Glossary of Terms

Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

Glossary of Terms

While I will explain and contextualize all the terms listed below as we move forward, I’ve compiled them into their very own section for easy reference, because I want you to focus on empowering yourself, and getting lit, instead of straining your brain trying to remember how I defined sensorium on page whatever. A lot of these definitions are tailored to my own personal lexicon and won’t necessarily match up with the dictionary definitions. Welcome to my world, love.


BLACKOUT: a period/magnetic energy frequency that sheds light on humanity’s density, so that we can see it, and take responsibility for it, and transmute it, such that we can realize the highest potential of love consciousness on planet Earth

BOBBLEHEAD: a person who mindlessly follows the herd and does what they are told without thinking

DARKNESS: an energetic void that houses everything that is not held in the field of love

DEVOTION: the observance of energy, and the focus of attention guided by love

DUALITY: the perceived separation of light and darkness as they reflect off one another in this dimensional realm

EGO: the great paperweight; the part of human consciousness that creates and sustains the realities we choose

ENERGETIC SIGNATURE: your unique baseline vibrational frequency

GIANT: epic, living large, playing full out, embodying your highest truth for yourself; also, a quantum leap in evolution

GIANT AGE: the forthcoming golden era that follows the Blackout; a period of global peace, prosperity, joy, health, and harmony for every being on Earth

GLAMOUR: a class of energies geared to distract you away from yourself by hijacking your attention with sparkle, and glitter, and glitz

GOD: a sustainable energy source of pure, unconditional love that constantly creates itself within itself (see also: Spirit and Source)

JUNKERY: discordant energy frequencies the shadow holds on to for us until we are ready to take responsibility for them

KEEPING IT ON BLAZE: being so empowered in who you are that nothing can get in your way

THE LIGHT: the emanation from God, which is pure, unconditional love and supports growth and expansion (see also: light intelligence)

LIT: high energy driven by passion and purpose

LIT TRAIN: a divine energetic source that fuels your joy, your fun, your energy, and your expansion

MANTRA: words or phrases uttered in rhythmic repetition to entrain the mind with specific frequencies

THE MATRIX: a system put into place by the darkness that generates rules and regulations people must follow to support the system

MAYA: Hindu concept of earthly illusion

MEDICINE: the element that creates movement in what has been stagnant

POPROCKS: explosive, amazing, energy driven, exciting, new, fun

QUANTUM: operating on multiple dimensions simultaneously

RESPONSIBILITY: the ability to show up with love

SELF: the divinity inside you; the purest, most authentic aspect of your being

SENSORIUM: the body’s sensory apparatus, or faculties considered as a whole

SHADOW: the part of your being that is the light, and that holds all the things you haven’t taken responsibility for, with unconditional love and acceptance

SKETCHER: the voice of an underworld spirit resonating in your head

SPIRIT: a conscious energy source; also—in some instances—God

SYNTHESIS: the means through which our sensory mechanisms communicate with one another

THE SYSTEM: the authority structures that enforce the limitations of the matrix and that tether you to survival consciousness

THE WILL: the action of energy brought forth by thought and feeling