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The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells - Judika Illes 2009

Psychic Power Spells
The Spells

Psychic power spells serve two purposes:

To enhance psychic ability

To replenish psychic depletion

Psychic power may be discovered within, its growth stimulated from what already exists hidden inside you. But it may also be obtained from external devices, such as amulets and charms.

Acacia Spells

The acacia tree has been associated with the sacred since the proverbial time immemorial, from the myth of Osiris to the Ark of the Covenant. Burn it as incense to stimulate and enhance psychic ability as well as to provide contact with the sacred.

Acacia Incense: Basic

Burn dried powdered acacia and allow the fragrance to permeate the area.

Acacia Incense: Osiris Incense

Blend acacia, frankincense, cypress, and cedarwood and burn wafting the fragrance as desired.

Acacia Incense: Sacred Wood

Blend dried powdered acacia, sandalwood, and frankincense. Burn the powder to enhance and develop psychic power and vision.

Aloes Spells

Similarity of botanical names can lead to confusion and misidentification. It’s believed that the aloes mentioned in the Bible doesn’t refer to aloe vera, a native of Zanzibar, but to aloes, a mysterious wood from Southeast Asia. Aloe vera literally means “true aloe” because of this confusion between species. Both plants offer profound gifts but they are hardly identical. Aloe vera is used for healing and protective magic.

Aloes wood, also known as agar, oud and laos (not to be confused with laos root, which is galangal, which is Courtcase root …), a treasured, prized wood, rare even in biblical times, is a potent aphrodisiac and psychic enhancer.

Aloes Wood Incense

In ancient days, aloes wood was considered as rare and precious as ambergris and musk. Save it for special occasions. For extra psychic power, burn tiny slivers, splinters, and shavings at a time. Savor its fragrance.

Aloes Wood Amulet

It’s not necessary to burn aloes. Mere possession of a piece is sufficient to magically enhance one’s personal power, leave aloes wood in its natural form or shape it into the auspicious form of an amulet. Preserve it on an altar or carry it with you.

Amber Psychic Enhancement

Sometimes when a magic spell or formula suggests burning amber, it means the real thing, not ambergris. Technically, after all, amber is plant resin, not the mineral so many understand it to be. Ancient Greeks buried it in tribute to Helios and Apollo. Burn amber and copal, wafting the fragrance over you, for the wisdom of pines and to shine like the sun.

Anise Double Dose Psychic Power Spell

Star anise and true anise have little in common botanically; magically, however both induce and enhance psychic power. Grind them together and burn, allowing the fragrance to permeate the area.

Artemisia Family Spells

This botanical family is named in honor of the ancient and powerful Greek lunar deity, Artemis. Artemis rules magic, fertility, psychic gifts and wild, female nature. Her favorite plants share much of her nature: they bear profound gifts but are prickly, volatile, and potentially dangerous. Few plants, however, are more associated with the magical arts.

The two most famous—or notorious—members of this botanical family are mugwort and wormwood. Both have less-than-romantic English names that tout their abilities as pest repellant. Indeed, in addition to their psychic-inducing abilities, mugwort and wormwood are protective herbs that banish powerful evil spirits as if they were little worms. Because of this they are particularly beneficial during psychic journeying: they protect from psychic dangers encountered en route.

Artemisia Spells: Mugwort

Mugwort, the primary sacred Anglo-Saxon herb, is also known as the “mother herb” and “witch herb.” Lacking the notoriety of its cousin, wormwood, mugwort is relatively unknown outside metaphysical communities today, because it has few uses other than magical ones. Like most of the artemisias, with the exception of tarragon, mugwort has a bitter taste, limiting its culinary uses.

Mugwort’s magical uses, however, are unlimited. No plant has greater associations with magic; no plant can better help you achieve your own maximum magic powers. Virtually every commercially sold tea or herbal product that touts its ability to enhance your psychic abilities contains mostly mugwort. Mugwort does not give you psychic ability: instead it uncovers what is hidden within. It will help you discover psychic gifts you never knew you had.


Even more than most plants, the different forms of the botanical are not interchangeable:

Although mugwort is largely considered a woman’s herb, it is not safe for pregnant women or for those actively trying to become pregnant. It can cause profound uterine contractions

With the exception of pregnant women, the herb is generally safe for adults, in moderate doses

The flower essence remedy is the safest method for use, particularly when psychic enhancement is desired

Mugwort essential oil, also known as armoise, its French name, is not safe for anyone. Mugwort’s latent destructive powers, potential neurotoxins, are concentrated in the essential oil. It should not be used except possibly under the most expert professional supervision

Artemisia Potion: Mugwort Tea

This is a potent psychic enhancer but although many yearn for its effects, few will wish to drink it, because mugwort tea doesn’t taste good. Add one teaspoon of the fresh herb or one-half teaspoon of the dried herb to a cup. Cover it with boiling water. Let it steep for five minutes, strain, and drink.

Artemisia Potion: Psychic Stimulation Tea

Many of the additional ingredients in this potion (yarrow, cloves, melissa) stimulate psychic power. Their addition also makes mugwort’s flavor palatable. Pour boiling water over the following, blended ingredients:

One tablespoon dried mugwort

One teaspoon dried melissa (lemon balm)

One teaspoon dried peppermint leaves

One teaspoon dried yarrow

One-quarter teaspoon ground cinnamon

One-quarter teaspoon ground cloves

Let it steep for approximately ten minutes, then strain and drink.

Artemisia Potion: Psychic Potion

Beginning at the New Moon, soak one-quarter ounce of dried mugwort leaves in a bottle of the wine of your choice.

Let this steep for seven days, ideally exposing the bottle to nightly moonbeams.

Decant the wine, straining out the botanicals.

Drink small quantities at a time, a glass here and there, to increase clairvoyance.

Artemisia Spell: Mugwort Garland

This may be accomplished at any Full Moon, with the knowledge that mugwort, gathered on Midsummer’s Eve is allegedly most powerful.

Weave a garland of mugwort.

Stand outside, place the mugwort loosely across your face and gaze at a Full Moon through the mugwort, to enhance your powers of clairvoyance and second sight.

Traditionally, one is supposed to be clad in nothing but mugwort and moonbeams as one casts this spell, however do what is appropriate and practical.

Artemisia Spells: Wormwood

Wormwood, mugwort’s infamous brother, is also known as absinthe. It is the crucial ingredient in Absinthe, the distilled liqueur that bears the herb’s name, once so beloved by French authors, poets and painters, then banned through much of the world.

Despite this notoriety, wormwood’s use as a distilled liquor is fairly recent. Absinthe in its modern historical form wasn’t developed until 1792 when a Swiss doctor named Dr. Ordinaire (could one make this up?) concocted the recipe as an herbal cure-all. It is worthwhile to recall how many European liqueurs derive their roots from healing and magic potions, whether initially brewed by monks (Chartreuse) or witches (Strega). With water so frequently unsafe to drink, an alcohol base for the brew was a necessity.

Wormwood’s history is not limited to absinthe, though; it is an ancient and profound magical herb, the original biblical bitter herb. Like mugwort, its magical uses are myriad: it’s used in healing, protection, exorcisms, and love spells. It repels the Evil Eye and provides safety for magical journeys. Although Absinthe, the distilled alcoholic beverage, remains banned in many places, wormwood,


Like mugwort, the different forms of the botanical are not interchangeable:

Essential oil of wormwood is highly toxic to the point of fatality. It must not be used

The flower essence remedy is very safe

The herb is not safe for pregnant women or for those actively attempting to become pregnant

whose Latin name is Artemisia absinthium, is a perfectly legal herb which can be easily grown in a flowerpot at home. (However, just to confuse matters more, in Latin America for example, wormwood is called absinthe but the reference is to the herb, which is used in magic and healing, not the drink.)

Mugwort and wormwood perform well in conjunction: mugwort to help you uncover your power, wormwood to provide safety so that you can learn to use it.

