Love Magic: Spells for Romance, True Love, Seduction, and Sex - The Spells

The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes 2009

Love Magic: Spells for Romance, True Love, Seduction, and Sex
The Spells

The universal stimulus for magic, there are more love spells, more different types of love spells than any other kind of magic. There are spells to find love, lose love, repair love, and to discourage one love but encourage another. Basic Love Spells are grouped together, followed by more specialized concerns:

Binding Spells

Break-Up Spells

Fidelity Spells

Love Potions

Notorious Potions

Heartbreak and Disappointment Spells

Sex and Seduction Spells

Male Virility Spells

Summoning Spells

Some of these spells are a lot of trouble to cast. Some may be perceived as “disgusting” or demand that the spell-caster do humiliating or unpleasant things. Although theoretically most spells are cast in secret, in many cases, it’s almost impossible for the target of some genres of love spells not to know a spell has been cast or at the very least to think that you’re doing something crazy. (Consider the spell that demands that you bathe the spell target’s private parts with a potion while they sleep: how can the other party not wake up mid-spell?)

There are two things to remember: first, it can be very flattering to have someone go through so much trouble out of love and desire for you. This may even account for a portion of the effectiveness. And second, spells that are a lot of trouble, particularly those that are a lot of trouble over an extended period of time, invite you to examine the crucial question, is he or she worth it? Particularly with binding spells where you are, in effect, binding yourselves together for eternity, if it’s too much trouble, maybe you shouldn’t be performing a binding spell.

Basic Love Spells

These are spells to find new love as well as preserve and protect existing romance.


TIMING: In general, all things being equal, a Friday coinciding with a New Moon is considered the most auspicious time to perform love spells. Fridays in general are the best days for love spells. The day is named in honor of Freya, Northern Lady of Love. It is also the day associated with other powerful spirits of love, Aphrodite and Oshun

COLORS FOR LOVE MAGIC: Yellow, orange, pink, and red


Two: the standard number, for the obvious reason

Five: if you’d like to invoke the power of Oshun, Orisha of Love

Six: if you d like to invoke the power of Aphrodite. Lady of Love

Eight: if you’d like to invoke the power of Inanna-Ishtar. Queen of Heaven. Eight is also the number of infinity and eternity

Bathe your hands with rose water prior to mixing up any love potions or powders to intensify their effects

If you find that your love spells are consistently not working, place a strand of your target’s hair under a continuously dripping faucet to magically wear away resistance

Adam and Eve Root Spells

Adam and Eve is the name given to the roots of the family of orchids that grow from a pair of conjoined roots. The root has two forms, male and female (hence Adam and Eve), believed to resemble the respective genitalia. Once upon a time they were extremely popular, advertised in the backs of comic books and commonly sold as curios in spiritual supply stores. Today, the plants are endangered and the roots are thus very scarce. They are considered very powerful and are featured in many love spells.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (1) Basic Spell

Carry the roots in a mojo hand. Take them out periodically, hold them in your hand and charge them with your desire.

Adam and Eve roots like their private time together; they don’t play well with other botanicals. Don’t add other roots or plants to an Adam and Eve conjure bag.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (2) Draw New Love

Begin this spell at the new moon to draw new love into your life.

Choose Adam and Eve roots to represent the appropriate gender and dress them with love-drawing oil, something like Come to Me Lover.

Place the roots facing each other on opposite ends of a mirror.

Each night, dress the roots with an additional drop of oil and move them a little closer to each other. They should be touching when the full moon arrives.

If you are unable to find Adam and Eve roots, substitute lodestones or figure candles.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (3) Win Someone’s Heart

This is not a spell for casual relationships; it’s essentially a commitment charm.

Give the appropriate root to one you desire: an Eve root to a woman, an Adam to a man.

You keep the other.

Adam and Eve Root Spell (4) Wishbone Spell

Instead of breaking a wishbone, preserve it in a conjure bag to help make your wish for true love a reality.

Clean and dry a wishbone.

Decorate it with red or gold glitter glue. (Or dip it into glue and then into powdered glitter.)

Make a braid from a few strands of your hair and tie it to the wishbone.

Place these in a red charm bag together with an Adam and Eve root.

Sprinkle everything with a love drawing powder.

Amber Spells

Virtually every mythological explanation for amber’s origins involves a love story.

Beautiful Freya is the Norse spirit of love. Like many another Genius of Love, Freya knows all about the topic because she hasn’t been so lucky. One day, her beloved husband just left. The tears Freya weeps turn to amber. According to Lithuanian legend, Juraste, a mermaid princess betrothed to the King of the Sea fell in love with a mortal fisherman and brought him to live in her underwater palace made of amber. When her father the thunder god found out, he blasted her palace to bits and chained her to the ruins. Amber washing to the shore commemorates her forbidden love. Another Lithuanian legend is happier: a mermaid prince fell in love with a mortal woman, Amberella, bringing her to spend happy eternity in their immortal life beneath the sea. Although she found true love, occasionally Amberella has regrets: when this occurs she sends gifts of the precious resin to the people she left behind.

Amber is potentially a powerful love charm, although you may have to activate that potential. Romany magical traditions particularly value amber as a love-drawing charm.

Amber Charm (1) Romany Dreams of Desire

On a Thursday night, make a list of the qualities you desire in a romantic partner or visualize and name a specific person. Before you go to sleep that night, leave a piece of amber by your bed or under your pillow.

On Friday morning, first thing upon awakening, clutch the amber in your left hand, holding it close to your heart.

Close your eyes. Visualize your desire: make it as real and tangible as possible. Take as much time as you need.

Kiss the amber and wrap it up in a small piece of silk, wrapping or rolling toward you.

Keep this with you for seven days, carrying it by day, sleeping with it at night, beside your heart, between your breasts, wherever.

Repeat the process every morning. At the conclusion, you will have a highly charged love-drawing amulet.

Amber Charm (2) Romany Magic Mirror

This spell creates a small, unbreakable variation of a magic mirror.

Look at the full moon through a piece of amber, holding it in your left hand and focusing on all your heart’s desires.

Place this under your pillow before you go to sleep.

When you awake, you will have a potent love charm. Use it to draw those desires to you. Replenish its power by repeating the ritual at subsequent full moons.

Aphrodite Oil

Add essential oils of myrtle and rose to a base of sweet almond oil. Add to a bath, or use as a massage oil or on candles honoring and petitioning Aphrodite.

The arrows of love go straight to the heart, and arrows are frequent components of love spells.

Arrow Spell (1) Arrow of Love

A spell intended to arouse passionate love from a woman is adapted from the great scholar of magic and spirituality, Idries Shah, who in his turn adapted it from the ancient Sanskrit magical text, the Atharva Veda. Kama, Hindu Lord of Love, wields a bow and arrows, just like his European counterparts Eros, Amor, and Cupid. The spirits referred to in the incantation, Mitra and Varuna, are legendary soul mates, each the other’s perfect complement.

Craft a ritual arrow, accompanied by the following incantation. The incantation, reminiscent of Aretha Franklin’s song, “Dr. Feelgood,” is chanted repeatedly while the arrow is made.

Insert the target of the spell’s name into the chant; personalize it as you desire.

With this all-powerful Arrow of Love, I pierce your heart

Love, love that causes unease, love overcomes you

Love for me!

This arrow, flying straight and true

Strikes you with burning desire for me and me alone

My love is its point

My determination to possess you is its shaft

Your heart is pierced!

The arrow has struck home

This arrow overcomes your reluctance

You love me now!

Come to me lover!

Submissive, without pride as I have no pride

But only longing for you

Your mother can’t stop you from coming to me

Your father can’t stop you from coming to me

Your sister can’t stop you from coming to me

Your brother can’t to stop you from coming to me

Your friends can’t stop you from coming to me

You are completely in my power!

Oh Mitra, Oh Varuna!

Strip [Name], daughter of [Name] of resistance

Only I have power over the heart, soul and mind of [Name], daughter of [Name] my beloved.

Once the arrow has been crafted, the maker holds it and gestures with it, setting up the magical vibrations, all the while continuing the chant.

Repeat from step 3 as needed.

Arrow Spell (2) Diana’s Petition of Love

Diana, the Roman lunar goddess and mistress of magic, to whom this spell is dedicated, has excellent archery skills. Don’t try this spell unless your skills are worthy of the goddess. The spell requires that you shoot a flaming arrow. This is potentially a dangerous spell for more than one reason. Diana will not look favorably upon your petition if you burn down her forest.

Write out your petition of love.

Affix it to an arrow.

Set the arrow aflame.

Quickly shoot it towards the moon.

Arrow Spell (3) Eight of Wands

One of the traditional meanings of the eight of wands tarot card is love at first sight. The eight wands represent the arrows of love.

Carve and dress a red candle as desired, using love-drawing oils.

Burn the candle.

Place an eight of wands Card upright near the candle so that it is easily visible.

Place a rose quartz beside the card and candle.

Once the candle burns down, place the card underneath your pillow so that it can provide romantic insight and inspiration while you sleep.

During the day wear the rose quartz in a charm bag, pocket or tucked into your bra to attract and maintain the love you desire.

Basic Botanicals of Love

Although there are many plants associated with love and romance, the following have all earned a powerful reputation as love-drawing botanicals. In combination they’re even more potent. Incorporate them into your spells as inspired: basil, carrots, catnip, chamomile, cardamom, coriander, cubeb, gardenia, grains of paradise, hibiscus, hyacinth, iris, jasmine, lady’s mantle, lavender, lovage, mint, onion, orchid, poppy, rose, rosemary, Saint John’s Wort, southernwood, strawberries, thyme, tormentil, vervain.

Surround your home with one or more of these living plants as an open invitation to true love.

Basic Botanicals of Love Candle Spell

Select basic botanicals of love that please you.

Choose a pink, red, yellow, or orange candle.

Hollow out the base and pack it full of botanicals.

Burn the candle.

Bethroot Love Spell

Rub a bethroot (Low John the Conqueror) over one’s naked body to attract romance.

Botanicals for Men Seeking Men

The botanicals hyacinth, deer’s tongue, and Sampson snake root are believed to hold special affinity for gay men. Place the three botanicals within a charm bag and carry to attract love. The bag is most traditionally worn against skin, within underwear.

Birch Spells

Birch is the tree of new beginnings and is used to magically draw and initiate new relationships.

Birch Love Candles Spell

Dress candles meant to draw love with oil of birch.

Birch Message of Love

Birch bark was traditionally used to craft “paper” in North America and Russia. Find a shed piece of bark or request one from the tree. (Give the tree a chance to say no.) Offer a libation. At the New Moon, write a message in red on white birch bark. Prick your little finger for a few drops of blood or use one of the magic inks in the Formulary. Write your hearts desire, “Bring my true love to me,” or whatever you like. Then burn the message.

Black Snake Love Spell

Carry a black snake root (Senicula) within a red bag to attract a lover.

Bouquet Spells

Presenting someone with a bouquet of flowers was once a method of delivering a spell right into your target’s hands. The “Language of Flowers,” whereby each type of flower represents a specific message, originated in the harems of the Middle East, where secrecy regarding romantic intrigues was crucial. That floral code would ultimately be formalized in Victorian England. Some floral bouquet spells, however, transcend any code.

Bouquet Spell (1) Basic

The simplest, yet extremely effective, love spell is the gift of roses, either one single bloom or a bouquet of a dozen.

Bouquet Spell (2) Enhanced

Combine roses with myrtle for an especially powerful bouquet. Both plants are sacred to Aphrodite, and together they transmit her power and beseech her blessing. For extra enhancement, combine with conscious petition to Aphrodite.

Bouquet Spell (3) Sorcerer’s Violet

The addition of vincas, also known as the sorcerer’s violet, transforms any bouquet into an instrument of seduction.

Sprinkle a bouquet of romantic flowers with dried powdered vinca flowers, the sorcerer’s violet.

Give them to the woman you want.

Candle Spells

Candle Spell (1) Coral Ring

Ring a gold candle, a red witch candle or a candle in the shape of a heart with pieces of coral.

Surround this ring with another circle of small red or pink candles.

Visualize the fulfillment of your desire.

Light the central candle first, then light the rest.

Candle Spell (2) Heart Candle

Scratch your lover’s initials into a heart-shaped candle.

Dress it with love drawing oil and sprinkle with a love drawing powder.

As it burns, chant:

As this candle burns, so your heart burns with love for me

As this wax melts, so your heart melts with love for me

When this spell is complete, your heart belongs to me!

Candle Spell (3) New Moon

This spell is most effective if using handcrafted candles, because you can actually embed the magical material into the wax. However, a store-bought candle may be doctored as well.

Prepare the candles so that this spell is ready to begin in conjunction with the New Moon.

Make two wax figures or purchase figure candles to represent you and your beloved.

Place a few strands of his or her hair in the candle representing the other party. (Pubic hair is most powerful, with underarm hair a close second. However if all you have are a few strands picked off a jacket, this will do.)

Place a few of your own hairs in your candle.

Begin burning the candles at the New Moon. Face the candles across from each other. Burn them in timed increments, a little bit every night, gradually bringing them increasingly closer and closer to each other.

When the candles are finally touching, let them burn all the way down, so that the waxes intermingle.

Any remaining wax can be saved as a love talisman, especially if it’s melted into an auspicious shape.

Win Your Heart Candle Spell

This spell allegedly enables you to win the heart of the one you desire.

Carve your name and that of the desired party nine times each on one pink seven-day candle.

Gently warm honey in a bain-marie and then blend in rosewater and powdered orrisroot.

Roll the candle in this mixture and then burn it.

Chamomile Wash Spell

Wash your face and hair with chamomile hydrosol or infused water to attract true love.

Copal Spells

Copal is resin deriving from trees held sacred in the Aztec, Mayan, and Incan traditions. Most frequently used for spiritual, cleansing, and oracular purposes, copal, like those other sacred resins frankincense and myrrh may also be used to draw romantic attention from the opposite sex.

Copal Spell (1) Basic

Obtain a solid lump of copal, rather than copal that’s been already ground into powder for incense.

Carry the lump in your pocket or in a charm bag, especially when the opportunity to meet someone arises.

Copal Spell (2) Locket

Grind a lump of copal into powder using a mortar and pestle, visualizing your desires coming true while you’re grinding.

Carry a sprinkling of powder inside a locket around your neck.

Dandelion Love Letter

Blow on a dried dandelion’s head and scatter the seeds to the winds? Most people do it for fun, however the dandelion will also provide magical messenger services. Allegedly the seeds will carry loving messages and wishes to the one you love. Focus hard on your desire and blow!

Doll Spells

The description “doll spell” tends to invoke images of stereotypical “voodoo dolls.” However the use of dolls in magical spells is incredibly ancient and fairly universal. Dolls are used for hexing but they’re also used for healing, protection, fertility, and romantic spells. The piercing of wax figures with pins goes back at least as far as ancient Egypt, however those pins weren’t meant to cause bodily injury. Instead they were intended to stimulate pangs of love and desire from whatever part of the body was pierced. Methods of piercing are frequently more inventive than just sticking needles into the doll.

Doll Spell (1) Binding Spell Soft Dolls

The advantage of these doll spells over some other binding spells is that these spells aren’t permanent. Should you change your mind about this romance, just separate the dolls to terminate the binding effect.

Create a pair of dolls from fabric, one to represent each partner.

Stuff them with dried love-herbs (see page 633 for some recommendations).

Rub them with aromatic romantic oils.

Dress and ornament them. Add beads if possible, forming a knot with every bead.

Tie the dolls together, face to face, to protect and preserve romance.

Wrap them in fabric and keep them in a safe place, for as long as you wish this romance to last.

Doll Spell (2) Binding Spell Hard Dolls

Create two small dolls from a hard material: roots, wood, or bone.

Embellish the dolls: decorate with beads and fabric.

Anoint with love oils and with any available sexual fluids.

Bind them together with red cord, creating knots.

Hide them safely, for as long as you wish the romance to last.

Doll Spell (3) Go Fetch!

Who says figures have to be human? In this spell a paper dog is charged with fulfilling your romantic desires. Japan possesses its own genre of paper magic. Instead of imbuing the paper with sacred images or with words to be preserved, posted or destroyed, the paper itself becomes the medium for magic. Beautiful, handcrafted paper is carefully manipulated into different shapes, including figures just as powerful as those made from wax or clay.

Articulate the purpose of the spell. What exactly do you want the little dog to bring home to you?

Roll and twist two small pieces of paper into a ribbon, then manipulate it into a dog shape (or the best that you can do).

Stick a needle into its upper left leg, where the thigh should be.

Talk to the dog, explain that the needle will not be removed until your desire is fulfilled. However if it is fulfilled you will feed the image food and saké or whatever you think this little dog likes.

Place the image on a shelf or in a cabinet and remember to deliver its offerings if your desire comes true.

Doll Spell (4) More Than a Fling

To turn a sexual relationship into something more:

Cut out dolls to represent each party from an unlaundered bedsheet, stained with sexual fluids.

Personalize as much as possible. Embroider or draw names onto the dolls if secrecy isn’t an issue.

Fill each poppet with love-herbs: roses, rosemary, orrisroot, heartsease, and vervain.

Bind the dolls together, face to face, belly to belly with scarlet ribbons.

Wrap the dolls in red or black velvet.

Slip this packet under the mattress on the side the other party usually sleeps on.

Doll Spell (5) Pierced Doll

Perhaps for secrecy’s sake, the original version of this fifteenth-century spell to evoke a woman’s love was written backwards in a blend of Hebrew and Yiddish.

Craft a female figure from virgin wax. Emphasize the female parts of the anatomy; try to make it resemble the object of your intentions. Carve her name over the doll’s breast and onto her back, between the shoulders.


May it be your will, Oh God

that [Name] daughter of [Name]

burns with passion for me and for me alone!

Bury this figure in Earth for 24 hours, being careful not to damage it.

Dig it up and hide it under the eaves of a house, covered with a stone for 24 hours.

Disinter her yet again.

Dip her in spring water three times, ritually invoking a different archangel each time: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Finally, dip the doll into your urine.

Dry her gently. The doll is complete.

When you wish the woman she represents to feel the pangs of passion for you, pierce appropriately.

Doll Spell (6) Pinned through the Heart

Make a doll from malleable materials, such as wax, clay, dough, or similar.

Personalize it: if you possess any intimate items, incorporate them into the doll. Otherwise, decorate as you please.

Scratch a name onto the doll or pin a name-tag on it.

Push a brass pin or an ornamented hat-pin (especially one with a romantic motif) through the heart. This pin is thought to open the heart and induce love for the maker of the doll.

Doll Spell (7) River Spell

In ancient Egypt, the figure in this spell would have been created from Nile clay, which was perceived to have magical connections with various spirits of love, especially Isis and Sobek. Enhance the power of your spell, by invoking Isis or any another riverine love spirit: Aphrodite, Maitresse Ezili, Oba or Oshun. Mermaids, whether specific ones like La Sirene or just as a generic power, may also be invoked.

Create a figure from clay, making it resemble the object of your desire as much as possible. If you possess any intimate items, such as hairs or nail clippings, these may be incorporated into the doll.

When you are ready, stick needles in all the areas where you wish him or her to desire you.

As you pierce, announce aloud: “Your heart feels pangs of love” or “Your ears burn for the sound of my voice” or similar. Be creative; express your desires explicitly.

Massage the doll with a soothing but erotic oil, but do not remove the needles.

Write love spells or your wishes and desires on fine paper.

Attach this note to the doll with the protruding needles.

Wrap everything in a cloth and bury in Earth, ideally by a riverbank.

Fairy Knot Spells

There’s a Romany belief that fairies sometimes tie knots in the boughs of willow trees. These knots are a powerful source for love magic. Should you find such a knot, preserve it.

Fairy Knot Spell (1) New Love

If you desire someone, sleep with the knot under your pillow.

Fairy Knot Spell (2) Preserve Love

Use your knot to preserve an already existing love:

Dress the knot with love oils.

Make a braid from a few strands of your hair and that of your lover.

Tie it to the knot with red thread, place it inside a red silk conjure bag and keep it safe.

Should you ever change your mind about this romance, untie the willow knot.

Friendship into Love Spell

Turn friendship into something more:

Obtain a Lover’s Candle, a usually red candle depicting an entwined naked couple or, if you’re a candle-crafter, create one of your own.

Carve the woman’s name on the man’s body and the man’s name on the woman’s.

Anoint with the love oil you like best (Amor, Jezebel, Come to Me Lover! for instance) and burn the candle.

Forget-Me-Not Spell

Slip a forget-me-not into someone’s pockets so that you will remain on their mind.

Freya’s Love Spell

Cowslips, the wild primroses also known as fairy cup, are Freya’s sacred flowers.

Collect cowslips in the morning, still wet with dew.

Put them in a pot of clean rainwater.

Murmur your desires and intentions over them.

Leave the pot exposed to sunlight.

Sprinkle some of the water over your beloved’s pillow at night for hours of passion.

Garnet Soul Mate Magnet

Wear garnets to attract the love of your life.

Goddess of Love Spell

Grind up pink rose buds, peppermint leaves, and ambrette seeds. Blend this powder into rice powder and dust onto your body; rub some between your palms and touch the one you want.

Grow a Lover Spells

Having trouble finding a lover? Grow one. Oh, if it was only that simple! However, these basic spells allegedly stimulate the arrival of love.

Grow a Lover Spell (1) Avocado

Grow an avocado from a pit to draw love to you.

Grow a Lover Spell (2) Basil

Grow basil in pots at home to draw love and also to counter lack of erotic interest.

Grow a Lover Spell (3) Bleeding Heart

Grow the flower Bleeding Heart in a flowerpot. Stick a coin in the pot to activate the spell and draw love to you.

Grow a Lover Spell (4) Female Lover

Plant a tulip bulb in a flowerpot to draw a female lover. Allegedly watering the plant with your tears enhances your chances of success.

Grow a Lover Spell (5) India

Etch the name of your lover or the one you desire on a seed and then plant and nurture it.

Grow a Lover Spell (6) Male Lover

To draw a male lover near, place an onion in a flowerpot. Again, watering it with your tears allegedly enhances the chances of success.

Grow a Lover Spell (7) Slavic

Dig up your beloved’s footprint, ideally from your own property, if possible.

Put it in a flowerpot, together with other dirt if necessary.

Grow marigolds in the pot.

Halloween Spell

Write your romantic affirmations and aspirations on a piece of paper.

Fold it up over either a lump of dragon’s blood resin or some dragon’s blood powder.

Toss it into the fire on Halloween night.

Heart Charm

Corazon de buey (“Heart of the ox”) is a large heart-shaped seed used in Latin American magic to attract love. Charge a seed with your desire. Carry it in a locket or conjure bag to draw love toward you.

Hibiscus Love Spell

Find one perfect hibiscus flower. Wear it for a little while if possible and then offer it to the one you desire. If the person accepts it and holds onto it, he or she will be yours.

Hidden Charms Spell

Pin hummingbird, mermaid, and/or broomstick charms to your underwear to draw a lover.

Holly and Ivy Spells

Holly and ivy, like frankincense and myrrh, are a natural couple. Holly represents Dionysus while Ivy symbolizes his true love, Ariadne.

Holly and Ivy Spell (1) Men’s Spell

Men seeking to attract women should carry a conjure bag filled with holly leaves and berries.

Holly and Ivy Spell (2) Women’s Spell

Women seeking to attract men should carry a conjure bag filled with ivy.

Holly and Ivy Spell (3) True Love Spell

Should you discover your true love, mingle holly and ivy together. Place half of the blended botanicals in one red conjure bag, the other half in a second bag, one to be carried by each member of the relationship to keep love strong and true.

Horseshoe Spell

In Latin American magic, horseshoes are wrapped in colored thread and ornamented with power objects to create a magical talisman. In order for it to be effective, the entire process must be perceived as a spell: focus on your desires, goals, and intentions during every step of creation.

Wrap a horseshoe with red thread so that it is completely covered.

While you wrap, visualize your desires, knotting them in.

Once the horseshoe is all wrapped up, mount it onto cardboard and start decorating.

Ornament the horseshoe directly or attach charms to the backing cardboard.

Place grains of paradise in tiny bags and attach them. Add beads, charms, amulets, and sacred texts and images as desired. Consider what you wish the horseshoe to draw toward you:

Attach dried rose buds for new love

Attach tiny bags of cumin and caraway seed for fidelity

Add phallic beads, cubebs, cardamom, grains of paradise and pieces of vanilla beans for enhanced sex

When it’s complete, hang this talisman so that it reminds you of its purpose.

Hummingbird Spells

Hummingbirds are prized ingredients in Mexican love magic. Dried hummingbirds are often found amongst the oils and botanicals of the famed witch markets. A modern method of accessing this love magic is through the use of metal and gemstone hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Spell (1) Altar of Love

Post an image of a hummingbird as the focal point of a love altar.

Burn copal in front of the image and visualize your desires.

If you wish, for maximum intensity, coordinate this altar with a petition to Xochiquetzal, beautiful Aztec spirit of love. Offer her vivid flowers and spring water and request her assistance.

Hummingbird Spell (2) Charm

Attach a hummingbird charm to a red silk cord.

Surround it with other lucky love charms as well as turquoise and silver beads.

Knot your intentions into the cord as you string the beads.

When complete, dip the hummingbird charm into Come to Me Lover! or other love drawing oil.

Wear it to attract and maintain love. Reinforce by periodically anointing the charm.

Hummingbird Spell (3) Found Feather

A found hummingbird feather is a potent promise of future love.

Save it as a love drawing and preserving charm.

Place it within a red silk charm bag and wear it hanging between your breasts.

Hungarian Crossroads Love Spell

Obtain some hairs from the one you desire.

Bury them at a crossroads, while concentrating on your wish.

He or she should return your affections.

Jezebel Root Spell

Place a Jezebel root in a red conjure bag. Add one Grain of Paradise every Friday until you have the love you desire.

Juniper Spells

Juniper is most commonly associated with protection spells. However, juniper berries possess tremendous love drawing and sexuality enhancing powers.

Warning: Juniper spells are not safe for use during pregnancy.

Juniper Spell (1) Hot Mama Douche

Soul mate? Perhaps all you desire is to find a fun, vigorous, exciting lover. This hoodoo formulation takes a little while to prepare but promises quick, exciting solutions.

Make juniper vinegar: warm apple cider or wine vinegar on the stove. Add a handful of bruised juniper berries. Let it simmer for a little while, then bottle in an air-tight container. Allow this to sit for at least two weeks, and then strain out the berries.

When you’re ready to use it, dilute with warm water or a hydrosol.

Used as a douche, this is said to draw men like the proverbial flies.

Juniper Spell (2) Woman Seeking New Love

A quicker spell to prepare, ironically it solicits long-term love, romance, and commitment.

Soak juniper berries in vinegar for several hours.

Strain out the berries, reserving some, and add a generous quantity of the infusion to your bath water.

Enjoy your bath. Vividly visualize the end results of a very successful spell.

Emerge from the bath but don’t drain the water yet.

Toss some used bathwater plus the reserved berries outside onto the Earth near your home to signal your desire for love and your available status.

Easy Juniper Spell

Pierce, string, and wear juniper berries to attract lovers.

Key to Love

Find a key; pick it up.

As you pick it up, call out the name of the one you desire.

The person will be yours.

Key to Love Conjure Bag

Place an arrowhead, a key, and six coral beads inside a red silk bag together with Grains of Paradise and orrisroot.

