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Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

Connect Some More
Shake Up To Wake Up

Connecting is not just about sharing time, space, energy, attention, and presence with our friends, and our families, and our fellow human beings. Connecting is also about sharing time, space, energy, attention, and presence with nature, and with the other life forms we share this planet with, as well as with our biological space suit. That’s right. Connecting is also about dropping in with your bod. But, first things first …


The majority of human beings on the planet are extremely disconnected from nature. Extremely. Most people know absolutely nothing about the natural species existing in their own backyards. They don’t know the names of their plants, or the names of their neighborhood’s plants, or the names of the trees they’re driving past every single day, or the names of the insects that are living in their very own gardens. Nor do they have a clue as to what kinds of animal species share the ecosystem with them. That’s some bullshit, right there. How are you going to live in the same place for an extended period of time, and share your environment with all these different types of living intelligences, and not even bother to educate yourself about any of it, let alone put in the effort to connect with it, and to commune with it?

Humans are narcissistic. We act as though we are the only Earthlings—as though we are not actually sharing the planet with eight million other living, breathing species of life. This collective self-absorption keeps humans indifferent to the well-being of their fellow Earthlings, and oblivious to the ways their actions are affecting their fellow Earthlings, as well as to how they are affecting Gaia herself.

Remember, Earth is not just a spinning rock hurtling through space. Earth is a beautiful spirit named Gaia. Gaia is conscious, and Gaia is intelligent. People are not aware of the consciousness of Earth, and people are not aware of the consciousness of nature, because we are not taught such things in our educational institutions. This is unfortunate, because humans are not only missing out on a lot of the insight, and the power, and the connection that they could be harnessing by engaging this consciousness, but they are also harming the very consciousness they are ignoring.

If humans were connected to the consciousness of the planet, there would be no more mining. There would be no more clear-cutting of forests, or of sacred jungles. Nor would the ocean be riddled with single-use plastics, which wouldn’t exist anymore, either. Humans would not be able to inflict such harm upon their home planet if they understood that Earth is an intelligent being who feels the effects of the rape and the plunder we continue to perpetrate upon her by way of our greed and our reckless consumption. The truth is that every time we disrespect the planet, we are disrespecting Gaia herself. Given that Gaia exists to give, and give, and give, and give, and give so that we, and every being on this planet, can survive and thrive upon her surface, it’s just good manners not to shit all over her.

That Time I Learned to Trust Nature

When I was younger, my guides encouraged me to study with a shaman friend of mine to help build my connection to spirit. One day he and a group of elders took me high up into the mountains near Lake Tahoe. They blindfolded me and led me deep, deep, deep into the forest. I walked for a very long time, with an elder on each side, guiding me by the elbow, telling me when to step over a root, or around a rock, or to duck under a branch. At a certain point, we stopped walking. The men set a timer, and told me to remove the blindfold when the alarm sounded, and that I had until sundown to make my way back to wherever they were.

“Use your resources,” the elders instructed as they left the forest, and their voices got farther and farther away; and I stood blindfolded, wondering where the hell they’d taken me. “Trust in spirit. Trust in nature.”

I was in the middle of the Sierra Nevadas, surrounded by nothing but trees, and rocks, and shrubs, and dirt, and sky. I had no idea where I was, no idea which direction I’d come from, and no idea how to get myself out of there.

The first thing I did was look for signs from spirit—like a stick, or a stone, or a marking etched into the bark of a tree—basically any kind of symbol I could connect with and use as a bread crumb to get myself out of there. But there were no signs, and there were no symbols, and there were no bread crumbs, and there wasn’t actually anything there at all to help me get out of that forest. Or, so I thought.

I paused, and I remembered the elders’ instructions to use my resources, and to trust in spirit, and to trust in nature. I prayed to the nature spirits and asked them to help me find my way to my friends. A couple minutes later, a beautiful bird with bright blue wings and a yellow beak flew onto a branch in a nearby tree, and started chirping loudly.

“Are you here for me, bird?” I asked, at which point, the bird flew to the branch directly above my head, and chirped again.

That’s when I realized that the bird was actually a spirit who had come to help me find my way back to the elders. I followed the bird as it flew to a nearby tree, and I continued to follow it as it flew from tree, to tree, to tree, to tree. There were moments when doubt overcame me, and I would stop, and wonder if I was going in the wrong direction. And then the bird would chirp, and chirp, and chirp until I started walking in the direction it was flying again. And then, just before the sun dropped down behind the mountains, that bird led me straight to the elders—like, directly to them.

