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The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes 2009

Protection Spells
The Spells

Protection Spells are intended to prevent, protect, and repel danger. Many find this category confusing so let’s be very clear: there is no magic spell that functions exactly like an armed response guard one might hire from a personal security service. Magical protection spells provide magical protection. They create an aura that enhances other protective methods. If you are concerned about actual physical danger, magic reinforces other methods but does not replace them. If you are seriously concerned about your apartment being robbed, for instance, it doesn’t matter how many powerful spells you cast, how many amulets you post at the entrance, if you don’t also lock doors and windows. Magic doesn’t offer license to defy laws of Nature or common sense.


Incorporate the following into spells as desired:

NUMBERS: 5, the number of fingers on each hand, is the number most associated with magical protection, as are the magic numbers seven and nine

COLORS: red, black, and blue are the colors most associated with magical protection

According to occult wisdom, however, there are many kinds of danger in the world. Locking your door may prevent a human thief. However, certain dangers can only be repelled by magical methods. These dangers include:

Malicious spells, hexes, jinxes, magic “tricks,” or negative enchantment cast deliberately against one person by another

The Evil Eye

Assorted spiritual dangers deriving from a vast variety of spiritual sources. These may be caused deliberately or inadvertently

Although these dangers derive from magical and spiritual roots, they may manifest in very physical ways, as illness, accidents, and general disaster. However, because their derivation is at least partly magical, prevention and remedies must also be, at least partly, magical.

Acacia Spells

Acacias are small thorny trees indigenous to Africa and Western Asia. The Ark of the Covenant was crafted from acacia wood; it’s believed to have profound magical, spiritual, and protective powers.

Acacia Protection Spell (1)

Asperging isn’t only for cleansing and purification. Infuse acacia twigs and leaves to make a magically protective infusion. Asperge as desired, using acacia as the distributing tool.

Acacia Protection Spell (2)

Place acacia twigs over the bed to ward off nocturnal spiritual dangers.

Anti-bewitchment Spells

Anti-bewitchment spells create a protective shield, an aura of invulnerability against malevolent magic. They prevent the casting of enchantment against you, however they may not remove a hex already cast. Hex-antidotes or reversing spells are required instead (see page 589).

Anti-bewitchment Spell (1) Asperging

Dissolve saltpeter in water.

Sprinkle over the thresholds of your home and on people to repel malevolent magic, as well as anywhere you perceive vulnerability.

For maximum benefit, use protective botanicals as asperging tools, such as rue, rosemary, or rowan.

Anti-bewitchment Spell (2) Stones

This formula from ancient Mesopotamia to protect against malevolent magic is particularly beneficial if a future personal encounter with evil sorcery is anticipated.

Choose five different stones, including a hematite and a lodestone. (The original Mesopotamian formula suggested different colored glass as well, but what they considered glass might not have been as sharp and jagged as what we call glass. Sea glass might work, or crushed faience.)

Crush the rocks.

Blend olive and castor oil and add essential oil of cypress.

Let this mixture stand outside overnight, exposed to moon and starlight, absorbing their power. Simultaneously there should be spiritual petition, magical ritual, and fasting to bolster the effects.

At sunrise, massage the body with the oil.

Aloe Vera Protection Spell

Aloe vera’s leaves, filled with healing, soothing gel, are shaped like spears. Maintain living plants on your altar for spiritual protection, especially if working with volatile entities or dangerous spirits.

Althaea Protection Spell

Create infused oil of althea. (See Elements of Magic Spells for instructions on how to do this.) Anoint the body with this oil as a shield to ward off malevolent spells. (A salve or ointment may also be created if preferred.)

Anti-assault Protection Spell

Carry dried heather sewn up in a sachet to magically guard against rape and sexual assault. (This enhances but, of course, does not replace more conventional safety precautions.)

Aura of Protection Spell

Strategically arrange blue crystal gemstones around the home or area you wish to protect, creating a magical boundary to keep out evil.

Basic Botanicals of Magical Protection

Many botanicals weave an aura of protection, including the ones that follow. Create your own protection spells by incorporating them. Try betony, black cohosh, cactus, calamus/sweet flag, fig leaf, five-finger grass/cinquefoil, garlic, hyssop, lavender, mugwort, peppermint, roses, rue, Saint John’s Wort, snake root, stinging nettles, tormentil, vervain, wormwood, and yarrow.

Basic Botanicals of Magical Protection Candle Spell

Hollow out the bottom of a black, blue, or red candle. Stuff it full of basic protection botanicals and burn the loaded candle.

Bay Laurel Protection Spell

According to myth, the bay laurel tree offered the Delphic pythoness Daphne an avenue of escape when fleeing rape. Place at least one bay leaf in each corner of every room to create an aura of protection.

Betony Protection Spell (1)

Betony was once an immensely popular medicinal, used extensively in herbalism. Its therapeutic uses superceded by modern drugs, betony’s magical powers remain. Its main gift to people is protection—the ability to repel and disperse negative forces, particularly those that threaten to overwhelm. Burn betony at Midsummer’s Eve to access its peak powers, or burn as needed.

Betony Protection Spell (2)

Grind powder, and sprinkle betony around the home to erect a magical shield of protection.

Betony Protection Spell (3)

This spell allegedly protects those plagued by nightmarish waking visions.

Gather betony in August without the use of iron.

Dry the plant and then grind its leaves and roots.

Place this powder within a blue amulet bag and wear around your neck.

Betony Protection Spell (4)

An old Italian saying suggests, “Sell your coat and buy betony.” Wear betony around one’s neck to repel malicious spirits.

Bell Protection Spell

Bells protect against evil. Their ringing causes many malicious spirits to flee and they are thus a primary component of exorcism rites. It’s not only their ringing tones that repel evil; bells, like broomsticks and mortars and pestles, are a discreet metaphor for the reproductive act. Creative acts of life counteract forces of destruction. For this protective ritual, four silver or iron bells are required.

Consecrate the bells with Fiery Wall of Protection Incense. (Pass the bells through the smoke.)

Charge the bells. Hold them and tell them their mission of protection, aloud if possible.

Hang one in each corner of the area to be protected.

Allegedly the bells will warn when danger appears from that direction by spontaneously ringing.

Recharge bells that ring.

After an emergency or perhaps as annual maintenance, repeat the entire ritual.

Black Cohosh/Black Snake Root Spells

Certain botanicals are believed to possess power similar to that of a serpent—or even allow you to safely tap into actual snake power. Among them is black cohosh, popularly known as black snake root. Not only is this plant affiliated with serpentine power, black is an important color of protection, believed able to absorb all dangers and thus rendering them harmless. It is used to protect against all manner of trouble, from spiritual, magical and plain old human sources alike. In particular, black cohosh provides magical protection against threats of violence and lingering abusive situations.

Since black cohosh, like echinacea and goldenseal, became therapeutically popular, it has been harvested virtually to extinction in the wild. Grow your own supply; the living plant is full of magical protection, too.

Black Cohosh Spell (1) Basic

Place a root or a piece of one within a red or black charm bag. Carry it in your pocket or wear it around your neck.

Black Cohosh Spell (2) Black Tourmaline

Although black tourmaline is a mineral and black cohosh a botanical, they have many magical properties in common. Black is traditionally one of the colors used for protective magic because, like a black hole in space, it’s capable of absorbing endless quantities of negative spiritual power, thus minimizing the presence of danger. The problem, of course, with most black crystals is that they store these psychic toxins and could, in theory, release them. It’s crucial to cleanse on schedule—and cleanse well!

Black tourmaline, like black cohosh, possesses a magical repelling, shielding action instead of an absorbent one. Reinforce this power exponentially by using both together. Place a black tourmaline and a black cohosh root inside a black velvet bag, together with a piece of real silver. Carry or wear for protection.

Black Cohosh Spell (3) Clothes Wash

Rinse your clothing, especially ritual clothing or clothing worn in vulnerable moments, in a diluted black snake root infusion. Let the clothes air dry and wear whenever you need enhanced protection.

Black Cohosh Spell (4) Infusion

Make a strong infusion of black snake root. Sprinkle the liquid over thresholds to prevent the entry of malevolent spirits.

Black Cohosh Spell (5) Red Ribbon

Attach a piece of black snake root to a red ribbon, knotting in your goals and desires. Wear it around your neck or waist.

Black Cohosh Spell (6) Black Snake Root Magic Belt

A magic belt created from cast-off snakeskin is a precious magical treasure but one that may be inaccessible for many. Black snake root approximates serpentine power; this belt creates a similar protective effect.

Cut a black or red ribbon long enough to tie around your waist with nine inches (22 cm) left over.

Attach a black cohosh root to this belt.

Make nine knots in the cord, focusing on your desire.

Wear it around your waist beneath your clothing for protection.

Black and White Protection Powder

Grind up sea salt and black peppercorns and blend them together. Sprinkle this powder around your property for strong protection.

Black and White Protection Powder Super Strength

Grind up sea salt and black peppercorns and blend them together.

Place them within a conjure bag together with five black-eyed peas.

Add your guardian spirits: images of a black Scottish terrier and a West Highland white terrier, small dogs yet fierce, protective, and persistent. (Use photographs, drawings or small figurines.)

Hang or carry this bag for protection.

Blade Proof Spell

Allegedly this spell confers protection against harm caused by metal blades (knives, daggers, etc.)

Pull up an entire edelweiss plant by its roots in one swift, sure motion on a Full Moon Friday. Shake any clinging dirt free but otherwise do not process. Wrap the whole plant up in white linen or silk and wear it within your clothing.

Blocking Spell

This spell isn’t a hex; it won’t cause injury or misery, but merely obstructs someone who wishes to harm you.

Create a doll ideally from the target’s clothing, incorporating intimate items (hair, nail clippings, etc.) as possible.

Write the target’s name on a slip of paper and insert it within the doll.

Wrap the doll in freezer paper and place it in the freezer for as long as necessary.

Blueberry Protection Spell (1)

Even something seemingly as innocuous as blueberries offers magical protection.

Grind and powder dried blueberry leaves and sprinkle around the perimeter of the area needing protection.

Blueberry Protection Spell (2)

Pour boiling water over blueberry leaves to create an infusion. Asperge throughout the home or area for an intensive protection spell, albeit of relatively brief duration.

Blueberry Protection Spell (3)

This spell is particularly beneficial for neutralizing any attempts at placing a “doorstep curse.” Place blueberry leaves under the doorstep or doormat for protection.

Body Protection Spells

Despite fierce animals, poisonous substances and various spiritual threats, most dangers that one potentially encounters on Earth derive from human beings. Homeopathically perhaps, despite all the heka or magical power inherent in botanicals, crystals and animal allies, the most potent protective magic derives from the human body.


Plants, people, objects, and animals radiate heka, and so do symbols. The most powerfully protective magic symbol is that of the female genitalia. This is not intended as prurient or titillating: the female genitals represent the threshold over which every life is activated and emerges. Female genitals also represent the power of generations of watchful, caring, maternal ancestors.

The life-affirming powers of the female genitalia so powerfully counteract forces of death, deterioration, and destruction that merely flashing the real thing forces a troublesome ghost to immediately search for a different house to haunt. This however is rarely a practical response. Although throughout rural North Africa, dried cow vulvas are sometimes stretched and posted on stakes to serve as magically protective sentinels, symbolic depictions are most commonly used to provide magical protection.

Symbolic depictions include anything that conceivably resembles the outer, visible genitalia, especially:


Certain fruits: figs, pomegranates, cocos-de-mer, deeply clefted apricots and peaches

Crescent shapes including lunar crescents and horseshoes

Hair combs (there’s a reason mermaids are so often depicted holding a comb)

Downward-facing triangles

This sacred imagery will radiate magical protection wherever it is displayed. Incorporate this symbolism into jewelry and ornamentation for personal protection or post images to magically protect an area.

Body Safety Spell (1) Female Genitalia Quick Fix

“I’m going to tell my mother!” children warn bullies. Wearing or displaying protective female genital imagery magically transmits the power of generations of watchful, ever-vigilant, potentially wrathful mothers. It is not necessary for this imagery to be made explicit; its power is transmitted magically and subliminally.

For quick-fix, immediate protection, draw a downward-facing triangle or a comb shape onto your door or walls with chalk, charcoal, or red ochre.

Body Safety Spell (2) Female Genitalia

Beads and the art of beadwork are incorporated into many spells; beads may have been invented to provide this type of magical symbolism. Beads are also traditionally crafted into the form of penises and breasts, however those shaped like the vulva provide the wearer with greatest protection.

The material used to craft the bead enhances this power. Beads carved from coral, amber, silver, or iron provide maximum protection. Although mere possession offers protection, the act of beading is a form of knot magic: string necklaces and bracelets, knotting after each bead. Sew these beads onto protection-themed conjure bags, focusing on goals and desires as one sews, knots, and cuts.

Menstrual Blood Protection Spells

Menstrual blood is the ultimate protective agent. The magic power inherent in the menstruating woman and in her “wise-blood,” rather than any inherent “uncleanness,” is the root source of menstrual taboos and the forced isolation of menstruating women. Menstrual blood protects against the Evil Eye, evil spirits, and people with evil intentions. It creates a boomerang effect on magical tricks. Who knows? Its shock value remains so strong that it may literally repel dangerous people, too.

Coral and iron share menstrual blood’s magic powers because, metaphysically, they are understood as solidified remnants of the menstrual flow of Ocean and Earth respectively.

Menstrual Blood Spell (1) Door Guardian

Smear menstrual blood on lintels, thresholds, and doorknobs to provide a protective boundary against malevolence of all kinds.

Menstrual Blood (2) Conjure Bag

Place a dried blood-soaked rag or a small strip from one into a red charm bag. Hang it over the door to provide magical and spiritual protection.

Menstrual Blood Spell (3) Floorwash

Add menstrual blood (as little as a few drops will suffice) to a bucket of boiled salted water.

Add vinegar and use this to scrub the steps leading to one’s home and the entrance thresholds to defy all evil intentions, whether human or spiritually derived.

Menstrual Blood Spell (4) Substitutes Conjure Bag

As with the power inherent in the symbolism of the female genitalia, relying on the actual article isn’t always practical or desirable. Powerful substitutes have evolved over the ages; although none perhaps contain exactly as much power as menstrual blood, the following are extremely potent and are incorporated into many magic spells: red brick dust, vermilion powder, henna powder, red ochre, and iron oxide powder.

Place a pinch of one, some or all of the above powders into a red drawstring bag.

Add a coral or iron bead for reinforcement.

Carry the charm bag to provide protection.

Should emergency situations arise, remove a pinch of the blended powder, spit lightly on it to create a paste and draw protective circles, boundary lines, and symbols as needed.

Replace the powder as needed.


The second most protective human bodily fluid is saliva, especially that of a fasting person.

Saliva Anti Danger Spell

Do you perceive the presence of malevolent spirits lurking behind you? Never fear; there’s an easy, although not necessarily socially acceptable solution. Saliva can disperse demons, malevolent spirits, and the Evil Eye as well as repelling malevolent spells.

Spit in the direction of a threat. When the direction is unknown but the presence of evil is palpable, spit over your left shoulder once to drive it away.

Botanical Guardian Spells

Although different botanicals provide different facets of magical protection, certain plants, especially in combination, provide a fearsome shielding aura, prevailing against evil from all sources.

Botanical Guardian Spell (1) Anti-evil

Allegedly, evil and malevolent forces cannot exist in the presence of the following botanicals:





Their power is exponentially increased where they are maintained together. Maintain living plants for maximum power.

For portable protection, take a sprig of each plant with you.

Braid or weave them together, focusing on your desires.

Place them in a red fabric bag and carry with you.

Botanical Guardian Spell (2) Congo Root Cross

Petiveria alliacea, known as mucura in Latin America, is called Congo Root in Jamaica.

Pin its leaves into the shape of a cross and place it within your shoes for safety wherever you walk. This will also protect against foot track spells.

Botanical Guardian Spell (3) Nine Herbs

The following nine herbs allegedly withstand and protect against all spiritual and magical dangers:






Saint John’s Wort




Plant them around the perimeter of the area needing protection, ideally in a circle. Maintain living plants in pots that may be arranged in a circle, if and when necessary. In times of spiritual danger, sit within that circle.

Botanical Guardian Spell (4) Nine Sacred Anglo-Saxon Herbs

The nine sacred Anglo-Saxon herbs provide protection against all manner of evil. Feature them in a garden to surround you with spiritual, magical protection:









Where’s the ninth sacred herb? Good question. Only eight botanicals are listed, because the identity of the ninth, atterlothe remains unknown. Include only eight species, in memory of all the botanical species driven to extinction, or substitute another plant also celebrated in Anglo-Saxon magic, such as cowslip (sacred to Freya), flax (sacred to Frigg and Hulda), woodruff, or wormwood.

Botanic Guardian Spell (5) Threshold Spell

Attach mugwort, sweet flag leaves and garlic heads with shoots over a doorway to provide protection and repel all evil.