Lodestone Love Spells

Lodestone’s magnetic properties inspire their use in love spells. Lodestones are used to draw love toward you and then keep that love close at hand. According to traditional Chinese mysticism, the luckiest wedding bands are crafted from matched lodestones.

Lodestone Love Spell (1) Attraction

Lodestones are believed to have genders, just like other living creatures. Their gender is determined by appearance: the rounder-looking ones are female, while the males bear a phallic resemblance. Choose lodestones to match your desires. Use one to represent yourself and another to represent the person you would like to draw into a romance.

Choose a lodestone to represent you and soak it in Come To Me Lover Oil!

Sprinkle it with magnetic sand and place it on the edge of a mirror.

Choose a lodestone to represent the person you wish to draw into romance. It is not necessary for the lodestones to be of opposite sex; males may draw males, and females may draw females.

Soak this one in Amor Oil.

Sprinkle with magnetic sand and place it on the mirror, on the opposite edge from the first lodestone.

Carve a candle dedicated to romance and dress it with Lucky Lodestone Oil.

Light it, focus on your wish for romance and move the two lodestones slightly closer to each other.

Pinch out the candle.

Repeat this daily until the lodestones meet in the middle, then allow the candle to burn all the way down.

Lodestone Love Spell (2) Loving Looks

Gently rub your eyelids with lodestones to attract loving looks.

Lodestone Love Spell (3) Rosemary

Sprinkle dried ground rosemary onto a lodestone.

Carry it in a charm bag to draw love and attract favorable attention.

Lovage Spells

The herb lovage lives up to its name: it allegedly inspires love and amorous attention.

Lovage Spell (1) Bath

Draw a tub of warm water.

Sprinkle fresh or dried lovage into your bath to attract romantic attention.

Let yourself air-dry.

Lovage Spell (2) Food

Sprinkle lovage on food—fish or chicken is recommended—ten minutes before serving the meal to your beloved.

Love Attraction Bath Spell (1)

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over fresh basil and dill. Strain out the botanicals and, while the liquid is still hot, stir in cinnamon honey. Add this to your bath.

Love Attraction Bath Spell (2)

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over gentian and lavender. Add the strained liquid to your bath. Allow yourself to air-dry before venturing out in search of love.

Love Attraction Spell (2)

Write your target’s name on a small piece of paper.

Sprinkle it with the most fragrant fresh flower petals available.

Fold the paper toward you.

Hide it within your underwear drawer to magically lure the person closer to you.

Love Attraction Spell Extra Strength

Select, carve, and dress a candle to represent the object of your desire.

While the candle burns, write your own name on a piece of paper. (If you’re shy, use invisible ink.)

Sprinkle the most fragrant flower petals available over the paper and fold it toward the candle.

Hide this billet-doux in your target’s underwear drawer.

Love Ball (1)

Soften beeswax.

Add powdered dragon’s blood, frankincense, rosemary, chopped straw, and a little hair of the one you desire. Roll this into a ball between your palms and carry it with you.

Love Ball (2)

Some plants are considered perfectly matched romantic couples: frankincense and myrrh, vetiver and patchouli, for example.

Add them to softened beeswax, together with a few drops of your sweat, urine and/or menstrual blood, plus some hair taken from the one you desire. Carry the charm over your heart or in your pocket.

Love Candle Spell

This spell requires two candles, one to represent you and one to represent the object of your desire.

Carve the candles as desired.

Dress the candle that represents you with Magnet Oil and Come to Me Lover!

Light that candle; it will remain in one place.

Dress the other candle with plain olive oil and sprinkle magnetic sand over it.

Burn it in increments, drawing it ever closer to your candle and sprinkling with magnetic sand.

Love Conjure Bags

Create your own bag using romantic charms, botanicals, and symbols, or follow one of these formulas.

Conjure Bag (1) Aphrodisiac

This bag promotes faithfulness as well as romance.

Take a whole spikenard root or a piece of one, together with a little bit of hair taken from the tail of a goat.

Wrap it in fabric or carry it in a bag.

Reinforce periodically by dressing with essential oil of spikenard or a drop of oil infused from the root.

Conjure Bag (2) Celtic Inspired for Men Seeking Women

Fill a bag with holly leaves and holly berries.

Conjure Bag (3) Druid’s Love Bag

Fill a bag with elecampane, mistletoe, and vervain.

Conjure Bag (4) English

Cut out two matching red velvet or flannel hearts.

Sew them together, forming a sachet, leaving a hole so that it may be stuffed.

Fill the heart with love herbs and a lock of your hair. Add either a bead, a piece of coral or a pearl dipped into sweat or menstrual blood. Don’t stuff it too much; you want this charm to stay reasonably flat so that the outside is easily embellished.

Complete sewing the bag.

Decorate the outside with more beads and/or sequins. Sew on your initials, the initials of the one you desire, your wishes, the words “I love you.”

Give this as a gift to the one you love.

Conjure Bag (5) Horseshoe

Place at least one small magnetic horseshoe into a bag.

Combine with lodestones and magnetic sand.

Dress with love drawing oils.

Conjure Bag (6) Locket

A locket worn around the neck serves as an elegant charm bag. The chain also gives it the air of a binding spell.

Place a photo of your beloved inside a locket together with a strand of hair and a tiny piece of moonwort (Botrychium lunaria).

Conjure Bag (7) Love in my Pocket

In Romany, a conjure bag is known as a “putzi,” literally a “pocket.”

Fill a red silk bag with all or some of the following ingredients to draw and maintain love and romance: amber, cinnamon, cloves, acorns, rose buds or petals, orrisroot, a magic ring and an old coin, re-engraved with new sigils.

Conjure Bags (8 and 9) Mythically Minded Bags for Women Seeking Women

Don’t combine the materials into one bag; the divinities they’re consecrated to are both very independent, autonomous ladies who don’t necessarily play well with others. Two distinct bags may be created, however, for maximum intensity, each carried on a different area of the body.

Artemis’ Charm Bag

Fill the bag with a silver charm in the shape of the moon, plus wormwood, mugwort, and southernwood.

Athena’s Charm Bag

Fill the bag with olive twigs and leaves, a snake charm and a charm version of the gorgon’s head. Anoint with a drop of menstrual blood or vaginal juice.

Love Drawing Bag

Sew up three sides of a red silk sachet.

Fill it with henna powder, a heart charm, and a rose quartz crystal.

Sew up the remaining side and carry the sachet near your heart to attract love.

Love Drawing Sachet (1)

Fill a sachet with catnip leaves and rose petals and wear it near your heart.

Love Drawing Sachet (2)

Fill a sachet with vervain, rosemary, lavender, and rose petals. Wear it within your clothing to draw romantic attention.

Love Incense

Love Incense (1) Aloes wood

Burn aloes wood on the Full Moon for a new lover by the New Moon. Repeat as needed.

Love Incense (2) Deluxe Love Drawing Powder

To find a new love, grind the following ingredients into a fine powder and blend them together. Allow your nose to determine the proportions that are correct for you.

Aloes wood



Mastic pearls




Red sandalwood




Place this powder in a red flannel bag.

Carry it between your breasts for seven days; sleep with it beneath your pillow for seven nights. This may be enough to attract new love.

If there are no results or promising leads after seven days, burn a pinch of the powder every morning for seven days.

Love Incense (3) Deluxe Powder Extra-Enhancement Spell (1)

Just because you’ve found love, don’t abandon the deluxe drawing powder above. It may also be used to enhance sexual relations with a lover you already have. Burn the powder as incense while preparing the boudoir for romantic assignations.

Love Incense (4) Deluxe Powder Extra-Enhancement Spell (2)

The difference between powder and incense is frequently only its mode of use:

Blend the above deluxe powder with rice or arrowroot powder.

Dust it between the sheets or onto yourself.

Love Incense (5) La Madama’s Dream Powder

Aunt Sally’s Dream Incense calls in more than lucky numbers. It also allegedly draws your one, true love.

Grind cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, and licorice root into a fine powder.

Place it on charcoal and burn before bedtime.

Love Incense (6) Vanilla Bean

How vanilla has earned a reputation for blandness is a mystery. Indigenous to Mexico, vanilla orchids were cultivated by the Totonacs as sacred plants, gifts of the spirits, as well as aphrodisiacs. When the Aztecs conquered the Totonacs, they acquired vanilla’s sacred gifts. When in turn the Spanish conquistadors conquered the Aztecs, they brought vanilla back to Europe, nicknaming it the “little sheath,” a euphemism for vagina.

Pierce a whole vanilla bean with a pin.

Burn one every Friday to attract, hold, and enhance love.

Magically enhance the power of your love letters. For maximum effectiveness cast these three spells in conjunction with each other.

Love Letter Spell (1) Bay Leaf

Write an invisible wish on a bay leaf and enclose it in the envelope.

Love Letter Spell (2) Bay Oil

Dab a tiny bit of essential oil of bay laurel onto the corners of the letter’s pages.

Love Letter Spell (3) Perfumed Bay Leaf

Place a drop of jasmine attar or your favorite perfume on a bay leaf before placing it in the envelope.

Love Oil: Spellbound Oil

This allegedly holds those who behold you spellbound. Add the following essential oils to a blend of apricot kernel and jojoba oils:






Place a piece of wisteria in the bottle and wear as perfume, or soak a cotton ball in the oil and carry it in your clothing.

Love Powders

Once upon a time most perfumes were dry. They were easier to transport, both in terms of trade and in terms of personal use: a conjure bag could easily be filled with perfumed powder and carried with you to use as needed.

Powders are versatile and can be used in various ways:

Dust powders on the body

Sprinkle them around the bed

Sprinkle them around a lover

Cast a circle for a love spell

Sprinkled on the sheets, any vigorous activity that heats up the bed will simultaneously cause the erotic fragrances to intensify. Sweat encourages the powder to adhere to the skin.

The advantages of edible powder cannot be overemphasized: avoid talc and replace with food quality powder.

Love Powder (1) Do It Yourself Formula

Customize your own love powder.

Choose one or any combination of the following:



Chocolate powder


Dried ginger

Essential oil of cypress



Rose petals

Vanilla sugar

Grind the ingredients into a fine powder.

Blend them with rice powder, cornstarch, potato starch or arrowroot powder, distributing the botanical material evenly.

Use a sifter to help you achieve a smooth, even consistency.

Test it on your skin to make sure that you have a comfortable dilution: some of the powder ingredients (cinnamon, cloves) can irritate sensitive skin.

Place in a covered container and use.

Love Powder (2) Drawing Powder

Grind the following botanicals to a fine powder:



Rose petals


Optional: ginger blossoms

Blend with rice powder.

Sprinkle around your home, your bedroom, on your sheets and on you.

Love Powder (3) Ambrette

Grind and powder ambrette seeds and then blend with rice powder. Sprinkle a path to your door to attract a lover.

Love Powder (4) Elecampane

A Russian spell utilizes elecampane for love, however this can’t be just any elecampane. For best results, hand-pick the botanical on Midsummer’s Eve.

Dry the botanical.

Grind and powder it and then pound it with rosin.

Place this powder within a small sachet.

Wear this next to your body for nine days and nights.

Secretly sew it into the clothing of the one you love.

Love Powder (5) Orrisroot Unknown Lover

Orrisroot derives from the roots of certain species of iris. It’s extremely fragrant, serves as a botanical preservative and is a famous aphrodisiac. To draw an unknown lover toward you:

Blend approximately one tablespoon of ground, powdered orrisroot into approximately one cup of powder (e.g., rice powder).

Dust yourself with it.

Love Powder (6) Orrisroot Special

When you know whom it is that you want, dust powdered orrisroot on his or her clothes or body to arouse interest and ability.

Love Powder (7) Rice Powder

Plain old rice powder allegedly enhances sexual attractiveness in women and virility in men. It also allegedly heightens passions for both: use by itself as dusting powder or as the preferred basis for other love powders. Sprinkle it between your sheets.

Love Powder (8) True Love Powder

This is a very ancient formula. Some recommend mixing it in food or water, as a love philter. Mistletoe has toxic properties—perhaps this is taking too much of a chance with romance. However, grind dried elecampane, mistletoe and vervain into a fine powder.

Sprinkle the powder around the bed

Use it as drawing powder

Decorate an altar

Dress a candle

Carry it in a charm bag

If your heart is set on that love potion, a safer and perhaps even more powerful method of drawing on the powder of the botanical blend is to substitute the flower essence remedies made from each plant. Add a few drops of each to champagne or sparkling water.

Love Safety Spell (1)

According to Arabic magical traditions, eating pistachio nuts breaks the effect of love spells and prevents others from casting them upon you.

Love Safety Spell (2)

Do you suspect attempts to enchant you? Carrying a water lily allegedly renders a woman immune to the effects of undesired love potions and spells.

Love Truth Serum

Gently, place an agate on the left breast of a sleeping woman.

Quietly, so as not to waken her, ask what you wish to know.

Allegedly she will speak the truth while sleeping.

Lover Come to Me Conjure Bag

Anoint cubebs, patchouli, and vetiver with Come To Me Lover Oil! Place the botanicals in a red silk bag and carry to attract and keep love.

Lunar Love Spells

Around the world, the moon is the planetary body most invoked in love spells.

Lunar Love Spell (1) Full Moon Circle

A Full Moon spell to draw new love:

Dress aloes wood with Come to Me Lover Oil!

Place some on each of four charcoals.

Place each charcoal on an incense burner or plate and take them outside with you.

Arrange them in a circle, with each charcoal at one of the cardinal points. Stand inside the circle.

Light the incense, stand in the center, dance for the moon and request a lover to dance with you by the time the next full moon arrives.

This spell is considered most effective if performed naked, while exposed to strong moonbeams.

Lunar Love Spell (2) Lunar Beauty

Go out underneath a beautiful shining Full Moon.

Bathe yourself in the moonbeams.


Moon, beautiful Moon

You look so beautiful to me, shiny and bright

Let [Name], child of [Name] see me as I see you

Let me look as beautiful to [Name], child of [Name] as you look beautiful to me.

Lunar Love Spell (3) New Moon Spin

At the first sight of the New Moon, spin sunwise on one foot, murmuring, “Moon! Twist a man [or give a name if you have one] around me just like I’m twisting around you!”

Magic Lamp of Love Spell

Create a magic lamp to turn on the love-light of the one you desire.

Rub a photograph of the person you desire all over your naked body. (If you don’t have a photo, substitute a piece of paper with the person’s signature on it or else write your target’s name, birthday, and other identifying information on paper and use that.)

Place the photograph face-up in a casserole or similar dish.

Sprinkle ground peppermint, cinnamon, basil, Grains of Paradise, cubebs, cloves, cardamom, and damiana over it.

Add a real iron horseshoe and Jezebel root.

Blend honey into red wine and cover the ingredients of the dish with it.

Add vegetable oil until the dish is approximately three-quarters full. (Don’t fill it to the top; it’s not safe.)

Create a cotton wick, place it in the oil and light it.

Traditionally this love lamp is kept burning until your desires are fulfilled, with the ingredients being stirred daily.

Magic Mirror of Love

This Jewish love spell invokes the Pagan deity Mother Holle, a powerful, wild Northern European forest spirit, Queen of Witches and Provider of Love. Mother Holle is Holland’s namesake and the star of the Grimm’s fairy tale that bears her name. As the days of rural markets are mostly long over, you may have to invoke the assistance of a friend to symbolically “buy” a three-day-old dirty egg from you.

You’ll need an egg laid on a Thursday by a jet-black hen, which has never before laid an egg. This is the easy part of the spell.

Bury it that same day after sunset at a crossroads. Mark the spot because you’ll be back for it.

Let the egg remain buried in Earth for three days then dig it up after sunset.

Sell it. Use the proceeds toward the purchase of a small mirror, which must be buried that same night at the exact same spot where you buried the egg.

Invoke Mother Holle, tell her your desire.

Sleep over that spot for three nights. Remove the mirror. Whoever looks into it will love you.

Magic Ring Spells

Fairy-tale heroes and heroines possessed magic love drawing rings. Merely placing it on your finger or twisting it three times once it was on was usually enough to draw one’s true love. Try these rings and see if they work.

Magic Ring (1) Helen of Troy

Legend has it that Helen of Troy owned a powerful magic ring that responded to the wearer’s desires. It forced anyone who piqued the wearer’s romantic interest to immediately fall in love with her. Helen’s ring reportedly was a signet engraved with the image of Pan. Reproduce this if you wish.

Magic Ring (2) Love Drawing

Collect your materials so that you are ready to begin this spell at the New Moon.

Purchase a simple gold wedding band, possessing no markings, engravings or decoration. Do not haggle over the price.

Drop the ring into a large glass filled with champagne or rose water.

Add one oak leaf, one willow leaf, two bay leaves, and two bamboo knots.

Write the name of your intended on a piece of silver paper.

The ring needs to be magically activated by moonlight: place the glass on top of the paper, by a window so that it’s bathed in moonbeams from the New Moon until the Full Moon.

By the light of the Full Moon, remove the ring. Hold it near your heart and speak your desires aloud.

Wear the ring on a red silk cord around your neck. Enhance with copper or rose quartz beads or other love charms.

For optimum power, do not reveal the purpose of your spell to anyone.

Magic Ring (3) Venus

This magic love ring derives from The Lapidario, an astrological treatise on stones written for Alfonso X, the Wise, King of Castile (1221—1284), ostensibly a translation of a Chaldean manuscript. The Chaldeans were devotees of Ishtar, Spirit of Love who is identified with the planet Venus. Her sacred gem is lapis lazuli. Lapis summons Ishtar’s blessings of love. If worn in a ring, it allegedly attracts the opposite sex. (Supposedly it draws women with blue/gray eyes to men who wear this ring. What it draws to a woman is left a mystery.)

Charge the ring with your desires before wearing.

For maximum effect consecrate the ring to Ishtar.

This love charm is even more potent when crafted under harmonious aspects from the planet Venus.

Magic Three Times Seven Love Bath

This bath is recommended before going someplace where you hope to meet someone new.

Blend seven pink or red rosebuds with seven lovage leaves and seven Grains of Paradise.

Pour boiling water over the botanicals and allow them to steep.

Do not strain out the botanical material but add everything to your bath.

Let yourself air-dry afterwards to radiate your desire for a new love.

Magical Matchmakers

Once upon a time, in fairy tales anyway, fairy godmothers ensured that true love would find a way, the slipper would find the right foot, and each true heart would meet its match. Fairy godmothers and fairy queens were often storytellers’ devices to describe now-forbidden spirits.

Sometimes we still need a little assistance—to find love, to keep love, to navigate love’s treacherous waters. The following spirits, many among the most powerful of all, are the geniuses of love. Choose your ally.

Anima Sola Spell

Anima Sola translates as the “Lone Soul” or “Lonely Spirit” and refers to a very specific votive image. Based on Roman Catholic votive statues (but now a standardized chromolithograph), this image is particularly popular in Latin American magical traditions. It depicts a woman standing amidst flames, eternally burning yet never consumed. She gazes upwards, holding her chained hands towards heaven. Is her soul burning in the fire of Hell or does her heart burn with the fire of love?

Allegedly unrequited love is what drew this poor soul into her predicament: the Anima Sola traded eternal salvation for the joys of temporal love. She is invoked in only the most desperate love spells.

When you want someone’s love so bitterly that nothing else matters, gaze at the image.

Make a vow that, in exchange for this person’s love during this lifetime, following death you will assume the place of that poor burning soul.

Aphrodite Spells

The most celebrated love spirit of all, aphrodisiacs are named in her honor. The finest are believed to share in her essence.

Aphrodite most commonly manifests as either a mermaid or as an impossibly beautiful woman. She shines so brightly that she dazzles the eyes. She is the Queen of Wild Beasts and the Lady of Flowers, and she accepts devotion from both men and women. A friendly, sociable although temperamental spirit, she is usually accompanied by a host of lesser spirits as well as her companion animals. She likes a party. Love is her sacrament. To say that you’re too busy for love or uninterested in romance is to offer her grave insult. To acknowledge the need and desire for sex and romance is to honor her and acknowledge her authority: request her assistance so that you, too, may worship at her altar.

Aphrodite is at the height of her power during the Summer Solstice. Her planets are the sun and Venus. Her day is Friday. Call her with myrtle, myrrh, and roses. Ancient worshippers offered her triangle-shaped honey cakes. Aphrodite is a versatile spirit and her altars take many forms. The bottom line is that they, like the spirit that they honor, must be beautiful. Decorate with seashells and other motifs from the sea.

Aphrodite Spell (1) Apples of Love

Aphrodite is a bountiful spirit; she has not one but many sacred creatures and a multitude of sacred botanicals. Apple trees are among her favorites, however, and apples figure prominently in Aphrodite’s magic spells.

Place three yellow apples on Aphrodite’s altar and request that Aphrodite bless them.

Ask her to charm the fruit so that whoever eats these apples will fall madly in love with you.

Give an apple to the one you choose.

This may be considered the most “ethical” love spell of all, as the other person retains the choice to eat the apple or not.

Aphrodite Spell (2) Bower of Love

Aphrodite revels in wild nature, human and earthly. Draw her presence and assistance with an outdoor living altar, a bower of love.

Decorate an area with statues of Aphrodite, her mermaid friends and her favorite animals.

Plant apple, myrtle, and pomegranate trees. Add scented geraniums, marjoram, poppies, roses, roses, and more roses.

A bench or a hot tub strategically placed so that you can best enjoy the atmosphere, preferably with someone you love, is the finishing touch.

If this other party hasn’t yet manifested in your life, request that Aphrodite send him or her along quickly so that her bower of love will be complete.

Aphrodite Spell (3) Dream Lover Bath

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over rose petals, marjoram, and myrtle; add the liquid to your bath. While bathing, conjure up a vision of your dream lover. Repeat for six consecutive days; allegedly he or she should appear to you.

Aphrodite Spell (4) Enchanted Charms

Have Aphrodite empower your love charms so that they will become romantic talismans to draw, maintain, and protect love.

Create an altar for Aphrodite.

Consecrate it with offerings to her such as flowers, fruit, perfume, or jewelry.

In addition, place upon the altar something that you’d like her to empower for you as a love charm. A belt or waist beads are traditional but any small charm or piece of jewelry is effective.

Be very clear and explicit as to what belongs to Aphrodite and will remain hers forever versus what she’s empowering for you as a charm.

Let the charm rest on the altar overnight. Give it to your beloved as a gift or use it to draw new love.

Aphrodite Spell (5) Instant Gratification

Who has time to build an altar? You’ve been hit by love at first sight and opportunities are fleeting. Use Aphrodite’s apples of love for a spontaneous spell.

Make a quick silent invocation to Aphrodite while holding an apple.

Take a bite.

Pass it to the person you desire.

If he or she bites into it, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Aphrodite Spell (6) Seaside Conjuration (1)

Conjure Aphrodite by the sea.

Dress aquatic colored candles, blue or green, with the fragrance of myrrh and roses.

Create an altar in the sand.

Offer Aphrodite myrtle and roses (toss them into the sea) and light your candles as you petition for love.

Aphrodite Spell (7) Seaside Conjuration (2)

If you’re unable to travel to her home, invite Aphrodite to yours.

Cast a circle with sea salt.

Use shells to demarcate the four directions.

Light candles within the circle, sit inside and talk to the Genius of Love.

Apollo Spell

Apollo is a spirit of omnivorous sexuality. His romantic desires for men and women are equally strong; what seems to be the bottom line of attraction for him is beauty, intelligence, and talent, rather than gender. His is a complex myth. Classical Greek mythology paints him as the handsomest, most talented, most clever spirit of all, yet the women he pursues inevitably run from his embrace. Apollo had better luck with male lovers, with whom he had happy, successful relationships. Request his assistance, especially with someone who’s hard to get.

Carve and dress a large yellow or gold candle and dedicate it to Apollo. Use any of the love drawing oils. Pow-Wow Power Oil, although it wasn’t intended for this purpose, may attract Apollo’s attention because it’s so sunny.

Roll the candle in powdered Saint John’s Wort.

Burn it and make your appeal.

Apollo’s sacred creatures include crows and mice. Significant or surprising appearances may signal your response.

Artemis Spell

Women seeking other women may request assistance from Artemis and Athena.

Artemis’s happiest times are spent in the company of other women. She has deep-seated doubts about men, although she’s partial to the very few special ones who come along. If you’ve discovered one of those unique men, Artemis may also be petitioned for assistance.

Petition Artemis at night.

Offer her cool spring water and white or silver candles. Small images of the wild animals that she loves are appropriate offerings.

Tell her that if she will grant your wish you will make a contribution toward the preservation of wild life.

Athena Spell

Athena is a complex spirit, torn between her roots in the ancient Libyan religion of the Great Mother and her later fervent embrace of conservative patriarchy. Appeal to her earlier instincts:

Call Athena with a dish of olive oil dressed with olive flower essence remedy and a glass of wine.

Decorate her altar with images of snakes and gorgons.

Speak to her lucidly and articulately and tell her what you need.

Bastet is the ancient Egyptian spirit of love, joy, magic, sex, fertility, perfume, and the pleasures of life. Once an extremely popular divinity, she may manifest as a cat or as a human woman with a cat’s head. Invoke her powers to find and keep true love.

Bastet Spell (1) Love Incense

Gather the following ingredients: catnip, myrrh, rose petals, and Grains of Paradise.

Grind all the ingredients into a fine powder and burn on lit charcoal.

Bastet Spell (2) Seduction Candle

Carve your desires into a green cat candle.

Dress it with Come to Me Lover!, Cleopatra and/or Queen of Sheba Oils.

Sprinkle with a little catnip and damiana and burn.

Maitresse Ezili Spells

Maitresse Ezili Freda Dahomey, Haitian Iwa of love, derives from Dahomey where she began her incarnation as a water snake spirit, the embodiment of the Azili River. She accompanied her enslaved devotees to Haiti, where she evolved into a powerful spirit of love, beauty, and dreams, the most prominent of the female Iwa.

Maitresse Ezili epitomizes the capacity to dream, to imagine and to desire beyond what is reality, beyond what is merely adequate. Maitresse Ezili prefers to live in an idealized dream world, where everyone is beautiful, benevolent and well-mannered, a world full of love, laughter, and luxury and devoid of poverty, meanness, ugliness, and unpleasantness. Inevitably reality intrudes on her and she cries a river of tears. Maitresse Ezili’s symbol is the heart and inevitably it is a heart pierced with disappointment.

She sleeps with whomever she chooses and she chooses a lot, yet she is chaste rather than promiscuous. Instead she is so full of love and desire, that she transcends any concept of fidelity or promiscuity. She wears three wedding rings: one life, one reality, one husband isn’t enough.

Maitresse Ezili isn’t particularly impressed with simple gifts: she is a queen and expects lavish offerings. She loves champagne and French pastries. She rewards devotees by assisting with matters of health, love, and finances. Her sacred plant is basil. Maitresse Ezili sends healing and messages through erotic dreams.

Maitresse Ezili Love Oil

For women looking for romance:

Create an infused oil of fresh basil leaves using sweet almond oil.

Use this oil to dress candles dedicated to Ezili to accompany petitions for love.

Maitresse Ezili Perfume Oil

Create an infused oil of fresh basil leaves using sweet almond oil as above.

Add red hibiscus flower essence to the oil once the infusion process is complete.

