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Spirit Summoning Spells
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Summoning a person is usually straightforward. Call them on the telephone, drop them a note. Faxes and e-mails are instantaneous. If you’re patient, you could show up on their doorstep and await their inevitable arrival home. But how do you summon a spirit?

Straightforward methods exist as well as more complex ones. There are a lot of ways. Ancient theurgists used to call spirits with spinning tops. Some spirits respond if their name is called while others only respond to elaborate spells and rituals. It’s possible to summon generic “benevolent” spirits or summon a specific one by name. It is usually wisest to know exactly whom you’re summoning.

Some traditions consider that it’s safest or necessary to contact a gatekeeper spirit who will then summon the actual spirit for you. Essentially you are summoning a spirit to summon spirits for you. Although whether you choose to do this depends largely upon the tradition you follow, it is a wise practice if you are in the habit of summoning “generid” spirits. Summoning spirits without being very familiar with their identity and personality is a little like living in a very busy metropolis, throwing your front door open and inviting just anyone to enter. Always remember that, as with any guest, it’s easier to invite them in than to ask them to leave.

Gate guardian spirits may be petitioned to only permit benevolent or kind spirits through and bar the gate to malicious spirits. These gate guardians include:





Maria Padilha Pomba Gira

These spirits guard the crossroads, permitting and denying access as they deem fit. For more detailed information, check Unblocking Spells, page 1006.

Spirits are summoned via:

Fragrance In ancient Egypt, it was believed that every spirit possessed its own characteristic scent, sort of like the ghost in the movie The Uninvited. The sudden appearance of the fragrance signaled the spirit’s presence. This fragrance becomes a summoning device: when you introduce the fragrance to the

atmosphere, you’re effectively extending an invitation. General magical wisdom suggests that beautiful, aromatic fragrances (gardenia, frankincense, sandalwood) summon beautiful, powerful, benevolent spirits. Likewise offensive, foul, malodorous fragrances summon malicious, mean-spirited, malignant, destructive spirit forces

Altars on which they recognize themselves Every spirit has one or more attribute: objects, emblems, birds, animals, minerals or things that represent their power or whose essence they share. Manipulating these objects like a tableau extends visual invitations. Hence a glass of spring water and a dish of honey beckons Oshun; she is sweet water and honey, each shares the same essence

Offerings In general, spirits are not above bribery but rather consider it their due. Attract their attention and lure them to your side by offering whatever they love, whatever most attracts them and invigorates them

All Saints Spells

The condition formulation All Saints Oil summons benevolent, helpful spirits.

All Saints Spell (1) Candle Spell

Dress candle with the oil. (Carve as desired.) Burn the candle; accompany with prayer, petition and incantations of sacred verses.

All Saints Spell (2.) Powder Spell

Create All Saints Powder by grinding and powdering the botanicals as listed in the Formulary; do not add to oil. Sprinkle the powder throughout your home.

Ancestor Summoning

Add one tablespoon of anisette liqueur to a glass of pure spring water.

Place it on a table to summon ancestral and other beneficial spirits.

That much alone is sufficient; however, to reinforce the spell add photographs of blood relatives, even if they are not the ones whom you call.

Provide food or other libations that the ancestors will find hard to resist, whatever is appropriate to your family or cultural tradition, or perhaps serve them whatever you would if they were truly coming to dinner.

Angel Summoning Spells

Angel Summoning: Angelite

Angelite crystals summon angels as well as other beneficial spirits. Place one under your pillow or sleep with it over your chest. Pay attention to dreams, the canvas for many visitations.

Angel Summoning: Angel Water

Many angels allegedly love the scent of myrtle, the key ingredient in Angel Water. Angel Water is most famous as an aphrodisiac but may also be used to summon angels. Fill pans and bowls with Angel Water and arrange strategically. Accompany by verbally requesting the angel’s presence.

Angel Summoning: Benzoin

Burn benzoin: benzoin incense not only summons angels but induces them to linger. It has the added benefit of repelling malevolent spirits.

Angel Summoning: Fragrant Blend

Frankincense beckons angels, benzoin ensures that only the benevolent arrive, and dammar allegedly enables you to communicate with them. Blend all three and burn, wafting the aroma as desired.

