Get Realer - Shake Up To Wake Up

Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

Get Realer
Shake Up To Wake Up

Let’s be very clear: the matrix has its shit together. Like, really together. The matrix knows what it wants. It wants fear, and lack, and discord, and conflict, and separation. And it has created an efficient system of control to generate and extract these energies from the human beings it enslaves. We need only look at the rapid acceleration of the Blackout to indicate how much momentum the matrix has backing its agenda, which is to continue to provoke more and more discord among humans to feed the darkness. If we are going to rebalance this planet and manifest a Giant Age here on Earth, then we have to get real, and we have to get aligned, and we have to get aware, and we have to get empowered. And the only way we’re going to do any of these things, is to level-up our wills.


The people who have bought into the matrix (aka: the majority of human beings on the planet) are weak-willed. They are driven by a strong need for external approval, and a strong need for external acknowledgment, and a strong need to achieve to convince themselves that they deserve the external approval, and the external acknowledgment they are striving for. Still, their wills remain weak.

When our will is weak, our actions are governed by the need to fit in, and the need for other people’s approval, instead of by what is authentically aligned with our spirit. Most people don’t even know what it means to be authentically aligned with their spirit, let alone how to embody it, or how to act from it. They are too distracted by the matrix, and by the various carrots of status, success, and happiness the system dangles in front of them—the ones the bobbleheads hustle to achieve to feel worthy of the love and acceptance that are everyone’s birthright.


Every human being on the planet has a unique energetic signature that connects them to specific energies and frequencies that are meant to support them on their path. Our signatures determine things like whether we are aligned to live in the city, or in nature; or if we do best working in solitude outside, or in an office with other people; or if we are inspired by creative pursuits over academic ones. If someone is meant to work with their hands, in nature, but instead they are hustling on Wall Street, they are going to suffer, because they are making choices that are not aligned with their signature.

When we are aligned with our signatures, we connect with people, and opportunities, and experiences that are harmonic and supportive. But when we make choices that are shaped by other people’s ideas, opinions, or belief systems—as the vast majority of humans are currently doing—we betray our energetic signatures and craft lives for ourselves that are not aligned with who we authentically are, or what we really believe. The sad truth is that very few humans are living in alignment with their signatures.


To have a strong will means to be committed to our truth, our authenticity, and ourselves with unwavering conviction. It means that we are in charge of our own ship, and that our actions are aligned with our desires. When our will is on point, we know who we are, we know what we want, we know where we are going, and we know what we need. Leveling up our will is the first step in getting lit, and living life as a quantum creator, wherein we not only get to dream giant but also to manifest those giant dreams quickly and easily.

As it is now, what with the Blackout and all, people are not dreaming their own dreams, let alone manifesting them. People are playing out the singular dream the system is programming them to follow. Sure, there are different flavors and expressions that give the construct the appearance of freedom—like, you can get rich being a lawyer, or a doctor, or a rapper, or a real estate developer—but they’re just different means of getting rich, which is considered the crowning achievement in this culture, second only to getting rich and famous.

Billionaires Aren’t Enlightened

I do shamanic work with a bunch of millionaires, and billionaires. You’d be surprised to know how many of them are miserable. These people have spent their entire lives out of alignment with their energetic signatures, and with their soul’s true purpose, accumulating all the things the system told them would make them happy, and whole, and successful, and worthy, and lovable. They now have everything they’ve ever dreamed of, and all this external validation, and they’re still empty. It’s very confusing for these people, because they can fly anywhere in the world, and they can do anything they want to do, whenever they want to do it, which means they can’t blame their misery on money problems the way everyone else does. Their despair comes from knowing that they let the system take from them the thing that mattered most—themselves.

The dream we are indoctrinated with isn’t just about money or fame. It’s about the spouse, the house, the family, the success, the car, the watch, the wardrobe, and whatever other external things the system tells us we need to accumulate to be somebody, and to matter. It’s all bullshit. You don’t have to achieve anything to matter. You matter because you are. Your presence, and your purpose, and your breath are sacred. You don’t need to chant mantras, or wash lepers’ feet, or marry a surgeon, or win a Nobel Prize or a Grammy to be sacred, and to be worthy, and to matter. God’s will is for you to be happy, to be free, to be easy, to have love, to have joy, to have prosperity, to have good health, to have everything you could possibly want. And there is nothing you have to do or achieve to earn the right to have these experiences.

But the matrix doesn’t want you to know this, because if we knew ourselves as whole, and as worthy of unconditional love, and acceptance, and ease, and joy, and health, and prosperity, and fulfillment exactly as we are right now, then we wouldn’t yearn for all the things the system needs us to yearn for to keep it running.