Use this oil in the bath or as massage oil to radiate an invitation for love.

Maitresse Ezili Pierced Heart Spell

Because magic appropriates anything possessing power for individual use, sacred images are frequently taken out of context. Images of the Mater Dolorosa, the Mother of Sorrows, depict a beautiful woman’s heart pierced with a sword. The image may be understood as Maitresse Ezili.

Traditionally an altar of love, using this image as a focal point, is created to petition for the return of a lover at any cost. Commercially manufactured seven-day candles also bear this image. Gaze at the woman, experience your own pierced heart and consider whether the spell’s success is worth it.

Maitresse Ezili Potion

This allegedly serves as an aphrodisiac as well as a request for Maitresse Ezili’s blessings.

Steep fresh basil leaves in wine. Strain and drink the potion.

Maitresse Ezili Talisman

This written talisman emphasizes the fluidity of the world of spirits. La Baleine is a whale spirit who may be the mother or the sister of the beautiful mermaid, La Sirene. Or perhaps they are merely distinct aspects of one being. To make matters more complex, perhaps they are really only facets of Maitresse Ezili. By linking these three spirits together, this talisman captures the various facets of love, romance, desire, and sexuality. Its possession allegedly helps you win the love of the one you desire and retain the attention of someone you already have.

Use Dove’s Blood Ink to write the following on a piece of parchment or fine ivory stationary:








E Z I L I - F R E D A - D A H O M E Y

Carry it with you or post it over a bedroom altar.

Mary Magdalene’s True Love Spell

The beloved disciple is invoked to find one’s true love. Her feast day, the most advantageous day for petitions, is July 22nd.

Create an altar with an image of Mary Magdalene as the focal point.

Offer her flowers, perfume or perfumed oils and salves. Spikenard, which is also believed to ensure fidelity, is especially associated with her.

Request your desire.

Oba Spell

Oba, another beautiful Yoruba river orisha, is often overlooked and under-appreciated. It’s the story of her life. Her efforts to overcome this and claim her glory culminates in her chief claim to mythological fame as the butt of a rival’s joke.

Change is the Yoruba orisha who epitomizes dynamic male beauty and virility. Oba was his first and thus presumably official and chief wife. However, with Chango one woman is never enough. As long as her position as his acknowledged partner remained unchallenged, Oba could deal with simple infidelity. But when Chango began passionate romances with the dynamic orishas Oshun and Oya, Oba was devastated.

To regain Chango’s undying love and attention, one of Oba’s rivals suggested using a spell that involved garnishing his favorite dish with her ear, which would grow back. After all, pointed out the rival Orisha, this worked for her: she possessed Change’s adoration as well as both her ears.

Oba took the advice. When her turn to host Chango finally arrived, she offered this grisly dish. Appalled and disgusted, Chango ran from Oba, never to return. The moral of the story is that if a spell makes you uneasy for any reason, don’t cast it.

In Africa, Oba has emerged as a protector of prostitutes; however in Brazil she is venerated as a goddess of love. Oba understands what it means to be willing to risk all for love. She is generous, knows all about heartbreak and appreciates attention. Do not invoke her simultaneously with Oya or Oshun. She is particularly beneficial should you require information and direction regarding an already existing relationship.

To resolve queries regarding love, bring candles and flowers to a lake, together with food for Oba. She’s partial to beans with onions and shrimp.

Light the candles, toss the flowers into the water and pose your questions.

Leave all offerings behind at the lake for Oba.

Oshun Love Spells

The spirit of sweet waters, Oshun, is the very embodiment of love and romance. She has tremendous magical knowledge and power. Among the most versatile, powerful, and prominent spirits, she also assists in financial matters as well as with physical healing. She is a miracle worker; there’s little she can’t do.

Oshun is the spirit of Nigeria’s Oshun River. She traveled to the Western hemisphere with enslaved Yorubans, emerging as a beloved force in Santeria, Candomble, and other African Diaspora traditions.

Oshun may manifest in the form of her sacred birds: vultures and peacocks. She may appear as a mermaid. Her most common manifestation is as a breathtakingly beautiful woman, usually dressed in yellow or gold. She wears five brass bracelets and a mirror at her belt, the better to stop and admire herself whenever she wishes. Oshun bears a pot of river water, her gift of healing magic and love.

Her sacred areas are the bedroom and near fresh flowing waters, such as rivers, streams, and waterfalls. A talented chef, she also likes the kitchen. She likes the bathroom, if you transform it into a luxurious healing spa. Spells, offerings, and supplications are most effective if performed in these places. For maximum effect, perform rituals for Oshun beside a river by the light of a full moon.

The standard offering to Oshun is a glass of pure spring water and a dish of honey.

A crucial point: taste the honey. Everytime it’s offered. Once upon a time, someone tried to poison Oshun with honey. She’s been suspicious of offerings ever since. Untasted honey evokes her hostility, not generosity.

Oshun Spell (1) Love Bath

Draw a bath filled with warm water.

Add the petals from five yellow roses plus a handful of Grains of Paradise, some cinnamon sticks and cloves and some warmed honey.

Offer Oshun a glass of spring water and some honey, remembering to taste it.

Enter the bath and tell her what you need.

Oshun Spell (2) Magnetism Bath

Oshun is completely irresistible when she chooses to be. This bath attempts to share in a little of that magnetic essence.

Offer Oshun her spring water and honey, remembering to taste it.

Fill a bath with warm water.

Standing on a towel, completely paint yourself with warmed honey.

Enter the bath and soak.

When you emerge from the bath, dust yourself with cinnamon powder blended into cornstarch.

Oshun Spell (3) Pumpkin Spell

Pumpkins are a major component of Oshun’s magic spells. If she helps you, it’s customary to refrain from eating pumpkin and all yellow or orange squash out of respect for her sacred food.

Hollow out a small orange pumpkin as if you were making a jack o’lantern.

Carve the name of your beloved on the underside of the pumpkin. (If you can carve out a jack o’lantern that resembles your beloved, do so.)

Rub the inside of the pumpkin with love drawing oil.

Hold a candle in your hands to charge it with its purpose.

Place it inside the pumpkin and burn it.

Oshun Spell (4) Water Shrine Love Spell

Most people will find this ritual easiest to accomplish in the bathroom, however you may also take the materials to a river or stream. It needs to be performed on five consecutive days beginning on a Friday.

Build a shrine to Oshun in the bathroom. Suggestions for decorations include candles, shells, mermaids, hand mirrors, and coconuts.

Offer Oshun spring water and honey. Light white and/or orange candles.

In the meantime run a bath.

Place five cinnamon sticks, five different types of perfume or perfume oils, some love drawing powder, and yellow and orange flowers in a bucket, and cover them with warm spring water.

You need a photograph of your beloved, the target of this spell. Write his or her name and birthday as well as his or her mother’s name on the back of the photo. Place the photograph on the altar or where you can see it from the bath.

Coat your body with honey.

Stand in the tub. Pour the ingredients in the bucket over you.

Recline, relax and concentrate on your desires.

The photograph and the altar remains standing in the bathroom for the duration of the ritual. Feel free to maintain lit candles for the duration, if it’s safe and appropriate.

Pan Spell

Children’s mythology books typically depict the half human male-/half goat-shaped spirit Pan in hot pursuit of women. This may be true. However, he may have varied tastes; since ancient days Pan has been the traditional patron of men who desire other men.

Request his assistance directly. His altars are most effective if built outside.

Call him with music from the pan pipes. Offer him wine and grapes.

Burn a purple candle in his honor.

Tell him what you need.

Pomba Gira Spells

The most famous, prominent Pomba Gira is Maria Padilha. That Maria Padilha is evoked in many love spells is not surprising. She knows a lot about the complexities of love. She began her incarnation on Earth as a living woman, Maria de Padilla, the wife of Pedro the Cruel, fourteenth-century king of Castile and Leon. Although she was her husband’s unquestioned soul mate, the love and passion of his life, he simultaneously entered into other, more politically advantageous marriages.

Maria de Padilla refuses to die. Invoked in Romany spells for centuries, serving as the inspiration for a nineteenth-century French novel and a Donizetti opera, Maria’s most surprising incarnation is as Queen of the Pompa Gira in Afro-Brazilian spiritual and magical traditions, where her name is spelled Portuguese style, Maria Padilha.

Maria de Padilla’s Lodestone Spell

This Spanish spell evokes Maria Padilla together with Asmodeus, King of Demons. A dangerous malevolent spirit, he is an angel of malice and destruction. This is a real crossroads spell; one can identify Romany, Jewish and Christian influences within it. Asmodeus is also sometimes identified with the Christian concept of Satan, so perhaps this spell invokes the devil to bring you your love, albeit in exchange for cheese rather than souls.

Powder a tiny bit of lodestone or obtain a little lodestone dust.

Add the powder to some aguardiente and drink it before going to sleep.

Chant the following:

To the Mount of Olives one day I did ride

Three little black goats before me I spied

Those three little goats on three carts I laid

Three black cheeses from their milk I made

One I bestow on the Lodestone of Power

So that it will save me from all ills this very hour

The second to Maria Padilla I give

And to all of her ladies about her who live

The third I fetch for Asmodeus lame

That he fetch for me whomever I name!

Name your lover out loud.

Maria Padilha’s Brazilian Spell

A Brazilian ritual invokes Maria Padilha in order to attract a lover.

Go to a crossroads at midnight. (Most likely this is a traffic intersection. The modern Maria Padilha is an urban spirit, no remote country roads are necessary. Like Hecate, Maria Padilha prefers a three-way crossroads, the T-shaped ones are her favorites. Make your offering safely on the side, not in the center of the crossroads, in the midst of traffic.)

Make an altar on the ground with a red scarf.

Offer Maria Padilha seven long-stemmed roses, from which you have removed the thorns by hand and a small bottle of anisette.

Open a fresh box of matches. Arrange seven matches so that they are sticking out and place them near a pack of expensive cigarettes.

Light red candles and tell Maria Padilha what you need.

You should see results after seven, fourteen, or twenty-one days. If so, Maria Padilha will expect a second, more elaborate offering as payment due.

Maria Padilha Pomba Gira Oil

Grind and powder red rose petals, red carnation petals, dragon’s blood, and three or seven saffron threads.

Blend this powder into jojoba oil.

Use this oil on candles, in the bath and on yourself to attract love and desire, and to talk with Maria Padilha.

Pomba Gira Seven Crossroads’ Spell

Maria Padilha is the most famous of a host of Pomba Giras. There are others, who may or may not be aspects of Maria Padilha. Pomba Gira Seven Crossroads is a powerful road opener and a magician of love. Petition her for the recovery of a lost love or to discover new love.

Obtain seven beautiful, bright red roses. If they have thorns, remove them by hand.

After dark, visit seven crossroads.

At each one, repeat your petition to Pomba Gira Seven Crossroads. Leave a single rose by the side of each crossroad.

If she comes through for you, give her a more substantial offering including anisette, champagne, roses, and deluxe cigarettes.

River Spirit Spell

Traditionally, river spirits rule affairs of the heart. Perhaps one lives near you:

Stand on a riverbank holding a leaf.

Prick your smallest finger and smear one side of the leaf with it while repeating your own name, all possible variations of it, over and over and over.

Repeat on the other side of the leaf but chant your beloved’s name instead.

Toss the leaf into the river.

This offering is a petition to the presiding spirit of the river. Feel free to combine with other offerings, as enhanced bribery.

Saint Anthony Love Spells

A much beloved official son of the Roman Catholic Church, Anthony of Padua is amongst the most popular saints. Born in Lisbon in 1195, he became a Franciscan, traveled to Morocco, and eventually resided in Italy where he died at age thirty-six.

Saint Anthony is renowned in folk Catholicism as the supreme finder of missing things. What is ever more challenging to locate than real love?

Saint Anthony is a tireless provider of miracles. He specializes in resolution of particularly difficult situations. In Brazil, Saint Anthony is called the marrying saint because of his skill with matchmaking.

Saint Anthony’s emblems are fish and lilies, suspiciously reminiscent of pagan fertility imagery. His number is thirteen, the number of months in the lunar year. Indeed, he is traditionally depicted holding an infant. He is the patron saint of the spice trade, sponsor of the European importers of rare Asian and African gums, resins and spices, so integral to the magical arts. African-derived traditions syncretize Saint Anthony to a variety of powerful spirits: Elegba, Exu, and Ogun. He shares Exu’s feast day, June 13th. Tuesday evening is traditionally the most effective time to contact him. He responds to petitions made on behalf of yourself or another.

Saint Anthony Spell (1) Attention Getter

Create an altar dedicated to Saint Anthony decorated with his image and favorite attributes.

When you wish to attract the saint’s attention, blend rice and rose petals and toss this onto his statue.

When you feel his presence, tell him your desires.

Saint Anthony Spell (2) Flowerpot Petition

You’ll need two flowerpots containing basil and a third containing rue.

Wrap each flowerpot with a crimson silk ribbon made with three knots and pierced with pins.

Petition and pray to Saint Anthony as you work the spell.

At midnight, place the pots on an open windowsill with the rue in the middle.

Listen for the first words or sounds you hear: this is the response to your petition.

Traditionally, favorable signs include:

Knocking at the door

Barking dogs

People whistling, laughing or singing

Unfavorable signs include a hearse or a dark horse. This indicates that the saint will not work this petition. The appearance of a white horse is favorable, but indicates that a considerable amount of time and effort are needed. Pre-arrange other signals with Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony Spell (3) Ritual Substitution

In order to work the following spell you must be familiar with Roman Catholic ritual.

Take a rosary and wherever an “Our Father” would normally be said, instead say: “Saint Anthony asked, Saint Anthony prayed, Saint Anthony delivered.”

At each bead where a “Hail Mary” would normally be recited, instead say: “I ask, I pray, I receive.”

When you’ve finished, tell Saint Anthony precisely what—or whom—you desire.

Saint Dwyn’s Love Spell

Saint Dwyn was a fifth-century Welsh girl, madly in love. After a serious argument with her beloved, to the point of break-up, Dwyn cried a river of tears and engaged in prayer desperate enough that an angel responded, offering Dwyn a potion to ease her heartache. Dwyn drank it but the results weren’t exactly what she desired: her beloved was instantly transformed into stone. The angel offered Dwyn three wishes as consolation.

Her first wish was that her lover be returned to living flesh-and-blood. Her second wish was that she herself be spared the pangs of love (and indeed Dwyn became a nun and abbess of the convent at present-day Llanddwyn), and finally Dwyn wished that all true lovers who invoke her name will either receive their heart’s desire or get over it quickly! Allegedly calling out Dwyn’s name is sufficient, however as she is also the matron of ailing animals a vow to contribute to that cause may be appropriate if she helps you.

Santa Elena Spells

In Latin American magic, the saint most invoked for assistance in romantic matters is Saint Helena or, in Spanish, Santa Elena. At first this is puzzling: why is Santa Elena considered a genius of love? After all, the historical Santa Elena is most renowned as the mother of Constantine, the Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity and made it Rome’s official faith.

No one knows more about love than someone who hasn’t had a lot of luck with it. Santa Elena knows a lot about love. A former bar girl and courtesan (other professions have also been suggested), she captivated Constantine’s father who, having fathered her son, repudiated her and sent her into exile when a more politically advantageous marriage became possible for him. Santa Elena is renowned for piety. Her most famous act was discovering the True Cross while on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem at age seventy. The part usually left out of the story is where she found it—in a crypt beneath the recently destroyed Shrine of Aphrodite.

Santa Elena Binding Spell (1)

Santa Elena is much petitioned in matters of the heart. The following Cuban spell, a binding spell, requests her assistance.

Build an altar or a shrine of love.

Fill a small bowl halfway with spring water.

Add a splash of Florida Water, a tablespoon of honey, sugar, five cloves, five sticks of cinnamon, and five sprigs of mint.

Dress a white candle.

Tie a white ribbon around this candle and stand it in the center of the bowl. Request that just as the ribbon is tied around the candle, so two people will be tied together; that you be given the opportunity to wrap your arms around your lover like the ribbon wraps around the candle. Finally, ask for the opportunity to burn with passionate happiness.

Burn the candle.

When it’s burned down, add the liquid and contents of the bowl to a bath.

Repeat in its entirety for seven consecutive nights, by which time you should see results.

Santa Elena Binding Spell (2)

According to legend, when Santa Elena found the True Cross, she also discovered three nails used for the Crucifixion. Two were used reasonably conventionally (one was preserved as a relic, the second was thrown into the sea for the salvation of drowned sailors), but Santa Elena dedicated the third nail to the lovers of the world so that they would be preserved from heartache. This legend forms the basis for various love spells dedicated to Santa Elena. This one derives from the sixteenth-century grimorio, The Book of San Cipriano and Santa Justina:

Place a medal or other votive image of Santa Elena atop a piece of green silk.

Hammer three golden nails into the silk.

Pray, petition, and burn candles to Santa Elena. Tell her what you need; remind her that one nail is meant for lovers.

Remove one nail from the silk and place it into an object, portrait, or figure (wax) dedicated to the person who is to be bound to you.

Santa Elena Candle Spell

Burn a large white candle to honor Santa Elena. While the candle is burning, carve and dress a figure candle to represent the one you love. Put a nail through the candle’s heart and burn.

Santa Elena Invocation of Love

This traditional invocation may be used alone or in conjunction with any other spell dedicated to Santa Elena.

Say aloud:

Most loving mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine,

To the Mount of Olives you did go,

The three nails of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

One you threw into the sea for the salvation of sailors,

Another you nailed into a dedicated object

The third I drive into [Name, child of Name’s] heart

So that he [or she] may be unable to eat, sleep, or rest

Be unable to converse with women or men

Nor have a moment of rest

Until he [or she] surrenders at my feet

Please Santa Elena, if this desire is received

I will be your most sincere, loving devotee.

Santa Elena’s Love Spell (1)

This spell is traditionally cast using a milagro or charm depicting a heart pierced by a knife. A nail or other metal heart charm may also be used.

Dedicate a red candle to Santa Elena.

Pierce it with the charm or nail.

While the candle burns, petition that the target of your spell be unable to rest, eat, sleep, or have any peace until they surrender to your desires.

When the candle has burned down, wear or carry the charm.

Santa Elena’s Love Spell (2)

Dedicate a red candle to Santa Elena.

Place a photograph of the one you love before the candle.

Place a nail on top of the photograph.

Express your desires to Santa Elena explicitly and lucidly.

When the candle has burned down, wrap up any wax remnants together with the photograph and nail and hide them in a safe place, like under your mattress.

Saint Martha the Dominator Spell

In the New Testament, Saint Martha exemplifies the busy, happy housewife, who maintains steady control of her home. Saint Martha accompanied Mary Magdalene to France, where a different aspect emerged. According to legend, Martha was able to pacify a local dragon, the tarasque. Although countless knights had already perished in attempts to slay this creature, Martha, small, alone and unarmed, was able to tame the dragon through the power of love. The dragon peacefully emerged and allowed Martha to lead it on a leash, thus earning her the title Saint Martha the Dominator.

Among her many other magical roles, she may be invoked in matters of love. She is especially sympathetic to those involved with difficult people or difficult situations.

Burn a green candle in Saint Martha’s honor for nine days. (Special Martha the Dominator candles are also sold.) Use Martha the Dominator Oil and/or love drawing oils to dress the candle.

Each day request that the target of your spell be so enchanted with love that they are unable to eat, sleep or rest until they have approached you.

In recent years, Martha the Dominator has become identified with the most famous image of the African Spirit Mami Waters, which depicts a beautiful snake charmer with her snakes. Incorporate this image if it resonates for you.

Santisima Muerte

Perhaps the most unusual of the unofficial saints, La Santisima Muerte, Holy Death, is the spiritual matron of Mexican witches. La Santisima Muerte is essentially Death herself, the Grim Reaper dressed up in robes and carrying a scythe. Why is she here amidst the Love Spells? Because La Santisima Muerte is traditionally petitioned to magically return errant lovers and husbands back to the women who await them.

Statues of La Santisima Muerte robed in red are traditionally used when invoking her for love. Build an altar in her honor and burn red candles dedicated to her. Because she is a dangerous spirit—you are, after all, essentially conjuring up death—invocations to La Santisima Muerte are traditionally accompanied by simultaneous petitions to protective saints, those who’ve demonstrated that they can handle and pacify her, especially Michael the Archangel, San Cipriano, and Santa Elena. Incorporate other saints into the altar as appropriate.

Spells to Make Her or Him Love You

In the same manner that certain medicines or hormone treatments affect men and women differently, so some botanicals have different impacts upon the different genders. With the following spell categories (Make Her Love You and Make Him Love You) in general the gender of the target of the spell is what is significant. Thus these are spells to attract a man or a woman. The gender of the spell-caster may or may not be significant so unless told otherwise, assume that these spells are equal opportunity spells.

Make Her Love You Spells

Aroma of Love Spell

Fumigate your clothing with the scent of aloes wood, cinnamon, and myrrh to attract women’s romantic attention.

Basil True Love Spell

Hand a woman a sprig of basil. Allegedly if she accepts it, she’ll fall in love with you and remain faithful forever.

Devil’s Bit Spell

Carry the botanical devil’s bit to attract women.

Grains of Paradise Bath

This spell benefits men searching for a new woman.

Pour boiling water over seven Grains of Paradise.

Let them steep.

When it cools, add the infusion with the Grains to your bath water.

Grapefruit Spell (1) Birthday Candles

Cut a pink or red grapefruit in half horizontally.

Place half on a dish.

Sprinkle cayenne pepper, Grains of Paradise, sugar, and sea salt over the top of the grapefruit.

Write the woman’s name on a slip of paper and push it into the center of the grapefruit.

Top it with a cherry or strawberry.

Stick nine pink, yellow, gold, and/or white birthday candles into the grapefruit as if it were a birthday cake.

Light the candles.

Repeat this ritual for six nights.

Grapefruit Spell (2) High John

Because of the use of High John the Conqueror root, this spell can only be performed by men. A woman wishing to seduce another woman should substitute an angelica root.

Cut a grapefruit in half, horizontally.

Place one half in a pan.

Sprinkle it with salt, sugar, pepper, and Epsom salts.

Write your beloved’s name on a strip of brown paper.

Roll up the paper and tie it with red thread.

Insert it into the center of the grapefruit.

Arrange nine candles (red, pink, yellow, and/or gold) around the grapefruit half.

Light them.

While the candles burn, circumambulate around them sunwise while rolling a High John root in your hand, praying and petitioning.

Pinch each candle out.

Repeat for a total of nine nights (nine minutes a night for the first eight nights should be sufficient). Then on the last night, let the candles burn out.

Grapefruit Spell (3) Lure a Woman Away from Another

Cut a grapefruit in half

Write the woman’s name and her present lover’s name on a piece of brown paper.

Write your own name over the lover’s name, so that the original lover’s name is now illegible.

Stick this paper into the center of the grapefruit.

Put it inside disposable pan or baking dish or line a permanent pan with foil.

Sprinkle the grapefruit with salt, pepper, and brown sugar.

Arrange five golden candles around the grapefruit in the dish and light them.

It’s no accident that High John the Conqueror root is called by a man’s name. It has powerful associations with men’s magic. Many women find success with it as a charm for luck, money, and general good fortune. When it comes to love and sex, however, this charm works best for men.

High John, like lodestones, is divided by gender: there are male and female High John’s. Shape determines gender: the round ones are female; the phallic-looking ones are male. For love, sex, and romantic domination spells, obviously the more phallic the High John the better.

High John has heterosexual proclivities: it draws women to men. Men seeking other men traditionally substitute Sampson snake root.

Basic High John Spell

Hold a High John root in your hands and charge it with your desire.

Anoint it with a love drawing oil and carry it in your pocket or within a mojo bag.

High John Attraction Spell

To attract a specific woman:

Steep High John in a jar of olive oil for seven days.

Remove the root and bury it under the steps of your target’s home.

Reserve the oil for use as dressing oil.

High John Bend Over Spell

Allegedly Essence of Bend Over encourages enthusiasm towards anal sex. Soak a High John the Conqueror root in the condition oil; carry it with you and see what happens.

High John Cooperation Spell (1)

Soak a High John the Conqueror root in Command and Compel Oil Carry it to encourage women to cooperate with your desires.

High John Cooperation Spell (2)

Soak High John the Conqueror in a solution of sugar water, to attract women who’d really like to make you happy.

High John Conjure Bag

Obtain matched male and female High John the Conqueror roots.

Steep dried damiana and catnip in sweet almond oil overnight, then strain out the botanicals.

Dress the female root with this infused sweet almond oil.

Dress the male root with Magnet Oil and High John the Conqueror Oil.

Place them both inside a red flannel drawstring bag.

Sprinkle with a love drawing powder until your desire is fulfilled.

Lodestones may be substituted for High John the Conqueror. Sprinkle with magnetic sand instead.

High John Domination Spell (1)

Because it works to fulfill desires, High John is also used in romantic domination spells, although since High John is so intrinsically benevolent, the effect ideally is to persuade the other person to share your desires, whatever they may be.

Blend powdered High John the Conqueror with sugar and cayenne pepper and use it to fill a charm bag. Hide it under your woman’s bed. This allegedly causes her to become more sexually cooperative and good-natured.

High John Domination Spell (2)

Blend sugar and cayenne pepper on a plate. Drizzle High John Oil over it and hide it under the woman’s bed to encourage sexual cooperation and generosity.

High John Love Drawing Spell

Obtain a few strands of hair from the head of the one you desire.

Wrap it around a High John the Conqueror root, making knots.

Anoint with a love drawing oil and place it inside a red drawstring bag.

Sleep with this under your pillow, and carry it with you during waking hours.

Anoint with one drop of the love drawing oil daily.

High John Sexual Domination Spell

In addition to stimulating sexual generosity, this spell also allegedly produces a compliant nature

Add a few drops of tuberose absolute to a bottle of Command and Compel Oil.

Use this oil to dress a High John the Conqueror root.

Place the dressed root into a red charm bag and sprinkle it with powdered confectioner’s sugar and cayenne pepper.

Keep this bag under the mattress on the side where the woman usually sleeps.

Dress the root once a week with the oil to ensure cooperation. (And also to ensure that she hasn’t yet discovered and removed the bag!)

High John Sugar Spell

Soak a High John root in sugar water for 24 hours.

Remove the root and carry it in a red flannel bag to make yourself attractive to women in general.

Add the remaining sugar water to your bath.

Isis Invocation: To Lure a Woman From Another Man

This spell requests assistance from Isis. It invokes famous lovers in the hopes that you too will achieve their ecstasy.

At midnight on Saint John’s Eve, pick a handful of vervain leaves, the plant that allegedly sprang from Isis’s tears, when she lost her true love.

As you pick them, call on her:

Isis, Great of Magic!

Make [Name] daughter of [Name] love me like I love her.

Make her love me like you love Osiris!

Make her love me like Penelope loves Odysseus!

Make her love me like Ariadne loves Dionysus!

Make her love me like Aphrodite loves Adonis!

Make her love me like Juliet loves Romeo!

From the moment you grasp the leaves, until your arrival home, keep up your chant and petition. Improvise, speak from your heart, invoke other lovers, but don’t stop.

Carry the leaves home inside your shirt against your skin.

Place the leaves in new green silk.

Leave this packet in a dry, well-ventilated place for 21 days.

