Leonardo da Vinci’s Creative Solution Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Leonardo da Vinci’s Creative Solution Spread

On This Day

Leonardo stole corpses from graveyards to study human anatomy. A compulsive draftsman, he filled scraps of paper with sketches, doodles, and drawings, about 4,000 of which survive to this day.

On this day in 1452, a peasant woman gave birth to an out-of-wedlock son who grew up to embody the Renaissance humanist ideal. A sculptor, inventor, mathematician, architect, botanist, musician, anatomist, writer, and one of the most famous painters of all time, her little bundle of joy was Leonardo da Vinci.

Summation of Spread

Those with a strong affinity to da Vinci’s work will find the Leonardo da Vinci Tarot by Iassen Ghiuselev and Atanas Atanassov of great interest.

Seeking solutions? All geniuses have something in common that sets them on a path to greatness: they ask questions. This spread reminds us that when searching for answers to a problem—be it healing, painting, or inventing—your final answer lies in a leap of awareness that only creative thinking will bring. Use this spread to jump-start the creative process for any project, idea, or problem.

Cast Your Cards

1. What is my intended outcome?

2. How do I gather as much information as possible?

3. What pattern do I discover?

4. Can I surrender to the process?

5. What helps me see this situation in a new light?

6. What actions encourage inspiration?

7. Have I given myself enough incubation time?

8. What missing element do I need?

9. Final outcome.