Right Relationship for Me Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Right Relationship for Me Spread

On This Day

Tragedy struck when a 23-year-old Oxford graduate perished at the Abbey. His death was blamed on participation in a Crowley ritual. Mussolini promptly ejected Crowley from Sicily in 1923, though the crumbling structure still stands to this day.

Aleister Crowley signed his lease for the Abbey of Thelema in Sicily on this day in 1920. Sex magic, yoga, ritual practices, and the pursuit of free will and pleasure ran wild at Crowley’s utopic commune.

Summation of Spread

The Devil card represents power and control issues existing in any relationship. Emotional dependency, enslavement to another, and codependent destructive behavior are darker aspects of the card.

Have doubts about your relationship? Objectivity can be tough when viewing a relationship from the inside. The salacious activity taking place inside Crowley’s commune had members reevaluating their situation from time to time. This spread poses questions to check on the status of your relationship. Mainly written as a romantic relationship spread, you could also use this to examine a close friendship.

Cast Your Cards

1. Am I hiding in my relationship from other people?

2. Am I hiding anything from my partner?

3. Do I ask my partner to resolve issues I should resolve on my own?

4. Have I completely lost myself in the other person?

5. What is the level of drama in this relationship?

6. Do we inspire each other to be better?

7. Do we make enough time for each other?

8. Do I feel respected by my partner?

9. Are my needs being met?