Dream Greater - Shake Up To Wake Up

Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World - Shaman Durek 2019

Dream Greater
Shake Up To Wake Up

Because we live in a quantum energy field, every possibility you could possibly imagine, and all the possibilities you haven’t yet imagined, exist. And the whole reason you incarnated here on Earth was so that you could experience as many of these possibilities as you want. Unfortunately, humans play small. Even though we are children of God, and we are imbued with the same creative powers as God, the vast majority of us don’t take advantage of these powers. It’s a wasted opportunity, because we are not here to play small. We are here to get lit, and to live our most amazing, magnificent dreams while making the world giant.

The primary issue is that people aren’t doing what lights them up, and keeps them on blaze. People don’t think they even have the right to figure out what lights them up, and keeps them on blaze, let alone actually do it. We are not welcomed to this planet by friendly, supportive spirits who explain upon our arrival that we are quantum creators in an infinitely loving and abundant universe, here to experience whatever we choose. Instead we are born inside a sterile box, under artificial lights, and taken out of our mother’s womb by hands that are wrapped in latex, and all too often attached to the arms of a man (as if men should be birthing babies, but that’s a whole other thing for a whole other book). When we are old enough, we are placed in an institution that stifles us with rules, and tells us to sit still, and to shut up, and to raise our hands to ask the questions we are discouraged from asking in the first place, and to then regurgitate all this indoctrinated nonsense they’re shoving down our throats so we can get into a good college, and take out thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of loans, to go to yet another institution that exists to indoctrinate us some more, so we can tack a bunch of letters after our name, to get a job that will suck our time, our life force, and our creativity, in exchange for just enough money to survive, plus two weeks’ vacation per year. And if we dare to deviate from this formula, we will be poor, and we will be cast out, and we will live in a tent in an alley until we die penniless and alone in a ditch somewhere.

Because the system programs us to believe that we have no choice but to live out this formula that is hammered into our consciousness from the get-go, people don’t put any effort into figuring out what it is they really want. They don’t believe they are allowed to figure out what it is they really want. Who am I to live my dreams, and shine bright? the darkness whispers in our ears. And because we think that voice belongs to us, we believe it, and we give our power away to the programming that tells us we’re not worthy. And then because we don’t have some great, grand authority’s permission to be lit, and to be happy, and to live poprocks lives, we don’t.


The lies that hold the system together are so flimsy, they’re like dandelion fluff just waiting to be blown away. Because if humans were to understand how powerful they are, and how boundless they are, and how effortlessly God has set it up for us to manifest everything we could possibly dream of, the matrix would crumble. It’s another reason why people aren’t living magnificent lives filled with amazing experiences and beautiful adventures—because they are programmed to think it’s hard, and that it requires time, and effort, and blood, and sweat, and adversity.

People are indoctrinated to think they have to overcome great odds and massive obstacles to earn the right to live a good life, and to have nice things. The media relentlessly instills this program in us—the one that alleges that we must earn comfort and enjoyment through suffering. Human beings place a high value on pain and hardship, and utilize these energies as a means of justifying wealth and pleasure. It’s like, I went through all these terrible things, so now I deserve to enjoy my infrared sauna, and my Kangen water filter, and my marriage. It’s a trap. It’s a trap that we set up for ourselves to legitimize the belief that we have to go through something in order to get something, instead of just choosing to open a door to a dream and walking right through it with ease and joy.

The reason people aren’t creating poprocks lives for themselves isn’t because creating a poprocks life is hard. God wouldn’t have made us creators if creating was something that was hard for us to do. The reason people aren’t creating poprocks lives for themselves is because people don’t understand how to manifest. Again, it’s not because manifestation is hard; it’s because everything we were taught about time is wrong.


The system deliberately distorts our relationship to time to keep us from stepping into our power as creators. Days, weeks, months, and years are all arbitrary constructs the matrix created to trap us inside the program that has us perpetually associating with this thing called “time” that there never seems to be enough of (unless we’re bored, in which case it’s endless). These distorted ideas of time create parallel constructs in our cells, which are therefore programmed with the same distortions, meaning the body believes it has to age and die. But seriously—think about how janky it is. Some months have thirty days. Some have thirty-one. And then there’s the February situation, which makes no sense on any level whatsoever. December isn’t the tenth month, and October isn’t the eighth month, but according to the dictionary, “dec” means ten, and “oct” means eight, so what the fuck? The whole thing is so ass-backward, and yet humans give their power, their authority, and their lives to this completely illogical construct. I mean, shouldn’t a system that measures time be—at the very least—consistent, or rational, or easy to follow, if not all three?


One of the most basic principles of shamanism is that life is always in flux. Everything is constantly moving. Your cells are moving. Your blood is moving. Your bile is moving. Your thoughts are moving. The wind is moving. The ocean is moving. The planet itself is moving. Everything is moving, moving, moving. That’s why Eckhart Tolle’s whole The Power of Now thing is such bullshit. There is no now. How do you get into a now? By focusing on it? By staring at it really intensely? What does that even mean? The now becomes the past as soon as we try to identify it. The act of acknowledging the so-called now, and stepping into the matrix’s programmed perspective of time, means we have ceased to be present. Because the now isn’t static, and the now isn’t fixed. The now is always in motion. It’s why, whenever I hear these spiritual people going on and on about now this, and now that, I’m like, What the hell are you talking about? Your now just became the past, and your past just created your new future, so where is this imaginary pit stop called now that you think your meditation app is going to take you to?


