Riding The Lit Train - The Giant Age

Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

Riding The Lit Train
The Giant Age

When I talk about the Blackout, some people get anxious, and apocalyptic, and spin out into this It’s too late, we ruined it kind of doom-and-gloom thing. It’s so funny when humans are like that—drama, drama, drama. You can choose to see it that way, sure, if you want to make yourself miserable and afraid, and if you want to create a doom-and-gloom reality that’s already ruined. But given that the future is forged of the thoughts, dreams, visions, and desires every one of us is cultivating today, I really don’t recommend it.

Here’s the thing: it isn’t ruined, and it isn’t too late. That’s just something people say to avoid taking responsibility for their lives and for the world, and to avoid making changes and being inconvenienced. The Blackout is an opportunity. It is an opportunity for us to level-up, and for us to experience a collective quantum leap by aligning the consciousness of the species with a higher intelligence. It is an opportunity to evolve the ways we engage and relate with one another, and with all life on this planet; and it is an opportunity to evolve our societal structures, and to create a new system that supports all beings in thriving, instead of just surviving. The Blackout is an opportunity for us to dream greater, and to use our powers as quantum creators to forge something new, and something giant—something that supports a poprocks planetary existence for all.

Actualizing the Giant Age: A Three-Step Shamanic Process

To actualize a Giant Age here on Earth, we must breathe into that concept as a reality.


The Giant Age is not an if, and the Giant Age is not a wish, and the Giant Age is not a hope. The Giant Age is a reality. Got it?


This means getting conscious, and getting real with ourselves about how we are operating as individuals, and how we are contributing to the world’s challenges; and then making the necessary adjustments within ourselves in service to humanity and to the planet.

3.  LEAD.

It is not enough for us to lift and shift only for ourselves. For us to turn this spaceship around, and welcome a Giant Age of peace, prosperity, health, and well-being for all, we must accept our roles as lit leaders of love, and help our brothers and sisters to lift and shift themselves.


Thriving happens when we are held by a structure that supports us in living a balanced, healthy, juicy life, which includes time with friends, and time to ourselves and with our creativity, and time with our bodies and our sexuality, and time to learn new things—be it a language, or a musical instrument, or what have you. Thriving means our lifestyle affords us time and resources to devote to our purpose, and to create financial success, and to support the global community by serving causes that lighten humanity’s load, as well as the planet’s load. Thriving is day-to-day fulfillment, and balance, and well-being; and thriving is our birthright. And on this planet, in this moment, thriving is extremely rare.

As of now, and for most people, Earth is a prison planet, where we are born into slavery to drive a system that tells us we have to work to survive. This program has the vast majority of the populace trapped in survival mode, where their lives are driven by the hustle for basic needs, and the struggle to stay afloat. This lifestyle is what keeps humans vibrating at the frequencies of stress, tension, depression, and worry.

This is why people have bucket lists. Because their lives are filled with so many compromises, and so many have-tos, that they pinpoint a handful of meaningful experiences to squeeze in before they die so that their whole existence isn’t a wash. As though sprinkling some sightseeing on top of a life spent in survival mode is going to make it poprocks.

The system is set up to keep us in survival mode because survival consciousness feeds the darkness. At its fundamental core, survival consciousness is scarcity consciousness. It is lack. When we are in survival mode, we are lacking in those areas that would otherwise constitute our thriving, because we are sacrificing them for the hustle.


A lot of motivational speakers and personal development gurus really want to sell you on the hustle. They’re really amped, and they’re really pumped, and they’re really tan; and they all want you to know that if you want to be rich, and if you want to be successful, and if you want good-looking people to want to fuck you, then you gotta hustle, and you gotta hustle, and you gotta hustle some more. The thing is, you don’t.

If we are hustling, that means we are not trusting that the universe has us. Hustling is a way that humans use to try to control reality to make ourselves feel safe, and to get what we think we need to survive. But because we are not actually smarter than God, and because we can’t actually control shit, hustling doesn’t actually lead us toward our highest, most amazing lives. It just narrows our options and burns out our adrenals.

When we are hustling, we are allowing fear to motivate us. We are using fear as an energy source to fuel our actions. Not only that, but when we are hustling, we are operating with an agenda, which means that our interactions with others are out of integrity. We are not connecting with people because we are authentically drawn to connect with them, and to authentically allow the natural alchemy of our energies to guide our interaction; we are “connecting” with them because we want something.

People hustle to make money, and they hustle for material things, and they hustle for power or social status. The point is, none of these things brings true fulfillment. They might bring temporary pleasure, or temporary satisfaction, but those feelings will inevitably be followed by long-term dissatisfaction, because the accomplishments were achieved through fear-based efforts, which means they were misaligned from the get-go. Only the progress we make when we are operating from alignment will lead us to sustainable fulfillment, and sustainable success.

The Giant Age is about alignment over hustle. Talk about a quantum leap in human functioning! When we are in alignment, we are operating in vibrational harmony with who we are, and what we are doing, and where we are going, which makes it easy for spirit to connect us with the people who are meant to help us move forward in our lives. When we are in alignment, our frequencies vibrate in such a way as to organically magnetize to us the people we are meant to meet, and the situations we are meant to meet them in.

