Secrets of Rome Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

Secrets of Rome Spread

On This Day

Some ancient Romans placed the symbol of a phallus on their front door as a symbol of fertility and luck. Miniature phalluses were often worn as lucky charms.

Myth and oral legends claim Rome was formed on this day in 753 BCE. Romulus and Remus, abandoned twins of the god Mars and a vestal virgin, decided to build a city. Disagreeing on a specific location, Romulus killed his brother. He founded the city, named it Rome after himself, and created the legions and senate.

Summation of Spread

The Emperor card connects with Rome through its history of imperialism and ruling Caesars as well as being the Vatican’s ultimate seat of power. The Emperor represents dominion over others and is a completely masculine principle and the ultimate patriarch.

Need a quick vacation? Visit Rome through tarot. Rome was known as the Eternal City even among ancient Romans. Filled with sacred, mythological sites and a history spanning over two thousand years, the sites of Rome provide inspiration for this spread.

Cast Your Cards

The Secrets of Rome Spread’s cards are cast in the shape of a Roman arch.

1. The Forum: What lies at the center of my life?

2. The Vatican: What does spirituality teach me?

3. The Sistine Chapel: How do I connect with the Divine?

4. The Colosseum: What spectacle offers me pleasure?

5. The Catacombs: What secret do I conceal?

6. The Trevi Fountain: Who wants to kiss me?

7. Italian Cuisine: How can I indulge myself every day?