The extent to which we misunderstand time is the biggest roadblock humans face when it comes to manifestation. The primary issue is that people think time is linear. The matrix programs humans to think of time as a straight line that leads them from the past to the present and into the future, which is why the system is structured around institutional benchmarks and experiences meant to maintain the illusion of a linear trajectory. This is why we are rewarded with parties, presents, ceremonies, celebrations, and positive feedback from our friends and family when we “achieve” certain milestones that affirm this so-called progression (i.e., birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, retirements). The illusion of linear time was created as a way to make sure that humans stay in line, and follow the rules, and keep to the system’s prefab formulas. The problem is that when we operate from the distorted perspective of linear time, we cut ourselves off from the quantum realm of limitless possibility.


If you want to know your future, you don’t need to consult a psychic, or an oracle, or a Tarot reader. All you need to do is pay attention to what you are doing now. The future isn’t this mysterious, preexisting construct that is waiting to surprise us once we catch up to it. The future is a synthesis of everything we are thinking, doing, saying, and being now.

The quantum field of experience always exists, and is always available to us, but we can only access it when we truly understand that there is no future. What most people refer to as “the future” is just an extension of the present moment, which is always moving. If I were to speak to you right now, the words would leap into the past before your brain had a chance to register them. And that past would immediately lead to the creation of my next experience, which will create the next, and the next, just as that past would immediately create your next sequence of experiences. The future is comprised of tendrils like this, and each tendril represents a certain series of choices; and all these choices are quantum, which means that each one leads to its own array of different experiences. There is no single future path that leads us to some grand destiny human beings seem to think they’re moving toward. There is no one destiny. Life does not unfold by chance. It is built upon the choices we make. Every choice leads us along one of those tendrils, and at any given time, we can change direction, and leap on over to another tendril—another pathway, another dimensional reality—by shifting our perspective and changing the way we think. Those operating in the quantum field of experience understand that the future does not exist until we create it. That awareness allows us to recognize the creative opportunities that are available in each and every moment, which allows us to manifest from a platform of expanded possibilities.


Shamans say that a person who lived a good life was a good dreamer, meaning they created a lot of options for themselves. A good dreamer avails themselves to all the possibilities that are held within the quantum field of experience, and knows that the way to access these possibilities is to allow their feeling state to permeate their being. Everything that exists in the spirit world is a flow—like a river, or a stream. Nothing is static, or fixed, or permanent. So when a good dreamer decides they want to experience joy, they invoke the feeling of joy in their body, which allows them to magnetize a dimensional river that flows at the frequency of joy. Then they jump in, and wade in the joy stream for a little while, and see where it takes them, and what doors it opens. Then the energies shift, because everything is always in flux, and now maybe our dreamer is wanting to experience some affection. So they call forth the feeling experience of affection, and then they get to see what happens in the stream of that flow, and what possibilities open up for them in the waters of affection. Then, when they feel ready, they step out of the river of affection to immerse themselves in the stream of inspiration, or in the stream of magic, or in the stream of play, or in the stream of stillness. It all exists, and we can jump into any stream at any time when we are operating in the quantum field of experience, and allowing ourselves to be fluid.

Spirit Hack: Past Tense Your Future

Most people manifest by speaking their desires into the future. They talk about all the wonderful things they are going to have, and all the wonderful things they are going to do, and all the wonderful things they are going to create. What they don’t understand is that every time we say we are “going to” do something, we move that energy farther and farther away from us, into that procrastination construct called the future. When we speak in the future tense, we delay our manifestations.

Speaking in the past tense is a powerful spirit hack because it allows us to bypass the influence of the past, and to create from a fresh place, quickly. When we speak our future into the present, we clear the slate, so to speak, in declaring a new now, and a new trajectory. This means we speak about the things we are manifesting as though they have already happened. So, instead of saying: “I am excited that my book is going to help uplift and empower millions and millions of people,” I say: “I am so excited that my book is helping millions and millions of people to uplift and empower themselves.” When we speak about things that haven’t yet unfolded as though they already have, we trick our subconscious mind into accepting our future projections as real. Remember: the mind is bound to the ego, which exists to make us right. In speaking our manifestations in the past, the mind goes about organizing reality to affirm the story we are telling, which means grabbing hold of the experience we are talking about, and carrying it into the future, so that we can experience it as the present unfolds, and be right.

If we want to manifest in the future, we speak in the past tense, as though we are looking back and reflecting upon the experience that has already happened. Like that time I said, “I love how these beautiful, amazing people just called me out of the blue to join them on their boat, and how we had the best time ever sailing around the Mediterranean, and swimming in the sea, and eating delicious food.” And within a few days, I got a call from my friend Jeremy, asking me if I wanted to join him and his family for a sailing trip around the Greek islands.


Humans must realize that the future is entirely of our making. It has no autonomy, and no agency, and no agenda. The future is waiting on us to direct it, and to build it, and to shape it, and to nuance it. We decide how it’s going to look, and how it’s going to grow, and how it’s going to prosper. The future is a composite of our actions, our behaviors, and our beliefs. There is no X factor. The future is entirely what we make it. So when we, as a collective, choose to align our thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs toward a loving, nurturing, peaceful, prosperous, sustainable future, then that is how the future will align, as long as the majority of people are directing their consciousness toward that vision. Unfortunately, humans are not currently directing their consciousness toward that vision, because humans are too busy being entertained.