When we’re riding the lit train, we don’t hustle. We simply align. We align, and we ground into ourselves, and our intention, and our purpose, and we trust that Spirit will connect us with the right people at the right time. The key to getting in alignment is staying in our heart centers, and vibrating from a place of joy, and a place of fun, and a place of ease, and a place of play in everything we do, without intensity, and without fear that it’s going to be hard, and without allowing discord to disrupt our frequencies.

The Giant Age will be anchored by structures that support human beings’ sustainable alignment. And so, instead of creating problems to create markets for social services to fix this, and to counteract that, in the Giant Age, the new system will support people in sustaining their alignment so that everyone can thrive.


Our current structures will not survive the Blackout. That’s not doom and gloom talking; that’s fact. Because the current structures were built by the darkness upon the frequencies of separation and hierarchy, they will not be able to sustain themselves within the field of a collective consciousness devoted to unity and equality for all.

When I was in Iceland, I spoke to a group of CEOs at the Harpa. At one point during the talk, I handed everyone a plate, and I asked them to balance the plate on one finger. No one could do it. The plate kept falling to one side or the other. I explained to the group that this was a metaphor for the old paradigm business model that has the CEO making all the decisions, and doing everything, and driving the ship. I then explained that for a new-paradigm company to be healthy and successful, the foundation must be rooted in we consciousness, which means that every person on the payroll is holding on to that plate, and lifting it up high, in order to achieve that organization’s mission, and to be successful.

Hierarchy is archaic. Hierarchy places a qualitative judgment on the roles people serve in groups, and in organizations, and in society. So if someone has a really creative solution to an ongoing issue occurring within a company, but he happens to be a janitor, no one is going to listen to him. Because when we are operating under hierarchy, we are operating under the false belief that some people’s ideas, or opinions, or expertise, or presence on the planet is somehow more valuable than other people’s. Hierarchy creates separation, and hierarchy creates a lot of distrust and resentment among human beings, and hierarchy doesn’t even work. Hierarchy is why the Mayans died out, and why the Toltecs died out, and why the Egyptians died out. They were all powerful civilizations, but they destroyed themselves through hierarchy.

Any culture that positions a singular leader over the people, without empowering those people to serve the collective vision of the tribe, is bound to fail. If the chief is the only one determining the course of the collective, and if everyone else has to answer to that chief, then the tribe will collapse. For the tribe to succeed, the chief must empower every single member to embody their own personal power, so that they can contribute their own unique genius to the well-being of the tribe, and to the evolution of the tribe. This includes the fishermen, and the hunters, and the stone cutters, and the shamans. Everyone must be empowered to be who they are in order for the whole tribe to function, and to sustain itself; just as everyone must be valued as an integral part of that tribe for it to thrive.


We are all passengers on this spaceship called Earth, which makes us one global tribe sharing this planetary experience together. Those who are operating under the false belief that human beings are separate, isolated entities, and that human beings are not all connected, are simply not understanding the full scope of the situation. Just as Western doctors see blood, bones, tissue, and organs as islands unto themselves, while shamans understand the body as a singular holistic organism comprised of intricately connected parts and systems working together in service to the whole being, shamans also understand Earth as a singular holistic organism, comprised of intricately connected parts and systems working together in service to the whole—meaning, every living being and intelligence on the planet. Everything that happens on Earth affects every single being here, without exception. And for us to actualize a Giant Age here on Earth, it is crucial for humans to recognize this.

Food insecurity in Yemen affects the people in Buenos Aires. Poverty in Somalia generates lack consciousness in Echo Park. That lack might express itself very differently, but the genesis is the same, as are the vibrational frequencies informing the circumstances through which the lack manifests. The people struggling in Asia and in Africa are our brothers and sisters. We are fundamentally connected to one another on various levels of our beings. This means that their struggle is our struggle, even though it is happening on a different level, on a different continent, and within a different cultural paradigm. So while someone is walking barefoot across a barren desert to find a root or a bug to feed their undernourished child, someone else is living in an urban environment, panicking about making their rent, or paying their car insurance bill. It’s the same energetic frequency.

The thing is, the same goes for abundance, and vitality, and miracles. This means that as we lift ourselves into prosperity consciousness, and as we lift ourselves into abundance consciousness, the stronger and more steadily we are then able to hold those frequencies, and the farther out we are able to radiate those frequencies, and to transmit those frequencies to other parts of the world. So our financial freedom in Toronto translates to good fortune for someone in Bombay. You must always remember that you are not living just for you, but that you are participating in something much larger, and much more sacred, in service to the we.


Humans really need to stop perceiving everyone else as other—as though Muslims are other, and indigenous people are other, and Jewish people are other, and trans people are other. It is time for us to knock off the separation nonsense, already. Separation is one of the side effects of having a planet full of people who are disconnected from their sensorium, because they cannot feel their discord, and they cannot feel the planet’s discord, and they cannot feel themselves, which means there’s no way in hell they’re going to be able to feel their connection to other beings. This disconnect and this separation have created a society full of people who care only about themselves, and who care only about what is happening in their own individual lives, and in their own individual geographies, and who are not understanding our fundamental connectedness, or our responsibility as planetary custodians. People need to get some perspective and realize that we are all part of a unified field of consciousness, and an interconnected web of synthesis, and that we, as Earthlings, are all responsible for this planet’s upkeep and well-being, which means that it isn’t all about me, me, me, but that it’s actually about we, we, we. And if we continue to operate in this singular, separate, selfish, isolated way of thinking, then the forces that are sustaining the life and welfare of that we are going to come crashing down, and it’s going to be game over for all of us. Straight up.


