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Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

Word Yourself Up
Shake Up To Wake Up

Self-love isn’t valued in this culture. We are not taught to love ourselves in school. Self-love is not modeled in our media. I certainly didn’t get any insight into it growing up in my father’s house. And when we do love ourselves, we are judged as being stuck-up by our peers, because we’re not doing what the rest of the herd is doing, which is hating themselves and complaining.

Sarcasm, on the other hand, is very much valued in this culture. Self-deprecation ranks high as social currency. It goes over well at parties, and on Tinder profiles. I can’t tell you how often I see people walk into a social setting where they don’t know anyone, and they choose to put themselves down as a way to ingratiate themselves into the group. Then everyone else jumps on board with all the ways that they’re deficient, and that they suck; and then all of a sudden, everyone’s going back and forth, and bonding over all this negativity. It’s like, Great, you just traded your confidence and your self-esteem to fit in, and to feel like you belong, while the darkness gets to keep growing fatter, and stronger. Way to go.


Humans confuse confidence with conceit. They are stuck in the dualistic distortion that wants you to think that because I love myself, then I am somehow in opposition to you. That it means I must think I’m better than you, or that you are inferior to me. This is false. This is just human insecurity being projected out onto the person who is reflecting it. But because most people are not operating from emotional intelligence, they identify with the thought form, and the separation frequency it generates, which has them thinking that any person who loves himself or herself is an egomaniac.

Arrogance, narcissism, and conceit seep into our consciousness when we place our love for ourselves above our love for the other—when we jockey for position, while putting others down. That’s not self-love. That’s insecurity. That’s separation.

Self-love isn’t about separation, or comparison, or hierarchy. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Self-love is only about our relationship to and with ourselves. It’s about sharing time with ourselves, and learning ourselves, and nurturing ourselves. And it’s about being kind, and compassionate, and generous, and accepting with every single aspect of ourselves, even the ones we wish were different.


People call me selfless for sharing my shamanic teachings, and for my global activism and philanthropy. But my work is actually fueled by selfishness. There is nothing selfless about it. Because I am a shaman, and because my sensorium is so strong, I feel the suffering of the world, and the pain of all people; and let me tell you—humanity is hurting. So, no. I don’t fly all over the world to work with clients, and consult with government leaders, and teach workshops, and offer healings because I am noble, or because I am saintly. I do these things so that I can alleviate my own suffering. I do these things because every time I help one of my brothers or sisters by putting their power back in their own hands, that’s one less person’s pain and suffering for me to feel; and that’s one more person who is awake, and who can create positive change in the world, and who can inspire other people to take their power back, and to awaken, and to create more positive change in the world. I do all these things so that I can sleep better at night, because I am selfish.

Selfishness carries such a negative stigma in our culture, because selfishness gets conflated with entitlement, wherein we put our needs and our preferences above the needs and preferences of others. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about hierarchy, or competition, or rank. To me, being selfish means connecting with myself and making sure that my needs are being met, and that I am being taken care of, and that I have time to get to know me, and to find out what I like, and what works, and what moves me to be who I am. It’s not about doing these things while dropping the ball on being of service to others. It’s about doing these things so that I can authentically be of service to others. Selfishness is necessary for authenticity. How else are we going to learn these things about ourselves, if we don’t take the time, and put in the effort to figure them out? How are we going to be of service to others, if we don’t know how to be of service to ourselves?

The truth is that self-love can only be achieved through selfishness. We cannot give to ourselves unless we have a full cup to pour from; and we certainly can’t even begin to think about giving to anyone else if we ourselves are running on empty.


Healthy relationships are created from the inside first. I have so many clients who come to me complaining about all the things they’re not getting from their spouse, or their friends, or their family, or their coworkers, while their soul is telling me that they aren’t giving these things to themselves. As if it’s anyone else’s responsibility to fulfill our needs for us. Please. When we carry around these expectations that it’s other people’s responsibility to make us feel good, or to make us feel loved, or to make us feel worthy, our relationships become transactional and codependent, and we get resentful. If you’re wanting people to honor your time, and your gifts, then you need to honor your time, and you need to honor your gifts. If you’re yearning to feel loved, and to feel good, and to feel beautiful, and worthy, and amazing, then you need to start loving on yourself, and making yourself feel good, and beautiful, and worthy, and amazing.

Lack consciousness isn’t just about the numbers in our bank account, or the material possessions we don’t have. Lack consciousness is also about the energies and emotions we are wanting to experience, but that we are not giving to ourselves—energies like kindness, and laughter, and affection, and relaxation, and play. When we love ourselves, we learn to give ourselves these energies and these experiences, instead of burdening the people in our lives with the responsibility of doing it for us.

Sustainable Self-Love

When we outsource love, and we depend on others for it, then love can be taken from us. Love can be lost. Love can be abandoned. Love can be lacking. But when we ourselves are generating love from within, then it flows infinitely, always.

