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Animal Spells
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Is it time to measure the cat for a magic wand? Perhaps the parrot needs to learn some chants? Maybe there is a set of domination spells so that the dog can force you to walk him on the schedule he chooses? No, spells regarding animals are still meant for people to perform, although some benefit from some animal assistance. Many of these spells involve protecting animals from physical and spiritual harm. Others benefit humans, through the power and gifts of animals.

Magical Partners

Animals who participate in your spells and rituals, enhancing them with their own powers, tend to fall into one of two categories:



The concept of an animal as a pet is a modern one. Those who possessed this concept of interspecies friendship ahead of their time often found themselves condemned for witchcraft on grounds of familiarity with demonic creatures like cats, birds, rabbits, black dogs, reptiles, and amphibians. Sounds like what you’d find for sale in any local pet store? Well, familiar animals are exactly that: familiar. The classic witch’s cat, rabbit or toad, a familiar is an actual, individual animal with whom one can live and share an intense psychic, personal bond. If this characterizes a relationship you have ever had with an animal, then you have had a familiar, regardless of whether you engaged in magical practices together. A dog who won’t sleep unless it’s under your bed, the cat who follows you from room to room, the bird who spends the day perched on your shoulder: these all qualify as familiars.

A familiar’s presence may be sufficient to spark and enhance your magic, whether there is any conscious active involvement or not. For others, the psychic and magical bonds possible between animal and human create profound power and satisfaction.

In general, familiars are creatures who can realistically live with you: cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, toads, and snakes are most typical. Those living and working closely with other species—those species that usually do not live amongst people—may discover psychic and magical bonds, as well. Wild animals that remain wild can also qualify as familiars, though invariably they choose you rather than the other way round. These include those birds or bees that, taking a liking to someone in the family, stop by daily. Scandinavian witches traditionally favored flies as familiars. Wild dolphins occasionally single out an individual human and initiate a relationship. It is not unknown for people living on the edge of woods or in a wilderness place to develop a special relationship with an individual creature.

A familiar is a specific, individual creature with whom you have established a psychic bond. Of course, this limits the creatures with which you can magically interact. What if your magic requires a rhinoceros or crocodile? What if it requires a dragon or unicorn?

A familiar may be considered an animal ally but animal allies transcend the boundaries of familiars. Animal allies are a form of spiritual relationship: because the relationship may occur entirely in the realm of spirit, any animal may be approached. The presiding spirit of the animal may also be approached, rather than any individual creature.

A person may have as many familiars and/or allies as needed.

Animal Images

Among the oldest existing human artifacts are the beautifully detailed prehistoric cave paintings, indicating the profound magical link between humans and animals. Small portable images of specific animals, usually crafted from clay or stone, have also been used since ancient times for assorted magical purposes, especially healing, hunting, and protection, and pursuit of enhanced psychic power.

The Zuni, a Native American people from New Mexico, have turned this tradition into an art form. Zuni stone fetishes, miniature carvings of specific animals, were originally created for ceremonial and hunting purposes. Today most are intricately carved, displaying the creator’s artistry and skills. Originally, this was not the case: Earth provided the artistry and the magic. Traditional fetish-carvers searched for stones where the shape of the creature was already apparent. At most, minimal shaping was needed to see the animal within. Because the stone charm is discovered, rather than consciously created, the animal spirit is given the opportunity to choose you rather than the reverse.

Search for similar stones. You will recognize one when you see it; like holed-stones these are gifts from Earth.

Charge and consecrate your stone fetish by placing it in a magic box together with images, food, and magical botanical activators. Traditionally corn pollen was used to feed and activate the fetish; use whatever seems appropriate and sacred to you.

When not in use, keep your fetish protected in its box or container. Feed it on schedule to keep it activated and powerful.

Animal Communication Spell: Eve Oil

Eve Oil may be used to assist and enhance communication with animals.

Place apple blossoms, dried pomegranate seeds and snake root in a bottle.

Cover with sweet almond and jojoba oil.

Dress candles with this oil to accompany visualization as well as actual physical communication.

Familiar Consecration Spell

To cement and/or formalize the psychic bonds between you and your familiar:

Cast a circle large enough to hold you, your familiar and any magical tools that you wish simultaneously to consecrate (these may include leashes, collars or similar pet paraphernalia, as well as spell components or ritual tools).

Burn frankincense on the periphery of the circle.

Sit within the circle, with your familiar, until you feel that it’s time to come out.

Repeat as needed.

Live dangerously! If your familiar is a cat, cast your circle with dried catnip, and instead of frankincense, burn diviner’s sage to enhance your powers of prophesy. Let the cat play, while you allow yourself sudden bursts of inspiration.

Although you can bring any animal into your home, you cannot force it to be your familiar. This profoundly affectionate relationship, built on love, respect and personal chemistry, must develop independently. Likewise, animal alliances cannot be forced.

They may, however, be requested. Many believe that we are each born with the alliances we need, whether animal, botanical or spirit. The key is to discover those alliances and learn how to work with them for maximum power and benefit.

Various methods exist for discovering allies and requesting new relationships. Many card-based divination systems exist. Animal allies also manifest themselves in your dreams. Any animal or species that appears consistently to you, whether in dreams or in waking life, may be an ally, or may potentially become one.

If you desire a specific alliance, request it via a combination of your altar and visualization:

Animal Ally Invitation Spell

Choose a focal image for your altar, something that represents your ally for you. Use a toy, a photograph or an image. It is more crucial that it resonates strongly for you than that it be a literal depiction.

Surround it with objects or images that would normally be used to lure this creature. A dish of honey, for instance, summons a bear. Make the invitation as strong as possible.

If you can find candles in the shape of your desired ally or its food, add them to the altar.

