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Youth, Beauty, and Longevity Spells
The Spells

Beauty Spell

Acorn Youth and Beauty Spell (1)

Three acorns, especially if they’re found attached to one another, preserve youth and enhance beauty. A gold or silver charm depicting three acorns will work, too. Charge the three acorns under the New Moon, and wear them in your hair.

Acorn Youth and Beauty Spell (2)

This is a more discreet version of the above spell. Charge three acorns under the New Moon. Wrap them together using strands of your hair and carry them in a charm bag.

Aphrodite’s Beauty Spell

Goats are among Aphrodite’s sacred creatures. Soak violets in goat’s milk and wash your face with this for beauty.

Breast Enhancement Spell (1) Harem

A Turkish harem formula:

Pour boiling water over fenugreek seeds to make an infusion.

When it cools, strain out the seeds.

Use the liquid to bathe the breasts to allegedly increase bust size.

Breast Enhancement Spell (2) Maria Padilha

Maria Padilha may be petitioned for breast enlargement. Her sacred bird and messenger is a black dove, with either black or red legs, not white.

Go to a three-way crossroads on a Friday night. The New Moon is best time but at least try to coordinate with a waxing moon.

Take seven grains of corn with you, one red and one black candle.

Light the candles; invoke Maria Padilha and show her the corn.

Implore her to empower it to make your breasts grow and increase. Tell her you will pay her well if she takes care of you.

Leave the candles burning and go home.

Rub each grain over your breasts with gentle massaging motions.

Repeat the corn kernel massage every Friday night for seven consecutive Fridays.

Following the final Friday, find a black pigeon and feed it the corn.

By now, you should observe some breast enhancement. If there’s absolutely nothing or if the condition has worsened, you can interpret this to mean Maria Padilha has rejected your petition. (Be realistic: if you see even a little improvement, pay Maria Padilha. It’s never wise to hold out on a spirit, especially a volatile one like Maria.)

Return to the same crossroads again, bringing red and black candles, a bottle of anisette and a bouquet of seven long-stemmed red roses, from which you have personally removed the thorns. Lay down a red or black cloth (or ideally both, one on top of the other).

Light the candles and invoke Maria Padilha.

Thank her graciously. Open the bottle of anisette, take a mouthful, spray it in the direction you have uttered your petition. Leave the bottle and the roses.

Breast Reduction Spell

Allegedly bathing the breasts with water used to wash a corpse will reduce them in size.

Egg Beauty Spell

Eggs are perceived as magical and powerful. Reserve the water used to boil eggs; let it cool and bathe with it for youth, vigor, and beauty.

Flora’s Self-love Beauty Spell

Flora is the Roman spirit of flowering plants and, by extension, of fertility and the life-force. Her festival, the Floralia, once began April 27th and continued for six days of revelry, especially by women of all ages celebrating their own bodies and natural beauty. The festival was celebrated in the nude until the third century CE, when Roman authorities ordered that revelers be clothed. The festival held out in that form for one more century until all pagan festivals were banned. Vestiges survive in May Day celebrations.

Just as every blossom is unique, so is every body. Flora encourages one to cherish one’s own beauty without comparison to any other. This spell is particularly potent if timed to coincide with Flora’s old festival but may be cast at anytime.

Fill your bathtub with as many fresh flowers as possible, especially Flora’s favorite, beautiful, transient bean blossoms. Enter the bath and understand that you too are among Flora’s unique and perfect blossoms.

Freya’s Youth Potion

Cowslips are wild peonies and are said to be Freya’s favorite flowers, as well as those of the fairies. Reputedly they magically transmit the beauty secrets of these powerful spirits.

Create an infusion, although you may also substitute a hydrosol.

Boil water and pour it over the blossoms.

When the water cools, strain out the blossom.

Apply the potion to your face with a cotton ball.

Use the remainder in the bath or elsewhere on the body.

You may also refrigerate the remainder for 24 hours.