Botanical Guardian Spell (6) Witch Soldiers

In order to have access to a wide variety of botanical magic, witches have historically maintained extensive gardens full of unusual and beautiful plants. (Consider the witch in “Rapunzel.”) Traditionally, witches have also often been healers and midwives, too, so that the witch’s garden was originally filled with therapeutic as well as purely magical plants. By the Middle Ages and the advent of the Burning Times, however, a witch’s garden was by necessity a protection garden, designed to keep persecutors out and guard those within. The classic European witch’s garden was surrounded with three rows of scarlet flowers, known as “witch’s soldiers” to serve as the front-line of protection against witch hunters.

Bullet Proof Spell (1) Amaranth

Create an amulet that allegedly renders you bullet-proof, although how one interprets “bullet-proof” from a magical standpoint is open to interpretation.

On a Full Moon Friday pull up an entire amaranth plant with one swift motion.

Place an offering (payment) into the hole left by the plant.

Wrap the plant, complete with roots and any dirt clinging to them, in a white cloth.

Wear this packet against your chest like a magical bullet-proof vest.

Bullet Proof Spell (2) Monkey Pistol

The Caribbean tree, Hura crepitans, known as the sandbox tree, monkey pistol, bullet proof, and, in Spanish, salvadera, possesses a spontaneously exploding seed capsule. It’s prized by police and gangsters alike as an amulet to protect against being shot. Carry the dried seed capsule in a mojo bag.

Bullet Proof Spell Extra Intensive

Dedicate a red candle to the archangel Michael, Ogun, or Saint James the Greater.

Dress with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and burn the candle, accompanied by prayer and petitions for protection.

When there is just a tiny bit of candle left, pinch it out.

When the stub is dry, place it in a red mojo bag, together with a small piece of iron, a dried bullet proof seed capsule and a medal dedicated to whomever you petitioned for protection. (Draw Ogun’s vèvè or sigil on a piece of paper.)

Bullet Proof Pine Nut Spell

Gather a pinecone replete with seeds on Midsummer’s Day. Allegedly eating one of these pine nuts daily renders you bullet proof at least as long as the nuts last.

Burdock Protection Spell

Burdock, like cucumbers and asparagus, is perceived to magically radiate primal male power. Pierce burdock roots and string them onto red thread. Wear this garland for protection.

Cactus Fence Spell (1)

The equivalent of the thicket around Sleeping Beauty’s castle, a boundary of tall prickly cactus around your home casts an aura of protective banishing against humans and spirits alike.

Cactus Fence Spell (2)

Not quite as potent as the above spell but more subtle: bury cactus plants to create a protective shield around the home.

Casting the Circle

An incredibly simple yet remarkably protective spell is accomplished by casting a circle. Children’s games, such as tag, often designate an area as “safe”; once the child has reached the designated area, the opportunity exists to take respite. Casting the circle is similar: the space within the circle is designated as “safe.” No malevolent spiritual force can touch or harm you while within the circle. The materials used to cast the circle enhance this power.

In addition to personal protective magic circles, circles are traditionally cast to contain threshold experiences as well as whatever is perceived as potentially vulnerable:

Circles are drawn around ritual

Circles are drawn around a sickbed

Circles are drawn around women in childbirth

Circles are drawn around sleeping infants and children

Circle Spell (1) Basic

This is the very simplest protection spell of all. Cast a circle around you. (In other words, stand within while drawing the circle, rather than casting from outside, intending to jump inside when the circle is complete.) Sit in the center until you feel it’s safe to come out.

Circle Spell (2) Basic Invisible

It is not necessary for there to be a visible circle. Spiritual forces recognize spiritual boundaries. Demarcate a circle in space using magic ritual tools: sword, knife, fan, staff, cingulam, or wand.

Circle Spell (3) Celtic Quick Fix

Protective materials sufficient to cast a circle large enough to contain you comfortably may not be at hand when most needed. Draw a circle around yourself with a hazel branch. Hold onto that branch so that the circle’s boundaries may be adjusted and reinforced as needed.

Circle Spell (4) Mullein

Cast a circle of flaming mullein torches to protect what’s within.

Circle Spell (5) Wreath

Wreathes are circles, too. The form as well as the material used for construction contributes to a wreath’s protective powers. Pick primroses and convolvulus on May Day. Make wreathes and hang them to protect against evil.

Visible Circles

Visible circles aren’t necessarily more effective, however, their clear boundaries may provide additional peace of mind for the person within as well as security: you’re less likely to accidentally venture outside the perimeter if you can see it.

Regardless what material is used to cast a circle, it’s crucial that the circle be unbroken. Powerfully protective circles may be cast from the following:


Amber chunks or beads





Fiery Wall of Protection powder


Henna powder




Red brick dust or red ochre

Rice flour









Visible Circle Spell (1) Coral and Jet

Certain circle-casting materials, when combined, create a synergistic, exponentially increased magical effect. Cast a circle of alternating coral and jet. Substitute amber for coral if desired, or combine all three.

Visible Circle Spell (2) Double Concentric Circle

For extra fortification and maximum power, create double concentric circles: one circle within the other. Fill the narrow border between the two circles with protective amulets or salt.

Visible Circle (3) Bloodroot

Cast an unbroken circle of powdered bloodroot or an infusion made from the root around your home and property to repel malevolent spirits and malicious magic.

Centaury Spells

Centaury earned its name because it’s believed to be the legendary herb of the centaurs. Among centaury’s other gifts, it provides magical protection.

Centaury Spell (1)

Create a strong infusion of centaury and add it to the bath for personal protection.

Centaury Spell (2)

Hang bunches of centaury to cast an aura of protection around an area.

Cinchona Bark Spell

Carry a piece of cinchona bark to protect against evil.


Cinnamon casts an aura of potent protection, however derivatives of this fragrant tree bark are often too irritating to be applied directly to skin. The hydrosol is reasonably gentle. Add cinnamon hydrosol (experiment to discover comfortable proportions) to bathwater to create a protection bath.

Club Moss Spell

According to pre-Christian Scottish tradition, club moss may be carried as an amulet of protection if it’s been harvested without iron by a barefoot person using the right hand passed through the left sleeve of a white tunic. Offer libations and gifts to the plant before harvesting, too.

Cornflower Protection Powder Spell (1)

Cornflower protection powder repels evil influences and profoundly discourages evil visitors.

Grind dried blue cornflowers into a fine powder and reserve.

Sweep the house thoroughly with a broom.

When the sweeping is complete, sprinkle cornflower powder over the thresholds of entry doors and in the corners of all rooms, including closet corners.

Repeat periodically to prevent malefic influences from gaining entry.

Reinforce with blue-eye beads and other amulets.

Cornflower Protection Powder Spell (2)

There are other more subtle ways to enter a house than the door. To guard against this, sprinkle blue cornflower powder under or around telephones, computers or any other perceived modes of entry to your home.

Count the Holes Protection Spell

How do I protect you? Let me count the holes … A sieve by the doorway or placed up the chimney foils the entry of evil spirits. Allegedly, they’ll have to stop and count the holes. Substitute fishing nets for sieves, if desired.

Cross of Safety

The cross in this spell may be considered as a Christian symbol or as a pre-Christian emblem of protection, radiating out in all directions.

Form a cross from eupatorium and place it on a wall or door. Draw another cross with chalk, charcoal, or redbrick dust underneath to protect against malevolent magic.

Crystal Protection Spells

Crystal Protection Spell (1) Black Crystals

Black crystals are used to create a shield against evil and danger. Any black crystal absorbs anger, danger, evil, and malevolence, however black tourmalines are believed to repel it.

Hold the gemstones in your hand, charging them with your desire.

Wear as jewelry or carry in a mojo bag especially when stepping into anticipated danger.

Cleanse these crystals frequently so that their protective power is not hobbled but remains at full strength. (See Cleansing Spells, page 185.)

Crystal Spell (2) Jet Magic Belt

Jet allegedly offers magical protection against acts of violence. True jet is rare; you can tell real jet from synthetic substitutes, as real jet may be pierced with a needle.

Attach jet beads or charms to a scarlet ribbon long enough to tie around your waist while sitting. Add a piece of black snake root/black cohosh and wear when needed.

Crystal Spell (3) Witch Stones

Holed stones or holey stones—naturally holed pebbles—are also known as witch stones. In magical terms, they are as precious as any rare gem: they provide protection against malevolent magic, famine, storms at sea, and general spiritual disaster.

String a holed stone onto red cord or silver chain. Wear around your neck during the day, hang onto your walls and bedposts at night.

Crystal Spell (4)

Certain crystals are believed able magically to protect against radiation, as well as high frequency communication antennae and microwave rays. They include Herkimer diamonds, malachite, smoky quartz, and sodalite. They will not substitute for other practical measures but will enhance their power. If you perceive yourself as vulnerable, wear these crystals and keep them within the area of danger. Remember to intensely cleanse these crystals on a frequent basis.

Deasil Flame Spell

Deasil refers to circumambulating sunwise, keeping whatever you’re circling on your right side. Carrying a lit torch or candle, walk deasil around any person, property, or object that you’d like to safeguard from harm and malicious influence.

Destroy Evil Floorwash

Add Four Thieves Vinegar, sea salt and eighteen drops of essential oil of rosemary to a bucket of water. Wash the floors, woodwork, and windowsills, concentrating on thresholds and dark corners.

Devil’s Bit

Allegedly old Satan was so enraged at the protection derived from this plant that he bit it off, leading to its mangled appearance. Wear devil’s bit around the neck to protect from all evil.

Devil’s Shoestrings Safety Spells

The root, devil’s shoestrings, is used to provide magical protection. The following two spells are most effective if cast in conjunction with each other.

Devil’s Shoestring Bracelet Spell

Nine roots of equal length are required; they can’t be cut to size. Knot them into a bracelet, blessing, affirming, and petitioning with each knot.

Devil’s Shoestring Protection Powder

Grind up devil’s shoestrings and blend them with arrowroot powder. Sprinkle the powder in your clothing drawers, around your bed and over your thresholds for round-the-clock protection.

Door Guardians

Thresholds are always places of combined power and vulnerability. The threshold of a home, the front entrance, is particularly vulnerable. Where does both bad and good news most typically enter the home? Right through the front door. Reinforce with protective measures. Door Guardians are objects chosen for the protective magic that they radiate. Typically placed by the entrance facing outwards, they stand ready to battle and repel any approaching threat or evil.

With the exception of the Holy Child, under whose deceptively sweet demeanor a primordial spirit hides, these are fierce, threatening, even frightening images—but they’re door guards after all. Who gets hired to work as a club bouncer: a cute, little kid or a big bruiser? What type of dog is most typically on guard duty: a miniature poodle or a rottweiller? The fiercer, the more frightening the image, the more profound the protection offered by your door guardian.

Door Guardian (1) Aloe Vera

Place living aloe vera plants over the door, rather than beside it, to provide magical, spiritual protection.

Door Guardian (2) Blackthorn

Blackthorn is a small tree with profound magical connections. Associated with witchcraft, it’s also among the fairies’ favorite botanicals. As you’re requesting blessings of protection, it’s particularly important to request permission from the tree, explain your intent and offer gifts and libations.

Create a rod from a blackthorn branch. Keep the shape simple or embellish with protective runes, symbols, and sigils. Hang it over the door to refuse entry to mischief, misfortune, and evil and malicious spells.

Door Guardian (3) Date Palm

Date palms are emblematic of oases and symbolic of the union of male and female energies. Maintain date palms on either side of your front entrance to demarcate your private oasis. Allegedly they ward off intangible evil as well as repelling evil spirits.

Door Guardian (4) Devil’s Pod

Depending on the way that it’s held, the dried seed-pod, Trapa bicornis, the Devil’s pod (less dramatically known as a ling nut), resembles Christian imagery of goat-headed Satan or Baphomet, the alleged idol of the Knights Templar. Use it to ward off evil and trouble, sort of like a nightclub’s big, bad bouncer, the arbiter at the door.

Position the seed-pod so that it resembles a goat’s head. (Held the other way, this charm resembles a bat and is used to draw good luck and fortune.)

Hang it above the doorway, facing outwards so that it can perceive whatever approaches.

Door Guardian (5) Dill

Allegedly dill placed over the door prevents anyone who harbors hostile or envious feelings toward the home’s inhabitants from entering that door.

Door Guardian (6) Elegba Head

This stylized head represents the orisha Elegba, guardian of the gates: Papa Legba determines who enters and who shall not pass. Papa Legba’s head is formed from concrete, with cowrie shell eyes and ears to keep watch over your property.

Place Elegba’s head behind the door. Feed him rum every Monday. Supplement with candy, cigars, and cigarettes, especially when he’s worked extra hard for you.

Door Guardian (7) Elegba in Disguise

When enslaved Africans were brought to the Western hemisphere, the practice of their own spiritual traditions and religions was brutally suppressed and forbidden. As a survival mechanism, African spirit powers assumed the masks of acceptable Roman Catholic saints. Elegba has been syncretized to the Holy Child of Atocha, that miracle-working little boy who may or may not be the Christ Child. His votive image depicts a beautiful child, richly dressed, seated on a throne.

Place a figure of the Holy Child of Atocha behind the door in the same manner as Elegba’s head, feeding the figure on Monday. (The child may be understood as trickster Elegba wearing a mask.) Rum is still appropriate, however you may wish to skip the nicotine and give the watchful little boy extra candy and small toys instead.

Door Guardian (8) Fu Dogs

Fu means “luck” and these Chinese statues, resembling a cross between lions and dogs, bring good fortune as well as protection. A pair of fu dogs repels malevolent spells and destructive energy, allegedly also preventing people with evil intentions from entering. For maximum power, a matched pair of dogs is needed, one male and one female. (To distinguish the gender, male fu dogs are invariably depicted playing with a large ball, while female dogs are not.)

Post the fu dogs on either side of the main gate or entrance, facing away from the building toward whatever or whomever approaches.

For best results, place the male dog on the right, the female dog on the left with both dogs raised up off the ground, the higher the better, so that they’ll have access to the best possible view.

Door Guardian (9) Gargoyles

Technically the gargouille was a seventh-century water-spouting (versus fire-breathing) dragon (think “gargle”) that lived in the Seine River and was slain upon orders of the local bishop. Although the use of animal shaped waterspouts dates back to ancient Egypt, Etruria and Greece, the term gargoyle re-emerged in eleventh-century Western Europe as the name given to functional but decorative rain spouts, carved in the form of grotesque creatures. Because they most frequently adorn churches and cathedrals, they, like the sheela na gig (see below), are mysterious, evocative, surviving vestiges of paganism. Gargoyles give the appearance of demons but offer spiritual protection rather than harm. It’s believed that they are guardian spirits, magically preserved in stone; in the face of evil, however, they will break free to do battle.

In the past few decades, gargoyles have been adapted to serve as door guardians. Free-standing reproductions of famed gargoyles are available. You may also craft your own. Gargoyles do not have to be placed at the front door; consider your most vulnerable points and place gargoyles appropriately. Gargoyles also apparently enjoy each other’s company; there cannot be too many. Place them as needed in combinations that evoke a sense of security. According to legend, winged gargoyles can fly; feel free to move them around as desired.

Door Guardian (10) The Generals

Depending upon legend, the generals Yu-ch’ih and Ch’in Ch’iung protected the second Tang emperor from an infestation of ghosts, or from a seductive but deadly fox-spirit. These dedicated guardians offered to stay up all night, standing guard so that the afflicted emperor could sleep. They were extremely successful but after several days it was decided to see whether portraits of the ministers in full military dress might substitute for the living generals, who were desperately in need of sleep themselves. The portraits proved successful and so have served as door guardians ever since.

Affix their pictures side by side on the main entrance to protect a home from all danger, especially that of malevolent ghosts and spirits.

Write wishes, desires, and directions for the Generals on slips of red paper.

Affix these to the door, too.

Door Guardian (11) Kuan Ti

Kuan Ti, also known as Kuan Kung, is Lord of War but does double duty as one of the Lords of Wealth. This fierce, scowling guardian spirit provides special protection for merchants, politicians, and those he perceives as oppressed. He is acknowledged as the guardian deity of the triads. His image, whether a statue or of paper, serves as a door guardian for those who respectfully summon his magic power. In addition to protection, Kuan Ti offers blessings of prosperity to the home in which his spirit resides. This old soldier maintains peace and harmony within the home; his presence strengthens and empowers the patriarch of the resident family. (Consider whether this is desirable.)

The more fierce and scowling, the more power his image radiates. Kuan Ti should not look friendly. Place his image inside the home facing the entrance door. Kuan Ti can’t do his job if he’s not armed: his image or statue must have his weapons, typically a sword or massive staff, in order to be magically activated.