Artemisia Potion: Wormwood

Be forewarned: wormwood tastes even worse than mugwort. A herbal tea may be brewed but it should be approached like a chemistry experiment: play with proportions until you concoct something that is palatable.

Start with a pinch of dried ground mugwort and a pinch of dried ground wormwood. Add larger quantities of peppermint, lemon balm, licorice root, cinnamon, or any other herbal flavor you like.

Start with a moderate infusion, only five minutes, strain and drink.

Be prepared to toss out the first cups until you find proportions that camouflage the famed bitterness.

Artemisia Potion: Wormwood Wine

Dried wormwood may be purchased from herbal supply stores, however it makes an easy house plant. Maintain it for its protective guardian properties, but harvest a few twigs and leaves.

Stuff approximately one-quarter of an ounce of wormwood into the bottle of wine of your choice.

Allow it to steep for seven days.

Strain after the seventh day. Drink small portions, particularly before engaging in spell-work, so that you achieve your maximum potential.

Artemisia Potion: Pernod

Pernod was developed to fill the void left by the ban on Absinthe. It is largely the same formula, the same green color, only lacking the wormwood. It may be used to concoct a magical potion, although this does not reconstruct Absinthe, which had a much higher alcohol content among other differences.

Stuff one dried wormwood stem into a bottle of Pernod. Drink a shot glass of the liqueur (many prefer it diluted with water) whenever you need a little boost of psychic inspiration.

Artemisia Spells: Desert Sage

Despite its English name, desert sage is really an artemisia. It combines the best of the salvia and artemisia families: desert sage stimulates psychic ability while simultaneously providing spiritual purification.

Desert Sage Spelt: Incense

Unlike its other psychic-inducing cousins, desert sage is indigenous to North America. Create a family reunion: burn mugwort, wormwood, desert sage, Sweet Annie, southernwood, and tarragon for a blast of power.

Desert Sage Third Eye Brew

Desert sage is a popular ingredient in commercial psychic-inducing herbal teas. It has a smoky flavor and is less bitter than mugwort or wormwood.

Brew tea from desert sage and white sage. Drink to enhance clairvoyance, psychic vision, and reception. (The Third Eye is the area between the eyes, just above the bridge of the nose, and has long been associated with psychic power.)

Desert Sage: Third Eye Brew Extra Strength

Brew tea from desert sage, white sage, mugwort, lemon balm, peppermint, and orange zest.

Artemisia Sachet

Fill a small sachet with equal parts wormwood and mugwort. Sleep with this next to your cheek or under your pillow to enhance psychic powers while you sleep, and wear it next to your skin while casting spells to enhance skill, inspiration, and protection.

Artemisia Spell: Artemis Incense

Grind equal parts mugwort and wormwood into a fine powder. Sprinkle it on lit charcoal and burn. This incense may be used to accompany and enhance any spell-work.

Artemisia Spell: Artemis’s Deluxe Mojo Hand

Fill a charm bag with members of the Artemisia family:

Add a pinch of all or some of the following dried herbs: mugwort, wormwood, Sweet Annie, desert sage, southernwood, and tarragon.

Add a moonstone and/or a chalcedony crystal.

Add a piece of true silver, any kind of little charm is fine but a tiny silver dog or dragon is perfect.

If you can obtain a miniature Moon tarot card, add it to the bag.

Anoint with a drop of tuberose essential oil or night-blooming jasmine attar and carry with you during psychic journeys for added magic power and protection.

Artemisia Spell: Tarragon

Tarragon, the baby of the Artemisia family, is known as the “little dragon.” It is the only Artemisia to double as a common kitchen-herb. Don’t let that fool you; tarragon has magic powers just like its more notorious relatives. “Dragon” is a frequent euphemism for menstruation, and tarragon is used to magically access women’s primal psychic powers. Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over tarragon and mugwort and add it to your bath.

Aura Repair Tea

Drink a warm infusion of rosemary, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers, peppermint and mugwort. This is particularly beneficial after extensive spell-work or following psychically damaging encounters.

Basil Psychic Power Spells

Basil’s name stems from the same Greek root words as “royal” and “king.” Basil stimulates personal power.

Basil Psychic Power Spell: Infused Oil

Create infused oil of fresh basil leaves. Add the oil to your bath or apply to the body and visualize yourself regal, commanding, and filled with power.

Basil Psychic Power Spell: Royal Wreath of Psychic Power Oil

Although essential oil of basil has a very different aroma than the fresh leaves, it, too, possesses profound gifts.

Add essential oils of basil and bay laurel to grapeseed oil.

Use this oil to dress golden candles.

Light the candles, gaze at the flame, inhale the fragrance and visualize yourself filled with psychic power and magical achievement.

Birch Grove of Psychic Protection

Birch trees are associated with fertility—not only literal reproductive capacity but also with the concept of growth and creativity, especially psychic, magical, and spiritual growth. Birch provides protection as well as enhancement; it’s crucial to nurture and protect emerging talents. Surround your home with birch trees to enhance and protect your own psychic power.

Certain plants have particularly powerful associations with enhanced magic and psychic power. It is not necessary to ingest these plants, nor is it necessarily advisable. Some, such as oleander or thorn apple, are poisonous. The key is merely to be in their physical presence. Proximity to the living plant is the optimum method. Such plants include: mugwort and the Artemisia botanical family, rowan, juniper, vervain, diviner’s sage, Syrian rue (harmel, uzarlik), yarrow, mistletoe, oleander, thorn apple, Saint John’s Wort, and hazel.

Botanical Psychic Enhancement

Grow some in the garden or indoors in pots

Sit next to them with a clear, meditative mind. Absorb their energy and let inspiration appear unbidden. This is particularly beneficial when engaged in divination

Cat’s Eye Incense

Dammar is an Asian tree whose resin is burned as incense. Known in Germany as “cat’s eye incense,” it allegedly enhances clairvoyance, psychic perception, and the ability to “see” where one could not before. Try burning dammar before psychic journeying and when extra clairvoyance is needed.


Babies born with cauls are marked for psychic power (as are babies born with teeth).

Retain and reinforce the power of the caul by keeping it on an altar or carrying it in a conjure bag.

Cedarwood Spells

Cedar trees encourage psychic perception while providing spiritual protection so one isn’t afraid to use one’s magic power. The most famous cedar trees are the renowned Cedars of Lebanon, an unofficial wonder of the ancient world. Those cedars were over-harvested; few remain. The closest modern substitute is the North African Atlas Cedar. Texas cedarwood and Virginia cedarwood have very different aromas and for good reason: they’re actually junipers masquerading as cedarwood. Their psychic gifts are similar, however; used in combination they enhance psychic power exponentially.

Cedarwood Spell (1)

Combine essential oils of Texas cedarwood, Virginia cedarwood and Atlas Cedar in an aroma burner. Diffuse the fragrance and inhale deeply to stimulate psychic vision.

Cedarwood Spell (2)

Add four drops each of essential oils of Texas cedarwood, Virginia cedarwood and Atlas Cedar to a full tub of comfortably warm water. Bathe, relax, and inhale.

Centaur’s Tea

Chiron the centaur served as spiritual teacher and mentor to many Greek heroes. Centaury, the herb named in honor of centaurs, a favorite of medieval witches’ brews, is said to serve as a magical teacher, inducing psychic power. Like mugwort and wormwood, plants with similar power, centaury has a bitter taste.

Create centaury tea; play and experiment by adding herbs whose flavor you like so as to create a palatable brew.

Clairaudience Spell

Allegedly placing a lodestone in or near the right ear encourages clairaudience.

Clary Sage Spell

Clary sage’s name derives from Latin clarus meaning “clear,” not only because this variety of sage is traditionally used to soothe eyes but it also stimulates inner vision. Anoint the Third Eye area with one drop of essential oil of clary sage and relax.

Coffee Psychic Replenishment

Coffee does more than revive the body. The aroma of coffee is recommended for those suffering psychic depletion, especially those who have also been physically ill for an extended period of time. Brew some strong coffee. Drink it if you like, but what’s important in this context is really just to inhale the aroma.