Fumitory Beauty Blessings

Fumitory, or Earth Smoke, allegedly bestows beauty, particularly in the event of a wedding, and particularly if the wedding is yours.

Gather fumitory.

Simmer it in spring water.

When the water cools, use it for bathing.

Ginseng Beauty Spell

Tie a red thread around a ginseng root and carry for added beauty and grace.

Helen of Troy Beauty Spell

Elecampane (Inula helenium) was named for Helen of Troy. She allegedly carried it away with her when she fled with Paris. Since then, it’s believed to bestow a little of her essence. Carry elecampane root for enhanced beauty, grace, charm, and confidence.

Lady’s Mantle Youth Dew

Morning dew collected from Lady’s Mantle leaves provides beauty and an enhanced complexion.

Lilac Dew Spell

Bathe in lilac dew on May Day for a year of beauty.

Lunar Beauty Bath

The planet of magic, romance, and feminine power, the moon offers the gift of beauty in this Romany spell:

Stand naked in the light of the Full Moon.

Go through the motions of bathing in moonbeams. Visualize the moonbeams entering you and empowering you. Absorb their beauty.

Petition the moon for assistance with whatever troubles you: weight loss, hair growth, perceived imperfections.

Now watch for an immediate response from the moon: no change is a positive response; if the moon brightens, this is an extremely encouraging sign. A sudden darkening or a cloud passing over the moon indicates that you should anticipate challenges. Reconsider your request. Work on it until the next Full Moon.

Repeat as needed.

Use this ritual for romance and renewed fertility too.

Maidenhair Beauty Spell

Immerse the plant maidenhair in water. Remove it and keep it in the bedroom for beauty and that indefinable quality of grace and je ne sais quois.

Midsummer’s Morning Dew Spell

Midsummer’s morning dew renews beauty: add to your cosmetics’ formulas to enhance their power.

Sandalwood Aura Cleansing Body Treatment

Sandalwood powder has a drying effect on the face, but may be used on other parts of body to obtain combined spiritual and physical benefits. Those with dry skin should use milk or even cream for this formula: blend sandalwood powder with milk or water. Apply to the body and rinse off when dry.

Sandalwood Aura Cleansing Skin Treatment

Blend sandalwood powder, ground turmeric powder, and spring water to form a thin paste. Apply to the face, neck, and décolletage. On the physical level, this formula tones and balances oily skin, but it also has a purifying, cleansing effect on the aura.

Self-Satisfaction Spell

For self-love, to recognize your own beauty, wash your face with honey blended with rosewater

Add your favorite perfume to a bath together with fresh flower blossoms and gently rub your body with the flowers

Gaze into a lunar-charged mirror until you see the light shining from within

Seven Flowers Bath

A Chinese formula to enhance beauty, vitality, and sensuality: more important, this fragrant bath makes you happy with yourself.

The seven flowers are: rose, jasmine, peony, orchid, lotus, magnolia and chrysanthemum. Add copious quantities of flower petals to your bath. Watch out for florist’s flowers, which are usually heavily laden with pesticides. Substitute home-grown flowers where possible.

Fruit tree blossoms may be substituted for flowers. Peach and plum trees are considered especially auspicious. Vary the colors. If the fragrance is not intense, add essential oils until it suits you.

Snow Queen Water

Gather handfuls of fresh, clean snow from the first snowfall of the season, or break off the first icicle you see.

Place it in a glass bowl and let it melt.

Add holly leaves and let this water sit overnight, exposed to moonbeams if possible.

Wash your face with the water for enhanced youth and beauty.

Xochiquetzal’s Beauty Spell

Xochiquetzal, Tlazolteotl’s daughter, is the Aztec spirit of flowers, women, and beauty. Request the gift of enhanced beauty or the gift of recognizing the beauty you already possess. Offer her marigolds and other flowers, plus vivid freely shed feathers. Dedicate cleansing rituals in the steam bath to her.