Seeking outside of ourselves for love is not sustainable. It doesn’t even work, because if we don’t love ourselves in the first place, then the love that others shower upon us just falls through the cracks in our consciousness, and passes right through our spirit. To be abundant is to be plentiful in the nature of Spirit, which means to be able to give and receive sustainable love. This can only happen when we learn to love ourselves. When we talk about sustainability as a society, we tend to focus on buildings, and energy, and agriculture. But the Blackout is inviting us to expand our understanding of sustainability, and to apply the concept to the living nature of human beings, which includes our emotions, our self-esteem, and our connection with Spirit.

When we find ourselves frustrated, agitated, and grumpy, it’s usually because we’ve dropped the ball on filling up our own vessel. It means we’re depleted. It means we’re not getting enough rest, massage, meditation, sex, nature, or whatever other activities and experiences we’ve pinpointed as the self-care practices that allow us to supply our own storehouse of wellness so that we can stay lit. Don’t kid yourself. This planet is intense, and the matrix places a lot of demands on us. We all need to supplement the basics—food, water, shelter—to fortify and nourish ourselves, so that we’re not leaking our emotions onto others, or expecting them to anticipate our needs and take care of us.

I’m not blissed-out 24-7. I have my moments. But when I get bitchy, and snappy, and irritable, and I start taking it out on the people around me, it always means that I need to amp up my self-love. It means I’ve given to others too much, and given to myself too little, and that my vessel is empty. It means I need to give myself those things that will fill me back up—like getting a mani/pedi, or playing with my action figures, or taking a beach day. It’s not anyone else’s responsibility to nurture me. It’s my responsibility to nurture myself.

Spirit Hack: Shamanic Infusion for Self-Love

Shamanic infusions are a great way to flood the body with amazing, high-vibrational energy through the breath. The breath is a powerful tool in many ancient spiritual traditions, including traditional Hawaiian shamanism.

Hawaiian shamans call upon the air spirits to bring certain energies into their bodies by way of the breath. You can use shamanic infusions to bring in any energy you want, but for this one, we’re going to use self-love. This spirit hack is a great way to develop mental, emotional, and spiritual immunity, because self-love is what allows us to move through the world unaffected by external events or circumstances.

Ultimately, you can practice shamanic infusions lying down. But when you’re first starting out, you want to be sitting upright, so that you can be sure to stay awake. As well, you definitely want to practice this one with bare feet, and your legs uncrossed. Crossing the legs locks up the flow of energy. Be sure to remove any belts or watches, as well, so as to minimize restrictions.

§ Sitting comfortably in a chair, with your feet touching the ground, become aware of your breath.

§ Speak these words in your mind while inhaling deeply: I breathe self-love into my body.

§ As you exhale, feel the love circulating throughout your body. You can direct the love into your limbs, and into your digits. You can direct it into your belly, and into your brain, and into any parts of you needing a little extra love, or you can simply allow the love to permeate your body of its own accord.

§ Inhale, repeating the words in your mind: I breathe more self-love into my body.

§ Again, exhale, feeling the love permeate your every cell.

Repeat for 10—15 rounds, or until you feel full of self-love.

While shamanic infusions aren’t a replacement for self-care, they can definitely help when we are depleted, and our vessels are running low. Use this spirit hack as often as you like, especially when you’re feeling like you could use a jolt of self-love.


Don’t misunderstand me. It’s not as if you can treat yourself like shit on a daily basis, but because you get a facial and a hot stone massage once a month, you’re good; you’ve got your self-love dialed. It doesn’t work like that. Self-love isn’t just about sensual indulgences, or spa treatments. Self-love is about how we relate with ourselves every minute of every day through the thoughts we allow into our minds, and through the words coming out of our mouths.


People have a bad habit of thinking against themselves. They wake up criticizing themselves, and cursing themselves, and thinking all these negative thoughts about themselves, and then they allow this to continue throughout the day, all the way up until they go to sleep at night. I messed up. I’m doing it wrong. I’m such a loser. I hate my thighs. You name it. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, people say these things out loud. Things like: I’m an idiot. I can’t. I don’t know. I’m broke. I was bad today because I ate a cupcake. I mean, people actually say things like this about themselves all the time. These kinds of aspersions are regular, all day/every day thoughts and statements that accompany most people’s lives, and the people who are casting them aren’t even thinking twice about all the ways they’re defaming their own characters.


Most human beings think God is some bearded guy on a cloud who rewards the good, and punishes the bad, just like Santa Claus, minus the reindeer and the elves. But that’s not what God is—not by any stretch of the imagination. God is that little child inside you—that little girl, or that little boy who exists inside each and every one of us as pure innocence and unconditional love. That child is your soul. And the soul that I have inside me is the same soul you have inside you, because there is but one God, despite God’s many forms. The soul expresses through your individual form as you, just as the soul expresses through my individual form as me. Our unique forms allow the soul to express differently, and to play out its incarnation differently, but at its most fundamental level, it is the same soul.