Angel Summoning: Honey

Dishes filled with honey beckon angels and other beneficial spirits.

Angel Summoning: Magic Mirror

Light a white or silver candle.

Announce your intention and ask for angelic blessings. You may ask for a “go-ahead” signal as to whether to proceed.

Sit, relax, burn frankincense or warm its essential oil to extend an invitation and enhance your powers of clairvoyance.

Look in your mirror. Pretend you’re not looking at yourself but impartially at another being.

When this is accomplished, look beyond yourself in the mirror.

Stay relaxed: if you are tense, this won’t work. Only work for as long as you feel fresh and relaxed; several attempts may be necessary before you accomplish your goal. This technique takes time.

Eventually you may see a new face; eventually you may see your guardian angel or another spirit behind your own image. You may see lights. The experience is very personal and varies.

Communicate with the presence in your mirror.

When you’re done, the mirror should be wrapped in dark silk or velvet and kept reserved for this ritual alone.

Angel Summoning: Myrtle

Burn myrtle and roses to invoke an angelic presence.

Benevolent Spirits

Sometimes you don’t know exactly whom you wish to speak with but you know you want a “nice, kind” spirit. The following, placed on an altar, consistently calls in benevolent spirits:


Braids of sweetgrass


Fires built with rowan wood


Black Cat Spirit Summoning

Black cats (or any other cats) are not perceived as evil or unlucky amongst magical traditions. They are perceived as magical creatures: black cats are a favored form for some shape-shifting spirits. In other words, some black cats may be spirits in disguise, making it especially unlucky to harm any black cat. Black cats, in general, are perceived as having special contacts among the spirit world, making them favored familiars.

Black Cat Oil calls in the spirits. Dress candles with Black Cat Oil and burn them to beckon benevolent, magically oriented spirits.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls may be used to communicate with the spirits:

The crystal ball should be cleansed and ready to use.

Cleanse the area and all participants.

Create a magic circle on the ground. The medieval sorcerers recommended that the scryer remain in this circle until well after the spirit’s departure.

Face the east.

Summon the spirit from the depths of the crystal ball.

“Demon” Summoning Spells

Classical grimoires summon demons by name for purposes of commanding and compelling. Run down a list of these names and you may recognize them: most of these so-called “demons” are ancient, multifaceted deities, among them Astarte, Hecate, assorted Baal’s, Leviathan, and others. Is it any wonder that they don’t show up or that if they do, they’re hostile and volatile, not in the mood to be compelled and commanded? Powerful spiritual entities habituated to human devotion are instead summoned with contempt mixed with fear and treated like menial servants. And if they’re not powerful, why bother to summon them?

For best results, don’t just stick to the grimoires: instead of summoning, invite and beckon with respect. But if they’re not demons, you ask, and if you’re not in charge, who are they and why would you wish to contact them? Post-Christianity, spirits were categorized as demons en masse; if you weren’t an angel—and sometimes even if you were—then you must be a devil. Here’s a sampling of medieval “demons.”

“Demon” Summoning: Astarte and Asteroth

Astarte and Asteroth are one and the same; Asteroth may be an insulting epithet created by monotheistic Hebrews or a plural for Astarte, indicating her many paths, similar to an orisha’s many paths or the Virgin Mary’s many manifestations. Astarte means “womb” and may be a title for the Semitic spirit, Anat.

Summon Astarte with lilies and roses. Use henna to adorn hands and feet with images evoking primal female power to beckon her near. Why would you wish to summon Astarte? Because she can provide you with love, fertility, and protection if she chooses.

“Demon” Summoning: Baal

Baal means “master” or “owner” and may be the title of various Semitic spirits, or may indicate the many “paths” of one, in the manner that a Yoruba orisha has many paths (aspects) yet remains one.

Baal’s image summons him, as does fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, arrowheads, hammers, and images of lightning. Why would you wish to summon him? Perhaps because he has been known to stabilize the weather and provide fertility, prosperity, and protection.

“Demon” Summoning: Hecate (1)

Hecate, Queen of Witches, pre-eminent deity of the ancient nation of Caria, Matron of Midwives, and psychopomp maintains office hours only at night: formal petitions and invitations must be offered after dark. A particularly ancient spirit, the only source of illumination she favors is fire.