Coffee Power Blast

Grind strong coffee beans and sprinkle the powder over lit charcoals. Straddle the smoke that wafts up and let it permeate your skin, hair, and clothing (although as with all these fumigations, being naked is virtually always most effective).

Cornflower Clairvoyance Spell

This is a long-term spell and should be repeated with some regularity in order to obtain consistent results.

Moisten cornflowers. Lie down, relax, and apply the cornflowers to the Third Eye area to stimulate psychic vision.

Crystal Gemstone Spells

Before the Iron Age, there was the Stone Age. Crystal gemstones and other rocks were among the shaman’s first tutors and tools. Because they store information indefinitely, Earth’s memories and secrets may be accessed through stones. Specific gemstones are used to magically enhance spells and enable us to discover and activate our own optimum power.

Crystal Gemstone Spell: Amazonite

Amazonite allegedly bestows the power and courage of the legendary Amazon warriors. North African magic considers it to be among the most magically powerful materials of all. Wear or carry an amazonite to enhance your own personal power, psychic ability, and daring. It provides protection, too.

Crystal Gemstone Spell: Clear Quartz Crystal

Merlin’s slumber deep in a crystal cave may be understood as incubation rather than as a trap. Clear quartz crystals empower whatever they’re kept in contact with.

Store tarot cards, runes and other divination devices with a quartz crystal to empower them and make them easier to read

Clear quartz crystals attached to magic wands enhance their power and effectiveness

Wear quartz crystal around your neck or sleep with it under your pillow to enhance, access, and increase your own personal power

Crystal Gemstone Spell: Fluorite

Fluorite crystal gemstones open the gates of psychic reception. Place one over the Third Eye and meditate or go to sleep and dream.

Crystal Gemstone Spell: Labradorite

Labradorite repairs, cleanses and strengthens the aura. It also encourages perseverance and determination—all required qualities for a successful magical career.

Sleep with labradorite beneath your pillow. If you use it regularly, maintain a regular cleansing schedule for the crystal, as well.

Crystal Gemstone Spell: Moldavite

Moldavite, a delicate green crystal named for the Czech Republic’s Moldau Valley, is believed to be the product of a rock, struck by a meteorite, which melted and merged together, thus blending terrestrial and extraterrestrial energies. Place the crystal on the Third Eye area to absorb its psychic power and increase your own.

Crystal Powers

Crystal Aura Repair

Use a quartz crystal to repair breaks and holes in your aura. Someone else must do this for you, ideally someone with psychic gifts.

Slowly pass a charged quartz crystal around the body.

If a “cold spot” is sensed or there is perception of a gap or vulnerability, stop and allow the crystal to hover and rest over the area. This has a rebuilding and repairing effect, although it may need to be repeated several times to be fully effective.

Crystal Enhancement: Celestite

Celestite, a crystal gemstone, enhances clairaudience and clairvoyance while facilitating spiritual communication. Wear it in contact with the body. Sleep with it under your pillow.

Crystal Enhancement: Orange

Orange colored stones and crystals enhance psychic ability. Use them to frame a loose circle, large enough for you to lie down inside. Relax, let your mind clear and let inspiration arrive.

Dragon Power

Traditionally in India, a menstruating woman is often discouraged from eating hot spicy foods because this might increase her “dragon power,” her potent menstrual magical influence. Of course, should someone not desire to diminish that power …

Egyptian Temple Formula Spells

Ancient Egyptian incense and perfume makers were masters of their art. Each formula might take months to create, each ingredient carefully added at just the right moment. Even modern versions of kyphi, simplified at great lengths, remain complex and difficult to create. Egyptian Temple incense simplifies this process even more.

Egyptian Temple Incense

Forego the wine and raisins (see Formulary, page 1037); grind and powder kyphi’s botanical ingredients and burn them as incense.

Egyptian Temple Floorwash

Blend and mash kyphi’s botanical ingredients and add them to a bucket of rinse water, together with a handful of sea salt, baking soda, and vinegar. Use this floor-wash to cleanse a room prior to ritual, spell-casting or séances.

Elecampane Psychic Perception Spell

The plant elecampane is believed to possess an affinity for scrying. (See Divination Spells, page 301.) It’s believed to enhance psychic perception. Burn elecampane to accompany divination by crystal ball, magic mirror, or by other scrying techniques.

Eve Oil

The story of Eve and the apple is today most frequently associated with sexuality. However what was it that Eve originally desired? Knowledge.

Add apple blossoms, dried pomegranate seeds, and snake root (aristolochia) to grapeseed oil, creating Eve Oil. Anoint candles or soak cotton balls with this oil for enhanced metaphysical wisdom and receptivity.

Evergreen Psychic Renewal Spells

The aroma of evergreen trees reinvigorates and replenishes psychic and magic power.

Pine Bath

For a magical cleansing, stimulating and reinvigorating bath place fresh pine needles in a muslin or cheesecloth bag. Allow your bathwater to run over the bag, creating an infusion.

Evergreen Renewal Bath

Five drops of essential oil of silver fir

Five drops of essential oil of myrtle

Two drops of essential oil of pine

Add these essential oils to a shot of vodka.

Shake it up to distribute the oils.

Throw the now-scented vodka into a bathtub filled with warm water. (Pour yourself some more if you like, without the essential oils, to drink in the bath—or choose another potion.)

Add five drops of larch flower essence remedy to the bath.

Light pine scented candles.

Soak in the bath and feel your energy returning.

Extra Power Magic Wand

Search for hawthorn branches on Beltane (May Day).

Do not cut them, but a found branch is a gift and affirmation that you’re on the right path.

Carve a magic wand from the wood, hawthorn being especially beneficial for fairy magic.

Fairies’ Voice Spell

Sit naked under the light of a Full Moon and listen. The more you practice, the more distinct the noise will become until eventually you’ll possess the ability to hear the fairies.

Flax Psychic Power Spell

Flax was once among the plants most associated with women’s primal power. Legend describes specifically how Hulda introduced flax to people. Fairy tales frequently feature the spinning of flax. Flax seed tea allegedly enhances the divinatory process. Have a cup of flaxseed tea before embarking on divination.

Flower remedies

The following flower remedies are particularly effective in counteracting psychic depletion after a long illness or personal crisis.

Olive (Bach)

Macrocarpa (Australian Bush)

Aloe Vera (FES)

Add the remedies to the bath or take internally as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Grounding Spell

Spells that ground you to Earth may be necessary after or even during extensive spell-casting. Place a piece of copper, a paper packet filled with salt, and a smoky quartz crystal within a conjure bag and wear.

Horehound Extra Power Spell

Horehound is considered the “seed of Horus.” Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over the herb. Add it to the bath for enhanced psychic power, and the daring to implement your magical skills.

Isis Powder

This powder enables you to gain some of the essence of the Mistress of Magic.

Blend powdered orrisroot, powdered sweet flag (calamus), and ground myrrh.

Add this to rice powder.

Sprinkle on yourself for added psychic power.

Jasmine Aura Repair

Jasmine attar allegedly helps repair a weary, damaged aura. Add it to massage oil or the bath.

Juniper and Thyme Spell

Allegedly the combined scent of juniper and thyme promotes psychic visions and receptivity. Blend essential oils in an aroma burner or burn dried botanicals and allow the fragrance to permeate the area.

Knot Magic Enhancement

Sometimes psychic enhancement comes from within you, and sometimes it’s supplied by magical tools and allies. The plant dodder, a member of the Morning Glory family, is also known as Witch’s hair, love vine, and lady laces. Use dodder’s “laces” as cord in knot magic spells to strengthen and empower them.

Lavender Water Psychic Enhancer

Lavender water allegedly enhances the memory while stimulating psychic ability and the retention process. Bathe the head with lavender water, using a cool compress or any other method that suits you. This allegedly assists mastery of complex occult systems such as tarot or the I-Ching.

Lunar Contemplation Oil

Grind peppermint, white camphor, and cinnamon.