Yerba Santa Beauty Spell

Carry yerba santa, “sacred herb,” to enhance beauty and charm.

Hair Growth Spells

Anti-baldness Spell Magic Potion

If you happen to have access to distilling equipment, distill liquor from human hair. Add honey and drink.

Anti-baldness Spell Midsummer’s Dew

Dew collected on Midsummer’s morning prevents baldness. Collect and apply where needed.

Anti-baldness Spell Onion (1)

An Old Anglo-Saxon remedy for baldness: Cut an onion in half and rub the half onion vigorously over your exposed scalp, twice daily, morning and evening.

Anti-baldness Spell Onion (2)

If you have too much hair for the above to be effective, juice an onion and blend the juice with a shot of vodka and a tablespoon of honey. Massage this mixture into your scalp, leave it for thirty minutes, then rinse it out of your hair.

Anti-baldness Spell Tree of Life

This Chinese spell instructs that you steep fresh arbor vitae (tree of life) leaves in 60 percent alcohol solution for one week. Strain and rub on the bald spot three times daily.

Facial Hair Spell Southernwood

A seventeenth-century formula features southernwood, famously nick-named “lad’s love,” allegedly for its power to stimulate beard growth.

Burn southernwood. You will need at least one ounce (30 g) of ashes.

Add the ash to two cups of olive oil.

Add either one-quarter cup infused oil of rosemary or 50 drops of the essential oil.

Bottle. Keep in a cool, dark place. Rub into the scalp and/or beard area morning and night to stimulate hair growth.

Facial Hair Spell (2) Watermelon

A Moroccan remedy to encourage male facial hair: rub your chin daily with watermelon.

Hair Growth Spell Living Waters

Place a lock of your hair under a stone within living, running water. This allegedly stimulates growth and improves the all-around appearance of your hair.

Hair Growth Spell Mermaid

It’s become a Oaxacan tradition for women to trim or cut their hair on June 24th, in honor of an Oaxacan river mermaid. On that day a local girl was transformed into a mermaid, her hair instantly growing luxuriously enough to clothe her sudden nakedness. Trimming your own hair on that date allegedly stimulates luxurious hair growth

Trim your hair or, ideally, have a man trim your hair.

Plant the hair trimmings in Earth.

Watch your hair grow.

To enhance the ritual, make a mermaid altar. Oaxaca is famous for its ceramics and its women artisans. Mermaids are a particularly popular image: use one as the center of an altar. Decorate with seashells and other motifs of the sea.

Hair Growth Midsummer’s Spell

Make a paste by moistening Midsummer’s bonfire ashes with lunar-infused water. Rub this paste into your hair and scalp to prevent baldness and promote hair growth.

Hair Growth Moon Spell Basic

The moon influences the tides, menstrual cycles and fertility. Why wouldn’t it influence hair growth, too?

General magical wisdom suggests that to encourage hair growth, trim your hair during a waxing moon. To discourage hair growth, have it cut during the waning days.

Hair Growth Spell: New Moon(1)

To promote hair growth, particularly after hair-loss:

Three days after the spring equinox, go up on the roof (or similar).

Smear your hair with a mixture of oil and henna (this can be neutral-colored henna).

Comb it out and talk to the moon.

I gave you my hair

Now Moon, give me yours.

Repeat every third day during this lunar month, until the Dark Moon.

Hair Growth Spell: New Moon (2)

Cut hair to coincide with the New Moon to encourage luxuriant growth. Hair cut during the Dark Moon is believed likely to lose luster, even perhaps to become prematurely gray.

Hair Growth Spell: Moonlight (1)

Charge spring water in moonlight and use it to wash your hair. Alternately use the lunar-charged water as a tonic: massage it into your scalp and hair and leave it alone. Do not rinse out.

Hair Growth Spell: Moonlight (2)

Brush and/or comb your hair outside in the light of the moon to stimulate growth and increase luster.