When we speak about ourselves in cruel, defamatory ways, we are directing our words to that innocent child who lives inside us. There is no difference between saying those words to a small child who is sitting right in front of our faces, and saying them about ourselves. Just because you can’t see the child inside you, doesn’t mean that child isn’t there; and it certainly doesn’t mean your words are harmless. Your every word is being registered by your little child inside you. Imagine what people would think if they saw you telling a five-year-old that he was stupid, or that she was ugly, or that she ruined everything, or that you hate his guts, and imagine how those words would affect that child. That is exactly what your words are doing to your child inside you.


Managing such heightened levels of sensitivity and awareness was very, very difficult for me as a kid, and especially as a teenager. Though my father knew what was going on with me, and understood firsthand what I was dealing with, he refused to talk to me about it, or acknowledge it on any level.

It would have been so easy for him to have said, “Hey, you’re not crazy.” That gesture would have gone a long way in supporting me, and allowing me to feel safe, and sane, and held in my journey. But because my father rejected shamanism so strongly, he ignored my experiences, and he pretended not to notice what I was going through. So I became convinced that my father didn’t love me, and—without that unconditional parental love tethering me to this plane of existence—I decided I didn’t want to be here anymore.

I was sixteen when I tried to kill myself. I took a whole bunch of Lithium, which a psychiatrist who had diagnosed me as bipolar and schizophrenic had prescribed. Because that’s what the Western medical model does—they pathologize things they don’t understand (like being a shaman), and then give you pills to take to mask the symptoms. My sister found me passed out on the stairs, and I woke up in the hospital, where they pumped my stomach, and made me drink ipecac, so I would throw up all the pills.

Afterward, I spent some time in the mental ward. When I got out, my friend Anthony took me to an animal shelter to get a dog. A little golden retriever jumped on the fence to get my attention, and spoke to me telepathically.

I’m going to help you to see yourself, he said.

My dad refused to let me keep the dog. I begged him, and I pleaded with him, and then Anthony chimed in and suggested it would be good for me to have something to anchor me to this reality, and to give me a reason to want to be here. So, with an eye roll and a huff, my dad gave in and let me keep the dog. I named him Dexter.

I used to take Dexter to the beach to do rituals with me. One time I was meeting with a Native American shaman—a Lakota elder. He took one look at Dexter and said, “That dog is your spirit animal, man. He talks to you. That dog tells you things.”

It was true. I learned a lot from Dexter.

One day we were playing together in my room, and Dexter looked like he was crying.

“Why are you crying?” I asked him.

I am not crying, Dexter told me, telepathically. You are the one who is crying. I am showing you what you are doing to yourself.

When I asked what he meant, Dexter explained that it was the little boy inside me who was crying, and that the reason he was crying was I was saying mean things to him. Dexter explained that human beings are constantly beating up on themselves with their words and their thoughts. He explained that humans are lifted by love, and that humans are inspired by love, and that it was time for me to start speaking to my little boy with love.

At first, it felt weird, and I didn’t really know what to say.

“Uh, little boy?” I asked. “Is there a little boy in there?”

Yes, I heard a little boy’s voice say.

Tell him, Dexter said, as I took in the fact that I was talking to a small child inside my person.

“I love you,” I said to the little boy.

You do? the little boy’s voice asked.

“Yes, I do,” I said.

This went on for a while—that every time I told my little boy I loved him, he’d ask me: You do? Really?

“Yes,” I kept reassuring him. “I love you. I really love you.”

After a while, he began to trust me, and to rest in that love, because he could feel that it was true. And then I expanded on the practice and started telling my little boy what exactly I loved about him—his kindness, his care, his sensitivity, his generosity, his tenderness, his intelligence, his playfulness, his compassion.

That practice, which I call soul talk, is what brought me back from that suicidal place. Soul talk had such a profound, transformative effect on me that I didn’t just come back, I came back with a force. I came back with a mission. That practice got me so lit about being me that I stopped eating meat. I started volunteering at a battered women’s shelter; and I threw myself into women’s empowerment activism in really big, hands-on ways. It only took a few times before that way of communicating to myself became normal. Now, I talk to myself like this all the time, and I’ve even made it a daily practice. Every morning, I take the time to talk to my soul, and to tell that little boy inside me all the ways that he is amazing, and, of course, to tell him that I love him, I love him, I love him.

Spirit Hack: Soul Talk

You want to do this spirit hack first thing in the morning, as in: before you talk to your partner, before you wake up your kids, before you check your email, before you drink your coffee, and before you meditate. Soul talk sets up your relationship with yourself for your day, which is why it’s so important that you do it immediately upon waking—before anyone has a chance to knock you off your center, or convince you that you are anything less than magnificent and amazing.

When you do soul talk, you are creating your path, because you are speaking to your little girl, or your little boy, which means that you are talking to God. God creates the realities we speak from our mouths and from our minds, which is why when you are doing this spirit hack (and always), you want to speak from a place of love, and from the place of that which you want to become. Remember, when you are doing soul talk, you are speaking directly to your soul.

For this spirit hack, place one or both hands on your heart while holding yourself in a field of unconditional love. Speak lovingly to yourself—in the second person, while describing the qualities that you appreciate about yourself, as well as the ones you want to develop and manifest in yourself, knowing that whatever you say to that little child inside you, you will become, and you will amplify. Here are a few examples of some things you can say:

I love how beautiful you are.