Cover with jojoba oil and add a moonstone to the bottle.

Use this oil to dress white candles to accompany lunar contemplation.

Lunar Contemplation: Magic Moon Oil

Place a pearl, a moonstone, a piece of real silver, and/or a quartz crystal in a bottle.

Cover it with sweet almond oil.

Add fourteen drops of mugwort flower essence remedy (NOT the essential oil).

Let it sit overnight, exposed to moonlight.

Massage this oil into the body, especially the feet, for psychic inspiration and visionary dreams.

Mace Psychic Power Spell

Burn mace for enhanced psychic power and perception.

Magic Lessons Spells

Access the world’s finest teachers of magic through visualization spells. Some tips:

Choose your tutor wisely and learn as much as you can about them prior to attending class.

Save your lesson for when you’ll have quiet and privacy.

Make them an offering (sort of like that old-fashioned apple for the teacher).

If it inspires you, set the stage with music and fragrance.

Begin the inner journey to your teacher; remember your path because you’ll need it to get home.

Don’t be discouraged if this takes several attempts, especially if you’re inexperienced with visualization.

Choose any teacher with information you desire or need, however some suggestions and guidance for visualizations are offered below.

Magic Lessons: Circe’s School of Sorcery

Circe, daughter of the sun and an ocean nymph, lives on an island in the sea. Hecate may be her aunt or her sister. Most famous for revealing men’s true identities by turning them variously into pigs, baboons, or lions, she herself transforms into a falcon when she wishes to fly. Circe thus unites the elements of earth, fire, air, and water. Circe unites schools of magic, too: she is among the world’s masters of sorcery, potions, necromancy, love philters, transformational, and revenge magic. Circe shares her secrets and tutors worthy students. A fierce, smart spirit, with a sharp sense of humor, like those other professors of enchantment Baba Yaga, Mother Holle, Lilith, and Artemis, she must respect you before she’ll help you. Circe isn’t a tutor for the beginner but for those ready for their master’s degree in magic.

Invite Circe with an offering of beautiful flowers, aromatic perfume, a selection of animal images, and your finest potions. Venture to her rocky island in visualization. Decide what you wish to ask her before you journey. Circe appears in the form of a beautiful woman or a circling hawk.

Magic Lessons: Circe’s Skills

Necromancy is among the skills that Circe teaches. Allegedly a bouquet of deadly nightshade calls Circe and informs her that her assistance is required to contact those who have passed over. Accompany with visualization. (Warning: Deadly nightshade is genuinely deadly; handle with care.)

Magic Lessons: Freya

Freya is a mistress of magic. Among her specialties are runes, shape-shifting, clairvoyance, prophesy, and divination. Request her assistance with any of these topics.

Create a luxurious, beautiful offering table for Freya, with images of swans and cats. Decorate it with amber and pieces of shiny metal. Carve runes into candles and burn them to communicate with her.

Magic Lessons: Merlin and Morgan le Fay

Depending upon which legend you choose, either Merlin or Morgan le Fay, who may have been lovers, was the other’s tutor in enchantment. Also depending upon which legend is chosen, either may be venerated or vilified. Take lessons from either one if you choose, however they work well together in tandem and provide well-balanced magic lessons.

Create a joint altar. Decorate it with found falcon feathers or falcon imagery, mermaids, crystals, and swords. Merlin and Morgan have also become associated with classic wizard’s paraphernalia: peaked hats, magic wands, crystal balls, and grimoires.

Magic Lessons: San Cipriano Spell

Historically there seem to have been two Saint Cyprians, both of whom were master-magicians from what is now Turkey, before they were martyred as Christians. History is hazy at best; some believe the two Cyprians to be one. Others believe that while one became the Bishop of Carthage, the other never converted to Christianity but was killed as a pagan witch. Whatever his original identity, Saint Cyprian seems to have reneged on his conversion and repudiation of magic, instead emerging, centuries after death, as the most significant figure in classical Iberian magic, the bane of witch-hunters and inquisitors. In magical circles, he is virtually always known by his Spanish name. During his lifetime, Saint Cyprian allegedly burned his extensive library of grimoires and books of shadows. Centuries after death, San Cipriano channeled his grimorio through his scribe, Jonas Sulfurino.

San Cipriano reconciles lovers, offers protection, leads you to treasure, and offers psychic power and magic lessons to those who ask. The easiest method of approaching San Cipriano is via the condition oil named in his honor: add it to your bath but adjust the cinnamon in the formula so that it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Magic Lessons: San Cipriano Candle Spell

Dress brown candles with San Cipriano Oil to accompany spiritual petitions and visualization.

Magic Lessons: San Cipriano Oil

Soak a cotton ball in San Cipriano Oil Place it beneath your pillow and request lessons in your dreams.

Magic Lessons: Thoth Spell

Allegedly if you call Lord Thoth by name, he will respond. Thoth is the inventor of magic and the master of the moon. He may also be Hermes Trismegistus.

Offer him lunar-shaped candles and charms.

Decorate an altar with images of his animal manifestations: baboons and ibises.

Calamus/sweet flag and papyrus are his sacred plants.

Thoth knows all magical skills; request whatever you wish.

Magic Mirror Enhancement Spell

Hemp seeds were once frequently used in magic spells and divination, dating back at least to the days of the Scythians. Obviously because of legal restrictions their use is now rare, however here is an example: burn equal parts hemp seed and mugwort leaves to activate a magic mirror.

Magic Power Oil

Bruise, then pound fresh mint and vervain leaves.

Cover them with extra-virgin olive oil and leave them overnight.

Strain the oil through cheesecloth.

Repeat the entire process at least another two or three times, using fresh herbs each time but retaining the oil so that it becomes permeated with the fragrance of the plants.

Repeat the process until the desired intensity of fragrance is achieved.

Use this oil to anoint and massage the body.

Masterwort Spells

Masterwort is not a synonym for angelica but instead is a once-common European plant.

Mastertwort Charm Spell

Wear or carry masterwort for enhanced psychic power and allegedly increased physical strength and stamina.

Masterwort Powder Spell

Grind and powder masterwort. Sprinkle it on and within your shoes, especially when venturing forth to magical locations.

Mastic Spells

The mastic tree, native to the Aegean, exudes a sticky gum resin that has been used to induce and enhance psychic power since the days of the ancient Minoans, Phoenicians, and Egyptians. Mastic was a component of kyphi mixtures and used in the Egyptian mummification process. The aroma of burning mastic relieves physical exhaustion and psychic depletion while enhancing powers of clairvoyance, intuition, and inspiration.

Mastic Bath

Mastic is also available as an essential oil. Add some to a bath filled with comfortably warm water.

Mastic Incense

Mastic resin is known as “pearls of mastic,” because of its perceived resemblance to the precious jewel. (Mastic is also marketed in the same manner that frankincense or myrrh is available, either as powder or “tears.”)

Mastic allegedly enhances powers of visualization. Burn this incense when suffering from psychic depletion, to enhance already-existing magic power, and to accompany psychic journeys and visualization. Burn the mastic pearls and fumigate your body while inhaling the aroma.

Mastic Power Blast

Burn mastic incense in the bathroom. Add essential oils of frankincense, labdanum, mastic, and sandalwood to a full tub of water and luxuriate.

Mercury’s Magic Rings

In ancient Roman metaphysical circles, Mercury was considered the primary patron of magic. Or was he? Mercury, the Roman spirit of commerce, was deeply syncretized with the Greek spirit Hermes. Hermes is an exceptionally ancient and complex crossroads trickster who delights in identity changes. Now most associated with the ethereal, androgynous winged spirit of classical Greece, Hermes apparently began his Earthly incarnation as an earthy, virile Arcadian fertility spirit. Hermes was also identified with the Egyptian lord of magic, Thoth. The name Hermes Trismegistus, “Thrice Great Hermes,” is often used to identify this syncretism.