The dream the system indoctrinates in us is a lie. It doesn’t deliver. It never delivers, and it never will. That would defeat the purpose of the matrix, which is to keep those it enslaves in a constant state of yearning, so that they will keep doing the darkness’s bidding, so that they will continue to drive the system forward by way of unsustainable consumption, and all the discord the desire cycle creates.

Yearning is an energetic frequency the matrix generates to keep human beings in a constant state of craving. That craving drives humans to chase and to consume, which generates more craving, and more chasing, and more consuming, because chasing programmed desires doesn’t satisfy programmed desires. It only creates more desires while helping the system to create more and more things for us to desire, to keep humans forever chasing the next best thing … and the next … and the next … and the next.…

That’s why the big tech companies keep changing their ports and their accessories, and “upgrading” their phones, and computers, and operating systems. It’s why car companies roll out new models every year, and why fashion houses drop new collections every season. It’s because these corporations—which are tools of the matrix—know that human beings will always want bigger, and better, and shinier, and happier, and more, and more, and more, and more to try to fill that empty vacuous space inside them that has been deliberately put there by the matrix.


The system enslaves us through our desires by manipulating the mind to believe that something is missing. It does this through media and advertising that are constantly, constantly telling us we are not enough. This false notion of lack activates the yearning frequency in the emotional body, where it churns out negative energies like envy, hierarchy, and separation, as well as a bunch of distorted thoughts and beliefs that try to convince us that the grass is always greener on someone else’s social media account, and that our value is based on the price of our handbag, or the make of our car, or the cup size of the woman on our arm. This endless desire influences the worst of human behavior, which throws dignity and integrity to the wind to get what it (thinks it) wants. The thing is: desire is a sham. The matrix uses desire to lure us into chasing external things that promise to quell the yearning it is manipulating, which is impossible. The dissonance the setup generates in human beings is what drives the system, because the more lack we see in ourselves, the more desire we generate, and the more external things we chase and consume in our efforts to quell the incessant longing the darkness has programmed in us.

The way it works is that the matrix flashes this shiny, sparkly thing in our face and puts on this whole song-and-dance routine to convince us that if we buy this widget, and if we follow this path, and if we look like this, and if we talk like this, and if we act like this, and if we do what they tell us to do, we’re going to get the shiny, sparkly thing that we’ve been yearning for. Not only will we get the shiny, sparkly thing that we’ve been yearning for, but that shiny, sparkly thing will also give us all the happiness, success, fulfillment, and freedom we could possibly desire.

People with weak wills (aka bobbleheads) are susceptible to this trap because their discernment mechanism is off-line, which means they do whatever the matrix tells them to do, without ever stopping to ask themselves if they actually want to be doing the thing the matrix is telling them to do, or what it actually is they really do want to be doing. So they just keep doing what everyone else is doing.


In shamanism, we call those shiny, sparkly things the system waves in front of our faces the grand glamour. It doesn’t matter what form the thing actually takes—whether it’s a material object, or an experience, or a personality, or a movement, or a lifestyle—the grand glamour is an enticing illusion that would-be manipulators use to distract people from what is actually important, and valuable, and authentic, and aligned. The system generates a steady stream of glamour by way of media, sports, fashion, technology, and advertising that exists to make us feel poor, ugly, and less than, while distracting us from our own authentic purpose and desires, as well as what’s really happening on the planet.

Entertainment is the matrix’s number one method of hypnotizing humanity, which is why actors make so much money. Playing make-believe might not seem like that important of a job in the grand scheme of how society functions, but when it comes to distracting the populace such that they will be so enchanted with the glamour that they continue to feed the matrix, entertainers turn out to be among the most important players in the system.

The grand glamour exists to mesmerize people with all the sparkle, and all the glitz, and all the hype so they won’t notice how discordant the world actually is, and how out of alignment with themselves they really are. When we are under the spell of the glamour, our attention and our devotion are consumed by the theatrics of the matrix—by the pageantry, and the decadence, or by the absurdity and the outrage; and we become so consumed with the masquerade being played out, that we don’t perceive all the fucked-up shit that’s happening right underneath our noses.

The advertising industry uses the grand glamour to get us to buy stuff. You open a magazine, and what do you see? You see a glossy picture of a Greek god of a man wearing a Gucci suit, holding a half-naked supermodel on his lap, who’s staring at him with bedroom eyes, and red lips, looking like she’s four seconds away from unzipping his pants and mounting him. The image manipulates the consciousness of the person reading the magazine to envy, and to yearn, and to think: Wow. If I just had that suit, I’d get to fuck a model, and everyone would envy me. Hell, that suit would probably even get me a raise, and a Benz. Sold!

