able to see invisible realms. Allegedly, if you eat the remains of a snake’s meal, without bothering the snake, you’ll have that power or at least be able to catch a glimpse of the invisible world.

Wolfsbane Invisibility Spell

The poisonous plant wolfsbane, allegedly a frequent component of witches’ flying ointments, has powerful associations with invisibility and transformation spells. It’s a problematic botanical; although referred to in many grimoires and folk spells, wolfsbane is potentially so toxic that not only must it not be consumed, but even inhaling its fumes or just handling the plant can be extremely dangerous. The safest wolfsbane spell may be this one for invisibility.

Carry wolfsbane seeds in a conjure bag to achieve invisibility, or at least escape other’s notice. No need to handle the plant or obtain the seeds for oneself; wolfsbane seeds are available for sale, especially from magical or Gothic-oriented seed catalogs. There’s no need to even open the seed packet: place the whole thing within a black conjure bag and wear.

Transformation Spells

The animals that sponsor invisibility magic are cats, ravens, foxes, wolves, and mice. Even though they are present, they can be virtually invisible when desired. Promote your powers of virtual invisibility by emulating theirs.

Animal Shape-shifting Spell (1)

The desire to shape-shift, to transform into animal shape, is a relic of shamanism—or stimulus for the art. Most famously incorporated into sorcery and hunting rituals, transforming into a specific animal-shape allows one access to secrets of Earth normally denied to

human beings. Choose your animal based on your desired goals:

Abundance, creativity, and fertility: fish, frogs, cats, pigs, rabbits

After-life mysteries: bears, dogs, jackals, ravens, seagulls, swans, vultures, wolves

Occult secrets: snakes, crocodiles (crocodilians pre-date dinosaurs and have survived them. They know everything.)

Secrets of Earth: badgers, bears, snakes

Spiritual pursuits: birds, lizards

The most important thing is to practice! Access the childlike aspects of yourself and play. When you have some privacy, pretend to be the creature you choose. Do this regularly and see what happens.

Learn to shape-shift and prevent detection by imitating the creature.

Practice “becoming” one or several and see what transpires.

For added enhancement, build an animal ally altar dedicated to the creature you choose and request personal assistance and tutoring in your quest.

Don’t be surprised if another creature shows up; be prepared for the unexpected. Given the opportunity (and this exercise essentially offers this opportunity) animal allies may reveal themselves in the same manner that orishas, lwas and other spirits take ritual possession of a person.

Animal Shape-shifting Spell (2) Russian Wolf

Spontaneous, intuitive practice can teach you to shape shift; however more formal magical techniques also exist. Russian magic has some tips, although gymnastic talent seems to be as much of a requirement as magical. These spells are specifically intended to transform some one into a wolf (whether this means a real wolf or a werewolf is open to interpretation).

Go into the woods and locate a smooth tree stump. Pay attention to which direction you have used to approach it.

Stick a copper knife into the stump.

Somersault over the knife.

To transform yourself back to your original form, approach the tree stump from the opposite direction. Somersault backwards. If the knife has been removed, you’re out of luck.

Animal Shape-shifting Spell (3) Any Creature

Another Russian spell apparently allows you to choose what form you will take.

Stick twelve knives in the ground at intervals.

Somersault over each one.

Again, to transform back to your own form, approach from the opposite direction and somersault backwards.

Animal Shape-shifting Spell (4)

Twist yucca fibers into a hoop. Jump through it to shape-shift into animal form. Jump through it backward to transform back into yourself.

ROLOR Magic Square

Allegedly this magic square enables one to fly like a crow. Will it also transform one into a crow? Experiment and find out.






For maximum effect, concentrate on your desire and hold onto a freely shed crow feather.

Samovila, Matron of Transformation

Samovila, Eastern European deity, leader of the vilas and protector of animals, is a famed shape-shifter. She can transform into whatever she wants; however her most famous forms include a swan, snake, horse, and a whirlwind, the shape in which Russian sorceresses still hide themselves. Samovila, who also serves as a psychopomp, has been known to teach her skills to humans, at least those whom she likes. However, if you’ve ever harmed animals, if you’ve hunted without proper magical and spiritual ritual, and especially if you’ve hunted deer, stay away from her for your own safety.

Enter the forest during the Full Moon.