Door Guardian (12) Medusa

According to classical Greek mythology, anyone who gazed at Gorgon Medusa’s face was instantly turned to stone. What more could you ask of a door guardian? Although artistic renderings of Medusa don’t have quite the same dramatic effect, her image allegedly provides protection, repelling all evil including the Evil Eye.

Medusa’s origins lie in the female-centered spiritual traditions of ancient Libya. Despite the Greeks’ professed abhorrence of her appearance, they availed themselves of her power: representations of the gorgon’s head were placed on city walls to provide protection.

Medusa may be placed inside or out but she must face away from the home toward whomever or whatever approaches so that she can fix them with her fierce eye.

Post the image of her head on the door itself or just behind it.

Freestanding Medusas also exist, depicting a gorgon’s head on a woman’s body, girded for battle. Once these images guarded ancient temples. Place one or several by your entrance looking outward so that she can protect you.

Gorgon Medusa may be understood as an amulet (especially when only her head is depicted) or as a sacred and powerful spirit. If you understand it as an amulet, charge it with your desire. If you understand her to be a spirit, feed her: she accepts arak or ouzo, red wine, pomegranates, seashells and serpentine, as well as companion images of snakes.

Door Guardian (13) Sheela na Gig

The sheela na gig represents the protective power of the female genitalia and the collective protective aura of generations of mothers, whether your own mother, the Earth Mother or a mother goddess. Most frequently incorporated into church buildings in Celtic areas, analysis demonstrates that the sheela na gig carving is typically older than the rest of the building. Her origins and meanings are mysterious.

The sheela na gig depicts a wizened crone in parturient position, spreading her vagina, enlarged like a gateway, with her hands. She looks into the eyes of those who approach, beckoning and daring you to enter. Better than a “no soliciting” sign; this may be the most effective door guardian of all as so many find the image consistently shocking. Many will likely not enter your gate. Presumably the sheela na gig magically winnows out those who should not enter.

Place the sheela na gig over the front door, or as desired, looking out. For added power and enhancement, sprinkle with menstrual blood, red brick dust, or any other euphemistic substitutions.

Door Guardian (14) Tiger

In Asian magical tradition, tigers are the fierce sworn enemies of evil spirits. They are also animals closely associated with warrior spirits and witchcraft: a tiger’s magical knowledge is as great as its bravery and physical prowess. All are put to good use when the tiger serves as a door guardian.

According to Chinese schools of magic, it’s not advisable to maintain images of tigers within the home; because of their fierce, uncontrollable nature they have a tendency to stimulate havoc. Instead post an image of one by the entrance door, either a paper image attached to the door or a statue beside the door to provide spiritual protection. The tiger must be looking away from the home searching for danger.

Door Guardian (15) Ti Plant

Ti plants are the sacred plants of Hawaiian magic and spirituality. They provide protection against all evil and serve as subtle door guardians. Place two potted ti plants by your entrance door, one at each side of the door.

Doorstep Protection Spells

The doorstep marks the literal threshold. It is a particularly vulnerable spot. Many hexes involve what is called “dusting the doorstep.” The spell is activated by leaving its remnants or other magic materials at the target’s front door.

Many rituals are designed to transform this threshold into a zone of safety. Typically spells are repeated weekly with many involving “cleansing.” Because in some cases, although not all, it appears only that you’re being very clean and house-proud, this is also a very subtle, discreet style of magic.

(Should your doorstep ever be dusted, check Hex Antidote Spells (page 590) for tips on removing items safely and repelling the spell, but follow up with protective measures, too.)

Doorstep Spell Floorwash

Urine is believed to have fierce magical commanding powers, hence its use in protective floorwashes. If you’re genuinely fearful or otherwise passionately emotional, assume that your desires are inherently transmitted; otherwise concentrate on your desire while scrubbing the steps.

A bucket filled with some sort of floorwash is required for this spell.

Choose any magical floorwash formula or merely fill a bucket with salted water.

Add some of your urine to this bucket of wash water and then scrub the step.

Doorstop Spell Floorwash Extra Power

Place red brick dust and Cascarilla Powder in a bucket.

Pour boiling salted water over it.

When it cools add Indigo Water, Florida Water and some of your own urine. (Some recommend that lye be added as well; however lye can be dangerous to use, particularly when children and animals are present.)

Scrub the steps and threshold area of the front entrance to the home.

Doorstep Spell Red Brick Dust

Red brick dust protects against malevolent magic and repels evil of all kinds.

Smash an old red brick with a hammer until sufficient dust is obtained.

Add red brick dust to a bucket of floorwash and scrub the front steps and threshold area.

Sprinkle powdered red brick dust over the threshold daily before sunrise.

Doorstep Spell Rice

Fill an open jar with raw white rice.

Place the jar by the entrance door for protection.

Rice doesn’t repel evil; it absorbs it. Replace with fresh raw rice weekly.

Do not bring the old rice back into your home. Do not cook it. Dispose of it outside the home, whether by burning, throwing away, or scattering on Earth.

Doorstep Spell Rose of Jericho

Sprinkle Rose of Jericho Water on the door itself, both inside and out, to repel and remove evil. For maximum power, use fresh rue as an asperging tool.

Doorstep Spell Rowan

Chalk rowan tree berry patterns onto doorsteps after they’ve been magically cleansed, to keep away malevolent spirits.

Doorstep Spell Salt Cross

Using sea salt or black salt form the shape of a cross over your doorstep. Understand this symbol however it provides a sense of security for you. The cross symbolism derives from pre-Christian metaphysical geometry: salt’s protective capacities are radiated in all possible directions. If you are uncomfortable using the cross shape substitute triangles, diamonds, or crescents instead.

Dragon’s Tears Spell

Carry dragon’s tears in a red charm bag to ward off evil and spiritual danger.

Ear Line of Defense Spell

“Stick and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me!” That old saying may be the least truthful aphorism of them all. Words can harm, and can do so very badly. Magically speaking, ears are perceived as a receptive orifice. Language can be used for blessing but also as a means of undermining, causing grave psychic damage.

Earrings serve as protective amulets against verbal arrows.

Choose an image that represents protection to you, however if in doubt triangles, red and black beads, or gemstones are particularly beneficial.

Charge the earrings with their mission prior to wearing; whenever you’ve heard more than you should, cleanse the earrings in Cleansing or Protective incense.

Earth Protection Spell

Obtain graveyard dirt from your ancestors’ graves or gather dirt from a saint’s shrine or other sacred place.

Sprinkle Holy Water, Marie Laveau Water or Spirit Water over the dirt.

Allow it to dry, and then place it in a bag and hang it near the entrance to your home.

Egg Protection Spell

Allegedly any one living in a home containing this type of stuffed egg will not be subject to wicked enchantment.

Carefully make a hole in the top of an egg.

Cleanse the egg extremely well, then drain and dry it. Make sure the egg is completely dry before adding the botanical material.

Fill the hollowed egg with dried cinquefoil/five-finger grass.

Seal the egg closed with red wax.

Egg Tree Spell

Egg trees created with living trees magically draw fertility; created with dead trees or bushes, egg trees cast a spell of protection to ward off malevolent magic.

Crop tree limbs as needed.

Hang witch balls or carefully decorated blown eggshells from the branches.

The more embellishment, the more powerful the spell: let this be a work in progress, continually adding more protective power.

Elder Protection Spells

The elder tree is sacred to the Germanic witch spirit of love and magic, Hulda, affectionately known as Mother Holle. Hulda is among the leaders of the Wild Hunt, that reveling procession of spirits and witches. Christian propaganda suggested that elder repelled witches, although apparently no one troubled to inform Hulda or her witches, who use elder in abundance. Presumably this propaganda is based upon how one interprets the conventional magical wisdom that elder repels evil.

Elder Protection Spell (1)

Pick elderberries on Midsummer’s Eve. Dry them and place over doors and windowsills to protect against evil.

Elder Protection Spell (1)

Hang elder branches over doors and within the home as magical protection.

Elder Protection Spell (3)

The innate magical protective capacity of elder may be enhanced:

Soak thin branches to soften them.

Twist these elder branches into auspicious shapes: pentagrams, hexagrams, triangles, diamonds, or others.

Tie them in place with red or green cord, knotting your desires into the spell.

Elf Protection

Elves, while typically not inherently malevolent are believed to frequently harbor unfriendly feelings toward people. Fennel offers protection from their power. Wear fennel during psychic journeys or whenever one feels threatened.


In addition to referring to psychic attack by elves (see Healing Spells, page 509), elf-shots are also the name given to prehistoric stone arrowheads. Set an elf-shot in silver and wear it around your neck to provide magical homeopathic protection against being elf-shot.

Eye of the Devil Protection Spell

“Eye of the devil” is another of those fiendishly named botanicals that actually provide protection, not harm. Known as Eye of the Devil in Egyptian folk magic, the name is sometimes translated as “Power of Satan.” Burn eye of the devil and allow its smoke to remove and repel evil.

Eye Vulnerability

Eyes are perceived as the body’s magical Achilles’ heel, a venue through which evil can intrude and hence in need of magical protection. They are the windows of the soul and hence an anatomical threshold. Eyes are a conduit for power, yet they leave an individual psychically vulnerable. Eyes are how the Evil Eye communicates.

This perceived vulnerability stimulated the invention of eye-makeup. Originally eye-makeup was designed to provide magical protection as much as aesthetic appeal. The most famous proponents of eye-protecting makeup were the ancient Egyptians. It is virtually impossible to find images of ancient Egyptians without their characteristic eye-makeup from the earliest days until the end of their civilization. It was worn by both men and women.

Eye Vulnerability Kohl Spells

Kohl, the Egyptian’s eye-makeup, was created from magically powered materials, so that in addition to health and beauty benefits, Egyptian eye-makeup protected against various spiritual dangers, plus against both receiving and casting the Evil Eye.

The Egyptian’s eye-makeup, kohl, is still in use. Although modern cosmetic pencils are sometimes marketed as kohl, real kohl is a loose powder, applied with an applicator stick. Its magical ancestry is very apparent when it is packaged in a drawstring bag, just like any other magic powder kept in a conjure bag. In fact, kohl powder creates a measure of protection when it is merely carried.

The most common, most ancient Egyptian amulet is a cosmetic palette, a sort of flat mortar and pestle, on which to grind the minerals used for eye-makeup. It appears in the most ancient prehistoric graves and was consistently the one tool buried in even the simplest grave.

Kohl Formula (1) Historic

Recipes for kohl abound. The simplest versions may contain nothing more than antimony powder or soot, however complicated magically oriented formulas are also prized. A trip to the traditional marketplaces of North Africa and the Middle East still finds vendors hawking their own kohl concoctions. Ideally, kohl provides magic power as well as beauty. However one must be cautious. Because some vendors emphasize magic over health, some formulas contain substances which should never be placed anywhere near the eye, although the powder may be carried for talismanic protection purposes. This medieval recipe is one example:

Scoop out the flesh of a lemon.

Fill it with plumbago and burnt copper.

Burn on a charcoal brazier until reduced to carbonized ash.

Pound these ashes with a mortar and pestle.

Additions might include pulverized coral, pearls and amber.

Moisten with rose water, then allow to dry.

Kohl Formula (2) Modern

A safe and simple modern formula from India provides kohl’s blessings without dangers of adulteration. Castor oil magically commands protection and is the base for many commanding and protective magic oils. Burn a clean cotton wick in castor oil. Collect the residue. Voila! Kohl!

Kohl Formula (3) Practical Application

Kohl possesses general protective properties when carried. However, in order to provide protection for the eyes it must be applied cosmetically. Unlike modern eyeshadows, kohl is not placed on the lid but actually inserted into the eye, hence the need to be extremely careful regarding the safety of ingredients.

Place a pinch of dry kohl powder on a dish or in the palm of your hand.

Consider your wishes, what service the kohl is expected to provide. When this is very clear in your mind, spit lightly on the kohl to moisten it or lick the tip of the wooden applicator stick.

With your eyes lightly shut, gently place the applicator between the lids in the corner closest to the nose and carefully draw across to the end of the eye. The tearing process should automatically carry the powder to the right area, however a little practice may be needed.

Fennel Spell

Hang fennel from doors and windows to ward off evil energy and entities.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spells

Fiery Wall of Protection is among the most famous classic condition formulas. Its name invokes the power of Archangel Michael’s protective flaming sword. The formula may be consecrated to the archangel.

Fiery Wall’s basic ingredients include such powerful protective agents as salt, frankincense and myrrh. Its red color, the color of protection, derives from dragon’s blood powder. See the Formulary for specific instructions: the dried powder may be used as incense or magic powder. When the powder is added to oil, Fiery Wall of Protection Oil is created.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (1) Candle

Carve a red or white candle with your name, identifying information, hopes, and desires. Dress it with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and burn. Consecrate the candle to the Archangel Michael if desired.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (2) Extra-strength Mojo

Place a handful of Fiery Wall of Protection Powder in a charm bag.

Drizzle it with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and Protection Oil.

Add a medallion depicting Michael the Archangel and/or a tiny doll-sized sword: a fancy tooth pick works well.

Carry it in your pocket.

Replace the powder weekly, dressing with fresh oil.

Cleanse, charge, and consecrate the charms as needed.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (3) Incense

Protect against a threatened curse by burning Fiery Wall of Protection Powder as incense. To intensify the protection, add powdered agrimony and/or vervain.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (4) Powder Circle

Cast a circle of Fiery Wall of Protection Powder around yourself, your home, or whatever needs protection.

Envision a circle of enchanted flames magically surrounding and protecting you, something like the magic fire encircling The Ring of the Nibelung’s valkyrie swan-maiden Brunhilde: the flames are cool and won’t harm those whom they protect yet serve as a burning boundary preventing the entrance of all evil.

Stay within the circle for as long as necessary.

Carry the powder within a charm bag so that circles and boundary lines may be spontaneously cast as needed.

Fiery Wall of Protection Spell (5) Quick Fix

Soak a cotton ball in Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and carry it in your pocket or tucked into your bra.

Five-finger Grass Spell

Fiver finger grass (cinquefoil), a very close relative of tormentil, is to protection what four-leaf clover is to luck.

Search for a perfect five-leafed specimen. Place it between tissue paper and press the fresh plant between the pages of a sacred text. When completely dry and preserved, carry it with you in an amulet bag.

Garlic Anti-evil Spell (1)

Hang garlic heads on doors to repel evil.

For maximum power use either one, four, five, or a dozen heads.

Should the garlic start to rot or deteriorate, bury or burn outside the house and replace with fresh heads.

Garlic Anti-evil Spell (2)

Combine one head of garlic with an old metal key and a metal depiction of a hand (hamsa, Hand of Fatima, or similar). Place in a window or over the door to provide spiritual protection to those within the house, and to repel evil, malice, and negative enchantment.

Garlic Protection Wreath

Create a wreath from at least one dozen garlic bulbs.

Decorate it with lodestones, pieces of freshly cut aloe vera, votive imagery, charms, iron beads, and packets filled with salt, mustard seed, and Grains of Paradise.

Hang strategically to radiate magical protective power.

Geranium Protection

Geranium is a popular house and garden plant, not only because it’s bright, cheerful, and hardy but because it also magically repels evil spirits. Maintain protective boundaries with geranium, or strategically place individual plants.

Glamour Protection

All that glitters is not gold. “Glamour” once indicated a fairy’s seductive powers of enchantment. To be glamorous was to possess that power. Wear an oak leaf over the heart to magically protect against false glamour and superficial virtue, allowing the wearer to see what truly lies within.

Graveyard Dirt Protection

Clearly and explicitly write your desire for protection onto a piece of paper, then burn it, reserving the ashes.

Place these ashes in a conjure bag, together with asafetida, bones, nail parings, and graveyard dirt.

Wear it around your neck to ward off illness, malevolent spirits and spells.

Gris-Gris Protection

The term gris-gris derives from West Africa. Now frequently used as just another synonym for conjure, charm or mojo bags, gris-gris originally indicated what the Portuguese called fetishes: handmade magical objects. The original West African gris-gris often took the form of dolls; modern New Orleans gris-gris are often a cross between a mojo bag and Vodou paquets-Congo, although doll-shaped gris-gris still exist.

For those who care about magical semantics, subtle, subliminal distinctions exist, however. Mojo, also derived from an African word, usually implies magically acquiring success, whether in love, gambling, money, employment, or legal matters. Gris-gris implies protection; the gris-gris bag thus tends to cover the spectrum between benign protective spells and hexes.

The traditional New Orleans Voodoo bag contains an odd number of magically charged items, from as few as a single prized talisman to as many as thirteen.

Gris-gris serves a specific purpose; consider your goal and choose items accordingly. Items may include botanicals, stones, bones, and intimate items including hair, nail clippings, or a scrap of fabric soaked with sweat.

Charge items on an altar with all four elements represented. Petition and dedication to Iwa or other spirits may be incorporated.

If your goal is personal protection, carry your gris-gris; if protection derives from adjusting someone else’s behavior, typically the gris-gris is left on the doorstep or the other party’s property.