Hair Growth Spell: Oils

Blend essential oils of clary sage and ylang ylang together, and rub into your scalp every night to promote hair growth.

Hair Growth Spell: Saint Urban

Allegedly, hanging a lock of your hair before an image of Saint Urban stimulates your hair to grow (it reputedly also causes hair to go blonde). Urban, Patron of Vintners, who died c.390, is depicted as a bishop with a bunch of grapes or a grape vine by his side.

Hair Growth Spell: Tree

A Romany tradition recommends that you cut a lock of your hair and bury it beneath a willow tree in order to promote hair growth.

Yarrow Hair Growth Spell

Bathe your head with an infusion of yarrow to magically forestall hair loss.

Weight Loss Spells

Spells to affect weight work when they complement more conventional methods (exercise, nutrition); they don’t replace them. In other words, burning a weight-loss candle followed by eating a large tub of ice cream is only fooling yourself.

Weight Adjustment Spell: Silhouette

Draw an outline of a human figure that corresponds to your present reality.

If you would like to lose weight, draw a second figure inside the first demonstrating what your preferred shape should resemble.

If you would like to gain weight: draw a second figure around the first (enclosing it) demonstrating your desired silhouette.

Post the image where you can see it as encouragement, and burn candles beside it for reinforcement.

Weight Gain Spell: Lunar

Draw a realistic outline of your silhouette; then draw a fuller outline around it, corresponding to the appearance to which you aspire. At the New Moon, color in the gap between the two outlines, chanting something like, “I grow as the moon grows, I wax as the moon waxes!”

Wight Loss Spell: Candle

This spell may be used for weight loss or for re-shaping one’s silhouette.

· Obtain a naked human figure candle to represent you.

· With a pin scratch lines into the wax to demonstrate where reduction or re-shaping is needed, just as if you were a tailor making adjustments.

· Dress the candle with a Commanding Oil and charge it with its mission.

· Burn the candle for fifteen minutes daily. In between burnings, use a craft-knife to chip off wax to reflect your accomplishments and goals.

Weight Loss Spell: Gem Therapy

Wear moonstone or topaz to encourage weight loss or to stabilize weight as needed.

According to modern gem therapy, these stones regulate metabolism.

Weight Loss Spell: Milk Bath

Coordinate this spell with a waning moon. Gently warm a carton of milk and bring it to the shower. Pour it over your head while affirming to grow thinner like the moon.

Weight-Loss Spell: Star

Is the refrigerator a constant source of temptation? It’s not practical to banish the actual refrigerator but this spell attempts to magically minimize its presence and influence, especially for those with food-addictions who can’t resist the temptation to binge.

· Draw a pentagram (five-pointed star). Concentrate on your goals while drawing.

· At each corner of the star write something like “Remain invisible to me.”

· Attach the star to the refrigerator.

Longevity Spells

Alchemists through the ages strived to create the philosopher’s stone, a substance that would enable them to transmute base metals into gold. Kings sponsored alchemists’ laboratories and their expensive experiments, dreaming of boundless wealth. However the philosopher’s stone possessed another priceless attribute: it allegedly bestowed extended longevity to the point of immortality to its owner. Rumors spread that certain alchemists, such as the Frenchman Nicholas Flamel (born c.1330, died ?), had actually created the philosopher’s stone. Nicholas Flamel still makes the occasional public appearance.

Western alchemy was born in Alexandria, Egypt and brought to Europe by the Moors. Another alchemical branch developed independently in China: there the quest was more purely focused on longevity, rather than wealth.

Aaron’s Rod Longevity Spell

Aaron’s rod is the botanical nickname given to golden rod and mullein. Use either plant in this spell. Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over Aaron’s rod. Add the strained liquid to a bath to magically enhance longevity.

Amaranth Longevity Spell

Amaranth encourages longevity in the face of illness and obstacles. Carry it in a conjure bag.

Aroma Longevity Spell

Warm essential oils of cedarwood, chamomile, and juniper in an aroma burner. Inhale deeply to encourage longevity.