Humans are not operating as though we are a we, and humans are not treating one another as though we are a we, because humans are not actually perceiving one another as a we. Humans are still seeing each other as isolated individual components that are operating independently from one another, because the darkness has blinded human perception through the illusion of separation. We must train ourselves to begin to see one another as a we by perceiving each other through the eyes of unconditional love and acceptance. This means that instead of mentally identifying others by way of their differences, and by all the ways that they are not like us, and all the ways that we are not like them, we commit to perceiving and cataloging others by our similarities, and by all the ways that we are alike. The human experience is very vast, which means it’s really not that hard.

But, it’s not just about how we perceive other people—it’s about how we treat other people. If human beings were to recognize that every person they see on the street is themselves in another body, they would have more love, and more respect, and more reverence for their fellow human. So even while we are still training ourselves to perceive as a we, it is important that we practice loving others as we would love ourselves, and that we practice loving others without reservation, and without withholding, and without stinginess, and without any less care or quality than the ways we love ourselves.

That Time I Knocked at My Door, Asking for Water

One time I was hanging out at my house with a couple friends—both were big-time ministers at a large spiritual center in LA. While I was in the bathroom, a homeless man came to the door, extremely dehydrated, asking for water. When I came out, my friends were in the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards, looking for a plastic cup, or a plastic bottle, so they could give him some water.

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “Invite him in. I’ll give him a glass.”

Cut to my friends, freaking out, and trying to discourage me from inviting the man inside because he was dirty, and because he might hurt them.

“Don’t be silly,” I said again, heading for the door.

I invited the man inside, made him some lunch, washed his clothes, and gave him a bath. My friends didn’t lift a finger to help. They hid in the back bedroom the whole time, and gave me shit for being inconsiderate of their feelings, and their comfort, and their safety.

“I cannot believe you have the nerve to call yourself spiritual people,” I snapped, because I had had just about enough of their entitled whining, “and that you are only willing to share your spirituality with those who can pay for it, while withholding it from the ones who need it the most. You need to check yourselves, right now.”

I mean, how are you going to call yourself a spiritual person, let alone a minister, when you won’t even give a homeless person a glass of water? Is that some bullshit, or what?


Humans have gotten soft, and humans have gotten comfortable, and humans have gotten complacent, which has made humans afraid of change. The Buddha talked a lot about the nature of impermanence, and about the suffering that comes along with humans’ tendency to cling. Entitlement is a protection mechanism that allows humans to operate under the assumption that everything is going to show up exactly as it always has, and exactly as we expect it to. Entitlement is fueled by the assumption that everything is going to stay the same. This assumption works for as long as it works. But then one day, life happens, and our corner grocery store stops carrying our favorite almond milk, and suddenly, we get frustrated, and we get bitchy, and we act out of character.

Entitlement is a cage forged of our desire to control, and micromanage, and stay comfortable. Entitlement is a limited dimension of our own creation that is reliant upon consistency, and uniformity, and same, same, same, which we must defend and protect to maintain. When entitlement takes over, we lose ourselves to the affront we are perceiving in the change we are resisting, which sends our sensibility, our compassion, our composure, and our sanity right out the door. We become the worst possible versions of ourselves simply because we are not getting what we want, or what we are used to. And yet the problem isn’t the grocery manager for not stocking your favorite plant-based milk alternative; and the problem isn’t God for not caring enough to prevent this from happening to you; and the problem isn’t whatever planet is retrograding in your first house. The problem is you. The problem is that you haven’t cultivated the flexibility and the pliability necessary to handle life when it shows up differently from the way you are expecting it to show up. The problem is that you are projecting your own responsibility for this assumption onto the grocery manager, and onto everyone else in your reality, because you don’t want to own your inability to roll with the changes life is throwing your way.

The thing is, that entitlement shit isn’t gonna fly as the Blackout continues to progress. I mean, let’s be honest, that entitlement shit barely flies now. But with the shifts the planet is currently facing, we must be pliable, and we must be flexible, and we must be easy with the unforeseen twists and turns coming down the pipeline. This is why so many of the great Asian spiritual traditions talk about being fluid like water, and being flexible and able to bend like the reed. As the illusion of linear reality gives way to the quantum truth of the matter, more and more doors will begin to close, just as more and more and more begin to open. And so, as multidimensional beings, we must be formidable in many modes, and in many models, and we must let go of any inclinations we might have to cling to any one construct.