The same goes for women. They starve themselves to fit into sexy clothes, and they go into debt to buy the expensive Louboutin heels with the red bottoms, so that when they walk around town, everyone knows that their shoes are on trend, and that they’re someone special. The problem is that when we are driven by the idea of being admired by everyone, we become a slave to those everyones. We become people’s bitch. Which means that what all those red-bottomed shoes are really saying is: I need you to approve of me so I can feel good about myself. That’s all status symbols ever really say: I will do whatever the herd tells me to do so that I can fit in, because I don’t actually know who I am.

Rolex Schmolex

A friend of mine once offered me a Rolex and was really thrown when I told him I didn’t want it. I don’t wear a watch, and I’m not into status, so why would I want a Rolex? Why do people even care about Rolex anyway? It’s not like Rolex is curing cancer, or creating positive change in the world. The only point of having a Rolex is to tell other people: I’m rollin’, man. I’m rollin’. But that message, and those status symbols, just create more divisiveness, and more separation. I don’t want to trigger other people’s jealousy, or other people’s envy, or other people’s lack consciousness. I mean, it would be one thing if I were into watches, or I was into the history of Rolex, or I genuinely loved how wearing a Rolex made me feel. But most people are not buying Rolex watches because they’re really into the mechanics that make Rolex a luxury item. Most people are buying Rolex watches so they can let everyone know that they are successful, and important, and worthy of your admiration, because they spent $8,000 on a watch. Whatever. I’d rather wear a really cool crystal that has natural wisdom and intelligence, and looks just as fierce.

The desire cycle is a trap, because yearning for fulfillment outside of ourselves only generates more desire. The desire for anything outside of ourselves is a distortion, which means those desire frequencies can’t ever be satisfied, thereby making the desire cycle a continuous, self-sustaining loop. Sure, the dopamine rush of instant gratification is there in the beginning, but it dissipates just as quickly, landing us back in lack, and back in yearning, which starts the desire cycle all over again. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many things we acquire, or accumulate, or achieve, the yearning doesn’t go away; the yearning won’t ever go away. And the real kicker is that our efforts to satisfy the yearning by accumulating things outside of ourselves only puts us into energetic bondage with all those things through what we call quantum entanglement.


Quantum entanglement binds us to energies in such a way that they influence our internal state of homeostasis—physically, psychologically, emotionally, and energetically. In the case of the desire cycle, the accumulation of so many external things that aren’t truly aligned with our internal signatures tethers us to discordant energies that don’t actually support our well-being. This creates a lot of disruption in people who’ve gone the distance to acquire the various things the matrix has enticed them to acquire, given that these things haven’t brought the love and the happiness they promised, and are now only complicating their lives.


In case it isn’t totally obvious by now, the matrix isn’t fucking around. It’s got its system dialed. It’s actually quite brilliant, from a design standpoint, because the way it’s set up, all the people who the matrix is working against are the ones who are driving it forward. It’s very efficient this way. Still, the system isn’t foolproof. The darkness, and the yearning, and all the rest of it, can really only manipulate us when our will is weak. This is why it is so important that we level-up our wills, so that our devotion to love, and to Spirit, and to truth, and to authenticity is so lit, and so poprocks, and so giant, that we can’t be distracted by the matrix’s tricks, traps, or theatrics.

Devotion is the energy that focuses our will, which—as I’ve already said, and am going to keep on saying, because it really is that important—is absolutely, unequivocally crucial for us to strengthen if we are to free ourselves from the grip of the matrix, and the darkness it serves. The will is the mechanism in the human vessel that allows us to take deliberate action. The will is what generates our devotion into third-dimensional form, and what manifests our devotion into third-dimensional form. When we are devoted to uplifting ourselves and the planet, and those energies are fortified by a strong will, then we are empowered to make positive change in the world, undeterred by the matrix’s attempts to distract us.

When I talk about being strong in our will, I am talking about having the ability to consciously direct our attention toward anything we choose, and to hold it there with unwavering devotion, which is what fuels us to take positive, deliberate action. It is only when our devotion is aligned with light intelligence, as well as with our authentic path, and with our authentic purpose, and with our authentic joy, and with our authentic inspiration, that we can actually shift our planet back into balance.

It all begs the question: What are you devoted to? Are you devoted to checking your Likes? Are you devoted to talking shit about celebrities, or Republicans, or your friends? Are you devoted to partying, and zoning out in front of video games, or porn? Or are you devoted to lifting and shifting, and to raising your emotional intelligence, and to radiating positivity, and joy, and inspiration, while riding the lit train with your tribe, and raising the vibrations here on planet Earth for the greatest good of all?