Then grind the leaves into a powder. Keep them in a mojo bag. When the opportunity presents itself, dust your hands with the powder. Touch the woman’s hands and ideally her face.

Lodestone Sweat Spell

Soak a lodestone in your sweat, then dress it with one drop each of essential oils of cardamom, frankincense, and sandalwood.

Wrap this charm up in red fabric, rolling it toward you.

Carry this in your pocket, within easy reach, until your next encounter.

When you see her, rub your hand on the lodestone packet: touch her with that hand immediately.

Lovage Bath

Lovage is used in general romantic magic spells throughout Europe, however in Poland this herb is considered especially beneficial for men seeking to attract women to them.

Make a strong infusion from lovage. Men should add this to their bath to attract women. Remember to air-dry so that the botanicals linger on your skin.

Male Sexual Domination Spell

Waldmeister, Master of the Woods, magically encourages a man to be a master, whatever that may mean. For many men, it means mastery over the women in their lives and, indeed, Master of the Woods is used for this purpose. Carry Master of the Woods (woodruff) in a conjure bag at all times.

Myrtle Oil Spell

When Aphrodite first emerged naked from the sea, she was clothed in myrtle leaves. Ever since then it’s been one of her sacred plants and a potent tool in romantic spells.

Crush myrtle leaves and use them to create an infused oil, following the directions on page 31, Elements of Magic Spells. Rub this oil on your body to attract the woman of your dreams.

New Needle Spell

Murmur your desires while threading a brand new needle, which has never been used, with unbleached thread.

This must be passed through the clothing of the woman you love near the heart three times. (She does not have to be in the clothing at the time, although no doubt if she is that will enhance the strength of the spell!)

Nutmeg Spell

Carry a whole nutmeg in your armpit for 48 hours.

Grind it up, add it to a bottle of red wine and serve to your heart’s desire.

Alternatively, prepare a romantic Italian meal and sprinkle it over the food.

Rue Shoe Spell

Obtain a shoe that belongs to the woman you desire—the older and more used the better.

Stuff it with rue.

Hang it over your bed to draw her to it.

Sandalwood Seduction

Men are advised to wear sandalwood to elicit a positive sexual response from women.

Three Feathers Spell

You will need three feathers from a rooster’s tail, given freely. (This can’t be a food rooster, a fighting cock or a sacrificial rooster. He must be a proud, living, successful, barnyard rooster with a harem of hens or the spell won’t work. The feathers lend you his essence, so if you humiliate the rooster by taking the feathers by force, the spell will backfire on you.)

Charge these feathers with your desires.

Hold them in the smoke of love drawing incense, if desired.

When you have the opportunity, press them into a woman’s hand to gain her love.

Three Hairs Spell

Steal three hairs from the woman, one at a time, on three separate occasions, while the woman is sleeping. For maximum effect, the hair should be taken from near the nape of the neck.

Braid the hairs.

Hold onto this braid for a little while, don’t rush this spell.

Keep it in a charm bag worn or carried on the body, to absorb your power and desire.

When you’re ready, push it into a crack of a tree so that it may grow with the tree from then on. (A romantic tree is ideal, such as an apple, other flowering or fruit tree, hazel, ash, hawthorn, or elder.)

Women Seeking Other Women

A gift of whole orrisroot allegedly serves as the key to love. Anoint with myrrh, menstrual blood, and/or vaginal juices and wrap it in a beautiful charm bag.

Make Him Love You Spells

Adder’s Tongue Spell (1) Charm

No need to worry about the safest mode of collecting an adder’s tongue. Adder’s Tongue (Ophioglossum vulgatum) is a fern used in Polish magic by women to attract male romantic attention. Carry it within a red silk charm bag to attract, maintain, and protect romantic love.

Adder’s Tongue Spell (2) Magic Chant

Adder’s Tongue is magically empowered if, while gathering, the following spoken charm is incorporated into the harvest ritual. Adder’s Tongue gathered in this manner may be used in any spell.

As you reach for the plant, chant aloud:

Adder’s Tongue I pluck you with my hand

Five fingers reach, my palm the sixth

Let the men I desire pursue me

Let the men I desire, desire me.

Gather as you’ve described with a full hand, rather than by pinching with fingers.

Adder’s Tongue Spell (3) Potion

This spell isn’t necessarily for drawing one specific lover; instead it’s intended to draw men toward you en masse so that you can best make your selection.

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over the herb. When it cools, strain the botanicals out and drink the potion, to bring success with men.

Baked Goods Spell

Bake bread, a cake, or cookies for the one you love.

As you knead the dough, press it against your private parts or squeeze it beneath your underarm.

If you are baking multiple items simultaneously, mark whatever is intended for your beloved, to avoid confusion and trouble.

Feed it to him.

Follow Me Boy!

Follow Me Boy! is the name given to a traditional condition formula. It is considered one of the Commanding formulas but is virtually always used in romantic or erotic situations. Sweet flag creates the commanding effect, which is reinforced further if you add licorice, however damiana is a potent aphrodisiac. He may be forced to follow you but he’ll be happy to do it!

The basic formula consists of:

Dried sweet flag (calamus)

Dried catnip

Dried damiana

Optional: add licorice if you like the fragrance. For a more potent seductive oil, also add essential oils of bergamot, sweet orange, and tuberose, plus essences of any red flowers.

Powder the dried ingredients together.

Add them to sweet almond oil, shaking to blend.

Finally add any essential oils.

To use, dip a cotton ball in the oil and tuck it into a bra or pocket.

Follow Me Boy! Fumigation

Wash clothing and hang it in the bathroom to dry.

Grind and powder the basic botanical formula: sweet flag, catnip, and damiana.

Sprinkle on lit charcoals.

Place the incense so that your clothing is permeated with the fragrance.

Wear these clothes to draw men to you.

Follow Me Boy! Perfume

Wear the oil as perfume: it is reputed that this will draw men to you like flies so be selective. (This formula was once allegedly a staple business necessity for New Orleans male and female prostitutes looking for male clientele.)

Follow Me Boy! Spell

Follow Me Boy! is also used in a more elaborate New Orleans ritual to draw a specific individual toward you. This spell utilizes a water-based infusion rather than oil.

Begin by making a strong infusion from the main ingredients: pour boiling water over dried, ground sweet flag, catnip, and damiana. Allow it to cool.

Light red candles in the bathroom. You may also light incense, if you feel it empowers you. (Follow Me Boy! powder may be burned as incense.)

Add red flower petals to the bath. Red carnations, roses, and hibiscus are popular but any bright red flower will do. (You may also add the essential oils suggested for the condition oil formula directly to the bath.)

Strain the infusion, reserving the liquid.

Carry it over to the bathtub. Enter the tub and toss the infusion over your head.

Soak. Focus on your desire.

Get out of the tub but don’t drain the water yet.

Toss a bowlful of the used bathwater out the back door or window.

Bottle up some of the rest, together with the flower petals.

Carry them to your target’s home and splash it on his doorstep. Announce out loud: “Follow Me Boy!” and then return home by a straightforward, simple route without looking back.

Follow Me Romany Spell

This European spell does not use the classic condition formula, preferring more intimate items instead. It targets a specific individual rather than attempting to draw a crowd, however the magic ritual’s stated goal is identical to the New Orleans spells.

Make a paste from your beloved’s intimate articles: hair, saliva, nails, blood, semen, whatever you’ve got—the more the merrier.

Mold a little figure from the paste.

Bury it at a crossroads under the first quarter moon.

Urinate over the spot, while chanting:

[Name], son of [Name] I love you!

As this image becomes one with Earth,

You follow me like a dog follows a bitch in heat and are one with me!

Mermaid’s Conjure Bag (1)

Few can resist the legendary seductive power of a mermaid. Place a mermaid charm in a conjure bag, together with seven water-lily seeds. Carry the bag to attract your soul mate.

Mermaid’s Conjure Bag (2)

Place a mermaid charm in a red conjure bag. (It may also be pinned to the bag.)

Add seashells, some rosemary, and a pinch of agar-agar.

Carry to draw a man towards you.

Shoe Spell

To turn a sexual relationship with a man into something more:

Pick up his shoes as soon as he takes them off.

Place your own shoes inside his, your left inside his left, your right inside his right.

Buckle or tie them together as securely as possible.

Leave them like this until morning.

Sugar Spell (1) Candle

Hydrosols or flower waters may be used in this spell.

Blend honey, jasmine flower water, orange flower water, and rose water in a saucer.

Place a pink votive candle in the center of the saucer.

With a pin or a rose thorn, scratch your initials and that of your beloved, encircled together within a heart on each of five sugar-cubes.

Arrange these sugar cubes around the candle in the saucer. They will immediately start to merge with the flower waters, which is fine.

Visualize your goal. Light your candle.

For maximum effectiveness, repeat with fresh materials for five consecutive nights.

Sugar Spell (2) Clothing

Secretly, or at least very discreetly, obtain an unwashed glove or sock from the one you desire.

Fill it with sugar and magnetic sand.

Tie it shut with a knot.

Sleep with it under your mattress.

Vetiver Attraction

The fragrance of vetiver allegedly attracts men, whether worn by women or other men.

Wear it on the body or soak a cotton ball in the essential oil and tuck it into a pocket or bra.

Women’s Conjure Bag

Place mermaid, hummingbird, and broomstick charms in a red silk bag. Add geometrically shaped charms, like diamonds and triangles, as well as angelica and orris-root and cubeb peppers and carry to attract the love you want.

Wrap a Ring Around You Spell

Create a wreath or hoop from vines or love drawing plants, knotting your intentions and desires into the hoop.

Burn it.

Gather the ashes and sprinkle them around your heart’s desire in a ring.

New Love Initiation Spell

Magically signal your readiness for love to the universe. This spell allegedly beckons true love near.

Pulverize splinters of acacia and aloes wood together with three hairs from your head.

Take the resulting blend to a crossroads on a breezy day.

Let the powder slip from between your fingers as you revolve in a circle, murmuring an invocation of love.

New Lover Magnet Bath

Add cubebs and hibiscus blossoms to your bath. Reserve some of the used bathwater and sprinkle it around your home to signal your magical invitation to a new lover.

Old Love Spell

A proverb suggests that love is wasted on the young. Orrisroot preserves the pleasures and passions of romance throughout one’s life. Create this powder by grinding orrisroot and blending with rice powder. Dust on your body and the bed sheets as desired.

Oils of Love

Other oils will be found in Formulary, including Black Cat, Cleopatra, Come to Me Lover!, and Queen of Sheba.

Amor Oil

Place a balm of Gilead bud and a piece of coral inside a bottle.

Cover these with sweet almond and jojoba oils.

Add a few drops of either neroli or petitgrain essential oil plus a drop of tangerine essential oil.

Add a bit of ground cinnamon or one drop of essential oil of cinnamon leaf.

New Orleans-style Fast Luck Oil

As far as love goes, Fast Luck Oil is a pick-up oil. Expect to draw a surprise one-night stand or even a great weekend, but not true long-lasting lingering love. The ingredients are cinnamon, vanilla, and Winter-green, with a jojoba oil base.

Orrisroot Spell (1)

Place a pinch of ground orrisroot in each corner of every room of your home to attract new love.

Orrisroot Spell (2)

Carry whole, unadorned orrisroot for success with the opposite sex.

Pansy Love Spell (1)

Look for pansies with little faces that please you. Weave them into chains and hang them in the bedroom to capture the love you desire.

Pansy Love Spell (2)

This spell evokes shades of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.

If the one you desire is sleeping, place or pass pansies over their eyes, then linger near.

Allegedly he or she will fall in love with the first person seen upon awakening.

Q Perfume Oil

What does “Q” stand for? No one remembers anymore. However, this famous hoodoo formulation allegedly causes you to be romantically irresistible.

Use carnation absolute, the hydrosol or powder fresh carnation blossoms.

Blend with myrrh and peppermint and then add to sweet almond oil.

Red Witch Candle Spell

Candles in the shape of red witches are particularly beneficial for love magic.

The imagery is always positive: the red witch may represent the power of the witch as an ally or she can transcend the entire concept of human witches, to represent primordial female power. The red witch is symbolic for the menstrual blood that figures in so many love spells.

Red Witch candles are used to draw love:

Anoint her with love drawing oils.

Chant your invocation:

Red witch, red witch

Bring me my lover

Light the candle for a set period of time nightly. Choose a number that has significance for you—six minutes, nine, an hour. What is crucial is that this increment of time be maintained faithfully.

Burn nightly until consumed.

This spell may be used for an unknown lover or for someone whom you already desire. If you know the person’s identity, insert their name into the chant.

Red Witch Love Spell (1)

Place a beautiful red apple beside a red witch candle.

Burn the candle while murmuring incantations of love.

Feed the apple to your heart’s desire.

Red Witch Love Spell (2)

Scratch your beloved’s name beneath the witch’s feet (the base of the candle).

Dress the candle with the fragrance of roses.

Burn the candle while chanting: “Red witch, red witch, bring my love to me!” or whatever best expresses your own situation.

Red Witch: Wisteria Spell

Charge a red witch candle with your desires.

Place a wisteria root beside her while she burns.

When the candle has burned down, tie a red thread around the root and carry it in a red charm bag to attract happy love towards you.

Re-ignite Love Spell

“Nothing’s cold as ashes after the fire is gone …”

Allegedly vervain can re-ignite spent passions and past love. Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over vervain leaves. Add the infusion to your bath and allow yourself to air-dry when meeting your old love—although presumably for maximum effectiveness one bathes together.

Right Person Love Spell

You don’t want just any love; you need the right one. This spell is beneficial for a long-term love search. Add Attraction Oil to your bath every Friday until you’ve found the love you want.

Romantic Maintenance Spells

Romantic Maintenance (1) Angel Powder

Grind and powder pink rosebuds, red carnations, vervain, and spearmint. Sprinkle this powder on your sheets to keep your lover interested and true.

Romantic Maintenance (2) Bath

This romantic love bath for seduction and sharing is based on the herbal traditions and lush flora of the French Antilles. Make a strong infusion of hibiscus, mignonette (reseda), and orange blossoms and then add it to your bath, together with some pure vanilla extract.

Romantic Maintenance (3) Beryl

Beryl gemstones are used to cement and solidify romance. They are also used to renew and rescue fading love. They are most effective when worn as a ring or a necklace.

Wear beryl to attempt control over the situation. Alternately, give as a gift to your partner to provide some romantic insurance.

Romantic Maintenance (4) Candle

Melt some candle wax.

Remove from the heat and stir in honey, sugar, romantic flower petals, and your favorite perfume.

Pour this enhanced wax into a hollow half of a coconut shell, complete with a candle- wick.

Burn the candle to entice your lover and maintain his interest as well as to provide a sweet, protected atmosphere.

Romantic Maintenance (5) Cinnamon

Grind pieces of cinnamon or cassia bark together with hair from your head and that of your partner’s. Burn and place the ashes in a glass vial. Keep the vial in a safe place for as long as you wish love to last.

Romantic Maintenance (6) Conjure Bag

Fill a medicine bag with small magnetic horseshoes, a lodestone (or a matched pair), and some love drawing powder or herbs.

In addition, a photograph of your lover is needed: either solo or ideally a photograph of the two of you together, looking happy. A photo of you kissing is even better.

On the back of the photo, draw a heart and write your names inside five times, something like “Jon and Jennifer Together Forever.” Anoint with Come To Me Oil! or similar.

Keep the bag safe under your mattress.

Romantic Maintenance (7) Elder Spell

Place a branch of elder wood beneath the bed to preserve love, stimulate passion, and encourage fidelity.

Romantic Maintenance (8) Love Protection Spell

Blend lavender blossoms with violet leaves and flowers. Carry in a charm bag to protect your love from challenges and danger.

Romantic Maintenance (9) Mistletoe Kiss Spell

Why do people kiss under the mistletoe? Because it’s fun? Well, yes but also because doing so allegedly magically preserves love and ensures that the relationship lasts (providing there is a relationship to begin with). Don’t take the mistletoe down once the Yule season is over; hang it throughout the home and repeat the spell as needed!

Romantic Maintenance (10) Pansy Bag

Carry pansies in a charm bag to ensure that your lover remains enamored of you.

Romantic Maintenance (11) Perfume

Entwine a strand of your own hair with that of your beloved.

Place this braid into a bottle filled with your favorite perfume.

Add an Adam and Eve root.

Wear this perfume daily.

Romantic Maintenance (12) Plum

Share one single plum to keep love fresh and lively.

Romantic Maintenance (13) Protection

Sprinkle an infusion of hawthorn berries together with whole berries around the perimeter of your home to foil those who would lure your partner away.

Romantic Maintenance (14) Spikenard

Make an infusion of spikenard or add a few drops of the essential oil to some warm water.

Carefully sprinkle this on a photograph of your lover, or on his shoes, or even on him (although this can be hard to explain). This allegedly keeps love constant and true.

Romantic Maintenance (15) Sugar

To inspire a romantic, loving ambience—because the only good part of an argument is making up:

Fill an air-tight canister with fine granulated sugar, either white or brown is fine.

Imbed a vanilla bean, a cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, some dried hibiscus blossoms, and some orange blossoms in it.

Visualize love flowing out of the canister and spreading through the room. Seal the canister. Use it as a powder sprinkle or feed it to your lover and yourself in times of tension.

Romantic Maintenance (16) Tormentil

Tormentil’s nickname is “flesh and blood.” Hang it within your home and bedroom to keep you and your partner’s flesh and blood together.

Romantic Maintenance (17) Yarrow Heads

Bind nine dried yarrow flower heads still on the stalks together with green silk ribbon.

Hang this over the bed to ensure pleasure and happiness.

This charm is most powerful when created on a waxing moon Friday.

Roses Spells

Roses are a metaphor for the human heart. No flower represents love more vividly. Perhaps nothing does. Roses are sacred to the most powerful spirits of love: Aphrodite, Juno, Isis, Kybele, Maitresse Ezili, and Maria Padilha. Oshun loves yellow roses.

Cleopatra, the living embodiment of Aphrodite and Isis, seduced Marc Antony in a scented bedroom, packed knee-deep with rose petals.

Red Rose Powder

Red Rose Powder is used to heal lover’s quarrels.

Grind red rose petals and peppermint leaves into a fine powder.

Sprinkle Red Rose Powder on your partner, on a gift of a bouquet of flowers, or on the sheets.

Better yet, add Red Rose Powder to rice powder to create a body dusting powder. Apply it to your own body with a powder puff so that no one can stay mad at you.

Rose Love Beads

The original love beads are crafted from rose petals.

Process rose petals in a food processor or grind them with a mortar and pestle until they form a paste.

Roll small amounts into tiny beads with your fingers. Concentrate on your desire as you roll, utter a petition of love as you form each bead.

Let the beads dry, ideally on a screen that allows air to circulate.

While they are still slightly damp, before the bead has completely dried, pierce each bead with a large needle, so that it may be strung on a cord. Visualize your heart pierced with love as you wield the needle.

String the beads on a red silk cord and wear it or hang it over your bed.

Red Rose Spell

Place a long stemmed red rose between two red taper candles dressed with a love oil.

Burn the candles.

When the candles have burned down, give the rose to the one you want.

Seeking New Love Spells

Spells to initiate love emerge from different needs. Perhaps you await your soul mate, whose identity remains unknown, or perhaps soul mates and true love aren’t an issue: you’d just like a companion, a new lover or relationship. Or maybe you have your heart set on someone special, whose identity is known to you. Now if only this person shared your desires …

Seeking New Love Spell

A spell to find new love, particularly following a long period of solitude, loneliness and bad luck:

Add a few strands of hair from your head plus some thumb nail clippings to dried rose petals, Grains of Paradise, and vervain.

Burn them over lit charcoal like incense.

Stand over the rising smoke wearing outer garments but no underpants. Inhale the smoke’s fragrance as it wafts up toward you.

Still wearing no underpants, travel to a cemetery.

Walk through the cemetery in two directions, forming the shape of a cross, to destroy evil from all directions.

Go home via a different route than the one by which you arrived.

Seeking New Love: Catnip

Soak catnip in good whiskey overnight, ideally in the light of the Full Moon.

Strain it out and sprinkle the liquid on your doorstep for 21 days in the shape of a new crescent moon.

Seeking New Love: Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise allegedly incite passion, erotic thoughts, and actions. They also possess a commanding element. Originally a popular East African magical ingredient, they are now renowned worldwide.

Use them to draw new love into your life: add an infusion of Grains of Paradise to your bath water; sprinkle the used bath water together with some extra powder around your home to signal your availability.

Seeking New Love Shoe Spell (1) Gullah

Burn your former lover’s shoes and you’ll have more new loves than you’ll know what to do with. (Conversely, folk wisdom states you should never give a lover a gift of shoes: he or she will only use them to walk out on you.)

Seeking New Love Shoe Spell (2) Violet Leaf

Violet leaves resemble hearts. Place some in your shoe to attract new love and to guide you towards the right lover.

Snake’s Friend Love Spell

The flower Indian Paint Brush is also known as Snake’s Friend. Place the blossoms in a sachet to draw love near.

Seeking Someone Special Spells

Spells for when you know who you want.

Someone Special: Altar of Love Spell

This is a spell to persuade someone to return your affections. Three candles are required: one to represent you, the second, the object of your affections and the last candle, the potential state of romance. Use figure candles to represent the people plus a large pillar or heart-shaped candle.

Arrange the two figure candles six inches apart.

Place the third at the apex of the triangle.

Dress the candles, petition, and light.

Someone Special: Clothing Spell

You’ll need a piece of your lover’s clothing, ideally intimate apparel but anything, a glove or a scarf, will do.

Gather seven acorns and wrap them in the clothing.

Knot the packet shut with red thread.

Sleep with it under your pillow for seven nights.

On the eighth day, take the packet into the woods (or the closest semblance you have). Find a natural cleft, a cleft in a tree, a hole in the ground. Look for an appropriate place and slip the packet inside.

Walk around the spot three times sunwise, calling your beloved’s name each time you do a rotation. Walk away and don’t look back.

Someone Special: Clove Kiss Spell

Arrange for the person you desire to visit you at your home.

Stir a spoonful of brown sugar into a glass of rainwater. Have it waiting by the back door or a back window while you wait for your potential lover to arrive.

When the person arrives, before you answer the door, pop a clove into your mouth and suck on it.

Toss the rainwater out the back and spit the clove out after it.

Pop another clove in your mouth and answer the door.

Kiss your intended, with the clove still tucked into your mouth, touching his or her tongue with your own.

Someone Special: Conjure Bag

Write both your names together (“Morgan and Merlin Together 4-Ever”) seven times on a heart-shaped piece of paper.

Place this paper in a red silk bag together with a lock of the other person’s hair or some threads from their clothing.

Add a lodestone, love-drawing powder, a rose quartz, and seven rose buds.

Carry this bag to draw the love you want.

Someone Special: Dream Ashes Spell

For this spell, you will need an object that fulfills two criteria: first it must carry the vibration of the person the spell targets. Thus it must belong to him or preferably have been in extended contact with him. And second, it must be possible to burn it.

At night place this object between your legs and dream of happiness together with your lover.

Do this for nine consecutive nights.

Then burn the entire object or part of it, reserving the rest for later use, on a Friday morning, as the sun rises.

Reserve the ashes. Whenever possible, sprinkle these on the man, his shoes, or his underwear.

Someone Special: Footprint Spell (1) Buried

Dig up the entire footprint of the one you love.

Whisper over the dirt, telling the feet exactly where you’d like them to come.

Bury the footprint dirt under your front doorstep.

Someone Special: Footprint Spell (2) Hung Up

Gather up the entire footprint of the one you desire.

Tie it up in a cloth and hang it over your door to draw the person to you.

This spell will be enhanced if you dress the dirt with an appropriate oil, such as Come to Me Lover! or Follow Me Boy!

Someone Special: Foot Track Love Spell

Dig up the footprint of the person you desire. Place it within a bag and carry it with you. The other person should feel obliged to follow you.

Someone Special: Garlic Charm

To inflame a heart with passion (and dominate them too!):

Puncture two garlic cloves, one on top of the other, with a steel nail, so that they are held together. (You may also wrap a red thread around them for reinforcement.) The clove on top represents the person making the charm. Make sure that one stays on top.

Hide this charm in a dark, private place at least until the other person begins to demonstrate signs of affection (or you no longer want them).

Should the bottom garlic sprout, this is a very auspicious sign.

Someone Special: Hair Spell

Procure a lock (or even a strand) of hair from the one you desire. Wear it in your hat to turn their heart toward you.

Someone Special: Heart Spell

Write the name of the person you desire on parchment paper seven times.

Draw a heart around these names by writing your own name in script, without picking up the pen or pencil. Lengthen each letter or write your name repeatedly, the key is not to pick up the pen until the seven names are completely enclosed by your own.

Chant something like: “You are in my heart” or “My heart encompasses you.”

Preserve this talisman of love in a safe place. (Should you change your mind, rip up the paper, breaking the heart, and destroy it.)

Someone Special: Magic Ring Spell

On a New Moon Friday evening, fill a wine glass with either red wine or spring water.

Suspend a ring from a red ribbon that is long enough so that the ring may be comfortably suspended like a pendulum within the mouth of the glass. Traditionally, this sort of spell uses your mother’s wedding ring or similar sentimental ring but any ring may be transformed into a magic ring.

Initially keep the pendulum as still as possible. First say your own name, then call out the name of your desired one. Repeat this three times.

Focus your mind on your beloved. Let the pendulum begin to sway until it clinks against the glass one time for every letter of his or her name.

Tie the ribbon around your neck, letting the ring fall over your heart or between your breasts.

Repeat the spell for the next two consecutive Fridays for a total of three Fridays, wearing the ring continually in between. You should see results by the conclusion.

Someone Special: Name Paper Ashes

Write the desired one’s name on a strip of paper or parchment.

Write your desired goal upon another one.

Cover the other person’s name with your own.

Place both in a cauldron, fireproof bowl or pan, together with orange blossoms and/or orange leaves and/or orange zest.

Burn everything.

Gather up the ashes. Slip them into a small box or perfume vial. If it’s a bottle, seal shut with wax. If a box, use knot magic (silk threads) to close.

If you find that someday you no longer desire this relationship, break the seal and scatter the contents to the winds.

Someone Special: Name Paper Candle Spell

Although this spell did not originate as a petition to Oshun, it does use her materials and is very easy to dedicate to her. If so desired, use a yellow candle instead of red and burn it for five days.

Cut two slips of paper, approximately the size of a fortune in a fortune cookie.

Write your name on one and the name of your beloved on the other.

Pin them together in the form of a cross, with your name on top.

Put them in a glass containing water, orange flower water, and sugar.

Burn a dressed red candle before the glass for nine days.

Someone Special: Needle Spell

Take two needles.

Charge, empower, and consecrate them.

Name one for yourself and one for your beloved.

Traditionally the point of the male needle is inserted into the eye of the female needle, however this may be adjusted to suit your circumstances.

Preserve in a safe place as a love charm.

Someone Special: Picture of Love

Cover a small photo of the one you love by wrapping it in strands of your hair. Wrap this up in red thread. Wrap this up in red velvet and bury the whole packet in Earth.

Someone Special: Pin Our Hearts Together

Cut two hearts from red wax.

Scratch your name on one, your beloved’s on the other.

Pin them together with three pins and carry near your heart.