That experience really helped deepen my connection to the spirit world, and to the elements. It allowed me to detach from the idea of having to depend on other humans, because it showed me that I can trust in nature, and that I can trust in spirit. I now trust spirit and nature way more than I trust humans. Not that I have anything against humans; it’s just that we’re so complicated. Nature doesn’t say one thing when it means another thing, because of insecurities and personality defects. Nature just offers facts and information. It’s very simple that way. People, not so much.


Because shamans are aware of the life in everything, and of the intelligence in everything, we engage that life and that intelligence whenever we get a chance. Nature is such a powerful teacher, and such a powerful ally. So when the wind blows across my skin, I receive the gust like a tap on the back from a friend.

“Hey, wind,” I’ll say. “What’s going on? Got anything to share with me?”

I always ask the wind if it has any information to share with me, because the wind carries all our thoughts, which means the wind knows what everyone is thinking, and dreaming, and worrying about. But most people feel the wind blowing across their face, and they’re just annoyed with it for messing up their hairdo.

Nature has so much wisdom and knowledge to share with us, if we would just get present and be still with it. Like, it’s really not that complicated. You don’t even need spirit hacks or shamanic techniques; you just need to be in nature, and to not talk, and not be on your phone, and not multitask, and not check out, and just be fully and completely present with nature. But getting people to be fully and completely present is a whole other thing, so it’s good to have the spirit hacks.

I once took a trip with some friends to visit this little beach in Turkey. While my friends were talking about how lovely it must have been to live there back when it was a thriving village, I picked up a stone and allowed myself to be fully present with it. That stone showed me the Ottoman soldiers sailing into the harbor in full body armor, and it showed me the blood pouring into the sea. My friends couldn’t believe that anything so violent could have occurred in such a peaceful setting. So we asked the tour guide, and she said that I was spot-on, and that there was indeed a very bloody battle that took place on that beach. So, that stone knew some shit.

Trees, as well. Big-time. Trees are pretty much overflowing with wisdom. I once had a redwood tree show me the memories it had stored in its rings, and I saw all the people who had passed by it throughout the decades. Trees remember everything. Then the tree asked me to bury some quartz crystals in the soil near its roots to help amplify its power, and its strength. Of course, I came back the very next day with a bunch of crystals for the tree. Trees are badass. They can weave their energy in with our own human energy fields, and direct powerful healing frequencies into our bodies. I’ve always had great respect for trees. If humans would just take the time to listen to the trees, and to commune with the trees, we could adapt and grow so much more quickly as a species. There are so many things the trees have to share with us, but humans can’t access the trees’ vast storehouse of knowledge until we learn to log in to them.

Spirit Hack: Log in to Nature

Most people have no idea how much wisdom, knowledge, power, and healing nature has to share with them, because most people spend more time logging on to their smartphones and their social media feeds than they do logging in to nature.

Logging in to nature activates our connection with the nature spirits, and opens up our channel of communication with the elemental kingdom. Ideally, you want to do this spirit hack while you’re in nature, to get deeper access. Because, when you’re in front of a tree, and you log in to nature, you can actually pull tree energy into your body. Same if you are invoking earth energy while you’re lying on the grass, or mineral energy when you’re lying on the dirt. But you can do this spirit hack anywhere and still tap into the energy frequency of whichever aspect of nature you’re choosing to connect with; it’s just way more powerful when you’re in nature.

§ Hold your finger in the air in front of the tree, or the flower, or the ocean if you’re out in nature. If you’re in your apartment, or in line at the DMV, that’s fine; just put your finger in front of your face.

§ Draw a square in the air, exhaling sharply with each stroke.

§ Next, draw a triangle in the center of the square, again exhaling sharply with each stroke.

In shamanism, we use the square to establish a structure for our spirit hacks. The triangle represents the energetic trifecta of love, wisdom, and power and functions as a high vibrational antenna of intelligence for knowledge and information to travel through.

§ Say: “Activate. Log in to nature, so I can feel it in my body.”

§ When you feel the energy shift, you know you’re logged in. If you don’t feel anything, say: “Increase nature in my body, so I can feel it.”

Now that you’re logged in to nature, you can engage nature however you want. You can ask questions, or request a healing, or what have you. If you’re in an urban environment, you’ll want to add another step to this spirit hack and invoke, or call upon, the elemental spirits to collaborate with you.

Invoking the Elementals

§ Say: “Restore elementals.”

In doing so, you invite the spirits of the elements to tap into the frequencies of the elements in your body—the earth that is your bones, the air that is your breath, the water that is your blood, and the fire that is your muscles.