Find a natural clearing of trees.

Approach Samovila just before dawn, as the moon is departing. Bring her gifts, speak from the heart and request what you need.

Self-transformation Spells

Sometimes the desire for transformation is more subtle than shape-shifting into animal form. Sometimes one’s desire is to completely transform one’s basic reality, to truly become the person one secretly desires to be.

Self-transformation Spell: Apple Spell

Apples are the fruit of self-transformation and this spell may be used for any kind of transformation.

Hold an apple in your hand.

Consider who you want to be—or who you truly are.

Take as long as you need but don’t put down that apple.

When you’re ready, line up a mirror, a yellow candle and that apple.

Gaze into the mirror while the candle burns.

After the candle has burned out, consider whether you still desire this transformation.

If so, eat the apple.

Medusa’s Transformation Spell

Medusa’s name derives from a root word meaning “wisdom.” Originally a Libyan snake spirit, she is the magical matron of transformation, positive or negative. Medusa enables you to determine who you wish to be and then helps you attain your vision of yourself. This spell is a long-term spell; do it for fifteen minutes at a time. The effect will linger longer. It’s most powerful if performed before going to sleep and if you possess a mirror with an image of Medusa on the back.

Greek mythology warned that gazing into Gorgon Medusa’s face was liable to turn one to stone. Take the chance. Gaze closely at one or more images of Medusa.

Now gaze into a mirror.

Make faces at yourself, emulate Medusa, but don’t look away. Gaze into your eyes and see who looks back. Consider whether that person pleases you or whether you’d prefer to see someone else. Switch back and forth between the image of Medusa and your own until you’re sure who you want to be.

Melusine’s Transformation Spell

A not uncommon folk-tale motif describes powerful, magical women who must secretly retreat once a week to spend the day bathing in private. When their privacy is inevitably breached, as it is in these stories, it is revealed that she is really a mermaid in disguise; during the six other days of the week she represses her fish or water-snake tail. In order to survive as a woman or to successfully cohabit with other people, that tail requires a regularly scheduled 24-hour period to emerge. The most famous of these mermaid-women is Melusine.

Once a week, lock the door and forbid anyone from disturbing you. This is your day to be whoever you wish to be, to shed the masks you must sometimes wear, even if these are masks you’ve chosen and enjoy. Run a fragrant, magical bath for yourself. Spend all day in it, like Melusine, if you like; however “immersing oneself in water” can also be understood metaphorically to mean immersing oneself in magic, spirituality, or women’s primal power.

Phoenix Transformation Spell

According to legend, each phoenix eventually explodes in flames, only to be reborn from its own ashes. Sometimes change doesn’t come easily. Frankincense is the botanical most associated with the phoenix; according to another legend, perhaps initiated by protective incense merchants, frankincense was a magical substance, a gift from the phoenix, which carried it to people in its talons.

Surround yourself with the aroma of frankincense (resin or essential oil) to assist and ease inner and outer transformation.

Tower of Transformation Spell

The Tower tarot card indicates unpredictable events that shake one’s reality and self-identity. Rebirth, as the phoenix surely knows, may be periodically necessary and ultimately beneficial, but it rarely comes without pain.

Contemplate the Tower tarot card (some older decks name this card The House of God) while burning cinnamon and frankincense. Sleep with the card under your pillow.

Transformation Assistance Spell

Not all transformations are easy, physical, self-initiated or voluntary. Life has a way of forcing us to grow and transform whether we choose to or not. Helichrysum, also known as everlasting, assists the process of emotional transformation as well as providing the illumination that enables the metaphoric caterpillar to transform into a butterfly. Add essential oil of helichrysum to an aroma burner and inhale its fragrance as needed. For more direct application, add a few drops of the essential oil to your bath or to massage oil.

Werewolf Spells

Fear of werewolves once ran rampant throughout Europe, causing panic and persecution. Between 1520 and 1630, there were thousands of werewolf trials in France alone. If those burned as witches were disproportionately female, those condemned to die as werewolves were disproportionately male.

The tendency when considering trials for witchcraft, consorting with fairies and werewolves is to mock and denigrate the intelligence of the hunters and inquisitors. What idiots could believe in werewolves and witches? If our ancestors had the intelligence, education, and rationality of modern people, or so the thinking goes, these tragedies would never have occurred. The issues are more complex; it’s not a coincidence that the werewolf-craze was concurrent with the witch-hunts.