Guardian Animals

Animal allies may also be petitioned for safety. As usual, the most potent allies are always your personal allies. If you are unaware of their identity, request them to make their presence known in your dreams and visualizations or obtain professional shamanic/spirit-working advice. In the meantime, certain animals provide magical guardian services when requested.

Guardian Animal Spell: Dog

Dogs provide magical protection as well as the mundane type. This protective spell benefits an entire community.

Create paper dogs so that you are ready to cast this spell on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (coinciding with Midsummer’s Eve). Charge them with their mission and throw them into living waters (rivers, lakes, springs) so that they’ll bite and incapacitate any evil attempting to emerge.

Guardian Animal Spell: The Five Poisons

In general, magical guardian animals are fierce. This makes sense: the Doberman is a more popular guard dog than a golden retriever. Chinese magic contemplates what it perceives as the five most venomous creatures and groups them together to provide magical protection, especially protection against animal attack, poison, and spiritual harm.

Create an image or collage of the five poisonous creatures: centipede, lizard, scorpion, snake and toad. (The toad, source of powerful venom (think poison-arrow frog) is sometimes replaced by the spider. Use whichever frightens you more.) Images may also be purchased in Chinatown or from feng shui suppliers, however the image created for oneself is always most powerful. Wear to protect against spiritual danger, poison, venomous creatures, and animal attack in general. The image is regarded as particularly beneficial for protecting children and infants.

Guardian Snake Spells

Snakes are renowned for possessing divine powers to ward off evil. Think of a hidden jungle temple guarded by protective serpents. Legends of buried treasure or hidden magical valuables traditionally have snake or dragon (considered metaphysically to be a closely related species) guardians.

Guardian Snake Spell (1) Candle

Spiritual suppliers sometimes sell candles in the shape of coiled serpents.

Hold the candle to charge it with your desire. If you wish, look the snake in the eye and charge it with its mission of protection.

Burn the candle to release the snake’s guardian powers.

Burning the candle is sufficient, however its power is enhanced by being dressed with Protection Oil.

Burn at regularly scheduled intervals so as to define protective boundaries.

Guardian Snake Spell (2) Personal Bodyguard

Snakes can serve as personal magical bodyguards. Methods of tapping into snakes’ protective powers include:

Wear snake armlets on the upper arms

Snake rings offer protection as does snake imagery in henna designs

Permanent vigilance is provided by snake tattoos

In addition to their traditional role as guardians of treasure, snakes and dragons have discovered new realms to protect in the twenty-first century. Snakes and dragons have become the metaphysical protectors of computers and the treasures contained within.

Guardian Snake Spirit Protection (1) Abstract

Provide protection for your computer equipment by decorating with images of snakes and/or dragons.

Place images of snakes and dragons above or beside the computer. The guardians may face the computer or face outwards, however they shouldn’t be staring directly at you.

A Chinese dragon-tortoise amulet facing the computer provides good fortune and business inspiration as well as protection.

A dragon or snake screen saver places the guardian directly over the threshold of entry, a particularly potent spot.

Guardian Snake Spirit Protection (2) Simbi

The spell above summons the powers of snakes and dragons as a general species. There is an abstract quality to the spell: the desire is to draw on generic dragon or snake power rather than that of one specific spirit ally.

Simbi, the powerful snake Iwa, is considered the spiritual patron of computers. Request his personal assistance by placing the image of a powerful snake near the computer. Give the snake a dish of milk on Fridays in exchange for his protection.

Guardian Snake: Snake Head Spell (1)

Fritillaria meleagris a now rare European plant whose flower bears a striking resemblance to a snake’s head—hence its English name “snake head.” Because it is very endangered and because the living plant is a source of tremendous spiritual protection, grow your own rather than wildcrafting. Carry a piece of the root or a carefully preserved flower head for protection.

Guardian Snake: Snake Head Spell (2)

Place the root and/or blossom above the door for protection.

Guardian Crocodile Spells

Magnitude of power is required to provide serious protection. This is always ambiguous: magnitude of power required to fend off real dangers is potentially a danger unto itself. Snakes may be magically protective but they’re also dangerous, venomous creatures. That ambivalence is even greater with another protective creature, the crocodile.

There’s a fantasy aspect to all these protectors, reminiscent of a child’s desire for a really big mean brother to scare off and punish bullies. This is the ultimate fantasy: to have someone so scary that they terrify everyone else to be your loyal friend and helper. Crocodiles, snakes, and dragons fall into this category. It is, however, always crucial to recall that an animal alliance with a spirit animal doesn’t necessarily extend to every single individual living member of the species.

Guardian Animal Crocodile Spell (1) Image

Once upon a time, churches and occultists alike attempted to command and compel crocodile’s magical protective tendencies by hanging stuffed, dried crocodiles from the ceiling. The magical use of crocodile imagery provides greater protection to people and crocodiles alike.

Cut the image of a crocodile from two pieces of fabric and sew them together, leaving a hole for stuffing. Red or green fabric is recommended. Stuff with protective herbs: harmel (Syrian rue), mugwort, pennyroyal, wormwood, lavender, and mint and hang from an iron nail.

Guardian Animal Crocodile Spell (2) Teeth

Like sharks, crocodiles and alligator shed their old teeth, growing new ones. In theory at least, their teeth may be obtained without injury to the animal. A necklace or ankle bracelet of shed crocodile or alligator teeth allegedly prevents the casting of all negative bewitchment over its wearer.

Many teeth have a natural space at the top through which they may be threaded, however a needle can also be used to gently pierce the tooth.

String the teeth onto red or black thread, focusing on the desire for protection.

Pass through protective incense smoke and wear.

Guardian Poultry

Of course, humble creatures can demonstrate tremendous protective power, too. How does that Mother Goose rhyme go?

Heckity, peckity

My black hen

Vestiges of Hecate’s ancient protective power lie in the ubiquitous references to black hens in magic spells. Pure black hens were treasured, eggs and stray feathers prized components in all sorts of spells.

Guardian Animal Poultry Spell (1) Frizzly Hen

The tradition survived in the Hoodoo tradition of the frizzled or frizzly chicken. Keep “frizzled” pattern chickens or roosters on your property. Allegedly they stand guard and will scratch up any hexes, jinxes, and tricks any malicious spell-caster may have secretly hidden on your property.

Guardian Animal Poultry Spell (2) Rooster

Roosters are creatures possessing potent magic power. While many may consider poultry to be humble, no one has informed the rooster. By nature, they’re fearless, virile, territorial creatures. Because they crow at the first light of day, it’s believed that many malevolent low-level nocturnal spirits fear them. Because these low-level spirits are none too bright, they won’t check the sky to see whether the sun is coming. As soon as they hear a rooster’s crow or even see a rooster, these spirits disappear.

Wear a rooster charm to avail yourself of this power

Post the image of a proud rooster to repel spiritual dangers

A real rooster, or even the recording of one crowing, will repel evil spirits: avail yourself of this power as necessary although your neighbors will hate you for it. The rooster’s crow is extremely loud and piercing

Guardian Spirit Spells

Although there are many benevolent, powerful, protective spirits your own strongest ally is always your personal guardian angel. If you’re unsure of his or her identity, consider that although there are spirits that offer protection, it’s best to call on someone you can count on. Call on whomever has helped you in the past, whomever you feel you have a relationship with. That said, there are spiritual experts in the world of protection, just as there are human security experts.

It takes a fierce spirit to defeat other fierce spirits: treat these guardians with respect. Transcending any other arrangements, the necessary payment for protection is respect.

Sign of Protection Spell

Images of the following guardian deities may be used to exorcise or drive off all manner of evil. Not only do they protect from the evil done by humans, they also guard people against danger threatened by less benevolent spirits.

Archangel Michael






Saint James the Major

Saint Martha the Dominator





Various Tibetan and Chinese guardian spirits

Guardian Spirit Spell: Archangels Ritual Protection Spell

This spell is particularly effective for providing protection during ritual. However it may also be used any time spiritual protection is perceived as necessary.

Designate four candles, one for each archangel: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.

Dedicate each candle to one archangel; carve the angel’s name or sigil into the wax if you prefer.

Place one candle in each corner of the room or make a circle with the candles on your altar.

Encircle anything you wish to protect with a ring of these candles, including yourself.

Burn the candles, replace as needed.

Archangel Michael Spell (1)

Although the archangels (and potentially any angel) can provide tremendous protection, the archangel Michael is the very personification of protection. Always ready and alert, Michael the Archangel is charged as humanity’s guardian and defender. That’s his mission, his raison d’etre. Put him to work if his services are required. Although Michael the Archangel will respond to any call for help, he is a particular vigilant defender against rape and sexual assault.

The aroma of frankincense summons Michael, however calling his name, particularly when desperate, may be sufficient. Call him with his invocation:

Michael to the right of me,

Michael to the left of me

Michael above me

Michael below me

Michael within me

Michael all around me

Michael, with your flaming sword of cobalt blue please protect me today.

Archangel Michael Spell (2) Slavic Invocation

A Slavic invocation of Michael the Archangel emphasizes his connections with the protective power of iron and the magical protective capacity of the number three and its multiples:

Oh Archangel Michael

Protect me with an iron door

Lock it with three times nine locks and keys!

Archangel Michael Spell (3)

According to legend, Michael is the angel with the flaming, revolving sword standing guard at the gates of Eden. A New Orleans Voodoo spell posts Michael at your door with sword at the ready for ever-vigilant protection.

Fill small bags with Grains of Paradise.

Attach these bags to the back of two images of Michael the Archangel. Make sure that the images depict him with his sword.

Post one image at the front door, the second at the back, so that the warrior angel can stand guard for you.

Of course, should your home only have one entrance, you’ll only need a single image and a single bag of Grains of Paradise.

Archangel Michael Gate Spell (1)

Of course there’s also another guardian at the gates. According to Christian legend, Saint Peter stands guard at the gates of Eternal Paradise, Heaven. It is he who determines who may enter and who will be denied admission and sent elsewhere. Your home is your little slice of paradise, such as it is. Charge Michael and Peter with maintaining and improving this status.

Use one image of Michael; choose a second one featuring Saint Peter. Purchase standard chromolithographs or votive images, or create your own. However it’s crucial that Peter’s image depicts his keys and Michael is shown with his sword.

Attach small bags filled with Grains of Paradise to the backs of these images.

Place Peter at the front door, Michael at the back.

Archangel Michael Gate Spell (2)

Depending upon the African Diaspora tradition to which one subscribes, Saint Peter is syncretized to either Elegba or Ogun, while Michael is typically associated with Ogun. Ogun is a warrior spirit, the embodiment of iron, patron of the police, armed guards and soldiers. Elegba is the master of all doors; his permission is required before one can enter.

If you prefer to bypass the syncretism, post images of Ogun at front and back door or Elegba at the front and Ogun at the back, with a small bag of Grains of Paradise attached to the back of each image.

Archangel Michael-Ogun-Saint James the Greater Spell

To complicate matters further, Michael the Archangel is identified with Ogun, but Ogun is frequently identified with Saint James the Greater, in whose guise he is depicted as a knight or conquistador riding a white horse, lance at the ready. That image also has profound protective capacities. Substitute as desired or post within the home facing the front door. Create your own image or use traditional votive cards or chromolithographs. This image is also a frequent theme of beautiful sequined Haitian Vodou flags, however in all cases it is crucial that Saint James have his weapon ready at hand.

Guardian Spirits: Bes and Taweret

Much of the ancient Egyptian mythology that survives belongs to those spiritual cults presided over by the Pharaoh and the elite priesthood. As far as the masses of common people were concerned, however, the most popular, beloved, prevalent deities may have been the married couple, Bes and Taweret.

Bes, whose worship ranged from Nubia to Mesopotamia, is a fierce cross between a lion and a dwarf. Taweret is another hybrid creature: she has a woman’s breasts on a hippo’s body, although from behind she resembles a Nile crocodile. Bes and Taweret live to serve: they are particularly protective of women and children. Bes and Taweret may be summoned separately, however they are at maximum strength when paired together. Not only will they provide protection, they also inspire bravery and will help you access your own courage.

Summon Bes and Taweret through imagery. They recognize the placement of their image as a call for protection. Bes, in particular, also loves a party: he finds it hard to resist or leave loud, wild percussion music and dancing.

Guardian Spirits: Egyptian

The Egyptian deities Isis, her sister Nephthys, the scorpion spirit Selket (or Serket), and warrior Neith are all intensely involved with the magical arts. Images of these four protective deities were used to guard coffins and canopic jars, as well as deceased pharaohs. They will guard you too, if so requested.

Call them with an ancient invocation:

My mother is Isis

Nephthys is my nurse

Neith is behind me

Selket is before me

This is particularly beneficial when emergency situations demand spontaneous spiritual invocation.

Guardian Spirits: Egyptian (2) Candle Magic

More formal invocation may also be made. Images of the four spirits are required. Reproductions of ancient statues are readily available or substitute their emblems: a scorpion for Selket, and a pair of crossed arrows, snake or crocodile for Neith. For this function, Isis and Nephthys are typically represented by a matched pair of their sacred birds, the kite; however, this may be a difficult image to obtain. Isis may also be invoked in the image of a scorpion, with Nephthys as a snake.

Cast a circle with the images: place Nephthys behind you, Isis in front, Neith to the east and Selket to the west.

Place one green or black candle behind each image. Hold each candle in your hand, focusing on your desire for protection.

Invoke each spirit in turn to watch over you and prevent the approach of all evil.

Burn the candles. Repeat as needed.

Guardian Spirits: Joan of Arc

The unofficial saint to end all unofficial saints is Joan of Arc. Roman Catholic authorities attempted to charge Joan with witchcraft, heresy, and consorting with fairies. Burned at the stake on May 30th, 1431 at age 19, Joan was declared innocent twenty-five years later but not canonized until 1920. For almost five hundred years Joan was the most famous, beloved unofficial saint ever. During her lifetime, Joan demonstrated her bravery and her loyalty to those for whom she fought. Petition her to protect a family or household.

Designate a gray candle for each member of the household for whom you beseech protection.

Write each person’s name on a piece of paper.

Place each name-paper under an individual candle and burn them while requesting Joan’s protection.

Repeat this spell eight more times, for a total of nine consecutive spell days.

Guardian Spirits: Kali

Kali’s name evokes the concept of time and the color black into which all else may be absorbed. She is the spirit of birth and death, love and fear, peace and violence, safety and danger, truth and the destruction of illusion. She is the matron of witchcraft and Tantra. Call out her name Kali Ma (Mother Kali) for protection if threatened by violence.

Guardian Spirits: Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin, the Buddhist Lady of Mercy and Compassion, is a tireless, ever-vigilant protective guardian. Although her appearance is milder than that of warrior spirits, she is no less powerful. Kwan Yin achieved nirvana but refused to leave Earth as long as one human is left suffering. She promises to come to the aid of anyone who cries out her name in his or her hour of need. If your hour is at hand, call her name and explain your predicament, if it needs explaining.

Guardian Spirits: Mafdet

Invoke Mafdet, the fierce Egyptian spirit for protection from demons, and troublesome ghosts as well as human enemies. Mafdet manifests as a lynx or a large wild cat.

Shape ground meat (do not use pork) into something approximating the shape and size of a human phallus. Basically you’ve formed a penis-shaped meatloaf, however there is no need to cook it.

Inscribe the names of your enemy or enemies onto the loaf with a knife, sharp blade or toothpick.

Chant the names of your enemies, each identified also with their mother’s names, in order to identify and pin them down.

Wrap this loaf in a layer of fatty meat.

Feed this to a cat: your own or otherwise. It’s crucial that the cat eat with gusto. Find feral hungry cats. Don’t feed it to a finicky cat who’ll just nibble at the ends. As the cat devours the loaf on this plane, so Mafdet will deal with your enemies on the spirit plane.

Guardian Spirits: Maximon

Maximon, Guatemalan trickster spirit of the crossroads and male primal power is a fusion of the ancient Mayan deity Maam and the Roman Catholic Saint Simon. He offers devotees many gifts such as wealth and fertility but especially protection. Maximon’s sacred plant is tobacco; his color is black.

Burn a black candle before an image of Maximon to protect against envy, jealousy, and hostility from others.

Guardian Spirit: Maximon Clothing Protection Spell

Traditionally Maximon is represented by wooden images dressed in the elegant clothes he loves. Maximon is fine: keep him looking sharp. There’s something in it for you, too.

Handwash Maximon’s clothing.

Add essential oils of lemongrass and citronella to the final rinse water.

The water in which his clothes are washed magically protects against malevolent witchcraft. Reserve the final rinse water; add it to your own bath, or bottle and reserve to use as needed.