Grind cinnamon and frankincense together and burn them as a spirit-summoning incense.

In addition to Step 2, offer literal food (a dish of milk for a snake, for instance). Alternately, burn images of appropriate food.

Relax. Let your eyes go slightly out of focus and await visitations.

Try this for up to thirty minutes a day, until you receive results.

Although this spell requests a waking vision, realistically your response may still occur during your dreams: have paper and pen by your bedside to record any significant dreams.

Sometimes familiars and allies are discovered for you.

In traditional Mexico and Central America, many shaman and witches are believed able to transform themselves into animals, known as nagual. A coyote observed walking down the road may be a regular coyote or it may be a witch in disguise. In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, however, a different concept exists. The nahual (as it is spelled in Oaxaca) is perceived to be a guardian spirit acquired at birth, a sacred gift from parents to their child.

Nahual Baby Ritual

Preparations begin before the birth of the child:

The expectant couple obtains some special wood and burns it down to ash. Traditionally, the desired wood leaves white ash, because it will make the rest of the spell easier, however this may be adapted to suit specific desires. Any traditional magic wood, such as birch, ceiba, hazel or rowan would be appropriate, too.

These ashes are reserved until the birth.

After birth, the placenta is carried to a strategic area, traditionally a mountain crossroads, and placed on the ground.

The ashes are sprinkled onto the placenta.

The first animal to leave prints either in or with the ash is the child’s protector or represents the species.

Of course, this spell obviously derives from a rural area, with little traffic but a lot of wildlife. Adapt to your needs.

The above spell can also be done at any time as a visualization. It may be done for your child but you can also perform it for yourself, to discover your own allies.

Animal Ally Spell (Leni-Lenape)

Sometimes a more concrete familiar is desired. According to a Leni-Lenape Indian tradition, babies are given a living, tangible animal ally, rather than just an abstract protective spirit. Usually a puppy or kitten is chosen, or some other appropriate companion animal. The animal is treated as a pet and encouraged to be the child’s companion. These pets are not shared: every child has his or her own. This is a life partnership.

Should the animal die, it is perceived as having been a buffer for the child, essentially having taken the “hit” meant for the child, particularly if the child has been threatened by illness or accident. The animal is buried with ceremonies, releasing the child from the relationship. The child is given another pet immediately

Should the child die, funeral rituals release the animal from the bond

Animals may also be dedicated to specific spirits, not just to humans. This creates a profound triangular relationship between human, spirit and animal. In an indigenous Siberian ritual, the animal dedicated to the deity lives a charmed life:

Animal Spirit Dedication Ritual

A specific animal is chosen to be dedicated to a specific deity.

Purify the animal with juniper incense.

Sprinkle it with wine.

Decorate the animal with ribbons in colors associated with the specific spirit.

The animal is returned home or to its flock. It is now never ridden, worked or eaten, but is instead treated exceptionally well (or at least left alone to enjoy life) as a gesture of sacrificial devotion. This treatment may be extended over the creature’s entire natural life or for a specified period of time, although this must be stipulated from the first initiation of the ritual.

Originally a Buriat (indigenous Siberian) custom, traditionally birds, horses or fish were dedicated to the Buriat spirits, the Ongon. The ritual has now been adapted by Mongolian Buddhists, although now, obviously, the animals are dedicated to Buddhist deities. Adapt to your needs. An animal sacred to the specific spirit is most appropriate; hence, a dog would be dedicated to Hecate.

Many spells, especially those that request healing or protection for animals, or those to locate lost animals, suggest consecrating the animal to a spirit. Although there are also many others, the following have earned a reputation as renowned animal-protectors. Incorporate them into your spells as needed.

SPIRITS THAT PROTECT CATS: Artemis. Bastet. Freya, Hecate. Lilith


SPIRITS THAT PROTECT DOGS: Artemis. Hecate. Ogun. Saint Roch

SPIRITS THAT PROTECT HORSES: Anat. Demeter. Epona. Poseidon. Rhiannon, Rlamgryn (Hayagriva)


SPIRITS THAT PROTECT SNAKES: Athena. Ezili Freda Dahomey. Lilith. Mami Waters. Simbi, Lady Asherah

SPIRITS THAT PROTECT COWS: Brigid. Hathor, Hermes. Isis. Lakshmi. Maeve. Shiva

SPIRITS THAT PROTECT FISH: Atargatis; La Baleine, La Sirene, Yemaya


SPIRITS THAT PROTECT ANIMALS IN GENERAL: Aphrodite. Artemis. Baba Yaga. Faunus, Hathor. Lilith, Saint Anthony (Saint Anthony is the spiritual detective: request his assistance when anything or anyone is missing)

Animal Healing Spells

Circle of Healing

Cast a circle with blooming thistles: demarcate the entire circle or place one bloom in each of the four cardinal points. Bring the animal within the circle in order to intensify the effects of any healing or cleansing spells.

Saint Benedict’s Healing Spell

In his lifetime, Saint Benedict persecuted pagans and witches. One wonders how he would have reacted had he known that, centuries later, he’d be magically petitioned to assist ailing animals?

Burn a white candle dedicated to Saint Benedict and offer him a glass of brandy or Benedictine. Make your petition of healing; Saint Benedict’s animal ally is the crow. Look for the appearance of a crow to indicate a response to your petition.

Masterwort Strength Spell

Masterwort allegedly imparts greater physical strength and has thus been used to assist beasts of burden. Place masterwort in an amulet bag and attach to the animal as desired.

Lost Animal Spells

Crossroads Lost Animal Spell

A Russian method for calling lost animals home involves journeying to a crossroads, where, magically speaking at least, roads merge and separate and you never know who or what might turn up from any direction at any time.

Go to a crossroads.

Face west, the direction of the setting sun.