The reality is that anything can change at any time. Life can change drastically on a dime, at any given moment, at which point your entire life can be vastly, hugely, massively different. A country that has never experienced war can come under siege. Your favorite restaurant could shut down tomorrow. Your house could be demolished in a landslide. You could inherit a huge chunk of money out of the blue. Your life partner could die, or decide they want to be with someone else. You could trip, land wrong, and shatter the hand you use to earn your living. You could accidentally rear end the person who turns out to be your soul mate. Change happens. This does not mean we should live our lives in fear, waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for some big, bad, scary thing to happen. But we have to get real with the fact that life is constantly shifting, and we have to resource ourselves to be able to deal with that. I mean, if we want to ride the lit train into the Giant Age, that is.


Our collective resistance to change is the reason we are seeing so much widespread social conflict on the planet. It’s what happens when you have a bunch of entitled people wasting so much precious energy fighting for irrelevant ideas and outdated concepts while defending dying structures and institutions that aren’t serving us. This is why we have people fighting to keep gay people from getting married, and fighting to prevent women from breast-feeding in public, and fighting for the right to cut off their baby’s foreskin. No one is even stopping to ask themselves what it is they are actually arguing for, or what it is they are defending, or why. We’ve all just gotten so used to whatever it is that we’ve gotten used to, that we don’t want to have to go through the hassle of getting un-used to it. So we fight for the right not to change, and we fight for the right not to grow. But instead of being honest about our stubbornness, and our stuckness, we look for rationalizations and proof points that we can wield to make the people who believe differently than we do the villains, and to victimize ourselves in the face of their attempts at progress.

This is how our outdated ideologies, and ideas, and allegiances, and beliefs, and behaviors, and habits have become our blankies. They are like these ratty, threadbare, old security blankets that we cling to with made-up stories and righteous indignation as a way of trying to control our realities, even though these blankies are dysfunctional, and these blankies are stunting our evolution.


When we are unwilling to embrace change, and we are unwilling to adapt to change, we block ourselves from evolving, and we block ourselves from having what we want, and we block ourselves from riding the lit train, and from living giant, poprocks lives. A lot of people have negative associations with change because it can be scary, and uncomfortable, which means that when change comes knocking at their door, they dig in their heels, and they tighten their grip, and they refuse to give up the comfort, and the familiarity, and the convenience of what they already know, and of what they are already used to. This resistance to change and this resistance to exploring unknown territory create a lot of conflict and a lot of discord for people, considering that impermanence is the fundamental nature of this reality construct, and that our evolutionary momentum is only accelerating.

Evolution is the purpose of life. We exist to evolve. Without the possibility of evolution, the mind would not devote itself to the task of keeping us alive. What would be the point without the possibility of a greater vision or model to develop into? Change is a necessary part of life, and a necessary part of the evolutionary process, as well as the only constant in this reality. Nothing is permanent. Everything shifts, and everything transforms, and everything dies, and everything is reborn. This means that if we want to live poprocks lives, and if we want to ride the lit train into the Giant Age, we’d better get good at letting go.

We cannot allow the new to come into our lives until we let go of the old. That’s just basic spatial relations. Where would the new fit? The act of letting go of what we are accustomed to clears the space for something greater to come into form. In the same way that we celebrate the arrival of blessings and novelty, we must also celebrate the act of letting go, and we must ritualize the art of letting go as an integral part of the process of welcoming even more amazing things into our lives. This means changing our approach to donating, and recycling, and gifting, such that we are really revering the process of clearing space, and of untethering ourselves from yet another material fixture, as a necessary function of the sacred act of creation.


Every other species on the planet procreates for one reason, and for one reason only: to ensure the survival of the species. It used to be the same with humans, but then we got really complicated, and really copious, and really disconnected from our sensorium; and then the spirit of narcissism hopped into the mix, and now humans procreate to solidify an identity for themselves, and to be on trend, and to have something to dress up in cute outfits, and post pictures of on social media. Also to ensure the survival of their own personal bloodline, and to create some sort of enduring genetic legacy that they think is going to translate into immortality. But what humans are definitely not doing is procreating with the intention of consciously nurturing the consciousness they are bringing to this planet as an edifying contribution that will add value to the greater global community.

The survival of the species isn’t in question anymore. At least, our survival isn’t in question because of any kind of population deficit. In fact, the species is facing quite a few threats to our collective survival. It’s just that not enough humans is not one of them. It’s quite the opposite, actually, as overpopulation is a very real and very big problem that humans must address if we are going to rebalance this planet before it’s too late.

The rate at which human beings continue to multiply as compared to the actuality of available resources on the planet is a real issue. This is not a problem that will remain confined only to those who are impoverished, or only to those who are elsewhere. This is a problem that is already affecting all of us on various energetic levels, and this is a problem that is creating suffering on the planet now. Not only that, but this is a problem that opens the door to the dimensional potentiality where resource depletion inspires mass migrations. Large groups of people attempt to cross borders in order to feed their families, which leads to conflict with those wanting to protect their resources for their own, which leads to a big, bloody mess. The solution is not more children on the planet.

So many women come to see me because they want to have a baby. They’ve jumped through all these Western medical hoops, and they’ve spent all this money undergoing all these fertility treatments, and they still can’t get pregnant. A lot of times, they can’t get pregnant because one of the ways the Earth is attempting to self-correct is through humans’ fertility mechanisms. But humans are entitled, and humans are used to getting what we want, and a lot of women really, really, really want to have a baby. So they try to force the issue through science, even though their bodies aren’t actually on board, and even though the last thing this planet needs is another baby. The amount of resources that go into this entire branch of science that exists to figure out better and faster ways to override the body’s natural inclination to not multiply could be used to facilitate so much helpful, positive change for so many other beings on this planet.