I love your intelligence.

I love your playfulness.

I love how free you are.

I love how easily and gracefully you handle stress.

I love your giving and loving nature.

I love what a wonderful friend you are.

I love your kindness and compassion.

I love your sense of humor.

I love how you’re always thinking the highest for yourself and the highest for others.

Really, there is no limit to the wonderful things you can say about yourself to your soul. Play. Be creative. Have fun showering yourself with love and appreciation, and speaking your ideal self into form.


A lot of the time, the ways that humans think against themselves aren’t as obvious as self-defamatory thoughts and words. Quite often our self-abuse plays out as self-sabotage. For instance, a friend of mine was really stressed out when he was launching his business, and when I asked him why he was working so hard, he said, “Start-ups take time; and we’re doing everything we can so that we don’t fail.”

But what my friend didn’t realize was that he had already failed. He had already cursed himself by naming the possibility of failure. You see, if we are taking action to avoid “failing,” then we are pretty much guaranteed to fail, because we are framing our efforts around the idea of failure. It doesn’t matter whether we want to fail, or not, but just giving the energy of failure life by speaking it empowers the energy of failure.

“Why not just do everything you’re doing so that you succeed?” I asked my friend. “Why not line up your ducks for the success you’re choosing, instead of the failure you’re afraid of?”

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “I never thought about it like that.”


We are far more than simple two-legged mammals biding the illusion of linear time on a spinning rock. We are quantum creators living in a multidimensional reality of infinite possibility. Every time we open our mouths to speak, or touch a screen to type, or fire a neuron to think, we are either creating or destroying. Like I always say, you’re either a tap or a drain.

Words are powerful, powerful tools of creation. When we speak, we align our words with our will, which fuels those words into form. The act of thinking, and the act of speaking, are creative acts, because our words function as a magic wand that God has given us to wield our will into the world.

God creates based on our words, taking each and every one as instructions as to how we want our realities to shape themselves. Every word we speak is a seed of creation, without exception. People have God so wrong. They think God is occupied judging, and counting sins, and tracking how many times we said his name in vain, and then sending scourges to punish us. All God does is listen to what we say, and listen to what we think, and then manifest our words into form. God is occupied only with creating.

This is why it is so important that we are mindful of our words and our thoughts, because it is a law of the universe that God creates whatever we say, and God doesn’t just create the good stuff. God isn’t stuck in any delusions of duality, so God doesn’t do good and bad, or right and wrong. Those are human constructs. God gave us free will so that we could figure out our evolution for ourselves, which means that everything we say, and everything we think, becomes.


After I died, I was in the hospital for a long time. I was paralyzed. I had brain damage. My organs had failed, and my lungs had collapsed. My body was a mess. As I lay there, by myself, hooked up to all these machines, completely unable to move or talk, all I had were my thoughts. And because I’d just died, and I was scared, and I barely knew where I was, I was thinking things like: Am I going to be okay? What if I can’t ever breathe on my own again? Am I going to be hooked up to these machines for the rest of my life?

And while I was lying there, worrying, the spirits came to me and explained that everything I create, and everything I experience, is based upon how I talk to myself; and that in order for me to breathe again, I needed to imagine myself breathing, and I needed to tell myself that I could breathe. The spirits told me to speak what I wanted to happen, not what I didn’t want to happen.

I wrangled hold of my thoughts and started telling myself over and over again: I am breathing. I am breathing on my own. And it is easy for me. I am breathing on my own, and it is happening quickly. I am breathing. It is happening overnight. It is getting easier and easier for me to breathe. I am breathing strong, and I am breathing well. I am breathing. I am breathing. Sure enough, a voice came to me that night and instructed me how to breathe, and taught me how to guide the oxygen so that my lungs could handle it. By morning, I was breathing on my own, and taken off life support.

The spirits came to me again when I was sent home from the hospital in a wheelchair, told I was never going to walk again. The spirits told me to will myself to walk with my words.

I love and appreciate my legs so much, I would tell myself. I love how my legs are getting stronger and stronger. I love how well my brain is communicating with my legs. I am excited by all the accelerated healing that is taking place in my body. Soon enough, I wasn’t just walking, I was dancing again.

I used this practice to heal the blood clots in my organs, and the damage to my brain, and all of the damage my body incurred when I died. I healed my entire physiology with my words and thoughts.


The spirits were very clear: if I wanted to breathe again, and walk again, and use my hands again, I was not to align my thoughts with fear, or doubt, or worst-case scenarios. The spirits explained that I had to align my thoughts with the reality that I wanted, and then speak to that reality, and to that reality only. Because whatever we say, we are giving God permission to make possible for us. Remember, God doesn’t judge. God creates. God creates whatever it is that we tell God to create through our words and our thoughts. If I had let my mind run wild with all the negative possibilities that could have played out in that hospital, I would have been giving God the impression that I was choosing those realities. If I had spoken about healing my body with doubt, or if I had prayed about my body from fear, then I would probably still be in that wheelchair today, if I’d ever made it off life support at all.