Bow from the waist nine times.

Do this three times, for a total of twenty-seven bows, calling the animal as you normally would, and also chant prayers and petitions and recite sacred texts.

Don’t stop calling and/or petitioning until three series of nine bows each are complete, then take ten steps backward without turning around.

Turn around and go home.

When an animal goes missing, one common immediate response is to post signs requesting information and assistance from others. This next Russian spell takes that notion a step further: assistance is requested from Earth’s various spirit powers, so that they will locate and send your animal back home. As with standard signs, a reward is posted. Should the spell work, be sure to pay it. (The Forest Tsar is chief of all woodland spirits; the Water Tsar is chief of all water spirits, and so on. Adjust the spell if necessary to suit your circumstances.)

Magical Sign Animal Spell (1)

Write messages on three pieces of birch bark (one for each of the nature tsars) as follows:

I’m writing to the Forest

Tsar and the Forest Tsarina and their small children.

I’m writing to the Earth Tsar and the Earth

Tsarina and their small children.

I’m writing to the “Water

Tsar and the Water

Tsarina and their small children.


If you have him/her please send him/her back without delaying one day, one hour, one minute, one second

If you don’t comply with my wish, I swear to pray and testify against you.

If you comply with my wish, I shall give you [INSERT SPECIFIC PLEDGE)

Fasten one message to a tree in the forest. Bury the second in Earth. Attach a small stone to the third and throw it into some living water.

The animal is expected to find its way home shortly.

Magical Sign Animal Spell (2)

Appropriately shaped milagros (images) may be used to locate lost animals. Create one yourself if you can’t find an appropriate milagro. Artistic ability is not required: just cut out the basic outline of the body.

Hold the milagro in your hands, while concentrating on your desired goal.

Give the milagro to the Spirit of your choice as a signal that you need help recovering your familiar.

If you prefer, post the milagro the way you would post a “missing pet” sign. Post it where the animal was last seen or wherever you feel is most appropriate.

Protection Spells for Animals

An animal’s collar provides an excellent framework for protection spells; just remember to charge objects before attaching them. You can also incorporate knot magic wherever possible, to make the magic more powerful.

The following may be attached to the collar:

Quartz crystal to enhance the animal’s aura and provide protection

Rose quartz, to bestow the protective properties of your love

Other crystals, protective amulets, religious medals and similar may be attached to the pet’s collar as desired

Animal Candle Protection Spell

Find or create a candle shaped to resemble your companion animal.

Carve the animal’s identifying information, protective runes or other symbols onto it.

Anoint the candle with Protection Oil and burn.

If the candle is too cute to burn, get two. Maintain one permanently, while burning the second.

Animal Image Protection Spell

Use an actual photograph of your pet or if unavailable, choose something, another image, statue, or candle bearing a strong resemblance for this spell.

Paint protective runes, hieroglyphs or other symbols onto the image.

Anoint with Protection Oil.

Keep the image in a safe, discreet spot, touching up periodically with Protection Oil.

As an alternative, you could trace invisible runes, sigils or protective hieroglyphs onto the image with Protection Oil

Assorted Spells to Protect Domestic Animals From Malevolent Magic

Build your barn near birch trees

If the barn is already standing, transplant birch trees nearby

Adorn the birch trees, or other nearby trees, with red and white ribbons

Surround the barn with lilies and primroses. (Maintain them, replacing as needed.)

Bury a hatchet, sharp side up, under the barn’s threshold, so that the animals must walk over it as they enter and depart

Horseshoes protect animals as well as humans. Post them over the barn door. The Hungarian method is to draw a horseshoe over the barn door using black chalk

Keep a piece of real silver in a dish or bucket of water, out of reach of the animals. This may be a small charm or a real silver coin. Once a week, sprinkle the animals with this water, then replace with fresh water

Sprinkle the animals with Rose of Jericho Water once a week

Animal Conjure Bag Protection Spell

Create this charm for any companion animal that sheds teeth.

Collect the animal’s baby teeth and place within a conjure bag.

Add a coin minted in the animal’s birth year if known, otherwise substitute a lucky medal or charm plus a tag with the animal’s name or initials scratched into the metal.

Keep the bag in a safe place for protection.

This following spell provides a purifying and protective effect, as well as stimulating and activating the pet’s role as familiar.

Charcoal Charm Bag

Place charcoal in a little pouch.

Attach to your pet’s collar.

Egg Cleansing Spell

Just like people, animals need periodic ritual protective cleansings. (See Cleansing Spells, page 185.) Fumigations and asperging, the most popular methods for people, are equally effective for animals. However this may be easier said than done: try explaining to horses or cats that wafting smoke over them is really in their best interests. The following may be easier to accomplish:

Rub the animal with a whole, raw egg in its shell, working from head to tail and down, rather than up, the legs.

Flush the egg down the toilet for a house pet; otherwise, dispose of the egg outside the home or barn.

Forest Tsar Protection Spell

The Forest Tsar cited in the Magical Sign Animal Spell on page 110 is Musail, King of the Forest Spirits. Once among the deities of the Slavic pantheon, post-Christianity he was demoted to an animal guardian spirit, a position he still serves. Request his assistance for any wild animal, as well as any domestic creature that finds itself in the woods.

Musail’s sacred tree is the rowan. Hold a piece in your hand and speak to him from your heart. If he provides for you, make an offering on behalf of woodlands or forest animals.

Hair and Wax Protection Spell

Collect one hair from the head and one from the tail of every animal you wish protected. (Substitute one feather each from head and tail for each bird.)

Melt wax.

Add the hairs to the wax.

Remove the wax from the heat source and allow it to harden.

If possible, now lead all the animals needing protection around the perimeter of their home, in a sunwise direction. A minimum of two people is required for this: the person leading the parade holds the block of wax in one hand and a sacred image in the other. The person bringing up the rear drags an axe on the ground behind.