We do not have enough resources to continue operating the way we have been operating. We humans are going to have to adjust our behavior if we are going to survive the Blackout, and dream the Giant Age into form. This means chilling out on the breeding, which means letting go of the entitlement that has people thinking it’s okay to have six kids when they can barely afford to feed them, or clothe them, or pay the bills, let alone carve out the time to exercise, or meditate, or do what it is their own spirit needs them to do to thrive. Those six kids are taking up valuable resources on an already imbalanced planet. Straight up. I mean, how do we think Earth is going to correct itself if we are not willing to take action to correct it, or—at the very least—to not take action to make it worse?

Adoption is the obvious solution to the fertility issues sweeping the populace. I mean, it’s a no-brainer. We have millions of children without parents, living in orphanages, or on the streets; and we have millions of couples wanting children. Adopting children who already exist and who happen to be in the market for a family of their own creates a lighter carbon footprint and serves everyone’s needs and desires, as long as people are willing to let go of their narcissistic identity hang-ups, and stop making it all about their DNA, and their bloodline, and their fractal fabulousness. The Blackout is real, people. It’s time to serve the larger human construct and get over our damn selves.


Another way the Earth is course-correcting is through the fifth element. Gay people are known as the fifth element in the West African Dagara tradition. The Dagara shamans believe that gay people are gifts from Spirit, sent to restore balance and harmony to the planet, and to open new doorways of consciousness for the species. In addition to helping ease humanity’s overpopulation issues, the fifth element are helping to model for all humans the ability to love beyond limitation, and to love beyond labels, and to love beyond indoctrination.

The conditions and limitations that human beings continue to place upon love are based upon antiquated ideas that have been bestowed upon us by religion (aka: the darkness). The reason people are still clinging to these outdated belief structures is because of our collective fear of change—because it’s been a certain way for a really, really long time, and because it’s easier to just stay on autopilot, and to just keep believing the same old way, even though we have no idea why we are even believing this way in the first place.

Most cultures and religions view homosexuality as an abomination because they are taking their culturally indoctrinated aversion to it out of context. Take Christianity, for example—a religion that holds a hard line against homosexuality, because it’s prohibited in the Bible. The thing is, homosexuality is not prohibited in the Bible because the people who wrote the Bible were judging it, or claiming any moral high ground against it. Whoever wrote Leviticus wasn’t dissuading Christians from guy-on-guy sex because they thought guy-on-guy sex was bad, or wrong, or sinful. They were just trying to protect the people from the plague that happened to be ravaging the village at the time that part was written. That’s why the Bible also prohibits things like mixing wool and cotton, and lying with a menstruating woman. Duh. If a deadly epidemic that happens to be passed through bodily fluids is sweeping through town, then yeah, I’m going to take any steps I can to avoid exposing myself to it. That means not sticking my cock in some other guy’s ass, and not getting my wife’s period blood all over me—not because menstrual blood is unclean, but because it might be infected with a deadly bloodborne pathogen. I’m also not going to go rubbing up on people with rashes. When wool and cotton are woven together, and worn on the body, they can irritate the skin and create bumps that fill up with pus, and that transmit the disease, which effectively meant that—in those times—your cardigan could kill you. What it didn’t mean is that your cardigan was a sin.

These passages have been misinterpreted throughout the centuries by people who didn’t understand the context or the conditions in which they were written, and who then took it upon themselves to ascribe these ideas to Jesus, along with the intolerance that was erroneously attached to them. But Jesus never said these things, and Jesus wasn’t intolerant, and Jesus certainly didn’t have issues with gay people, or period blood, or merino-cotton blends.


It is humans’ entitlement that has us thinking that we can have as many children as we feel like, and that our children are exceptions to the overpopulation situation, because they are ours, which makes them just a little more special than everyone else’s resource-sucking kids. It is our entitlement that has us still driving SUVs, and still watering our lawns in the middle of the day, and still having lawns anymore at all, when we really need to be planting food and healing herbs. It is our entitlement that has us eating endangered ocean creatures, and buying clothes made in Southeast Asian sweatshops, and not bringing our own damn bags to the grocery store. And it is our entitlement that is keeping us from confronting our bullshit, and confronting ourselves.

Humans are arrogant, which makes us reticent to acknowledge when things are wrong, or when things are out of alignment, because it threatens our fragile little egos. This arrogance and entitlement have the vast majority of us refusing to look at the imbalances threatening our world. This denial is what allows people to consent to the machinations of the matrix, and to mass media indoctrination, and to aggravated stimulation, and to brain sting, and to all the rest of it. It’s what has a lot of people shuffling around like distracted, brain-dead bobbleheads, feeding the system with their attention, and their currency, and their discord, and their life force, and not giving a shit about how their actions are affecting the world and feeding the darkness.