The fire element has been used as a tool for reflection by tribal cultures for centuries. In African shamanism, fire is known as “the perceiver”—the one who can see in all directions, and who sharpens our psychic abilities. Shamans call upon the fire element to understand how the mind is operating in conjunction with the will. Ancient tribespeople would peer into a fire while holding their energy on a specific intention, or a specific experience, or a specific outcome, because the fire energy ignites the spark of life in whatever we concentrate our devotion upon. It’s called fire scrying.

Spirit Hack: Fire Scrying

Fire scrying allows us to strengthen the will by learning to direct our energy in one place, and to sustain it for an extended length of time. The longer we can hold our gaze upon something, and focus our devotion upon it, the more we absorb the energy of that thing, which allows us to align ourselves and our vibrational frequencies with our devotion. What we are training ourselves to do is to ground into that which we choose to ground into. We are training ourselves to take authority over our lives, and to choose where, when, and how we direct, commit, and devote our energy.

It’s best to practice this spirit hack in seclusion, free from distractions, preferably, in a dark room, with your phone off, while wearing loose clothing. The intention is to liberate yourself from anything that could take your attention away from you, be it an incoming text, a wandering pet, or a swath of stiff, tight fabric digging into your thighs.

For this spirit hack you will need five candles.

§ Sit cross-legged in a circle comprised of four lit candles, each representing the four directions.

§ Light the remaining candle, and place it on the floor in front of you.

§ Set a timer for five minutes.

§ Stare at the candle while summoning a thought, or an energy, in your mind.

The thought can be anything you want to strengthen, or call in: love, money, your dream job, a chocolate chip cookie—whatever you want.

§ Hold that thought/energy in your mind while gazing at the flame without diverting your eyes, or allowing any other thoughts to distract you.

The thought is your devotion. Your gaze is your commitment. Commit your devotion to that flame while focusing on nothing else for as long as you can.

§ When the timer rings, snuff out the four candles surrounding you.


§ Set the timer for five more minutes.

§ Say: “I increase the fire inside of my being to allow me to see in all directions.”

§ Breathe consciously and deliberately, then repeat: “I increase the fire inside of my being to allow me to see in all directions.”

§ Keep breathing, and keep saying this aloud, until the timer goes off.

It is important to finish all fire scrying sessions with this short closing practice, because a will that is fortified with the sight of the four directions is one strong-ass will.

I encourage my students to practice fire scrying every day, at least once a day, and to challenge themselves to hold their gaze on the candle flame for longer and longer stretches of time as they progress. I recommend adding five minutes to your practice each week until you can hold your attention on the flame for an hour at a time.

Strengthening our will is crucial because it is only when our devotion to love is really strong—like, giant strong—that we can’t be swayed, and we can’t be distracted. Weak wills make us easy to control. The lack consciousness they generate makes us vulnerable to the programming of the matrix, and keeps us from questioning the indoctrination being foisted upon us. We don’t think to pause and ask ourselves if what’s being dangled in front of us is aligned with love, or with our own authentic truth, because without a strong will, we don’t know what our authentic truth even is. If we knew ourselves, and valued ourselves, we wouldn’t give our belief and our allegiance over so easily—especially to all the nonsense the mainstream media machine tries to shove down our throats. When our will is strong, we can’t be controlled, and we can’t be indoctrinated, because we know who we are, and that knowingness protects us from the darkness.


When the will is weak, the desire to fit in and be a part of the in crowd overrides our devotion to alignment. This is why the darkness doesn’t want us to know ourselves as whole, doesn’t want us to attune to our authentic desires, and doesn’t want us connected to each other, or to the planet, or to ourselves—because the entire matrix construct is dependent upon our belief in separation, and conditional love, and our inherent brokenness to function, and maintain the status quo.

The system has a vested interest in our insecurity and our crappy self-esteem, which is why it programs human beings to think they are fundamentally defective, and that safety can be found only in the cozy confines of the herd, which we are supposed to blindly follow without ever questioning its direction, its motives, or its sanity. This setup has humans afraid to be themselves, when that is exactly what we must do. The quickest, most effective way for us to take our power back from the matrix is to ground into our authentic selves—to know and embody ourselves so well, and be so lit, that there are no cracks in our consciousness for the darkness to seep in through. The way we take our power back from the matrix is to root so deeply into the truth of our wholeness, and our connectedness, and our unconditionally loving natures, that we become impervious to all the ways the system tries to steal our sovereignty, and our life force.