Most people pray incorrectly. They pray out of fear, and they pray out of doubt, hoping to convince some punishing Universal Force to deem them worthy enough to grant them their wish. This is pointless. We must pray with the knowledge that whatever we are asking for already is—that it is already done, and that our prayer has already been answered. Notice how when I spoke to my lungs, and when I spoke to my legs, I spoke about the healing that was already taking place. I wasn’t hoping to be able to breathe, and I wasn’t asking God to have mercy on me, and to pretty please, allow me to breathe again someday in the future. I claimed that reality for myself right then and there. I wasn’t asking, and I wasn’t hoping, and I wasn’t begging, and I definitely wasn’t doubting. I was saying: this is how it is. And that is why I succeeded. But most people don’t pray with that certainty, or that conviction. Most people pray from insecurity. We can thank the darkness for that one. It’s the darkness that got humans all mixed up about how to pray, and tricked them into filtering their desires through fear, because God operates from the field of pure love, which means that God doesn’t get the messages that are being filtered through fear. Think about it—how is a lower density frequency like fear going to get itself off the ground, and up into the higher realms where God can receive it? Here’s a hint: it won’t.

The real way to pray is to express your gratitude for what is happening in the present tense, as if it is already done, as in: Thank you for the healing that you are doing on my body right now; or I am so grateful for this accelerated repair to my cells; or I feel so wonderful in my healthy body, and am so excited to be opening up to higher levels of consciousness as I continue to raise my vibration. We pray with the knowledge that we are worthy of what we are praying for; and we pray with gratitude, from a place of confidence, knowing that as we speak our prayers aloud, they are already being fulfilled.

People misunderstand how creation works. They’ll take these sections of the Bible and all these other so-called spiritual books so literally, when they’re actually meant as metaphors and parables; but then they don’t believe the parts that really are meant to be taken literally, like: Knock and the door shall open, and Ask, and ye shall receive. It doesn’t say: Knock, and be worthy, and the door shall open. It doesn’t say: Ask, and if you haven’t committed any sins, then you’ll receive. But, because the system doesn’t want you to know that it can be easy, and that it’s actually meant to be easy, and that we really can realize our greatest dreams, and live a Giant Age here on Earth, people are being programmed to think against themselves. And so instead of thinking about everything they want, and about how amazing it can actually be, they are thinking in fear, and they are thinking in worry, and they are thinking in lack, and they are thinking in separation—all of which are creating the very malfunction in thinking that is the reason why humans are suffering in the first place.


Self-love is the act of acknowledging ourselves through creation. It means we recognize our value as a by-product of our existence. It’s so funny that self-love gets confused with arrogance, when it’s really such a humble act. Self-love is the understanding that we matter because we are—not because we are rich, or famous, or talented, or beautiful, or successful. It’s exactly the opposite. Self-love means loving ourselves simply because we exist.

When we truly love ourselves, we understand what it means to love God, because we are in touch with the divinity that animates all beings, and all life. This is why people who love themselves are holy, because people who love themselves recognize that there is no separation between individual beings, and that there is no separation from God. They see the whole world as holy. People who love themselves know that loving themselves is loving God, and that loving themselves is an act of worship, and that loving themselves is prayer.

Loving ourselves comes along with the understanding that every time we say something to ourselves, we are saying it to God. So, if I tell myself I’m an idiot, I’m calling God an idiot, because I am God’s creation. Anytime we put ourselves down, we are putting creation down, we are putting down the very fiber of life.

When we judge, and we condemn, we are challenging God’s creation in saying I can only love and accept that which I understand from my limited perspective, which means we don’t actually love God, because God is not limited to one form, or to one perspective, and God’s love isn’t ever conditional. So, self-love means being able to love God’s creation in all its forms, which includes you. Obvs.

Spirit Hack: Self-Love Altar

An altar is a power source that exists in all cultures and most spiritual traditions. Altars are a way of focusing our energy and our devotion upon something. The more you pay attention to your altar—by lighting candles, and making offerings, and keeping it tidy—the more you are building your momentum of power.

A lot of people build altars to gurus they’ve never met, and to spiritual people they put on pedestals and worship like golden calves. These kinds of altars are fine as long as they bring us joy, but they’re not necessarily all that potent. A lot of the time, these altars are superficial, and function as a means of telling other people how holy we are, rather than as an authentic focal point for divine worship and reverence.

The purpose of creating a self-love altar is to honor the consciousness of self-love as divine love—to acknowledge that the more you love yourself, the more you love creation. This is the energy I want you to call forth in yourself as you go about making your self-love altar.

Things to include on your self-love altar:

§ an image of yourself that you love, and that inspires you

§ money for prosperity

§ a stone for strength

§ a candle to burn for energy and protection

§ a message that reads As I see myself, I see God (or a similar idea that resonates with you)

Your goal is to create an altar that inspires you, and uplifts you, and reminds you of your divinity every time you gaze upon it.