Most people in the West are dropping the ball by not actively participating in our culture. We have become so sedentary, and our wills are so weak, that we are not taking action to shift the injustices we clearly see. It’s very much an out of sight, out of mind situation, which has made us a neglectful culture, and a lazy culture, and has us scrambling for bigger distractions, and better distractions, and louder distractions so that we don’t have to feel the pain of the world’s suffering, and so that we don’t have to look at how our actions are contributing to the world’s suffering. That’s entitlement, and that’s a problem.

Just Because You Can Do Scorpion Pose Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Entitled

When I’m in New York, I often stay with a yogi friend of mine who considers herself woke because she can do a handstand, and juices kale, and went to India once.

I flew into town to lead a workshop, and my friend said to me over dinner: “Do you really have to go back to Turkey? I worry about you living so far away, in such a dangerous part of the world. I worry for all those people.”

“No, you don’t,” I said, because she was full of shit. “You don’t worry about me. You’re just annoyed that I’m not here, in your same time zone, and in your same borough, to give you healings, and to tell you that your alpaca blanket coat is fabulous. But, babe, let’s be real, you do not give a shit about what’s going on in Turkey.”

“You’re right.” She shrugged. “I don’t.”


The darkness has been using religion as a way to program humans with the savior myth since they bound the first Bible. As soon as that story started picking up steam—the one that purports that Jesus died for our sins, and that he’s going to come back from the dead so he can save us—humans pretty much stopped showing up for themselves. I mean, why bother, when a superhero, or a messiah, or a knight in shining armor can just as easily come rescue us, and we don’t have to break a sweat, or pull a muscle, or anything?

It’s the fallacy of being rescued, or of being saved by some external force, that has humans continuing to propagate such large-scale pollution on the planet; they just assume that things are going to be taken care of for them, and that someone else is going to deal with it, and make it all better. This is why our ocean is littered with single-use plastics, and why we continue to manufacture single-use plastics, because our species is in complete denial of the very real damage we are doing to our home planet; and our species is in complete denial about how this damage will affect every one of us in the long term. People are not taking responsibility for their lives, or for our planet, because people are under the delusional belief that everything is just going to fix itself, or that someone, or something, is going to sweep in and fix it for us.

This setup is preventing humans from allowing ourselves to recognize our power. We are too busy waiting to be rescued. This savior fantasy is limiting our species from evolving, because instead of taking responsibility for our Earth situation by taking responsibility for the individual energy that each of us, ourselves, is transmitting into the collective by way of our words, thoughts, and actions, we just sit back, smoke a bowl, and space out on a screen while waiting for some kind of superhero to come rescue us. We don’t even give ourselves the chance to step up to the plate, and confront the situation, and be blown away by what we can overcome, and by what we can accomplish, and by what we can create.

That Time Superman Never Came

When I was twelve, I spent the entire summer locked inside my room as punishment for unwrapping my Christmas presents early, playing with the toys, and wrapping them back up again. My dad and my stepmom beat me until I bled, and then six months later, they took away all my toys and emptied out my entire room. The only thing they left was the bed. I got claustrophobic spending all day and all night in an empty box, so I would stick my head out the window, and call out for Superman.

“Superman!” I would yell into the wind. “Superman, if you can hear me, please come get me.”

I called out for Superman every day. I waited, and waited, and waited, but Superman never came. After those three months were over, and I made it to the other side of that horrible experience, I realized that it wasn’t actually Superman I was waiting for; it was me. Because I was still here, and I had gotten myself through it on my own.

That experience really shifted my perspective. After that, I still took the beatings, but instead of allowing that violence to turn into anger, or hate, or destruction, I turned it into love; because I knew that love was the one thing they could never take away from me.


Here’s the thing: no one is coming to save us. There will be no superheroes, and there will be no messiahs, and there won’t even be any aliens—not because aliens don’t exist, but because other planetary kingdoms view humans as a hostile species, because we kill our own kind. It’s not like extradimensional beings don’t have plenty of mad wisdom, and knowledge, and technology to share with us, it’s just that—given how easily and how often we kill one another—it’s ridiculous to think that they could land their ships on our planet and we wouldn’t freak out, and bomb the shit out of them.

It is our responsibility to save ourselves. It is our responsibility to allow ourselves to feel the pain of the world’s suffering, and to acknowledge which of our actions and behaviors are contributing to the imbalances and the issues that are causing that suffering, and to adjust our actions and behaviors accordingly.

It is also our responsibility to educate ourselves as to how we are going to survive in the face of so many radical shifts in resources and living conditions, given the challenges we are facing as a species. Right now, survival means paying the bills, scheduling the carpool, buying organic greens at the farmers’ market, and going to cardio barre twice a week. But as the Blackout unfolds, our concept of survival is going to change radically. We really need to be doing our due diligence so we can figure out how to navigate these impending shifts. But because people are so used to being taken care of, people are just assuming that someone else is going to deal with it, or that someone else is going to tell them how to deal with it, or that they’ll be able to just download an app that’s going to deal with it for them.


Humans are not taking responsibility for their own well-being, safety, or ongoing survival because they are assuming that the government’s got it handled, and that the government has their back, and that if something cataclysmic goes down, the government is going to take care of it for us.