Summon Hecate at night by a three-way crossroads. Ideally, light your way with a mullein torch. Offer her garlic, lavender, and honey. If you have a dog, bring it with you. Keep an eye on the dog; it’s likely to perceive Hecate, who adores dogs, before you do. Why would you wish to contact Hecate? Because she can teach you to do anything in this book. Because she can grant you enhanced psychic powers, fertility, romance, protection, freedom from illness, and magical restitution for any crime committed against you.

“Demon” Summoning: Hecate (2)

An old tip that allegedly makes summoning Hecate easier. Dry dandelion roots, then slice and pierce them to create beads, forming a ritual necklace to wear when calling Hecate. Call—or think—Hecate’s name as you pierce, string, and knot each bead.

Directional Invocations

If one invokes protective spirits, one is also effectively casting a protection spell. Their presence provides the protection. Directional invocations place the spell-caster within a circle of protective spirits. This format is ancient, hearkening back to ancient Babylon and Egypt.

Archangel Summoning Invocation

Michael to the right of me

Gabriel at my left

Uriel in front of me

Raphael guards my back

Babylonian Incantation

Sin is not the consequence of evil-doing but is the name of an ancient Semitic moon-god, namesake of the Sinai Peninsula.

Shamash before me

Sin behind me

Nergal at my right

Ninibat at my left

Directional lnuocation: Egyptian

Isis to the south

Selket to the west

Nephthys to the north

Neith to the east

Djinn Summoning

Place a sliver of aloes wood and some dust from a crossroads, ruin, or cemetery into a metal flask.

Place the flask onto a square of red silk or felt together with a cleaned sheep’s shoulder blade bone.

Wrap up the bundle and pierce it with seven silver or bone needles, saying “I knock on Earth’s door to summon the djinn.”

Leave the bundle at a place djinn are likely to congregate (see Elements of Magic Spells) and wait for a response.

Doll Summoning

Dolls created from wax and other materials have been used from time immemorial for all kinds of magic, benevolent and malevolent alike. Real Vodou dolls are devices to communicate with the Iwa or other spirits.

Create your own doll: not to dominate the spirit but for increased familiarity, the intimate communication of hands.

Decorate the doll with the colors and attributes belonging to them. Hence Ogun’s doll would be clothed in black and red and bear a little piece of metal. Wind a key around Papa Legba’s waist, or paint dark glasses on Baron Samedi.

Arrange the doll on an altar or keep it discreetly wrapped in cloth. When you wish to communicate, speak directly to the doll.

Dragon Summoning

A dragon needs a home; create a lair or cave or peak filled with treasure. The nature of the treasure determines the nature of the dragon. Determine whether your dragon has a solitary nature; if not, add images of other dragons and attractive human figures to keep the dragon company. Light red candles to summon the dragon and offer it candy and sweets.

Elemental Spirits

The concept of Elemental Spirits derives from the mystical physician-philosopher Paracelsus’ (1493—1541) attempt to classify spirits according to the natural elements from which he perceived that they emerged. Elementals are understood as the embodiment of Air, Fire, and Water. These el-emental correspondences don’t necessarily agree with folkloric, mythological or magical tradition; the Elementals tend to be malevolent although this may reflect the time during which classification and analysis occur—sixteenth-century Europe was not a happy time for spirit—human interaction. Allegedly, elementals are only visible to humans possessing second sight.

Elemental Summoning Spell (1) Air

Elemental spirits of the air are known as sylphs. They are said be extremely volatile in nature. According to legend, sylphs are the souls of those who died in a virginal state. Brooms summon air spirits and may be used as a communications device. A ritual broom should be used and reserved for this purpose. Toss the broom up into the air repeatedly, while focusing on your desire.

Elemental Summoning Spell (2) Air

Wind flower invokes the sylphs. Grind and powder wind flower (anemone, japonica) blossoms, leaves, and stems. Burn it as incense; the fragrance rising in the air will call the spirits.

Elemental Summoning Spell (3) Air

Carve whistles from alder to summon sylphs and other spirits of air.

Elemental Summoning Spell (4) Fire

Elemental spirits of fire are known as salamanders, not to be confused with the lizard of the same name. Allegedly salamanders can be sighted in the flames, an allegation that has been the source of great pain and suffering to the lizards. Salamanders, the fire spirits, have a reputation as a wrathful bunch.