We are programmed to believe we have to work to survive, even though our survival should be a given, and our work should be an authentic contribution to the upliftment of the species. The system imposes all sorts of have-tos upon us. We have to pay rent. We have to pay bills. We have to buy things. We have to insure things. We have to sign paperwork. We have to remember passwords, and update user agreements, and authenticate our identities. People feel overwhelmed, and people feel trapped, and people feel depressed. And because they don’t want to deal with the pressure and the have-tos, they look to external things to make them feel better. They turn to entertainment.

Julius Caesar pacified the poor, disenfranchised Romans by giving them “bread and circuses.” It was the key to wrangling political power during a time of extreme strife: give the people cheap food and plenty of entertainment to distract them from their disempowerment, and their status quo. Little has changed over the course of history, as the system continues to pacify the masses by using the very same strategy. So what if people are drowning in debt, and doubt, and depression, and disease? Just throw them a glamour bone, and keep them entertained, and they’ll pretty much let you do whatever you want, because the darkness has co-opted their attention.


Our attention is the glue that holds reality in place. The only thing that renders something real is the act of us putting our attention on it, and interpreting it as real. This entire dimensional construct is held together by our attention—by what the consensus of consciousness is focusing on, and devoting themselves to, and is therefore asking God to create. The act of directing our attention is like casting our vote for how we want our world to look.

For example, let’s say someone is diagnosed with cancer, and they say, “I’m going to fight this cancer. I am going to beat this cancer. I am not going to let this cancer kill me.” It doesn’t really matter what they do, or how many treatments they undergo, I can tell you right now, they are creating an experience for themselves where that cancer is going to be unlikely to beat. The act of focusing so much of their attention on fighting cancer, and on resisting cancer only strengthens the cancer, and empowers the cancer, because it’s all about cancer, cancer, cancer.

We are quantum creators, directing God with our every thought, and our every word. So when we direct our attention toward “fighting” cancer, we are reliant upon cancer to stick around to give us something to fight, and something to do. But when we remove our attention from the cancer and instead we commit to “thriving in a healthy body,” and to “living a long, active life,” we are directing our sacred attention toward the health we are calling in, and the healing we are experiencing, instead of on the disease we want to transmute, which allows the universe to amplify our health accordingly.


The problem is that people misuse their attention. And people disrespect their attention. They don’t honor their attention as their primary reality filter. They aren’t mindful of how they are focusing their attention, and of where they are directing their attention, and of what constructs and situations they are fueling with their attention, because they don’t see their attention as a sacred instrument of creation. They don’t understand how to use their attention to better their lives, and so they do not safeguard their attention. They just react, and let their attention be pulled by any random thing—by news, by gossip, by cellulite, by consumption, by cat videos, by political farce, by anything and everything the matrix throws out to deliberately wrangle our attention away from us, and to steal our creative vigor, and to strengthen and fortify the system, and all the status quo it perpetuates.

The matrix targets our attention through distraction. When we allow ourselves to be swept up in the glamour of distraction, we cast our vote for the reality that distraction is creating. That means that if you are focusing your attention on all the atrocities they’re telling you about on the news, or on all the shoes you can’t afford that your favorite reality star has in her walk-in closet, or on all the ways the patriarchy is disempowering you because of your skin color and your genitals and your sexual preferences, then those are the realities you are choosing to empower, and those are the experiences you are choosing to affirm, and to create more of. But let’s be clear—it is a choice. It is always a choice. Most people think they have to accept the reality construct they are living in. That’s because they haven’t studied shamanism, and they don’t know that the box only stays the box because we keep putting our attention on the box. They don’t know that the box dissolves the moment we take our attention off it, because they don’t know that their attention creates their reality.


The reason why people aren’t creating poprocks realities for themselves is because human beings haven’t learned how to dream. When Martin Luther King Jr. spoke the words I have a dream, he was talking about dreaming a new reality into being. He was talking about dreaming greater than how most people were dreaming at the time. Dr. King is one of my greatest and closest mentors. He visits me often in the spirit world and guides me as to how to use my thoughts to shape myself; and he always reminds me of his dream. Part of the reason that I chose to come back after I died was to forward Dr. King’s dream, and to dream it greater.

Dr. King’s initial dream was to create racial equality for all people. Dr. King succeeded in shifting people’s consciousness to see that a greater dream was possible, and the collective took a quantum leap into a new reality where black people were no longer segregated. But the system couldn’t allow culture to evolve in this way, or it would collapse, so it manipulated people into forgetting about the greater dream. You see, the dream was not fulfilled. The dream was to continue. The dream was not just “to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood”; it was to transform the entire world.

But because a reality marked by global peace doesn’t serve the darkness, the system created a whole bunch of distractions that distorted Dr. King’s dream into a kind of glamour that made it seem like black people were free, while putting them right back into slavery—a different kind of slavery, decorated with gold rims, a whole lotta bling, and a killer weave, but just as oppressive. The system accomplished this by bringing in the spirit of narcissism to distract us from Dr. King’s dream, and to distort Dr. King’s dream, by changing it from the dream of being equal to the dream of being a superstar. This is why we now have so many people focusing their attention on all these celebrity athletes and entertainers, instead of on their own dreams, and on their own lives, let alone on establishing global equality here on Earth.