§ Once the elementals have been invoked, you can direct these powerful healing helpers however you want.

You can say: “Elementals, restore and repair my body.”

Or: “Elementals, align my body structurally.”

Or, even: “Elementals, heal whatever part of my body needs it the most, so I can feel it.”

It’s a good idea to add “… so I can feel it” to all kinesthetic spirit commands, especially when you are first starting your shamanic training.

The elementals are great at restoring and repairing, so you can ask them to help heal your sprained ankle, or to fire up your digestive system, or to boost the collagen in your face and neck. But even just invoking the elementals, and inviting them into your field without giving them a bunch of tasks to do, will calm your nervous system and help level out your moods, and synchronize your heart rate with the vibrational frequency of the planet, which allows your body to heal and rebalance itself.


A lot of people spend the majority of their lives in their heads. They are consumed with thoughts, and ideas, and concepts, and noise; and they are completely disconnected from their bodies, and their environment, and Earth beneath their feet. People are ungrounded.

Being ungrounded makes us more susceptible to the influence of external sounds, movement, activity, and frequencies, which can create a cacophony of disruptive input that overwhelms the body and the being. This surge of incoming data distorts the brain’s functioning so that it becomes fragmented, and has to juggle multiple distractions at once, in addition to whatever it’s actually trying to deal with—like making your leg move, or regulating your heartbeat, or whatever.

It’s very easy to get ungrounded when we are so disconnected from nature. Grounding is really as simple as putting our feet in the dirt, or jumping in a lake, or lying on the grass. When we connect with nature, we ground. But not everyone has access to grass, or dirt, or lakes 24-7, which means we must make grounding a practice.

Spirit Hack: Get Grounded

Grounding is a fundamental spirit hack you want to get in the habit of doing at least every day. You definitely always want to ground before leaving the house in the morning. It’s also good to ground before you go into a crowded public place, or anywhere you know where there is going to be a lot of different kinds of input or stimuli. Or if you’re going to engage a challenging personality, or you know you have to have a tough conversation, grounding will support you in holding your center, so you’re not giving your power away to emotional triggers.

§ Stand up straight and visualize a stack of electric aqua-blue circles—like rings—around your body. The more circles you envision around you, the more grounded you will feel.

§ Now, you want to turn the circles on. Say: “I activate circle one. Circle one, ground me into Earth.”

§ Repeat the process for circle two, and circle three, and for all your circles.

§ After you’ve activated all the circles around your body, envision the same electric aqua-blue circles as rings stacked above your head.

§ Now, turn on the circles. Say: “I activate circle one. Circle one, lift me out of the maya.”

§ Repeat the process for all the circles you have stacked above your head.

§ Now that your circles are activated, you want to link them up. Say: “Create an energy surge connecting me from heaven to Earth, so that I can feel it in my body.”

It is just as important to ground into the heavens as it is to ground into Earth. By connecting heaven and Earth through your body, you create a clear, deliberate channel, stretching between these two polarities. The act of grounding through both of these gateways generates feelings of security, eliminates distraction, and sets a high, strong focal point for your mind.

The more grounded we are, the easier it is for the body to regulate itself, because it’s not distracted trying to catalog a bunch of extraneous input. When the body is grounded, it generates an energy frequency that optimizes communication among our cells, our organs, and our brain, which allows the system to function much more efficiently.

When we are not grounded, we’re scattered. Our energy whizzes all over the place. It’s not organized, and it’s not contained, and it creates chaos and energetic disturbances in the environment. To this end, the matrix loves an ungrounded populace, because an ungrounded populace generates a whole bunch of discord for the darkness.


The system designs our cities to generate discord by laying out more buildings and more infrastructure than nature. Our urban enclaves are extremely imbalanced. The planet is animated by elemental spirits—by fire spirits, and water spirits, and earth spirits, and air spirits. There are no concrete spirits, and there are no fluorescent light spirits, and there are no EMF spirits, and there are no BPA spirits. This misalignment in our environment—where the man-made particles, and pollutants, and structures are not being harmonized by enough trees, and parks, and plants, and butterflies—is taking an extreme toll on people’s health. This is why so many people are dealing with adrenal fatigue, and thyroid issues, and digestive problems: the biological space suit isn’t recognizing its environment, and the biological space suit is so starved for nature, it is functioning in a near constant state of low-grade panic, which manifests as an increasing number of health problems.