In Rome, Mercury was acknowledged as the official bestower of magic rings. To increase psychic power, wear a talismanic ring depicting Hermes’ classical image complete with winged cap and sandals and bearing the caduceus, his magic staff entwined by two serpents, which is still the emblem of the medical profession.

Mercury’s Magic Ring Activation Spell

The benefits of a magic ring may be needed immediately; talismanic rings must be found, crafted or commissioned, typically a lengthy process. Mercury may be requested to charge and empower any ring, transforming it into a magic ring.

Build a cairn, a small pyramid of stones. This summons Hermes/Mercury.

Write a brief explanation of what functions or purposes you wish the ring to serve.

Place the paper on top of the stones and the ring on top of the paper.

Dedicate a green candle to Mercury and request his blessings and assistance.

Once the candle has burned down, pay attention to conversations around you: when you’ve overheard a stranger or a child utter something affirmative like “Go ahead” or “The time is right,” you’ll know the ring has been activated.

Mermaid Spells

Because mermaids reside in the deepest living waters (oceans, springs, rivers, and lakes) they’re in touch with profound psychic, intuitive and magical knowledge and secrets. Because they’re also able to rise to the surface and navigate Earth, that knowledge is grounded in reality. Water spirits, female and male, encourage us to explore our own psychic realities and depths.

Mermaid Bath (1)

The elements earth and water are both characterized by psychic depth. Mermaids bridge both realms, especially the undines who seem magically able to switch between fish tail and legs at will. (No need for all that “Little Mermaid” hocus-pocus!) In addition to enhanced psychic power and perception, this bath brings joy and success.

Transform your bathroom into a mermaid shrine with yourself as the focal point, for added psychic ability, magic power, self-love and self-confidence.

Add dulse, kelp and agar-agar to the water.

Decorate the room with seashells, quartz crystals, and images of other mermaids.

Light green and blue candles and relax.

Mermaid Bath (2)

Time this bath to coincide with the Full Moon.

Float roses in a tub filled with comfortably warm water.

Most “lotus” fragrance is synthetic; true lotus essence is available from India but is rare and expensive. Add a few drops if you can.

Float rubber fish or other marine toys in the water.

See if you can reflect the moon in a hand mirror; if not, gaze at yourself, comb your hair, and allow your power to grow.

Mermaid Oil

Add essential oils of pine and rosemary to jojoba oil. Place an amber bead in the bottle and use the oil to dress candles. Alternately, rub a drop between your hands and inhale for a burst of insight, clarity, and power.

Midsummer’s Power Incense

This incense commemorates the magical botanicals associated with Midsummer’s Eve and draws upon their power. The plants are extremely powerful at any time, however those harvested on Midsummer’s Eve have an extra jolt of potency.

Grind the following ingredients together into a fine powder:

Dried mugwort

Dried wormwood

Dried yarrow

Dried Saint John’s Wort

Sprinkle on lit charcoals and burn.

Mojo Power Bags

Mojo bags are created and carried to enhance and maintain psychic power.

Mojo Element Power Bag

Gather the following and place in a conjure bag:

Sand from the beach

Dirt from a mountain

Dirt from a cemetery

Dirt from a crossroads

A cat’s claw herb (uno de gato)


Pebble from a crossroads

Nail or pebble found on or beside train tracks

These combined materials bestow the powers of the elements. Only pinches of sand and dirt are needed. Place the initial bag within a second, stronger one to prevent the dirt from spilling out and escaping.

Mojo Power Bag (2)

Like psychic growth, this conjure bag, which is based on power items of North African magic, is a work in progress.

Fill a red silk bag with dried oleander leaves (Warning: these are toxic! Do not ingest or leave near children and animals), pieces of sandalwood and myrrh, an odd number of hairs from a horse’s tail, and amazonite beads or crystals.

Sprinkle with henna and/or antimony powder.

Add a pinch of dirt from sacred sites as you visit them.

Mystic Mystery Oil

Grind and powder lilac, rose, mimosa, frankincense, and wisteria. Add the botanicals to a bottle and cover with jojoba oil.

Pear Tree Psychic Power Spell

Allegedly pear trees were the focal point of witches’ nightly revels. Pear trees bear a reputation for inducing lustful feelings but they’re also believed to raise psychic power and aptitude. Dance around a pear tree in the light of a Full Moon, alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise motion for complete magical power and balance.

Pine Power Spells

Pine trees are sacred to an amazing number of spirits, frequently from the same pantheon: Dionysus, Kybele, Artemis, Zeus, Poseidon, and Pan among them. A grove of pines is sacred territory and rituals conducted there are psychically enhanced.

Pine Power Spell: Outdoors

Linger amidst pines to shore up psychic power and to make contact with the sacred.

Pine Power Spell: Indoors

If outdoor ritual is impossible for you, bring the pine grove within. Create a bath from fresh or dried pine needles. Many commercially available pine baths are crafted from real pine. (Essential oil of pine may irritate the skin; proceed cautiously.) Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and visualize yourself in the woods.

Planetary Power Spells

The Earth and the moon regenerate magic power and inspire psychic vision.

Planetary Power Spell: Earth Altars

Earthly powers may be brought within and combined with other unprocessed magical power so that they may enhance, invigorate, and replenish your own personal power. This altar is not necessarily dedicated to a deity; instead it stands as a potent energy-recharging magical battery. It is an ongoing work-in-progress.

Arrange a tableau of some or all of the following:

Earth from significant places

Rocks from significant places (holed stones)

Waters (ocean, rain, lake, river, swamp, storm drain, well, cistern, waterfall, spring)

Shells: seashells, snail, crab, crayfish (either found or recovered from meals)

Bones (fish, chicken, beef, lamti—cleaned up and preserved from food)

Found feathers

Found snakeskin

Herbs, grains

Found wood pieces

For maximum benefit, play with your altar in the manner that a child plays with a tableau, rearranging articles, examining them, and handling them, so that their aura intermingles with your own.

Planetary Power Spell: Earth Power

Although the moon is specifically associated with magic power, Earth provides a type of magical vigor and vitality that is necessary for maintaining and regenerating

personal power. This ritual is important for anyone, but especially for the urban witch.

Go outside and find some earth.

Find a park, or find a yard. Find one little patch that isn’t covered by concrete.

Take off your shoes and stand on it.

If this is inappropriate, kneel down and lay your palms flat on Earth. Find some naked part of yourself, let it rest on naked Earth and just absorb her power.

Do this for at least five minutes daily and watch your own power and energy expand.

Planetary Power Spell: Full Moon Water

A simple, straightforward method for drawing down the moon and applying the resulting water.

Fill a glass bowl with spring water and place it outside under the Full Moon overnight.

In the morning, bring the water inside, siphon it into a bottle if desired and refrigerate.

Apply a little water to the back of your neck and over the Third Eye area for nine consecutive days to enhance your psychic ability.

Planetary Power Spell: Full Moon Water Super-sized

Charge an entire metal washtub filled with spring water with moonlight.

Store the water in smaller bottles and thermoses.

Wash your face and soak your feet in the water for nine consecutive nights, as well as the back of the neck and the Third Eye.

Wash your hair too, for added psychic ability.

Planetary Power Spell: Moonlight Ocean Energy Bath

Mermaids have powerful affiliations with magic and enchantment. These include generic mermaids as well as the famed, renowned Aphrodite, Atargatis, Oshun, and Yemaya. This spell may be performed in conjunction with petitions requesting their assistance and matronage.

Visit the ocean at night during a Full Moon.

Stand knee-deep in the water and let the waves and moonbeams bathe you with their power. Envision yourself absorbing the power so that you are filled with moonlight and ocean energy.

When you come out, let yourself air-dry in the ocean breezes.

Planetary Power Spell: Perfect Balance

The moon and Earth both generate needed psychic power. The following spell attempts to balance and harmonize the two.

When the moon is full, shining and beautiful, go outside.

This spell is most effective if performed naked, but do whatever is appropriate and possible.

Stand under the moonbeams. Visualize them entering your body from above.