The spirit of narcissism exists to get people to believe that they are nothing unless they become something. What the system does is target the vacuous void that generates the false belief that we need to achieve something in order to be loved, and then it supersizes it by bringing in the spirit of narcissism, and tricking people into thinking that unless they achieve a certain level of acknowledgment, or appreciation, or value—meaning, unless they become famous—they will not be fulfilled. This is how the matrix lured people away from Dr. King’s dream and redirected their attention onto that carrot, and onto that cage, while allowing the racism to seep back in and to spread like a virus, even though that virus had been vanquished, and was releasing, and being transmuted into love.

I refer to this phase of the Blackout as the Age of Narcissism, wherein humans are trying to understand themselves through the identities they mistakenly believe they are, while attempting to adapt to the social construct that says: I value myself based on how many Likes I get on social media. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Narcissism is allowing people to see themselves, and to learn about themselves. But most people are stuck in the shallows, and are distracted by the glamour, and by how cool they look, and by their Likes, and their matches, and their virtual popularity, instead of digging deeper into themselves to figure out who they are—like, who the fuck they really, truly, actually are—and why they are operating the way they are operating.


People need to let go of the distractions that keep them from focusing on themselves. That means letting go of entertainment. That takes courage, because people are scared of what they might find, and they are afraid that they don’t have the tools to deal with what they’ll find, which is why I’m sharing these spirit hacks and these shamanic tools with you now. We can’t dream greater dreams until we understand why we are dreaming our current dreams. We can’t level-up our lives until we figure out why we are living the lives we are living now. To thine own self be true, wrote Shakespeare. But the only way to be true to ourselves is for us to figure out what’s motivating us to make the choices we are making in the first place, even when those choices aren’t ones we’re particularly proud of.

My friend was reading Star magazine while we were getting mani/pedis. When I asked her why she was reading that particular publication, she said it was because she wanted to know what such-and-such celebrities were up to.

“Are you friends with them?” I asked, genuinely perplexed.

“No,” she said. “It’s a guilty pleasure.”

“What makes it a guilty pleasure?” I asked, even more confused, because clearly my friend and I had very different ideas about what pleasure actually means. “Is it a guilty pleasure because you get to look at all the things these people have that you don’t have, so you can feel even worse about your life than you already do? Do you mean guilty pleasure, or do you really mean self-abuse?”

And then my friend got upset and put the magazine down, which was an empty gesture, because she was just doing it to get my approval, not because she had actually figured out why she was putting her attention on celebrity gossip, and what medicine was in it for her.


In shamanism, everything has medicine to share. If a snake bites you, then your spirit was calling for snake medicine. If your house floods, then you were clearly needing water medicine in your life—a lot of water medicine, but water medicine, nonetheless. When events like this happen, we can’t integrate the lessons until we understand the medicine these experiences are giving us. So if our attention is focused on things that are not aligned with our devotion—like doubt, or sugar, or debt, or criticism—then we need to discern what medicine is there for us in those unhealthy choices before we can authentically shift our attention away from them.

From a spiritual perspective, if our attention is on anything, it is because spirit wants our attention on that thing. Not necessarily because spirit wants us to keep our attention on that thing, but because spirit wants us to use that thing to learn about ourselves. We can’t shift our attention from the poison until we know what medicine the poison is giving us. That’s why it was pointless when my friend put down the magazine. That wasn’t growth; that was just her trying to control the situation. So, she wants to read about celebrity gossip. That’s where her attention was pulled. Okay, that’s real. That’s what’s happening. The next step would be for her to figure out why her attention is being pulled to Star magazine before she can authentically shift her attention onto more productive things, like talking to her shaman friend who happened to be sitting in the chair right next to her.

Kissing the Dragon

When I was in my early twenties and still figuring out whether I wanted to be a shaman, or a model, or a dancer (as though I actually had a choice in the matter), I used to drink like crazy. I would spend my days training in shamanism, and doing readings, and healings, and divinations for people, and then I’d rehearse with my hip-hop troupe, and then I’d get wasted while playing video games with my buddies, and then we’d head to the Castro to shoot paintballs at the gay guys coming out of the clubs, because I didn’t just have a drinking problem, I was also homophobic.

You see, my father—who was very African, and very Haitian—taught me that homosexuality was wrong, and that men who shared love and intimacy with other men were weak, and weren’t real men. These ideas, which had been engrained in me throughout my entire life, proved threatening on a very deep level, because—as it turns out—I, myself, am sexually attracted to both men and women. But because I was afraid of being rejected by my father, and because I was afraid of losing his love, I dealt with these feelings by repressing them and by acting out against the men who had the courage to be themselves.

The thing is, that pain I was inflicting upon those men was actually my own pain. It was the pain I felt toward myself for not living my truth. You see, when human beings act out with hate, or intolerance, or violence, or aggression toward others, we are really acting those things out toward ourselves, because we are not in harmony with ourselves, and because we are in judgment of ourselves, and because we want to attack ourselves. The reason people act out all these egregious behaviors toward one another is because they are afraid of their own reflections, and because they are afraid of what lies deep within themselves, and of that which they don’t understand about themselves. My personal experience of homophobia gifted me a deep understanding of conflict—both global and interpersonal—as well as a pronounced ability to see both sides of a situation, which, ultimately, prepared me to be the great peacemaker and mediator I am today. Was it wrong how I treated those men? Absolutely, it was wrong. But sometimes in life we must take steps into the darkness to move us higher into the light.