The fragrance of amber attracts and lures the fire elementals.

Do not burn beads; amber fragrance refers to perfume formulas that approximate the scent of ambergris, once known as ambra.

Warm benzoin resinoid, labdanum, and vanilla absolute in an aroma burner.

Elemental Summoning Spell (5) Fire

The aroma of tobacco also calls the fire elementals. Smoke a good cigar, concentrating on the summons. If you don’t smoke, use a lit cigar as incense to call the spirits.

Elemental Summoning Spell (6) Fire

“Perfumed brandy” is a complex liquid incense is believed to call in the fire elementals:

Fill a cauldron or earthenware vessel with equal parts of brandy and spring water.

Set the cauldron on the fire and begin to add the following ingredients: aloes wood roots, aristolochias, benzoin, calamite, cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, cubeb pepper, ginger, Grains of Paradise, mace, nutmeg, and storax.

Bring the cauldron to a simmer, keeping all doors and windows closed (the spirits can enter without them) so that the aroma fills the room.

Elemental Summoning Spell (7) Fire

This spell may be used to summon any fire spirit or elemental. It may also work with Hecate and Oya, both of whom claim mullein as sacred.

Sprinkle saltpeter into spring water.

Dip mullein leaves into this liquid.

Hang the leaves upside down to dry.

Reserve dried leaves carefully; when you wish to summon the spirits toss one leaf at a time into an open fire to extend an invitation.

Elemental Summoning Spell (8) Fire

According to Greek myth, Prometheus stole celestial fire by hiding it in a fennel stalk. Gather fennel at Midsummer’s Day at the height of the sun’s power. Burn it when you wish to summon fire spirits and elementals.

Elemental Summoning Spell (9) Water

Elemental spirits of water are known as undines. Undines are usually understood to be a sort of water fairy or nymph, although they may also be a sub-genre of mermaids.

Hold an anachitis gemstone in your hand to summon these elementals. Switch to a second stone, synochitis, to keep them in place, while you attempt to communicate with them.

Elemental Summoning Spell (10) Water

Place anachitis and synochitis crystals on an altar and sleep in this room. Allegedly the crystals will summon the undines, which will appear and communicate with you in your dreams.

Elemental Summoning Spell (11) Water

The crystal gemstone beryl is under the dominion of Poseidon, King of the Sea. Engrave the image of a hoopoe bird holding tarragon before it upon a beryl. This magic talisman will summon the water elementals.

Elemental Summoning Incense (1) Fire

Blend bloodroot, dragon’s blood, red sandalwood, and saffron and burn as incense.

Elemental Summoning Incense (2.) Water

Add benzoin resinoid, camphor, myrrh, and true lotus essential oil to an aroma burner.

Elf Summoning (1)

Meet elves in their territory. Stand beside or beneath elm trees and elecampane to summon the elves. Focus on your desire and wait for them to arrive.

Elf Summoning (2)

As an alternative, persuade elves to enter your territory: grow or maintain copious quantities of rosemary; eventually the elves will come to you.

Elf Summoning (3)

Like fairies, djinn, and humans, some elves are nicer than others. Benevolent elves live within the presence of larch trees. Burn larch resin and needles to invite their presence.

Fairy Summoning Spells

The category of “fairy” is so complex that fairy summoning can be very confusing. Flower fairies—tiny, winged, and less volatile than other fairies—are what most modern people consider to be fairies, in comparison to the full-size spirits that inhabit fairy tales. Different spells are used to summon different kinds of fairies.

In addition, there’s a whole category of “fairy vision” spells; rather than summoning fairies to you (fairies don’t take kindly to being commanded) they grant you a vision of the fairies. Seeing fairies may be sufficient for many; experiment if you’d also like to make contact.

Fairy Summoning: Clover

Find a four-leaf clover.

Lay seven grains of wheat over the clover. Concentrate on your desire.

Allegedly the fairies will appear.

Fairy Summoning: Fairy Mound

Many fairies are believed to inhabit hollow mountains, hills, and mounds. Identify the hill, mountain, or mound, and walk around it three times counter-clockwise (widdershins), calling out “Open door!”