When all animals have safely returned home, bury the wax in a safe, secret place.

Magic Day Protection Spells

Certain days of the year are believed filled with extra magic power. Spells and magic rituals are performed on those days to benefit people, but also to benefit animals. These days traditionally include the following:

Beltane, May Day, Walpurgis (May 1st)

Beltane Bonfire Spell

Build a pair of substantial fires.

Drive domestic animals between the fires for health, fertility and for maximum production and protection. Although this practice benefits all creatures, it is particularly beneficial for cattle. It’s beneficial for people too: make sure you accompany those cows!

May Day Cattle Spell

Place a crystal ball in a tub of water on May Day. Sprinkle the water on your cows to protect them from bewitchment and elf-shot.

Midsummer’s Day, Saint John’s Day (June 24th)

Although Midsummer’s Eve is famous for its aromatic bonfires, water rituals are incorporated as well, especially for animals. (Some substitute the precise date of each year’s summer solstice.)

Midsummer’s Pig Spell

The circus trick of forcing animals through hoops of fire descends from magic rites. On Midsummer’s Day, twist hemp around a wooden wheel and set it on fire, and then lead pigs through the hoop for a year of safety, good health, and fertility.

Midsummer’s Protection Spell

Light a branch (ideally hazel or rowan wood) in the Midsummer bonfire.

Pass it over the backs of horses and cows as well as beneath them.

Midsummer’s Salt Water Spell

Take the animals to the ocean and bathe them in the waves. If this is impossible, asperge with salted water or other magical formula water.

Saint George’s Day (April 23rd)

In many communities, Saint George’s Day was the day animals were lead out into the field, thus protective, blessing rituals abound.

Saint George’s Blessing Spell (1)

Lead all healthy animals three times around the perimeter of their field, barn or home, always in a sunwise direction.

The person leading the parade carries a lit torch, while the person bringing up the rear holds an open padlock in one hand, the key in the other hand.

After the third round, the animals are lead back into the barn.

Turn the key in the lock.

Throw the key in a river or stream, while preserving the now permanently locked padlock.

Saint George’s Blessing Spell (2)

Preserve a palm blessed on Palm Sunday. (Pagans: substitute a sacred, protective plant, such as wormwood or rosemary.)

Place this before a sacred image, together with two whole raw eggs and a pot filled with raw barley.

Light candles before the image. (Some versions of this spell specify a church candle.)

Use the flame from a candle to light a torch.

Group all the animals to be protected in a circle.

One person circles around the animals carrying the torch, while a second person sprinkles Holy Water or another protective water formula onto the animals, using the palm frond or rosemary or wormwood plant.

The animals are then driven to pasture by slapping them with the palm frond or plant.

Throw the palm frond or branch into running water.

Sow the barley in the ground.

Break the eggs on the ground, away from your property.

Magic Incense Protection Spell

Burn elecampane roots, mugwort and Saint John’s Wort to calm animals and protect them.

Milagro Animal Spells

Milagros, which translates as “miracles” in Spanish, are votive images, typically cut from metal, although wooden and gemstone milagros do exist. The most famous milagros are formed in the shape of human anatomical parts: eyes, legs, hearts or arms, for instance. They are traditionally donated to a deity or saint in exchange for the healing or protection of whatever is depicted. Milagros are also sometimes formed in the shape of animals, in order to provide protection and healing for the animal depicted.

Milagro Animal Spell (1)

Charge a milagro with your desire for protection or healing.

Attach it to the animal as appropriate, on the collar or otherwise.

Milagro Animal Spell (2)

Charge the milagro with your desire.

Carve and dress a candle, charging it with your desires and goals.

Stick the milagro onto (or into) the wax candle before burning it.

Milagro Animal Spell (3)

Create a healing (or protection) board:

Mount the milagro on the fabric-covered cardboard together with other appropriate images and written affirmations. Incorporate sacred texts as desired.

Post this board on the wall or use it as the focal point of a candle-burning altar.

This concept may also be incorporated into a magic spell box. Place the milagro inside the box or use it to decorate the box itself.

Milagros may also be taken to shrines and posted as a request for healing or as thanks for healings already accomplished.

Mistletoe Fertility Spells

Mistletoe allegedly enhances the reproductive capacity of animals. Not only does it promote conception, it’s believed to also prevent miscarriage, particularly for sheep and goats. The amuletic part of mistletoe is usually the “wood”: be cautious as mistletoe can be toxic, especially the berries.

Hang mistletoe in the barn

Attach a piece of mistletoe to the animal herself

Mugwort Protection Spell

Hang bunches of mugwort on gates and field boundaries to protect the animals within from malevolent magic and spiritual danger.

Protection Altar Spell

Make an image of your pet the focal item of the altar.

If you are requesting assistance from a specific spirit, surround the image with items (candles, images, incense, offerings) that will call that spirit.

If you are unsure whom to ask for protection, request it from the animal’s guardian spirits: place four white candles in the corners of the altar, with the animal’s image in the center. Burn them with frankincense incense.

Purple Loosestrife Spell

The plant purple loosestrife is used to restore peace and maintain harmony amongst animals, as amongst people. (Interestingly, it was also traditionally used to tan leather; perhaps magical, subliminal transmission of the threat of the leather factory is what maintains calm!) Hang it in the barn to maintain harmony and happiness among all inhabitants.

Red Clover Protective Bath Spell

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over red clover.

Strain out the solids and used the liquid to bathe animals to keep them protected, healthy and thriving.