But this isn’t actually a story about homophobia. This is a story about alcohol abuse. This is a story about how, after yet another night spent drinking, and harassing the gay guys coming out of the clubs, I woke up on someone’s lawn with my hand down my pants (which were on backward), and with vomit on my shirt, and a whole family staring down at me, looking none too pleased.

I went home humiliated and decided to figure out why I was devoting my attention to alcohol. I arranged a bunch of liquor bottles around my room, so I could face the very thing that I was afraid to confront—that alcohol had made me its bitch. In shamanism, we call it kissing the dragon. I sat down on my bed, surrounded by all the bottles, and blasted Metallica, and dug into the emotions that were making me drink.

Why is my attention on alcohol? I asked myself. Why is my attention on inebriating myself?

I wasn’t asking from a place of judgment. I was asking from a place of genuine curiosity, from a place of really wanting to know what my attention was trying to teach me. What I realized was that the reason I kept putting my attention on alcohol was to mask the pain of the abuse I still hadn’t dealt with—the physical abuse I endured from my father, and the sexual abuse inflicted upon me by my male babysitter. That realization allowed me to see that alcohol wasn’t actually the problem, and that the alcohol was Spirit’s way of drawing my attention toward the actual problem, which was the hurt that I needed to heal, and needed to integrate.

It was the act of getting real with myself, and examining why my attention kept getting pulled toward alcohol, that allowed me to authentically remove my attention from alcohol for good. And, you know what? I haven’t had one drink since that day. Haven’t even been tempted. But if I’d skipped that step, and I’d just said, I’m never drinking again, without digging into why I was dreaming the alcoholic’s dream, I would definitely still be drinking myself stupid.


After we figure out why we are dreaming our current dream, and we extract the medicine from our current reality construct, then we can go about dreaming a greater dream. We can’t level-up our realities until we go about dreaming better ones, because we can’t step out of something and into nothing. That’s just basic physics. If we are talking about quantum leaping, which we are, then there has to be an actual location we are leaping to. We have to know where we’re going, if we are to get there. We have to dream greater.

When I was surrounded by all those alcohol bottles in my room, listening to Metallica, and examining my alcoholic’s dream, I didn’t stop when I figured out why I was dreaming it. I dreamed a greater dream—many greater dreams. If I’d just dreamed that I went a day without drinking, or a week without drinking, that wouldn’t have been an expansive enough leap to really change my dimensional orientation. When we are dreaming greater, we have to stretch ourselves, and we have to dream many dreams beyond our current dream to really transform our reality in a giant way.

So I dreamed beyond that which I currently was. I dreamed beyond the drinking, and beyond the blacking out, and beyond the inconveniencing other people. I dreamed about staying sober at a party and being in touch with my feelings, and my sensorium, and being able to hold a conversation without slurring my words. I dreamed about what it would be like to take that hurt that I was holding on to, and allow it to open me, and to empower me; and then I dreamed about being able to help others to do the same. I dreamed about living out my grandmother’s wishes, and about going out into the world, and touching other people’s lives in big, meaningful ways. I dreamed so much bigger than my then reality, that when I was done dreaming, and I sat up, and saw all those bottles surrounding me, it was a total disconnect. I had followed my bigger dream so far away from the realm in which I was drinking, that when I came back to that dimensional construct, our vibrations were no longer a match, and alcohol had no traction for me—like, literally, none.

I get a lot of clients who come to me because they say they want their lives to be different, but when it comes to figuring out what those different lives actually look like, and what those different lives actually consist of, they’ve got nothing. I may be a powerful shaman, but I can’t go dreaming someone else’s dreams into existence for them. If we ourselves don’t take the responsibility and the initiative to dream greater dreams for ourselves in our own minds, then nothing’s going to change.

So now we have all these activists claiming they want to change the world by marching against the current reality, and by protesting against the current reality, and by railing against the current reality. But all they’re actually doing is expanding the reality they’re so against by giving it all this attention. If they really want to change the world, what they need to do is put down their signs and get to dreaming greater.

Spirit Hack: Dream Greater

Dreaming greater is a practice that allows us to expand our lives beyond their current manifestations. The more we do it, the better we get at it. It helps to start off dreaming something material until you get the hang of it, at which point you can step it up and start dreaming the conceptual.

For this spirit hack, you want to wear light, minimal clothing. Ideally, you will practice this technique in nature, or at a park, or even with some kind of plant nearby, because nature expands our ability to perceive.


§ Observe your hand.

Focus your awareness upon your hand. You are not analyzing, or intellectualizing, or judging. You are simply observing what is.

§ Now, observe greater than your hand.

Observe something greater than your current experience. Allow your observation to extend beyond this third-dimensional reality without letting your mind go crazy trying to figure out what that means intellectually.

There are no rules as to how this unfolds. You might observe your hand entwined in the hand of the partner you are magnetizing toward you. You might observe an object in your hand, or a bracelet encircling your wrist, or even a VIP wristband, or some holy thread. The background behind your hand might change from solid ground to a crystal-clear ocean, or to powder-white sand, or to an opulent marble floor, or to lush jungle soil, or to cosmic, geometrical patterns in the vast expanse of the great void. Don’t try to force or control the dream, just allow yourself to dream greater than your hand, trusting that the dream will follow the intention.