Beauty Longevity Spell

Like fine wines, certain fragrances grow more beautiful with age: anoint orrisroot with a drop of ylang ylang and/or patchouli oil and carry with you in a red silk bag so that you too will only improve with age.

Black Snake Root Longevity Spell

Snakes shed their skin, regaining their youthful appearance. Carry a black snake root (black cohosh) to prolong youthfulness and enhance longevity.

Chinese Alchemists’ Longevity Potion (1) Chrysanthemum Wine

This is reputed to prolong life and maintain good health.

Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea

On the ninth day of the ninth Chinese month, drink dried chrysanthemum tea to magically encourage longevity.

Chinese Alchemists’ Longevity Potion (2) “The Divine Liquor”

Allegedly, this potion enabled one to live for a thousand years.

· Blend equal quantities of rice water and morning dew.

· Grind jade into powder and add it to the liquid.

· Boil it in a copper pot.

· Let it cool, strain and drink.

Conjure Bag of Longevity (1)

Place petrified wood, iron beads and a dried peach kernel or a padlock carved from peachwood into a red silk bag. Sprinkle with dried, crumbled sage and carry with you.

Conjure Bag of Longevity (2)

Place a scarab charm, an ankh charm, a piece of real jade (real jade feels cool to the touch), and a clean dried peach pit into a red silk bag. Sprinkle with powdered chamomile, rosemary, and sage.

Elder Wood Longevity Spelt: Elder

Carry elder twigs as a charm to preserve longevity.

Emeralds are Forever Longevity Spell

Emeralds allegedly inhibit decay: wear them to preserve your youthfulness. If you don’t have access to real emeralds, bathe in emerald gemstone essence to receive magical benefits.

Gingko Longevity Spell

Carve gingko wood into an auspicious shape and carry it in an amulet bag. (If “auspicious” leaves you drawing a blank, an ankh is always advantageous for longevity.)

Graveyard Root Longevity Spell

Allegedly the roots of plants pulled from the cemetery bestow longevity and good health to their bearer. This is not, however, a thoughtless spell: it’s crucial to determine who owns the plants you pull. In some traditions, specific spirits preside over the cemetery; if pulled from atop a grave, the plant may be understood to belong to the deceased. Plants from the grave of a relative or loved one will probably be given graciously.

Choose your plants carefully and request permission politely. Offer gifts or payment before removing anything from the cemetery.

Helichrysum Longevity Spell

Helichrysum’s folk names reveal this botanicals secret magic power: immortelle and everlasting. Inhale the fragrance or add to massage oil to stay youthful and well preserved.

Honeysuckle Longevity Spell

Surround yourself with living honeysuckle to encourage longevity.

Jade Gemstone Essence

Allegedly powdering and consuming green jade enhances longevity. This may not be such a good idea for a variety of reasons; however, jade gemstone essence may have a similar (but healthier) effect. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for internal administration or add the essence to the bath.

Long-life Noodles

As magical insurance, on your birthday eat a bowl of “Long Life Noodles,” extra thin, extra long noodles. Be sure not to break any of the noodles while eating; slurp them up instead!

Magic Massage

Dilute essential oil of cedarwood in sunflower and jojoba oils. Incorporate this oil into body massage to serve as a magical life preserver. (Do not use when pregnant, however.)

Maple Longevity Spell

Longevity isn’t just for old folks. Pass a child through the branches of a maple tree for blessings of longevity.

Marjoram Longevity Charm

Carry marjoram in your charm bag to promote longevity.

Peachwood Longevity Spell

The ancient Chinese spirit Hsi Wang Mu, the Queen Mother of the West, owns a magical garden containing the peaches of immortality. The Chinese Lord of Longevity also carries a peach. Ordinary peaches may not grant life everlasting, but they are magically associated with longevity. Carry peachwood or a dried peach kernel to magically enhance one’s lifespan.