Fairy Summoning: Get-away Spell

Should you journey to the halls of Fairyland but are wary of being trapped within, slip an iron or steel needle into the door. This prevents the fairies from closing it, so you can make your get-away if necessary. Discreetly keep needles in your hem to use as needed.

Fairy Summoning: Roses

This spell reflects the defiant nature of fairies. Steal some roses and transplant them into your garden to attract the fairies.

Fairy Summoning: Roses (2)

Pull up roses to summon the fairies. Perhaps “summon” is the wrong word; “encourage to arrive” may be better. According to legend and folk song, the act outrages them and they will appear to you, although whether you’ll be pleased to see them in that humor is debatable.

Fairy Summoning: Urban Dweller

Fairies usually resist indoor invitations. This limits access for apartment and urban dwellers. Compensation can be made, however, and the fairies can be persuaded to come indoors. However, some extra seduction is required.

Create a wild area within with bonsai trees, miniature roses and other plants. Scatter seashells and acorns. Ornament with glittering charms. This takes some effort but will eventually work, especially if children are resident.

Fairy Summoning: Woodland

Oak, ash, and thorn trees growing together beckon the fairies. Find a place where this occurs naturally and linger, waiting for the fairies. Or you can create a fairy-friendly landscape by transplanting trees as an open invitation.

Flower Fairy Summoning: Beech

Dry a little beech wood. Powder and burn it as incense outside to call the flower fairies. Because beech also has protective capacities, it should ward off any maliciously inclined fairies.

Flower Fairy Summoning: Foxglove

Create a fairy-friendly garden. Strategically arrange foxgloves (also called “fairy’s glove” or “fairy’s thimble”). Sit beside them patiently. Allegedly the fairies will eventually appear to you.

Foxglove is very toxic, to the point of fatality, and it is also very pretty and so tempting to children. Use cautiously.

Flower Fairy Summoning: Hazel

String hazel nuts on a cord, focusing on your desires as you make knots. Hang the cord near appropriate summoning plants or within sight of a garden to beckon flower fairies.

Flower Fairy Summoning: Lily of the Valley

Gather lily of the valley flowers. Dry and powder them, then burn them by themselves or in combination with lavender and honeysuckle. This fragrance allegedly summons the flower fairies. (Caution: Lily of the Valley is potentially toxic. Do not ingest.)

Fairy Vision Spell: Calendula

Make a mild infusion of calendula flowers. Soak cotton pads in this infusion. Place one over each eye to be granted a vision of the fairies.

Fairy Vision Spell: Elder

Stand under elder trees at midnight on Midsummer’s Eve to be granted a vision of the reveling fairies.

Fairy Vision Spell: Elderberry Wine

Drink elderberry wine to see fairies.

Fairy Vision Spell: Fairy Dance

It’s not enough to see the fairies; you’d like to join them! This spell offers the opportunity for both.

Search for a circle of toadstools or ash seedlings.

When you find it, dance around this circle nine times deasil (sunwise) then once widdershins (counter-clockwise).

Fairy Vision Spell: Holed Stone

Holed stones also create a portal to Fairy Land.

Go somewhere where fairies are likely to be found.

Look through a holed stone while walking in a circle widdershins three times.

If you know exactly who you wish to see, call them politely and respectfully.

Fairy Vision Spell: Mountain Realm

Many fairies are believed to inhabit hollow hills, mountains, and mounds. Fairies are discreet; doorways are invisible. It’s difficult to catch sight of them except for a few rare days of the year when the fairies troop.

Comings and goings from the Fairy Mound may be observed on May Day, Midsummer’s Eve and Halloween. A few days before, begin preparations: cast intensive cleansing spells, fast as desired, and ornament yourself with protective amulets. Journey to the Mound and wait. Do not fall asleep. Eventually you will see a troop of fairies departing or returning. If you stay discreetly hidden they will pass you by. However, contact may be made if desired.

Fairy Vision Spell: Sorrel

Sorrel is among fairies’ favored plants. Grow sorrel in your garden and gather it frequently as a salad herb; allegedly you’ll be granted a vision of the fairies.

Good Spirits Oil

This oil signals your need for spiritual protection.

Create Good Spirits Oil by adding essential oils of anise, basil, frankincense, lavender, and myrrh to sweet almond oil.

Add angelica root and devil’s shoestring to the bottle.