§ Speak your observations aloud as they present themselves to you.

Here are a few examples of what you might say, depending upon what you see: “I see a gold ring encircling my finger,” or “I see a key in the palm of my hand,” or “I see an eagle’s talon,” or “I see a child’s hand in mine.”

§ Keep dreaming greater. Once you’ve honed in on the greater dream, speak it aloud, and then dream greater again. And again. And again.


Now that you’ve dreamed your hand greater, you are ready to dream something more abstract.

§ Pull up a negative thought—the first one that comes to mind.

§ Observe it.

Notice where it comes from and how it’s shaping your life. For example, let’s say you pulled up the thought No one likes me. Now, think back to the first time you had that thought.

It was in elementary school, when I was picked last for dodgeball.

And how is this thought shaping your life, now?

It’s isolating me, and giving me social anxiety, and keeping me from participating in events and experiences I want to be having.

§ Dream greater.

A dream greater than No one likes me would be to see yourself being liked. So, you would say aloud: “Lots of people like me” while seeing yourself surrounded by people who are excited to be connecting with you, or whatever greater dream presented itself to you. You don’t want to force the dream, and you don’t want to control the dream, and you don’t want to manipulate the dream. All you’re doing is instructing your subconscious mind to dream greater. What your subconscious mind actually comes up with will be entirely unique to you, and will most likely surprise you. These are simply examples of what could arise.

§ Keep dreaming greater.

Now, dream even greater. So, maybe you will imagine yourself being showered with cards and flowers and balloons on Valentine’s Day. Now, dream greater, which means you might see yourself cracking up a whole table full of people at a dinner party, or dancing in a conga line at a wedding.

Keep dreaming greater, and keep speaking your greater dreams out loud. You’ll know you’re done when you try to go back to the original thought—the one that tried to convince you that no one likes you—and it’s not there anymore, because you’ve dreamed so great that the initial negative program has been completely deleted from your consciousness.


I had a workaholic Wall Street exec client who thought the only way to make it in the world was to fight, and scream, and hustle, and stress out. When he came to see me, he had an ulcer, a drinking problem, and multiple lawsuits against him. I explained that he wasn’t dreaming correctly, and that this dream he was having where he had to thrash, and kick, and fight to be seen, and to get respect, and to make money was not supporting him; and that this dream was actually a nightmare.

My client’s greater dream was to make a lot of money while living a peaceful, harmonious life, but he didn’t believe he had the capacity to dream that dream into reality. He didn’t believe it was possible. I explained to him that the only reason we were sharing that moment, and that session, was because he had dreamed me into his life. That meant that some part of his mind already had the capacity to dream beyond what he was experiencing; all he needed to do was to ask that part of him that dreamed me into his life to dream even more expansive possibilities for him to manifest.

Soon after our session, my client went to a bookstore where a book about a vision quest literally fell off a shelf and onto his feet. He read the book and dreamed his own vision quest. He ended up training with a tribe of Lakota elders and did a four-day vision quest, which inspired a whole new set of dreams and changed his entire life. He ended up leaving Wall Street, becoming a deeply spiritual person, and starting an environmental hedge fund devoted to making the world better and more sustainable.


Some people get really triggered when they hear others say that money is a priority for them, or that their greater dream involves making a lot of money, because people are indoctrinated to think that money is evil.

The system programs the masses to associate money with people who steal it, stockpile it, and misuse it, so that the masses will reject money and sell their souls to suffer in survival mode, instead of jumping on the lit train, and creating abundant, prosperous lives for themselves.

Money is not evil. Money is just energy. And because money is a construct of the matrix we happen to be living in, thriving in abundant prosperity is a brilliant way to make the matrix work for us.


Money is the energy of exchange. Currency is how that energy manifests in physical form. Abundance is the accumulation of currency (or of anything, really). And prosperity is the flow of the exchange. Just like the current of a river, currency likes to move. Prosperity means that money is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, by moving through the community and enriching people’s lives accordingly. Money is a wonderful energy, because money allows us to do things, and to have experiences, and to give to others, and to live the way we choose to live, instead of scraping to get by and thinking we have to live in just survival mode.

People who are operating in lack consciousness think that money is hard to come by, and that they have to work really hard to get it, and that they have to compromise their values to get it, and that they have to hurt other people to get it. Except money never asked us to do any of those things; and money doesn’t want us to do any of those things. All money wants us to do is to get in alignment, and to call currency into our lives, and to allow it to move and flow, and get us lit.

Spirit Hack: Shamanic Infusion for Currency

As I explained in chapter three, shamanic infusions are a great way to attune our energy to the frequencies we choose to draw into our lives through the breath. This spirit hack is a powerful meditation to draw currency into your life.

Now, let’s be clear: it’s not like you’re going to do ten rounds of currency infusion, and a million dollars is going to drop into your lap from the sky. It doesn’t work like that. But what this spirit hack does do is align your energetic frequency with the vibration of currency, which allows you to release and transmute any blocks or imbalances that have been restricting the flow of currency in your life.

§ Sit quietly in a comfortable meditation posture.

§ Say these words in your mind as you inhale deeply: I pull currency into my being with full allowance.

§ Now, trace the symbol of the dollar sign in the air with your finger, exhaling sharply through your mouth with each finger stroke. Imagine the dollar sign is electric blue, which happens to be a power color in shamanism.

