The Blackout - From Darkness to Lit

Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

The Blackout
From Darkness to Lit

Blackouts aren’t anything new. They happen when a portion of the species goes off the rails and veers so far out of alignment that they need to experience a quantum leap in awakening to restore harmony to themselves, and to the planet. Basically, they need a big ol’ shake-up to wake up. Human beings have incurred plenty of Blackouts throughout the ages. What makes this particular one unique is its scale. This Blackout is happening on a global level, rather than on a single continent, or in one particular state or region. This Blackout is the all-inclusive, superdeluxe variety, because this Blackout is affecting every single being on the planet.

We are already witnessing massive disruptions in the natural world as Earth attempts to restore balance to itself by way of accelerated climate change and increasingly violent weather patterns. Our societal constructs are teetering on the edge of similarly massive and tumultuous shifts. We are living in unsustainable structures that are hogging far too many resources and taking a major toll on the ecosystem. We eat processed food infused with deadly chemicals that wreak all kinds of havoc on our bodies, to say nothing of what they are doing to Earth itself. We spend weekends polluting our systems with disruptive media and poisonous intoxicants to get a temporary break from the stress and monotony of survival. We think and speak to ourselves and others in demeaning and self-defamatory ways that have far-reaching negative effects on our physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. We divide. We gossip. We consume. We slaughter entire groups of people who believe differently than we do. We condemn criminals to death, instead of seeking to rehabilitate them. We kill animals for food, clothes, science, and sport, because we don’t value them as sentient beings carrying the life code inside them, because we don’t value the life code, period. It’s crazy the extent to which humans will try to convince themselves that they have the right to destroy life for profit.

Then there’s the infighting and the intolerance, which have a lot of people hung up on things like racism, and sexism, and discrimination, without realizing that these issues are merely symptoms of a much larger malfunction. So now we have people fighting the symptoms of social inequality with the same shortsighted tactics we see the Western medical model using to fight disease, completely oblivious to the fact that the more we try to fight these symptoms, the sicker our society gets, because the root of the issues remains unexamined. Therefore, the sickness continues to manifest more and more symptoms, while the source of the problem just grows bigger and bigger, and stronger and stronger.


We have to understand that everything we are experiencing in our here-and-now reality is a manifestation of the energies we are holding on to inside ourselves, and that anything we are uncomfortable or displeased with in the world is a reflection of something we are uncomfortable or displeased with in ourselves. The Blackout is asking us to take a long, hard look at ourselves, and to acknowledge all the stuff we have been denying, and avoiding, and stuffing under the rug, and pretending isn’t broken, or distorted, or happening on any level whatsoever. The Blackout is demanding that we—as individuals, as well as a collective—face the things that we’ve been running from.

This is why we are experiencing so much discord on the planet. The Blackout is creating a magnetic energy stream that is pulling everything we’ve been shoving under our rugs to the surface for us to examine, so we can put it back into balance. This is why we are witnessing so many polarizing leaders stepping into high-profile sociopolitical positions, and getting people so riled up. Shamans call these figures the great agitators. The great agitators serve a very valuable function in reflecting back to us the things inside ourselves that we don’t want to look at, and all the shit we need to deal with to get back into alignment. People get confused and project their anger and their issues onto the great agitators themselves, when in reality it’s just their hurt that they haven’t worked through yet.

The great agitators are a gift from Spirit, sent to assist us in our evolution. On some level, we all know that something’s got to give. The consciousness of this knowledge is the Blackout. It is the understanding that we must shift the old to bring our world back into alignment, so that new forms and new structures can emerge. This means that everything that has not been created or transformed through the lens of love, and the lens of harmony, and the lens of balance for all humanity, as well as for every other plant and animal species on the planet, is surfacing so that we can get a clear look at the choices that have led us to this collective experience, so that we can restructure our world from a place of love.

Human progress has been pushed forward at a breakneck pace in a drive for power, domination, and achievement that has served the interests of individual nations and corporations far more than it has served the species as a whole. Until now, technological advancement has been driven by consciousness of competition—by the desire to innovate first, best, biggest, and fastest.

This strategy has divided people across artificial boundaries while creating technologies that destroy life. It’s like, the Manhattan Project got America props for creating the first nuclear bomb. Great. That’s quite an achievement in terms of innovation and engineering. But maybe we should have engaged a little discernment, and asked ourselves if this was the kind of technology we actually wanted on our planet in the first place, and checked in to make sure it was going to serve the good of mankind before going about mass-producing atomic bombs for profit.