Guardian Spirits: La Santisima Muerte

La Santisima Muerte, Blessed Death, skeleton spirit of the hereafter is the magical matron of Mexican witches. Cut from the same cloth as Kali or Baba Yaga and evoking the same mingled emotions of dread and love, La Santisima’s imagery is even starker than theirs; she appears as the grim reaper in robes, complete with scales and sickle. A dangerous spirit, she forces us to confront our deepest fears when we contemplate her contradictions. Beyond the reach of any mortal fear herself, La Santisima offers protection in the face of grave danger. Because she is dangerous, one doesn’t bother her over trivial matters but when protection is a life or death issue, La Santisima Muerte is a profound, fearsome ally.

La Santisima Muerte possesses a reasonably extensive wardrobe of different colored robes. When petitioning her

for protection, it’s traditional to use her image robed in white. Because she can be too much for a person to handle, it’s also customary to include another spirit in the petition, someone like Saint Anthony, Santa Elena or San Cipriano to keep her in line.

Blend white rice, rosemary, and red rose petals in a bowl before an image of La Santisima Muerte. Place a white candle in the bowl and burn it, praying and petitioning to La Santisima Muerte. Bury most of the remnants but keep a sampling of auspicious-appearing pieces of wax in a red conjure bag.

Guardian Spirits: Seven Hathors

The Seven Hathors are ancient birthroom spirits, however they also provide protection in other contexts. Use their seven red hair ribbons to bind dangerous spirits.

Create an offering table to call their attention: offer beer and pomegranates.

Place seven red silk ribbons on the table, one for each Hathor.

Murmur over the ribbons, explain your desires, fears, and what is required.

Weave, braid or otherwise bind the ribbons together.

Hang these woven ribbons prominently until all danger has passed then dispose of them in a river.

Should their help be needed again, summon the Seven Hathors with seven new ribbons.

Guardian Spirits: Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui, master exorcist and ghost-eater, stamps out mean spirits with his big black boots. Zhong Kui heads a host of either 3,000 or 84,000 demon-slaying spirits (depending upon the legend). Posting his image brings good fortune, banishes evil spirits, and protects you from harm. Zhong Kui is depicted with his demon-killing magic sword and his totem animal, a lucky bat.

Hang his magical image up at the end of any month or on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar (corresponding to Midsummer’s Eve) to scare away malicious and evil spirits.

Hand of Power Spell

Create a talisman on parchment or a sheet of copper.

Form it in the shape of a hand with an eye in the center. (A bit of yellow sulfur may be used for the eye.)

Inscribe with protective runes or sacred verses.

Carry, post or give to someone in need.

Hearth Fire Protection Spell

Protective botanicals may be ground and powdered and burned as incense. However it’s believed especially powerful to burn them on the hearth. The burning hearth fire itself possesses incredible powers of protection and enhances the effectiveness of any spell cast within. The hearth symbolizes female primal power, while the fire is the male. Whatever enters the hearth thus enters a cauldron of generation—hence the importance of such hearth spirits as Vesta or the domovai, and the crucial importance of never allowing the hearth fire to go out.

To protect against evil forces burn angelica, bay laurel leaves, juniper, mugwort, and wisteria in the hearth. (A fireplace or iron cauldron substitutes for the traditional open hearth.)

Hemlock Protection Spell

Allegedly hemlock carried in a red charm bag protects from all evil, but be careful: it’s poisonous!

Herbal Protection

Gather dillweed, Saint John’s Wort, and vervain within white handkerchiefs. Either tie the packets closed with blue ribbon or create sachets using blue thread and hang these strategically throughout the home for spiritual and magical protection.

Holed Stone Protection Spell

Suspend holed stones on red cords and hang in the window to ward off evil.

Holy Herbs Protection Spell

New Orleans Holy Herbs are a protective formulation. Add the following seven botanicals to a steaming cauldron: black snake root, catnip, hops, jasmine, motherwort, peppermint, and skullcap. Brew and allow the steam to permeate an area to simultaneously cleanse and beckon protective spirits.

Home Protection Floorwash

This is most effective if done during the Summer Solstice, Midsummer’s Eve or Saint George’s Day.

Add War Water to a bucket of floorwash water with some vinegar.

Cleanse floors and surfaces.

When the cleansing is complete, toss the used wash water out the back door.

Rinse the mop and bucket. Flush this rinse water down the toilet.

If you have no back door and no appropriate back window, flushing all the water is preferable to using the front door.

Home Protection Oil

Blend the following botanical ingredients: powdered five-finger grass (cinquefoil), dried ground purslane, gardenia petals, lavender blossoms, and sandalwood powder.

Add it to a bottle of jojoba oil together with a pinch of sea salt.

Use this oil for dressing protection candles, drizzle it over the thresholds and anoint any objects within the home requiring special protection.

Horehound Spell

Horehound is named for the Egyptian falcon deity Horus, and carries the blessings of his mother, Isis. Sew horehound into a white sachet. Wear or carry it to protect against evil spells.

Horseradish Spell

Grate or grind dried horseradish root. Sprinkle over thresholds, corners, and any vulnerable areas to expel evil.

Hyacinth Antidote Spell

Carrying a hyacinth (jacinth) crystal gemstone allegedly protects one from poison.

Inner Safety Spell

Sometimes danger comes from within. If anger and rage threaten to overwhelm you, the following may offer safety:

Add essential oils of chamomile, spearmint, and lavender to a base of sweet almond oil.

Add a few drops of Cherry plum flower essence (Bach, Healing Herbs).

Massage onto the body, especially the back of the neck, as the need arises.

Iris Protection Spell

Beautiful purple irises potently repel evil. Gather them on Midsummer’s Day and hang them over doorways and thresholds.

Iron Spells

Iron repels evil of all kind. Most malevolent spirits cannot bear to be in its presence. In addition to providing protection, iron enhances and stimulates the growth of one’s personal magic powers, so that you are stronger and better able to protect yourself, requiring less outside spiritual protection. Iron also invigorates general vitality and energy.

Iron Protection Spells

Iron provides protection 24 hours a day, whether you are asleep or awake.

Bend a used horseshoe nail into a ring

An iron bracelet reinforces the magical protective capacities of the hand

String iron beads and wear around neck and ankles

For protection while you sleep, slip a knife or horseshoe under your pillow

If you prefer not to keep anything that hard in bed, a sword or fireplace poker can be kept under the bed

No need to keep anything in or under the bed: sleeping in a bed crafted from iron creates an island of safety, reinvigorating health, creativity and fertility while you sleep

Iron Spell: Spoken Word

The power of iron is so strong that even if you don’t have any, just shouting out the word “iron” allegedly routs evil spirits.

Iron Spell: Basic Bath

Place an iron nail into a drawstring bag and hang it from the faucet so that water runs through it into a bath. Reserve the nail, drying thoroughly; it may be used over and over again as needed.

Iron Spell: Enhanced Bath

Place an iron nail into a drawstring bag together with red rose petals, hibiscus flowers, and Grains of Paradise. Hang it from the faucet so that water runs through it into the bath. The botanicals may be discarded after the bath, but reserve the nail for future use.

Iron Spell: Clothing

Sew bits of iron (nails for instance) into the hems of garments for protection from evil. (The spell only works when the clothing is worn.)

Iron Spell: Coffin Nail

Wrap a coffin nail in brown silk. Carry it with you to protect against malevolent magic.

Iron Spell: Cross of Protection

Charge six iron nails with their mission of protection. Arrange them into three crosses (one nail hammered over the other forms a cross) and drive over the front entrance door. Anoint the nails with Lucky Lodestone Oil once a week.

Iron Spell: Pliny the Elder

This formula from Pliny the Elder is used as ritual protection against the threat of poison, sorcery, and malicious enchantments. Although one may cast this spell oneself, it’s more effective if someone casts it for you.

Take a knife or dagger, the crucial point being that it is crafted from iron or steel. Cast an imaginary circle three times around the person requesting protection with the point always facing toward them.

Iron Spell: Simple

Ironworkers create intricate, complex amuletic designs for fences and gates. Of course, professional talent, extensive training, and skill are required. Simple spells can also be very powerful. Pow-Wow draws on potent household magic: a safety pin serves as a protective amulet. Wear one discreetly on your sleeve to repel dangers.

Isis Eternal Light Protection Spell

Shine a light in the darkness. Keep it burning in the light, too. According to legend, the Roman Temple of Isis kept candles burning day and night to symbolize eternal hope and never faltering protection.

Emulate the practice by burning protection candles constantly. As one candle goes out, burn another. (The Temple of Isis, of course, was never left unattended. Keep fire safety always in mind.) The spell is made more potent if petitions to Isis or your personal guardian spirit are incorporated.

Jack o’Lantern Protection Spells

Placing candles within carved hollowed vegetables, now a Halloween tradition, was originally intended to protect against wandering, malicious spirits or ghosts. This spell still works, particularly if the jack o’lantern is created with conscious intent.

Jack o’Lantern Pumpkin Spell

Pumpkins are the subject of many spells themselves and so are appropriately used to protect against malevolent magic. This jack o’lantern serves as a door guardian and should be placed by the front door. It protects against mischievous spirits, and disappointed trick-or-treaters. Use real pumpkins; carve a face if you choose or carve protective symbols into the hollowed pumpkin.

Jack o’Lantern Turnip Spell

Protect the trick-or-treaters! The original Irish jack o’lantern was carved from a turnip. It has the advantage of being portable and can thus be carried as a protective amulet. Hollow the turnip and carve, either with the traditional face or with symbols that represent protection to you. Insert a lit candle and carry as a magical, protective lantern.

Jade Spell

Jade carved into the form of a circle with a hole in its center, essentially a double-concentric circle, provides spiritual protection. Examples include bangle bracelets or circular charms meant to be strung from red cord.

Hold the jade in your hand to charge it with your purpose.

Empower it by exposing it to moonlight.

Cleanse periodically by passing through sandalwood smoke.

Juniper Protection Spell (1)

Hang juniper berries over doors and windows to guard against malevolent magic.

Juniper Protection Spell (2)

Pierce juniper berries. String them onto red cord and wear as a necklace to ward off hexes.

Kludde Safety Spell

Kludde is a Belgian woodland goblin notorious for his shape-shifting skills. Kludde transforms into any creature at will, from the fiercest to the cutest, in order to lure unsuspecting humans to certain doom. Is he an evil spirit or a forest guardian who’s earned a bad reputation? Either way, the condition oil named in his honor is used homeopathically to protect against attack by any living creature—animal or human.

Add essential oils of citronella, fir, and pine to a base of jojoba oil. Soak cotton balls in the oil and tuck them in your pockets when journeying through literal or metaphoric woodlands.

Kupala’s Dew Protection Spell

Kupala, the Slavic spirit of water, botanicals, magic, and fertility is honored at the Summer Solstice. She’s at the height of her power and Earth’s moisture is suffused with her protective blessings.

Roll in morning dew on the Summer Solstice so that your clothes and body are suffused with its moisture to receive Kupala’s blessings of protection. (This spell is most powerful if the previous night was spent reveling in honor of Kupala.)

Liquidambar Spell

The resin of the liquidambar tree, also known as storax, provides protection on its own, but is also believed to magically enhance and strengthen the powers of any other botanical it is blended with. Burn liquidambar together with frankincense and sandalwood for optimum spiritual protection.

Living Boundary Spells

In fairy tales, witches’ cottages are surrounded by magical gardens. A garden creates a living altar that is cultivated to achieve your desired goals. A protective garden creates an aura of safety around the perimeter of your home.

Living Boundary: Basic Protection Garden

Maintain a protective aura of safety around your home. Include as many of the following as possible: angelica, cactus, clover, dill, elder, flax, gardenia, garlic, holly, juniper, mugwort, nettles, oregano, roses, rosemary, rowan, rue, Saint John’s Wort, southernwood, thyme, vervain, wormwood, and yarrow.

Living Boundary: Circle of Trees

Grow or transplant as many of the following protective trees as possible: ash, bay laurel, birch, cedar, ceiba, hawthorn, hazel, iroko, juniper, oak, olive, and rowan. Arrange the trees in a circle, if possible.

Living Boundary: The Poison Garden

This may be the ultimate protective garden, filled with plants that can genuinely harm the careless trespasser. Although these plants are dangerous and even toxic for consumption, on a metaphysical level alone, they produce a powerful aura of protection. Once upon a time, witches, sorceresses, herbalists, pharmacists, and botanists alike maintained small, enclosed, gated poison gardens. However, if children and animals have access to your garden, this spell is neither safe nor appropriate.

Plant some or all of the following:

Aconite (Aconitum napellus)

Deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna)

Thorn apple (Datura stramonium)

Hellebore (Veratum album)

Henbane (Hyoscemus niger)

Mandrake (Atropa mandragora)

Oleander (Nerium oleander)

Place a bench in a shady spot and absorb their protection, being careful not to absorb their poison.

Living Boundary: Guardian

Elderberry bushes planted beside entrances creates the botanical equivalent of a gate guardian. They provide a metaphysical barrier against forces of malevolence. Fresh leaves and branches near doors and windows serve to protect, as well.

Magic Bean Spell

Beans are magic plants; Jack and the Beanstalk is but the most famous of the tales that celebrate beans’ magic power. Although the dried seed is what’s most frequently used, the beautiful, if fleeting, bean blossoms are also filled with power. This isn’t something you can purchase at the florists but must be grown at home.

Gather, dry, and powder bean blossoms. Sprinkle this powder over thresholds, or use as a discreet strewing herb for magical protection.

Magic Belt Protection Spell

A magic belt constitutes a method of casting a protective circle, sealing off the aura from danger. Pass fabric or cord through protective incense smoke before use. Ornament with bells, mirrors, cowries, charms, small amulet bags, and auspicious beads.

Magic Belt Protection Spell Quick Fix

Make knots in cord in multiples of three (nine knots, twenty-one knots, and so on) and tie it around your waist, while simultaneously blessing and affirming your safety.

Magic Mirror Protection Spell

Point a solar-charged magic mirror in the direction of danger to eradicate it. (See Elements of Magic Spells for instructions on safely charging mirrors with the power of the sun.)

Malicious Spirits Protection Spell

Should you hear someone call your name when no one is visibly present, and should you fear that this is a demonic ploy to lure you into trouble, take advantage of low-level spirits’ legendary low IQ: respond with a contradictory message. The classic Russian answer is something like “Come again yesterday,” but the more clever and

creative your response, the more you’ll leave the spirits scratching their heads and impotent to hurt you.

Mandrake Protection Spell

Soak true mandrake root in warm (not hot or boiling) water for three or seven days. Sprinkle the water on thresholds for protection against all manner of evil. (Allow the mandrake to dry out afterwards so that this expensive, rare root may be preserved and used again.)

Marjoram Protection Spell

Grow living marjoram plants in every room of your home to provide magical and spiritual safety.

Mary’s Bean

“Mary’s bean” is the name given to several species of Central American and Caribbean beans that enter the sea and wash up on the shores of Northern Europe, particularly the Hebrides and Orkney Islands. The beans are characterized by their mysterious appearance on these shores and the cross marking one side. Magical theory is that if the beans are lucky enough to arrive unscathed, they’ll extend that protection to the one who finds it.

Holed stones are gifts of Earth; Mary’s beans are gifts of the sea. If you find one, preserve it in a charm bag or set it into jewelry and keep with you at all times.

Matchbox Spell

Blend cayenne pepper with flaxseed and place within a matchbox. Hide the matchbox within the home to prevent the entry of evil. (More than one box may be created and then secreted in different spots for optimum protection.)

Mean Spirit Repelling

This spell is particularly beneficial following banishing spells when you fear that malevolent spirits will attempt to re-visit the scene of their crimes. The aroma of this potion repels hostile, troublesome, malicious spirits and prevents their entry.

Place rotten apples, wine galls, vinegar, and sulfur in a cauldron. Add myrrh and red sandalwood and warm to a simmer.

Mean Spirit Repelling Powder

Avoid uninvited guests. Make a paste from camphor, cloves, frankincense, and myrrh and burn it in the fireplace or in your cauldron to prevent evil spirits from gate-crashing a ritual.

Midsummer Protection Spell

Emulate John the Baptist whose festival coincides with Midsummer’s Eve. Wear a magic belt or girdle woven from mugwort on Midsummer’s Eve. Dance around the bonfire; before the night ends, toss the garland into the fires to receive a year of protection.

Moon’s Protective Mojo Hand

A mojo bag created with the talismans of the moon provides protection at night:

Place a moonstone, a clear quartz crystal, and a smoky quartz into a beaded bag.

Add a piece of moonwort and a silver bead.

Dress with one drop of essential oil of white camphor and carry or wear the bag.

Mugwort Spells

Mugwort Protection Spell (1)

The fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese calendar, the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, coincides with the Summer Solstice and Midsummer’s Eve. That “five” is among the chief numbers of protection is no accident.

Gather mugwort and iris. Wrap them together with silk thread in five different colors and hang them over door hinges to avert mean spirits and malevolent magical influences.

Mugwort Protection Spell (2)

Pick mugwort on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese month. Craft it into dolls, and hang these over doors to banish toxic influences.