People are under the impression that the government exists to protect us, and to tend to our needs, and to look out for our best interests, and to ensure our survival. This is false. The government was created by the darkness to serve the system, not the people. The government does not exist to safeguard your health, safety, stability, or well-being. The government exists to protect power, and to proliferate profit, and to control. Period.

Look at the food we eat. Instead of taking responsibility for our health, and taking responsibility for the ingredients we are putting in our bodies, and doing our due diligence by educating ourselves as to whether certain chemicals or ingredients are actually safe for us to be ingesting, we assume that if it wasn’t safe, then the FDA wouldn’t approve it, and it wouldn’t be on the shelf at the grocery store. Except the FDA does not exist to protect the well-being of the populace. If it did, it wouldn’t put its stamp of approval on things like sulfites, and aspartame, and red dye no. 3, and growth hormones, and sodium laureth sulfate, and genetically modified anything, which are all conclusively and unequivocally linked to a whole bunch of really fucked-up health problems. If you are asking me, the FDA exists to make money for the pharmaceutical corporations who profit off all the disease their additives, and their chemicals, and their pesticides cause. Straight up.

People really need to wake up to the reality of the situation, and to the true motives driving the system they’re giving their power away to. Because while we sit around twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the government to save us, and to make it all better, we’re dropping the ball by not stepping in and taking responsibility for the state of our world, and for the state of the Earth, and implementing some poprocks solutions.


It’s people’s entitlement that has them thinking that it’s fine to pollute the planet, and that it’s fine to throw trash out the window of their car while they’re driving. I’m always amazed when I see this happen; and I always wonder what exactly people are thinking. That some trash fairy is going to just magically appear and sashay into the middle of the street, and sweep up their garbage for them, because they couldn’t wait to park the car and walk all of two feet to put it in an actual trash can? I mean, what is the actual thought process going on there?

The answer is that there is no actual thought process going on there. It’s a bobblehead thing. People are checking way out because they feel like it’s all so overwhelming, and like it’s all so out of control, and that shifting the planet back into alignment is some complicated ordeal that requires all this money, and all this technology, and all these geopolitical negotiations, when the simple act of putting our dirty Kleenex in the trash is exactly the kind of behavior that’s going to shift this planet back into balance.

We do not have to take responsibility for solving all the world’s problems, we just have to take responsibility for ourselves. As within, so without is a universal law. When we take responsibility for ourselves, and we make the adjustments we need to make, those adjustments trickle out into nature, and into economics, and into agriculture, and into all the rest of it. These seemingly small acts of personal responsibility and planetary custodianship are the adjustments that lift and shift the planet, and that bring the Giant Age into form.


The way we take responsibility for fixing our planet is by educating—by educating, and sharing from love. The reason people are feeling so overwhelmed, and the reason people aren’t making the changes we need to be making in order to fix the planet, is that we don’t think our individual efforts can actually make a difference. But if Martin Luther King Jr. had thought like that, or if Nelson Mandela had thought like that, or if Mother Teresa had thought like that, then our society would not have shifted the way their efforts have shifted it, and we would not have evolved as a culture in the ways that we have. The fact is that change starts with one person—with one person who has the passion and the courage to stand by their truth, and to educate people about that truth by sharing with love.

I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve taught to hug properly, and who have then taken it upon themselves to teach others how to hug properly. I have inspired many fractal lines of greater hugging. In fact, if there is any one contribution I can be sure I’ve made to the human species, it’s definitely all the people I’ve taught to hug better and realer.

People in the West are not connecting correctly. The way people connect is very important, because when energies come together—even through something as fleeting as a handshake or a hug—those frequencies amplify one another exponentially. It’s like a power surge. So when two people come together, each holding the frequency of love, that creates an expanded love frequency that resonates even stronger throughout the collective field of consciousness.

Most people greet one another for the very first time with a handshake. The handshake comes from the ancient Greeks, who used the gesture to indicate that they weren’t carrying a weapon. It was a way of saying: Hi, I am not going to murder you. So the root of the handshake employed as a greeting is mistrust. It doesn’t matter if we know the origin story or not; the gesture itself is still encoded with the energies of mistrust, which means the energy that we exchange, and the energy that we amplify every time we shake someone’s hand in greeting, is mistrust. How can we expect to trust one another when, according to standard etiquette, this is the vibrational exchange taking place every time we meet one of our brothers or sisters? I mean, it’s pretty fundamental, as far as the mechanisms of control that the system slips in to keep us from connecting with one another. That’s why instead of shaking hands, I hug.

A lot of humans hug wrong. They pat the other person on the back instead of embracing them. It’s the exact opposite gesture, because when we pat someone on the back, we’re actually telling them that we’re not available to connect. It’s disingenuous. Not only that, but it breaks up the electromagnetic synthesis in the body, and so the feelings of peace and safety that would otherwise be generated from an act of true connection become fragmented and fearful.

A lot of men hug like this because we are indoctrinated to misinterpret affection as weakness. It’s such a damaging program because it robs men in our culture of the chance to connect with their brotherhood. So men pound each other on the backs to prove that they are manly, and to prove that they are not gay, thereby depriving themselves and each other of the chance to connect through physical form and energetic synthesis that could otherwise be radiating positive vibrations between them, and then out into the field.