Dress candles with this oil and burn, or warm the oil in an aroma burner to summon benevolent spirits to protect you in time of need.

Happy Spirit Spell

Summoning spirits is sometimes a little like waking someone from a deep sleep; they’re grouchy and resent being awakened. If you didn’t need them, of course, you wouldn’t have bothered them: you require cooperation and empathy. Burn marjoram to calm and pacify angry spirits.

King Solomon’s Key

King Solomon is believed to have been among the greatest magicians of all time. He commanded a host of djinn and other spirits by various means, including sigils, a magic ring, and incantations. Over the millennia various methods and manuscripts have been credited to this ancient king including the following.

Allegedly if this is pronounced correctly and uttered at the exact right moment (and that’s for you to find out!), you too will be granted the power to command celestial beings:








Magic Sword Summoning

Master magician Cornelius Agrippa recommended that the blade of a magic sword be smeared with “juice of mugwort.” This may be interpreted as meaning the liquid squeezed from fresh mugwort, an infusion of mugwort, or mugwort essential oil. Anoint the blade and then heat the sword up. It should be possible to see invoked spirits in its blade.

Musical Summoning

According to Chinese magical tradition, the sound of a bamboo flute summons spirits. Carve the name of the spirit you desire into a flute—each spirit must have its own.

Notre Dame Water

Notre Dame Water beckons consistently beneficial, happy spirits and is a safe summoning agent. Add some of the formula water to a spray bottle and diffuse throughout the home. Alternatively, asperge from an open dish.

Open Your Eyes Spell

General metaphysical wisdom suggests that we are always surrounded by lingering spirits. It’s not that they’re invisible; it’s that most of us lack the capacity to see them. This spell allegedly enables you to see the spirits that surround you.

Place a magic mirror on the floor or on a low table, propped up or standing so that you can comfortably see within it.

Arrange a white candle on either side.

Sit on the floor a few feet from the mirror. (Don’t hunch up over it; this works best when intent but relaxed.)

Gaze into the mirror for at least three hours; images will appear.

Oracle Sage

According to Aztec folklore, oracle sage is a gift from the spirit realm so that humans might contact and understand them at will. Consider what you need to know; then burn the herb, inhaling its fragrance.

Now that you’ve summoned them, what will you do with the spirits once they’ve actually arrived? When company is invited, it’s normally polite to have a little something for them to eat or drink. Many spirits have personal preferences, however if you are at a loss as to how to offer welcome, respect, and appreciation, allegedly virtually every

spirit will accept offerings of fresh peppermint. There are two modes of presentation; choose what seems more appropriate:

Peppermint Present: Fragrant Steam

Fill a cauldron with water and add fresh peppermint. Place the cauldron over a source of fire and warm it so that the aroma permeates the area.

Peppermint: Fresh Offering

Remove peppermint leaves from their stems. Place them in an attractive bowl and set on a table or altar.

Sigil Spirit Summoning

In many traditions, each angel or spirit possesses a specific standardized visual image that, when drawn or posted, contains the power to summon that spirit. These images are known as sigils. Sigils are typically drawn within a circle and may be representational or completely abstract. Sigils serve two purposes:

They request a specific spirit’s presence: whether that request is a “command” that the spirit is bound to obey or merely an explicit invitation depends upon the metaphysical tradition to which one subscribes

Contemplation of the image (in the manner that one contemplates a mandala) reveals the essence and nature of the spirit. Ezili Freda Dahomey’s sigil (or vèvè in this tradition) incorporates a heart pierced with a sword or dagger, for instance

Although the term sigil derives from European magic and ostensibly recalls the magical seals of King Solomon, the vèvè of Haitian Voudou serves similar purposes, although Voudou tends to be far more respectful and polite to its spirits than is typical for medieval European spirit-summoning sorcery. Many other metaphysical traditions also incorporate these visual summoning charms: runes may be used in a similar fashion, if desired.

Sigil Spirit Summoning: Traditional

Angel and demon-beckoning sigils are reproduced in grimoires; vèvè designs are reproduced in books devoted to Voudou and Quimbanda.

Find the desired image.

Carefully draw it, while concentrating on your intent, on to parchment or fine paper. Magical inks are traditionally used.