Feel the ground under your bare feet; visualize Earth’s power entering your body through the soles of your feet.

Hold your arms out to the side: pay attention to the air and any breezes. Visualize the winds carrying magic power that enters you through your sides.

When you feel that your capacity is full, that your magical batteries have been fully recharged, go inside, go to bed and dream.

Pow-Wow Power Oil

Pow-Wow uses the materials common to the Pennsylvania Dutch community on an everyday basis. This oil should have a vibrant, sunny color.

Place a substantial quantity of some or all of the following flowers in a mason jar. Use fresh clean, vibrant blossoms: amaranth, calendula, nasturtiums, orange trumpet flowers, sunflowers, or other flowers in that orange spectrum.

Cover the blossoms with olive oil.

Seal the jar well.

Shake it a few times daily for three days, leaving the jar to rest in the sun during the day and in a dry cupboard at night.

Strain the oil through cheesecloth.

Repeat the process at least twice more, using the same oil but fresh flowers each time, until the fragrance and color is vivid and pleasing.

Finally strain the oil into a fresh bottle.

Pierce a vitamin E capsule with a pin and add the contents to the infused oil to serve as a preservative.

Use the oil in the bath or as a massage oil whenever you need a power burst.

Psychic Courage Spells

Sometimes what is most necessary for obtaining optimal magic power isn’t enhancing aptitude but releasing and transcending deep-seated fears and emotions that prevent you from achieving and maximizing your psychic gifts.

Agrimony Psychic Courage

The herb agrimony releases fear. Place some in a muslin drawstring bag and attach it to the bathtub faucet, so that the water runs through the bag. Bathe and reclaim your power.

Aura Healing

Bathe in infusions of vervain to repair and revitalize a weary, damaged aura.

Bouquet of Courage

Arrange fresh rosemary, stinging nettles, and yarrow in a vase to bolster courage and ease fear.

Chrysolite Amulet

Bore a hole in a chrysolite and fill it with hair from a donkey’s mane. Wear the chrysolite tied to your left arm to be free from fear, especially neurotic, irrational fears.

Cup of Courage

Perhaps what is needed is a true cup of courage: “I, borage, bring courage!” Or so goes the traditional rhyme. The herb borage bears an ancient reputation for steeling nerves, girding loins, and providing good cheer and courage. Use this potion during situations that require you to be brave.

Squeeze the juice from an orange and mix it with one-quarter cup of sugar.

Add one-quarter cup of dried borage and stir thoroughly.

Allow this to steep overnight.

Strain the borage from the liquid and discard it.

Add this liquid to sixteen fluid ounces of red wine (425 ml) and serve it over ice. Garnish with fruit slices.

Enhance the power by adding a few drops of borage flower remedy. The remedy may also be used on its own in the bath or rubbed into the feet.

Cup of Psychic Courage Tea

Chamomile allegedly replenishes and reinforces courage as well as psychic power. Have a cup of chamomile tea as a cup of courage.

Devil’s Shoestring Psychic Courage Spell

For added personal power, as well as to overcome fear:

Cut a devil’s shoestring root into small equal pieces.

Place the pieces in a small glass jar together with a square of camphor or a drop of essential oil of white camphor.

Cover it with a shot of courage, usually whiskey or rum, but if another beverage appeals to you, use it, although the effect is magical; nothing will be drunk nor should it be.

Hide the jar in a discreet, private place. Whenever you need a shot of courage, remove one root piece and rub it in your hands, over your feet, your forehead and the back of your neck. Having been used, discard this piece.

When all the pieces are gone, add the reserved liquid to a bath and start the spell all over again.

Joan of Arc Courage Spell

Contemplate Joan of Arc or petition her directly for assistance.

Light a gray candle in her honor on a Tuesday.

Place a metal charm in the shape of a sword beside the candle.

When the candle has burned down completely, carry the charm with you, close at hand.

Touch it in moments of fear and need.

Maximon’s Courage Spell

The clothing used to dress and ornament votive statues eventually develops its own magic power. Wooden statues of Maximon, for instance, are dressed in the fine clothes this unofficial saint favors. Access the inherent power by keeping Maximon clean and well-dressed. Wash Maximon’s clothing by hand, reserving the final rinse water. Add this water to your bath to repel fear, sadness, and melancholy.

Mint Courage Spell

Mints, most especially peppermint, are restorative plants, replenishing psychic energy, courage, and peace of mind. Hold a bouquet of fresh mint or a cup of peppermint tea and inhale its fragrance deeply.

Oya Courage Spell

Courage emerges in the recognition of one’s own personal strength.

Write down nine ways in which you are powerful.

Place the paper under a purple candle dedicated to the orisha of personal power, Oya.

Offer her red wine. Pour a glass for yourself, too.

Toast Oya and yourself and watch the candle burn.

Oregano Courage Bath

Bathe in an infusion of oregano (not while pregnant!) to calm nerves, regroup scattered thoughts and emotions, and to summon courage.

Ragweed Psychic Courage Spell

Ragweed is the bane of allergy sufferers, yet it too has magical uses. Chew it to alleviate fear and summon courage. Do not swallow though, as “ragweed” indicates a variety of plants, some toxic.(You’ll know very well if this spell is suitable for you by the lack of allergic reaction.)

Thor’s Nettles

Odin may be the All-Father, leader of the Norse and Teutonic spirits, but for centuries the most beloved spirit of that pantheon was Thor, embodiment of courage and strength.

Nettles are sacred to Thor: wear nettles to banish fear and absorb a little of his courageous essence. This is most powerful if done on Thor’s days, Thursdays.

War Water

Add War Water to your bath when you need to magically gird yourself for battle.

Yarrow Courage Spell

Hold a yarrow stalk in your hands and focus on your goals and desires, to magically stimulate courage and relieve fear.

Psychic Courage Oils

Two famous classic condition formulas are used to enhance personal bravery and draw it from your depths. The first is the tersely named Courage Oil; the second is Crucible of Courage. Formulas are in the Formulary (page 1037). The oils are very compatible; use whichever appeals to you or use them together for extra enhancement.

Psychic Courage Oil (1) Courage Oil

Courage Oil draws on the magic power of five-finger grass (cinquefoil) and gardenias and it enhances bravery. This formula encourages you to take chances and to rise to any situations you may encounter.

Soak a cotton ball in the oil. Carry it in your pocket or tuck it into your bra, especially when entering situations or areas where courage is needed.

Psychic Courage Oil (2) Crucible of Courage Oil

Crucible of Courage Oil doesn’t so much lend you courage as much as it helps you discover hidden resources within you that you never knew you had. It’s also indicated for those plagued by chronic self-doubt and lack of confidence. Crucible of Courage Oil relies largely on ancient sacred fragrances such as frankincense, bay laurel, and sandalwood.

Crucible of Courage Bath

Add Crucible of Courage Oil to a bath and enter the crucible. This is particularly beneficial before stressful appointments or meetings.

Psychic Courage Oils Spells

Either Courage Oil or Crucible of Courage Oil may be used in these spells. For maximum power, use both simultaneously.

Courage Oils Purple Candle

Dress a purple candle with either or both oils.

Focus on your goals, wishes, plans, and desires.

Light your candle.

Courage Oils Quick Fix

Rub either or both oils between your palms before crucial situations. Bring your hands to your face and inhale deeply.

Courage Oils Shoe Spell

Add one drop of oil to each of your shoes to get you where you need to go with less stress.

Psychic Detection Spell

Wear snapdragons: allegedly they bestow magical truth-detection powers that enable you to spot lies and see the hidden truth.

Psychic Energy Replenishment

You cannot maintain a state of optimum psychic power in the face of physical exhaustion. Care of the spiritual and the physical aspects of a person go hand-in-hand. In addition, magic is exhausting: you are putting out vast quantities of energy. Inevitably, most of us put out far more than we draw in.

Psychic Energy Replenishment Spell

When you feel either psychic torpor or physically drained, arrange a Rider-Waite four of swords tarot card so that you can see it clearly from your bed.