Spirit Hack: Shamanizing Urban Energy Disturbances

My shamanic work takes me all over the world—to lush, quiet villages nestled in beautiful natural settings, and to big, bustling metropolitan cities that are awash in lines, and boxes, and concrete, and noise, and toxicity, and pollution, and discord. I might be a powerful shaman, with a massive spirit force in my corner, but I’d be lying if I said that cities don’t take their toll on me.

This is a technique African shamans use to clear negative energy. I find this spirit hack really, really helpful when I’m in an urban environment and I’m feeling bombarded by a lot of stimulation, a lot of sensory input, and a lot of toxicity. This spirit hack breaks up energy disturbances and prevents them from accumulating in the body.

§ To clear any negative energies in your environment, or your biological space suit, clap your hands in counterclockwise circles about six inches in front of your chest. Five to ten circles should do the trick.

§ If the energy disturbances are more acute, and are lodged in your body, clap your hands over the area where you feel the disturbance, like the head, the heart, the throat, or the stomach.

You can use this spirit hack anywhere, any time you feel yourself affected by negative energy, or any time you feel energy disturbances in your body—like after you have an intense conversation and you feel a lot of heat or tingling in your chest and throat. This is the hack you want to use to clear that.

I taught this spirit hack to a friend of mine who works in a correctional facility. She used to come home feeling like she’d been flattened by a Mack truck, she was so drained. She loves this spirit hack and uses it all day to clear energetic disturbances, which are plenty, given her working environment. Now she comes home feeling strong, energized, and uplifted. She loves this spirit hack so much, she taught it to her coworkers, and now they all use it to keep their energy clean and clear.


Most people don’t even realize how disconnected they are from nature because most people’s synthesis is out of whack. I see it all the time—the bobbleheads stumbling around their environment in these spazzy, discordant, fragmented states, clueless as to the quantity of input they’re not registering, because their sensory mechanisms are not communicating properly with one another.

Energy communicates through synthesis. When our synthesis is strong, we feel energy. You know when you get scared, and you feel chills running up the back of your neck? That’s synthesis. Those chills are an expression of your intuition, which is your spiritual body communicating a potential threat to your emotional body, which communicates fear to the physical body, which manifests through goose bumps, which alert you—the connected whole—to the situation at hand. Those chills are a function of strong synthesis.

Most people’s synthesis is weak. When synthesis hasn’t been developed or cultivated, or when the synthesis has been deliberately taken off-line by the darkness, the spiritual body can’t communicate with the mental body, which can’t communicate with the emotional body, which can’t communicate with the physical body. The physical body therefore becomes this dense, numb shell, shuffling an empty, unfeeling robot around a planet they’re barely engaging, or even really aware of.


There are three types of negative energy frequencies I clear from people’s fields. There is the black sludge, which is the darkness we take in when we accept words, or thoughts, or images, or ideas into our being that are contrary to truth, and to love. There is the red energy frequency, which glows like neon light. The red energy is all the anger people hold on to, and stuff down into their musculature, which causes inflammation in the body. And then there’s the green gas. The green gas is the energy the darkness uses to shut down people’s synthesis and sever their connection to the spirit realm. This green gas is what allows humans to give up their sovereignty, and to be turned into zombies taking commands from the darkness, and playing out the system’s propaganda. They don’t realize that their piousness, and their righteousness, and their refusal to consider other points of view are all side effects from this gooey, green underworld toxin that’s distorting their system, and shutting down their synthesis.

Spirit Hack: Synthesize!

In order to turn on your synthesis, you have to clean out all that green gas, and all the effluvia, and the other negative energy frequencies that people like to hold on to. This spirit hack cleans that shit out.

§ With your feet planted firmly on the ground, take a strong stance. You want to do this spirit hack standing up, so that you can practice being very present with your energy.

§ Say: “Force fields up.”

This command activates your conscious energetic field and directs it to project itself around you.

§ Then, say: “Force field, utilize yellow electricity to create a powerful source of unconditional love to go into my brain, and to go into my body, and to connect with any energies that I am holding on to that are creating any blockages in my synthesis, and release those blockages out of my mouth and throat, through deep yawn, or deep cough.”

§ After you say these words, attune your attention to your breath. When you feel sensation starting to emerge in your throat—like, you feel heat, or tickling, or irritation, or throbbing—speak your sensations aloud. So, you would say: “I feel tickling in my throat,” if, in fact, that was the sensation you were feeling.

At this point, you will probably cough a lot, or you will probably yawn a lot, and you might even burp (a little, or a lot) as your body expels the energies from your system. This is a good thing.