Post it or place the image on your altar. Surround with charged, burning candles.

Sigil Spirit Summoning: Personal Communication

Sigils may have been inspired by the spirits but their creation derives clearly from human hands. Magic is not static; the most powerful sigil can be the one you create yourself. The expression of your heart is often the surest, quickest mode of communication.

Contemplate the nature and identity of the spirit you wish to summon.

Allow yourself to be inspired so as to create a sigil dedicated to that spirit alone.

This sigil may be drawn on paper, but it may also be drawn onto the floor using powders or expressed via a tableau. Consider the nature and tastes of the specific spirit in order to determine the proper materials.

Specific Spirit Summoning


Arrange six beautiful bright red apples in a bowl. Place them on the hearth or within the fireplace, accompanied by a glass of rum or aguardiente, to summon the orisha Chango.


Plant primroses to open the door to Freya’s magical hall.

Hermes Summoning Spell

Hermetic magic, a complex system of enchantment, is named in honor of Hermes, the sorcerer’s patron. This trickster spirit has gone through many permutations and wears many masks; however he began his incarnation as a provider of fertility and prosperity in the Greek countryside.

The most ancient, simplest method of summoning him still works. Erect a pyramid of stones (a “herm”), concentrating on your desire, as you place each one. This may be done anywhere—a small herm may be created from pebbles on your desk—however for optimum power, build one at a four-way crossroads.

Hulda (Mother Holle)

Hulda, affectionately known as Mother Holle, navigates many worlds: an ancient Northern European deity of love, sex, magic, fertility, and death, she is linked to elves, fairies, the Norse spirits, and the Wild Hunt. Post-Christianity, Hulda earned a reputation as among the most persistent Queens of Witches, alongside the more famous Diana and Freya. Elder is her sacred tree. Burn elder twigs and leaves to call her, or use an elder wand.

Mermaid Summoning

Throw bladderwrack, also known as sea spirit, into the waves. Call the mermaids aloud or sing for them.

Ogun Summoning Spell (1)

The orisha of iron, Ogun, is beckoned by iron itself. Place two pieces of iron together: this can be as simple as two crossed nails or as elaborate as you’d like. Drizzle the iron with red palm oil.

Ogun Summoning Spell (2)

Burn dragon’s blood incense to summon Ogun and other spirits of iron.


Goats have been instrumental in the discovery of many prized treasures. Their fragrances summon the goat-god, Pan. Blend labdanum, myrrh, and spikenard and burn them, wafting the aroma as needed. Burn purple candles and set out two steaming fragrant cups of coffee: one for you and one for Pan.

Spirit Summoning Aromas

According to general metaphysical wisdom, beautiful fragrances summon benevolent, friendly powerful spirits; foul odors attract those with evil intent.

Spirit Summoning Aroma (1)

Blend essential oils of angelica, frankincense, and rose in an aroma burner and allow the fragrance to permeate.

Spirit Summoning Aroma (2)

Burn amyris, sandalwood, and red sandalwood to attract benevolent, beautiful spirits.

Spirit Summoning Aroma (3) Fragrant Blend

This fragrance blend allegedly summons spirits while enhancing your psychic power, so that you are better able to apprehend and communicate with them when they do turn up. Blend frankincense, lavender, mastic, and orrisroot, burning it and allowing the aroma to permeate an area.

Spirit Summoning Aroma (4) Loving Blend

Strategically arrange gardenias, lilies, mimosa, and jasmine so that their aroma permeates an area, calling in loving spirits.

Spirit Summoning Aroma (5) Mystery Blend

The sacred resins copal and benzoin come in a variety of colors, each believed to possess subtle differences. Copal and benzoin both attract benevolent spirits and repulse the malevolent, so one can experiment with some safety. Collect as many variations as possible. Burn them in various combinations and see who shows up.

Spirit Summoning Aroma (6) Sweetgrass

Burn sweetgrass, especially prior to ritual and ceremonies, to invite benevolent spirits to attend.

Spirit Summoning Oil

The following essential oils in combination invoke beneficial spirits: essential oil of lavender and essential oil of sandalwood. There are two modes of use, which may be combined:

Anoint behind the ears, behind the neck or over the Third Eye area

Place the blend in an aroma burner and diffuse the scent through the area

Spirit Summoning Spell

A generic technique to summon spirits; this spell is most effective if cast during the waning or Dark Moon. Crush willow bark and blend it with sandalwood powder. Burn this outdoors while focused on your goal and desire.