If we want the species to endure, we cannot continue to let our egos drive progress. Evolution is not a power play; it is a collaborative endeavor meant to serve the betterment of life. We can no longer innovate for the sheer sake of innovating. We must employ discernment, and we must make sure that our every action honors the life code and improves the quality of life for all people and all beings, as well as for the planet itself.

The Blackout marks a choice point for humanity—a crossroads where human beings get to choose if we want to continue to thrive on planet Earth, or if we decide to let it all fall apart. It can still go either way. If we continue to shove our heads in the sand, and pretend like nothing’s wrong, and that it’s all working out fine because we have eleven thousand Instagram followers, and our manicure is on fleek, then it’s gonna be painful, and we might very well blow it. But if we choose to get real, and take a long, hard look at the core issues humanity is facing, and take responsibility for the imbalances we have created, then we can ring in a Giant Age here on Earth.

You see, that’s part of the prophecy as well. Sure, the shamans, and the indigenous people, and even Nostradamus himself foresaw the cataclysmic events that were to threaten humanity during this time. But they also spoke of a golden age—an era marked by incredible peace, joy, harmony, and prosperity that follows the Blackout. It’s not a done deal; but if we set the house on fire, thereby burning down all the old programs that are stealing our light; and if we choose to evolve out of love instead of fear, utilizing higher intelligence to create new structures that support the well-being of all beings—not just the ones who were born on the coast, and went to prep school, and got rich, or famous, or both—then we can level up this world, and create what I call the Giant Age. But the only way we’re going to experience heaven on Earth is if we transmute the darkness that’s blinding us to the light that is our birthright.


A lot of New Age love-and-light types like to pretend that there’s no such thing as darkness. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is. It doesn’t matter how holy you claim to be, or how powerful you think you are, or how many times you chant Ganesha’s name while fingering your mala beads and staring at your third eye, if you’ve incarnated on planet Earth, you’re dealing with darkness on some level or another.

One of the most mind-blowing things the spirits showed me when I died was the incredible array of multidimensional realities comprising the Earth plane. And when I say incredible array of multidimensional realities, I’m not talking, like, a hundred, or a thousand. I’m talking about millions, and billions, and zillions of different earthly realities that all exist simultaneously, now. People have a hard time wrapping their heads around that one, which I get if you haven’t flatlined and had the spirits spell it out for you while your spirit left your body and soared throughout the cosmos for what felt like an eternity. Still, that’s what it means to live in a quantum reality, wherein every possibility you can imagine—and about a million, billion more that you can’t (or rather, haven’t yet)—all exist on their own dimensional plane.

Darkness is one of these possibilities that exists. The darkness is a very real dimensional realm that thrives on fear, lack, and separation. Darkness is prevalent in this particular region of the cosmos because this part of the galaxy happens to contain dark matter. Just like Arizona has cacti, and Switzerland has mountains, and Antarctica has glaciers, the Milky Way has dark matter—lots of it.

Dark matter is an extremely dense energy frequency held within an extremely dense form. Human beings experience the darkness it generates like a void, or a black hole. When a being’s consciousness gets sucked into that black hole, it synchronizes with the frequencies of the darkness. These frequencies affect our entire reality through our thoughts, words, and actions, which are manipulated by the darkness to generate more darkness.


The darkness operates through the matrix—an intricate system steeped in rules, and patterns, and programs that exist to keep us enslaved. Once we’re caught in the grips of the system, the darkness hacks into our unconscious minds so as to dominate and restrict our behavior, while generating the frequencies of fear, doubt, lack, and conflict in order to feed its own realm. The matrix programs us to believe we are free, while generating a distortion frequency within our energy patterns that actually blocks us from taking conscious action to exert our free will. It does this by planting a belief into our collective psyche that we must follow the rules of the matrix if we are to survive.

The matrix is all about boxes. It exists to keep us living in boxes, and thinking in boxes, and doing the same things everyone else is doing, all day, every day, for the rest of our lives, because boxes, and patterns, and the status quo make humans easy to control. Think about it. We’ve all been indoctrinated with the standard-issue life dream formula the system tells us we’re supposed to be living. It goes like this: go to school, get brainwashed, go to college, get more brainwashed, drink beer, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, get promoted, get a mortgage, take a yearly vacation, buy stuff on the holidays, retire, take up golf, be a grandparent, get cancer and die. The matrix exists to make sure you follow this formula, so that you can do your part to support the very system that’s enslaving you. Except you think you’re free because you went to Maui for a week last June. That’s not freedom, my love. That’s a bone.