§ Then ask Spirit to increase the sensations by saying, “Increase yellow electricity.”

The yellow electricity functions to purify your energetic body through the synthesis of light frequencies and emittent tones, which combine to decongest dense, negative, low-vibrational frequencies.

Continue to increase the yellow electricity, and continue to speak your sensations aloud, and continue to release the energies out of your mouth and throat. The more you allow yourself to release, the stronger your body will grow, and the stronger your synthesis will grow, and the stronger your spiritual powers will grow.

Synthesis is a big deal. The human vessel is a complex, multidimensional system comprised of a mental body, a physical body, an emotional body, and a spirit body. For a being to thrive, all four pillars must be healthy, and all four pillars must be free from blockages, and all four pillars must be able to communicate clearly with one another at all times. But if those four bodies are not hooked up, and if those four spirits cannot connect with one another and share a conversation, that’s when wires get crossed, and that’s when communication breaks down, and that’s when disease presents itself in the body.


Disease simply means lack of ease in the body. Dis-ease. It means imbalance has arisen and that there is a disruption in the system’s usual functioning. Disease can manifest as illness, injury, discomfort, disorder, disturbance, what have you. Shamans treat disease very differently from the way Western doctors do. Doctors pathologize these manifestations and curse their patients by giving these manifestations names, and then declaring war on these manifestations.

Western doctors are trained in the allopathic medical model, wherein they catalog their patients’ symptoms, lump them in a box, and then give the box a name that identifies the symptoms as a virus, or a disease, or an -itis, or an -osis, or whatever, which is then attacked, irradiated, or cut out. The thing is: the boxes aren’t real. The boxes are made up by the system to homogenize people’s symptoms so that they can be more easily standardized, and profited from.

The Western medical paradigm is archaic because it is still operating under the false belief that the physical body is its own autonomous entity that is neither influenced by, nor affected by, the emotional body, the mental body, or the spiritual body. The allopathic doctor is basically a dinosaur who treats the body like it’s an island. This perspective is shortsighted, reductive, and incorrect. And because of it, instead of seeking to understand the symptoms as the body’s primary means of communication, and then deciphering what those symptoms are indicating by considering them as parts of an integrated whole, Western doctors go about attacking the symptoms with aggressive languaging, like beat and fight, and with even more aggressive methods, which aim to kill, quell, silence, remove, or obliterate the symptoms. It’s archaic, and it’s reckless, and it’s just another way our society’s overemphasis on the masculine is messing shit up.


Shamans see physiological symptoms as indications of a deeper imbalance in the spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies. We see symptoms as invitations to take a journey into the unknown. We see symptoms as pieces of a puzzle, and as a call to go on discovery to find the original source of the imbalance. Only after we determine the root of the imbalance do shamans intercede to help restore harmony to the system as guided.

For example, let’s say a woman comes to see me because she is having pain in her ovaries. I don’t have to even see her to know that the problem isn’t her ovaries. The pain in her ovaries, from a shaman’s point of view, is her emotional body tugging at her sleeve, trying to get her attention. That is the purpose of physical symptoms—to alert us to an internal imbalance, which is always some kind of communication breakdown between the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body. Pain means we are not in synthesis. Therefore, the way to correct my client’s dysfunction is not to attack the ovaries, or to fight against the discomfort that is manifesting through the ovaries, or to numb the discomfort that is manifesting through the ovaries. The way to correct the dysfunction is to decipher what inspired the malfunction in the first place.

This is why it is so important that our synthesis is strong, because the only way to get that kind of information is from her spirit. The spirit is the aspect that is minding the whole system in all its multidimensional complexity. The spirit is the aspect that has the ability to sync up all the disparate parts, and to facilitate clear communication among them. When our synthesis is on point, the spirit can speak freely with the mind, which can transmit the information to the emotions, which the emotions can transmit to the body, which is how healing takes place, and how my client’s ovaries stop hurting.


Allopathic doctors consider only a very narrow array of factors when it comes to the causes they attribute to disease. Like, they blame most cancer on genes. But just because genetic codes are passed down doesn’t mean they have to be activated. We all carry lots of ancestral coding that never gets activated in our lifetimes. Genetic codes are activated by certain markers like emotional stress, emotional toxicity, environmental pollution, mental pollution, mental discord, etc. These markers are what cause the cells to morph and are what create the toxic internal environments in which these cells can multiply, turn into tumors, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow. It doesn’t matter what kind of hyper-extra-über-super-strength allopathic cancer killer you attack that tumor with, if you don’t shift the internal environment; and the only way to shift the internal environment is to adjust the markers, and to address the root.