Someone Special: Pin Our Hearts Together Deluxe Version

To create an intensified version of the above spell, scent the wax with jasmine. Sandwich a little powdered orrisroot and/or rose petals between the two hearts before pinning with the three pins.

Someone Special: Pin Our Hearts Together Love Charm

Cut two hearts from red wax.

Designate each heart to represent a person.

Using needles attach the hearts together and wear them next to your heart.

Someone Special: Rattlesnake Master

Rattlesnake master root allegedly enables you to capture the love you desire. Anoint the root daily with a drop of love-drawing oil, such as Come to Me Lover! until your goal is achieved.

Someone Special: Sea Salt Spell

To win the love of the one you desire, walking naked make a circuit around a field or your home in the light of the Full Moon. With each step, toss a handful of sea salt behind you.

Someone Special: Sew Up That Love

To have and keep the object of your desire:

Obtain some stray hairs belonging to your heart’s desire: extract them from a comb or brush, or pull some out of the bathtub drain.

Sew them into your mattress or into a dream pillow stuffed with love-herbs.

Someone Special: Shoe Spell

Obtain a lock of hair from the one you desire.

Wrap it in a small square of silk, folding the cloth toward you.

Wear it in your shoe.

The object of your desire should soon approach and give you the opportunity to make a favorable impression.

Someone Special: Snail Shell Spell

To win love, abandoned snail shells are converted to love charms. Gently carry a snail shell on your body. Give it to the one you love and get him or her to carry it.

Snail shells are fragile. If it’s crushed too quickly, consider whether this is a sign.

Self-Love Spells

Before you can receive love from another, you must love yourself. Roses, hibiscus, and calendula stimulate and teach self-love, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance.

Add fresh blossoms to your bath

Make infusions from dried flowers and add to your bath

Surround yourself with bouquets and living plants

Talismans of Love

Fairy tales are full of magic power objects that draw love and good fortune toward their bearers. What the stories sometimes neglect to mention is that you can craft your own.

Talisman of Love: Chinese Coins

Traditional Chinese coins have square holes in the center. They are customarily strung together with red thread for good luck and protection. Hair should be substituted for love spells.

Obtain several hairs from the head of your beloved.

Braid them together.

String two coins together with this hair. (If the hair is long enough, wrap the coins in the hair, too.)

Wrap this charm in red silk or sew it onto the red silk.

Talisman of Love: Coral Earrings

In ancient Rome, coral earrings were believed to beckon men and draw love. Wear a pair at strategic opportunities.

Talisman of Love: Needle and Shroud

You’ll need a needle that has been stuck into a dead human body.

Place the needle onto a small piece of cloth cut from a shroud or winding sheet.

Cover the needle with dirt in which a corpse has been laid. (This does not have to be the same corpse as Step 1.)

Wrap the needle and dirt up in the cloth and preserve it. You now possess what is allegedly a very powerful love charm. Pierce someone’s clothes with the needle to make them fall in love with you.

Talisman of Love: Peyote

Peyote may be used to create amulets for love and romantic happiness. Peyote, like lodestone, is distinguished as being male or female: they’re visibly distinctive. Women need a male peyote while men need a female one.

The peyote must be kept whole.

Bathe the peyote in ritual corn beer.

Sing to the peyote. Dance for it. Tell it your desire.

Wrap it in a small piece of red silk and carry it near the heart or wrapped around the right knee.

Talisman of Love: Red Ribbon Spell

To discover a bit of red ribbon, string, wool, or piece of fabric indicates luck in love and a change in romantic fortunes. Pick it up and make a wish. (If you can’t think of one, requesting luck and happiness in love is more than appropriate.) Carry the ribbon as an amulet.

Talisman of Love: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz allegedly draws lovers towards you. Wear it as jewelry or carry it with you.

Should it draw too many, too fast in an overwhelming manner, add an amethyst for a stabilizing effect.

Talisman of Love: Sweet Lotus Petal Spell

Carry lotus petals and flowers (real or replica) in a charm bag together with sugar cubes and a scarab charm to attract love towards you.

Vervain Spells

Vervain Spell (1) Bath

Make an infusion of vervain by pouring boiling water over the botanical.

When it cools off, add the entire infusion (liquid and plant material) to your bath, ladling it over your body.

Rub the vervain over your body and soak in the bath for luck in love.

Vervain Spell (2) Oil

Vervain is another of those plants where no essential oil is produced. What is commercially available tends to be lemon verbena, a South American native that bears a confusingly similar name but is botanically distinct. Create your own infused oil of vervain to obtain its profound magical benefits.

Create an oil-based infusion of vervain leaves following the directions in Elements of Magic Spells, page 31. When the oil is complete, massage it onto your body or add it to your bath.

Vervain Spell (3) Sweet Touch

Crush some fresh vervain leaves in your hands. Rub the juice over your hands; don’t wash it off before touching the one you love. The results are reputedly very sweet.

Window box Spell

Plant a love window box with love-attracting flowers and herbs: pansies, poppies, marjoram, rosemary, lovage, thyme, and miniature roses. This magically signals your availability and your desire for love.

Wishbone Love Spell

Paint a wishbone gold. Carry it in a red charm bag together with six Grains of Paradise and some red rose petals.

Witchgrass Spells

Witchgrass, also known as couch grass, may be used to draw love toward you. Carry it in a charm bag to attract new love. Or grind the dried botanical into powder and sprinkle it under your bed to stimulate fun, romance, and commitment.

Yarrow Love Bath

Add yarrow hydrosol to your bath to locate a new lover.

Binding Spells

It’s crucial to distinguish between banishing and binding spells, a not uncommon source of confusion.

Banishing spells repel something or someone, removing it from your presence, perhaps permanently

Binding spells bind another person to you through eternity and perhaps beyond

Occasionally the term “binding” is meant to indicate that someone has been incapacitated (“bound”) and is no longer able to harm you. However it is not used in that context in this book. Think “ties that bind” rather than “bound and gagged.”

There are two types of love binding spells:

Mutual binding spells that couples cast together to preserve, enhance, and protect love. In a sense these are magical soul weddings, affirmations of true love. These bindings are entered into consciously and with free will and desire

Binding spells that one party casts on the other, frequently without their knowledge. These bindings are often desperate attempts to salvage a relationship or prevent another from leaving. In a sense, these spells assert romantic ownership over another party. As such, they can be malevolent spells, which rarely work out happily for either party

How do you know if a binding spell has been cast over you? If every effort to leave a relationship fails, there’s reason at least for suspicion. Never fear; as with hexes, antidotes exist.

There is a key difference between menstrual blood potions and classical binding spells: a successful menstrual potion causes the other person to love you forever. You, however, remain a free agent. Binding spells bind you as surely as they bind the other party. Use them judiciously.

Wait! Before the binding spells begin below, how do you know you have the right person? Are you binding yourself to true love or to living disaster? These two spells will help you determine the answer.

For Women

Rue attracts love but also eliminates women’s romantic illusions. It is not safe for use by pregnant women or those actively attempting to become pregnant. (In which case, other issues and factors may be at hand.)

Simultaneously burn rue, inhaling the fragrance, while drinking rue tea. Bathing in an infusion of rue, at the same time, will maximize the potential of this spell.

For Men

An amethyst carried as a talisman attracts women. It specifically draws honorable women.

Mutual Binding Spells: True Love Spells

These binding spells are entered into freely and with mutual intent. They produce a magical wedding of souls and affirm commitment to one another. At their best, these are the most romantic spells of all.

Ancient Irish Hair Binding

In ancient Ireland, it was customary for a man to braid a bracelet from his hair and give it to the woman he loved, a gift of trust in the context of what we’ve seen can be done magically with hair. The binding is not activated unless she accepts the gift, thus accepting him and agreeing to the spell. This is not a binding that can be imposed on another.

Conjure Bag Binding (1) Amazon

Create two ritual pouches: bead and decorate them with love.

Fill with combined Amazonian herbs, mucura and ajos sacha.

Exchange and carry to protect your love.

Conjure Bag Binding (2) Tonka Bean

On a New Moon Friday, dress a pair of tonka beans with a love drawing oil.

Place them in a conjure bag to be kept in a safe, secure place.

Re-anoint every Friday, ideally together. Nothing should break you apart.

Knot Binding Spell for Two: A Cooperative Effort

This binding spell ensures that a couple remains together. It will also counter efforts to sunder your love, thus serving as a simultaneous protection spell.

One partner takes a handkerchief or square of cloth and ties two knots in it.

The other partner ties two more knots.

Both parties together now take these four knots and tie them together to make one big, tight knot: both parties pulling so that the knot is as tight as possible.

Keep the charm in a safe place. Dress it with a love oil periodically.

If at some point you do wish to separate, untie or break the knot.

Lodestone Binding

The most successful binding spells stem from mutual desire and intent.

Lodestone Oil is required as well as some privacy.

Create Magnetic Sand Dusting Powder: combine rice powder with magnetic sand. You’ll need a powder puff or a feather for application. (A shaker bottle will work but doesn’t quite have the same effect.)

Massage the Lodestone Oil onto one partner’s body.

The other partner should apply the Magnetic Sand Body Powder.

Make love.

The binding spell is complete; repeat as desired.

Magic Mirror Binding

A binding charm from Hungary: these magic mirrors were once sold in the marketplace and just needed to be cleansed and charged to put into practice. You, however, may have to make your own.

You’ll need gingerbread dough, whether from scratch or a mix, is irrelevant. The cookie will not be eaten but preserved as a charm: gingerbread lasts virtually forever.

With a cookie-cutter, cut the dough into a heart shape.

Push a small mirror into the center of the cookie.

Bake in a low, slow oven.

When it has cooled, decorate with red beads and other charms. Make your charm as elaborate or simple as you like. (Truly elaborate ones place small shutters over the mirror.)

When you’re ready, you and your beloved should gaze into the mirror together and swear your devotion to each other.

Wrap it in red silk cloth and keep in a safe place, perhaps bringing it out whenever your vows need reaffirming.

An almost identical charm is found in Croatia where it’s used as a Mother’s Day gift. The goal remains the same, however: unswerving devotion.

Pomegranate Binding

“How do I love thee?” Let me count the seeds … To effect a binding:

Break open pomegranates; two should be sufficient:

One partner eats 220 seeds, the other eats 284.

Count them and eat them together.

Thumbelina’s Love Spell

Thumbelina was famously put to bed in a walnut shell, however the connection between beds and walnuts transcends Thumbelina. Walnuts are used to affect sexual and romantic attraction, either strengthening or breaking those ties that bind. This spell allegedly binds sexual magnetism and fidelity into a relationship.

Anoint Adam and Eve Root with a drop of Come to Me Lover! or Amor Oil.

Place within a hollowed-out walnut shell.

Lay some spider web over it as a gossamer blanket.

Place the other half of the walnut shell on top and seal together with red candle wax.

Secrete this charm into your lover’s clothing inside a closet or drawer. (Allegedly this charm shouldn’t be discovered so don’t slip it into a pocket of clothing in active use.)

Alternatively, borrow a used sock and place the walnut within that.

Make a knot, sealing in your intentions and place the sock under your mattress.

If an Adam and Eve Root is unavailable, miniature figures may be crafted from wax.

Vinca Binding

According to master herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, if men and women eat the leaves of vinca, the sorcerer’s violet, together, this will bind them together forever.

Other Bindings

Any of the following binding spells may be converted into Mutual Binding Spells, although historically one person frequently casts the binding so as to control another. Many of these spells have a malevolent, threatening air rather than a romantic one.

Apple Binding

Cut an apple in half horizontally to reveal the star hidden in the center.

Spread each half with honey.

Take a lock from each person’s head, braid them together and place on top of one half of the apple.

Bring the two halves together, sandwiching in the honey and hair. Bind them together securely with a red silk ribbon, making several strong knots.

Bury this apple in Earth, preferably in a romantic spot.

This may be accompanied by an invocation to Aphrodite, although be warned: if casting the spell against another’s will, know that Aphrodite is a rule-breaker with more sympathy for true love, sexual freedom, and attraction than mere ties that bind.

Conjure Bag Binding

A conjure bag to bind a lover:

Draw or cut out a paper heart.

Write both your names inside it.

Anoint the paper with Come to Me Lover!, Cleopatra Oil and Command and Compel Oil.

Place it inside a red conjure bag.

Add a photograph of your love or one of the two of you together and happy. Also add a lodestone and a small magnetic horseshoe.

Add two roots: use angelica to represent women, High John the Conqueror to represent men. Tie them together with red thread, knotting securely.

Keep this bag securely beneath your mattress, anointing with more oils, as needed.

Foot Track Binding Spell (1) One Foot

Obtain a needle which has been used to sew a shroud. Thrust it into your lover’s footprint found on your property (the closer to your front door, the more powerful the binding).

This is done with the intent of forcing the lover to stay with you, regardless of his or her desires. This is a mean-spirited binding: according to Ozark legend, if the lover resists the spell, he will gradually fall ill and will only recover in your presence. If he stays away, ultimately he will die.

Foot Track Binding Spell (2) Two Feet

Find a good footprint left by your partner.

Place your foot beside it and make a matching footprint. If it’s his left foot, you use your right and vice-versa.

Carefully dig both up in their entirety and place in a bag.

Add it to a flowerpot with additional Earth if necessary. Mix up all the dirt so it can’t be separated.

Plant marigolds in the pot.

Graveyard Dirt Binding

Take some graveyard dirt with the back of your right hand.

Slide it into a charm bag.

Place it under the intended one’s bed: “till death do us part …”

Lamella Binding

A combined binding/enforced fidelity spell. The goal is not only to bind your target to yourself but also to prevent him or her from successfully maintaining a relationship with another. Lamella is the technical name given to small, engraved sheets of metal. The most famous lamellae are ancient curse tablets and this allegedly romantic spell essentially follows the curse tablet format.

Inscribe your desires on a tablet of wax or a sheet of copper or tin: You can make this about yourself or you can focus on the threat of a third party. For example: “May [Name] child of [Name] have no desire for anyone but me, [Name] child of [Name]. Let him only have sex with me. Let us grow old together in happiness and health.” Or: “Keep [Name] child of [Name] away from [Name] child of [Name]. There is no desire between them. There is no pleasure between them. There is no sex between them. There is no affection between them. There is nothing between them.”

Roll it up tightly and pierce it with a nail.

Place this in an underground place: a well, a grave, a cave, or a sewer, where it will not be disturbed for eternity.

Magic Mirror Binding (1) Broken

This binding spell also allegedly ensures fidelity. It keeps him planted safely at home.

You will need a small hand mirror in which your lover is the last person to look. Important: do not look inside the mirror!

Smash the mirror into tiny pieces.

Bury these in your yard if you have one; if not, bury it in within a flowerpot filled with dirt and keep it inside. Plant a love drawing flower to mark the spot.

On Fridays, anoint the ground above the shards with oil of spikenard (the essential oil, or you can make an infusion from the root) or shave a piece of root onto the spot while repeating an invocation including your lover’s name.

Magic Mirror Binding (2) Preserved

Place a photo of yourself, face up, beneath a small mirror.

Take a photo of your heart’s desire and place it face down in front of the mirror, so that the faces in the photographs are looking at each other with the mirror in between.

Wrap the three objects together with red cord or thread, focusing on each knot.

Wrap the bound mirror in red silk cloth.

Now wrap this package in thread once again, so it’s very tight and secure.

You must now hide this packet: the traditional Romany spell recommends burying it somewhere in the target’s home. If you’d like to do this, bury it inside a plant and give it as a gift (and hope that the gift isn’t passed on). But this may not be possible or even desirable; what if they find it and unwrap it? What if you change your mind and can’t get it back?

Consider burying in Earth, ideally besides apple trees, roses, or other plants of love, or even in a flowerpot filled with Earth and plants, kept under your control in your home.

Potato Binding

Take two potatoes of similar shape and size.

Slice each in half vertically.

Retain one half of each potato. (Cook the other halves as you will. Garnish with basil and parsley and eat them together with your lover.)

Designate one half potato as you, the other as your partner. Carve the appropriate names, initials, birthdays, and identifying information into the cut sides of the potatoes.

Spread honey over the cut sides.

Place the two halves together so that they appear to be one potato. Stick either a new nail or a coffin nail horizontally through the potatoes, connecting them together. Drive it through the potato representing your partner first, so that the head of the nail is on his side and the point is coming through you.

Bind the potatoes together further with red silk cord.

In the moonlight, bury this tied-together potato. If you have no access to land, bury it in a flowerpot and grow either love herbs or a cactus.

Secret Sortilege of the Seven Knots of Love

Once upon a time, this Secret Sortilege Spell was extremely popular: religious goods supply stores sold kits containing the complete ingredients. Someplace, stacked in a warehouse, those kits must still exist.

This elaborate spell, combines knot magic, medieval high magic, as well as appeals to the saints. It’s an interesting spell, combining the simplicity of knot magic with all the “stuff” and precision of high ceremonial magic. There are also extremely detailed lengthy incantations. I’ve adapted the language so that it’s reasonably simple while maintaining the poetry. More arcane versions also exist if you prefer, or just re-phrase to your own satisfaction. The spell reflects a jumble of traditions: the original makes reference to “Cabalistic circles” although there’s little here to do with Kaballah.

Saint Anthony is invoked for miracles and love magic, Saint Martha for her commanding powers.

You will need a red silk ribbon approximately 12 inches long. Seven knots will be made in this ribbon, each knot approximately an inch apart.

The initial knot is made in the center of the ribbon. While knotting say: “With this first knot, I tie you up [Name], child of [Name] in a magic circle, enclosed by the force of my love and will.”

Make the second knot about an inch to the right of the first knot and say: “This second knot binds your will [Name], child of [Name] with mine with the force of steel. You will not say or do anything that does not correspond with my desire.”

Make the third knot about an inch to the left of the initial center knot and say: “With this third knot I tie up your love and hold it firmly to mine. You will not be able to break this love, regardless of your intention. You will not break it. You will not loosen it. You will not shake it. I do not wish your energy to be weakened.”

The fourth knot is tied to the right of the initial knot, an inch past the second knot and you should say: “Your thoughts are completely bound to my own. You will never be able to remove from your mind the image of me that follows you lovingly wherever you go and wherever you are. My love and my just desires are executed as I desire now. I demand this by the force and power of the Secret Sortilege. I demand this by the ardent petition of love that I dedicate to Saint Martha the Dominator and to Saint Anthony, so that they are my proponents in what I wish with all sincerity, with justice and without bad intentions.”

The fifth knot is tied to the left of the center, one inch past the third knot. Say: “With this fifth knot, I imprison your heart. You will be unable to fall in love with any other person. You will not desire to fall in love with any other person. You will not attempt to fall in love with any other person. Your heart is entirely dedicated to my love and happiness.”

The sixth knot is tied to the right, an inch past the fourth. Say: “From this day forth, your words, your thoughts, your desires, your actions are on me because of this well-placed Secret Sortilege and the knot-work that I do.”

The final knot is tied to the left, past the fifth. Say: “Your love is entirely and completely mine. With this knot I close the circle. I enclose you in my magic circle, formed from this Magic Ribbon. With this circle, I surround your heart, I enclose your heart. With this circle I love you. With this circle you and I are bonded as one through these Seven Knots of Love. We are as one from this day forward. We will stand together for each other. Nothing will be able to break, interrupt, or destroy our happiness and unity.”

Tie the two ends of the ribbon together to form a circle. Snip off the left-over ribbon. Use this ribbon to tie two silver charms to the circle. A male or female silver head, representing the target of your desire, is tied to the seventh knot; the one representing yourself is tied to the center.

Build an altar featuring Martha and Anthony.

Every other night, for a total of seven times (so over 14 nights) place the circle around your left arm, above the elbow before you go to sleep. (This instruction presupposes the size of one’s arm: if necessary put it on the left wherever you can.)

When you awake hide the charm behind or beneath your altar.

Once the 14 days are over, the charm remains there. This presupposes that you will maintain this altar. From then on, carry a special charm: a silver heart pierced by a sword with three crosses, engraved with the word “Blessed.”

The Spell of Nine

Carve your name and that of your beloved on a candle. Add any identifying information or anything else you deem necessary.

Blend honey, rosewater or rose hydrosol, and rose petals. (You want this to be on the dryer, sticky side; don’t add too much floral water.) Optional ingredients: menstrual blood, henna powder, or ground cinnamon.

Roll the candle in this mixture.

Light the candle at exactly 9 p.m. for exactly nine minutes for nine consecutive nights. (The more you can incorporate the number nine the better; initiate the spell on the ninth day of the ninth month, if you can.)

On the ninth night, take whatever is left of the candle and wrap it up in fabric.

Tie it with a red ribbon.

Bury this package at a crossroads, in a cemetery, at a crossroads within the cemetery or, prosaically but equally effectively, under your front doorstep.

Allegedly no one can witness any part of this spell or it won’t work.

Wax Image Binding

You will need a wax image representing the couple you intend to bind together. You may use commercially prepared candles because they are the easiest to obtain, however this image will ultimately be buried not burned. Because one doesn’t need to worry about a functional wick, it’s easy to sculpt a wax figure.

Using one single wax figure to represent the couple intensifies the binding, however individual figures may also be used.

Make a garland by knotting flowers together.

Wrap this around the wax figurine, especially around the target of the spell.

Carve your desires and intentions into the figure with a rose thorn.

Write your desire on a piece of parchment or carve it into a wax tablet.

Tie it to the wax figure with 365 knots, knotting your intentions into every single knot.

Bury the statue at a crossroads or in a cemetery.

To Break a Binding Spell

You’ve discovered that someone has bound you without your knowledge or permission and against your desires. All is not lost. Binding chains can be broken.

Antidote Spell

Powdered sassafras bark is required. Take a bit from your own tree and grind with a mortar and pestle or purchase from an herbal supplier. Ground sassafras is also a staple of Cajun cuisine, sold under the name filé powder—think filé gumbo. It may be purchased under that name from spice companies.

Add the ground powder to a blend of castor and jojoba oils. (Do not use essential oil of sassafras; it is highly toxic.)

On seven squares of paper, write the following using Dragon’s Blood Ink:

I break your power; I destroy your force [Name], child of [Name]

You have no control over me [Name], child of [Name]

You have no power over me [Name], child of [Name]

I am free from your binding spell.

Every morning for seven consecutive mornings, soak one paper in the oil.

Tear it into either three or five pieces. Add the pieces to frankincense and myrrh resin and burn them.

Every day, as you complete this spell, the power of the other person over you diminishes. It should be completely broken by the spell’s conclusion.

Break Up and Romantic Discouragement Spells

Sometimes the romantic issue at hand isn’t attracting or maintaining love, rather it’s terminating a relationship. Break-Up Spells include:

Spells to terminate an established, existing relationship

Spells to discourage unwanted attention from strangers and also from those who imagine a relationship exists where it does not. If that attention is extremely persistent and aggressive, check out Banishing Spells (page 127) for those that discourage stalkers

Anti-Love Potion

Turnips are allegedly the anti-love food. Set a dish of turnips before an unwanted suitor to send him on his way.

Black Snake Root Spell (1) Bath

This magical bath is recommended when you wish that someone would reconsider their present romantic interest in you, and especially to help terminate an abusive relationship or to discourage someone whom you perceive possesses the potential for abuse. Black snake root is not safe for pregnant women.

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over chopped black snake root, also known as black cohosh.

Fill the bath with water.

When the infusion cools, do not strain it but bring it to the bathtub.

Enter the bath and ladle the infusion over your body before soaking in the water.

Black Snake Root Spell (2) Protection

Black snake root protects against repeat involvement in abusive relationships. Carry it with you or bathe in the infusion to protect yourself.

Break-Up Powder

Sometimes a significant relationship may have ended for you. Now you’re waiting for the other person to come to the same understanding.

Grind and powder the following dried botanicals: lemongrass, mullein, patchouli, valerian, and vetiver.

Sprinkle the powder in the pockets and shoes of the one whom you’d like to send packing.

Warning: this is not a secret spell. The ingredients are derived from Van Van and (botanical) Graveyard Dust. The powder will have a strong aroma. Questions will be asked.

Camphor Spell

Unfortunately, sometimes attention drawn is the wrong kind. Magic spells help you discourage unwanted attention: during the days of the polio epidemic, mothers hung camphor balls around children’s necks to ward away illness. This spell works under the same premises, except that what you’re warding off is the metaphysical virus of an unwanted romantic attention.

Choose one of these options:

Reproduce the old childhood remedy

Dip a cotton ball in essential oil of white camphor* and keep it in your pocket or tucked into a bra

Cheater’s Safety Spell

This spell allegedly protects a cheater from detection. It allows you to go from one lover’s arms straight into those of another without having those cheating vibes subliminally betray you.

Rub your cleansed genitals with an egg. Flush the egg down the toilet.

Post Break-up Cleansing

According to general metaphysical wisdom, any sexual relationship creates vestigial ties that bind, the more intense, passionate, and lengthy the relationship, the more intense, passionate, and lingering the bonds. This cleansing spell is beneficial whenever you wish to sever and erase those bonds, whether from a long-term relationship or a one-night stand.

Gently rub a whole raw egg against your naked body, from head to toe and outwards from shoulders to fingers, with extra emphasis placed on the genitals. When complete, break the raw egg into the toilet and flush it away.

Quitting Powder

This Hoodoo formula could be called “Love Fix Powder.” It allegedly forces someone to quit bothering you and leave you alone, halting unwanted romantic and sexual advances. As a bonus, it may also be used to stop any attempts at placing a hex on you.

Blend and powder the following ingredients: ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, powdered newsprint (preferably from the spell’s target’s favorite publication or even a newspaper that has been in their possession), plus the tobacco taken from one cigarette (ideally obtained from that person, but their favorite brand would be a close second-choice). Some formulas recommend that tobacco be left whole; others that the cigarette be smoked (or just burned, if you don’t smoke) and only the ashes used.

Use the resulting powder in any of the following ways:

Sprinkle it where your target is sure to sit on it or step over it

Sprinkle it to create a boundary of safety for yourself

Carry it in a mojo bag as a protective talisman

Relationship End Powder

This powder is more subtle than Break-Up Powder.

Grind the following botanicals into fine powder: camphor, pennyroyal, and slippery elm. Sprinkle into the shoes and pockets of the one who should depart.

Warning: Pregnant women or those actively attempting to become pregnant should not handle pennyroyal.

Walnut Bath

Metaphysically speaking at least, all sexual relationships are significant because they cause subliminal bonds between people. Having had sex with someone, especially on a consistent, frequent basis, you carry part of their essence with you and vice-versa. This can make ending relationships difficult. This bath helps remove all ties that bind and may also be used to break a binding spell.

Simmer one dozen walnuts, still within their shells, in an iron pot filled with spring water.

Simmer for three hours. (Add more water if necessary.)

After three hours, turn off the heat and let the water cool to room temperature.

Remove the walnuts and add the infusion to your bath. (Do not eat the walnuts; bury them in Earth instead or burn them within a cauldron, then scatter the ashes at a crossroads.)

Visualize your goals, resolutions, and desires while soaking in the bath.

Do not perform this ritual unless you are sure that the relationship is over. Following this bath, it’s believed that you should never have sex with the other person again.

Heartbreak and Disappointment Spells: Pre-Break Up

Do you sense love slipping away? These spells attempt to restore and revive lost or fading love. The relationship isn’t completely over; your partner hasn’t left … yet. (Under those circumstances, consider Summoning Spells to help bring the other party back.)