Because people are not grounded in their wills, they do not have a clear, rooted sense of Self. People know themselves only through what they consume, and who they follow, and how many Likes their latest selfie got. So instead of cultivating an authentic, harmonious relationship with themselves, and learning about themselves, and using spirit hacks and shamanic principles to transform themselves, they just grab onto some prefab, off-the-rack identity—like, the type of thing you get at Target that was mass-produced at a factory in Cambodia, and that’s hanging next to dozens and dozens just like it. It makes no sense. Wouldn’t you rather wear a one-of-a-kind, couture masterpiece that you craft yourself, stitch by stitch, given that it is your life, and all? Most people don’t do that. Most people don’t take the time, or the care, or the effort to cultivate an authentic sense of Self. Instead they just slip on the Target version and pretend it fits, and then confuse their distorted, humdrum, store-bought identity as being me.

Black Wasn’t Always Beautiful to Me

I used to hate being black. At first I hated it because when my mother divorced my father and moved across the country when I was three, I thought she left because she wasn’t black, and I was. Plus, my stepmother told me that was the case between beatings.

Then I hated being black because of all the programming around it. I grew up in a wealthy white neighborhood, so the only thing I knew about being black in America was what I saw on television, where all the black people were poor, dumb thugs who lived in ghettos, drank 40s, and broke the law.

I used to walk to Thrifty’s to buy skin bleach. I would pour it all over my body, hoping it would turn my skin white. But all it did was burn. I bleached my hair, too—to the point where it fell out, which is why I still don’t have hair to this day. All because I wanted to be white.

My father forbade me from dating black girls and told me that the only way to get ahead in life was with a white woman on your arm. He also told me stories about how it was for him growing up black, and watching people get lynched. Because I didn’t want that for myself, I didn’t want to be black.

I used to go out of my way to avoid other black people. I didn’t want anyone thinking I was associating with the likes of a black person, because that would mean that I accepted them; and because I couldn’t accept myself, there was no way I could accept another black person. My self-hatred for being black ran deep.

And then I met this guru—an amazing healer named Mike—who helped me confront my issues around being black. Mike taught me that just because black stereotypes were programmed into the mass consciousness in a certain way didn’t mean that I had to sign on to that version of black, or that I had to be that version of black.

That perspective had a profound impact on me and allowed me to root into a deeper understanding of who I was beyond the labels and conditions the world was trying to place upon me. I realized that I was something greater—something more complex, and unique, and mysterious. That’s when I started to realize how beautiful it was for me to be black; and I started to realize that what was happening to black people on the planet had nothing to do with me. It was what was happening to this construct called “black people,” and that I could be black, and I could love being black, but that I didn’t have to sign on to that construct, or to the indoctrination that sustains it.


Identity is a cage. Straight up. Identity is a way of putting people into boxes and categories that completely invalidate nuance, and complexity, and individual experience, while attempting to homogenize people based on shallow stereotypes and random classifications. Identity cages close a whole lot of doors and shut down a whole lot of opportunities and experiences, while keeping the bobbleheads feeling safe, and like they belong, and are a part of something.

This current phase in human evolution, which I call the Age of Narcissism, has given way to a collective identity crisis that has massive chunks of the population pledging allegiance to labels like queer, black, cis, Jew, Capricorn, crippled, Puerto Rican, and what have you. People seem to think these identity constructs are all so different when, in fact, they are exactly the same. They are all a means of architecting a sense of self, and worth, and purpose based upon labels the matrix uses to divide and control us.

The thing is, labels aren’t free. Labels come with baggage. Labels carry all these implied traits and tendencies that we’re supposed to take on as soon as we identify with them. Like, the second someone comes out of the closet, and identifies themselves as “gay,” they have to put a rainbow sticker on their car, and vote Democrat, and listen to show tunes, and wear crop tops, and do crunches—unless they’re taking the Bear route, in which case they have to have a potbelly and grow a beard. Labels imply that there’s a formula people have to follow for being gay, or black, or Muslim, or whatever, instead of just being gay, or black, or Muslim in whatever way works best for them.


These formulas are boxes, just as identities are boxes. When we put ourselves in a box, and we identify with the box, and we say we are this thing that the box stands for, then we automatically separate ourselves from everyone else who isn’t in the box, and who isn’t also everything the box supposedly stands for, which is completely absurd in the first place. The identity thing is just another way that humans do the matrix’s bidding for it, because identity is just another construct we use to separate ourselves from each other.

Now, with the Blackout, we are seeing identity politics dividing people in really extreme, discordant, and violent ways. The extent to which the identity thing is currently playing itself out in our culture is a reflection of the larger masculine/feminine imbalance plaguing our planet, where, instead of seeking to understand and connect with those who hold beliefs different from ours, we separate ourselves from them, and scorn them, and shame them, and make them our enemies. It’s unfortunate, given that these identity constructs are bullshit anyway.