Be sure to keep your altar tidy, and to make offerings of fresh flowers and regular dashes of attention. The more energy you give to your altar, the stronger your self-love momentum will build.


The matrix has a vested interest in our self-hatred, because if we loved ourselves, then there would be no internal void. There would be nothing to entice us to look outside of ourselves for love, and nothing for us to achieve to earn love from others, and nothing for us to buy to impress others, and the whole system would basically screech to a halt. But the darkness can’t have that, which is why the matrix is constructed to keep humans from loving themselves.

In order for us to create a Giant Age on Earth, we must transform the structures and the constructs that are not aligned with love, and that are not sustainable. This means overhauling the legal system, the educational system, the financial system, the medical system, and all the rest of it. To do this, we must come together with our fellow humans and brainstorm, and share ideas and knowledge and solutions, while figuring out what needs to be changed, and what that change looks like, and how to go about implementing that change. This collective conversation is crucial if we are to make it through the Blackout. But humans are not focused on sharing this conversation, and humans are not devoted to creating and implementing change. Instead we are misdirecting our devotion and our attention on pop stars and rappers, singing about bitches, and broads, and Benzes, and Benjamins, and heartbreak.


Are you aware of the words reverberating through your system when you sing along to your favorite songs? Are you hearing the lyrics you are repeating over, and over, and over again? The ones that claim I’m nothing without your love, or that I’d rather die than live without you, or that Money is a hassle, or that Bitches be frontin’, or that My ride is better than your ride, or that Your kicks are wack, or whatever else musicians are singing about these days?

Most people think that words are just symbols we use in order to communicate. But words are way more multidimensional than people realize. Words are coded with frequencies that program our subconscious minds, and entrain our various systems to match their vibratory resonance. Every word has its own energetic frequency that unlocks its own set of codes. Those codes affect our physical bodies, our emotional bodies, our psychological bodies, and our spiritual bodies. When we sing along to music that has us affirming lack, or hierarchy, or materialism, the frequencies of those lyrics are entraining our systems to vibrate at the frequencies of lack, hierarchy, and materialism, while programming our minds with whatever other limiting bullshit the Barbie doll with the mic is going on and on about.


The matrix uses media to control our minds. You drive to the grocery store, and you’re bombarded by billboards on the side of the road that are designed to agitate the mind, and trigger feelings of lack and self-doubt. You turn on the radio, and you’re flooded with aggravated stimulation, and news of war, and strife, and fear, and discord. According to newscasters, only terrible things ever happen on planet Earth. Good news doesn’t make for effective indoctrination, and it certainly doesn’t make for hefty advertising revenue. So you flip to a Top 40 station, because you figure the music will calm your spirit, except that’s where the brain sting comes in.

Remember how I told you that when I died, the spirits explained to me that all human suffering comes from incorrect thinking? All of it. The matrix uses music to program the population by hacking into their brains and creating malfunctions in people’s thinking. Popular music is crafted to get people to act in opposition to their character, and in opposition to themselves. The news and the politicians like to tell us about all these wars happening on foreign soil, in parts of the world where there’s terror, and tyranny, and oppression, and oil, but the real war is the brain sting coming through our screens. The media onslaught that is bombarding us all day, every day, is the real war.


When we listen to music, our body, our brain, our psyche, and our energetic fields all entrain themselves to the frequencies the song is emitting. This includes the melodies, and the harmonies, and the sounds the instruments make; and it also includes the lyrics, which act as mantras that program the subconscious mind.

Mantra refers to words or phrases that are uttered in rhythmic repetition to entrain the mind with specific frequencies, like love, or peace, or abundance. The repetition allows the frequencies of the words to align the subconscious mind to these energies, so that we can embody them and radiate them out into the world. Generally when people think of mantras, they think of Sanskrit chants praising Lord Krishna or the goddess Lakshmi—chants that are meant to uplift and optimize the human spirit. The matrix utilizes pop music lyrics to enslave the human spirit using the same principle as mantra, by repeating words and phrases over and over and over again to program the subconscious mind, and to entrain the brain to the frequencies encoded in the words. Instead of repeating words and phrases about love, and light, and abundance, and connection, the music industry writes lyrics that are deliberately meant to disempower people, so that they will be easier to control. That’s why you’ve got pretty pop stars singing about how worthless they are now that their man is gone, and how life has lost all meaning since they broke up, and how they might as well just kill themselves. And it’s why you’ve got hip-hop artists rapping about the numbers in their bank account, and the tags on their designer shirts, and the colleagues they’re in competition with and want to murder.

These songs are tools of the system, and the lyrics are designed to manipulate us. Think about it. That new tune you love has a slick beat, and a bumpin’ bass line, which means that whenever it comes on the radio—which is several times a day—you sing along, repeating the chorus over and over and over again, because choruses are repetitive like that. Repetition is how we program the subconscious mind. This means that—from a shamanic perspective—when we listen to songs that degrade the human spirit, and that degrade other people, and that tell us we’re worthless unless we get more bling, we are effectively cursing ourselves, because we are programming our subconscious minds to work against us, and to disempower us. And what’s even crazier is that the system has set itself up so that—yet again—we do it to ourselves.