The matrix gets you to follow these rules by programming your consciousness to believe that if you don’t, then something bad is going to happen. Sometimes the bad thing is a concrete vision—like, that you’re going to lose all your savings, and be destitute, and have to survive on whatever change you can collect while panhandling on the side of the freeway off-ramp. But at other times you don’t even know what that bad thing is. It’s just this vague, nebulous feeling of doom and gloom, and you know that if you don’t follow the rules, and do what you’re supposed to do, something terrible is definitely going to happen.

Except it isn’t. That’s just the darkness fucking with you. And that’s why I wrote this book—to give you all the tools you need to take your power back from the matrix, and not go falling for darkness’s shenanigans.


Remember, the matrix was built by the darkness to maintain control over humanity by locking us inside a bubble we cannot see, and programming us to think we’re free, so we will continue to blindly do its bidding. The system depends on human beings remaining stuck in the Hindu concept of maya, which means “illusion.” When we’re stuck in the maya, we’re caught in survival mode, suffocating and in perpetual overwhelm, while juggling have-tos, jumping through hoops, and trying not to drown in an endless sea of red tape, media input, and OS updates. Survival consciousness is what generates the fear and separation frequencies that keep the darkness alive, while blinding us to the fact that there’s more to life than third-dimensional slavery and the rules, structure, and shackles the matrix places upon us.

The thing is, we did not incarnate on this planet just to survive. We came here to create joy, and love, and magic. Every human being is created out of the great light fold of the continuum, which is what we call God—that omnipresent, omnipotent, all-encompassing orgasmic energy field—and is here to be a creator. Because that’s what God is—a pure, unconditionally loving, infinite, everywhere-at-once, all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful, creative energy source.

A lot of people get all tripped up about what God really is because religion—which is absolutely, positively a tool of the matrix—has given God a bad rap. Religion has painted God as this twisted pervert, perched high up on a throne in the sky, where he gets off on punishing folks because they didn’t say enough Hail Marys, or bow to Mecca the right way. As though God is petty and has self-esteem issues. Please. God doesn’t punish, and God doesn’t judge. All God does is love, and create, and love, and create, and love, and create, and create, and create.

As children of God, that’s exactly what we’re meant to do, too. Human beings are creation. Creation is our very essence. Our entire purpose here on planet Earth is to create. It is to lift and to shift, and to thrive, while living the lives of our dreams, and creating a better world for our brothers and sisters, and all beings.

The matrix exists to make you forget that you are a quantum creator by keeping you operating in survival mode, and making you a slave to the system, which sustains itself by stifling your life force, and dumbing you down by: pumping you up with sugar, jacking you up on caffeine, dulling you down with fluoride, poisoning your body with pills, programming your consciousness with fear and lies and celebrity gossip, and whacking you so far out that you don’t even notice when things are imbalanced and out of alignment—kind of like our planet right now. I call it being a bobblehead, which means acting like a sheep. Because once your brain has been hijacked by the darkness, you become more concerned with following the herd, and being like everyone else, than with thinking for yourself, let alone with living a lit life as a quantum creator.


As whacked as it all sounds, the darkness isn’t actually bad. It’s not jacking human beings up on judgment and scarcity while manipulating us to be brain-dead minions because it hates us. Darkness is just doing what it needs to do to survive, which means generating enough discord and enough conflict to maintain its realm.

One of the darkness’s primary survival strategies is to convince human beings that we are separate through the pretense of lines and divisions, such as class, color, gender, ethnicity, religion, politics, and sexual orientation—all relatively meaningless constructs that, at this point in human evolution, are only holding us back. The illusion of separation serves the darkness by generating isolation and conflict, which generate the frequencies of fear and discord, which empower its dimension. The matrix goes to great lengths to keep us disconnected from ourselves and from others, as well as from nature. The state of the world today is a confronting reflection of how destructive the us-versus-them mentality that darkness generates actually is.


The concepts of us versus them, black versus white, and even dark versus light come from our fundamental misunderstanding of duality. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The darkness’s realm emits a reflective energy that is illuminated by the light of all that is. The perceived separation of light and darkness as they reflect off one another in this universe is what we call duality. The way we experience it on this planet, duality is a construct comprised of two polar opposites interacting with each other in an allegedly separate experience but that is, in fact, a perpetual quantum entanglement. This plays itself out here on Earth through the idea of right versus wrong, men versus women, Left versus Right, etc. The act of framing these alleged “sides” in opposition to one another tethers them together in an ongoing exchange of tension and friction in a continuous fight for autonomy that is impossible to resolve in light of the opposition they are identified with and defined by.

Culture programs us to judge these polarity constructs as good or bad. The thing is, good and bad are subjective opinions that don’t actually exist of their own accord. Good and bad are arbitrary judgments defined by our social structure. For instance, whereas we in the States judge the idea of serving dog for dinner as wrong and bad, in Cambodia, the idea of dressing your Chihuahua in a sweater and letting it sleep in your bed and lick you on the mouth is just as appalling.