People confuse their identity constructs with the Self, and then they misunderstand the construct of the Self as though it is fixed, or constant. As though I declare myself this one thing, and so I am always this one thing, and I will always be this one thing, and that is my identity, and this is who I am; this is my Self. This idea is a distortion. The idea of a static identity goes against the whole of life, which is always moving, and is always in flow.

Nothing is fixed or static in this reality, especially the Self. It’s why I always laugh when people try to define themselves by saying, I’m the kind of person who _____, as though the behavior they are describing logically equates to an identity construct. It’s crazy how illogical people are! When we define ourselves as the kind of person who wears pink socks, then we limit ourselves from wearing different colored socks, because according to our “logic,” as the type of person who wears pink socks, wearing purple socks would make us an entirely different kind of person. This would require a whole existential identity crisis to process, instead of just a simple wardrobe adjustment. Why handcuff our behavior to an identity? Why put yourself in a box? Boxes are for bobbleheads. Not for lit love beings living poprocks lives on a planet of peace and prosperity for all.

Contrary to popular belief/nonsense, the Self is not a fixed location on a map, or a static state that we can point to with a label, or a box that we check off when we are applying for a passport. The Self is an ever-evolving, ever-unfolding evolutionary process. The Hermetic axiom Know thyself is not what people think it is, because there is no constant, singular Self. To know ourselves doesn’t mean to attach ourselves to a fixed identity by declaring: I am this type of person, or: I am that type of person. It means to be aware of how one is evolving and developing in an ever-changing quantum reality that is constantly offering new data, new input, new experiences, and new reflections, which—as long as we’re not stuck in any stubborn idea of who we are, or who we are not—we can allow to shape us however we want.


If we are to live free of labels and boxes, and know ourselves authentically in evolution, then we must sharpen our awareness. Without the crutch of an identity construct, and the formula and the rules that go along with it, the only way to actually know ourselves is to be aware of ourselves—to be present, and open, and loving, and accepting and to always turn our lens of observation toward ourselves.

Awareness is a very important shamanic tool. When we focus our awareness on something, we observe what is. That’s it. We don’t analyze it, we don’t judge it, we don’t try to make it better or different; we just observe. It is both very simple and very powerful, because when we observe what is, we are flooded with truth. When we observe something, and we allow it to show itself to us, we are doing that which everything in life wants us to do—we are connecting with it.

Have you ever noticed what happens when you allow people to talk about themselves, and you don’t chime in with how what they’re saying relates to you, and you’re not thinking about yourself, but you’re just focusing your awareness entirely on them? And have you noticed how the more you just listen, and simply observe, the more they will reveal? How they will tell you things they’ve never told any other living being in their whole lives? And how they will tell you things they didn’t even realize they thought or believed themselves? That’s because you gave them your awareness.

Shamans aren’t special, per se. It’s just that we have learned how to sharpen our awareness, and how to expand our awareness, and how to sustain our awareness, because shamans know that it is our awareness that allows the doors of possibility to open, and to multiply. Shamans know that everything in our reality wants communion, and so we train ourselves to expand our awareness, and to focus our awareness, so that we can be receptive to not only the data that is available, but also to the intelligence that is being transmitted. The reason I can connect with a tumor in a client’s spleen, and then communicate with the spleen to discern what the source of the imbalance is, and what the spleen is needing to heal itself, is not because I am special, or because I have magic powers. It is because I have sharpened my awareness to the point where I can pick up on subtle communications that most people aren’t aware of.

What makes a bobblehead a bobblehead is lack of awareness. The bobblehead is checked out. Bobbleheads are so occupied with maintaining their online personae, and keeping up with whatever’s on trend, or on fleek, or whatever else their peer group is telling them matters, that they are oblivious to the discord threatening our world, as well as to what’s really going on inside themselves. This is by design. This is why the system puts celebrity breakups on magazine covers and fluoride in municipal drinking water. Both perform the same function—to flood the brain with toxins, and disconnect people from their awareness, so that they will be easier to control.

The only way to combat this problem is to check back in; and that, my love, means getting aware.

Spirit Hack: Shamanic Awareness

This is an ancient spirit hack my ancestors taught me to strengthen my shamanic abilities. You want to practice this spirit hack as often as you can, as it will allow you to cultivate an expanded awareness and to start to perceive things you wouldn’t normally see.

Ideally, you want to practice this spirit hack on an empty stomach, when the body is in fasting mode and isn’t occupied with the tasks of digesting and assimilating. The lighter you are, the more you will be able to perceive.

§ Place your hand out in front of your face.

It doesn’t have to be your hand. You can do this with any object. But, for the sake of consistency, let’s use your hand as our working example.

§ Observe it.