Peachwood Longevity Charm

Carve an ankh out of peachwood and carry it to enhance longevity.

Pine Longevity Spell

Carry a whole, healthy looking pinecone to enhance longevity and youthfulness.

Shangri-La Incense

According to the legend of Shangri-la, there are hidden valleys in the Himalayas where life and youth are magically extended to the point of immortality—provided you never leave Shangri-la. The following incense blend magically transports you there and magically offers similar effects, at least temporarily. Blend spikenard, rhododendron, and galangal root and burn, wafting the fragrance as desired.

Tansy Longevity Spell

Tansy allegedly increases the life span when used magically. (It is a powerful herb and is not safe for pregnant women or many others to consume.) Wear or carry tansy in an amulet bag.


Vervain allegedly confers immortality. Make strong infusions by pouring boiling water over the herb and adding it to the bath.

Spells for Youth

Angel’s Water Youth Spell

Not all versions of Angel’s Water are suitable for consumption. Create your own or check ingredients very carefully for safety’s sake. Drink a glass of Angel’s Water every three days to remain eternally youthful.

Anise Renewed Youth Spell

Feeling older than you should? Have your experiences aged you? Magically remedy that feeling by hanging sprigs of fresh anise from your bed to restore your youthful nature.

Ash Youth Preservation Spell

Ash is among the trees most associated with fairies, and fairies are associated with eternally extended youth. Crumble ash leaves into bathwater to receive blessings of extended youthfulness and longevity.

Benzoin Youth and Beauty Spell

Add one drop of benzoin resinoid to cosmetics to magically maintain youthfulness.

Kupala’s Summer Solstice Regeneration Spell

Russian Midsummer’s festivities are named in honor of Ivan Kupalo, ostensibly a blending of a male solar spirit with John the Baptist. However, pre-Christianity, the summer solstice was the day that Kupala, female spirit of water, witchcraft and herbal wisdom, celebrated her regeneration. Her devotees regenerated and revitalized themselves too, by tapping into the power of the elements. This spell is traditionally cast on Midsummer’s Eve or the Summer Solstice, however use as needed.

Cast flowers in living water (as an offering to Kupala) and bathe in it. Jump over a fire, then allow yourself to air-dry while sitting or reclining on Earth.

Rosemary Youth Spells (1)

According to European tradition, old age may be kept at bay by frequently inhaling the scent of rosemary.

Rosemary Youth Spell (2) Hungary Water

According to legend this fourteenth-century formula was created for Queen Isabel of Hungary who, at age seventy-two, lay crippled and virtually paralyzed from gout and rheumatism. Her master herbalist concocted this formula, initially only with the intent of providing relief from pain. Instead, it provided miraculous, youth-renewing results: allegedly Queen Isabel was soon up and dancing and engaged to marry the much younger King of Poland.

The original recipe is given as one and a half pounds of fresh flowering rosemary tops soaked in a gallon of spirits of wine for four days, then distilled. Many modern versions exist. For example:

Eight fluid ounces (200 ml) of vodka

One fluid ounce (25 ml) orange blossom water

One fluid ounce (25 ml) rose water

One fluid ounce (25 ml) rosemary hydrosol

One fluid ounce (25 ml) infused water of vervain

Five drops essential oil of rosemary

Four drops essential oil of may chang

Two drops essential oils of German or Hungarian chamomile

Two drops essential oil of spearmint

One drop essential oil of neroli

Blend the alcohol with the distilled waters. Add the essential oils and seal in an air-tight bottle. Ideally this beauty potion should be allowed to mature for six months, although you must give the bottle a strong shake once a week.

Hungary Water is for external use only. It was originally administered to Queen Isabel in the form of a daily, vigorous full-body massage. A full-body rub using Hungary Water allegedly preserves and renews youth dramatically. Presumably the choice of who is doing the rubbing will also help.

Youth Dew May Day Spell

For eternal youth and beauty, rise at dawn on May Day and roll naked in the dew.