Historically, among the constant and sometimes hysterical accusations against witches was that of bewitching cattle. In general, this means either bewitching the milk away, or obstructing fertility, or somehow mysteriously harming or even killing cows. From a modern perspective, it can be difficult to comprehend this almost obsessive desire to safeguard cattle. However, beyond the economic factor, what one is witnessing, albeit in convoluted fashion, are vestiges of ancient spiritual traditions that once held cattle sacred. These traditions survive in India yet were once common around the world, in ancient Egypt, Greece, Ireland, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Anti-Bewitchment Spell

Create an infusion by pouring boiling water over mugwort and allowing it to steep.

Detailed instructions for making infusions are found in Elements of Magic Spells, pages 3133. However, be sure to create a sufficient quantity to bathe cows.

Strain out the botanical materials and wash the cows with the infusion to break any spells cast upon them.

Should your cows (or goats or sheep) stop giving milk, this Belorussian spell may be worth a shot.

Bewitched Milk Spell (1)

Put a sieve over a pot.

Fill it with Holy Water or pure spring water.

Bring it to a boil, stirring constantly with a charged and blessed willow twig.

As the water boils, the spell should break.

Bewitched Milk Spell (2)

An alternative British spell to remedy bewitched milk:

Place a horseshoe together with some of the animal’s hair in a pot.

Cover with some of the animal’s milk and bring to a boil. (If there’s not sufficient milk, mix with milk from other sources.)

Allow this to boil, then dispose of it outside of your property.

If the animal has been charmed, this sends the hex back with gusto. Increased milk supply should quickly be witnessed. If the loss of milk is not due to magical causes, this action causes no harm, but will also not improve the milk situation.

Bovine Anti-Bewitchment Spell

If you suspect your cow has been bewitched:

Build a fire.

Take a little hair from the back of the cow and throw this into the fire.

Put a little more of the cow’s hair into a pot of the cow’s own milk and boil this over the fire.

Cattle Anti-Theft Spell

Allow three drops of blood from the smallest finger of the smallest child in the family to drop onto a piece of bread.

Crumble this bread and feed it to the cattle. Allegedly this safeguards the cows from being stolen.

Cow Flower Protection Spell

Flowers from Good Friday church services may be used to protect cattle. Good Friday is indicated because of its connection to the resurrection. Because of cattle’s intrinsic spiritual connection with human fertility, any sacred day with fertility overtones, such as Beltane or Midsummer’s Eve, may be substituted, or a day with personal resonance for you if more appropriate.

Collect some of the flowers following the conclusion of the service or ceremony.

Burn the flowers, together with seven teaspoons of flour and three teaspoons of salt.

Gather up the ashes and sew them into a sachet. Reserve until needed.

Should a cow fall ill from natural or suspicious causes, break the sachet open and rub the ashes over the cow’s belly three times, always in the same direction.

Alternately, place the unbroken sachet on the ground. Lead the cow over it three times, always walking in the same direction.

Heather Torch

Carry a flaming torch of heather around cattle to stimulate their fertility.

Keep the Cows Coming Home Spell

This spell allegedly encourages cows to come home and not wander. Feed the cows out of the pots used to prepare your own dinner. They’ll come home.

Milk Production Spells

Hang asafetida in the barn to assure the quality and quantity of milk

Bathing animals with a watery infusion of mugwort allegedly stimulates them to produce more milk

Chalcedony and turquoise are used to enhance human mother’s milk: use these stones to decorate an animal to see whether it works for it, too

Mother Sunshine’s Anti-Bewitchment Spell

When witches allegedly cursed the cattle of a farmer to whom they owed money in mid-nineteenth-century Devon, the farmer turned to Mother Sunshine, the local “good witch.” She recommended taking the heart from one of the four bulls that had died as a result of this curse, sticking it with pins and hanging it in the chimney. History shows this spell to have been a success. Adapt to your needs.

Pow-Wow Cow Botanical Protection Spell

Pow-Wow recommends honeysuckle, rowan and witch hazel as prescriptions for protecting cattle. These botanicals may be used individually or in combination:

Fasten them above the barn doors

Decorate the barn with them

Decorate the cows with them

Rowan Hoop Spell

Rowan is ranked among the most magical of plants. It offers protection from malevolent magic as well as enhancing the user’s own psychic, clairvoyant powers.

Craft hoops from rowan branches.

Drive cattle through them to receive rowan’s blessings of protection.

Purple Loosestrife Cattle Spell

Purple loosestrife may also be used to remedy specific personality conflicts: the ancient Greeks hung purple loosestrife around the necks of oxen that were yoked in tandem. Hang it around the necks of any animals that must cooperate with one another, particularly if they’re not naturally inclined to do so.

Magic squares are popular devices of enchantment. The famed SATOR square may be the most versatile of the lot. Among its many other uses, it repels malignant spells cast over cows and prevents further bewitchment.


Write the following on a piece of paper:

Grind it up and add it to the cattle feed. Have the cows eat the words.


Child’s Dog Hair Medicine Bag

Fill a medicine bag with loose dog hair.

Add any other lucky charms, as desired.

Give to a child to wear or carry for protection.

Greyhound Spirit Protection

A home where a well cared for, happy greyhound lives will allegedly never be haunted by malicious spirits.

Pacify Threatening Dogs Spell (Christian Pow-Wow)

Pow-Wow strongly incorporates the use of spoken charms. This one is used to soothe a threatening dog and provide protection—excellent for those forced to walk past a snarling, snapping canine.

The charm must be repeated three times before you reach the dog (or the dog reaches you!)

Dog, hold thy nose to the ground!

God has made thee, me and hound.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Then form the sign of the cross three times.

This spell as recorded in 1820 by John George Hohman in his definitive Book of Pow-Wows: The Long Lost Friend, omits the last line of the charm, but includes the crosses.