What are werewolves anyway? Werewolves in stories and movies are inevitably tortured souls, unable to control their actions at the Full Moon. Why ever would anyone wish to be one? However, werewolves can be understood, not in terms of Lon Chaney and Hollywood movie werewolves, but as relics of shamanism, as worshippers of shape-shifting lunar deities, especially Diana whose worship was once prevalent throughout a great swathe of Europe. The shamanic werewolf is not out of control but in perfect harmony with the moon, planet of magic.

Basic Werewolf Transformation Spell

This spell will only work if you love the moon and wolves.

Stand outside so that you’re bathed in the light of the Full Moon. Some might suggest you undress completely, although depending where you live, this may be unrealistic. Carefully choosing your adornment—a crescent pendant, or a wolf T-shirt for example—may assist the transformation. Gaze at the moon and howl.

Diana Altar

Create an altar to Diana: decorate it with images of the moon, the forest and her favorite animals: hounds, wolves, and deer.

Place a dish of water or a mirror onto the altar to represent Diana’s sacred spring: if you can, position it so that it reflects moonlight.

Gaze at the altar and howl.

Italian Werewolf Transformation Spell

The wolf, now virtually extinct in Italy, was once the totem animal of Rome, sacred to many Italian deities including Diana, Faunus, Feronia, and Mars. This spell is reminiscent of shamanic initiation rituals; although not specified, presumably one should fast or otherwise purify oneself in the days leading up to the spell.

Sleep outside during a Full Moon Friday. You will either transform into a werewolf or be attacked by one.

Magic Circle Werewolf Transformation Spell

This method underscores the reality that historically those condemned as werewolves were virtually always men.

Get undressed under the Full Moon.

Concentrate on your goal. With this fixed in your mind, urinate while revolving in a circle. This allegedly activates the transformation.

Leave your clothes in the circle. When you wish to transform back, return to your clothing, urinate while revolving in the opposite direction, get dressed and go home.

Werewolf’s Full Moon Ointment

Movie werewolves transform involuntarily at the Full Moon, inevitably during a first date or while baby-sitting or some other embarrassing, inconvenient moment. Wouldn’t you think they’d invest in a decent Almanac listing accurate moon phases? Real life werewolves allegedly sometimes created ointments, similar to witches’ flying ointments, to aid in transformation. Also like witches’ flying ointments, many of these formulas were highly toxic and skin irritants to boot. Stick to howling at the moon; do not attempt to reproduce this spell.

Go to the woods during the Full Moon with your cauldron and supplies.

Cast a circle around the cauldron.

Typical werewolf-transformation ingredients included belladonna, hemlock, henbane, opium, wolfsbane, and the surprisingly innocuous parsley.

Smear the body with the resulting salve and wait.

Either transformation should occur or a spirit will arrive to provide guidance.

Werewolf Safety Spells

You’re not buying that line about werewolves not being out-of-control? Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps werewolves, like Dionysus’ maenads, are so completely transformed that they’re incapable of controlling themselves during ritual possession. Silver bullets hurt people. Luckily, other spells to keep one safe from a werewolf exist too.

Werewolf Protection Spell (1)

Should you encounter a werewolf, calling out his or her real name provides you with safety.

Werewolf Protection Spell (2)

This spell protects you so that you can sleep while the werewolves are out on the prowl. Keep a mirror by your bedside alongside sharp iron or steel implements like a knife or scissors (keeping doors and windows locked might not be a bad idea, either). Should a werewolf show up the sight of these objects (or presumably his own image in the mirror) is either enough to transform him back into a person, or at the very least make him leave and find another victim.

Werewolf Protection Spell (3)

Safety-pin fresh rue to your clothing to protect yourself against rampaging werewolves.


Wolfsbane is among Hecate’s sacred plants, however it earned its name because it was used to poison Europe’s once plentiful wolves, now virtually eradicated. Werewolves allegedly avoid it, and so grow wolfsbane in the garden to prevent werewolves from visiting. Wolfsbane can be beautiful and is a component of the traditional poison garden. However, it is poisonous and although werewolves know to avoid it, children may not.