Baby Please Don’t Go Spell

There’s no need for a Summoning Spell. He or she hasn’t left yet. You, however, foresee with fear and dismay that the date of departure seems imminent. This variation of a floorwash attempts to forestall that departure, revive love and happiness, and make that Summoning Spell you’ve already picked out completely unnecessary. This is a version of a classic condition formula known as Stay With Me.

Pour boiling water over the following ingredients to create a strong infusion:







Strain out the botanical material, and add the liquid to a bucket of water together with some vinegar.

Use it to cleanse your home, concentrating on thresholds to the outside and the bedroom.

For maximum power, cast the spell in conjunction with many repetitions of the sacred sounds of Lorraine Ellison’s recording, “Stay With Me Baby.” Sing along or just listen as inspired.

Has No Hanna Staying Power Spell

Wearing Has No Hanna Oil as perfume allegedly prevents loved ones from leaving you. Make sure they inhale its fragrance on you.

Love Me Again Spell

It matters little that your partner hasn’t left; love seems to be gone.

Burn dragon’s blood while chanting petitions for love to be restored and resurrected. Keep chanting continuously for as long as the dragon’s blood burns.

Magic Moon Spell

This spell is intended to recover and revive lost love. The spell was originally aimed at regaining a husband’s love, the loss inspired by the woman’s failure to bear a child. The situation implicit in this spell is that the man hasn’t physically left, he’s still sleeping in the marital bed, still taking at least the occasional meal at home but he’s withdrawn his affection, love, and interest. (He may also have a new woman or be looking for one, creating a dimension of “time running out” for the spell-caster.)

All the details, however, are ultimately extraneous: the key is that the spell-caster wants her partner’s full love and attention and the security of knowing that the relationship will endure.

It’s from Morocco, where houses traditionally have an inner courtyard, creating the privacy required for this spell. Adapt it to your own needs and circumstances.

You will need a cloth steeped in the man’s seminal fluids, although as this is a different kind of spell, there isn’t that emphasis on making sure none of your own sexual juices are intermingled. Cut a strip from an unlaundered bedsheet if an item of clothing doesn’t exist.

On a moonlit night, do whatever you would do to prepare for an evening of seduction: remove or shape body hair. Apply oils, make-up, clean your teeth, freshen your breath. Get ready for a hot date.

Go to the courtyard, bringing a pot filled with spring water and the cloth. Remove your clothes and dishevel your hair so that it looks like you’ve been lying in bed.

Place your clothes near a pot of water. Sit beside them and talk to the moon.

Oh, Moon, if you’re in the mood for love and if I look good,

Come on down,

Come to me!

The intent is to induce the Moon to enter the water and impart its magic power.

Sprinkle some of the lunar-charged water onto a cloth soaked with the man’s sexual fluids.

Place seven pieces of harmel (Syrian rue), seven myrtle twigs, four lumps of alum, one piece of rock salt and one piece of sulfur onto this cloth.

Wrap them up and hide this packet under the man’s pillow for three nights.

After three nights grind up its contents.

Make a homemade loaf of bread, adding these ground packet contents.

Break this loaf in half. Slip one piece under where his head lies in the bed, the other under his feet and leave it there for three nights.

Finally grind this bread into a powder. Use it to make a porridge-type cereal and feed it to the man, by hand if you possibly can.

Reconciliation Sachet

Blend eucalyptus leaves with rose petals inside a small sachet to encourage reconciliations. Carry it or give it to the one you love.

San Cipriano Spell

San Cipriano allegedly made the transition from master sorcerer to devout Christian when the love spell he was conjuring on behalf of a client was foiled by its target’s purity of faith. The condition oil named in his honor is reputed to reconcile lovers.

Carve a conjoined couple candle to represent you and your beloved. Dress it with San Cipriano Oil and burn, accompanied by prayers, petitions, and affirmations.

Stick With Me Spell

“Pega-pega” is the Spanish name for the botanical Desmodium obtusum. Pega-pega literally means “stick-stick” or “attach-attach.”

Add pega-pega to conjure bags to mend damaged relationships and stay together

Sew it into the other person’s clothing

Heartbreak And Disappointment Spells: Post-Break Up

Sometimes it’s not about the other person; it’s about repairing and soothing your own broken heart.

Apple Romantic Cleansing Spell

A cleansing spell for when a bad love affair has left you feeling tainted, humiliated, or defiled.

Dice an apple and douse the pieces with honey and cayenne pepper.

Let it sit until it rots.

Flush the pieces down the toilet.

Affirm that you will learn to love again but more wisely this time.

Ariadne Bath

Ariadne thought her life was over when she was cruelly abandoned by Theseus but her love-life was really only beginning. If she hadn’t been abandoned on that island, perhaps she would never have met her soul mate, Dionysus.

Add essential oils of labdanum, mastic, myrrh, and rose to a bath. Enter the bath, inhale the fragrances, and concentrate on believing that the best may yet to be.

Broken Heart Bath

Add white rose petals, honeysuckle blossoms, and rose attar to a bath filled with water. Substitute hydrosols for the fresh flowers if necessary.

Place a rose quartz large enough not to go down the drain in the bath too.

Soak in the scented bath.

Following the bath, carry the rose quartz with you. Sleep with it under your pillow until you don’t need it anymore.

Broken Heart Bath: Broken Blossoms

Blend calendula, hibiscus, and jasmine flowers.

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over two-thirds of the flowers.

Add this infusion to your bath; float the remainder of the blossoms in the water.

Broken Heart Bath: Water of Mercy

Add copious quantities of Notre Dame Water to your bath and float white rose petals on the water.

Broken Heart Healing Sachet

Cut out two matching squares of red silk or white muslin.

Place one atop the other and sew three sides together with pink thread, leaving one side of the square open.

Fill the sachet with balm of Gilead buds, honeysuckle blossoms, tonka beans, and rose quartz.

Carry it with you during the day; sleep with it under your pillow at night.

Broken Heart Potion

Steep balm of Gilead buds in red wine overnight. Leave a rose quartz in the wine, too.

Strain; drink and toast future possibilities.

Enhance the power of the potion by adding honeysuckle (Bach, Healing Herbs) or boronia (Australian Bush) flower remedies.

Heartsease Spell

Heartsease are wild pansies. Their name reveals their secret power to soothe heartache. Float fresh blossoms in your bath or add the flower essence remedy.

Honeysuckle discourages unhealthy nostalgia and attachment to the past, enabling you to move forward in a whole, healthy manner. These spells require traditional fragrant honeysuckle rather than Cape Honeysuckle, which is beautiful but lacks scent.

Honeysuckle Spell (1) Flower Essence

Honeysuckle flower essence remedy (Bach Flower, Healing Herbs) heals a broken heart and encourages you to look forward to a happier future, rather than being preoccupied with what is past and gone.

Initiate this spell when you feel frustrated, lonely, and miserable: add 20—30 drops of the flower essence remedy to a bath filled with warm water. This bath will be taken only once; any further baths require at most half-dozen drops of the flower essence.

Dry yourself with a fresh, clean white towel.

Drink a healing heart potion: a glass of spring water, fruit juice, champagne, or wine to which two drops of honeysuckle flower essence and two drops of red hibiscus flower essence have been added.

Drink this potion daily until you don’t need it anymore.

Honeysuckle Spell (2) Living Blossoms

Fresh, fragrant honeysuckle blossoms, preferably with at least a little bit of stem still attached, are required. This spell is most effective if cast just before retiring for the night.

Gather the blossoms and bring them to your bed.

Twist and knot the blossoms together, creating a garland. Focus on your desire for healing and happiness as you knot.

Wear this garland around your head or neck, inhaling the fragrance. Sleep with it if possible. You should feel better when you awake. Repeat until your heart no longer needs solace.

Oregano Spell

The scent of oregano allegedly helps you forget old lovers. Ordering a pizza may be of some use once in a while, however burning the dried herb as incense or heating a few drops of the essential oil in an aroma burner are much more effective.

Yarrow Heartsease Bath

Among yarrow’s meanings in the Language of Flowers is “cure for heartache.” Add yarrow hydrosol to your bath water.

Love Potions

At its most basic, the exact nature of the simple love potion beverage is less crucial than your magic power with which you’ve charged it.

Pour out the potion.

Whisper and murmur your desires and intentions over the liquid in the glass.

Serve it to your lover.

Black Snake Root Potion (1)

Allegedly, this is an aphrodisiac. I say allegedly because a traditional method of getting rid of unwanted romantic attention (or snakes) is to bathe in lots of black snake root (Cimicifuga serpentaria). Perhaps it’s homeopathic: a tiny bit stirs the fires, while a lot puts it out? Either way, black snake root, more popularly known as black cohosh, is not safe for use by pregnant women.

Make black snake root tea.

Add some rum or whiskey.

Serve this to the one you love.

Black Snake Root Potion (2)

The botanical nickname, black snake root, also refers to Senicula marilandica. Is this the plant of love? Create an infusion and find out. Like black cohosh root, this black snake root is also used to remedy “female troubles” and is not safe for pregnant women.

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over black snake root. The strained liquid may be added to the bath or served as tea.

Caraway Potion

Not the alcoholic beverage or herbal tea type? Not to worry. Bake caraway seeds into cakes, breads, and cookies and serve to the one you desire to stimulate mutual emotions.

Chestnut Love Fix

Allegedly hand-feeding someone chestnuts stimulates them to love you.

Chicory Potion

Grind and powder chicory seeds and leaves. Sprinkle over someone’s food or drink to inspire feelings of love.

Chocolate Potion

Following the conquest of Mexico, chocolate was exported to Europe. In Aztec Mexico, chocolate was served as a ritual drink, with chili peppers rather than sugar. In Europe, chocolate’s aphrodisiac properties were exploited instead. The Inquisition was not pleased: some Spanish women got into trouble for allegedly using hot chocolate to cast love spells. Interestingly, chocolate is now known to contain phenylethylamine, a stimulant similar to those released during sex. For what it’s worth, Casanova’s recommended pre-sex menu was a cup of chocolate and a plate of oysters.

Serve hot chocolate to the one you love and see if it works. For extra enhancement, top with powdered aphrodisiac spices, like powdered cinnamon or cardamom.

Dreams of Delight Love Potions

The basic formula includes cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, and licorice root. Two different techniques provide different effects.

Dreams of Delight Potion (1) Fragrant

The aroma of simmering Dreams of Delight may be so inviting that drinking may not be necessary. Merely inhaling the fragrance with its subliminal message of love and seduction may be sufficient for the purpose.

Fill a pot with wine.

Add the dried botanicals and warm to a simmer.

Strain the solids out and serve the warm potion to the one you love.

Dreams of Delight Potion (2) Mobile

Of course, simmering the formula over the stove implies that you wish to cast a love spell at home. Perhaps you were planning a picnic or a road-trip. This version of Dreams of Delight offers possibilities of mobility and spontaneity.

Bruise the botanicals in a mortar and pestle. (Don’t grind them finely as this causes difficulty in straining the mixture.)

Add these botanicals to a bottle of wine.

Let it steep for several hours or overnight, then when you’re ready strain and share.

Elderberry Potion

Fairy tales tell of fairies so infatuated with mortal lovers that they seduce them and carry them away to Fairyland, where no doubt this potion is served. Gather elderberries on Midsummer’s Eve, whispering your desires over them. Make them into elderberry wine, or just steep the berries in wine and serve.

Elecampane Love Sachet

Gather elecampane on Midsummer’s Day.

Dry and powder it.

Place it within a cotton or linen sachet.

Wear this between your breasts for nine consecutive days.

Open the sachet and sprinkle the powder into the food or drink of the one you love.

Flowers of Love Potion

Add a few drops of hibiscus flower essence remedy to jasmine tea and serve to the one you love.

Honeyed Words Potion

Dip your finger into honey and use it to write your desires inside a cup.

Fill it with red wine, so that the honey clinging to the sides isn’t too obvious, and serve to the object of your affections.


Beverages made from fermented honey may be the most ancient intoxicating drink of all. As a category, they’re known as hydromels. Ancient formulas survive: one can still find mead, various French offerings as well as tej, the Ethiopian honey wine allegedly shared by the legendary lovers Solomon and Sheba.

Hydromels are prized ingredients in spells for seduction. The magic power is inherent in the drink, however this ancient Roman recommendation serves to enhance even further:

Pick three leaves of arugula with your left hand.

Pound them in a mortar and pestle.

Add them to hydromel, serve and drink.


Hydrosols may be blended to create quick, simple elixirs d’amour:

Blend cardamom and cinnamon leaf hydrosols.

Serve to the one you love.

Job’s Tears Potion

Job’s tears are tear-shaped pearly seeds of an Asian grass. Powder some of these seeds and slip them into your lover’s drink to retain their affections.

Lady’s Mantle Love Potion

Alchemilla vulgaris, the Latin designation for Lady’s mantle, underscores that plant’s deep connection to alchemy and magic. Collect morning dew from the leaves and pollen from the flower and add to any other love potion for extra enhancement. Lady’s mantle dew and/or pollen will also transform any food or beverage into a love potion. (Avoid during pregnancy.)

Lady’s Tresses Potion

Lady’s tresses are orchids of the Spiranthes family. Approximately 300 types exist worldwide, many extremely endangered. They have traditionally been used as aphrodisiacs and as love potions.

Steep lady’s tresses in water.

Give the water to your beloved to drink.

Lavender Potion

Lavender is one of those interesting substances that may serve as an aphrodisiac—or create the opposite effect. The only way to find out how someone will react is to serve it.

Add fresh lavender to a bottle of white wine. Allow it to steep several hours or overnight, then strain and serve.

Licorice Potion

Licorice refers to the botanical root rather than the candy named after it. Licorice is not recommended for those with blood pressure problems.

Blend one teaspoon of powdered licorice into a glass of sparkling water.

Murmur your desires over it and serve to the one you love.

Liverwort Potion

Although its name doesn’t sound very romantic, allegedly the drinker will have thoughts only of the one who prepared the potion. The name makes more sense when one recalls that in ancient days the heart wasn’t the anatomical organ associated with love and romance; instead it was the liver.

Make an infusion from liverwort (Marchantia polymorphia).

Serve it to the target of your spell, or blend with more conventional black tea or herbal tisane.

Love Potion #2.

A potion for two intended to enhance, stimulate, and preserve true love.

Pour a bottle of red wine into a pot or cauldron.

Add the following botanicals (adjust quantities to suit your taste or that of your intended): cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and clove buds.

Allow to simmer gently for an hour, then strain.

Pour the wine into glasses and add one drop of red hibiscus flower essence per glass.

Love Potion #9

Today any spiritual supplier worth its salt sells some sort of love-drawing oil called hove Potion #9 but, as anyone who’s ever actually listened to the song knows, the original was a drink. The earliest Love Potions # 9 seem to have been infusions of herbs, i.e., herbal teas or tisanes, relying on aphrodisiacs rather than alcohol to deliver the passion.

Choose nine love herbs. Consider these: Damiana


Grains of Paradise



Melissa (lemon balm)


Red clover

Rose petals

(Other options might include adder’s tongue, cardamom pods, catnip, cubeb, lavender, red raspberry leaves or rose hips.)

Make a strong infusion of all the herbs, strain, and serve.

Love Potion #9: Another Version

Lovage, a plant whose associations with romance are indicated by its name, is also known as “nine-stem.” Some consider that lovage tea is the true Love Potion # 9. Experiment and see which is most effective.

Blend all parts of the plant: flowers, stem, leaves, and roots.

Grind them into powder (don’t make it too fine as it becomes difficult to strain the botanical out of the liquid).

Pour boiling water over the ground lovage.

Strain and serve.

Technically a potion need not be a drink but any magical edible substance. (Philters on the other hand must be beverages.) These three spells feature powders to be added to one’s lover’s food.

Potion Powder (1) Chicken Heart Spell

Cook a chicken heart. Do not boil or cook in soup as this will produce a rubbery texture; bake, roast or broil.

After it’s cooked, let it dry out and then grind it into a fine powder.

Add some powdered coriander seeds. Add little bits of this to your beloved’s food: it inspires passion but also instills docility.

Potion Powder (2) Coriander Seed

Powder coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle while chanting:

Warm seed, warm heart

Never let us be apart

Reserve this powder and sprinkle a little bit into food or drink periodically to keep love true and passions high.

Potion Powder (3) Slice of Pie Spell (2)

Sprinkle ground cardamom onto apple, peach, or cherry pie to inspire erotic longing.

Papaya Potion

Share a papaya. This not only induces erotic feelings but allegedly stimulates true love.

Sugar Cube Potion

Place a sugar cube in your armpit. (Women may choose to insert it into the vagina, instead.)

Wear it as frequently as possible for a period of nine consecutive days.

Add what’s left of it to any love philter and serve it to the one you love.

Sweat Drop Potion

Some potions were never meant to be consumed:

Explicitly engrave your desires onto a small copper sheet. The spell should silently transmit this message of love to the target of your spell.

Fill a shot glass with your sweat and perhaps a drop of menstrual blood.

Hide this in a place where the target of your spell is sure to pass, placing the glass atop the copper sheet.

Once he or she has passed, the spell has been initiated and the materials may be removed.

Tea for Two

Brew loose-leaf black tea. Add cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom and serve.

Tea of Love

Simple ordinary black tea allegedly induces lust and erotic inclinations. After all, tea does derive from the beautiful camellia family. Drink it by itself or use it as a base for more complex potions.

Brew black tea from leaves, incorporating fresh mint, rose petals, and/or jasmine blossoms for added enhancement. Add one drop of essential oil of bergamot before serving and murmur your desires into the steaming liquid.

Truth Serum Potion

This romantic truth serum helps you discover whether your lover is telling the truth.

Cumin and caraway encourage fidelity while caraway also allegedly forces any falsehoods to be revealed.

Steep caraway and cumin seeds in wine.

Feed him or her the potion and wait for revelations.

The simplest potion of all is wine. It invokes the blessing of Dionysus, Patron of Intoxication and the only Olympian spirit happily wed to his soul mate. Wine also invokes the precision required by magic: just the right quantity kindles passion and ability. Too much and erotic power is removed, replaced by sleep, obnoxiousness, erectile dysfunction, and general unpleasantness.

Wine Potion (1)

Choose a wine that suits you and the object of your affections. Pour out a glass, murmur your desires over it and serve.

Wine Potion (2) Amber and Essence

Steep amber in red wine.

Remove the amber before serving.

Add wild rose (Bach Flower) and hibiscus flower essence remedies (FES, Pegasus, South African Flower) just before serving.

Wine Love Potion (3) Aphrodisiac

Steep the following ingredients in wine:



Coriander seeds

Grated lemon zest

Add hibiscus flower remedy (FES, Pegasus, South African Flower) at the last moment, two drops per glass.

Wine Potion (4) Asparagus Roots

To arouse lust and vigor, boil asparagus roots in wine. Strain and drink for seven consecutive mornings on an empty stomach.

Wine Potion (5) Dill

Steep dill seeds in wine. Strain and serve.

Wine Potion (6) Melissa

Soak fresh melissa (lemon balm) and coriander in wine. Strain and serve.

Wine Potion (7) Spiced

Pour red wine into a pot or cauldron and add anise, cloves, rosemary, ground cumin, honey, and orange zest.

Add two candied rose geranium leaves. (Substitute candied violets, angelica, or ginger if the geranium isn’t available.)

Stir the pot, let the wine come to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer gently while you focus upon your desire.

When it starts steaming, turn off the heat and let the potion cool off.

Strain the solids out using a fine sieve.

Warm up the wine once more. When the aroma is arousing, pour it into glasses and serve it to the one you love.

Wine Potion (8) Vanilla

Start with a base of good red wine placed into a pot or cauldron.

Scrape a vanilla bean with a pin and add it to the wine.

Add ginseng root, a piece of rhubarb, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and a sliced orange.

Let the potion steep, then strain through a fine sieve.

Serve as is or place the strained wine back in the pot and heat to simmer.

Yerba Maté Potion

Maté tea, the national beverage of Argentina, a powerfully caffeinated beverage akin to coffee or tea, has strong romantic associations. Allegedly the couple who drinks maté together out of one cup will stay together, weathering all challenges that come their way.

The Notorious Potion: Intimate Spells for Eternal Love

We’ll never know if these are the most ancient spells of all but they’re undoubtedly the most widespread. They exist wherever there are women. The basic premise: if someone consumes even as little as a drop of a woman’s menstrual blood, that person will love her passionately forever. It is the ultimate binding spell, the most powerful love charm of all.

These spells can be spontaneous, although traditionally a few drops might be stored in a small perfume bottle or a “poison ring,” thus allowing the elixir to be secretly administered anytime. (Secrecy may be required for the spell to be administered; it is not required for it to work. If someone wants to love you forever, you may not need to go through all the machinations of these spells.) If menstrual blood was reserved, then the ability to administer this spell could survive even menopause.

Menstrual blood is the single most potent magic spell ingredient. In addition to love spells, it’s used in healing, protection, and banishing. A rag soaked with menstrual blood repels the fiercest demons. (The ancient Roman equivalent of today’s spiritual supply stores sold used rags, for those without personal access.) Menstrual blood is not the only love-binding substance, however, nor is this type of spell reserved solely for women to cast. Sexual secretions, as well as sweat, hair, and/or nail clippings administered orally should have a similar, if not quite as powerful, effect.

Notorious potions have two things in common: the spell’s power is generated by the magical workings of the human body, and it is administered orally.

Menstrual Potions

Basic Spell

The classic potion consists of that single drop of menstrual blood. However, the mode of administration is also important. Allegedly, a cup of good strong coffee is the vehicle of choice. The best alternative is a glass of red wine. Tomato-based sauces are also used, if only because this is an easy camouflage.

Brazilian Variation

Blend sugar with some menstrual blood clots.

Brew it with coffee and serve.

Hungarian Variation

You’ll need one Orchis maculata root. In English this plant is known as “gander-goose” or “spotted orchis.” In Romany, its name is the more evocative “devil’s hand.” This spell is considered most potent if the root is gathered on Saint George’s Eve or Midsummer’s Eve.

Dry the root, then pound and powder it using a mortar and pestle.

Add a little menstrual blood.

Camouflage it in your beloved’s favorite food and serve.

Romany Variation

This spell is believed most effective if cast on New Year’s Eve.

Burn apple seeds.

Mix the ashes with menstrual blood and add this concoction to food.

Serve to a man to inspire undying passion.

Snail Water Version

Mix menstrual blood with the water with which you have boiled snails. (Escargots are perceived as a potent aphrodisiac; presumably you’re serving them as well.)

Serve to your beloved as a true love potion.

Underwear Spells

Underwear notorious potions serve as the bridge between menstrual spells and other bodily variations. Although some underwear spells specify that the underwear be stained with menstrual blood, others leave the subject ambiguous. It is crucial, however that the underwear be used and unwashed.

Underwear Spell (1) Boiled Water

Boil your unwashed underwear, stained with menstrual blood if possible, in a pot or cauldron filled with water.

After removing the underwear, reserve the boiled water to make tea or coffee to serve to your lover.

Underwear Spell (2) Brazilian Coffee Spell

Sleep in a panty or tight pajama bottom for two nights. Don’t wash it.

Strain coffee through the crotch.

Serve a man one cup at breakfast, another at dinner. Reinforce as needed.

Underwear Spell (3) Favorite Beverage

Strain a glass of whiskey, rum, champagne or whatever his favorite beverage might be through your unwashed underwear. Serve it to your lover with a smile.

Other Notorious Potions

Menstrual blood isn’t the only bodily product to magically provoke true love and/or passion.

Armpit Spell

This spell dates back to Shakespeare’s time.

Carry a peeled apple slice in the armpit for a little while. (The more you perspire, the less time is required.)

Feed it to your beloved.

Love Apple Notorious Potion

Prick a red apple full of holes with a needle, invoking the name and image of your beloved as you pierce.

Sleep with this apple between your legs, as high as you like.

The next day, dress the apple with honey and sprinkle it with cinnamon.

Place it on an altar dedicated to Aphrodite and/or surround the apple with burning red candles.

When the candles have burned down, incorporate this apple into pie, cake, or pastry and serve to the one you love.

The following spells are for the fastidious among us. It isn’t only modern sensibilities that can be sensitive; these botanical substitution spells are centuries old. Certain botanicals allegedly provide similar effects as the more noxious options: if prepared and fed to the one you love, he or she will love you forever.

Botanical Substitute (1) Europe

The European plant of choice is tormentil, which allegedly inspires permanent torments of love. Brew an infusion or grind the dried herb. Add it to your lover’s food or drink to instill undying love as well as fidelity.

Botanical Substitute (2) North America

The most famous botanical substitute is bethroot, also called Low John the Conqueror. Be careful: Native American legends contain many descriptions of what can happen when the wrong person accidentally gets the potion.

Simmer the root in water.

Mingle tiny portions of the root and the cooking water into the target of your spell’s food and drink, so that it is consumed.

Only do this once a day, but repeat daily for several days if desired.

Plants are not the only substitute substances—fish are too. How do these constitute notorious potions? Just wait.

Fish Spell (1) Medieval

This medieval love spell allegedly produces one of the most potent aphrodisiacs. This spell lingered throughout Europe for centuries. Its practice was condemned by a Latin penitential dated from the tenth or eleventh century. If you are in the habit of purchasing live fish to personally kill prior to cooking, then perhaps this spell is for you.

Insert the live fish into your vagina.

Keep it within until you are absolutely sure it’s dead.

Cook the fish as you will. Presumably using other aphrodisiac ingredients, such as saffron, champagne or cardamom, can only enhance the power of this spell.

Serve it to your beloved. Beyond stimulating great passion and sex, it is also supposed to keep him faithful.

Fish Spell (2) Pagan Russian Bride’s Spell

A variation on this spell was part of ancient pagan Russian marriage customs.

The bride was given a ritual bath before her marriage in that place of power, the bathhouse.

Her sweat was wiped from her body using a raw fish, which would then be cooked and fed to the groom.

Fish Spell (3) Medieval Man’s Love-Binding Spell

The fun isn’t reserved for the ladies, although preparation is less dramatic. A medieval fish spell for men serves to bind a woman, keeping her entranced by the relationship.

Do you fear your lover will leave you? Cook a whole fish in donkey’s milk.

Strain, reserving the liquid, because that’s what you need for the spell. What you do with the cooked fish is irrelevant.

Let the liquid cool.

While the woman is sleeping, gently bathe her vaginal area with some of the cooking liquid.

Hair Spell (1)

This spell, cast to win a love, combines notorious potions with foot-track magic.

Gather up your target’s footprints.

Take a few strands of your own hair and mix it with the collected dirt.

Burn everything to a powder.

Camouflage this in food: secretly induce your intended to eat it.

Hair Spell (2)

Snip off a tiny bit of pubic hair from the right side.

Snip off a little hair from under your left arm.

Grind these with fresh coffee beans and brew.

Serve to the one you love. (This is most effective if you also add chocolate to the cup. Add lots of sugar, cream, and aphrodisiac liqueurs.)

Hair and Nail Clippings Spell

Trim your pubic hair, your finger, and toenails.

Burn them to a powder.

Add this to spring water.

Let it stand for nine days, strain and serve as a love potion.

Although this is the original medieval Jewish spell in its entirety, realistically you must combine this water with some sort of delicious love potion. No one will possibly drink it otherwise.