Pacify Threatening Dogs Spell (Pagan-Friendly Version)

Historically, there have always been two movements within the Pow-Wow community: those who emphasize Christian orientation and those who do not. Rhymes were adapted as needed and continue to evolve. This pagan-friendly version calls upon those Greek divinities that exert great influence over hounds:

Dog, hold your nose to the ground!

Creator made you, me and hound

In the name of the triple goddess, Selene, Artemis and Hecate

Repeat three times. The cross, as a pre-Christian symbol of protection, may still be formed. A pentacle, crescent moon, downward facing triangle or other shape may also be substituted, as desired.

Rhodium Oil Spell to Lure Dogs Away

This perfume oil allegedly attracts dogs and was once used by thieves in order to lure dogs away. Play with the proportions until you achieve an effective fragrance.

It may work on other animals, too. Experiment and see.

Rhodium Oil consists of:

Essential oil of cedarwood

Essential oil of rose geranium

Essential oil of palmarosa

Essential oil of sandalwood

Blend with a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil.

Rhodium Oil may be used in various ways:

Wear it as a perfume

Use the oil to mark a trail

Stop Dogs Barking Spell

Place leaves of hound’s tongue in your shoes, beneath your feet. Alternatively, carry within a charm bag.

Sweet Nature Dog Collar

Sew a piece of flint and a piece of coral inside a dog’s collar to protect against illness and ill temper.


(Charms and spells for horses may also be used for donkeys and mules.)

Evil Eye Spells

From a magical perspective, the horse is the king of beasts. It is universally considered exceptionally powerful magically. Merely being in the presence of a healthy horse regularly enhances your own personal psychic powers, as well as general vitality and libido. Horses, however, perhaps because of their great power, are also considered particularly vulnerable to the Evil Eye as well as attention from malevolent spirits.

Horses provide people with amulets: a horseshoe isn’t activated until it’s actually been on a horse’s foot. However, no animal is considered more in need of its own protective amulet than horses. Decorative horse brasses are now considered objects for collectors; however their original intent is to provide protection for a horse and they may still be used as amulets.

Other amulets for horses include:

Peacock feathers

Blue eye beads

Holed stones

Most protective amulets, even though designed for people, will work for horses in a pinch, particularly the Italian corno and cimaruta

Remember to magically empower amulets and charms by charging and/or consecrating them before their initial use.

Attach amulets to the horse’s mane, tail or where appropriate on the horse’s tack, saddle, harness or otherwise.

Foal’s Safety Spell

Place a pinch of rue and a pinch of wormwood into a small red charm bag.

Attach it to the foal’s mane.

Horse Braid Spells

Beyond good grooming, braiding the horse’s mane ant tail daily serves as a protective, blessing spell. Consider the principles of knot magic and apply. The following suggestions may be combined as desired:

Plait the mane and tail into thirteen braids each, adding straw to the braids

Entwine red ribbons into the horse’s mane and tail

Braid small bells into the mane or tail

Attach a piece of rowan wood to the mane or tail

Place a lump of asafetida into a charm bag and attach to the horse

Horse Hex

It’s crucial that stalls and stable be kept immaculately clean a traditional method of hexing is to throw coffin nails into the stable as this allegedly causes horses to become lame.

Remove any strange nails or other articles promptly to maintain safety and reverse any malevolent spells that have been cast.

Horse Love Oracle

For this spell to work, the horses must be in an open barn, not restricted to locked stalls.

Stand outside the stable or barn, with your back to the closed door.

Kick the door three times with your left foot, while chanting:

If my true love’s on the way

Saddle my horse!

If a horse comes running to the door, this is a very good sign. If several horses approach, this is an even more auspicious sign. If the horses ignore you, it’s time for stronger love spells.

Horse Nightmare Relief Spell

This spell is intended to relieve a horse’s nightmares.

Pour boiling water over anise seeds, fresh garlic and licorice root (not the candy), making an infusion.

Allow this to cool, then strain and feed it to the horse.

If the horse won’t be induced to drink it, add the infusion to its food or use it to bathe the horse.

Horse Riding Charms

Some talismans serve both horse and rider:

Agate protects the rider from falling and the horse from stumbling.

Turquoise offers general protection to horse and rider

Mare Stones

Holed stones are known as hag stones or witch stones, but also as mare stones. Various spirits (including the dreaded mara, whose name inspires nightmare) allegedly take pleasure in riding horses at night beyond their capacity. The horse is discovered the following morning, exhausted, glistening with sweat, frothing at the mouth. Holed stones stop these spirits from riding horses.

String a holed stone, a mare stone, onto cord and wrap around the horse’s neck

Braid holed stones into the horse’s mane

Do both; more spiritual protection is always considered preferable to less

Ride Like the Wind Spell

To protect both horse and rider, carry or wear an amethyst engraved with an image of a winged horse akin to Pegasus.

Smartweed Saddle Spell

For long journeys, place a handful of smartweed under the horse’s saddle to enable it to travel extensively without suffering hunger or thirst. This tradition allegedly dates back to the Scythians.


Anti-Straying Spell

Feed caraway seeds to your poultry to discourage them from straying.

Hen Laying Spell

The spell allegedly promotes the laying of eggs.

Bring hens outside briefly when it’s raining and a strong wind is blowing. Remain with them.

Hold them up in a tree, if possible.

Return them to shelter.

Holed Stone Spell (1)

Hang a holed stone in the center of the chicken pen to protect the hens from spirits and predators.

Holed Stone Spell (2)

To protect poultry from illness and fright, bury a holed stone under their house or coop.

Poultry Protection Spell

To protect chickens from predators, keep a horseshoe (actually a mule shoe is preferable) in the oven. In order to be effective, the shoe must have actually been worn by a horse or mule.

Other variants of this spell suggest hanging the shoe inside the fireplace.