Duality is a culturally indoctrinated lens of perception. We don’t have this in shamanism. Shamans don’t classify things as good or evil. We understand that the beings and the circumstances that are creating pain and resistance in our lives are gifts from Spirit that are supporting our growth. We don’t label them as good or bad, or right or wrong. We have darkness, and we have light. Darkness isn’t bad. Darkness is just an energy frequency that needs love to return it to the light.

Think of darkness like a drop of ink that’s been added to a glass of water, which is the light. The presence of the ink doesn’t invalidate the water’s existence. The water just needs to be purified to return to its original state. But the ink isn’t bad, and the water isn’t better, because duality doesn’t work like that. Duality is an evolutionary construct that allows us to understand what is and what isn’t. The purpose of duality isn’t about choosing sides; it’s about transcending the illusion of sides altogether, and learning to embrace the whole.

The Blackout is asking us to evolve beyond duality, which means our task is not to blame the darkness, or to shame the darkness, or to fight the darkness. Our task is to embrace the darkness, and all the lessons it is illuminating, while taking responsibility for the world we have cocreated, stepping into our rightful place as quantum creators, and lifting and shifting ourselves, and the planet.


Darkness is light distorted through consciousness. Distorted, fragmented, and seemingly separate though it is, darkness is still light. Our purpose here on Earth is to bring these fragmented aspects of duality—our fragmented aspects of duality—back into wholeness. We are here to bring the darkness home. When we incarnate, we agree to allow darkness into our beings so that we can understand it, and learn from it. This relationship allows us to cultivate the ability to meet the darkness with love, which is what—ultimately—allows the darkness to be redeemed and to return home to the light.

Remember, shamanism is relational, and shamanism is inclusive. We don’t cut things out, or write them off with judgment and intolerance. We engage every aspect of life from a place of openness and humility, so that we can learn and grow.

Our species has been stuck on the wheel of suffering for quite some time, stubbornly believing that the only way we can evolve is through pain, or tragedy, or destruction, or calamity, or heartbreak; and that only after enduring whatever terrible things we endure, will we then be ready to change our behavior, make smarter choices, connect to our spirituality, and transform. The problem with this approach is that fear and suffering do not make for very efficient adaptation tools. They’re infused with darkness, they’re not in alignment with divine will, and—quite frankly—they don’t make the evolutionary process all that inviting.

The matrix has been driving the pain and suffering narrative for quite some time, programming people with this ridiculous notion of a spiteful God who punishes the bad and rewards the good, and gets his panties in a bunch if you don’t prostrate yourself before his imaginary God feet while chanting in some dead language with your eyes crossed, or whatever other nonsense the gatekeepers try to shove down our throats to keep us in line. Religion is a tool the matrix uses to make us fear God, and to follow more rules, and to keep us from knowing our true divinity, and from knowing ourselves as quantum creators in an unconditionally loving universe. Because, if the truth got out, then we wouldn’t be putting money in the collection plate, or signing on to some stifling hierarchical system that has us believing we need a priest or a rabbi to talk to Spirit for us. I talk to spirits all day, every day, and believe me—you don’t.

Our choice to evolve through pain, and suffering, and discomfort is exactly that—a choice. The Blackout is playing out on parallel energy fields being informed by the frequencies of duality that human beings have created on Earth. The Blackout is demanding that we evolve, but we get to choose how we want to go about it. We can do it the old way, and evolve through fear, pain, and suffering, or we can make the choice to evolve through love, for love’s sake.


When we evolve through love, we make a deliberate choice to take responsibility for our experience here on Earth. Responsibility means the ability to show up with love. Taking responsibility means we respond to all things with love, no matter what those things may be, without exception. When we respond with love, the universe creates an energetic opening that allows evolution to expand through us. By choosing to evolve through love, we are able to observe imbalance objectively, without leaping to shame, or blame, or deny, or separate; instead, by perceiving reality through the lens of unconditional love and acceptance, we can thereby easily discern what needs to shift to be put back in order.

The Blackout is a call for humanity to evolve through love. It is an opportunity for us to level-up our every global structure through higher intelligence, and to create life-affirming frameworks that support all beings in thriving and living lit, poprocks lives. The Giant Age can only be created by human beings living and loving in alignment, unified by a shared vision of a balanced, sustainable system that supports everyone in being fulfilled on all levels of their being. The key is to empower ourselves—to take our energy and our attention away from the matrix, and to refocus it on the Giant Age we are choosing to create.