Fix the bed with clean, fresh sheets. Sprinkle some psychic protection powder between the sheets.

Burn the fragrances of frankincense and ylang ylang.

Bring something you love to eat, comfort food, over to the bed as well as a drink of something that literally warms you, tea or alcohol or both.

Get into the bed, inhale the fragrances and gaze at the card. If you fall asleep, pay attention to your dreams.

Psychic Energy Replenishment Bath

Simone Schwarz-Bart’s novel The Bridge of Beyond celebrates the strength and wisdom of a Caribbean root woman. In the novel, Ma Cia, the root worker, prepares a weekly invigorating bath of magic leaves for the novel’s heroine: enchanted botanicals like Bride’s Rose, calaba balsam, paoca and Power of Satan are placed in a large tub of water warmed by the sun. The bath performs a spiritual cleansing function but also offers psychic replenishment for the week ahead.

Reproduce the bath and dream that you’re in beautiful Guadeloupe.

If you can’t find or grow the exact flowers, find the most fragrant, fresh, vivid blossoms possible.

Warm the flowers in a washtub filled with spring or rainwater.

Ladle the contents over your head nine times in order to “leave behind the fatigues of the week.”

Those who live in cold, dark climates need this bath the most. Substitute flower remedies for the tropical blossoms. Add any fresh flowers that are available, but always be wary of florist’s blossoms, which are beautiful but usually redolent with pesticides that can enter your bath water.

If there are no fresh flowers, add children’s rubber toys in the shape of flowers, tropical fish or mermaids. Warm floral essential oils in an aroma burner and pretend.

Psychic Energy Replenishment Rosemary

Although rosemary has magic gifts for men and women alike, this botanical is especially associated with women’s power. Rosemary reinforces the authority and personal power of women who serve as leaders of families and groups.

Add essential oil of rosemary to a bath to provide replenishment for single mothers, corporate achievers, and all women who hold positions of authority. Float roses on the water for added enhancement.

Psychic Energy Replenishment Rosemary Potion

Blend rosemary hydrosol with sparkling water to create a psychic energy potion.

Psychic Energy Replenishment Rosemary Tea

Rosemary tea is also beneficial: it rejuvenates, reinvigorates, and enhances psychic ability, especially in times of physical exhaustion.

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over fresh or dried rosemary. Rosemary tastes better added to food than as a drink. To improve the taste and increase the power of the potion, add lemon balm and peppermint, and sweeten with honey, if desired.

Psychic Replenishment Bath

This bath utilizes the following botanicals:


Melissa (lemon balm)


These may be used in varying forms:

Make infusions of dried or fresh botanicals and add to the bath

Add essential oils to the bath

Use a combination of fresh herbs and essential oils: although all are common garden plants, Melissa (lemon balm) is a notoriously rare and expensive essential oil

Psychic Power Bath: Anise

Pour boiling water over bruised anise seeds to create an infusion. When the liquid cools, strain out the solids and add the infusion to your bathwater for enhanced psychic power and perception.

Psychic Power Bath: Anise Extra Strength

Toss some anisette into the bath. Light some candles; pour yourself a drink and feel your power re-emerge.

Psychic Power Bath: Exotic Mix

Add essential oils of myrrh, opoponax, and liquidambar to your bath to strengthen and balance psychic power.

Psychic Power Bath: Frankincense

Add essential oils of elemi, frankincense, and lemon-grass to a bath to enhance power and potentiate the ability to use it.

Psychic Power Bath: New Orleans-style

Add six drops of essential oil of rose geranium and six drops of essential oil of lavender to a warm bath. Relax and luxuriate. You may also substitute or add geranium and lavender hydrosols.

Psychic Power Bath: Psychic Powder

Combine equal parts Cascarilla powder and lotus root powder.

Add this to your bath.

Immerse yourself completely in the water.

Focus on your desire for enhanced psychic ability and spiritual growth.

Psychic Power Bath: Soothing

Add melilot to your bath to soothe nerves and replenish psychic and physical energy.

Psychic Power Bath: Sweet Honey Power

Blend rose and lavender hydrosols in a pot and warm it gently over a fire; don’t boil! Stir in some honey and add to your bath.

Psychic Power Incense

Grind equal quantities of celery seed and powdered orrisroot together. Sprinkle onto lit charcoal and burn.

Psychic Power Incense: Van-Van Power Spell

To enhance the power of charms and ritual tools, make Van Van incense from dried Asian grasses. Burn the incense, and then pass the items through its smoke.

Psychic Power Necklace

Pierce cloves, star anise, and nutmeg. (Nutmeg may require a drill.) String them onto a necklace. Concentrate on your goals while piercing and stringing. Murmur your desires and intentions over the spice beads. Wear as a necklace or hang over your head when you desire optimal psychic power.

Psychic Power Oil

Add five drops of frankincense, five drops of myrrh, three drops of petitgrain, and two drops of tuberose to a bottle containing an ounce of sweet almond oil.

Add five drops of mugwort flower remedy and a tiny moonstone to the bottle.

Massage a few drops into the soles of your feet. Rub one drop over the third eye area of your brow to enhance psychic power.

Psychic Power Powder

Grind, powder and blend the following ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, mastic pearls, myrrh, and sandalwood. Sprinkle around the table during séances, on cards or other psychic tools, and between the sheets for enhanced dreams.

Psychic Power Spell Book

Are the spells in your grimoire not working? Before you write the book (or magic) off, consider whether the book needs magical psychic empowerment. Old grimoires are notorious for their unique qualities. No two copies of some surviving grimoires are identical although they are recognizably the same book. This was no accident: Before printing standardized book production, magical books were frequently customized for the user. Magic ink was used to record the text. The spell-caster’s name might be inserted into the text a ritual number of times. Ancient magical techniques can still be used to empower even mass produced books.

Traditionally nine days of intensive spell-work are required for the ritual empowerment of a spell book.

The owner/user of the book casts cleansing spells daily for these consecutive days while the book is primed: medieval books were often secretly taken to Mass, but then, medieval magicians frequently doubled as theologians. Your book may be taken to wherever you perceive as sacred and empowering, however the spell may also be cast at home.

Cast a circle and maintain the book in the center for nine days.

The book should be sprinkled with magically charged waters daily.

Murmur Psalms or other sacred verses over the book daily as well as litanies of names that you hold sacred.

Following nine days the book should be ready to work for you.

Psychic Power Spell: Rapunzel Root

Rapunzel, also known as ramps or rampion, was once a popular European food, now fallen out of fashion. It’s also the name of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale heroine who was traded for one. It appears in an Italian fairy tale, too: a girl uproots rampion only to discover a stairway leading to a palace deep within Earth. Hold a rapunzel root in your hand for enhanced psychic visualization and protection.

Psychic Power Unblocking

Are malevolent spiritual entities preventing you from achieving your maximum psychic power? Confuse and remove them with a ritual of magical charades.

A very nice meal consisting of a whole fish is prepared by someone else and served to the blocked magician, as if he or she were an honored guest and not a resident in the home. The ritual assistant who plays the part of the waiter is, in order of preference, the magician’s spouse or lover, a relative, or anybody else.

The person who cooks and serves the fish makes a big deal out of it, praising it aloud.

Without speaking but via facial expressions, the magician indicates that no matter how delicious this fish appears, it’s not acceptable.

The server removes it immediately and disposes of it outside of the house.

The magician should now take a cleansing bath and protective measures should be undertaken.

The rationale behind this ritual is that there are lurking vampiric spirits who desire to block the magician’s further acquisition of power, but who would also like to avail themselves of the magician’s current powers. They are attracted to the fish as a venue of entry into the magician’s body. Because this has been billed as such a special meal, these not overly intelligent spirits enter the fish, hoping to enter the magician’s body as he or she eats, like a parasite. When the magician silently refuses, they are removed and eliminated, giving the magician an opportunity to set up protective boundaries before they return.

Psychic Vision Oil

Grind equal quantities of althaea and anise seeds together with a mortar and pestle.