From a shamanic perspective, the root can be anything, including the words people tell themselves, the house they live in, or the people they hang out with. It could be their job, their partner, or their tendency to people-please and give their power away. Or it could be that they hate their life, and they hate themselves, but because they can’t be honest about it, they create disease, because they don’t want to be here anymore.

This is actually really common—that people get sick as a quick fix, and an easy way out of this reality construct. People would rather get sick than admit the truth, which is: I don’t really want to be alive. The conscious mind can’t process this level of truth, just as most human beings can’t handle hearing this level of truth coming out of the mouth of a friend or a family member, so the conscious mind denies the truth while the subconscious mind turns it into an incurable disease.

When I go to hospitals and I work with people who have cancer, the first question I always ask is: “Why do you want this cancer?” That upsets some people. Kids, however, are not burdened by these kinds of hang-ups. When I work with children, and I ask them why they want their cancer, they tell me straight up: “Because I don’t want to be here anymore.”


Western medicine is all about eradicating pain and discomfort by any means necessary. Western doctors don’t understand pain. They don’t understand the purpose of pain, and they don’t understand how to deal with pain, so they just do that hyperaggressive masculine thing, where they attack the pain, or they obliterate the pain, or they numb the pain, much to their patients’ detriment.

Pain is the body’s way of communicating that there is an imbalance of energy in the body. The body has probably been trying to communicate the imbalance for a while in softer, subtler ways. But because most people’s synthesis is weak, they are not able to perceive the body’s signals, which means that the body has to communicate louder, and louder, and louder just to get their attention. That’s when the body starts bringing pain into the mix, so that it can finally get you to stop ignoring it.

Western medicine denounces pain like it’s a bad thing. When pain presents itself, doctors immediately try to numb the pain, or to eradicate the pain, or to cut out the pain, as quickly as possible. This is not the right approach to pain, because pain has valuable information to communicate. When we rush to get rid of pain, we miss the message the pain is trying to share with us. When most people have a headache, they take an aspirin, which gives them temporary relief by numbing the pain, so they can get on with their daily lives. In a million years, you couldn’t pay me to take an aspirin when I have a headache, because I know that pain has something to tell me.

Spirit Hack: Sound Your Pain

Dialysis was excruciating. It wasn’t just the actual dialysis treatment itself that was so painful; it was the angioplasty. Angioplasty is this procedure that involves cutting your arm open. People who are on dialysis have this procedure done every two weeks. I was on dialysis for eight years, so you can do the math to get an idea of how many times they cut into my arm. Because of all the angioplasty, I had multiple aneurysms and almost had my arm amputated.

While I was on dialysis, I used to experience this intense full-body cramping—like, the way someone might get a cramp in their leg, or their foot. But I would get them in my face, and in my neck, and in my fingers, and in my toes, and everywhere, all at once. The only way to get rid of cramps is to drink water, but I couldn’t drink any water while I was having the treatment, so all I could do was scream it out, or let the pain take over my whole being until I passed out completely.

That’s how I learned that all pain is trapped sound. Every pain you feel has its own corresponding sound. The way to relieve pain when it arises is to focus your full attention upon it and to let its own particular sound move through you. It is no use trying to control the sound, and it’s no use concerning yourself with how the sound actually sounds. You just want to let that sound move freely, for as long as that sound wants to move.


The matrix doesn’t want humans engaging our pain, or learning from our pain, or transmuting our pain, because that kind of empowerment doesn’t drive the system. The system profits from our pain, which is why the system encourages us to dull our pain, and to ignore our pain, so that our pain will accumulate, and our pain will turn into suffering, and our pain will create long-term illness in our bodies, which will translate into profit for the pharmaceutical companies, and fuel for the darkness.

So the system created all these tools to help people run away from their pain—things like sugar, and cigarettes, and reality television, and caffeine, and opiates, and hook-up apps, and web porn, and alcohol. It doesn’t matter which kind of medicine people are using to quell the pain; the pain is not being engaged, which means the pain is going to accumulate. A hundred percent.


Alcohol is unique because alcohol is a socially acceptable intoxicant. Alcohol is medicine that’s allowed—medicine that comes along with the culturally sanctioned permission to check out.

Alcohol is an agent of the darkness. It allows people to disconnect from the matrix for just a moment. It’s a breather—a way for people to let down their inhibitions, and to let down their guard, and to say things they wouldn’t have the courage to say when they are sober. It’s like this momentary relief from the pressure and the tension of the system that allows people to open themselves up in ways they feel like they can’t when they are in the grips of the matrix. It also allows people to not have to take responsibility for their behavior, because they can just say they were drunk, and everyone gives them a pass.

