St. George’s Slay the Dragon Spread

365 Tarot Spreads: Revealing the Magic in Each Day - Sasha Graham 2014

St. George’s Slay the Dragon Spread

On This Day

St. George is considered a martyr in the Islamic faith as well as in Christianity.

Today is St. George’s Day in England. The legend of St. George states that while traveling through the countryside, he discovered a village under the spell of a horrible dragon. They kept the dragon at bay by feeding it one maiden every day. By the time St. George arrived, the only maiden remaining was the daughter of the king. Slaying the dragon, he rescued the princess and the town. Subsequent English knights used his name as a battle cry, shouting it as they plunged into the fray.

Summation of Spread

Like St. George, the Knight of Wands is eager and quick to battle. Wands represent spiritual passion, the same quality burning in the heart of this patron saint of England. The violence of religious persecution and intolerance of others can be understood as a Wands reversal, where spiritual energy has turned destructive.

Ready to stop something in its tracks? Using St. George for inspiration, this spread prepares you for radical change by helping slay a negative issue you have grown accustomed to.

Cast Your Cards

St. George, like the Knights Templar, wore a red cross on a white background. Cast this spread in the shape of a cross.

1. What is the issue that must be addressed?

2. What do I sacrifice?

3. How do I stop this behavior?

4. How do I approach the source?

5. What physical action can I take?

6. How does life change as a result?

7. What has been learned?