Nail Parings Spell

Soak nail parings in red wine.

Strain them out.

Serve the wine to the one you love for extra affection.

Sugar Spell

Prepare to take a romantic bath to put yourself in the mood for love.

Walking backwards, from the kitchen to the bathroom, pour sugar on the floor.

Bathe, then allow yourself to air dry, letting yourself remain slightly damp.

Walk barefoot on this sugar path back to the kitchen.

Take a bowl and scrape the sugar off your feet into it.

Use this to bake something sweet for your beloved.

Unless you have other ideas, vacuum up the remaining sugar.

Sweat spells recall that once upon a time the bathhouse (which frequently meant a sweat-bathhouse) was a magically charged arena for planning and initiating spells.

Sweat Spell (1) Basic

In order to accomplish this spell to ensure love and devotion, you must sweat. It is thus easiest to accomplish if your home has a sauna, steam bath, or steam shower although, in theory, any bathroom can be converted into a steam shower by running the hot water long enough. (This is not recommended as it may also remove the plaster from the ceiling.)

Keep a bag or canister of flour near at hand.

When your body is completely covered with sweat, powder yourself all over with this flour.

Scrape the flour off your body and into a mixing bowl. Supplement with additional plain flour if needed.

Incorporate this flour into a cake recipe and serve it to your beloved.

Sweat Spell (2) Enhanced Power

This spell incorporates sweat, hair, and nails and no doubt anything else you can think of.

Take a hot, aromatic steam bath. The goal is to sweat a lot.

Dust your body with cake flour.

Wipe the sweat off with clean white linen and squeeze this into a dish.

Mix in an egg.

Trim your finger and toenails. Snip hair from all over your body, a little from any distinct part that has any. Blend hair and nails together and then burn them down to a powder.

Add this powder to the sweat-flour and egg. Add whatever else you need to bake it into an appetizing cake and serve it to your beloved.

Sweat Spell (3) Romany

Who needs the trouble of the steam bath and scraping off all that flour? This simple spell bypasses those steps:

Do not launder a dress or garment that has been soaked with sweat or perspiration. (The underarm is typically best.) Instead, let the sweat dry into the fabric.

Burn the sweat-soaked piece to ashes. Should one of your hairs somehow end up in the fire, all the better.

Add these ashes to any love potion or to the food and drink you serve your beloved.

Men’s Notorious True Love Spells

Women aren’t alone. Men have spells to make women love them forever, too, although the mode of administration tends to differ.

Men’s True Love Spell (1) Acacia Honey

No other kind of honey may be substituted. Acacia gum is perceived as being the tree’s menstrual blood complete with similar romantic powers, therefore lending men a magical power that biology deprives them. Acacia honey is produced in France.

Anoint the penis with acacia honey.

Make love.

This action not only ensures that she will love only you but allegedly guarantees fidelity as well.

Men’s True Love Spell (2) Civet

Place one drop of civet on the tip of the penis just prior to sex. Allegedly this causes a woman to desire you continually and exclusively forever.

Men’s True Love Spell (3) Oral Administration

Of course, the above two spells presume that you have reached a certain stage in a relationship. If this is not yet the case and you have the ability to be discreet, the following spell may be administered orally.

Dip something sweet, such as a sugar cube, a date, raisin or fig into your semen.

Dip into sugar or chocolate or something similar if camouflage is needed.

Feed it to the woman you love to invoke passion and desire.

Sex, Seduction, and Aphrodisiacs

These are very specific spells: a romantic or true love component may also exist but that’s not the main focus of the spell. Just like regular love spells, this category is vast, with spells to suit every taste and desire. If Notorious Potions and Fidelity Spells are associated with women’s magic, a high percentage of Sex and Seduction Spells, especially the more ancient ones, are designed to enable men to magically seduce women. This may be because for millennia women’s spells went unrecorded or it may reflect historical social sexual dynamics.

During the European witch-craze, the fear of witch-caused impotence reached states of hysteria. In other cultures, other concerns were more prominent. The fear-inducing magical figure of The Arabian Nights or Jewish fairytales isn’t that notorious female witch, it’s the evil male sorcerer intent on seducing young virgins and devout, faithful wives alike with irresistible mystical charms, amulets, and spells.

For happiest results, cast these spells cooperatively.

Angel’s Water Spells

Angels make their earliest appearances on the Biblical stage not as androgynous, sex-less, gender-less beings but as passionate seducers of mortal women. Perhaps those angels inspired this magically charged aphrodisiac water.

Angel’s Water Spell (1) Bath

Add large quantities of Angel’s Water to a bath to maintain romance and excitement, whether bathing solo or together.

Angel’s Water Spell (2) Laundry

Add substantial quantities of Angel’s Water to the final rinse when washing sheets or pillow cases.

Reserve these scented linens for special occasions.

Basic Aphrodisiac Ingredients

Aphrodisiacs tend to be foods or fragrances. Because they evoke very personal, unique responses, experimentation is required to discover which aphrodisiacs work for you or your lover. Incorporate any one or combination of the following into your very personal spells:





Fruits: apricots, peaches, cherries, grapes, figs, pomegranates


Hibiscus tea


Hot peppers





Shellfish especially, but all fish in general

Spices: cardamom, cinnamon, cloves



Copal Path of Seduction

Make a path by sprinkling copal powder to create an aura of romance.

Cyclamen Spell

In the Language of Flowers, cyclamen represents voluptuousness.

Soak the root in sweet almond oil for three days. Strain and reserve the oil to serve as a dressing oil for charms and candles. Cyclamen flower remedy (Pegasus) may have aphrodisiac properties too. Experiment.

Diamond Spells

Diamond refers to both a gemstone and a shape. In the metaphysical language of geometry, the diamond shape may stand in for the human eye or for the vagina. Is this why Western marriages are typically initiated with diamond rings? Emeralds are the gemstones that attract and stabilize love and fidelity. So why are diamonds such popular engagement rings?

Diamonds, whether carried or worn, promote self-confidence in sexual matters. They relieve root causes of sexual dysfunction. They are a cleansing, releasing, purifying stone in matters of sexuality. These are spells that will, no doubt, please the target:

To stimulate someone to be more sexually receptive toward you, bestow the gift of a diamond, magically charged with your own desires

To heal your own sexual inhibitions and dysfunction, don’t wait for someone else to bestow the gift. Provide your own diamond: charge it with your desires, bathe it in spring water enhanced with hibiscus flower essence remedy (FES) and wear it

Dress for Seduction Spell

What does the goddess of love wear to cast a seduction spell? A magic cloak with nothing underneath? Once upon a time, like Aphrodite or Ishtar, she wore a magic girdle but that magical garment seems to have lost some power over the ages. Another item of clothing however, once associated with witchcraft, retains its magic powers of seduction.

Wear a crimson garter belt to enhance your powers of seduction, create an aura of irresistibility (it works without anyone seeing it, unless you want them to), and to discover wells of primal female power.

Erotic Incense

Grind and powder ginger lilies, jasmine, myrrh, and tuberose. (Essential oils may also be warmed in an aroma burner.) Waft the fragrance where desired.

Flowers of Desire Oil

Blend essential oils of jasmine, tuberose, lavender, and ylang ylang to render yourself irresistible and to inspire passionate feelings.

Fruits of Love Spell

Eve seduced Adam with an apple. Or did she? As apples aren’t native to that part of Earth, there’s been much debate as to the actual identity of the forbidden fruit. Other possibilities include apricots, pomegranates, quince, and figs (hence the fig leaf). A simple display of fruits allegedly magically tempts even someone determined not to be seduced.

Find the most beautiful examples of the above fruits you can and place them in an equally attractive bowl.

Offer them to the target of your spell. If he or she eats the fruit, they will be yours.

If they decline, merely leave the bowl close at hand and see what happens.

Grinding Spell

It’s your choice! Choose whether this spell serves as an aphrodisiacor the opposite!

Put a sheet flat on the floor and cover it with wheat.

Undress completely and coat yourself with honey.

Lie down on the sheet and roll around in the wheat.

Now stand up and scrape off the wheat, catching it in a bowl.

Grind the wheat in a hand-mill. Ultimately, you will bake it into bread or cake and feed it to the target of the spell.

The crucial moment comes when you grind the wheat:

If you turn the handle in a counter-clockwise motion, your advances will be received with vigor and passion. To intensify this reaction, knead the dough between your thighs, as high as possible

If you grind the wheat clockwise, however, your man will lack sexual desire and be unable to perform, even if he tries

Horseshoe Spells

Horseshoes are most commonly associated with luck, prosperity, and protection but they’re also extremely powerful components of love spells. There’s often conjecture about which way a horseshoe should be hung to keep the luck from running out. This sidesteps the issue of why the horseshoe is so potent. It is partly about the horses, but not entirely.

The horseshoe incorporates several elements that reinforce each other, all bearing sexual overtones:

The power of iron, associated with male sexual vitality

The shape is reminiscent of a crescent moon, which is associated with love as well as primal menstrual power

The shape of the horseshoe evokes the shape of female genitalia

Hammering an iron nail through a horse shoe completes the picture

When it comes to sex magic, horses also add an additional component. Stallions are perceived as exceptionally virile animals: the horseshoe is expected to transmit that power

Use horseshoes to enhance your sex life:

String blue and gold beads on red silk thread, knotting in your intentions, desires, and lascivious thoughts.

Hold a horseshoe in both hands, charging it with your desires.

Wrap the beaded chain around the horseshoe. Enhance with other love charms if you want.

Anoint the horseshoe with the scent of tuberose and gardenias.

Hammer the horseshoe above your bedroom door, while envisioning your desires.

Lavender Spells

Lavender is an unusual plant; some find it to have aphrodisiac properties while others find it to be the opposite. Test its effects on lovers.

Aphrodisiac Lavender Honey

Warm one cup of honey in a bain-marie.

Add approximately one-quarter cup of fresh or dried lavender blossoms.

When the honey begins to bubble, remove it from the heat. (Don’t let it scorch!)

Let it sit for thirty minutes, then strain out the lavender.

Use the honey while warm.

Aphrodisiac Lavender Sugar

Add at least half a cup of fresh or dried lavender blossoms to one pound of granulated sugar.

Blend the sugar and the lavender and keep in an airtight container for at least one month.

Strain out the lavender, reserving the scented sugar.

Sprinkle bits of it on your lover’s food.

Lavender Irresistibility Spell

Pin fresh lavender to your underwear; allegedly this renders you sexually irresistible. Alternatively, add essential oil of lavender to final rinse water when washing your underwear; this may be as effective and will certainly be more comfortable.

Love Drawing Sachet

Make a small sachet or charm bag from linen or muslin.

Fill it with dried rosemary leaves and/or flowers.

Wear it over your genitals to attract lovers.

Love Lettuce

Certain botanicals lend themselves to controversy; consider the humble lettuce. Is it an aphrodisiac or the opposite? In ancient Egypt, a particularly phallic-looking lettuce was sacred to Min, primordial deity of male primal power.

Create a salad for seduction: include endive, uncut carrots, cucumbers, and asparagus.

Sprinkle powdered basil over the top.

Whisper your desires and intentions over the salad; serve and see what happens.

Magic Mirror Sex Spell (1)

Purchase a small hand mirror. Many modern mirrors are double-sided; this is an old spell. A mirror with some sort of a back to it is required.

Pay whatever is the asking price; don’t haggle.

Remove at least some of the back of the mirror and write your beloved’s name three times in that space. That’s the easy part.

Now you need to find a pair of copulating dogs. Don’t disturb them; just hold the mirror so that their image is reflected within it. Don’t look inside it yourself or allow anyone but the object of your desire to gaze within.

Somehow you must induce him or her to look into the mirror.

Having accomplished this, hide the mirror for nine days in a spot where your beloved is guaranteed to pass by frequently.

When the nine days are over, carry the mirror on your person.

Allegedly this will now cause the object of your desire to become sexually aroused whenever she or he is in your presence.

Magic Mirror Sex Spell (2)

These two magic mirror spells are almost identical, however there are slight differences. This second spell is easier because your beloved is not required to look within the mirror, however other aspects of the spell may be more challenging. The first spell only requires that the mirror be hidden where your heart’s desire is sure to pass; this spell insists that it be secreted within his or her home and preferably the bedroom!

Obtain a new small mirror.

Carefully remove the mirror from the frame.

Etch or write the name of your target on the back of the mirror.

Carefully replace it in the frame.

Use the mirror to reflect dogs or horses having sex. Do not look in the mirror.

Wrap it in velvet cloth and conceal it for nine days in a room belonging to, or at least much frequented by the object of your desire. (Ideally you want the room he or she sleeps in.)

You must now manage to remove the mirror and carry it on your body as a charm until the desired results are obtained.

Magic Seduction Tips

These tips set the stage for magical seduction spells. Very effective independently, you may also incorporate these suggestions into any other spell.

To increase the odds of seduction scatter carnelians and garnets around the bedroom.

Light red candles and sprinkle a love drawing powder on the sheets.

Myrrh is considered among the most erotic of resins. It was used in ancient Mediterranean seduction spells to make a woman burn with passion.

Mandrake Spell

Place a mandrake root under the bed for purposes of seduction and better sex.

Myrrh Spell (1) Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs warns men to beware of women who perfume their beds with myrrh, aloes wood, and cinnamon. Wonder why? There’s one way to find out.

Myrrh Spell (2) Isis Ointment

Myrrh shares so much of Isis’s power and essence that effectively myrrh Isis.

Blend essential oil of myrrh into shea butter to make an ointment.

Anoint yourself, while visualizing and chanting:

You are the myrrh that Isis anointed herself with when she joined with Osiris, her true love.

Myrrh, make [Name], child of [Name] love me like Osiris loves Isis.

Make him desire me like Osiris desires Isis

Make him long for me like Osiris longs for lsis [and so on and so forth …]

Myrrh Spell (3) Sizzling

Place a piece of myrrh on a hot surface (preferably iron) so that it sizzles and melts.

Chant to it, something like this:

Myrrh as you burn, so [Name], daughter of [Name] burns for me

As you melt, so her heart melts for me.

Improvise. Ancient spells were quite explicit. Take this wherever you want it to go.

Myrrh Spell (4) Shoe Spell

The women of ancient Israel placed myrrh and what is now known as Mecca balsam inside their shoes. This accomplishes more than providing fragrant feet.

To accomplish a seduction: when you spot the one you want, quickly slip off your shoe and kick up your feet towards your target.

Ideally, he’ll think it’s his idea.

Name Paper Spell

Allegedly burning a person’s name causes them to burn with passion for the one wielding the flame. This can only be more effective if the paper is burned in the flame of a candle carved to express your own desires and dressed with passion-inducing oils. (Come To Me Lover!, Black Cat, Cleopatra, or Amor, for instance.)

New Orleans Parfum d’Amour

Blend and gently warm the following ingredients:

Florida Water

Rose water or hydrosol

Cinnamon hydrosol

Dissolve honey in the liquid, stirring to distribute.

Allow it to cool.

Place in a bottle and wear the fragrance.

Peppermint Spells

Persephone wasn’t Hades’ only love. His true love apparently was the nymph Mentha. This relationship pre-dated his abduction of Persephone and continued after their marriage. When Demeter discovered that not only had Hades kidnapped and raped her daughter, he was also cheating on her, she was outraged and in a classic example of blaming it on the woman, transformed Mentha into the lowly peppermint plant. Mentha had the last laugh: Hades was rendered unable to perform sexually without mint. (Of course, the fact that peppermint was once used as a contraceptive might also have influenced the Lord of the Dead.) To this day mint is considered among the most potent aphrodisiacs.

Peppermint Romantic Floorwash

Pour boiling water over a bunch of peppermint to make a strong infusion, strain and add the liquid to floorwash rinse water. Use it to cleanse any room intended for romance or seduction, so that the room encourages romance from the ground up…

Peppermint Powder

Grind dried peppermint leaves and lavender blossoms into fine powder. Blend with rice powder and sprinkle between the sheets.

Queen of the Night Spell

Night blooming jasmine’s nicknames “Queen of the Night” and “Moonlight of the Grove” indicate its power. Wear fresh blossoms after dark to attract a new lover, romantically hypnotize one you already have, and to transform yourself into a nocturnal queen.

Road of Love

Blend hibiscus and rose petals. (Grind, powder, or leave whole as you choose.) Use these flowers to sprinkle a path to the bedroom or wherever you choose. You may create a lavish carpet or be extremely discreet, as long as the path is unbroken.

Seduction Incense

Grind and powder aloes wood, clover, dried ginger, and sandalwood. Waft the fragrance as desired.

Seduction Oils

Arabian Nights Perfume

The compilation of stories known as The Thousand and One Nights or The Arabian Nights is filled with details of magic spells and formulas for seduction. Because stories that fall under the broad category of fairy tales are now relegated to children, the erotic material contained in The Arabian Nights is typically excised. Add essential oils of aloes, ambrette, jasmine, liquidambar, myrrh, and rose to your bath in preparation for nights of love.

Cleopatra Oil Spell

Place five drops of Cleopatra Oil in each corner of the bed and another five in the very center for enhanced erotic enjoyment and powers of seduction.

Jezebel Oil, like the queen in whose honor it’s named, is a complex, multifaceted oil. Mainly used in money, love, and seduction spells (and especially those spells that bridge all three concerns), the key to Jezebel Oil is that it is used for getting what you want, in the face of all odds. Jezebel root, a cousin of orrisroot, possesses both seductive and commanding properties.

Jezebel Seduction Spell (1)

The spell may be used to initiate a relationship or to hold an already existing lover spellbound. Intensify standard Jezebel Oil by adding cinnamon, damiana, jasmine, and/or rose petals. Dress purple taper candles with this oil and burn it in your intended’s presence.

Jezebel Seduction Oil Spell (2)

Perhaps the relationship hasn’t progressed far enough for the other person to be present. In that case, use standard Jezebel Oil or doctor it up as suggested above. Carve your target’s name and identifying information into a purple seven-day candle, dress it with the oil and burn.

Laka’s Love Oil

Laka is the beautiful Hawaiian spirit of dance and love.

Blend and grind pikake, frangipani, gardenia, and hibiscus flowers.

Add them to a blend of jojoba and liquefied coconut oil.

Add to the bath or massage onto the body to transform into a magnet for love and desire.

Oil Spell (1) Erotic Oil

Make a flower infusion with the following botanicals using sweet almond oil: frangipani, gardenia, and honeysuckle. When the oil is complete, gently warm as much as is needed and massage freely to incite passion and desire.

Oil Spell (2) Isis and Osiris Eternal Love Oil

Gently warm one-quarter cup of grapeseed oil.

Remove from the source of heat and add six drops each of essential oils of myrrh and frankincense.

Massage as desired or add to a bath.

Oil Spell (3) Jasmine

Allegedly this oil arouses desire and ability and reduces resistance.

Blend a few drops of jasmine attar into sweet almond oil.

Use it to massage the one you love.

Oil Spell (4) Seduction Oil

Powder sandalwood and aloes wood, or use their essential oils.

Blend these into sweet almond and sesame oils.

Massage as desired or add to the bath.

Oil Spell (5) Night of Love Oil

Blend cubebs, damiana, Grains of Paradise, red rose petals, and sweet flag (calamus). Add the blend to apricot kernel and jojoba oils. Anoint yourself with the oil or give your intended a massage with it.

Oil Spell (6) Queen of Sheba Oil

Queen of Sheba Oil is used when you wish to seduce or be seduced:

Dress romantic taper candles with this oil

Anoint yourself with Queen of Sheba Oil

Put a drop of Queen of Sheba Oil on a lightbulb and let it heat up

Powder Spell (1) Better Sex

Grind cubeb peppers into powder and sprinkle it around the bed to magically inspire better sex.

Powder Spell (2) Irresistible Touch

Powder orrisroot and mix with cinnamon powder. Rub just a little bit between your hands and touch the person you desire.

Powder Spell (3) Spicy Love Powder

Grind and powder the following:

Cayenne pepper

Cubeb peppers

Dried ginger root


Grains of Paradise

Sprinkle the resulting powder around the bed, candles, or within billets-doux. Keep it out of the sheets, off your skin, and definitely out of your eyes or other sensitive areas because this powder may burn as hot as the love it’s intended to inspire.

Powder Spell (4) Triple X Powder

Grind Grains of Paradise, damiana, and cubeb peppers together. Sprinkle this powder around your bed to enhance all activities within it.

Powder Spell (5) Triple X Powder Candle Spell

Grind Grains of Paradise and cubeb peppers together.

Charge a red candle with your hopes and desires. (Any shape candle may be used, however Entwined Lovers or those candles formed to resemble genitals are believed to be extra-effective.)

Sprinkle the powder over the burning candle to initiate a spell of romance.

Saffron Seduction Spell

Saffron, Earth’s most expensive spice, is also one of the famed Tantric perfumes. Allegedly if someone was fed a diet featuring saffron for an entire week, he or she will be unable to resist erotic advances from the person administering the sex potions. For maximum benefit, add to love potions and shellfish dishes.

Only little bits of this expensive flower are needed to flavor a dish; this is a case where less is definitely more. Significant amounts of saffron are not safe during pregnancy.

Seduction Bath

For maximum power, use lunar-charged water to create this infusion.

Pour boiling water over cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds, and cardamom.

Strain and let it cool.

Dip a white cloth into the pot of water and bathe the body, concentrating on the neck and thighs.

Let yourself air-dry so that you radiate the botanical powers. This allegedly enables the bather to seduce whomever is desired.

Sewing Needle Spell

To draw someone into a sexual relationship:

Lay two sewing needles together, with the eye of one beside the point of the other.

Wrap them in a mint or basil leaf, wrapping it toward you.

Secure with a red thread, knotting in your desire.

Wrap this in a piece of red silk or satin, again rolling or folding toward you.

Place this in a red flannel bag and wear it around your neck or waist.

To end the spell: remove the charm, take it apart and break both needles.

To reinforce the charm: feed it with three drops of dark rum added to the open bag.

Sex Conjure Bag

Make someone desire you.

Obtain hair from your target, preferably pubic hairs.

Place them in a small red charm bag together with bethroot (Low John the Conqueror) and seven cloves.

Hide the bag under your mattress, anointing it weekly with a love drawing oil.

Sex Sheet Spell

Toss a sheet over copulating dogs and then get it back. Don’t wash that sheet!

Find an excuse to wrap the sheet around to the one you desire. This will allegedly arouse amorous feelings.

Shoe Spell

Obtain his or her shoes and hide them under your bed. Allegedly this stimulates him or her to walk straight toward that bed.

Southernwood Spell

Southernwood’s nickname is “lad’s love,” perhaps reflecting its reputation as a tool for magical seduction. Place it under the mattress to arouse passion and performance.

Sweat Spell

What’s the difference between this Sweat Spell and Sweaty Notorious Potions? Easy. There’s no need to convince your spell’s target to eat anything!

Work up a sweat.

Wipe the sweat with a cloth.

Reserve the cloth; don’t wash it.

Use this sweat-soaked cloth to rub the person you’d like to seduce, while thinking something like:

My sweat on your skin

Your sweat on mine

My love is yours

Your love is mine

Sweet-talking Seduction Spell

For sweet, persuasive speech, chew a bit of cinnamon just before speaking.

Peppermint (real peppermint leaves, not breath mints) may work, too.

Switch Lovers Spell

Use a red and black double-action candle to get rid of one lover, while simultaneously drawing another.

Carve the name of the lover you’d like to see vanish onto the black wax.

Carve the name of the lover you’d now like to have onto the red wax.

If necessary, carve the bottom of the candle, exposing the wick, so that both ends may be burnt at the same time.

Stick the candle horizontally onto a spiked candlestick, or pierce the border between red and black with a long pin, something like an old-fashioned hat pin, then balance the candle over a bottle and burn both ends simultaneously.

Thyme for Irresistibility

According to legend, thyme derives from Helen of Troy’s tears, and thus shares her essence. Bathe in an infusion of fresh herbs to radiate the power of a love magnet. Use carefully: remember Helen was kidnapped twice!

Torment Them With Love Spell

Tormentil, a very close botanical relative of five-finger grass, earned its name because allegedly it stimulates the torments of love. Carry it to make someone burn for you.

Tuberose Seduction Spell

Once upon a time women were warned not to inhale the seductive, languorous fragrance of tuberose, also known as Mistress of the Night, because it might put them in a dangerously romantic mood. Tuberose’s fragrance intensifies after dark. Set the magical scene for seduction by artfully arranging fresh tuberoses.

Vanilla Seduction Spell

Cast this spell to attract or seduce a lover. Add genuine vanilla extract to your bath. Allow yourself to air-dry, then dust with rice powder blended with a little ground cinnamon.

Wild Thyme Spell

Wild thyme for wild times: thyme is associated with Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, and reveling fairies. Carry thyme in a conjure bag together with staurolite crystal gemstones to attract passion and pleasure.

Women’s Inhibition Free Erotic Bath

Make an infusion of hibiscus flowers and Grains of Paradise and add it to the bath. Allegedly this unleashes a woman’s erotic thoughts and abilities, while removing inhibitions.

It’s all getting too much? Need to cool down?

Camphor Cool-Off Spell

Camphor is a substance frequently taken for granted. It’s used in many lotions and cosmetics because of the cooling sensation it provides. Camphor, botanically related to cinnamon, is considered a sacred lunar plant; in Marco Polo’s time it was bartered for with gold.

Camphor allegedly reduces sexual desire. Burn camphor or add one or two drops of essential oil of white camphor (other forms are toxic) to your bath when you need to cool off.

Chill-Out Spell

Add a few drops of essential oil of hops to a bath to cool off desires.

Passionate Balance Spell

A fourteenth-century talisman is recommended to balance overwhelming passions and emotions. Astrological symbols of the sun and the moon are engraved onto white zircon, and the talisman is worn as needed.

Virility Enhancing, Maintaining, Reviving and Repairing

In addition to general aphrodisiacs, there is a special category of spells designed to enhance, strengthen, and remedy male sexual performance. Male sexual performance spells fall into two categories:

Spells to magically counteract and remedy impotence

Spells to enhance sexual performance, so as to transform a regular guy into a magically empowered lover

Spells to Heal and Remedy Impotence

Impotence Diagnosis: The Hand of Ishtar

According to ancient Mesopotamian belief, all-seeing, all-knowing spirits punish a host of infractions, some of which you may not even have realized you had committed until you received the punishment. Mesopotamian deities typically communicate their displeasure by inflicting disease. Each possesses its own specific illness. Thus you will know by the disease, whose displeasure you have evoked. Ishtar, Divine Spirit of Love, Life, and Sexual Delights, punishes via sexual dysfunction. If impotence is a result of her anger, then the only way it can be resolved is through rituals to evoke her forgiveness.

However, a problem of ambiguity exists: impotence may also be the result of malevolent bewitchment cast by another person, or of a mangled Fidelity Spell cast by your wife to stop you playing around on the side. (The notion of a purely physical cause may or may not have existed.)

The root cause of impotence affects the nature of its cure. This diagnostic spell seeks to determine whether lack of sexual ability stems from human hands or from the Hand of Ishtar. As with many healing rituals, someone else performs the spell for the patient.

Form dough from emmer wheat and potter’s clay.

Use it to create male and female figures.

Place one on top of the other, however you’re inspired.

Place them near the afflicted man’s head.