Mugwort—Saint John’s Wort Spells

Saint John’s Wort and mugwort are brother and sister plants: the ancient Greeks placed Saint John’s Wort under the rulership of Apollo while mugwort belongs to his twin sister, Artemis. They are fairytale protector plants. Saint John’s Wort protects by day, mugwort by night. They are allies, working together to provide the best protection for you.

Mugwort-Saint John’s Wort Circle Casting

Maintain living plants in flowerpots.

They will radiate protection by their mere presence; however when extra protection is needed, arrange the pots in a circle and sit within.

A minimum of four pots will be required (two Saint John’s, two mugworts) to demarcate the cardinal points, however more may be used if desired.

Mugwort-Saint John’s Wort Round-the-clock Protection

Place dried Saint John’s Wort leaves and/or blossoms in a conjure bag or locket and wear or carry during the daytime. Fill a dream pillow or a second locket with mugwort for protection while you sleep.

Mugwort-Saint John’s Wort Deluxe Conjure Bag

Place the following botanicals in a conjure bag: bay leaves, Dittany of Crete, mugwort, Saint John’s Wort, southernwood and wormwood.

Add one silver bead or charm, one gold bead or charm, and one iron bead or charm.

Carry for protection

Saint John’s Wort Malevolent Magic Detector

Gather Saint John’s Wort on Midsummer’s Eve. Hang the branches on the walls or in the upper corners of rooms to serve as “malevolent magic detectors.” Should harm cross the threshold, the blossoms will drop.

Mustard Seed Spell

Bury yellow mustard seed under your doorstep or threshold area to prevent the entry of negative spiritual entities.

New Year’s Protection Spell

This spell comes from Scandinavia; it is diametrically opposed to many Chinese New Tear’s spells that instruct not to clean on New Tear’s Day because you may accidentally sweep all your luck away, leaving you none for

the year ahead. How you feel about cleaning will determine which magical philosophy is most appropriate for you.

Clean the house completely on New Year’s Day, removing every speck of dust.

Carry the sweepings to a crossroads and discard them.

This renders the home immune to bewitchment and malevolent magic during the year to come.

Okra Safety Spell

Dry whole okra. Pierce the dried vegetable, string onto red cord and hang over the door to protect against malevolent bewitchment.

Onion Blossom Spell

The unexpected beauty of many onion blossoms surprises those only familiar with onions as food. Springing up on spear-like stalks, the flowering onion proudly displays its protective capacity. Grow onions around the home to create a magical barrier against harm.

Onion Protection Spell

Pierce a round white onion with at least one hundred red- and black-headed pins. Place this within a window to obstruct the entry of evil.

Orrisroot Protection Spells

What’s this? A spell to guard your lover? Orris-root, the fragrant roots of several iris species, is used almost exclusively for love and seduction spells, at least in European-derived magic. In Japanese magical traditions, however, orrisroot offers spiritual protection too.

Orrisroot Personal Protection Spell

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over sliced or ground orrisroot and add the strained liquid to your bath.

Orrisroot Space Protection Spell

Hang whole orrisroots from the ceiling to provide protection.

Papaya—Mandrake Safety Spell

Place mandrake root and papaya leaves within a charm bag. Hang it over doorways and windows for protection against malevolent spells and enemies.

Papaya Protection Spell

Place papaya twigs and leaves over the door to ward off evil.

Parsley Protection Spell (1)

P is for protection—and for parsley, too. That’s why it’s used as a garnish; parsley on the plate keeps your food free of any low-level spirits attempting to sneak inside you via your food.

Parsley Protection Spell (2)

Garnish yourself with parsley’s protection. Wear a sprig of parsley to provide protection wherever you travel.

Peach Protection Spell (1)

Different cultures have different protective trees and wood: rowan in Northern Europe, tamarisk in the Middle East. The peach is the primary protective tree of Chinese metaphysics.

Carve peach wood or a dried fruit pit into shapes that represent protection for you, and carry it in a charm bag.

Peach Protection Spell (2)

Place blooming peach blossoms at the door to guard the inhabitants and to prevent the entry of evil.

Pentacle Protection Spell

The pentacle, the five-pointed star, may be understood to represent a parturient woman: the uppermost point is her head, while the others represent her arms and her legs spread out in labor. It is an exceptionally powerful image radiating spiritual protection. Hold the image of that laboring woman in mind while drawing pentacles wherever they feel needed.

Peony Protection Spell

Peonies have been considered magical plants from China to ancient Greece. Dry peony roots and carve them into sacred, auspicious shapes. Carry for protection.

Peony Seed Protection Spell

All parts of the peony provide magical protection: string dried peony seeds onto red thread and wear as a necklace to ward off evil.

Peppertree Protection

Carry red peppertree berries for personal magical protection.

Pine Protection

Pine trees offer protection. The fragrance of the needles wafts protection over an area.

Bring small living pine trees inside your house, and not only at Christmas. Decorate them with protective amulets.

Plum Tree Protection Spell

Hang boughs of flowering plum over doors, windows, and thresholds to retain joy in the home and repel malice and evil.

Poison Protection: Devil’s Shoestrings

Wear a whole, uncut, devil’s shoestring around your neck to protect against poison.

Poison Protection: Shark’s Teeth

Fossilized shark’s teeth, also known as “Saint Paul’s tongues,” allegedly protect against poison if worn or carried. Should the tooth work for you, cleanse it before further use and make a contribution to the welfare of sharks.

Protection Bags

Simple Protection Bag

Entwine mugwort and Saint John’s Wort and place within a red bag. Hang over every door and window for powerful magical, spiritual protection.

Personal Protection Bag

This protection spell may be cast for yourself or for another.

Put together a bag of your own or another person’s intimate items (hair, nail clippings, bits of fabric cut from a garment soaked with sweat, etc.).

Place them within a charm bag.

Attach it to the wall in a very discreet area by hammering in an iron nail. Simultaneously invoke blessings.

Boldo Protection Bag

Place boldo leaves, garlic cloves, Saint John’s Wort, black cohosh root (black snake root), and rue into a red bag to guard against evil.

Dangerous Angel Protection Bag

Ironically, with the exception of angelica, many botanicals named for angels are toxic and even angelica, benevolent as it is, shouldn’t be wildcrafted as it’s easily mistaken for poisonous plants. This protection bag is filled with dangerous angels: very definitely for external use only.

Fill a charm bag with angelica root, angel wings, angel’s turnip (dogbane) and a dried angel’s trumpet seedpod.

For maximum protection, dress a gold pillar candle with Fiery Wall of Protection Oil.

Activate the bag by placing it in front of the candle while it burns.

Devil’s Power Blast Protection Bag

Despite various frequent allusions to the devil in folk magic, witchcraft is not synonymous with Satanism. The devil as perceived as a completely malevolent competitor of the Creator is a Christian concept, based on ancient Persian notions of the battle between opposing good and evil forces. Few other spiritual philosophies recognize such concretely “black and white” deities. What passes for the “devil” (and typically has been identified with the devil by Christian authorities) is either one of the less sympathetic angels, a crossroads spirit, or one of the horned spirits of primal male generative power. Although all possess a potentially dangerous streak and must be handled with care, none is inherently evil, malevolent, hostile, or out to permanently steal souls. In fact, many of these spirits demonstrate tremendous benevolence toward people, when they choose to (e.g., Elegba or Maximon). Because the concept of an eternally evil devil doesn’t exist for those who aren’t Christian, there’s little fear. Perhaps because the crossroads spirits in general are pranksters, devil imagery is often incorporated with humor: Lucky Devil rather than Evil Satan.

Magically speaking, the devil is often perceived as the biggest, meanest, baddest spirit on the block; one you’d like to have on your side to protect against other lesser mean spirits. This protection bag calls on that devil.

Fill a conjure bag with devil’s pod (Trapa bicornis), devil’s dung (asafetida), devil’s bit, devil’s nettle (yarrow), three devil’s claws, five devil’s joy blossoms (vinca) and nine devil’s shoestrings of equal length.

Anoint the bag with Flying Devil Oil.

Activate it by placing it beside a carved, dressed devil candle in whatever color makes you feel most protected. (Devil candles are typically crafted in black, green, and red although a candle-maker could craft any color.)

Protection Baths

Object Protection Bath

For empowering and protecting specific objects or ritual tools:

Place marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, and sage within a bowl.

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over them.

Sprinkle the infusion as needed or add the strained, cooled liquid to a spray bottle and apply as needed.

Protection Bath: Basil

This spell repels malevolent magic targeted toward you, repairs a damaged aura, and helps erect a personal protective shield.

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over fresh basil leaves. Once it cools, strain the leaves out and discard.

Bring the bowl of basil-infused water to the bath or shower. Stand naked in the tub or shower. Dip a clean white cloth (a handkerchief or hand towel) into the infusion and, wiping downwards and out, cleanse your body.

Repeat daily for nine days. After the final bath, throw any remaining water (and make sure there is some!) out the front door with an aggressive motion.

If this isn’t possible toss liquid into a pot filled with Earth. Remove it from your home and dispose of it immediately, preferably at a crossroads.

Protection Bath: Cloves

Cloves are a powerful protective agent, especially beneficial for bolstering personal strength and aura prior to anticipated spiritual, verbal, emotional, or even physical conflict. They’re also extremely fragrant, as anyone who’s ever mulled cider knows.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that cloves are extremely potent skin irritants, capable of raising welts on even the least sensitive skin. There are alternatives to the bath:

Burn cloves and fumigate hair and clothing with the smoke

Add essential oil of clove bud to oil and massage it into your hair, so that you radiate its fragrance

Add a few drops of essential oil of clove bud to laundry rinse water so that your clothing is permeated with the fragrance

However, the bath is the strongest method of application, if you can stand it.

Pour two cups boiling spring water over half a teaspoon of ground cloves.

Let it steep until cool.

Add to bathwater.

Immerse completely, if possible, ideally three times, but watch out for your eyes.

If your skin is very sensitive, don’t take the bath; this spell is not for you. Choose an alternative. If your skin is a little on the sensitive side, do not grind the cloves but leave them whole. This will not release as much of the volatile oil and so may be slightly less irritating.

Protection Bath: Dragon’s Blood Bath

Blend a handful of sea salt and a handful of dragon’s blood powder. Toss it into the bath.

Protection Bath: Fire-Breathing Dragon’s Blood Bath

This bath above is quite powerful on its own, however its protective capacities may be enhanced.

Blend a handful of sea salt and a handful of dragon’s blood powder.

Add one drop of essential oil of cinnamon leaf and/or one drop of essential oil of peppermint. (Cinnamon in particular is a skin irritant; be cautious. Don’t exceed the single drop.)

Intensify the bath by making it red: use either red food coloring or preferably an infusion of red hibiscus blossoms. (Hibiscus tea bags will work, too.)

Protection Bath: Five Fingers Protection Bath

The following ingredients will be required:

Five dried or fresh bay laurel leaves

One cup (or more) of sea salt

Five limes, sliced in half

A splash of vinegar, preferably lemon vinegar

A glass of spring water

A glass of rose water or rose hydrosol, or one of the charged waters

Draw a warm bath.

First add the salt and the bay leaves.

Squeeze the limes into the water, tossing the fruit in as well.

Add the other ingredients.

Enter the water. Submerge yourself completely five times if possible. Stay in as long as you like. Rub your body with the limes.

Drain the water while still in the tub. Allow yourself to air-dry amidst the remnants of the limes and leftover leaves.

Protection Bath: Fresh Herb Protection Bath

Frankincense, benzoin, and dragon’s blood are potent and exotic, but power emerges from the mundane as well. Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over fresh fennel, dill, and chervil. Add it to the bath, then allow yourself to air-dry in order to radiate spiritual protection.

Protection Bath: Grains of Paradise

Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over Grains of Paradise and galangal root. Strain and add the water to your bath.

Protection Bath: Indigo

Add the following to a tub of warm water: sea salt, Epsom salts, saltpeter, and Indigo Water.

Protection Bath: Lime

Limes possess intensive protective, hex-breaking, and cleansing faculties. Bathe in salt water (use ocean water or add substantial quantities of sea salt to spring water), and add twenty-one slices of lime to your bath. Enter the bath and rub yourself with each slice, discarding it in turn.

Protection Bath: Tormentil

Tormentil tea is used to keep malevolent magic far away. Although its identity is often confused with the root charm High John the Conqueror, they possess no botanic relationship. Tormentil, a frequent component of European magic, is actually closely related to another Hoodoo botanic charm, five-finger grass (cinquefoil). Those five fingers are used in gambling magic to draw luck and money; however five fingers also create a potent sign of protection.

Pour boiling water over tormentil to make an infusion. Add this to a tub filled with warm water and then soak in the water.

Protection Bath: War Water

War Water, also known as the Water of Mars, draws on the power of iron. Although it’s most famously used to send notorious and powerful hexes, War Water also creates a powerful, protective shield that repels danger of all kinds.

Before you initiate the bath, first cleanse the home with War Water, especially the room in which you will bathe.

Add War Water to the bath water.

Immerse yourself completely three times.

Drain the water and allow yourself to air-dry.

As an optional extra, add seven or nine bay leaves to the bath.

Protection Bath: Wodaabe

The Wodaabe are the nomadic people of Niger, living amidst settled neighbors. Their herbal knowledge is renowned throughout the region. The Wodaabe recommendation for fighting the influence of sorcery is derived from what they call the tanni tree or Balanites aegyptica. Millennia ago, the ancient Egyptians favored oil produced from this tree for perfumery. The Wodaabe recommend bathing the body with water containing crushed tanni bark.

Add the crushed bark to a cauldron or pot of simmering water.

Allow this to simmer for at least one hour, and then allow it to cool until a comfortable temperature is reached.

Add to a bath filled with warm water or, for maximum strength, dip a clean cloth into the cooled decoction and bathe the body using downwards, outwards movements.

Protection Incense Formulas

Protection Incense: Five Resin Protection Incense

Blend the following:



Dragon’s blood



Protection Incense: Seven Herb Protection Formula

This is an abbreviated version of the Ten Herb Protection Incense that follows; however, although this formula uses less botanicals, it incorporates the magically protective number of seven.

Blend the following: avens, caraway, cumin, dill, juniper, mugwort, and wormwood. Burn the powder as incense.

Protection Incense: Ten Herb Protection Incense

Unlike many protection incenses, which rely on the power of gum resins, this formula incorporates the protective botanicals of Europe’s colder climates. Blend the following together:




Bay laurel leaves




Saint John’s Wort



Protection Oil Spells

This classic Hoodoo condition oil makes its promise explicit in its name; this oil creates an aura of protection.

Protection Oil Spell (1) Candle

Carve a red, black or white candle with your name and identifying information.

Hold the candle in your hands to charge it with your desire.

Dress the candle with Protection Oil and burn.

Protection Oil Spell (2) Quick Fix

Soak a cotton ball in Protection Oil.

Carry it in your pocket or tucked within your bra.

Pay attention: should danger approach, the oil’s fragrance may suddenly intensify.

Protection Packet Spell

A Jewish protective amulet also draws good fortune while serving as a magical guardian.

Melt beeswax or red wax and reserve. Add a little Protection Oil or similar to the wax if desired.

Place a sprig of fennel, a stalk of wheat and three, five, seven or nine lucky coins on a piece of silk.

Roll it toward you, while concentrating on your desire for safety, protection, good health, and a happy life.

Tie it together with red thread.

Dip the roll or packet into melted wax and let it dry.

Protection Powder (1)

This is an abbreviated, simplified version of the powder base for Protection Oil

Grind and powder Southern John root (galangal or Courtcase root).

Blend it with magnetic sand.

Drip a tiny bit of Van Van oil over the powder.

Stir it gently and allow the powder to dry.

Reserve the powder and sprinkle it as needed.

Protection Powder (2)

Yet another protection powder formula. If this is added to oil this too will serve as Protection Oil. Blend the following together: dragon’s blood, sandalwood, and salt. Burn as incense or use to cast protective circles.

Protection Powder (3)

Blend benzoin, dragon’s blood, sandalwood, and salt together. Powder and burn, or use the powder to cast protective circles.

Psalm Protection Spells

Psalms have tremendous protective capacity. Psalm 91 is considered the anti-demon, anti-evil, anti-danger psalm. Recite as needed.

Psalm Protection Spell

In moments of anxiety and danger start reading Psalm 1 and then proceed through the book, psalm by psalm, in order.

If you get to the end, begin the cycle once more.

Should your chanting be interrupted, pay attention to where the interruption occurred: clues to your situation and its solution may be revealed.

Psalm Spell

For protection against dangers both spiritual and human, recite the Psalm 23 as soon as you awaken. Recite the Psalm 104 just before going to sleep.

Psychic Attack Protection Spells

Psychic attack takes many forms but at its most virulent it’s a form of psychic stalking. Make sure you protect yourself.