Add them to jojoba oil.

Add a small quartz crystal to the bottle.

Rub this oil on your hands and feet prior to psychic sessions.

Add it to a bath to encourage spontaneous inspiration.

Psychic Vision Spell

Pour boiling water over eyebright to create an infusion.

Allow it to cool, then strain, reserving the liquid.

Soak cotton pads into the eyebright infusion.

Place one over each eye to enhance clairvoyant ability and second sight.

Be patient: this spell will likely take more than one application before one sees results.

Rosemary Spell

Blend essential oil of rosemary with essential oil of mastic to repair the aura, stimulate psychic perception, and increase your ability to comprehend and retain psychic experiences. Warm in an aroma burner or add to the bath.

Scarlet Pimpernel Spell

The Scarlet Pimpernel is most famous as the hero of the novels written by Baroness Emmuska Orczy. It’s actually the name of a wildflower that allegedly stimulates second sight. Scarlet pimpernel is toxic if consumed; wear it or surround yourself with it for enhanced psychic ability.

Seven African Powers Spell

Add a few drops of Seven African Powers Oil to your bath to consolidate and balance psychic power.

Spell-casting Tips

Spell-caster’s Tips: Diet

Some fast before spell-casting; others recommend eating for extra strength and power. Among the foods believed to enhance chances of spell-casting success are ginger (both fresh and candied) and rosemary.

Spell-caster’s Tips: Image Activation

This method derives from traditions of Chinese magic. Activate and animate the image of a spirit by pricking your smallest finger with a needle or rose thorn. Rub the resulting drop of blood over the image’s eyes.

Spell-caster’s Tips: Mullein Spell

Mullein is Hecate’s plant. Keep mullein in a bowl beside you or wear it around your neck in a conjure bag for extra power while casting spells.

Spell-caster’s Tips: Violet Spell

Wash your face and hands with an infusion of violet leaves before initiating any psychic work, for added power and reception.

Tuberose Psychic Power Spell

Tuberose is known as Mistress of the Night. The beautiful, fragrant white flowers create a bridge to lunar power. Surround yourself with fresh flowers and inhale!

Witch’s Belt or Girdle

The belt for this spell may be constructed from freely shed snakeskin, silk or cord.

Set thirteen goals. (One goal may also be affirmed thirteen times.)

On the New Moon charge an object to symbolize and help realize the first goal. For instance, the desire for fertility might be symbolized by a frog or rabbit fetish. A financial goal might be represented by a small magnetic horseshoe.

Wrap this item up in a bundle or place it in a small bag and attach it to the magic belt.

Charge a new charm at each New Moon.

When the lunar year is complete and thirteen moons have passed, consider your accomplishments and the status of your goals. The belt may be considered complete and maintained as a talisman of growth and/or success or remove the thirteen charms and begin the cycle again.

Witch’s Belt or Girdle: Quick Fix Spell

This spell still requires the passage of thirteen moons to be complete; however it bypasses the sometimes intimidating need to find magical objects to represent your goals.

At the New Moon, write out your goal, wish or affirmation on a piece of paper.

Charge a white or silver candle with your desires, place it on a plate and burn it.

Put the paper beneath the plate.

After the candle burns down, place the paper in a small pouch and attach it to your belt.

Repeat at each New Moon; set new goals for yourself or reiterate the original one as desired.

Witch’s Garter (1)

Ask a child to draw a “witch” and most likely they’ll dress her in a black dress and a triangular hat. The traditional witch’s wardrobe is more complex and varied, however.

Cloaks may be worn for warmth alone rather than for any magical purpose, but the witch’s garter allegedly provides psychic enhancement. Instead of merely holding up socks or stockings, amulets and botanicals may be discreetly, yet powerfully, worn by attaching to the garter. A magical item of clothing, the garter retains its seductive charm—unlike that other garment rooted in magic ritual, the girdle.

The witch’s garter believed to stimulate psychic power is crafted from green leather, lined with blue silk, and buckled with true silver.

Witch’s Garter (2)

The witch’s garter also known as a “witch’s belt” (as is her girdle, just to increase confusion) has associations with shamanic rites, fairy magic, and erotic power. Sometimes the garter also denotes rank in a coven.

Ancient garters were created from shed snakeskin to tap into that creature’s magic power and psychic ability.

Place crystals atop a snakeskin and allow it to charge overnight in the moonlight.

Wear it on your left thigh.

Women’s Intuition Spells

It’s no accident that so many of the most powerful female deities are depicted with roses and lilies. Both species radiate women’s primal power and may also be used to enhance one’s own personal power, especially that old stand-by, “women’s intuition.”

Women’s Intuition: Bouquet Spell

Many modern flower hybrids are bred for color, size, and beauty to the exclusion of fragrance. It’s crucial that this spell be aromatic as that’s how the magical transaction is achieved.

Create large bouquets, as many as possible, of fresh lilies and roses. Arrange them strategically so that their fragrance permeates the area. Inhale deeply and absorb their power.

Women’s Intuition: Fragrant Bath

Attar of roses is available but expensive. Commercially available scent of lilies is almost invariably synthetic. Florist’s blooms are usually heavily sprayed with pesticides and thus not safe to be consistently put in the bath in great quantity. The best solution is usually to maintain your own supply.

Add fresh blossoms to the bath or create infused flower oil of rose and lily. (See Elements of Magic Spells for detailed instructions.) Rub the oil directly on the body and then enter the bath. If possible, color-coordinate scent-less candles to illuminate the bathroom. Relax and allow yourself to be permeated with fragrance and power.

Women’s Psychic Power Spell

Myrrh, which embodies Hathor and Isis, is associated with women’s primal spiritual and sexual power. Blend aloes wood, cinnamon, and myrrh. Burn and waft the fragrance over you.

Yang Potion

Those who actively pursue psychic visions and magic power tend to spend much time delving into the yin side of life. This is especially true for professional psychics and magic workers. True power, however, comes from balance.

Fill a crystal bottle with spring or Holy Water on a bright sunny morning.

Place it so that it is exposed to bright sunlight.

At night, place the bottle in the refrigerator.

Use it whenever you perceive the necessity of reenergizing: sprinkle in the bath, on the altar, or throughout the home.


Yarrow derives its name from the Greek “hieros,” “holy.” Its spiritual affiliations lie with the Greek hero, Achilles. It is the legendary herb that this warrior son of a mermaid carried in order to heal his wounded soldiers during the Trojan War.

Yarrow has many magical uses but is particularly beneficial for psychic stimulation; not only does it stimulate psychic ability but it erects a protective shield as well. One of the downsides of enhanced psychic vision is the sudden awareness of spiritually threatening situations. All of a sudden you realize that there are things to worry about that you never considered before. Yarrow provides the equivalent of Achilles’ near invulnerability.

Yarrow Potions

Yarrow is a safer herb than either wormwood or mugwort, although the essential oil should be avoided by pregnant women and by those prone to seizure disorders.

Moderate quantities serve as magical potions to enhance and stimulate psychic ability.

Make an infusion from the dried herb, as a tea or to add to the bath

Yarrow hydrosol serves as a magical elixir. It may also be added to the bath

Yarrow flower remedy is particularly beneficial if your expanding psychic skills are new: its protective qualities are fast and potent. Add a few drops to the herbal infusion

Yarrow flower remedy may also be applied topically. Add it to the bath. Massage it into your feet before bedtime

Yerba Santa Spell

Add an infusion of yerba santa to your bath to enhance and stimulate psychic power.

Yin Potion

Try as you might, are you having trouble accessing realms of magic or your own personal psychic ability? Do you feel too resolutely grounded to achieve psychic lift-off? This Yin Potion, a quick-fix version of lunar-infused water, can help put you in touch with your own psychic side.

Fill a crystal bottle with pure spring water.

Expose it to moonbeams overnight.

Use as needed: drink the water, wash your face with it or add it to your bath.

If not used up right away, store it in the refrigerator.