Now, when I say observe it, I mean focus the entirety of your awareness upon your hand. Not with your eyes. Not with your cognitive understanding of what a hand is, or what a hand should be. Just focus your awareness on your hand. You are not trying to figure it out. You are allowing your hand to present itself to you from a place of relaxation and allowing.

§ Ask your hand to reveal itself to you. Say out loud: Hand, show me you.

Notice what sensations arise as you invite your hand into a deeper communion. These sensations are how your hand—and your entire body—communicates with you.

§ Speak each observation aloud as it registers.

You might notice tingling on one side or the other, so you would say: I feel tingling on the right side of my palm.

You might notice a dull throbbing in your knuckles, so you would say: I feel a dull throbbing sensation in my knuckles.

You might notice a weightiness in your palm, so you would say: I feel a weightiness in my palm.

You might notice a tremor in your pinky finger, so you would say: I feel a tremor in my pinky finger.

You might notice a blue light encircling your thumb, so you would say: I see a blue light encircling my thumb.

You might notice none of these things; and you will probably notice completely different things. There is no wrong, and there is no right. You are simply observing.

§ Expand your awareness and focus even more deeply on the hand in front of you. Say: Hand, show me more.

If you are trying to describe what your hand looks like, or if you are trying to figure it out, you are not observing it. You are analyzing it, which means you are trying to control your experience with your mind. Don’t try to control it. Let it just be; allow the sensations to emerge. Continue to speak the sensations aloud as you observe them.

§ When you feel complete, finish by offering gratitude to your hand for the exchange in saying: Thank you, hand.

Spirit Hacking Tip

When we are spirit hacking, we always speak aloud what we are sensing as a way to acknowledge the communication taking place, and as a way to strengthen the bridge between our physical body and our spiritual body. This applies to things we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell, as well as to whatever extrasensory perceptions reveal themselves to us.

Sometimes people feel silly talking to their hand, or a tree, or a spirit, out loud. It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me, but that’s because I grew up in a family of shamans, where talking to unseen entities was just what folks did. Regardless, in shamanism, we know that everything is infused with light intelligence, and we don’t waste a single second worrying about what anyone else might think if they hear us talking to that intelligence. That’s just vanity. That’s just ego. That’s just weak-willed, bobblehead, sheep-think. You gotta get over that stuff if you wanna ride the lit train.

The key to awareness is training the mind to observe without judgment. Objective, open-ended observation allows us to gather way more data from that which we are observing than the act of observing with preconceived notions. When we observe with judgment, we are not seeing objectively; rather, we are seeing in such a way as to confirm our beliefs. Most humans perceive the world through the lens of judgment, which is both arrogant and pointless, because they’re not seeing with a genuine desire to know what is; they’re just looking to prove that they’re right. Shamans aren’t hung up on being right, or confirming the status quo. We’re okay with the not-knowing. In fact, we’re great with it; because it’s the not-knowing that allows us to observe from a place of receptivity, which creates a field of unconditional acceptance in which the object of our observation can reveal itself of its own accord.

To level-up our will, and grow our emotional intelligence, and ring in a poprocks Giant Age here on Earth requires us to make a quantum leap in our awareness faculties. We can’t get to where we’re going, unless we know where we’re at now. Awareness is the tool that allows us to figure that out.


The reason we are in the Blackout, and the world is the way it is, is because most human beings on the planet feel disempowered—like they have no ability to effect change, or to make a positive impact at any level whatsoever.

My mission—the whole reason why I incarnated, and died, and came back again, and healed my body and my brain, and studied with mystics and teachers and elders all over this world, and so many other worlds—is to help humanity step into their power. Let’s be clear, this isn’t because humanity’s power is lost, or broken, or missing. It is because their power is something they’ve forgotten to keep their awareness on. A lot of people talk about their power as though it is lost, or missing, or like they have to take it back from someone who stole it. No; their power is there. Their power is always there. That’s not the issue. The issue is that their awareness, and their devotion, are not on their power.

When you decide to align with your will, and to walk your authentic path as God intended, the darkness is going to take issue with that. Big time. The darkness can’t have you all empowered ’n’ shit—walking tall and confident, knowing yourself, and knowing your value, and having a positive impact on the world. No way. So, the darkness is going to throw all kinds of obstacles in your way to throw you off, and get you to change your mind, and go back to being a sheep. It’s going to do anything it can to distract you, and to challenge you, and to keep you from moving forward and manifesting what you want. It’s going to tell you that you can’t have it, and that you’re not qualified, and that you’re not good enough. It’s going to use the grand glamour to steer you off track. It’s going to do whatever it can to keep you where it wants you, which is stuck in the system, and stuck in the status quo, and stuck in your disempowerment. And that’s where your will comes in to say: Step off, darkness. I’m running the show.