Psychic Attack Protection: Black Snake Root

Black snake root, known in herbal medical circles as black cohosh, serves as a guardian protector and is especially beneficial in magically protecting against emotional abuse. Tie a piece of black snake root to a red cord. Wear it around your neck or your hips.

Psychic Attack Protection: Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has a shielding quality, especially beneficial when the psychic attack penetrates into your thoughts and dreams. Wear or carry a black tourmaline to protect against psychic attack.

Psychic Attack Protection: Carnelian

Attach a carnelian to a cord to create a magical belt. Wear it over the umbilical region to prevent psychic attack, as recommended by the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Psychic Attack Protection: Saint John’s Wort

In case of psychic attack, fear is your worst enemy. Saint John’s Wort flower essence remedy (FES) relieves fears of psychic attack, whether that fear is justified or not, and offers courage and protection. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for internal administration, or add to the bath.

Psychic Attack Protection Spell: Rowan

Nail nine sprigs of rowan across the door lintel. As an alternative, wear sprigs, flowers, or rowanberries in your hair or hat.

Purslane Spell

Purslane (portulaca) protects against evil. Cast a circle of blossoms around the bed for protection while you sleep.

Red Cross Protection Spell

Whether the seclusion of menstruating women was caused by choice or force, taboos against menstrual blood remains primal and potent. In many cultures displaying a menstrual rag guaranteed a woman safe-passage; no one would get close enough to bother her. In other cultures, anything the menstruating woman touched must be destroyed once her period is over. In still others, contact with a menstruating woman is a method of punitive banishment; the person touched is rendered forever unclean and can no longer live amongst his people. Yet simultaneously, menstrual blood is perceived as so powerful that it puts demons to flight, stops fires from burning, and offers primal protection.

The first “taboo” sign was a cross drawn from menstrual blood, warning those who did not belong to keep away at their own risk. Reproduce exactly, if you will or utilize one of the many red substitutions instead: red ochre, iron oxide powder, red brick dust. Red paint works, too, if visualization and strong intent are incorporated.

Red Power Bag

Red is the magical color of life, vitality, protection, and defiance of danger. Fill a red conjure bag with red carnation petals, red rose petals, and a red crystal. (Obviously, rubies and garnets are extremely potent, however any vividly red crystal will do; choose what’s realistic and affordable.) Sprinkle with dragon’s blood powder.


The resguardo, a “safe guard,” is the protective conjure bag of Santeria. Although there are various resguardos, many are dedicated to the orisha Chango, fiery spirit of lightning and primal male power. Carrying a consecrated resguardo beseeches Change’s protection and patronage. Its creation should be accompanied by petitions and offerings directed toward him.

Typical resguardo contents include arrowheads, stones (especially thunderstones), brown sugar, dried aloe vera, mugwort, cedar chips, and six dried red apple seeds.

Wrap the ingredients in red velvet and stitch it up with red silk thread.

Affix a golden sword charm to the outside of the resguardo.

Should the sword ever break, this is understood to mean that Chango has interceded on your behalf. The resguardo has fulfilled its purpose. Bury the entire packet. Make an offering to Chango and create a new one.

Rice Protection Spell

Rice offers many gifts including fertility, prosperity, and, especially, protection.

Carve a protective symbol on a single grain of rice and carry it with you. This will take some practice; start with a cup of rice. Rejects may be cooked. The concentration required to create the amulet enhances its magical, protective power.

Rowan Wood Spells

Rowan wood is among those special botanicals most closely identified with the magical arts. Its nickname, “witch wood” indicates that rowan places witches’ power into your hands.

Witch wood repels malevolent enchantment and guards against malevolent spirits and ghosts. No nickname is needed, however, to emphasize rowan’s magical roots: related words include the Norse “runall” meaning “a charm” and the Sanskrit “runall” indicating “Magician.” In Norse mythology the first woman was created from rowan wood (men derive from ash), while rune staves were traditionally carved from rowan wood.

Although any rowan tree is perceived as magically powerful, some rowan is more potent than others and hence especially valued for its gifts of magical protection. These most potent rowan specimens include rowan growing near standing stones or stone circles, according to British tradition, and rowan growing out of cliffs, crevices or even out of other trees, especially another rowan, rather than Earth herself in Scandinavian tradition. This is known as “flying rowan” and is considered most powerful.

Although this is advisable for all trees, because rowan is so powerful and sacred it is extra important to remember to ask permission from the tree and offer a gift or libation.

Rowan Anti-bewitchment Charm

A Scottish charm protects against bewitchment. This charm requires a found piece; the wood cannot be cut.

If you find a piece of rowan wood, this indicates the presence of powerful protection for you.

Tie a red silk or thread ribbon around the wood.

Although this is traditionally worn under clothing, it could also be added to a conjure bag, or hung as an amulet.

Rowan Anti-evil Charm

Should you be required to enter a place of malevolent energy, sew a bit of rowan inside your clothing to protect against evil entities of all sorts, as well as against evil intentions.

Rue Protection Spell (1)

Maximize the amount of protection rue provides by the quantity of rue you provide. Create a boundary against evil: plant rue in abundance by the door and by every window. As an alternative, hang it in doorways and windows to keep evil out.

Rue Protection Spell (2)

Rue is unsafe for women during pregnancy and for those actively attempting to conceive. It’s also a powerful plant that may irritate skin. Yet its magical gifts are profound. This spell may be the safest method of its use. Gather early morning dew from rue. Sprinkle it on yourself and others for protection.

Saintly Protection Packets

Small protection packets favored by Latin American magic combine the power of a portable altar with that of a conjure bag. Commercially manufactured packets are enclosed in plastic for immediate visibility, but a traditional amulet bag is equally beneficial. A charm vial—a mojo bottle instead of a bag—combines the best of both worlds.

Each packet features a votive image; Saint Anthony, San Cipriano and San Martin Caballero are especially popular, however adapt the format of this spell to suit your own spiritual leanings. Add a small lodestone and a huayruru (ladybug) seed.

Salt Spells

Although any form of salt provides intense spiritual and magical protection, sea salt is believed most potent. Hoodoo tradition favors kosher salt because it has been blessed. In a pinch, any salt may be used although the closer it is to its natural

state, the less it has been processed and essentially tampered with, the more magical protection and power salt can provide.

Salt Bath: Basic

Add salt to the bath to simultaneously provide spiritual cleansing as well as creating a powerful psychic shield. For a quick fix, just toss handfuls of sea salt, as many as desired, into a tub of running water. Stir to dissolve and soak.

Salt Bath: Extra Strength

Add lots of sea salt to a tub of running water. Add vinegar, as much as desired and five, seven or nine bay leaves to the bath, too.

Salt Bath: Basic Bath Salts

Bath salts provide magical cleansing and protection and also soothe tired muscles and joint. Basic bath salts are created by blending two cups of sea salt with one half cup of baking soda. Substitute Epsom salts for the baking soda for extra relief for sore muscles and joints. Add essential oils as desired for fragrance and protective qualities.

Salt Bath: Bath Salts Protection Formula

Create the basis for basic bath salts with sea salt and either baking soda or Epsom salts.

Add essential oils of frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, and vetiver. Play with proportions until a pleasing scent is achieved, adding oils drop by drop.

Blend with a wooden chopstick and add to the bath.

Salt Bath: Bath Salts Dragon’s Blood Protection Spell

One half-cup of baking soda

Two cups of sea salt

One quarter-cup of dragon’s blood powder

Five drops of essential oil of sandalwood

Five drops of essential oil of frankincense

Four drops of essential oil of myrrh

Salt Scrub: Basic

Bath salts are added directly to the water; salt scrubs are applied with either a gentle or a vigorous circular motion to the body. The oil causes the other ingredients to cling to the body, even after rinsing. This is an extremely powerful way to create a cleansing, protective shield.

The basic formula is one cup of salt to one half cup of oil, however you may wish to play with these proportions until you achieve a desired texture. This produces a fairly substantial quantity: store in an airtight container such as a mason jar. Salt scrubs will last indefinitely, providing water doesn’t get into the container.

Add more oil if you’d like a gentler scrub. Finely ground salt is less abrasive.

Castor oil is the most protective carrier oil and should be added to the scrub, however it’s extremely thick and doesn’t always blend well. Add other carrier oils and play with proportions until it pleases you.

Salt Scrub: Extra Protection

Create the salt scrub from sea salt, castor oil, olive oil, Jojoba oil and essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, and vetiver. Insert an iron nail into the center.

Salt Scrub: Condition Formula

Protective salt scrubs may also be created by taking the botanical formulas for any of the protective condition oils (e.g., Fiery Wall, Protection) and using them in a salt scrub instead.

Salt Spell: Black Salt

This Hoodoo formula prevents and repels evil. Black salt is a component of various spells, usually for either casting malevolent enchantment or protecting against it. (There is also an actual black salt used in Indian cuisine, which is not at all the same thing.)

Take the scrapings from an iron pan, pot, or cauldron.

Add it to sea salt or kosher salt.

Substitute black salt for regular salt in any protection spell other than salt baths for added intensification. The most basic spell—a handful of black salt tossed in the direction from which evil is perceived as coming—should at least temporarily repel and prevent it.

Salt Spell: Barrier Spell

As they say, good fences make good neighbors.

To erect a barrier between neighbors, blend salt with powdered rue and vervain.

Sprinkle it as if installing a fence.

Be aware, however, that this will not create an invisible boundary: it will likely kill any botanical life that it touches, creating a stark, barren no-man’s land barrier.

Salt Spell Psychic Boundary Line

Chop or grind the following ingredients together: three peeled cloves of garlic, a handful of sea salt, and a handful of fresh rosemary leaves. Sprinkle on the ground to create boundary lines or circles of psychic protection.

Salt Spell Quick-fix Circle

A potent quick-fix spell, particularly valuable when spiritual danger suddenly threatens to overwhelm you. Cast a circle using salt or black salt. Sit within the circle until you feel that it’s safe to come out.

Sapphire Spell

Sapphires allegedly serve as a protective talisman against violence.

SATOR Square

Evil entities are reputedly unable to stay in a room with this famous magic square:

Write the square on parchment with Dragon’s Blood ink or on red paper with gold ink, and post prominently as needed.

Seven African Powers Spell (1)

Place Seven African Powers Oil in an atomizer bottle filled with spring water, and spray to create an aura of total protection.

Seven African Powers Spell (2)

Sprinkle salt over doors, windows, and other thresholds and anoint with Seven African Powers Oil.

Seven African Powers Extreme Protection Spell

In moments of absolute desperation, carve a figure candle to represent you, dress it with Seven African Powers Oil and burn, accompanied by prayers and incantations of sacred texts.

Silver Spell

Silver is perceived as a spiritually incorruptible metal that radiates an aura of protection. Place a small piece of real silver under the hearth. Once upon a time a coin would have been used, but once upon a time dimes were real silver. A bead or charm would be very appropriate.

Snapdragon Protection Spell

Faced with danger? Let’s hope you’re in a field of flowers. Step on a snapdragon, then pick up the flower and hold it in your hands for immediate magical protection.

Southernwood Spells

In medieval Europe, southernwood was considered one of the most potent spiritual antidotes to malicious magical workings. Southernwood belongs to the Artemisia family, sacred plants dedicated to Artemis. It is closely related to its more notorious cousin wormwood; its name is a corruption of “southern wormwood.”

For purposes of protection:

Carry in a charm bag

Place under one’s pillow

Post it in your house


This ancient and simple spell breaks any impending enchantment: consciously chew on your left thumb.

Spruce Spell

Spruce resin was once sold as a substitute for the prohibitively expensive resin, frankincense. The fragrance isn’t a dead ringer but spruce has its own protective properties. Burn it so that the aroma permeates an area.

Sulfur Spells

Sulfur protects against malevolent magic and repels evil entities. In North African magic, it is sometimes considered equal to salt as a protector against evil. Sulfur is a primary ingredient in exorcisms and banishing spells, where it is typically burned. This is traditional but not necessarily advisable: inhaling sulfur fumes is potentially very irritating. However there are other methods of use, particularly beneficial for protective magic.

Sulfur Spell (1) Eye of the Amulet

Make a paste by adding a bit of gum acacia or similar to sulfur powder.

Stick a little bit of this yellow paste into the center of any amulet to transform it into a vehicle of protection. This is particularly effective for hand amulets or geometric-shaped amulets, such as triangles or diamonds. Although they are already potent, the sulfur effectively becomes the “eye” of the amulet, further activating and empowering it.

Point the eye in the direction from which danger is feared.

Sulfur Spell (2) Medicine Bag

Carry loose sulfur powder in a charm bag.

Sulfur Spell (3) Extra Power Protection Powder Bag

Add some or ideally all of the following to a red conjure bag and carry for protection as needed:

A pinch of sulfur powder

A pinch of kohl powder

A pinch of henna and/or iron oxide powder

A pinch of graveyard dust

A pinch of tobacco

Sword of Protection Spell (1)

This symbolic sword is carried to fend off hurtful words and harmful actions.

Cut a piece of paper from a clean paper bag.

Draw a sword on it.

Place it within a leather pouch or metal amulet bag, together with a pinch of cayenne or habanero pepper and a pinch of sulfur.

Sword of Protection Spell (2)

Fill a red drawstring bag with protective botanicals and charms.

Activate the bag by attaching a small metal sword charm and carry it with you.

When the bag works for you, detach the sword and pass it through incense smoke to cleanse and reinvigorate it.

Tiger Lily Spell

Tiger lilies serve as the botanical equivalent of tigers. Plant them near the home to prevent the entry of mean spirits.

Ti Plant Protection Spell

Crumble ti plant leaves and sprinkle them beneath the bed for spiritual protection.

Toadflax Spell

Toadflax has an odd-shaped flower that some believe resembles a small toad. This European plant, a great favorite of the fairies, has become naturalized in North America, where it’s often considered a noxious weed.

Carry dried toadflax flowers to repel malevolent magic. It may also break spells already cast upon you.

Vervain Protection Spell

Vervain allegedly sprang from Isis’s tears. It is believed to be the plant possessing the most affection for humans, thriving in our midst, unlike power plants like mugwort or Syrian rue that grow most powerfully in desolation. Take advantage of vervain’s alliance.

Vervain provides protection anytime, however, when you are being defiant, when you are delivering a challenge or throwing down a gauntlet to another, wear or carry vervain as extra magical protection.

Vetiver Protection Spells

Vetiver root is used to provide safety and create sheltered islands of tranquility.

Vetiver Protection Spell (1) Bath

Vetiver’s strong scent lingers protectively. This bath transforms the bather into a personal island of tranquility.

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over dried vetiver roots.

Allow this to cool, and then add the strained liquid to your bath.

Alternatively, add several drops of the essential oil to a tub filled with comfortably warm water.

Vetiver Protection Spell (2) Charm

Place a piece of vetiver root into a charm bag and carry or wear around your neck.

Vetiver Spell (3) Extra Power Protection Incense

Grind and powder dried vetiver. Blend this with dragon’s blood powder and burn them together to dispel evil.

Vetiver Spell (4) Magical Protective Shield

Heat essential oil of vetiver in an aroma burner.

Sit nearby, close your eyes, and inhale deeply.

Concentrate on the vision of a vetiver-scented aura of protection sealing your body from malevolent influences.

Vetiver is also believed to have commanding properties: visualize sending ill-intentions away from you.

Violet Protection Spell (1)

Weave a necklace of violets to protect against lies and deception.

Violet Protection Spell (2)

African violets have a reputation for being fragile, fussy, and difficult to grow. Magically their reputation is very different.

A row of African violets placed on the windowsill or strategically arranged creates a shielding aura of protection. Enhance their power by rubbing the pot or saucer with Protection Oil

War Water Protection Spell

War Water, which draws upon the power of iron, is notoriously used to cast potent hexes. However, what characters this water of Mars is not malevolence but aggressive power. How that power is directed is determined by the spell-caster. War Water is also used to remove hexes and for basic but potent spiritual protection.

Wash all thresholds, doorways, and gateways to the outside with War Water to set up the front line against all evil.

War Water Protection Spell Extra Enhanced

Boil nails or pins in a pan filled with War Water. Allow it to cool, remove the solids (the goal is not to create a literal mine field) and sprinkle the water as a magical boundary of protection around the perimeter of your home.

Wild Hunt Protection Spell

The Wild Hunt is a nocturnal parade of spirits that occurs several times during the year, usually coinciding with power dates such as May Eve/Walpurgis Night, Halloween or Midsummer’s Eve. Because information regarding the Wild Hunt is filtered through Christian sources and because many of the spirits involved with the Hunt may indeed bear a grudge towards people, it’s perceived as very dangerous to encounter (the Spirit Hunters allegedly hunt human souls). People are instructed to stay inside when the Hunt is anticipated (as opposed to witches who typically rush out to join the revelry and are apparently welcomed by the Wild Hunters), or to lie flat and silent in the presence of the Hunt and hope not to be noticed.