When I hug someone, and they pat me on the back, I tell them, “Don’t pound me on the back. If you’re going to hug me, embrace me—make the connection. When you pat me on the back, all you’re doing is telling me that you don’t want to connect.”

That’s how I teach people, who teach other people. I know, because they tell me. I taught my client’s husband when he patted me on the back. And he said, “Oh, wow. This feels so much better. I had no idea. I was raised to hug that way, because that’s how my father hugged. I’m never going to do that again. Thank you.” And his wife told me that now he teaches all his friends not to pound, and that it’s really endearing to see him educating other people. Boom! This is how change happens.

It seems like such a simple thing, because it is. Education is the simplest way to help people to change, and education is the simplest way to change our world. Especially when it’s done through love’s intelligence. I call it the ricochet effect. The ricochet effect is where we share our knowledge hacks with love, and we share it with joy, and we share it without making anyone else wrong, or telling them they’re bad. We share in a way that allows others to feel good about what they are learning, so they will feel inspired to share it with others. And then that knowledge ricochets from person to person to person across the planet, and suddenly, our world shifts, and our world evolves.


To manifest the Giant Age here on Earth, we must devote ourselves to a vision that supports the fulfillment of all beings, on all levels. If the whole world were to dream greater than the current dream, then our world would be better immediately. When our whole world learns to dream an inclusive, sustainable, peaceful, poprocks reality that supports all beings in thriving, then that is the reality that will materialize.

The darkness uses our attention to keep the current collective dream alive. The current dream cannot survive without our attention. So when we dream against the darkness—meaning, we dream a greater dream than the one the darkness is projecting onto our holographic reality—that is when our whole world will change.

If we want to see change on this planet—like, real change; like, transformation, and quantum leaps, and a Giant Age of peace, prosperity, and blazing poprocks litness kind of change—then we have to dream differently. We have to dream a different collective dream. That means perceiving the world through a greater lens, with the understanding that such a lens is a portal to that new reality. Therefore, it is our responsibility to frame our experience of reality through that lens—again, and again, and again—regardless of what sort of data reality is offering us. It is our devotion to our greater reality, and it is our commitment to consistently perceiving that greater reality, that allows it to manifest. So when life happens, and when life presents us with obstacles, or with challenges, we interpret those experiences, and we speak about those experiences with the understanding that they are happening in service to our greater dream, and we understand them as lessons and teachings that are guiding us toward that greater reality; and we do not doubt that—ever—not for one single second.

The truth is, reality is always showing us exactly what we need to grow and to manifest. All these people who are freaking out about the state of the world, and freaking out about who’s in charge, and freaking out about what’s going on in their realities, are not understanding that Spirit is giving us exactly what we need in order to grow and to manifest. This perspective emboldens us with the knowledge that everything we go through is happening for our benefit, and that everything is happening to serve the greater dream. So we don’t judge our experiences as negative, and we don’t let our experiences bring us down; we see them as opportunities for growth and for positive change. This is how we perceive our world greater, and this is how we learn to dream our world greater.

When I died, the spirits showed me the millions, and millions, and billions of realities that all exist right here, and right now. Each one of those realities is made manifest by how the spirit is dreaming. The dream decides which realities we manifest, and which realities we experience. So when we dream cleaner oceans, and we dream more efficient energy sources, and we dream deeper relationships, and we dream greater peace, and we dream optimal health, and we dream bigger love, those dreams become our reality.


We are all creators. Each one of us is constantly creating this reality construct that we are all housed in with our will, and our beliefs, and our attention. I cannot underscore enough the importance of understanding that we human beings are creating our world with our every thought, our every word, our every choice, and our every behavior. The way that we think, and the way we interact as a collective is quite literally making our world the way it is right now. So if you want the world to be different, your job is to dream it different, and to be, and to share, and to radiate every quality you want to see in the world in service to that different dream.

It is our world to fix, tribe. We cannot expect anyone else to do it for us. That means it is my responsibility to fix the world, just as it is your responsibility to fix the world. That means having the courage to feel the pain of the imbalances that are causing so much suffering in our world, and that are creating so much destruction in our world. It’s not like Gandhi just woke up one day and decided out of the blue that he was going to help liberate his people from the British colonialists. He had to feel something to be inspired to take the action he took. Every leader has to feel the pain of life, because it is the agony of those imbalances that activates our devotion and that activates the leadership qualities lying dormant within us. We all exist in some segment of this societal construct, and each one of us has the power to make a difference in that piece of our collective puzzle. Talk is talk; it blows away like the wind. To take action, to stand for something we believe in—now, that’s meaningful. That’s giant.

It is time for us to take responsibility for our situation on planet Earth. No one did this to us. We did this to ourselves, and we did this to each other, which is why my greater dream includes a day when we let go of all the distractions and come together, and build a poprocks world of unified global citizens choosing to evolve our planet, as well as ourselves.

The Blackout is a blessing. The Blackout is an amazing opportunity for us, as a unified global collective, to choose to evolve through love, and to choose to evolve through consciousness, and to choose to evolve through our willingness to continue to adapt, and to continue to learn, and to continue to grow so as to become greater human beings, and to become a greater human species that lives in harmony with its resources.

We can choose to be those people, tribe. Shall we?