We don’t have this kind of manipulation in tribal culture. The chants, and songs, and spirituals my ancestors used to sing were about uplifting, and empowering, and guiding oneself through difficult times. Personally, I don’t listen to pop music. I listen mostly to country music. But not everyone likes country music, so what are people supposed to be listening to? I leave that decision to you, my love. As a quantum creator, you have to honestly evaluate whether the songs you are listening to are transmitting information you truly want to hear repeated over and over and over again, and that you truly want to have looping through your consciousness. Because every time you loop something through your consciousness, it becomes a little bit more engrained, and a little bit more engrained, and a little bit more engrained. You have to decide for yourself what kinds of energies and information you want to allow into your consciousness.

Spirit Hack: Dodging Brain Sting

It’s one thing to be mindful of the songs we listen to in our homes, or in our cars, or on our computers. It’s another thing when we are out in the world, where the matrix is pulling the strings. So often I’ll find myself in a store, or at an event, or even at the gas station, or the bank, and some song comes on with a whole bunch of lyrics I really don’t want sinking into my brain. When this happens, I use this simple spirit hack to protect the sanctity of my consciousness.

§ While tapping the back of your neck with the palm of your hand, say aloud: “Generate a barrier so that my mind does not take these words into my being as fact.”

§ Take a deep inhalation, and then blow it out with a loud “Whoo!”

Duly protected, there’s no need to worry about the frequencies of brain sting infecting your consciousness. Still, there’s no need to push your luck by singing along or anything.


The music industry is using brain sting to deliberately disempower people as a means of control. The system uses music, and television, and movies, and video games as carriers to disseminate corrupt coding. But make no mistake, the system is writing the code. The system is writing the lyrics. This is all by design.

While brain sting is transmitted through music, emotional sting comes in through scary movies and aggravated stimulation. Emotional sting wreaks havoc on the nervous system and the emotional body by spiking the heart rate and the cortisol levels, and sending a surge of fight-or-flight hormones through the body, which are really, really damaging to the biological space suit. Duly whacked-out by the hormones flooding the system, the psyche undergoes just as much damage, as it holds on to the anxiety the various chemical responses are generating, and stores it in the amygdala, where it leaks into the emotional body and creates all kinds of fears, phobias, traumas, sleep disruptions, and behavioral changes.

Scary movies are created by the system to hold us back, which is why, these days, every new release is about some sort of zombie, vampire, evil alien, AI apocalypse. It’s no coincidence that we are smack dab in the middle of the Blackout, and suddenly, horror movies are all the rage again. These films plant atrocious images in the subconscious mind, where they seed the consciousness with all sorts of horrible things we would never consider on our own. Once these images have been programmed into our imaginations, they become actual potentialities that humans can more easily manifest, because they’ve been imprinted onto our consciousness as possibilities that can actually happen. If we continue to focus our energy and our devotion onto these types of situations and circumstances, then we will create more and more of these situations and circumstances in our waking reality. That’s why I never watch scary movies. You literally couldn’t pay me to program those frequencies into my mind, because I have no interest in destroying my nervous system and attracting those events or situations into my life, thank you very much.


But, it’s not like we are just these passive victims the matrix is bombarding with incorrect thoughts. People willingly limit themselves all day, every day, by writing their own corrupt codes. It happens all the time. I was doing a podcast interview, and just before we started recording, the interviewer said to me, “I really hope people are going to like this, and are going to get it.”

And I was like, Ugh. Because “hope” and the future tense are encoded with doubt and uncertainty.

I replied, “How about People are loving everything we’re saying; and this podcast is activating transformational experiences that are opening them, and awakening them, and inspiring them to go deeper into their self-love practices?”

I mean, if we’re going to set intentions, then let’s set some poprocks intentions, right?

Here’s the thing: curses are real. They’re called complaining. They’re called worrying. They’re called doubting yourself, and limiting yourself, and sabotaging yourself, and putting yourself down. For example, I never tell my clients to “try” a spirit hack. I always tell them to “do” the spirit hack. When I tell someone to “try” something, I am cursing them with the experience of not completing. The word “try” is encoded with the frequency of doubt; and therefore, “try” functions to program our consciousness with the possibility of failure.


So often I do events with spiritual teachers, and they’re always talking about “doing the work,” and “working on ourselves.” It’s really annoying. “Work” is a matrix word. The word “work” is coded with resistance frequencies, because we live in a world where we must work to survive. “Work” implies that we have to do something we don’t really want to do, and triggers the idea of slavery in the human vessel. It’s really messed up, because we have all these gurus constantly referring to “the work” we have to do to get enlightened, because the matrix has programmed this resistance into their New Age vocabulary. It’s no wonder people cling to their slumber. The idea that we have to work in order to transform doesn’t make the evolutionary process sound all that appealing, does it?