But alcohol opens us up to random spirits, who joyride on our buzzes and our highs. That’s why they call alcohol spirits, because it opens up our vessels to the beings who can’t cross all the way over, which creates a whole, big bunch of discord.

I know a lot of shamans who work with plant medicines and who connect with the value of all kinds of intoxicating plants and beings—leaves, roots, fungi, herbs, amphibians, what have you. They use tobacco as a binder in ceremony. They mix specific roots with specific vines to tap into other dimensions of consciousness. They milk the sacred frog for its purifying poisons. They use all kinds of medicines found in nature. But they will not touch alcohol. Alcohol is the one intoxicant that so many shamans hold a hard line on not partaking in, because alcohol blocks our synthesis, and alcohol numbs us out, which is precisely why the system normalizes alcohol and glamorizes alcohol to the extent that it does.


Western doctors treat every illness, and every imbalance, and every disease exactly the same. They do a cursory overview of the physical body, diagnose a handful of physical symptoms, and then hand you a prescription for a bunch of pills that will temporarily mask your symptoms while stressing out your liver, and doing nothing to restore overall balance to the body.

Pharmaceuticals are created by the same shortsightedness that has doctors treating the body like it’s an island. These scientists think they can take certain compounds out of a plant and synthesize them with chemicals in a petri dish in a laboratory, and not go creating bigger, long-term problems for the people who are taking these things. I mean, the arrogance is absurd.

Over half of the entire U.S. population is taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug to numb their pain. The pharmaceutical companies are the true drug dealers of the world. They really are. The only difference between a pharmaceutical rep and a dealer selling on the street is a fancy coat, and a spin job.

Doctors supplement their regular incomes with the kickbacks they get for the prescriptions they write. So when a doctor prescribes chemotherapy for a patient who’s been indoctrinated into the cancer box, it might be because the doctor thinks chemotherapy will help (despite the dismal success rates), or it might be because it’s going to get him a huge check from the company that manufactures the chemotherapy medicine, and the doctor stands to make a cool million a year off the patient, assuming he lasts that long. This is how the darkness has infected our health care system.

I work with a lot of doctors, and surgeons, and psychologists, and psychiatrists who are fed up. They have patients coming to see them because they are in pain, and because they are suffering; and these doctors want to understand why their treatments aren’t helping, and why their patients aren’t getting better. They want to know why their patient still has bipolar disorder, or why their patient is still having seizures. They are confused because they went to school for so many years, and they studied so many things, and still, their efforts are not working. They feel that they are not really accomplishing anything other than facilitating addictions to pills that don’t actually heal their patients but that activate all sorts of other issues. These people come to me as a shaman because they feel like they don’t have the tools they need to really help restore their patients’ health. They are just alleviating symptoms in the short term, but they’re not really facilitating long-term health or well-being, and they know it, and it makes them feel like shit.

Look, I don’t mean to deride the entire Western medical world. The allopathic medical paradigm has its benefits and serves many valuable purposes. After I died, my kidneys were extremely compromised, and it wasn’t like I could just shake a rattle and make some offerings to the kidney spirits, and tell the elementals to make it all better. Dialysis saved my life, along with dozens of operations, and procedures, and medications that Western medicine gifted this culture, including a kidney transplant. So I am very much a fan of Western medicine. I’m just disappointed in the Western medical world, because by refusing to consider the body as a whole, and by treating the body as a collection of separate, unrelated components, it is doing the people it’s supposed to be helping a great disservice, and causing a lot of suffering in the process.

But let’s be very clear: if your left arm starts tingling, and you start foaming at the mouth while the world gets fuzzy and hollow-sounding, get your ass to a doctor. Western medicine might not be perfect, but it definitely has its place.


As the Blackout continues to escalate, we are seeing people manifesting all kinds of allergies and all kinds of health issues that the species hasn’t dealt with on this scale before—things like autism, ADD, Alzheimer’s, candida, cancer, plus a whole bunch of mystery syndromes and illnesses that Western medicine doesn’t even have names for. When I was a kid, food allergies were pretty rare. These days, half the people in any restaurant at any given time are allergic to half the things on the menu, like lactose, and gluten, and sugar, and soy, and nightshades, and what have you. All because, for some reason, our species feels the need to fuck with shit.