§ Repeat the cycle several times while feeling the currency expanding into your body with each inhale, and seeing the blue dollar sign expand outward into the world with each exhale.

Because this spirit hack illuminates blocks and imbalances in our prosperity flow, pay attention to what comes up for you around finances in the days following your infusion practice, and journal any and all relevant experiences, including thoughts, dreams, and financial exchanges.

I gave this spirit hack to a client who was a graphic designer and had a backlog of money owed to him from clients who hadn’t paid him, and within about a week of incorporating this spirit hack into his daily practice, checks that had been owed to him for months started rolling in. Shamanic infusions are powerful stuff.


Spiritual people are abundant. That is how they can be of service to the whole—because they have a surplus to share. The matrix programs people to think that being spiritual means rejecting comfort, and possessions, and nice things to steer people away from cultivating an authentic relationship with Spirit. But it’s a bunch of bullshit. Spiritual people are definitely not poor, because if you don’t have anything to give, then you’re not going to be very good at being spiritual.

I’ve gotten flak from people for what I charge for my sessions, as though shamans shouldn’t be financially compensated for their services. It’s as though people think that money is dirty, and that money tarnishes my spiritual offerings, or something.

I had a big celebrity country music singer come to my house in the Hollywood Hills for a session. He eyed my car, and my pool, and my garden. Then he came into the guesthouse I used as my healing studio and told me he was having second thoughts about working with me, because my lifestyle was inappropriate, and because charging for spiritual work was wrong. Then he told me that I should be living minimally, off other people’s charity, while offering my sessions, and my workshops, and my teachings for free.

“I see,” I said. “And how do you expect me to eat, and to take care of myself, and to be of service to my clients who so often need me to jump on an airplane, and fly across the globe to help them, if you don’t think I am deserving of income?”

And Mr. Country Music Superstar said that I should offer my services on a donation basis, and that the quality of my spiritual sessions should determine whether or not people are inspired to give, which would determine whether I fly, or eat, or whatever, because—according to him—charging for shamanic healing sessions isn’t spiritual. And he said all this with a totally straight face after he’d rolled up into my driveway in a Porsche, and—according to Us magazine—had just paid $2.4 million for his Palisades Craftsman, while having the nerve to tell me I should be begging for alms on the side of the road in tattered rags and bare feet. As though making music isn’t just as spiritual. As though his fans should decide after his concerts whether or not he deserves to be paid for his performance. As though money isn’t spiritual. As though wealth and freedom aren’t spiritual. As though God wants us to be poor. That’s all darkness nonsense the matrix programs us to think. And it’s bullshit. God wants abundance for all beings, spiritual people included.

That Time I Thought That Money Wasn’t Spiritual

Years ago, when I had just started offering shamanic healings to people, I drove to Northern California from LA to work with a very sick woman who was part of an extremely wealthy and influential family of multibillionaires. I stayed with her for three days and worked with her almost the entire time. As I was packing my things, she asked me what she owed me for the long weekend. I told her that I worked on a donation basis, and that she was free to offer me whatever she liked for the three days of shamanic healing and rituals, plus the drive up from LA.

As we exchanged good-byes, she said, “That was amazing. You helped me so much. I feel a thousand times better. Thank you for everything. Here you go, sweetheart,” and handed me an envelope.

When I got in the car, I opened the envelope to find twenty-five dollars inside it. It was so laughable, I actually laughed. And then I got sad, and then I got mad, because twenty-five dollars didn’t cover even one of the multiple tanks of gas it took me to even get to Palo Alto, let alone drive back to LA. It wasn’t until I got to San Luis Obispo that the lesson she was teaching me finally sank in, and I was overtaken—yet again—by laughter.

You see, because I hadn’t died yet, and I still hadn’t committed myself fully to my path as a shaman, I wasn’t convinced that it was actually okay to charge people for my healings; and I was half-assing it. That attitude filtered into my sessions in such a way that it allowed others to devalue my healings and my teachings to the same extent that I was. I spent that drive back to LA delving deep inside myself, looking at all the judgments I was holding about not being deserving of compensation for my skills and my offerings. The laughter erupted when I finally got it—when I realized that if I don’t honor my worth, then no one else is going to honor my worth, and that if I don’t honor the value of my spiritual offerings, then no one else is going to honor the value of my spiritual offerings.

That experience taught me that it’s not about waiting for some external authority to tell me that my offerings are worthy of compensation; it’s about me honoring them from the get-go. It’s about me declaring my own authority, and my own self-worth, and claiming for myself that what I am offering has value and is worthy of financial remuneration.


Everything we have in our lives came to us from someone else. This is how life works. The tomatoes topping your pizza were picked by other humans. The canvas you paint on was stretched by someone else, over a frame that was made from wood chopped by yet another person. All the money in your bank account was given to you by other people. We pour into one another, just as nature pours into us. The river doesn’t hold back its water from the plants on the shore because it’s afraid there might be a drought coming. Nature pours into itself and into us, just as humans are meant to pour into one another. While it’s true that the more we give, the more we receive, because we are strengthening that energetic channel, the point of giving is not to get, rather it is to support the universal flow of energy in service to a thriving, poprocks planet that sustains us all.

Spirit Hack: Gratitude Offerings

Gratitude offerings are a great way to drop us into the giving stream, and to honor the energy of universal flow, while allowing us to cultivate gratitude and humility in our lives.