The will is the mechanism that allows us to take charge of our vessels and steer our own ships. We empower ourselves by actively authoring our own lives, and we can only do this when the will is strong. A strong will is what supports us in pivoting, and shifting energy, and changing direction, and creating new pathways, and opening new doors, and forging new ground. This is self-empowerment, and it isn’t something you can buy, or you can borrow, or you can wear, or you can fake. Self-empowerment is an aspect of recognizing one’s Self and believing in one’s Self. Self-empowerment comes from within.


There is a myth circulating among New Age communities that people are afraid of their power. This is false. People are not afraid of their power. People are only afraid of their power as it relates to how they think other people are going to perceive them in their power. What people are really afraid of is that other people won’t be comfortable with their power. What they’re really afraid of is not being loved, and not being liked.

Human beings’ number one fear is of being an outcast. The idea that we are going to be exiled, alienated, ostracized, or abandoned rocks people to the very core of their being. Outcast terror is the biggest fear humans harbor.

That the vast majority of humans compromise themselves because of this fear is indicative of our emotional intelligence deficiency. An emotionally intelligent person knows that there is no such thing as being abandoned, and no such thing as being alienated, because if someone doesn’t want you in their life, then they’re not meant to be in your life. If someone doesn’t want to be in your life, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong, or that you’re bad, it just means that your energetic signatures are no longer vibrating at a coherent frequency. And that’s fine. Their choice to leave your life will free up space for more resonant people to come in. But because people aren’t operating with emotional intelligence, or a healthy sense of Self, they compromise themselves in order to stay in discordant relationships, and to fit in.


I came to terms a long time ago with the fact that some people just aren’t going to like me. I ruffle people’s feathers. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not ruffling feathers, then something’s off. Then, you’re just people-pleasing. I’m not here to people-please. I’m here to people-push. I’m here to push people’s limits, and to push people’s buttons. I’m here to make people uncomfortable, and to get them to look at what’s going on inside of them so they can get realer.

Sure, sometimes I get bothered by people not liking me, but never to the point where I’m willing to sacrifice my truth. That’s the difference between being a spiritual freedom fighter and being a slave. It’s really simple. I’m willing to bet your love, and I’m willing to bet your approval, and I’m willing to bet your choice to like me, or not, on my freedom. I’m willing to throw it all on the table, because I have nothing to lose. You don’t like me? Okay, I can deal with that. I can deal with the fact that you won’t like me; and I can deal with the fact that you won’t love me; but what I can’t deal with is being a slave, which means I’m willing to sacrifice your approval for my freedom.

When I was a kid, my dad did everything in his power to keep me away from shamanism. He beat me; he bribed me; he kept my mother away from me. And every time he opened his mouth to forbid me from studying shamanism, and from practicing shamanism, he added another bar to the prison he was attempting to forge for me—a prison he built with his words, and his constructs, and his limitations, and his indoctrination. The only way for me to escape my father’s prison was to defy him, and to defy all those principles he was using to try and program me. And, let me tell you, defying those programmed principles was scary shit, because it meant I was going against my tribe, and it brought up all this fear around being an outcast. But my will was strong, and my devotion to love, and my devotion to Spirit were greater than the fear. And there is a not a single moment, when I look back upon my life, where I regret having stayed true to myself and defying my father like I did. In fact, my defiance is the only reason I’m still here, inside this biological space suit, talking to you right now, because my defiance was what kept me true to myself, and what kept me true to everything I stand for, which is love.


I hear so many people talking about fighting the system, and smashing the patriarchy, and whatever other nonsense they’re using to justify their rage, and their issues, and their urge to smash things. Raging against the machine is all well and good if you want to waste your energy, and create drama and conflict, and get bruised, and banged up, and whatever. But it’s not an effective means of creating change. Not by a long shot.

So, what do we do?

For starters, we don’t fight. We don’t smash the matrix, and we don’t fight the matrix, and we don’t try to convince the matrix that it needs to be kinder, or gentler, or different. We become aware of the matrix, and of how the matrix is affecting our lives, and then we make the matrix work for us.

The more we hone our awareness, and the more we strengthen our wills, and the more we get empowered, the more we start to understand that even though we may be operating inside the matrix, we are not of the matrix. This awareness is so liberating. Because, let’s get real. Unless you move to some off-grid shack in the middle of nowhere, and grow your own food, and make your own clothes, and barter, and what have you, you’re still going to be dealing with the matrix on some level or another. Leaving the matrix entirely isn’t really an option. But empowering yourself to be impervious to the matrix, while using the construct to grow, and to evolve, and to manifest a Giant Age here on Earth, well, that’s what getting lit is all about.