Poultry Protection for People

The benefits of maintaining poultry outweigh just having eggs.

Dating back to at least the days of ancient Persia, roosters have been kept to scare away evil spirits. Hopefully your neighbors will appreciate your efforts on their behalf and not object to the rooster’s early morning wake-up calls

A more neighbor-friendly approach may be a frizzled, or frizzly, hen. General Hoodoo wisdom states that a frizzled hen scratching in your yard will scratch up any hexes, spells or tricks secretly laid against your household

Should the frizzly hen prove unavailable, the ideal substitute is the black hen, Hecate’s holy bird. It too eliminates malicious magic and will keep you supplied with the black hen’s eggs so beloved in magic spells

Fierce Creatures

Not all spells involve domestic creatures. Many spells revolve around protecting humans from fierce, potentially dangerous animals.

In general, carrying or wearing the image of the creature provides a sort of passport of safety. Magically speaking, both fear and affection indicate some sort of alliance. Wear charms or jewelry in the shape of the creature you fear: a snake ring, for instance, or crocodile earrings. Tattoos, temporary and permanent, also provide a measure of protection.

Fierce Creatures Spell

Avens, the blessed herb, is also known as Herb Bennet, a distortion of “benedictus.” The presence of avens allegedly protects against all venomous creatures.

Wear fresh avens for safety

Carry the dried herb in a medicine bag

Holly Protection Spell

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that if holly wood (the wood, not the leaves) was thrown at wild animals, they would then lie down quietly and passively. Should you find yourself alone with aggravated fierce creatures, this is probably worth a shot.

Be prepared: charge the wood with its mission before setting forth into the wild.

Carry the wood in your charm bag: in an emergency, toss!

Juniper Protection

Carrying a sprig of juniper allegedly protects against attack by fierce animals.

Mullein Passport

Mullein allegedly transmits the magical message to wild creatures not to molest its bearer while passing through their territory. Carry or wear it for protection.

Protection from Crocodiles and Alligators

Anti-Crocodile Charm (Burma)

Carry iron pyrites as a protective charm against crocodiles.

Anti-Crocodile Charm (Ancient Egyptian)

The Egyptian Book of the Dead suggests carrying the plant sweet inula to ward off crocodiles, both living ones and those that haunt the spirit realm.

Wear it in a charm bag to protect against actual visitations

Sleep with the herb in a dream pillow or beneath your pillow if unfriendly crocodiles are infesting your dreams

Crocodile Charm Bag

Place a piece of gold pyrite into a drawstring bag together with alligator teeth and/or an image of a crocodile.

Crocodile Teeth

Crocodiles shed their teeth, continually growing new ones. Naturally shed teeth have a prophylactic effect: string them and wear on necklaces and anklets to prevent attack. Alternatively, carry the teeth in a medicine bag.

Papyrus Hieroglyph Spell

Crocodiles, like snakes, are simultaneously fearsome, dangerous creatures and potent symbols of spiritual and psychic protection. Pregnant Isis, after all, hid in the crocodile infested swamps of the Nile Delta. It was the safest spot she knew. In ancient days, the papyrus plant, which once lined the Nile, was a hieroglyphic emblem for Lower Egypt, especially that Nile Delta swampland. It also served as a protective emblem from crocodiles, lending new meaning to Moses’ cradle on the Nile, formed from papyrus.

Draw the hieroglyph on parchment and carry it as a talisman

For intensive protection, draw the hieroglyph onto the body with henna or if danger is constant, consider a tattoo

Carry a photograph of living papyrus plants as a talisman or post it in a prominent location

The Beta Israel, the Jews of Ethiopia, are renowned for their beautiful pottery. A traditional motif is a tiny, lidded basket that opens to reveal a happy baby Moses. Carry one as a talisman

Spirits that protect crocodilians as well as protecting people from them include Isis, Mami Waters and Sobek.

Charge a green candle with your fears and desires. Carve and dress it as desired.

Place the candle on an altar dedicated to the deity. Images of the deity may be used, however Sobek and Mami Waters may be represented by a crocodile; Isis by a serpent.

Articulate whatever it is that you need.


Talismans that protect against shark attacks include:



Found, naturally shed shark teeth

Carry or wear as suits you best, however the traditional method is to attach the talisman to a cord and wear around the ankles. Remember to charge magical objects prior to their initial use.


Although no animal is more associated with magic than snakes, in general, magic spells for snakes involve methods of repelling them and warding them off.

On the other hand, perhaps you’d like to beckon snakes closer, at least in ritual. Snakes are among people’s primary magical teachers and are invoked in spells for childbirth, fertility, healing, protection and financial well-being.

Snake-beckoning Spell

The scent of lavender allegedly invokes the spiritual presence of serpents and the legendary Serpent Spirits.

Place an image on an altar, either of a snake or of an affiliated deity—the Minoan Serpent Goddess for instance.

Surround this with fresh lavender or warm the essential oil in an aroma burner.

Call the spirit. Be prepared to explain why you have issued the invitation.

Do this spell before bedtime, to receive a visitation in your dreams.

Snake Communication Spell

The snake is the totem animal of prophets: it’s no accident that the staffs of Asklepios, Hermes, and Moses were embellished with snakes. Over the centuries, magical divining women, from the Minoan snake goddess to Marie Laveau, have danced with serpents. There is even a traditional divination system that interprets the movements of snakes. Because snakes are the repository of Earth’s wisdom, there are many reasons why one would wish to communicate with them. That said, it may be easier for most people, for a variety of reasons, to access that knowledge through visions rather than actual contact.

Burn yarrow and allow the smoke to permeate the area.

Yarrow smoke allegedly stimulates visions of snakes; have your questions or goals ready.