Recite an incantation seven times, blessing Ishtar and requesting that the needed information be clearly revealed.

Remove these figures and place them in the vicinity of a pig. If the pig approaches the figures, this confirms that Ishtar is responsible for the ailment. A cure may be made through offerings and rituals of appeasement. If however the pig does not approach the figures, if they do not attract its attention, the man has been bewitched by a person. In order to undo the spell, he must find the charm and undo it or take other magical measures.

I’ve left the ancient spell’s original instructions as per materials, on the off chance that emmer has some magical qualities distinct from other wheat and that this ingredient may be possible for some to find. However, feel free to substitute a more convenient wheat if needs be.

Impotence Remedy (1) Dandelion

Early American colonists recommend dandelions to counteract impotence based on magical and folk-healing traditions. Interestingly dandelion leaves have since been discovered to contain extremely high quantities of Vitamin A, essential for production of male and female sex hormones.

A glass of dandelion wine serves as a restorative potion. Alternatively add dandelion leaves to salad. Before consuming, murmur your desires over the food and visualize successful accomplishment of the spell.

Impotence Remedy (2) Dragon’s Blood Spell

Place a chunk of dragon’s blood in a red bag and keep it under the mattress, to reinvigorate male sexual prowess.

Impotence Remedy (2) Fig Bag of Tricks

Carve a phallus from fig wood. Carry it in a mojo bag together with any of the various snake roots.

Impotence Remedy (3) India

Onions, a botanical associated with male vigor, are incorporated into an Indian potion to remedy erectile dysfunction.

Blend white onion juice and freshly grated ginger into honey.

Take a tablespoon daily for three weeks. Results should be apparent within that time.

Iron represents primal male power. It is invoked in spells to remedy erectile dysfunction because of this inherent magic power, but also in hopes that its enduringly hard, stiff nature will be transmitted through enchantment.

Iron Spell (1) Iron Bath

Water used for cooling off iron or an anvil is an impotence cure. Allow the water to cool to a safe, comfortable temperature and then bathe the afflicted parts. Better yet, have someone else bathe them.

Iron Spell (2) Iron Key

Obtain seven keys, each from a different house, each from a different town.

Heat them until red-hot on an anvil. (A cast-iron pan will substitute.)

Blend water from seven different sources: the original Moroccan formula requests water from seven different wells, in itself an adaptation of the ancient pan-Semitic miraculous water from seven springs. If either option is a possibility, follow the original directions. Otherwise, seven types of bottled spring water, each deriving from a different source is a realistic modern update.

Pour this blended water over the red-hot keys. The patient is then exposed to the steam. (Be careful not to scald yourself; the goal is to improve the situation, not worsen it.)

Catch the water as it comes off the anvil or pan.

When it cools off, use it to bathe the afflicted parts.

Iron Spell (3) Three-Part Recommendation

There are three components of this Moroccan magical impotence remedy, any of which may be used independently. However for best chances of success, allegedly the three parts should be performed in conjunction.

Drink a potion concocted from rosewater, sugar, and pounded almonds.

Observe the copulation of horses. (Keep your eyes on that stallion!)

Take ritual baths, as prescribed by a herbalist.

Pyramid of Love Spell

Keep the key, candles, oil, and dragon’s blood powder used in this spell handy; this, the candle-worker’s version of Viagra is intended to be cast as needed.

Carve three red candles as desired.

Dress them with All Night Long and/or High John the Conqueror Oils.

Roll the candles in powdered dragon’s blood.

Arrange them on a tray in triangle formation with the point at the top.

Charge one large antique key with your desires and place it in front of this pyramid of candles.

Sprinkle some powdered dragon’s blood over the key.

Light the candles; extinguish all other illumination and see what happens.

Strong as an Oak Spell

Oaks are traditionally associated with primal male power. This spell may be used to remedy impotence or just enhance sexual capacity.

Look for an older, strong, powerful-looking oak.

Talk to the tree: whisper your situation to it, describing your needs and desires. Request assistance.

Look down: if the tree is sympathetic, you’ll find twigs or acorns on the ground.

Actually seeing the twig or acorn fall—or even being hit on the head by one—is a profound assurance of assistance.

Leave a gift and libation for the tree; gather up your acorn or twig and carry it with you.

Super Sexual Ability Spells

As the Marvellettes sang, “My baby must be a magician because he’s sure got the magic touch!’ These spells may benefit someone suffering from erectile dysfunction, it doesn’t hurt to try; however their real goal is to transform regular sex into nights (and days!) of unflagging ecstasy.

Male Super Sexual Ability Spells tend to take the form of potions or virility charms. In many cases the magic symbolism inherent in these spells evokes female sexual symbolism in order to enhance male sexual ability (almonds, honey, clams, and more.)

All Night Long Oil

Add essential oil of jasmine, ideally jasmine sambac, to sweet almond oil. Use this oil to dress candles or the body, to magically fulfill the promise inherent in its name.

Date Super Sex Spell

Make a date with some dates: carry cleansed, dried date pits in a conjure bag, for enhanced sexual ability.

High John the Conqueror Virility Spell

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over High John the Conqueror roots. Use this liquid as the final rinse water when laundering your underwear.

Johnny-Jump-Up Sex Power Spell

Carry dried Johnny-Jump-Up blossoms in a conjure bag to enhance male sexual potency.

Juniper is invoked in various sexually oriented love spells for both women and men.

Juniper Spell (1) Infused Spirits

This formula combines two spells in one: the potion produced allegedly enhances sexual pleasure, vigor, and ability, while the juniper berries used to create it can magically impact your love life.

Steep a handful of juniper berries in rum or whiskey for at least one month.

Strain out the berries and reserve them. You can either toss the used berries in your front yard to attract a new lover, or toss them into your backyard to keep the woman you already have extra satisfied and happy.

Drink one tablespoon of the infused spirits every day for enhanced virility.

Juniper Spell (2) Wine Potion

A simpler variation on the above, this spell can be cast virtually immediately, without waiting the month. Steep juniper berries in red wine, and drink a shot glass daily for increased virility.

Lion’s Ear Spell

Lion’s ear, an East African botanical also known as lion’s tail and wild dagga, reputedly endows men with the positive qualities of a lion, including their legendary sexual prowess. Eat it and see.

Love Potion Topical Application

Grind and powder aloes wood, dried basil, and thyme.

Add the resulting powder to Bay Rum.

Massage into the body for added vigor and vitality.

Lucky Hand Love Charm

Different botanicals sometimes share nicknames. The Hoodoo root charm Lucky Hand derives from an orchid and is prized by gamblers. The European root charm Lucky Hand derives from male fern and is prized by lovers. “Male” fern is so designated because of its erect, robust appearance, versus the droopier female fern, and also perhaps because historically male fern has been a component of herbal contraceptives. Male fern’s rootknown as Lucky Hand or Hand of God—is used to bolster and enhance virility.

Male fern root is believed most powerful if gathered on Midsummer’s Eve. Dry and carry it in a mojo hand for virility and sexual charisma. (Lucky Hand also conveys magical protection in case all that machismo lands you in trouble.)

The viagra of ancient Rome, satyrion root, is named in honor of the satyrs. Legend had it that satyrion root was a mainstay of the satyr’s diet and was responsible for their incredible powers of prowess. Satyrion remains available in herbal supply stores as well as those specializing in spiritual goods. The only problem is that the exact identity of the root beloved by the ancients hasn’t been determined; no one is entirely sure exactly which plant it was. Satyrion was some sort of orchid but exactly which member of that large family is no longer known. As best as we can tell, satyrion was a double-rooted plant with smooth leaves. It may have been modern salep root, which is what is frequently marketed as satyrion today. It may not be. For what it’s worth, satyrion root remains a mainstay of magical virility spells and retains its magical sexual stimulating reputation.

Satyrion Root (1) Ancient Roman Spell

Steep the root in goat’s milk. Drinking this potion allegedly provides the goods for 70 consecutive acts of copulation.

Satyrion Root (2) Classical Greek Spell

Pound satyrion root. Eat it together with arugula and eggs to provide enhanced, prolonged erections.

Satyrion Root (3) Oil

Soak satyrion root in warm olive oil. Strain, and use the oil to anoint the penis.

Satyrion Root (4) Potion

Pulverize satyrion root.

Add it to wine and allow it to steep overnight or for the equivalent number of hours.

Strain and drink.

Sexual Prowess Potion (1) Arabic

Drinking camel’s milk blended with honey daily for a week allegedly stimulates male potency dramatically.

Sexual Prowess Potion (2) Chickpeas

To enhance male sexual prowess:

Soak chickpeas (garbanzo beans) in water. They will swell.

When they are completely soft and swollen, strain out the chickpeas and drink the water. This allegedly makes a man so virile he can deflower 72 virgin cows in one night.

Sexual Prowess Potion (3) Fenugreek

Fenugreek earned its magical reputation as the herb of increase. It’s used in money spells, fertility spells and even spells to enhance a woman’s bust line. This potion increases male sexual ability and vigor and may magically remedy impotence as well.

Place two teaspoons of dried fenugreek in a cup and cover with boiling spring water.

Steep for five minutes, then strain.

Add lemon and honey to taste.

If the flavor remains too medicinal, try combining with peppermint, also a strong aphrodisiac.

Sexual Prowess Potion (4) French

Add one egg yolk to a glass of fine cognac, and drink daily for potency and prowess.

Sexual Prowess Potion (5) India

Blend coconut milk and honey together and drink. This may be taken as frequently as desired.

Sexual Prowess Powder (1) Arabic

Grind and blend cardamom pods, cinnamon, and dried ginger. Sprinkle this powder over boiled onions and eat for added passion and virility.

Sexual Prowess Powder (2) Breakfast of Champions

Before breakfast on three consecutive mornings, eat shelled almonds pounded with cinnamon and then mixed into honey. Three mornings is allegedly enough to provide a long-lasting effect.

Sexual Prowess Powder (3) Grains of Paradise

Grind Grains of Paradise into a fine powder and add it to honey. Take some right off the spoon or add it to a drink to create a passion-arousing potion

Sexual Prowess Spell

Keep male fern and High John the Conqueror roots stored amongst your clothing. When you wear the clothing, you will allegedly radiate sexual magnetism.

Sexual Restorative Spell

A Japanese formula to restore sexual vigor following extensive, exhaustive sexual activity:

Bake a dozen clams in the oven at low heat for approximately two hours. Take them out of the shell, if you like; it’s the meat that counts here.

Remove the clams from the oven and let them cool.

If you haven’t already, remove the clams from their shells and discard the shells.

Pulverize the dried clams with a mortar and pestle, visualizing your desired goals.

Dissolve one-half teaspoon of this powder in water and drink nightly for seven consecutive nights.

Virility Charm (1) Horns

Double horns evoke primal female power, reflecting the appearance of women’s internal sexual organs; a single horn manifests male primal power and sexual vigor for obvious reasons. Although men aren’t inherently vulnerable to the Evil Eye, their sexual power and reproductive capacity are among the Evil Eye’s primary targets. Charms representing horns, traditionally worn around the neck, potently protect male genitalia and virility.

Virility Charm (2) Coral

Magically speaking, coral is perceived as the sea’s menstrual blood, offering powerful sexual, reproductive, and romantic protection.

Wear a single jagged piece of red branch coral around the neck to protect sexual functioning and sperm count from the Evil Eye.

This allegedly enhances performance too.

Virility Charm (3) Italian Amulet

1. The Italian corno amulet may be used, too. Its shape echoes peppers and animal horns.

2. Traditionally carved from red stone, plastic versions are most common now.

3. Hang an extra one from the bedpost for added magical enhancement.

Virility Charm (4) Sampson Snake Root

Sampson snake root allegedly restores virility.

The herb has an antipathy to iron: do not cut it with a knife. Doing so will render the charm ineffective.

To separate the root or a portion of the root from the plant, you may twist, bite or rip, but do not use any metal tools. A crystal or stone knife may be used.

Carry it in a mojo bag.

Virility Charm (5) Sea Horse

Charge a metal sea horse charm, ideally crafted from steel or iron, with your desire.

It is activated as a virility charm if carried in the pocket or worn in the vicinity of the genitals.

Virility Charm (6) Thistle Arts of Love Spell

Carry thistles in a conjure bag; allegedly the botanical bestows not only increased sexual vigor but also enhanced skill and sensitivity with the arts of love.

Ya Ya Powder

Grind, powder, and blend the following: cinnamon, peppermint, red sandalwood, and vetiver. Dust the sheets or dust yourself to inspire your partner.

Summoning Spells

Summoning spells are exactly what they promise: magic spells to bring someone to you. Most often used for lovers, a summoning charm may be effective for anyone with whom there is a strong soul connection or emotional bond.

In some cases summoning spells beckon a new lover or someone who is a friend, acquaintance or who has perhaps expressed casual romantic interest but the spell-caster wants more. Usually these spells target someone whose identity is known as opposed to the abstract new love drawing spells found amongst Basic Love Spells.

Many of these spells, however, are specifically cast to summon a spouse, partner, or ex-partner who has abandoned the spell-caster or with whom there has been a substantial disagreement. Their whereabouts may or may not be known. Many older spells specifically target a husband; women may have been less likely or able to leave or perhaps there were more direct means of bringing them back.

Acorn Cup and Ashen Key

Find an empty acorn cup still attached to an oak leaf or twig.

Gather ash seeds (the “keys”).

Murmur over them “Acorn cup and ashen key bring my true love back to me.”

Place them under your pillow on three consecutive Friday nights, repeating the incantation each time.

If your beloved has not returned by then, it’s time to consider the possibility that this is not your true love.

Amethyst Bedroom Spell

Encourage a spouse or lover who has abandoned a relationship to return.

Charge a substantial amethyst crystal with your desires.

Attach this activated amethyst to the right side of the bedpost or headboard.

Seduce him into sleeping with you in that bed; ultimately he should fall asleep on the left side of the bed.

Encourage him to stay. Repeat from Step 3 as needed.

Archangel Spell

Simmer cardamom, cinnamon and cloves in rosewater within an iron cauldron, until the potion steams and the aroma is potent. Traditionally, this is accompanied by reading sacred texts and reciting sacred verses.

Remove the cauldron from the fire.

Write your beloved’s name in the center of a piece of parchment.

Write the names of the four archangels in each corner of the parchment: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and add the parchment to the steaming cauldron.

Throw in a piece of the beloved’s clothing, a shirt or an undergarment, or something similar.

Allow everything to steep for at least an hour.

Return the cauldron complete with contents to the fire.

As the mixture boils, your lover’s affections should return to you.

Assistance from Beyond the Grave Spell

Take an article of his clothing to the cemetery, specifically to the grave of someone who is sympathetic towards you and potentially has power over your beloved. (His mother, if you think she likes you, is ideal.)

Bury the clothing within or in the immediate vicinity of the grave. Talk with the spirit in the grave: communicate, express your desires, explain why they should help you.

Leave it there for three days. On the third day, resurrect the clothing. Do not shake off the dirt; in fact, take a little extra. Leave a small gift for the spirit (water, honey, cigarettes, candy, alcohol, whatever you think they’d like).

Add some sea salt to the clothing and graveyard dirt and place it in a bag or packet.

Place this near or above a door where your beloved is sure to pass.

Allegedly you should see results in nine days.

Back With the Sunrise Spell

For the return of an absent lover:

Buy peppercorns and coriander seeds from a store that faces west.

Burn them at sunset.

Turn to the east and let a towel with which you have cleansed yourself after sex flutter in the wind.

Pray and petition that when the sun returns, your beloved will return also. If necessary, repeat at sunrise.

Better Sex If You Come Home to Me Spell

This spell was inspired by men who took younger second wives. This is the old wives’ retaliation. It may also be used to lure a man back from another lover.

Sleep with one date inside your vagina for seven nights. Use the same date; you may remove it during the day, reinserting at night.

After this point, the target of your spell is invited for a meal.

Chop up the date very finely and feed it to him in his food. If the spell goes as planned, it will not be a brief, businesslike meal.

The spell has two effects: first, to induce him to return to you, and second, to make sex unsatisfactory with anyone but you in the meantime. The second aspect allegedly kicks into action as soon as the date is inserted.

Cleopatra Oil Summoning

Bring an errant lover back with Cleopatra Oil. The oil may be worn as perfume; otherwise saturate a cotton ball with it to wear or carry when you anticipate running into your ex.

Come Back Powder Spell

Put salt in a dish.

Drizzle it with Come to Me Lover! or similar.

Sprinkle it with powdered sugar and blend everything together.

Take a pinch in your hand and turn to each direction, north, east, south, and west. Utter an invocation, requesting, or commanding, as the case may be, that your lover return to you.

Blow the powder in each direction. He or she should be drawn back to the place where the spell is performed, so choose your place wisely.

Repeat daily until your lover returns.

Commanding Doll Spell

Make a rag doll to represent the target of this spell or use another kind of doll.

Write your beloved’s name on a piece of paper.

Attach it like a name-tag to a doll.

Anoint the doll with Command and Compel Oil. Lay it on a piece of red silk or satin. Sprinkle it with Come to Me Powder.


I command you, I compel you,

I command you, I compel you.

I’ve covered you with powder

I command you, I compel you,

I command you, I compel you

Hear my voice!

I command you, I compel you:

Return to me now!

This very instant, this very minute, this very hour!

Repeat for three consecutive nights.

Following the third repetition of the entire ritual, wrap the doll in silk, and hide it in a dark closet or secret space.

Damiana Potion Spell

Soak damiana in your lover’s favorite wine or other beverage for seven hours.

Sprinkle this outside your doorstep and petition for his or her return.

Repeat for 21 days. If there are no signs of return by the conclusion of this period, the spell’s message is that you should consider other romantic choices.

Do As I Say Spell

This summoning spell demands personal contact with the target.

Create Do As I Say Powder by grinding and powdering cedar chips, myrrh, sweet flag/calamus, and peppermint leaves. Sprinkle the powder on the ground in your target’s path; allegedly this will magically induce your ex- to return to you.

Drawing Powder

Spiritual supply stores often sell a product called Drawing Powder, intended to draw someone or something into your life. If the bottle is really cute and clever, it may be worth purchasing. If not, you may be better off looking for Drawing Powder in the supermarket. You’ll have to look under a different product name, however.

Although occult manufacturers may place anything in the bottle, talcum powder most frequently, Drawing Powder should be powdered confectioner’s sugar. Disappointed? Were you hoping for something more mystical, elusive, or rare? Don’t be. Sugar is among the strongest beckoning, summoning, drawing forces on Earth. If you’ve ever spilled sugar on the floor and wondered how on earth the ants streaming in to the kitchen could discover it so quickly, this is why. It’s not the salt and butter in pastry that draws customers to the bakery: it’s the sugar.

Sprinkle a fine path to your door to summon the one you love or, better yet, sprinkle a little Drawing Powder into a letter to attract only your spell’s target and not the ants!

Fireplace Spell

This spell possesses a diagnostic aspect that will allow you to determine your odds of success.

Make a fire in the fireplace with ash, cedar, pine, and oak.

Soak juniper berries in Come To Me Oil or similar (you may also substitute dark rum) and throw them into the fire.

Petition, request, pray, affirm, focus: stay with the fire while it burns.

When the fire is low but before it completely burns out, toss some bay leaves in to see whether the beloved is likely to return. If the flames shoot up out of the bay leaves, if there’s loud crackling—this is a positive sign. Leaves that barely burn or else burn very quietly do not indicate success.

Foot Track Summoning Spell

Obtain your lover’s footprint, ideally from your property.

Place it in one of his socks, unwashed is best, if possible.

Add a devil’s shoestring root.

Knot the sock. Keep it in a safe, secret place, for instance, under your mattress. He should be back soon.

Love Written in Blood Spell

With a needle, draw a drop of blood from the wedding-ring finger. Use the needle as a pen, the blood as your ink.

Write your initials and those of the other party in your blood on a chip of wood. (In the Ozark Mountains of the United States where this spell originates, ironwood is the wood of choice.)

Draw three concentric circles around the initials.

Bury the chip within Earth.

He should be back within three days.

Lover Come Back Incense!

Grind cardamom and dragon’s blood into a fine powder. Sprinkle on lit charcoal and burn.

Lover Come Back Spell

This spell allegedly returns a departed lover within twenty-one days. It possesses a protective aspect as well as a summoning one. If the spell doesn’t work and he’s not back in the prescribed time, this may mean you’re better off without him. Start making new plans.

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over damiana and red rose petals.

Bathe in it. When you’re done, reserve some used bathwater in a bottle.

Add a little of your own urine and sprinkle some of this liquid in front and back of your home for twenty-one days.

Magnet Oil Spell

Anoint the corners of a photograph of someone whom you wish to draw into your life with Magnet Oil.

Magnetic Summoning Spell

Sprinkle magnetic sand onto a magnetic horseshoe to encourage the return of a lost love.

Mallow Summoning Spell

This is a gentle summoning spell.

Gather mallow (which is also known as althaea) while focusing on your heart’s desires. Silently call your lover’s name.

Place this mallow bouquet in a glass or vase and leave it on your doorstep overnight. (Alternatively, place it in an open window.)

This should call your beloved back.

The Moorish Charm

This spell is from Spain. “Charm” is meant in its classical sense as a magical incantation, chant, or song rather than the popular usage indicating a magically empowered object.

Gather your materials:

Caraway seeds

Coriander seeds

Cumin seeds

Mastic resin

White lime (not the fruit, but burned limestone preparation once very easily obtainable through any pharmacy; substitute oyster shell calcium tablets if easier)

Verdigris (the green coating which forms on brass or copper; it can be created or secured from art supply store or pharmacist)

Myrrh resin

Dragon’s blood

Broom straw

Take your materials to a crossroads or cemetery.

Make a fire.

Toss in the ingredients, one by one, chanting over each something to the effect:

Oh magic caraway: bring him to me!

Oh magic coriander: blind him with love for me!

The order of the first eight ingredients doesn’t much matter but leave broom straw for last, chanting: “Oh magic broom, fly him to me!”

Pierced Heart Spell

This is a particularly old charm, well-distributed amongst Earth’s magic traditions. This version with a pierced candle is British. Once upon a time, instead of candles, a sheep or cow’s heart was used, and still could be if you normally cook organ meats.

Stick two new pins through a lit candle in such a way that they pierce the wick and form a cross. Then chant:

It’s not this candle alone I stick

But [Name]’s heart I prick

Whether he be asleep or awake

I’ll have him come to me and of love make!

Other versions of this spell pierce the wick before lighting the candle.

Other possible materials and their origins include:

Onion (England)

Nut (India)

Lemon (Sicily)

Plantain sucker (Fiji)

If not using a candle, then amend the first lines of the rhyme to: “It’s not this [whatever] that I wish to stick but [Name] ’s heart I mean to prick.”

Rosemary Summoning Spell

Gather rosemary stalks before daybreak on Midsummer’s Day.

Light a fire. Add three rosemary stalks.

Chant three times:

I burn rosemary.

But I’m not burning rosemary.

What do I burn?

Your heart—the heart belonging to [Name], child of [Name] that’s what I burn

That he may neither be able to stop or stay away

Until he comes to be with me and stay

Salt Summoning

Throw salt on an open fire on three consecutive Friday nights.

Each time chant:

It isn’t this salt I wish to burn

But [Name], child of [Name]’s heart I need to turn

Let him not rest nor happy be

Until he comes back to stay with me

If he is not back by the Friday following the third Friday, or if there has not been any positive response by then, it may be time to look for another.

Salt on the Fires of Love Spell

Toss salt on the fire for seven consecutive mornings to summon your absent lover home.

San Cipriano Spell

San Cipriano Oil is used to locate lost articles and also to summon lost lovers.

Carve and dress a candle to represent your beloved. Dress it with San Cipriano Oil and burn to help persuade them to return to you.

Sugar Summoning Spell

Sugar has profound summoning powers; allegedly this spell will draw someone quickly. Chew fresh sugar cane while keeping your mind’s eye fixed on your beloved.

Summoning Powder (1)

Grind bay leaves, cinnamon, lavender, and star anise together.

Blend with an equal amount of sugar.

If personal belongings have been left behind, especially underwear and socks, sprinkle them with powder. If there are no belongings, try to meet him, and sprinkle him surreptitiously with a little powder. As a last option, write him or her a letter, adding some powder to the envelope.

Summoning Powder (2)

Blend dragon’s blood powder, saltpeter and sulfur. Throw the mix on the fire (it will blaze!) while chanting a wish for the return of your beloved.

Twenty-seven Day Spell

This spell comes with a time limit; if success isn’t shown by the end of 27 days, it’s time to consider a new romantic start.

Cut out a paper heart.

Write your lover’s name on this paper nine times.

Cross over each name with your own.

Place the paper in a saucer or small dish and cover it with sugar.

Stick a white birthday candle in the center of the sugar. Burn it. (Make a wish if you want but don’t blow out the candle.) Keep the dish with the sugar, paper and any wax drippings.

Add a fresh birthday candle the next day. Repeat for a total of nine times, nine candles altogether.

If he’s not back by the end of the ninth try, burn the sugar and the paper.

Start again the next day, repeating with all new materials. If after nine days and candles, he or she is not back, burn the materials again.

If you like, try it one more time, for another nine days.

Three times is the charm: if he’s not back after this, he won’t be.

Wax Doll Summoning Spell

Make a wax image of your beloved, if possible adding personalizing items: sweat, saliva, semen, blood, what have you.

Prick your wedding-ring finger with a needle. Using this bloody needle as a pen write the person’s name on the forehead of the doll and your name over the heart.

With four new needles, ideally silver, pierce the figure in the back, head, heart, and through the groin. Visualize all these manifesting as pangs of love and desire for you.

Sprinkle the figure with powdered rosemary.

Kindle a fire with a piece of paper bearing the target’s handwriting.

Burn the image in the fire.

When the fire is out, with your fingers or a wand, write the person’s name in the ashes.

Witchgrass Spell

Bathe in an infusion of witchgrass to draw your lover.

Let the infusion dry on your body.

Throw some of the bath water out the front door and call your lover’s name aloud for intensification.

Yarrow Summoning Spell

Yarrow allegedly enhances telepathic bridges between people. This spell may be used for friends and relatives as well as lovers.

Cut a yarrow stalk into pieces. Give portions to everyone who should be on this magical “telephone” line. When you wish to summon someone, hold your piece in your left hand and intensely visualize that person.

Your Absence is Killing Me Spell

This elaborate ritual, intended to force an errant husband’s return, pretty much tells the universe that you’re as good as dead if he doesn’t come home.

The deserted spouse lies on the floor, stretched out like a corpse, with funerary candles at her head and feet. Stay in that position until the candles have burnt out. This spell is from Latin America and has a Roman Catholic orientation: it is suggested that the Christian Creed be repeated while waiting for the candles to burn down. Supplement with petitions. Substitute other prayers, petitions, and visualizations as appropriate.

Pay attention to your words as the candles burn out. Whatever you’re saying when they are actually extinguished must be repeated three times, while pounding on the floor with both fists.

Immediately call the spouse’s name and demand that spiritual authorities force his return:

Soul of Tulimeca, you who are in Rome. I need you to send me [Name], child of [Name], repentant of all the grief he has caused me

Humbled and full of love for me

This ordeal must be repeated for three successive nights.

* Be sure not to use any other variety of camphor. Only essential oil of white camphor is safe for use.