Genetic tinkering is straight-up arrogant, ignorant idiocy. There’s really no way around it. When humans genetically modify food, and crops, and people, they are creating genetic markers that differ from nature’s original design, and from nature’s own coding system. Nature knows its own codes, because nature is intelligent technology—technology that humans really need to stop fucking with.

When we genetically modify anything, we change the atoms, we change the molecules, and we obliterate the synthesis. If I try to eat a genetically modified strawberry, the second that strawberry hits my tongue, my body is going to be confused.

What the fuck is this? the body asks. This isn’t the networking system that’s supposed to go with my networking system.

The berry’s coding is off. The frequencies of the body’s digestive enzymes are no longer a coherent match for the frequencies of the sugars in the fruit, which are no longer alchemically proportional with the fiber content. And so, because the body doesn’t recognize this hodgepodged configuration of data and input, the networking systems don’t boot up together. This creates all kinds of problems for the various processing systems, which aren’t designed to handle these patterns of information, and this is how things get really out of whack.

Trans, Too

This applies to people who undergo gender reassignment surgery and are genetically modifying their bodies, as well. Like, of course it’s fine if someone wants to medically transition to another gender, if that’s what they’re authentically called to do. It’s great. But when people take pills to block their bodies’ natural hormonal secretions, and then take more pills to stimulate completely different hormonal secretions, they are pulling in a whole bunch of very different energies that their system was not organically designed to be running.

People have to acknowledge this. And people have to learn how to work with these energies, and how to manage these energies, because people are forcing their bodies to function in ways their bodies were not actually designed to function. Being trans isn’t about what kind of pronoun you choose to label yourself with, and get all huffy about; it’s about learning to run very different polarity frequencies, and figuring out how to alchemize that energy in a way that works for you.


It’s really arrogant of humans to allege that they know better than God about how to design fruit, or rice, or chickens, or what have you. It’s like saying God got it wrong, and God didn’t know what God was doing; but luckily we humans are here to fix God’s mistakes with our almighty science. It’s also really shortsighted, because scientists have no idea what kind of long-term effects their tinkering is going to manifest. But I can promise you, those long-terms effects will manifest. When man takes it upon himself to change the nature codes when the nature codes have not themselves determined that it is necessary for them to change, then man is creating problems on the planet. They may take time to unfold, but trust me, they will unfold. You don’t fuck with the nature codes.

From a shamanic perspective, the elemental kingdom is fine the way it is. If the elemental kingdom wanted to genetically modify itself, then the elemental kingdom would change its genetic structure of its own accord; but it doesn’t, so it hasn’t. Consumerism is driving genetic modification. Consumption is driving genetic modification. Genetic modification is about mass production, and mass consumption, and a hefty hunger for profit—that bigger tomato, that brighter tomato, that sweeter tomato, that rounder tomato—boom! That’s more money for the agricultural corporations, which just so happen to be owned by the pharmaceutical corporations. Go figure.

A Side Note to Western Doctors Who Think Shamanism Is Woo-Woo Bullshit

I get really tired of Western doctors invalidating shamanism, and spirituality, and all these other things they haven’t researched, haven’t experienced, and don’t understand. Aside from being reductive and wrong, it’s extremely arrogant, considering that modern medicine wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the shamans, and the alchemists, and the mystics who preceded them.

So what I want to say is this: shut up, doctors. You know about your compartmentalized world of allopathic medicine, so why don’t you just stick to that? Because you definitely don’t know anything about spirituality, and you definitely don’t know anything about the spirit world. So I don’t want to hear your comments, or your opinions, or your ideas about the spirit world, until you do your own due diligence, and you embark upon your own discovery, and your own hypothesis, to come to an intelligent, informed conclusion. But if you don’t do discovery, and you don’t delve into these worlds to figure out what’s what for yourself, then your conclusion that the spirit world is “woo-woo” and is “bullshit”—as well as all the other uninformed opinions falling out of your mouth—are simply closed-minded ignorance. And you need to acknowledge that, and shut your face hole, and stick to being a doctor. You stay in your world, and I’ll stay in mine. If you want to leave your ignorance at the door, and come together to create a container, and explore a conversation, and an understanding so that we can share our knowledge to serve humanity, while respecting each other’s realms of study and expertise, I’m game. If not, step off.

An uneducated person believes that the world is exactly as they perceive it, because they are ignorant. An educated person knows that there are many doorways, and that even if they haven’t explored those doorways, and even if they can’t perceive those doorways, those doorways still exist. An educated person doesn’t shut down access to those doorways by condemning them as nonsense, and invalidating their existence just because they’re not familiar with them.