Snake Safety Spells

The aroma of galbanum allegedly repels snakes. Burn it as incense or warm the essential oil in an aroma burner. You may also add it to your perfume

The aroma of burning juniper wood and leaves also allegedly repels serpents

Make an infusion of black snake root (black cohosh) and add it to your bathwater, so that your aroma allegedly repels snakes. (Note: Black snake root is not safe for use by pregnant women.)

Serpentine is named for its affiliation with snakes. Carry it as a charm for safety from them. (This derives from Italian snake-charming traditions. Serpentine may also be used to cement the relationship: it provides safety without repelling.)

Agates are carried as talismans of safety from both snakes and scorpions. Although plain agate is allegedly effective, the talisman is more potent if engraved with either the image of a snake or of a person, preferably you or at least someone resembling you, riding upon a snake

Alkanet Spell

Alkanet, also known as bugloss, is most famous as the source for a natural dye. However, among its magic powers, alkanet not only allegedly protects against snakebite but also helps counter and control fears of snakes.

Ashen Boundary Spell

Allegedly snakes will not cross over a boundary formed from mingled ash leaves and twigs. If one lives in snake-infested territory, cast your circle and find out.

Contraveneno Spell

“Contraveneno” is a large black bean, marked on one side with a cross. A staple of Latin American magic, there is apparently no English nickname for Fevellea cordifolia. The bean is poisonous but is used as a magical weapon to prevent snakebite and attack from other venomous creatures. Carry it in a charm bag around your neck; do not consume it.

Elder Spell

Elder magically guards against snakes and all manner of fierce creatures, including (allegedly), mosquitoes. Carry elder twigs in your pocket or conjure bag to prevent attack.

Isis Protection Spell

According to legend, the magical botanical vervain sprang from Isis’ tears. Because vervain shares in Isis’ essence it’s believed to protect against the various fierce creatures under her influence.

Gently simmer vervain in wine.

Strain and let the herb dry out.

Carry this dried herb in a charm bag to protect against snakes, scorpions, and crocodiles.

Plantain Snakebite Spell

This spell refers to the common garden herb, not the member of the banana family. Charge plantain with its mission of protection. Carry it in your pocket to guard against snakebite.

Raspberry Leaf Snake Spell

Carry a piece of root from a raspberry vine to magically protect against snakebite.

Shark’s Teeth-Snake’s Tongues

Fossilized shark’s teeth were once believed to be snakes’ tongues. They’re still believed to have a magical affinity for snakes. Soak a shark’s tooth in wine, and then drink the wine to assist in healing snakebite.

Tamarisk Protection Spell

Burning tamarisk branches allegedly wards off snakes.

Wild Dagga Protection Spell

Wild dagga, an African plant, allegedly repels snakes. Maintain living plants in snake-prone areas and burn the dried leaves as needed.


Spirits that protect scorpions and protect against scorpions include Isis and Selket. If you are afraid for the creatures or because of the creatures, set up an offering table. Place an image representing the creature on the table as well as representations of the deity with appropriate offerings. Burn candles and incense as long as you feel is necessary.

Selket (also known as Serket) has particularly strong associations with scorpions. One of the four Egyptian canopic guardian deities, alongside Isis and her sister Nephthys, Selket, a spirit of magic, wears a scorpion crown. She punishes via scorpion stings but she also protects people from her sacred creatures and heals injuries received from them.

Create an altar with an image of Selket and/or an image of a scorpion.

Burn kyphi for Selket and explain what you need.


In China, India and elsewhere in Asia, the tiger is profoundly connected with magic power. In many traditional belief systems, the tiger is the creature that embodies the concept of magic power and also possesses the strength and daring necessary to properly implement that power. Tigers provide practitioners with protection and teach magic skills, but obviously this is most often accomplished through magical visualization.

Amber’s Chinese name translates as “tiger soul.” It was believed that when tigers died, their souls became amber. Amber offers the easiest, most accessible method of contacting tiger guardian spirits.

Tiger Guardian Spirit Spell

Hold a piece of amber in your left hand, close your eyes and allow your visualization to begin.

Do not let go of the amber until the visualization is complete and you have safely returned to your starting point.


Whatever their origins, animals now classified as “fantasy creatures” are almost invariably depicted as savage and scary monsters, like the basilisk. The unicorn is the exception. Once understood as fierce, unruly symbols of male primal power, unicorns have been tamed into sedate, docile, often asexual creatures, too pure, gentle, and beautiful to exist. In fact, medieval unicorn legends focus on the capture and murder of unicorns.

Among a unicorn’s magical powers is the ability to eliminate and antidote all poisons. Allegedly dipping the unicorn’s horn, the alicorn, into any food or liquid automatically removes any trace of poison. That legend has wreaked devastation on narwhals and rhinoceroses over the centuries; at a time when few were aware of fauna outside their immediate area, it was easy to pass off another species’ horn as an alicorn. Of course, they didn’t work but then, of course, they weren’t real unicorn horns. Unicorns allegedly shed their alicorns annually like deer antlers.

Unicorn Spell

If the unicorn doesn’t actually shed its alicorn directly into your hand, it’s a safe bet a horn is not genuine alicorn. If you have reason to be fearful of poisoning, burn a white, black, or red unicorn-shaped candle.

Try to transmit your petition of protection to presiding unicorn spirits.

Consecrate a unicorn charm by laying it beside the candle while it burns, then wear it afterwards.

Should the charm work for you, cleanse, reconsecrate and offer thanks to the unicorn.

Sometimes you need protection from fierce creatures, but other times you’d like them to provide you with protection.

Fierce Creature Bodyguard Spell

Post the most terrifying images of the most dangerous animals you can envision in areas you perceive as physically or spiritually vulnerable.

The goal is not to invoke fear but for the images to serve as symbolic protectors.