Spirit Summoning: Saint John’s Eve

A magic mirror creates a threshold between realms. This simple spell, designed to be cast outdoors, creates a similar portal to the realm of spirits. It can only be accomplished on Saint John’s/Midsummer’s Eve.

On Saint John’s Eve stand atop a tree stump.

Bend over and look between your legs.

In this position, call to the spirits. (Name the specific one you desire.) “[Name] Please come to me, not as a creature, not as an animal, not as a bird, not as a tree but in the same shape as me.” (Amend the incantation as needed to suit your personal desires.)

For the best possible outcome, have a gift prepared and waiting.

Spirit Journey

Rather than summoning spirits, it may be easier to go to them. Among the most auspicious meeting places are the following:

Any isolated place of great natural beauty

By living water: a swamp, a stream, a river, the beach




In the shade of a nut tree


Take a gift with you, and consider why and who you’re hoping to meet.

Summoning Demons

Of course, historically, people have also wished to communicate with less benevolent spirits.

Summoning Demons (1) Crown of Protection

A recommendation from the medieval sorcerers: wear a crown or wreath woven from vervain when summoning demons and other fearful spirits to provide power and protection.

Summoning Demons (2) Identification Spell

Well, you’ve summoned them but these demons seem like a pretty quiet bunch. How do you know they’re really there? You’ll need a placenta delivered by a black cat. Roast a black cat’s placenta. Pulverize the ashes and rub them into your eyes to see invisible malevolent spirits.

Don’t try this at home! This ancient Jewish spell is reproduced for historic purposes only: rubbing anything into your eyes cannot be recommended. If the demons are present, demons being what they are, one assumes that eventually they will make themselves known.

Summoning Demons (3) Malicious Spirit Domination

Shape-shifting or invisible spirits can allegedly be forced to reveal their true form by smearing them with blood.

Summoning Demons (4) Sixteenth-century Formula

Attempts to summon demons may have been more dangerous than the demons themselves. The following are ingredients from one sixteenth-century formula, some innocuous and some not: black poppy juice, coriander seeds, deadly nightshade, hemlock, henbane, parsley root, and sandalwood. Again, do not attempt this spell. It is reproduced for historic purposes: it is chock full of toxic ingredients, which should not be handled.

Unicorn Summoning

True unicorn root may be used as a visionary summoning device for those who work with unicorns. (Another very powerful botanical goes by the name false unicorn root.) True unicorn root is extremely endangered, becoming as rare as unicorn sightings. Grow your own if you’d like to work with it.

Surround yourself with images of unicorns if it helps; otherwise affix your goals and desires in your mind. Hold onto a piece of unicorn root during psychic journeys. This piece of root may be used indefinitely, however, reserve it for this magical purpose. Wrap it in white satin in between uses.

Unicorn Summoning Trees

Unicorns allegedly congregate where apple and ash trees meet. Create a unicorn-friendly grove of trees and keep your eye out for appearances.

Vila Spirit Summoning

The vila are complex Eastern European forest spirits, seemingly a blend of fairies and valkyries. These spirit guardians are frequent objects of fear, although this may indicate fear of female power in the eye of the beholderthey provide justice to spurned, scorned, abused women.

Why would you wish to summon them? Because the vila are masters and sometimes teachers of shape-shifting magic, because they are masters of herbalism and have been known to reveal miracle cures, because they’re justice spirits who care about forgotten, injured women and animals, because they protect wild nature, and because dancing in the forest with them is allegedly fun and empowering. How’s that for starters?

The vila can’t be summoned; you must journey to them.

Enter the forest, during a Full Moon, bringing with you several horse hairs, a horseshoe and horse manure. Search for a natural clearing: a vila dance floor.

At twilight, put the horse manure on the ground, hold the horsehair in your left hand and place your right foot on the horseshoe.

Call the vila; clearly, concisely and explicitly express your desires, why you’re summoning them.

Vila may also be persuaded to reveal occult and herbal secrets and the location of hidden treasure. Offer them round cakes, fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers in the woods or at wells and caves.