If you don’t wish to participate or stay indoors, there is a third option: should you encounter the Wild Hunt, danger may be averted by politely asking the Hunters for parsley, sacred to Hunt leaders like Hulda (Mother Holle) and Odin. Allegedly “parsley” is the secret password to safety.

Witch Ball Hex-breaker

“Witch balls” are large, beautiful, iridescent glass balls, resembling colored crystal balls or gigantic Christmas tree ornaments. They are traditionally hung from windows or placed atop pedestals in the garden to catch and absorb any approaching curses. Whether the witch ball reverses the spell is subject to debate; however it’s generally acknowledged to shield and protect from malevolent bewitchment.

Arrange witch balls strategically around the property; near the front entrance and any other perceived vulnerable spots. (This is easy to implement as witch balls are so attractive, non-magical observers will assume they are merely garden ornaments.) Despite their ornamental value, witch balls are magical tools. Magically cleanse them on a regular schedule by bathing with mugwort-infused spring water.

Witch’s Bottle Protection Spell

Glass, ceramic, stone, or metal bottles may be used for these spells against hexes and for protection against malicious spirits; don’t use plastic.

Place three pins, three needles, and three nails inside a bottle.

Fill the bottle with salt.

Add three drops of menstrual blood or prick your smallest left finger and let three drops of blood flow into the bottle.

Seal the bottle securely and bury it under the hearth or next to your home.

Witch’s Bottle Triple Pin Protection Spell

Put three gold pins, three silver pins, and three iron nails inside a bottle.

Cover them with salt; add three drops of either menstrual blood or blood drawn from your smallest left finger.

Seal the bottle securely and bury it under the hearth or beside your home.

Witch’s Best Friend

Vervain is believed to be a magical analgesic. (Not necessarily in the purely medical sense.) Poignantly it’s known as the “witch’s best friend” because it allegedly magically minimizes the effects of fire and torture. Wear, carry, and bathe in infusions as necessary.

Witch’s Garter Protection Spell

Wear a garter shaped from green ash bark to guard you against malicious enchantment.

Witch’s Ladder Protection Spell

The Witch’s Ladder is a magical device most frequently associated with hexes. However it can be used for any purpose and serves well as a protection spell. Witch’s ladders, whether malevolent or positive, may be physically indistinguishable; what separates them is the intent of their creator.

Three cords are required: one red, one black and the third in the color of your choice, although for protective purposes blue is recommended.

Braid the cords together, visualizing your intent and desires continually and intently.

Tie a feather into the bottom: for protective purposes, peacock feathers are recommended.

Continue to braid, eventually tying nine feathers into the braid, evenly spaced from bottom to top.

When complete, pass the braid through incense smoke and keep it hidden safely in a secret place.

Witch’s Ladder Protection Spell: Extra Strength

This dramatic version is sometimes used when creating a protective device for a loved one, especially a child, heading into dangerous territory. Follow the instructions above but substitute your hair for the third cord. Substitute feathers from your pillow for the peacock feathers.

Witch’s Tapers Protection Spell

“Witch’s taper” is among mullein’s nicknames, so-called because before the days of inexpensive candles, mullein was used to create torches. Apparently they were truly convenient and useful because a popular attempt to justify their use suggests that witch’s tapers repelled witches. How could they, considering that they are among Hecate’s holiest plants? Be that as it may, witch’s tapers reputedly provide protection to witches and others alike.

Dip a mullein stalk into wax and allow the wax to harden to create a taper. (Traditional witch’s tapers were crafted with tallow, now more rare and far less fragrant than wax.) Burn and carry for protection.

Yin-yang Protection Spell

Create a protective amulet with magic beans. Yin-yang beans are the large gray seeds of the bonduc tree. They allegedly serve as the balance between male and female energy.

String a pair of beans onto a cord, together with one contraveneno bean, to provide spiritual protection. They guard against spiritual and psychic danger. Allegedly, if they are forced to do their job, the contraveneno will split into four pieces along the cross that marks one side of this black bean.

Spells to Protect Against Enemies

Many Protection Spells target evil in general, regardless from where it derives. Sometimes the source of danger is very clearly from another human. Spells to Protect Against Enemies take various approaches to the situation, from disarming one’s enemy to transforming enmity into amity.

Alyssum Anger Management Spell

Offer a small bouquet of alyssum to one who resents you and bears you hostility and malice. Disarm them; literally place the bouquet in their hands. This magical transaction allegedly cools off their anger towards you quickly.

Beryl Spell

Has a once-close friend become hostile toward you? Allegedly the image of a frog engraved upon a beryl gemstone restores friendship and reconciles enemies. Give one as a peace offering and find out whether it works.

Box of Chocolate Spell

Chocolate allegedly possesses the power to transform enmity into friendship. Make a peace offering with a box of fine chocolate. This will only work, however, if the other party will eat real chocolate, dark and bitter-sweet.

Cast Off Evil Oil

Cast off malevolent thoughts, intentions and hexes from those who resent you. (Although this is really a prevention spell, it does possess a hex-breaking aspect.)

Blend asafetida, crumbled bay leaves, hyssop, rue, and yarrow.

Add the botanicals to castor oil.

Soak cotton balls in the oil and leave them in the vicinity of the one who hates you (in the office or elsewhere). This is not a spell you can hide: the fragrance, depending on the quantity of asafetida used, can be very unpleasant; however it can be cast anonymously if you’re discreet.

Confusion Oil Spell

Sprinkle Confusion Oil in your enemies’ path to discombobulate them so much that they can’t harm you.

Convert an Enemy Spell

Fill a small charm bag with cloves, or actually incorporate the cloves into a spice necklace. Wear the charm around your neck to inspire feelings of affection and friendship.

Convert an Enemy Candle Spell

Sometimes the best method of protection is to transform anger and resentment into affection.

Carve your target’s name into a brown candle three times, starting at the bottom and working upwards.

Place this candle inside a bowl filled with brown sugar.

Burn it for thirty minutes then pinch it out.

Repeat for a total of nine consecutive evenings, allowing the candle to burn down on the ninth night.

Collect the remaining wax and sugar and wrap them up.

Traditionally you are now supposed to dispose of the spell remnants on your target’s doorsteps or on his or her property. Any place in the vicinity should work, however.

Easy Wrath Powder

To ease someone’s anger towards you:

Write your wishes, goals, and desires on paper.

Burn the page.

Mix the ashes with rose petals, sandalwood powder, and sweet Hungarian paprika and grind into a fine powder.

Add six drops of jasmine attar.

Let the powder dry.

Traditionally, you’re supposed to toss this powder over your target and they’re supposed to love you again, or at least not be angry with you. Try this, if you think it might work.

If, however, tossing anything onto your target gives you pause, if you don’t even want to get near them, discreetly sprinkle the powder where the target will step over it or sit on it instead.

End All Power Spell

This spell allegedly destroys any power your enemy has over you.

Write your enemy’s name nine times on a piece of brown paper.

Place nine drops of Black Cat Oil and nine drops of San Cipriano Oil on the paper.

Burn the paper within the flame of a brown justice candle, carved and dressed to suit your situation.

Bury the leftover ashes and wax in the cemetery.

Enemy Protection Powder

This spell is not a hex; this powder will not cause harm. It will, however, allegedly prevent someone from exercising power over you or causing you harm. Powder malva, and sprinkle it over your enemy’s doorstep or in their path.

Friendship Renewal Powder

This is a gentler powder, not intended for an enemy as much as to soften an angry friend’s heart, to prevent them from becoming an enemy. Grind and powder the following ingredients together: rosemary leaves, dried sage, salt, and sugar. Sprinkle the powder on your friend’s shoulders.

Melt Your Cold, Cold Heart Spell

A Pow-Wow spell to warm someone’s cold heart: place a plate of snow or an icicle near a fire (fireplace, stove, or candle) and watch it melt while envisioning all the hostility melting away too.

Put the Anger on Ice Spell

Write the angry person’s name on a slip of paper.

Drop the paper into a small, unbreakable container filled with water.

Seal the container shut. Keep it in your freezer.

If you have a lot of enemies, line them up in an ice-cube tray.

Prickly Pear Safety Spell

Keep prickly pear cactus paddles behind the door to keep enemies away.

Rose Quartz Transformation Spell

Rose quartz transforms anger into love, or at least mild affection. Wear it. Give it as a gift to those who resent you.

Sweeten Your Heart Spell

To sweeten someone’s heart towards you:

Write your target’s name on a slip of white paper.

Put it into a small jar with a lid.

Cover the paper with honey and close the jar tight.

Place a small white candle on top of the lid and burn.

Temper Bush Spell

This is an Obeah spell to transform enmity into affection. If someone is angry with you, rub “temper bush” (Amyris spp.) between your hands. Rub your hands against him or her to induce friendliness, forgiveness, and good nature.

Vervain Spell

Vervain has the ability to transform enemies into friends.

Make a strong infusion from dried vervain and powdered orrisroot.

Add this to a tub of water together with essential oils of myrrh and sandalwood.

Bathe, immerse yourself, let yourself air-dry. The lingering fragrance should soothe and appease enemies.

Yemaya Spell

This is not a hex. However, unlike many other Enemy Protection Spells, this one doesn’t necessarily concern itself about reconciliation. Instead this spell specifically requests that the powerful orisha Yemaya create a protective shield, guarding you from specific enemies.

Purchase a fish specifically for this spell.

Write the names of your enemies, each on its own slip of paper.

Place these in the fish’s mouth. (If the mouth is too small or your list of enemies too great, make slits in the fish belly and insert the papers.)

Close the mouth or slits shut with silver pins.

Cover the fish with dark molasses.

Surround the fish with blue and white candles.

Let the fish stand on an altar for Yemaya for seven days, keeping candles burning for the duration. Burning strongly fragrant incense may be advisable as well.

When seven days are over, place seven silver coins within the fish and throw the fish with all its stuffing into the sea.

Special Protection Needs

Some groups of people have specialized protection needs.

Single Mothers

Animal Charm: Sow with Piglets

Among the traditional Chinese animal wealth charms is one depicting a sow nursing her piglets atop a bed of coins. This charm is considered especially beneficial for women independently caring for children. In addition to wealth, the sow magically draws stability, security, good fortune and (especially) protection towards you.

Hold the charm in your hands, charging it with your desires. Place it discreetly near the front entrance, gazing outward so that the sow can repel approaching danger while beckoning opportunity near.

Guardian Spirit Ezili Dantor

The powerful Iwa, Ezili Dantor, responds to pleas of assistance from single mothers. She is among their most powerful protectors because, according to legend, she, too, was forced to struggle to provide for a child entirely on her own. Offer Ezili Dantor a glass of over proof rum and a bottle of Florida Water, her favorite perfume, and tell her what you need.

Guardian Spirit Isis

All-powerful Isis, Mistress of Magic, was once reduced to begging and laboring like the poorest, most pitiful human being to care for her beloved son, born (and conceived!) after her true love’s death. Isis’s special love, devotion, and sympathy for people began during this period. Request her magic protection for mother and children.

Create an altar of dedication. Decorate it with Isis’s sacred images: the ankh, tet amulet and various creatures by which she will understand your request, snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, and sows. Burn myrrh resin to summon Isis and tell her what you need.

Protection For Soldiers and Other Warriors

All High Conquering Oil

Despite the fact that High John the Conqueror, the root of a tropical morning glory indigenous to Mexico is exclusively a Western hemisphere plant, and despite the fact that the root’s current magical use derives almost exclusively from African-American traditions, when personified, John the Conqueror is typically depicted as a white king, similar to the traditional image on the tarot card, The Emperor. Sometimes however the image is conflated with that of a crusader, reminiscent of Saint James the Greater, which may be a subtle reference to the African spirit Ogun, protector of soldiers.

Anoint charms, weapons, yourself, and anything else you can think of with All High Conquering Oil for protection, luck, and victory.

All High Conquering Oil, European Style

On the other hand, perhaps you find the literal image of a victorious Crusader comforting. A European-style condition oil may be concocted too.

Add chypre powder to jojoba oil.

Blend in essential oils of elemi and rosemary.

Wear or anoint objects as needed for protection and good fortune.

Amethyst Soldier’s Spell

Carry an amethyst carved into the shape of a scarab to protect against injury and death.

Burnet Soldiers’ Spell

The herb, great burnet, is a powerful astringent so, like yarrow, it’s been used to staunch bleeding. Ancient Roman soldiers used great burnet for preventive magic too: drink a herbal infusion prior to setting off for war or battle in the hopes that burnet’s magical vibrations will prevent or at least minimize injury and bleeding.

Catnip Spell

Catnip, a herb of the mint family, is now relegated to stuffing cat toys. However, it serves many other magical uses, from aphrodisiac to healing. It was once a staple of warriors’ magic as well. Chew on the fresh herb for courage, daring, fierceness, and protection.

Gorgon’s Head

Since the days of ancient Greece, the image of Gorgon Medusa’s head has been used to protect soldiers. Medusa once adorned soldiers’ shields and breastplates to provide protection. An amulet or a tattoo suffices today.

Guardian Spirit Lord of War

Kuan Ti, the Chinese Lord of War, is a deified general, said to have been born in 162 CE. His own martial victories taught him that war is hell. His spiritual powers are invoked to prevent wars and to protect people, civilians as well as soldiers, from its horrors.

Create an offering table for the Lord of War on his birthday, the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar.

Serve him a stiff drink.

Burn Spirit Money and tell him what you need.

Guardian Spirit Mariana

Amongst the many Afro-Brazilian spiritual traditions, Batuque, from whence Mariana derives, has a particularly strong Amazonian Indian influence. Mariana has a special fondness for the navy, offering its men and women her protection. Mariana may be petitioned for protection during particularly dangerous missions. A skilled healer, she may also be petitioned for assistance should things go badly. Mariana’s powers aren’t limited to military issues. She may also be petitioned for love. Her sacred bird is the macaw (think of the proverbial sailor/pirate’s parrot).

Buy Mariana a drink. She accepts offerings of alcoholic beverages, particularly cachaca. Invoke her and explicitly, respectfully, and specifically express your needs.

Hematite Protection Spell

Hematite is under the dominion of Mars. Carry a hematite crystal gemstone for magical enhancement of courage and daring, and to also allegedly protect against wounds. (It it also supposed to stimulate healing of wounds, so you can’t go wrong by carrying it!)

Onion Protection Spell

Rub fresh leeks or onions on the body to prevent injury.

Soldier’s Candle Vigil Safety Spell

This ritual for safety is based on the ancient fire-religion of pre-Islamic Iran.

Before departure, the soldier builds an altar and lights a large white pillar candle to serve as a vigil candle. This will be tended by his or her family (or members of the household) while the soldier is away. Traditionally the flame is never allowed to go out: new candles are kindled from the original flame. However, it’s important to keep fire safety and modern reality in mind: the goal is the safety of both parties: the soldier at war, the family at home. There’s no point in burning the house down.

If an eternal flame works, that’s great. If not, work out a pre-arranged ritual beforehand: light the candle together. Have the soldier give the household instructions and a spell, perhaps a petition or chant that those left behind will repeat exactly, echoing words and following in footsteps. Or one person may be designated as the vigil keeper. Perhaps the soldier can leave a token with that person, the way ancient rulers gave their seal: the person essentially has magical power-of-attorney to act on the soldier’s behalf.

Soldier’s Protection Oil

Blend essential oils of elemi and frankincense into jojoba oil. Wear or anoint objects as desired.

Soldier’s Safety Talisman

A bit of the Master of the Woods plant carried as a charm provides safety for soldiers.

Vervain Soldier’s Spell

Carry or wear vervain as a protective talisman and to enhance the healing of wounds.

Warrior’s Rune Spell

To help a warrior retain courage in battle, mark the rune of Tiw, the Anglo-Saxon Lord of Courage, on his weapon. The rune may also be tattooed onto the body. This is most effective if accomplished on a Tuesday, the day named in Tiw’s honor.

War Water Spell

Mars, ruler of iron, is the patron of war and warriors. Use the protective form of War Water, also known as the Water of Mars, to keep safe when serving in the military.

Weapon Protection Spell (1)

Traditionally smiths performed protective rituals before delivering a weapon, although that was in the days prior to mass production. Bathe a sword or gun in water blended from three or seven wells.

Weapon Protection Spell (2)

To protect your weapons, prick the little finger of your dominant hand, drawing no more than a few drops of blood. Wipe the blood on the gun barrel.


Yarrow’s Latin name, Achillea millefolium, derives from that of the Greek hero of the Trojan War, Achilles. Achilles, who learned both enchantment and healing from his sea-spirit mother, allegedly carried this herb to magically protect and heal the warriors under his command. Yarrow is a powerful styptic: used therapeutically it staunches bleeding. Yarrow also has myriad magical associations: it’s a spiritually protective plant that allegedly confers something akin to Achilles’ magical invulnerability and almost-immortality to its bearer. Carry yarrow stalks in a charm bag to prevent injury and speed healing.