Instead of saying that I’m working on myself, I say that I’m loving on myself. We are not working on our issues, we are lovingly accepting the energies that we are moving through. That’s a good one, because it communicates that we have already decided that we are moving through it, which means that movement is already happening, which means we are accelerating the process.

People who are not conscious of their words curse themselves all day long and craft lives for themselves that they don’t really like, by saying things such as:

“I’m so bad with money.”

Got it, Spirit says. I’ll keep those financial troubles coming.

“There are no single guys.”

Cool, Spirit says. You love being alone. No available men for you.

“This is going to be really hard.”

Gotcha, Spirit says. Let’s make this endeavor extra challenging.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.”

You want to be in limbo, Spirit says. Great. Limbo it is!

When we speak, the frequencies of the words reverberate from our mouths, unlocking the codes embedded therein. So when we say Life is hard, we are activating the coding that corresponds to the word “hard.” Those frequencies are then projected out into the universe, where they link up with everything else that is vibrating at the frequency of “hard,” and then the ego goes about organizing our reality to affirm this statement, and to make sure our life is full of difficult experiences, so that we can be right.

This is why we must be extremely mindful of our words—every one of them. When we speak words that are not in alignment with the realities we want to be living, we must rewrite those words, and respeak those words immediately, before they have time to take root, and program the subconscious mind, and materialize in our reality.

So instead of declaring how bad I am with money, I would say: “I’m getting better and better at managing my money.”

And instead of complaining about there being no single guys, I would say: “I love how I’m meeting more and more aligned and available men, every day.”

And instead of cursing myself into a state of purgatory, I would say: “I am so excited to see what exciting, amazing, harmonious opportunities Spirit has in store for me.”

It is very important that when you hear yourself speaking against yourself, you restate the idea in a more positive light, immediately. Remember, everything you are experiencing in the present moment is the result of the thoughts, words, and actions you’ve spoken and done in the past. So if we want our realities to change, then we have to speak that change into our present moment experience, which means describing things the way we want them to be, instead of in the ways we are tired of them being. Do not be shy about correcting yourself in front of other people. Your alignment and the quality of your consciousness are far more important than what anyone else may or may not think about you leveling up out loud, like the lit leader you are.


As soon as we enter the Earth experience, the mind starts creating an attachment to this reality through an identity that is known as the ego. The more identity constructs we take on, the stronger, bigger, and more stubborn the ego grows. People get really hung up on this ridiculous idea of “killing” the ego, as if that were possible. We have to have an ego to live on this planet. We cannot survive without an ego. The ego was built into our system as a way for us to attach to this reality, so that we will choose to stay in these freaking bodies. If we didn’t have an ego, there would be nothing keeping us here in this dense, third-dimensional plane. We’re too powerful. We are way more powerful than these biological space suits we’re walking around in. So we created the ego as a means of attaching to this reality construct. The ego gets a bad rap because some people’s egos are based in lower densities, which are characterized by fear, and judgment, and hierarchy. But plenty of people choose to evolve their egos such that they are rooted in love, and devotion, and service. The ego isn’t bad; it’s just misunderstood, which is why the ego is not properly engaged, or evolved.

The ego is simply an affirmation device. Its purpose is to organize your reality to match your beliefs. That means that if you are holding on to a belief that says Men suck, the ego will make sure to organize your reality so that men treat you like shit, so you can be right. That’s because the ego is the thing that actually makes your reality real for you, as a creator. I call it the great paperweight. Its job is to make you believe in the world you want to see. Remember, we live in a quantum reality. There are infinite realities; and everyone’s reality is unique to them. So if you choose to believe that life is hard, the ego will make sure it aligns your reality to be full of challenges; just as if your beliefs are aligned with love, the ego will create a loving reality for you.


When we complain about our lives, or the state of the world, or anything, we only empower the issues we are complaining about. When someone says, “It’s terrible how the ocean is so polluted,” they’re not helping to heal the ocean, they’re just adding more pollution to it. They are sending instructions to every possible universal creative force, commanding them to be sure to keep the oceans nice and polluted. They are doing what I call create to replay, which means the more we talk about something, the more we experience it. If we really want to help clean up the oceans, then we would communicate this same idea in saying, “The oceans are getting less and less polluted every day,” or “It’s exciting to see so many positive changes happening on the planet now that Earth is cleansing itself.” This sends a new set of instructions to those creative forces, which is what sets into motion the act of Earth cleansing itself.


It is so important for us to be aware of the codes we are speaking into the world of form, because we are literally creating reality with our every word. Whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not, this is universal law. When we speak from love, our words create a loving reality. When we are not speaking from love, our words create realities comprised of fear, limitation, and separation, which all empower the darkness. This is why we are in the Blackout, and this is why the Blackout continues to intensify, because it seems like all people want to talk about is what’s wrong, and whose fault it is, and how oppressed they are, and why everything is terrible. All that this complaining is actually doing is creating more of those energies, and more of those realities. At this stage of the Blackout, we really need a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to complaining. What we need to be talking about is what’s wonderful about the world, and how it can be better, and what it looks like to live on a balanced, thriving, abundant, poprocks planet Earth.