An offering is any form of energy directed toward someone without an agenda, for no reason other than to be generous, and to give. When we give gratitude offerings, we are acknowledging the abundance this world has to offer, and we are acknowledging the universal flow that sustains life on this planet.

I recommend doing gratitude offerings at least once a month. You can offer anything you’d like to whomever you’d like. My general rule of thumb when it comes to gratitude offerings is that when it occurs to me to move some energy, and to give, whoever pops into my mind first is the person I give to.

Here are some ideas for gratitude offerings:

§ Bless a tree.

§ Weed a garden.

§ Give a flower to a stranger.

§ Burn a candle for the spirits.

§ Send well wishes to your ancestors.

§ Mail an envelope full of coins or cash to a friend without a note or a return address.

§ Perform a dance for someone.

§ Give someone a healing.

§ Carry someone’s groceries.

§ Babysit a friend’s kid.

§ Help someone with a project.

§ Bless the stranger you hear sneeze.

Again, be creative. Be generous. You are giving for giving’s sake, which is a beautiful thing. Even if it’s simply offering a french fry to the stranger sitting next to you, know that by giving, you are participating in the universal flow that sustains us all.


Now that you get how easy God has set it up for you to manifest, why would you ever play small? Why wouldn’t you want to experience luxury, and comfort, and beauty? Why wouldn’t you want to eat the cleanest, yummiest, highest vibrational organic food? Why wouldn’t you want to travel all over the world to be able to connect with people from different cultures, and learn from them, and be enriched by them? Why would you deprive yourself of these experiences? These are wonderful experiences to have and to share. Why not experience everything you could possibly want to experience while you are on this planet? You can. That’s why you came here. To manifest your dreams into physical form, and to get giant.


You can’t be wishy-washy when you’re manifesting. You have to be bold, and you have to be engaged, and you have to be specific. You can’t just say, I’m going to manifest a new job and leave it at that, and think you’ve just created a new career path for yourself. You have to guide the energy. Everything in shamanism is about guiding energy; and to guide energy, we must be conscious, and we must be deliberate, and we must be crystal clear about what it is we are calling into material form.

When we throw out some vague, half-baked idea that we haven’t really felt into, or filled out, the universe doesn’t know what to do with it. There are too many blanks to fill in. There’s not enough information to give the manifestation any traction. Now, if you say, I’m manifesting a high-level administration position in a lovely office where I get paid really well to work with creatives who are devoted to changing the world; and I’m going to learn a lot, and get promoted quickly; and I’m going to start February first, or sooner—now, that’s a manifestation Spirit can work with.

Deadlines are important because they create a container for the energies to manifest within. Deadlines are a healthy masculine energetic that allows us to direct the energy and to activate corresponding future tendrils. Remember, there are infinite quantum futures. So it’s helpful to clarify for Spirit which future you’re actually talking about—your five years from now future, your one year from now future, or your next week future. Plus, dates and times render your manifestation a proclamation, which lends a certain weight in this dimensional construct.

Spirit Hack: Manifesting Giant

Despite the hype, and the hashtags, and The Secret, most people aren’t actually manifesting correctly, which is why a lot of people aren’t manifesting, period. They read Abraham-Hicks, or they watch some manifestation coach’s vlog, and then they cut up a bunch of magazines for their vision boards, but they omit basic steps in the manifestation process, and their shit doesn’t materialize. That’s when they decide that manifestation is dumb, and that manifestation doesn’t work; and they go back to stifling their dreams and zoning out on Netflix.

If you want to get good at manifesting, you must follow these four steps.


Everything you have in your life is because some part of your being knows that you can have it. That knowingness comes from your understanding of your own value, and your own worth. What you believe you’re worth, and what you believe you deserve, and thus what you allow yourself to have, are all the same.

When you are manifesting, this knowingness must be foolproof. Do not take your attention off the knowingness to entertain doubt, or to tell yourself stories that affirm why you don’t deserve what you are calling in. Ground yourself in the knowingness.


Feel into your vision. Fill in as many details as possible. Nuance the specifics. Attach deadlines. Don’t hold back. Be bold. Dream big. Stretch yourself. There are no limits.


When you speak your manifestations aloud, the sound transports the manifestation from the spirit world into the physical world, which activates your emotional response, which allows you the feeling experiences of having realized your manifestation. By speaking your dreams and visions out loud, you are bringing your word into being.

4.  LET IT GO.

This is where most people take a wrong turn. After we speak our manifestations out loud, we must let them go. What we do not do is repeat our manifestations over and over again. A lot of manifestation gurus have people speak their affirmations out loud, and then repeat them over, and over, and over, several times a day. That approach defeats the whole purpose, because when you repeat something over and over, it means you didn’t believe it the first time, and therefore your will is not fully connected to it. Repeating your dream only affirms your disbelief. That’s why when you’re manifesting giant, you speak your manifestation once. Done. You don’t need to say it again. You don’t need to talk about it anymore. Because you know it’s happening.


The future is entirely in our hands, and we get to dream it however we want. The single most powerful way for us to change the world is to take back our attention from the matrix—to pull it away from the distraction, and the entertainment, and the glamour, and the all of it, and to redirect it toward the greater dream; and to focus it—single-pointedly, and wholeheartedly, and consistently—upon dreaming the Giant Age now.